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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  June 23, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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information act from the sierra club. they have asked epa to search he is personal e-mail for agency related messages or certify that he never used it for government business. this is being quoted from politico's report. they could ask a judge to force a review of his personal e-mail accounts. to be continued. that is our broadcast for a friday night. thank you for being with us. good night from nbc aheadquarter -- head quarters in new york. hi everyone, it's 4:00 in new york as hundreds of children longstanding witch in what is described as a total lab resistalabrynth. donald trump says it is phoney
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stories of sadness and grief. in a effort to refocus the attention, donald trump held an event with family members who had victims die from illegal aliens. these are american suicides who have been permanently separated from their loved ones. permanently, not a day or two days, they're permanently separated because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens. these are the families the media ignores. >> trump's attempt to change the subject and move the media away from disturbing images of children at the border comes as aides walk back their policy. here was jeff sessions yesterday
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in than interinterview. >> it has not been good. people don't like that we're separating families. we never really intepided to do that. we intended to make sure that adults that bring children into the country are charged with the crime they have committed. instead of giving that special group of adults immunity from prosecution which is what we were doing. >> it's exactly what they intended, and it is a reversal of his goals when he brazenly announced the policy that started this nightmare. >> if you are smuggling a child, we will prosecute you and you may be separated as required by law. >> if you don't want them to be separated from you, don't bring them across the border illegally. >> our policies that can result in short-term separation of
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families is not unusual or unjustified. and it is really a very short period of time. i would say to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans 20:13. o bay t obey the laws of the government. joining us to discuss the day's developments, favorite reporters and friends, phil rucker. joyce vance, and reverend al sharpton. jason johnson as well. joyce, i follow you on twitter and i saw you just responded in realtime to what you saw today.
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contrasts with the families, but in an effort to change the immigration debate that has engulfed this white house and administration in the last few days. >> the losses that the families have suffers are tragic. no one would ever make light of them we went through the murder of my father-in-law, it's a pain you deal with every day. when the president brings the families out every day, equally innocent young children are being separated from their young parchs as if they are to blame for the criminal acts of others. the populations of people that entered the country illegally are less likely to commit violent crimes in is really sort of a solution or maybe it's an
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answer in search of a question that doesn't exist. >> john, let me show you when of the president's favorite morning hosts this morning trying to label the kids as something other than us. let's watch. >> these are not our kids, show them compassion, but it's not like she doing this to people of idaho or texas. these are people from another country and now people are saying they're more important than people in our country who are paying taxes and have needs as well. >> i was just watching some of the old world war ii footage of americaning liberating camps. the idea that america doesn't look out for other people's kids is nauseating. >> yes, that is certainly true, but there is literally no wurch in the united states of america who is saying these children are more important than american
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children. the children of america are of paramount importance. that has nothing to do with whether or not it is moral, acceptable, and tenable to be taking guilt free the innocent children, stripping them from their parents, and throwing them into detention centers and jails. they unrelated and he, like the president, and fox news often does, they trying to change the subject and still turn this immigration issue which is what they want to now talk about, the evils of immigration, it is at the end of this week, in which for a brief moment we thought there might be a moment where the president was slightly chastised by the outrage felt not just among democrats and
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moderates, but many millions of republicans. >> and it does seem to indicate there is an acknowledgment of a hole that needs to be dug out. to see all of them go through the effort to change the subject. to see fox news an arm of this white house saying it's not like these are our kids, this is not our problem, it seems there is some recognition that they have done themselves some harm in some corners. >> i think that clearly they're trying to dill out of a hole, but it takes the height of insensitivity to use families who lost loved ones to be your shovel to dig out of a hole. all of us hold in high esteem the families that have a lost
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loved one. what does that have to do with the separation of other families. he is mixing about an issue that has nothing to do with the other. because of what he is doing i think adds and manipulates their pain. secondly when you have someone saying they not out there, but he says they're not from idaho or texas, she sending a racial signal. i went to mccallen texan yesterday. we're not saying it about canadian children. what they're saying about children from central america, south america, and the caribbean. he is not saying that about everybody. he is saying that about distinctive people at that border. are we at the canadian border saying if we find you coming in
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another way we're separating you from your children. no, they would not tolerate that and most of donald trump's base would not tolerate seeing white children treated like that. >> the president may if he sees a political advantage to that. >>. >> there is a racial through line for donald trump's presidency. the muslim ban, the tragedy in puerto rico. >> i said this all along. this is white nationalists. this is the president, his administration. we want to change the demographic of this country. we don't don't want them to be afraid or terrorized. 87% of the resettlements of
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europeans have have been resettled here. it is different when it is asylum seekers at the border. some of these people. >> fill, your paper doing a great job covering the story. i want to read about the confusion being created by the president's policy. you write reversal of migrants families. and scenes from the botched muslim ban and the trump presidency, they were left to interpret the changes. finds out a way to implement the family separation system, vanished with the president's pen and now word on it's affects. >> that's right, nicole, there is a sense of chaos in the
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federal government. there are several involved here. they're trying to figure out how to be involved here. it is different from a couple months ago and it seems to be driven by the president's desire to see this as a public relations issue. he has been bothered by the coverage of the family separation policy and that is why he rushed that executive order a few days ago and signed it and said he would be keeping the families together. and you mentioned that the parents of the lost children to the crimes of illegal immigrants, that the president had at the white house. he has been using them since the very gipping of his presidential campaign. i was at that rally in phoenix when he was in trouble for the immigration remarks, and macy's was dropping his clothing, and it was a huge issue. and they brought them into the forefront saying i was right at
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the beginning. some of them are murders and it has been a crush for him all of the way through. >> i want to read you something that the baltimore sun reported today. it sort of picks up on what phil and his colleges have reported. they sent dozens of children to maryland. i think there is 13 states right now. some are being held in dormitories. many of the children come with little information. one is 18 months old, several are too young to speak to their caregivers. lawyers are trying to figure out how to put together asylum claims for 6-year-olds who don't know why they fled their countries. >> well, so, i think why we talked about the ways in which this is similar to the muslim ban. there are way that's it is
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similar. if you -- they are very similar in this one key respect, the administration is as incompetent as ever. >> and racist. >> that is part of the insidi s insidiousness. you're going to get chaos and that's what we have right now, around children, who are blame less and being put in a position where they're being treated as no due process and being treated as less than human. and i always have one more thing. we're not -- we're still, these are, joe scarborough said this morning, they're being treated like black sites. they are public facilities paid for with american tax dollars that american journalists are occasionally allowed to enter but no cameras have been allowed inside. we are locked out. the american media, covering
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these things in a way that we could cover any other public facility, it is outrageous that we cannot hold this system to account. some of these places they are still saying no, you're not coming in and shoot this stuff with your camera. >> let me ask joyce a legal question. when you a suspect, even if they're a terrorist. they're allowed some legal rights. these are children too young to explain why they are speeeking asylum. how do you operationalize these for an 18 month old. >> this is one of the difficulties that agencies on the border are struggling with. many people who are well
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intentioned will be overburdened. the immigration system on the border was stretched tighter than a wire. and now, it could be beyond repair. and now their services, the whole idea that we walked into this and jeff sessions when he implemented zero tolerance had no plan for reunifying them, the idea that there was no plan, and now we're in the middle of what is a resource crisis for the government as well as an incredible human cross fisis fo kids and parents. >> steve bannon said chaos. they want this to be chaotic. that frightens people coming into the country. also the goal of so much of this administration -- >> you think these images are what they wanted people to see? >> i think it works both ways. there is a section of the country, 40% of the people in
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the polls who like this. who say i don't want these kids here, we want them to turn around. they want this to go down. you look at what melania did. i'm playing this both ways. it's linguistic. >> we were there -- >> 40% of the country does not want to see little children in jail. >> no, they -- >> they did not get beyond the point that she just made, and that is that if they had had a plan as they said, why can't they just escalate the plan now. there every was a plan to reunite them. they never did care about them. when we were there yesterday in
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texas. i'm there with with mon senior. monsters, gangsters, these are 18 month old babies. you have a attorney general, when ever you want to do down the road, why can't you do it now. there never was a plan. they didn't see the fall, you want to break them up, and whatever happened to them in life that is vicious. phil ruker, let me get you in on this. they were prepared to house 20,000 immigrants on army bases do you get a sense that halting the practice means there will be no more children separated. do you get the sense they this
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could go either way? >> i think bottom line is we don't really know. there has not been a clear districtive fr directive of how it will be implemented and executed. we have not gotten to this, but the legislative piece of this is a huge question right now. they thought it would be a legislative fix to this problem. it is in part something because of what the president said on twitter this morning about delaying until the midterm elections. so the bottom line is you have all of these agencies preparing different contingencies, but there is not a clear directive about what to do and how this is all going to shake out and how you reunite these families. all right, when we come back, a new front in the case for collusion against trump. this time with the owner of the
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it's been a no good, very bad week for michael cohen and
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it is about to get worse, the national inquirer shared stories with donald trump before they published them. this may seem like a media ethics story, but it is potentially way more than that. trump's control over and cohen's involvement in -- after reports throughout the week that show the pressure on him to flip could be at an all-time high. as cohen runs elbows with tom arnold who has vowed to bring the president down, joist, talk us through the league significance.
7:24 pm
>> one big piece of csignificane is if this includes an illegal campaign contribution. if there is a ex-change of something of value, that is the kind of information that he would have to report on campaign filings. if it is intentional, it could roll over into the criminal arena and of course we know the southern district of new york is investigating cohen for criminal campaign contributions violations. >> phil rucker, what i found most surprising is they talked about stumbling into conduct
7:25 pm
that was on going. even after trump became president, there was a practice of sending articles and covers over for approval. >> it is extraordinary and just so every watching knows, that is not normal. they do not get to approval anything before publication. it really raises downs aboubts the resporting. >> let me show you some
7:26 pm
headlines. michael cohen's week in review. he talks about flipping on trump, slams imfrags policy, he wants trump to pay legal fees. and lawyer subpoenaed in michael cohen probe. his legal pressures are mounts as i understand it. >> there has never been any doubt in my mind how this will end up. doing what they did, we have to go back from the beginning, the raid on the personal attorney of the president of the united states, the standard to get that warrant was off of the charts high. they knew he committed crimes before they could even get a warrant. now they will probably present him with a choice of spending his life in jail or cooperating.
7:27 pm
everyone who knows michael cohen says for all of his many defects, he loves his family and has been treated like crap -- he was systematically crapped all over by donald trump. that guy, given the way he has been repaid for his loyalty, his dirty business, now facing decades in jail, how does he not end up cooperating with prosecutors. >> so we're going to talk to tom airtom ayr -- tom arnold. i'm sure there is more on the tapes. what do you think that michael
7:28 pm
cohen was thinking when he posed for that picture? >> i think he knew this is all a subtle messaging back and forth. >> is it subtle? are we -- that's not over -- tom arno arn arnold? >> there is only one puzzle piece left. if there is a catch and kill story, that the inquirer had and they're like we're going to run this story and michael cohen says no, and they paid someone to shut up, then he is -- >> don't we have that already in the karen mcdoogle story that she now told publicly. >> it really is her story. they make these promises to her about what she will get and none of it comes to fruition. it has not gotten enough
7:29 pm
coverage and there is obviously a pattern that i think the point is that if there is still more to be uncovered, if the national enquirer does, it could provide for indictment. >> the question of the enquirer goes back to the lady saying this was the understanding. but it also speaks to you can't have michael cohen on one side say oh, no, i did this for the president with stormy tanls and he county know about it. were you bringing the stories to the president that you killed or did he not know about that either? at this point he is put in a position -- >> most people didn't know the
7:30 pm
president said he was a master of the micro. there is no way he didn't know about the cover. >> or who the elevator operator is in trump tower, and anybody that had meetings with trump dealt with michael cohen. he was like a therapist. he was the comforter to all of us on the long ride down stairs. >> one of trump's many binkies. >> as bad as those stories are, there will be a small -- i'm telling you, this makes it much worse that what we know about the campaign contribution violations potentially. all of the dirty deals, this
7:31 pm
will be like a sliver of icing on a big, giant, nasty cake. >> okay, i'm sorry for him, everybody. when we come back, imagine what kind of trouble these two could make if they joined forces. we'll talk to tomarnold. -and we welcome back gary, who's already won three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive,
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which can be life-threatening. stop chantix and get help right away if you have any of these. tell your healthcare provider if you've had depression or other mental health problems. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. the most common side effect is nausea. my favorite role so far? being a non-smoker. no question about it. talk to your doctor about chantix. is he still your friend? >> i have not spoken to michael for a long time. >> is he still your lawyer? >> you're asking me a question i'm trying to answer. >> are you worried he will cooperate with federal investigators. >> i didn't do anything wrong. >> so he is not worried, but should he be.
7:34 pm
the trump cohen relationship was cataloged a few weeks ago, and she says for years mr. trump treated mr. cohen poorly with gratuitous insults. keeping that in mind, we wonder what was on the president's mind when he saw this picture. >> donald trump saying "grab them by the pussy. >> talking about 16-year-old girls in their underwear. >> he denies involvement with prostituted. >> don't worry, tom arnold is on it, and i'm tom arnold. >> oh my gosh.
7:35 pm
>> how do you know donald trump? >> i did an hbo special at the trump castle. i'm not sure if that was the first time we met, but i got to know him there because we did business with him. he ended up in the special, shocker, and he would come on my sports show, i'm sure he came on many shows here and i went to the playboy mansion with donald trump to visit karen mcdoogle, but he is affable, decent, he was a guy, and then things changed when he decided to run for president and the birther thing. that was definitely the end of o our acquaintance. >> he is so incompetent and it is so dangerous. and every day, this week with the children being ripped from their parents.
7:36 pm
he is obviously a racist, he has racist people around him. and he laws, and the trama that he is putting on america every day. he is changing what we are as a country and it is so unsafe. soon it will be china and russia on our borders. he is just changing everything about the fabric of our country. it is just god awful. i'm glad that my friend michael cohen is with us. >> i want to put up, i want to start with the idea of tapes. this came out before election day, and people voted for him anyway, what is the power, what is on the tapes? >> donald trump, he is -- he has been on tape, something
7:37 pm
available to the public already should be disqualifying for a guy to rent a car, for instance, we started day one by calling and thanking saying his father gave him his money. and he at mitted to walking into the es miss teen usa. the sexual harassment things on the set of ""the apprentice." first it was a picture of him on his phone. and he said he is doing racist
7:38 pm
things. so i can't give you the foot an you want, drurch wants that foot an too, and i'm not giving it to him, too. i think, my thing is i'm not going to quit. i'm not going to adequate because they're just awful people. i think if people would have seen a day of him on the boardroom set of "the apprentice." people were propping him up, they were showing how incompetent he is. >> the idea that he was a titan of business. >> oh my god. >> but the idea that he ran a successful business, and people thought they were voting for a
7:39 pm
successful businessman was a scam. >> people in new york new. he could not have been a county tillm -- councilman or mayor of new york. so what he sold was a guy on the "apprentice," and people from iowa think he is trump, he is a genius. he said that barack obama was not born here. he was an illegitimate president. i took is so personal. and the irony is that donald trump is an illegitimate president, he didn't win the
7:40 pm
election without help from russia. he knows it b with every time you mention it he freaks out. >> that is your theory on why he is so mad -- >> let's put up the picture with you and michael cohen. please answer these questions, how did the meeting come to be and what commitments did michael cohen make if any to helping you. >> two things i can tell you. we have run into each other six times. >> that sounds like more than just running into each other. >> you planned to see each other six times? >> i will say that the first -- our first vosm was lawyinvolvem lawyers, trump, the white house, and russia. ly tell you th-- i will tell yo
7:41 pm
all i can tell you, you will see. we were on opposite sitedes, we were adversaries. >> i have a picture of you with felix sader, is he another link? >> that is interesting. a funny and kind friend of felix sater, beautiful long island home. you are being so cryptic for me. you can't just dang it will out and tell me you'll see me later, what were your interactions with them about? >> ultimately it is -- say some of these people are cooperating with an investigation. >> yes. >> and let's say if you follow me on twitter you're like this
7:42 pm
is a crazy guy, and that's true, but when it's over you will say oh my god. >> did michael cohen give you any verbal commitment -- >> let me say that michael cohen is a great father. he worked for this guy, donald trump, and anyone that has worked for him like me knows that he is a fool and he is terrible. he did his best. he is doing his best, he is running and running and running and he got over his head. he went to work and it didn't even -- his whole family missed him and now donald trump is like who is michael cohen, what? is he my lawyer, i don't know that guy. finally he realized it, his wife helped him, he is like now i have to take care of my family because this guy is the worst. so he is taking care of his own family. >> does that include flipping, did he tell you? >> he is in a lot of trouble, yes.
7:43 pm
>> did he say anything that made you think he would cooperate with prosecutors. >> here is what i know, he will take care of his family, his country, the rest of us jews, and donald trump is done. he knows it. he says i care about him and his family, and it is over. he also doesn't want me to -- he doesn't want to be harassed by donald trump. he is the president of the united states still, but he is taking care of his family and country first. think about that. >> two more questions for you. we know that what was seized from his office included a lot of audio recordings. did he promise to share those with you? >> to share with me? >> oh, michael cohen does not work for vice, he is not getting any money. he is probably broke, but he did
7:44 pm
not make any promises with me -- >> but you're working on it. >> i would love it, yeah, he has all of the tapes. some of them my name is on those. >> you started talking about your ex-wife roseanne, how did she end up so far on the other side of the trump side from you. >> we divorced 24 years ago. and it happened like a lot of people in this country. i spent to her daughter in the last few months, it happens in my family in iowa. we were talking about it, andy mccabe, his mother-in-law is from iowa, his family, his wife, his brother-in-law is one of my best friends, she a trump guy. people just get sucked in there, roseanne is full on with the nazis, the racist, and just crazy crazy crazy. i don't know how you get there. i think mental health and trump,
7:45 pm
putting that stuff there, they're against us, they're violent -- and they disseminate so much information. i did a deep dive into the information that says it is not just fox news but fox news and the internet and it's like a drug. and donald trump is the king ping, he is per ppetuating it. it is keeping people sick in this country and he has got to go. >> we want you to come back when your vice special is ready to air. >> it's a series. >> people say it's good politics with trump, and it's like no, it's horrible for the country. where is steve schmidt? is he okay? >> he is resting up after all of that. >> after the break, erie similarities between fox news and north korean state tv.
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. p trump returning triumphantly from singapore. he has now accomplished what no other american president has ever had the vision or the courage to even attempt. >> only days ago, president trump ushered in a new era of diplomacy. >> this is something that many analysts and pundants thought was impossible. >> the president's continued success in international trade or foreign policy, he is standingal a
7:50 pm
standing taller than ever on the world stage. >> that was produced by our friends at "the daily show" on comedy central. it is extraordinary. >> when north korea is a capitalist paradise free of nuclear weapons and there's a thriving free market media economy, those three guys, hannity, dobbs, perot, they could be big in north korea. >> they could be. >> they could be big. >> what does it say, though, phil rucker, that that's where the parallels can be drawn? i don't think you can make a mash of any of the anchors in france or the uk right now meshing so neatly with the commentary from north korea's state-run media. >> yeah. well, it's worth remembering, nicolle, when trump was on the trip to singapore, he actually watched some of north korea's propaganda state tv and remarked to aides that he thought that the anchor lady was saying such nice things about kim, that he
7:51 pm
wishes the tv anchors in the u.s. would say those things about him. so he doesn't think apparently that some of these fox hosts go far enough. but it's interesting. you know, i think he would love to have state tv like that. you know, it's what he wants out of the media. >> it might be the only place where fox news comes up short. so if you thought the north korea meeting was divisive. you haven't seen anything yet. national security adviser john bolton is headed to moscow next week to potentially lay the ground work for a meeting. everyone is still here. what do you think the president wants from vladimir putin, or do you think this is simply vladimir putin getting what he always wanted and intended from donald trump? >> i think it's a mixture of both. i think putin always wanted someone like trump that would advocate g8, bring him back in rather than g7. he's already picked up a lot more than he would have ever
7:52 pm
gotten from probably anybody else. i think what trump wants -- let's put aside what he may not want out, and that's a big favor. i think that trump wants to -- he's a contrarian. he wants to do -- if the whole world is going this way, i'm going that way. >> is that it, or is he paying back a debt? >> i think he's -- oh, i don't think donald trump does anything that he does not get something out of. >> right. >> so it's more than just his contrarian nature. that's where i'm starting. he has got to see a tangible win for him, and that means putin probably has some things on donald trump that donald trump wants to make sure they're on a good rapport. >> john mccain's on my mind a lot. he called kim jong-un a short, fat dictator, murderous thug. he's called vladimir putin similar things, not the short and fat part. he's skinny and often shirt also, but also a murderous thug. how did we fall so far from the
7:53 pm
sort of moral clarity of republican nominee john mccain, to this guy's summer of love with kim jong-un and vladimir putin? >> you know, it's been -- it's a shocking thing. you don't even have to go back as far as john mccain. mitt romney stood up and was mocked by democrats and president obama but saying russia was our main geopolitical foe. that was where the republican mainstream was from world war ii to trump. it tells you something about the hollowness of the republican party as an apparatus, as an organization. it was a hollow organization waiting to be toppled and laid bare and laid waste to by a figure of the particular kind of charisma, the racist white nationalist. the party was changing at the grassroots even as the elites were still the old republican party. trump came along and in a very
7:54 pm
canny way said this party isn't the party of mitt romney and john mccain anymore. this party is the kind of party i could take over. i could engineer a hostile takeover, and it turned out it didn't have to be that hostile. >> if the creation of foreign policy that is so brazenly, in such a topsy-turvy way from 2008, 2012, pro-putin, is that of any interest to people who are investigating russia's role in the 2016 meddling of our election? >> i'm sure they're going to watch this entire summit unfold with fascination. it is almost unimaginable that trump, who is under investigation over his ties to russia, will go and kowtow to putin in this summit. it's almost as though, you know, a criminal defendant, maybe a low-lying drug dealer suddenly in the middle of an investigation of his conduct goes down to mexico to meet with cartel leaders. i mean who does that? there's no doubt that prosecutors will be fascinated
7:55 pm
and that perhaps some video clip from this little misadventure will play prominently in mueller's ultimate closing argument to a jury. >> let me follow up and ask you about the role that his national security team already plays as witnesses. we know that bob mueller wanted to talk to the nsa director. he wanted to talk to mike pompeo. he wanted to talk to coats. he wanted to talk to all these guys. what do you think he wanted to ask them? >> some of these individuals may end up being unwitting witnesses, and i say unwitting in the sense that they were involved with trump. they heard his thoughts. perhaps they were part of a direct outreach by trump asking them to kill the investigation into mike flynn, much like what he did with mueller. they my find themselves being bystanders who are drawn into the story. of course as upright public officials, they will cooperate with mueller. they will testify under oath. they will tell the truth, or they will find themselves in the position that others who have
7:56 pm
lied to law enforcement have found themselves in, which is to say indicted. >> one thing to keep in mind is his national security adviser were in the office when he said, i fired comey to relieve pressure. he was a nutjob. they also could be witnesses in the obstruction of justice investigation. >> right. and trump revealing information he's not supposed to reveal. there are both national security and legal issues with him trying to set this up. but i think going back to your first question, why is this really necessary? putin has already gotten amazing return on his investment. this is like betting on the caps in august, right? like you already got more than anyone could have imagined you could pull out of it. he's gotten disruption among the west. he's got the g8 and g7 not happy with him. our credibility is destroyed. so at this point it's a victory lap. he's stunting on the rest of the world by meeting with donald trump because he's already got the new america that he wanted. >> we have to sneak? a brea in a break.
7:57 pm
we'll be right back. when we were dating, we used to get excited about things
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friends who kept me company on this frolicking romp on a friday. phil rucker, joyce vance, rev al sharpton, jason johnson. that does it for our hour. i'll see you back here for "deadli "deadline white house at 4:00 p.m. trump to republicans. don't even bother. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm steve kornacki in for chris matthews here in new york. the white house today struggled to get its message straight on immigration both at the border and on capitol hill. the president of course reversed course earlier in the week, signing that executive order ending his administration's policy on separating migrant children from their parents. but it's still unclear how those children will be handled going forward. meanwhi meanwhile, in washington, the president back pedalled on a commitment


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