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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 23, 2018 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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border and where he wants to put the wall. there is a nightmare going on, because the executive order has been signed b now does the white house have a plan and what are with seeing on the ground the reyu n reunite the migrant children with their parents. the immigration impasse continue, and the president tells the republicans to stand down on the immigration legislation, and is that a surprise? or a political calculation? we will look behind that rhetoric. and now, we start with a long road to reunion, and hundreds of migrant children are still separated from their parents, and despite the reversal of the policy that separated them in the first place. to day, the lawmakers are visiting the detention centers as the protesters are calling for reform. and how is the government going to undo this damage going forward and we will go to marianna in homestead, florida, where there is a rally. and so what a change in the matter of moments that we spoke with you. it is full in the streets there. what is happening?
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>> richard, the march is getting under way just now, and according to organizers almost 1,000 people here. i am in homestead, florida, and big immigrant and undocumented community as well. you can see the families out here, and everyday citizens, and young children in this rally. i want to show you for example this little girl right here that has a t-shirt that says "support my mom" and so there are people here who are feeling the fear and watching the images and the confusion cominging from the white house as to how to bring the kids that are separated. and so this the rally, where we are all day with people who are separated from their parents. and i'm here with melissa who is one of the rally organize irs,
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and what are you trying to do he here to help unify the children with their parents? >> what we are doing is to creating awareness. okay. it sounds as these things happen, they are walking and talking and using our wireless technology. most often it does work, but it looks like we have lost the sound, and we are maintaining the picture and the video in front of us. and just as -- looks like we do have mariano, can you hear me right now? >> you have me back. >> yes, great. >> okay. so i was talking to you with one of the organizers, and what is the objective of the rally? what are you guys doing to help the kids -- >> yes, what we are doing is to march in support of the kids
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that -- and so that the kids from the undocumented kids at the border are not criminals, but they are asylum seekers. and we are tried of the criminalization of the people in our community, and we are here to create awareness that the only people who are benefiting from keeping undocumented people detained are the private citizens, and the private detention centers that have to have detainees or they don't have a -- >> i was speaking before about a big community of undocumented people here, but homestead is home to a big undocumented community, and tell me how that community is feeling watching the images across the country and along the border of the children being separated from
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their parents, and the reunification process. >> yes, what we are hearing from the communities and from our neighbors is that they are losing faith and trust in law enforcement, and trust in the government so they are not reporting crimes, and victims that are not reporting, and so it is a public security concern. but we are here because of a lot of tears in our community, because that is why law enforcement is here for us, and government is here for us, and that is how the countries are -- [ no audio ] >> as you know, and we cover the live events, our correspondent there on the ground looking at the latest, if you can hear us mariano, thank you for the report, and we know that the technicalities are always amazement that we can't get them
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done, but this is one of those sich withations. so we will go back to you if we can get you back there. and so, there is confusion and in congress and legislation after president trump poured some cold water and serious cold water on the compromise bill scheduled for the bill next week, and this is what the republican lawmakers had to say about that development. >> i respectfully disagree, and i think that we should work on. >>t president trump is expressing his frustration. >> we want to secure our border. >> it is going on to have an incredible chilling effect on the possibility of immigration reform moving forward. >> i believe we will have a constructive bill on the floor next week. >> and the president sabotaged them last friday when he tweeted th this, the republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until we elect more congresswomen and men in november, and three days earlier he tweet ed this, now is the bet
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opportunity ever for congress to change the ridiculous, and the outdated law in congress. and that is monday and tuesday, i believe. and so then he is placing the blame directly on the democrats. listen to this. >> the democrats are brutal, and they don't want to do anything. they think immigration is being weak on the border, which islow crime into the country. they believe it is a good issue for them, but i don't believe weakening the border is a good issue, and i may be wrong, but i think that i got elected largely, because we are strong on the border. >> and now, bringing in grace and elton smith, inside politics reporter, and charlie savage of "the new york times" political reporter. and so you saw this back and forth, and so is this going to happen? it has been said throughout the week, but with this underline with the president with a tweet saying, don't even bother right
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now, and let's just wait until after the midterms. >> well, this congress and the republican-controlled congress is going to have tremendous difficulty with its own internal divisions between the moderates and the hardliners on immigration for years, and going back to the john boehner era and still trying to pass something that only republican votes and not working with the democrats or offering a true compromise bill. and even if the house could pass something, it is not clear how the get through the senate anyway. i think that trump is probably correct that they are not going to get anything done. the real question is what is judge g out in california going to do with the trump administration request to approve the detainee entire families as a solution of this not solutioning family thing, and the trump executive order saying that we won't do it anymore is contingent on the
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change of the law, and since congress is not willing or able to do that and all of the pressure is coming down on the judge to let trump keep the families detained together, because he seems to be unwilling or unable to change his policy of keeping everyone locked up who is at least an adult. >> and amongst the policy w are seeing the migrants being pushed all across the country in detention centers, and in other location, and still watching the live locations coming out of homestead, florida, saying, no, we don't like the separation of the children from parents, and let's get reunification done, and you can see the of heads of the dhs. i want to play though some sound here from the governor cuomo of the new york who is critical of the very policy, and then get a reflection of grace who is reporting on this story out of new york. >> hhs won't tell us where they put the children which is just
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unconscionable to me. the mission of the dhs is to protect the children. i am all for offering state assistance at no cost, mental health services, psychological services to help the traumatized children, and they won't even tell me where they are. so we are trying to do it the other way around by contacting the facilities and finding out where the children are. >> grace, you have been reporting on this here in the state of new york. and how there are families here and some children here as well, and what do you know right now? >> well, at this point the governor is estimating 700 children separated from the bord er who have been sent here to new york some 2,000 miles from where they first entered the country. but even that number is an estimate, because governor is saying that he and the mayor of new york city have been literally going door-to-door to social services agencies that are believed to be working with these children, and asking how many children do you have in your care, and where are they from and what ages are they? we know from the mayor of new york city, at least one child
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adds young as 9 months old brought to new york city, and not only a 9-month-old separated from their parent, but brought 2,000 miles away. and the state and the city and basically trying a at that point to say to help the kids figure out what sort of services they need, and from the legal standpoint, i know that they are mobilizing to try to get all of the children in new york, some sort of lawyer or the legal representative who can follow the case, and reunite them. >> and that would surprise some in the northeast that there are some 700 in the northeast, and you say how did they get here and it is potentially the air loo airline s, and we stau three or four airlines saying, please do not transport any of these children via our airline. what is the fallout here? >> we have seen where business can have a huge effect on the politics going on in the trump administration, and it is unlike
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businesses like the united airlines or american airline s to say no to the united states government to do a task they don't want to do, bhu this crisis that has been essentially manufactured from the white house, and it is not something that president trump wants to seem to go away. he beliefs it is an issue to keep pounding away at as he is closinging in on the election, and it is no coincidence that this is happening right as we are about to get into the election season, and president trump clearly wants immigration to be a focus heading into the midterms, and he has advisers to say keep trumping it up and something to elect more republicans, and you saw the tweet, because that is why he is talking about the quote red wave to keep the immigration moving forward until they e lkt more people, because if it is out of the news before the election, it is a dead issue for him. >> and charily, tomorrow is sunday and we will see a lot of the services addressing this topic, and we have been debating the issue of oevangelicals and the messaging, and where they will break come midterms, and
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with what is the outcome of all of this when we do listen to them tomorrow? >> well, it has been interesting to see right wingers part with tr trump on this, and stormy daniels and all of this, but this being the spectacle of families ripped apart. and conservative families, that seems to be where the line has been drawn, but i want to emphasize that not a lot of the coverage from the trump executive order has been trump backing down and he has been outmaneuvered on this, and that is not the case. trump is in a situation now where he believes he is going to win either way. ooetter the judge will strengthen his hand and give him the power to start holding entire families in long-term indefinite detention as a border
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strengthening method and as a deterrent to come here or in 20 days after the executive order and 13 days now, and 15 days now. there is going to be separations are going to start again and he is going to say, a liberal judge and it is her fault not to give me the authority, and we have to keep doing this. >> and alan, bad or good, the president is talking about this topic. does he win or outdo the democrats? >> i mean, it remains to be seen. the majority of the people are not on his side, but it has not changed his mind, and the polls in the 2016 election did see this as a issue. >> and there has not been any activity or or any clear plan that we are aware of to bring the children back together. and once again, thousands of miles away, and some parents
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were not even deported, so there is going to be a drum beat of stories as the children continue to try to be reunited with the parent, and that is going to continue over the coming months no matter what the judge decides. >> thank you. great round robin, and appreciate it. and the moral crisis, the message that it sends to the world. i will speak to two clergy members for moral revival coming up next. (vo) new purely fancy feast filets.
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far too many preachers are enacting in preaching malpractice, and they will pray for the politicians, but not when the presidents are preying on the need di ay and the child >> and that is bishop william barr ber there speaking out against the religious leaders who have not spoken out. and the poor people's campaign comes al after martin luther king jr.'s days of protests. and so this is outside of the agency that is in charge of the health of poor people. and bishop, we were listening to some of what you were saying
2:19 pm
earlie earlier, and what is the resonance, and how folks were listening to you? was it widely accepted? >> yes, sir. there were thousands of people there today, and thousands of people online, but remember, this is that we have had six weeks of action nonviolent m marches with disobedience in 40 states around this country. and these were the people who put their bodies on the line, and who are launching a movement today, and this movement was beginning way before the separation of ochildren, and as ugly as it was, because we saw what was hatching, and we saw that this administration and this majority of congress have engaged in policy violence, and now it is not just started, bu t it is exacerbated, and policy violence, and before they separated the brown children and not just children, but brown children, because that is pointing to the racism in this, and they were separating the families and the children from living wage, and that is policy violence, and they were separating family and children from are the health care, and they have been separating family and children from the safety
2:20 pm
nets and poverty programs, and separating the gay families from their right, and separating the family s from environmental justice, and all of that is because this administration has separated itself from our deepest moral tradition, and the deepest religious tradition, and constituti constitutional reasons of justice for all. they have decided america first is who can you harm first and who can you engage in policy violence against first, and so we all are going to have to come together to have a season of massive organization, and also a season of nonviolence civil d o disobode yens to be arrested to shape and reshape the heart and the conscious of this nation. >> and most if not all are at issue of fleeing the poverty and/or violence, and this is why this is particular theme that you been on certainly resonates. i do want to the ask you, reverend, a reverend, and this very question of how the religious community
2:21 pm
is reacting to the policies so far, and i want to go to white evangelical protestants in temperatu temperatures of expanding the border wall, and one issue related to immigration being debated today en force, and 70% favoring it, and 24% opposing it, and so is the community, the religious community together on the criticism of what the president is doing to today, because it appears based on that data that you have certainly a majority that is favor iing his policies. >> i want to go to the new testament scholar sitting beside me, but we keep conflating white evangelical with christianity, and white evangelical is not operating in christianity. because they never say jesus would be against living wage, and jesus would be for gun rights, rights, and they can't. so we are dealing with a form of the theological malpractice, and the christian community is together, but those who want to
2:22 pm
use the christian community to justify harm and violence is not christianity. liz? >> yes, and so let's talk about the border. todayt the border there was a solidarity protest with the poor people's campaign and a national call for moral revival, because the people across the borders see that we need to lift the poor up. and in terms of christian, and in terms of christian, and evangelicals our question to you is did you hear jesus when he said, i have come to bring good news to the poor. >> that is right. >> to welcome the immigrant. to proclaim release to the captive, and did you listen to when jeremiah 22 says this is what the lord says, and do what is just and right, and handed to the oppressor and the one who is rob and do no wrong or violence to the immigrant. have you heard this?
2:23 pm
because there are many christian, and many people of faith, and many jews and many muslims that are standing up and saying that this is not right, and that is not just, and this is not what our sacred text instruct us to believe, and so we are going to build a moral revival, a amoral revival that says that everyone deserves a place to live, and that families should be kept together and lifted up, and that we all need health care and living wage jobs and housing. >> and we are in the midst of the days of worship today and tomorrow as you both so well know here, and quickly as we finish this segment, i wanted to ask you, reverend theo harris, as you are listening to bishop barber, there is a separation, right? there is a division that does not necessarily equate of the entire group of the religious communities they was describing being together on this very topic, and what would you say, reverend theo harris to get the
2:24 pm
entire community forward with the idea of taking care of the families and children? >> i would say that we have to go back to the texts, and we have to go back to the teachings and see what they have to say. what their instruction to us is, and that is to welcome the immigrant in. it is to keep families together, and to the lift everybody up and to make sure that all have a decent life. we were in the morning, in a tent with jewish rab byes, with muslim imams celebrating shabbat and talking about release to the captives and welcoming folks in. and people have been at the wall, and in kconversation and solidarity with the people struggling, and there have said that we are going to lift everyone up. >> we have the leave it tlshs and thank you very much. reverend liz theoharris and bishop barber.
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we are at the bottom of the hour watching the protests at the border, and these protests of those migrants who have beee
2:29 pm
separated. and we have been speaking to mariano moments ago, and she is in homestead, florida, and what are you seeing here in the bottom of the hour? >> well, richard, we are just making the way to where the facility is where they are housing more than 1,000 child migrants. we know that 70 of the ones being housed there were involuntarily separated from their parent, and the community has come out. more than 1,000 people here. they tell me to let these children know that they are not alone. and there is also a lot of the undocumented people in this rally, richard. also, the children of the undocumented like angelica and her little sister deanna who is 6 years old, and you can read her t-shirt, don't deport my m mom. mom is here marching in the back as well. and these children know what is it like to live with the fear of being separated from their parents. angelica, can you tell us a
2:30 pm
little bit about that, and give us a window into what the kids inside of the facility are thinking and feeling? >> i think that they are feeling alone and scared, because they don't have anyone that they can be with who can care for them, and they are feeling the pain of the sadness that maybe one day, like, they won't be able to see their parents again, but i know that in my heart they will, and they will find them. >> why are you out here today? >> because my father, he was deported and i feel like fear and pain of being separated again from my mom, because she is very hard working, and i know that the children in there have hard working parents, too. and they want to be with them, because they feel complete with them and just like every family should. >> and what is your message to lawmakers who have been out here democratic ones visiting the children, and what should they be telling the children, the children like yourself who are
2:31 pm
living with this fear? >> i would tell them that they should think what they are doing, because they are making laws, but they don't feel the pain that we are feeling. and i think that it is wrong what they are doing because they are not getting hurt, but we are getting hurt, and we make up the america and we should all be united and then that is why the united states is called the unit united states, and i feel like we should all be united in that sense. >> angelica, there is a lot of talk of who these migrants are who come over from central america. some people in the administration saying that they are ms-13 and gang member, and your mom came from one of the countries, and can you tell us more about what she was fleeing from? >> my mom came here for a better life, and to raise us, because she wanted a better life for us. because, she was fleeing from are the gangs from over there, and the violence, and she didn't
2:32 pm
want us to be there and experiencing those thing, because she knows it is not good for us, and that is how i feel that, that is how i know, and that is why i know that the -- that is the reason that i know why the children came here with their parent, because they want a better life for them, and they don't want them to experience the harsh things back from where they came from. >> and we will see if we can talk to mom real quick, richard. mom is a spanish speaker. [ speaking foreign language ] and the fear of being deport and separated from your kids. i have five kids and they are being deported already without their dad, and they will suffer without their mom and dad in their care. they need the go to school, and go to college for a better future.
2:33 pm
i don't want to bring them back to guatemala with the sexual abuse there and the crime. a lot of gangs, and our lives are threatened over there. because there is no justice there. and the police does not come to your aid quickly there. here you call 911 and somebody comes to the help you out. i want to be in this country. my wish is that these kids housed in there can come out. because they suffer. they are crying. like it happened to us. >> thank you so much, mom. mucho gracias. richard, so the undocumented community -- >> mariano -- >> and this march just stopped to reach the facility of 70 of the children separated from
2:34 pm
their parents are housed behind this, and that is why the march stopped, richard, because we have reached the end point of the rally. >> and marianna, if you can hear me, and can you ask me about what her daughter said there, and ask mommy what she is feeling about her mother's reaction to that comment. >> sweetheart, how does that -- [ speaking foreign language ] how does that make you feel? she needs my love and my care. and for me to push her, because she is my daughter. she has done a lot to do a lot for herself and she has graduated high school.
2:35 pm
i don't want them to fall into the gangs near the united states. or to get pregnant, and all of the concerns, richard, that a mother of five would have in she were to leave, and you know, what would be of the life of her children here. a and if you were to be deported here, would you the u.s. citizen kids live by themselves here? yes shg, i would leave them herd look for somebody to take care of them. i mean, i could not trust anybody, and there is a lot of the sexual abuse. but she says she will. and so thank you very much, mom. this is difficult situation, and many migrant families find themselves in, and not only the ones who are trying to get their children back, but also the ones like the mother here who crossed the border, and now she has u.s. citizen children if she is deported and she said that she
2:36 pm
would make the difficult choice of keeping these children here in the united states in the hands of somebody who could take care of them. richard. >> mariano, what are they chanting behind you? >> these protesters behind me are chanting shame on you which is the message to the trump administration, and i want to ask the cameraman to pan away in front of the facility, and you can see that there are teddy bears placed in front of the facility for each of the more than 1,000 children that are held in there. the community here was asked to bring these teddy bears, and bring handwritten letters to let the kids know that they are not alone. we have been reporting throughout the day today that a couple of the democratic lawmakers did manage to go insoo inside and they said that the infrastructure and the facilities available to children there were in okay shape, but they were concerned, because the person in charge of the reunifying them with the parents
2:37 pm
was not available, and it was not working this weekend, so they were left concerned as to the urgency from the white house about how this reunification is going to take place in there. richard, you can hear and feel the outrage from the community here in homestead as this march has halted, and people are refusing to leave. richard. >> and mariano, the interesting thing to us here, not only because we are covering the story, but you on the ground there is the difficulty that i have in hearing you, and i know that you have is a lot of difficulty hearing me, but what about the children in the detention center? what are they aware of, of all of this happening around them, and they can certainly hear this now outside. >> the children inside unfortunately, they were not even, the lawmakers were not allowed to speak to them, and so we with don't know exactly what they are thinking and feeling, but they are able to hear the
2:38 pm
chants of shame from the more than 1,000 people out here, and the democratic lawmakers told us th they only had brief exchanges with them, and from guatemala and honduras and aging 13 to 17. young girls ages 13 to 17, and think of a 13-year-old girl what she is going through in there and what she has gone through crossing the border and coming here. it is going to give you a little window of that little girl said that we interviewed, angelica, the trauma and the mental state of the girl s s in there. richard. >> as we finish this, give us a sense here of the signs and the people that are participating in this march, as you know so well covering the election, the great state of florida represents so many different people, and so many different communities. who is out there right now in
2:39 pm
the march that you are seeing around you? >> i want to show you some of the signs and ask my cameraman to pan around. there are signs here that say we can do better, and signs that say release the children, and there are obviously mostly signs gaiagainst what the trump administration is doing regarding the zero tolerance policy, policy, and a lot of signs pertaining to the first lady's t-shirt that i know that you been talking about throughout the day, and a lot of the mrs. trump, i do care, i do care about the children, do you? and homestead florida is home to a big immigrant community, and big undocumented community as well. there are local officials here also people running for the governor and the local politicians supporting the community and as you say, this is only a pocket of the big state that the further north you go, the more the president's base is located there. so it is definitely going to be a very contentious issue in this
2:40 pm
all-important state coming up in the midterms in november. >> thank you so much. great reporting, and we thank you for all of that amidst a very energetic crowd, and the march just finishing and ending there in front of one of the facilities where the children are being separated from their family, and we appreciate that. we will take a short break. stay with us. erheating. we've got aging roadways, aging power grids, ...aging everything. you're kinda bumming me out clive owen. no, wait... it gets worse. we also have the age-old problem of bias in the workplace. really... never heard of it. seriously? it's all over the news. i've heard of it. ahh. the question is... who's going to fix all of this? an actor? probably not. but you know who can solve it? business. that's right. the best-run businesses can make the world run better. because solving big problems is what business does best. and doing good is just good business. shhh! sorry. so let's grow more food, with less water. and make healthcare, more healthy.
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there is a a protest that we are watching in homestead, florida, and we continue to see what is happening on the ground as the process of reunification of what we believe to be some 2,000 families and their children try to get together. how to get that done after this. ♪ hello. the new united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. rewarded! going new places and tasting new flavors. rewarded! traveling lighter. rewarded! (haha) getting settled. rewarded! learn more at and get... rewarded!
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with a single tap, we're giving you new ways to let loved ones know you're on your way. uber has new leadership, a new vision and is moving in a new direction... forward. i'm really excited to be here today. i think the movement is growing. makes you feel like you're not alone. i just want to be a part of it. we are building community in response to this attack on our values. and it's important that our movement makes it clear that we are a society where no one's above the law. and if someone's going to break the law, they're going to be held to account, even if they're the president of the united states.
2:48 pm
well, activists and lawmakers from both parties are calling for separated migrant children to be reunited with their parents, and that is what we are watching this weekend, the department of homeland security saying that those efforts are under way and a claims by tomorrow roughly 500 of the roughly 2300 children taken from their parent ss at t border will have been reunited since may. it is remaining unclear how many of the 500 children are still detained from their families. friday the department of health and human services department created unaccompanied children's are reunification a task force according to internal document obtained by politico, and yet, the administration does not have a definite plan or specific plan of how the process of reunification is going to be carried out. bringing in the panel, alan and
2:49 pm
basal, strategist, and susan del percio, msnbc political analyst, and minage, i want to start with you on this, as your organization is racing to look at your organization raising some $18 million by some count because of the people hitting buttons on facebook and getting you money vis-a-vis the donate button and what does that mean for you? >> well, sint credible for us, and it is going to help us to try to reach our goal of providing representation for every single child in texas. as you may know that there is no right to court appointed representation for any immigrant in immigration proceedings, and so what we are tri tying to do to, you know, we don't want to see any child appearing in front of a judge by themselves, and so with the donations, we are
2:50 pm
hoping to provide, universal representation to every child in texas, and we are hoping to provide representation and legal services to all of the separated parents, and trying to get the parents out of custody as quickly as possible so they can be reunited with the . what are some of the resources you see being deployed to alleviate the difficulty and the problem right now? >> sure, well we have a story on our site from the bureau chief who hooked up with a nonprofit who has a government contract to provide legal aid to undocumented imframigrants. they will look them up and visit with the child and make sure they get permission to contact the parent and refer that information to the public defender and then it is out of their hands. of course, we know on the start of the zero tolerance policy there's a phone number that
2:51 pm
immigrants can call and give their information and the child's information and the phone line hanover whs been ver overwhelmed and it has to go through several channels before reunification. >> people are in a difficult situation and the immigration problem should be solved years ago. is the next step to say we have a problem today, almost 2,000 families and children today that need to be reunified, once you get to that, you can ask for help from the business community. >> or maybe look at fema, they have a good record of coordination and looking for displaced family members and you need somebody who understands government operations and how to do meals, and bedding, legal
2:52 pm
aid. now the president doesn't want the house to go forward on legislation, he has a problem at hand and let the professionals who know how to do something, do. >> it we can remember back to the catastrophes across the country, hurricanes, earthquakes here in the united states where we have assigned somebody to fix it. a former general -- a retired general. >> i think it is helpful with katrina and how effective it was after so much controversy about the government not doing enough and i piggy back on susan's point, when we talk about sanctuary cities before and the faith-based community helped managed flow of immigrants and refugees and creating safe spaces. my parents are immigrants, and
2:53 pm
catholic charities helped my parents. there are organizations that do it as long as the individuals are working with the organizations. >> what does the community need on the ground to work together? who are the collaborating institutions that you might need help to get things done legally? >> i think we are looking for, we received an outpouring of interest from all professionals. i think -- pro bono lawyers interested in coming to texas or working remotely to work with the parents and kids, we're looking at data management and trying to retrieve the names of the parents and kids and locate where they are and make sure they have access to counsel. managing that data and streamlining the processes as well as trying to help parents communicate with their kids.
2:54 pm
as alana mentioned, the hotline is overwhelmed and we were talking to parents unable to locate or talk to their kids and vice versa. >> right. >> whatever we can do to try to iron those kinks. >> what phase are we? one out of three? two out of three, what are you seeing in your reporting in terms of what we need. >> it is hard to say. the border reporter tweeted that seven minor girls arrived to that facility where before we knew it as housing young boys who were unaccompanied. so if they are moving or still moving children to different shelters, and again, it is incumbent on the parent to call a hotline or somebody to contact the parents. it makes you question if the government has a roster on where the child and parent is to reunite them. >> the number of agencies required to move forward and
2:55 pm
help immigration crisis like this, the number is almost 10. >> like basil said, you need a zar. the coordination is key. >> and the nonprofit community -- >> they can only work through someone leading -- one person needs to ride the ship or one organization has to be held accountable. that's how things get done. you can take the legal with the housing issues and the healthcare, you can marry all those things together and you can do it if everyone is coordinating, that's what you need to see. >> i remember being in the senate and working with families here in new york after 9/11 and the number of agencies and organizations and the academic community, i really hope there's a mental health component to this. the trauma of those children being separated from the families can have a long-term effect. >> that is something that we can
2:56 pm
not underline enough. alana rocha and basil and susan, thank you for thinking of some of the solutions that can be deployed there on the border as we look to try to reunion phi based on what the government says, so many of the children with their parents. that wraps it up for this hour on msnbc i'm richard lui follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook. and next is "all in" with chris hayes. ...of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you are allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation... ...discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye... ...and unusual taste sensation.
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tonight on "all in." >> like it or not, these are not our kids. >> the chaos and cruelty continues. new confusion about reuniting the families and the trump official with zero experience responsible for caring for separated children. >> it's a whole big con ja. >> is michael cohen about to flip on mr. trump. >> i will do anything to protect mr. trump. >> it may have already happened. >> donald trump does not care about him or his family and it is over. >> "all in" starts right now.


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