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tv   MSNBC Live With Ayman Mohyeldin  MSNBC  June 24, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i'm yasmin vossoughian you can follow me on twitter. my colleague ayman mohyeldin picks it up from here. >> as expected immigration is going to be the center of our hour as well. a lot to break down this story and, of course, the hour that is dominating the headline is immigration. the debate over it continues. a sense of chaos in the process of reuniting parents and children and the question about how it's being done. protests continue around the country over the rescinded separation policy while the president pushes a new policy change stripping migrants of their legal rights. >> they want to hire now 5,000 more judges so the person puts the toe on the land we have to go to trial. this is crazy what we're doing. i don't want judges. i want border patrol, i want i.c.e. >> if that was too subtle, the president making it clear in tweets today that he wants no hearings, no courts and no due
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process. let's get into all of this and go straight to the front lines with gabe gutierrez who is following breaking news for us this hour. i know you have some new information on a migrant teen missing today from a shelter facility in brownsville, texas. what do we know more about that story? what can you tell us? >> hi, it actually happened yesterday. brownsville pd said they got a call yesterday around 4:30 yesterday afternoon that a young migrant boy, 15 years old, had run away from the shelter here. that's according to brownsville police. we got a statement from southwest key as a licensed care center we cannot restrain them, we are not a detention center. we talk to them and try to get them to stay. if they leave the property we call law enforcement. we also spoke with a source with direct knowledge of the incident.
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he said this 15-year-old boy ran out of this facility, search crews were called in, it is now believed that this boy, according to the source with direct knowledge, he's believed to be in mexico. there's a dna test underway, some discrepancy in it, he was in the process of being reunited with the man he called his father here in texas and now the boy is in mexico according to a source en route back to honduras. this does raise questions about the security of the children in these shelters. however a source tells me it's not unheard of that the children run away from the shelters but it's a small percentage of the cases. in the last fiscal years, according to this source, in all of the shelters which has thousands of children, 42 have run away, according to the source. but again this 15-year-old migrant boy who ran away from this shelter is now believed to
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be in mexico, en route to honduras. >> there are obviously a lot of key legal issues we want to focus on. let's start with those right now. the president's call to send people back to their home countries without legal hearings. can he actually do that? deporting parents before they've been reunited with their children. is there any legal recourse to that? and will keeping families together by detaining children longer than is currently legal stand up in court? we begin that discussion with an assistant public defender and an msnbc legal analyst. eric, if i may begin with you, you recently wrote an article for "the washington post" about your experience as you tried to navigate the system on behalf of your own clients. what kind of questions do you face from them, and what kind of resistance do you feel from the
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government as you try to get them some kind of legal representation? >> so the backdrop to that is that my clients come to me, they've been appointed by a federal judge to represent them. they're being prosecuted for felony charges in federal criminal court. so they were just arrested before i meet them in the field, their child has been taken from them and they're held in federal custody pending their criminal case. so i meet them and the typical questions before this zero tolerance and the taking away of children were questions about what's going to happen to my case, what are the charges against me, what amount of time am i looking at? the entire framework has changed now. you can imagine. these parents don't care about their criminal case -- >> how has it changed? >> they're a parent that has essentially had their child kidnapped from them. they want to know, where's my child in is? who took my child? is my child okay?
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when will i see my child? the basic question any parent would want to know about their child. >> president trump tweeted earlier today, we can't let them invade our country, we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came. danny, what is president trump suggesting here? is it even legally possible? is deportation without due process a legal matter that can be undertaken, and what would that mean for asylum seekers or is this everyone crossing the border? i know i'm throwing a lot at you, but i don't understand president trump's tweet, who's he going after. >> removal proceedings are not subject to the full range of constitutional protections, but illegal aliens do have a fifth amendment due process right in removal proceedings.
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unfortunately, practically speaking, a court will only grant a petition if the alien had no opportunity whatsoever to present his or her case. and so that's a very high bar to meet. when it comes to the termination of parental rights, that's a 14th amendment due process requirement, and aliens are entitled to that constitutional protection just as are citizens. but what that practically means in these termination proceedings is that the state needs to show only clear and convincing evidence that the parent has either abandoned or neglected the child. and no parent who is removed to mexico or some other country can reallyist cli attend court or even participate meaningfully in a reunification plan, which is why this probably happens more often than is reported. that is parents' rights terminated and children being adopted out. >> i'm sure you heard gabe
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gutierrez reporting a short bit ago about this incident where a 15-year-old boy ran away from a shelter from brownsville, texas, he is believed to be in mexico, the response from the company has been that they are not a prison and kids are actually free to leave. how does that complicate attempts to reunite kids and their parents and realistically speaking why are we not seeing more kids taking the initiative to leave these facilities to try to find their parents? >> one of the scary parts of this, for example i have clients as young as 4 years old. it gets back to the point of these aren't even teenagers or young people, these are young children that may not be running away from these facilities. and the bigger problem, frankly, not as much of them running away
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but is of parents not knowing where they are to start with. that has been the beginning and end of the problem we see it from our clients is we all orr and we get told the child is safe somewhere in the united states. if we're lucky we'll find out the child is in a particular city. but we're not given an address, phone number, let alone the ability to communicate between parent and child. so i think -- >> i wanted to ask you really quickly, are you representing any families right now that are separated as a result of this zero policy -- zero tolerance policy? >> yes, i am. right now i have almost six clients who have had their children taken. and these are clients, remember -- >> sorry, i was going to say without getting into details, how many of those have you been able to relocate the parent or the children or do they know where each other are, but not necessarily connected? >> this is the tragedy of the
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zero tolerance. so what that is, the criminal prosecution of individuals that are being apprehended at the border. that is how this crisis has started. so my clients are in federal criminal custody, these are folks with no prior criminal history. the worst thing they may have done at all is having come here at some point in the past to the united states and been removed or deported to the country now they're charged with illegal reentry. that's how we see them. they're all in custody. those cases are going on, they could last upwards of two months while they're criminally prosecuted per this zero tolerance policy. the damage is coming from arresting the parents in the field and taking their child and continuing to prosecute folks for federal felonies who their only crime is, frankly, fleeing a war-torn, violence-torn country to come here to a place that they thought would grant
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them, as danny talked about earlier, these legal proceedings including applications for asylum that our country has been built upon. >> right. there's so many questions we want to delve into and i want to bring in dara lin, and mimi rocah. great to have both of you join the conversation as well. dara, i know you have written extensively about the administration's response to the border's crisis, the president signing an executive order this week claiming it will end family separation. can you explain to us what that order actually does? >> it's not clear that the administration has agreed on what the order actually does yet. we have actually heard that most of the agencies responsible for implementing it have been passing off blame to each other. what it did was open the door for families not to have to be separated by saying that parents could be prosecuted, but remain in the custody of the department of homeland security. dhs doesn't appear to be clear
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on how that's going to work yet, and their response has been so far to refer fewer parents for prosecution to begin with. >> i know while the president was signing the executive order, he himself acknowledged there could be some legal challenges. listen to this sound bite. >> there may be some litigation. we're wanting to go through congress also, we will be going through congress. ultimately we want to see it done right, and it will be done right. >> what are some of the challenges we could see as a result of this executive order. one of the points that jumped out at me is eric said he knows where the parents are, going through criminal proceedings, and their kids are not going to be reunited with them in prison or in the process of these hearings over the course of the next several weeks or months. >> the legal challenge is there is a class settlement in place that says that the government cannot keep these children in custody, which is where the parents who are being criminally prosecuted are for more than 20
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days. so the federal government would have to get out from under that in order to be able to not separate, which is what the president is, i guess, saying now, although nothing is totally clear. so really this all comes back to why this problem originated in the first place, which is this administration's adoption of this zero tolerance policy, meaning we're going to prosecute everyone who comes into the country no matter what the circumstance is. i want to make clear, the laws they're trying to enforce now have always existed. they've existed in federal statute under prior democratic and republican administrations. the prior administrations chose not to enforce them because it wasn't, frankly, worth enforcing them. aside from being a humanitarian issue, there are frankly more important criminal laws that we need to be spending resources on, not this. the immigration laws that were being enforced were ones that
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focussed on people who were reentering the country after having been deported after having committed certain kinds of serious felonies. those are the immigration crimes, looking at the criminal side of it, that other administrations have focussed on. >> and to prosecute you mean? >> and to prosecute. this is a waste of resources. >> dara i know you've looked at the statistics, illegal crossings over the years they're down recently, during president obama's migrant crisis there were more than 420,000 crossings last year it was about 310,000 so it dropped significantly i would say. i know you compared the two policies in an article, obama was faced with a genuine increase in children and families coming to the u.s. trump just decided that typical numbers were unacceptable. take us through the analysis of the two presidents and how they dealt with the respective crises. >> it's worth noting the trump
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administration is making this a crisis. when he came into office, there was a low number of border crossings and that began to creep up toward the end of last year. so the trump administration which had been praising itself for having solved the border issue found i itself freaking out that it hadn't lasted. under the obama administration, it was mostly punitive. trying to keep families in detention for as long as it took to prosecute their cases. they were trying to ship families through the process quickly rather than giving them time to pursue their asylum claims where that ended up was they got a court ruling they could not hold children more than 20 days. so trump is now trying to get to the point where obama was, by asking for this court settlement to be reinterpreted. >> unfortunately we're running
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out of time. we could spend the whole hour talking about this and we're going to be delve into a few aspects of this. i appreciate your time this sunday afternoon. still ahead, the whole world was watching as the trump administration separated women and children at the border. coming up we're going to look at how the world media covered this story. stay with us. expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. 60% of women wear the wrong size pad and can experience leaks. you don't have to with always my fit try the next size up and get up to 20% better coverage day or night. because better coverage means better protection
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♪ no matter what you are they're a perfect match. the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy. add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now. continued calls for action on immigration today. today protesters in texas where the federal government is
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currently housing migrant children in tents has taken place. and in florida more than 1,000 migrant children are housed in a shelter in homestead. mariana good to have you with us. describe for us what is going on where you are. >> all is calm today but yesterday there were hundreds of people like the ones we are seeing in texas protesting in front of this facility where we know more than 70 children have been separated from their families. they were rallying against the zero tolerance policy and they were also undocumented people out here, the outrage growing in this community. i spoke to one little girl, she was here with her four siblings her mom is undocumented, marching by her side. this is why she told me it was important for her to be out here. >> why are you out here today? >> because my father, he was deported and i feel that fear
2:20 pm
and pain of being separated again from my mom, because she's very hardworking, and i know that the children in there have hardworking parents too and they want to be with them because they feel complete with them, just like every family should. >> imagine a child, ayman who is the daughter of undocumented immigrants watching these images of children who are nowhere to be found, separated from their parents, they were out here protesting the image, they say, that this administration is putting out of immigrants, of families like your parents were immigrants as well. and people as who are coming over to this country invading it. >> and to see the debate being politicized is more heartbreaking. thank you. the u.s. isn't the only country
2:21 pm
dealing with the immigration crisis. so how are other countries dealing with their influx of ill grants and what happens to children in other countries. despite the backlash of the border, the president thinks it's a winning platform. could it backfire on republicans? we'll discuss that as well. [ heavy breathing ] [ scream ] rated pg-13.
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time now for we said, they said. and tonight the world watched with shock and outrage as the children were ripped from their parents. the trump administration coming under criticism for their harsh separation policy. >> very important issue of what he has raised and we're seeing in the united states. the pictures of children being held in what appear to be cages is wrong, it's not something we agree with. >> what's going on in the united states is wrong. i can't imagine what the families living through this are enduring. obviously this is not the way we do things in canada. >> from friends to foes, even the supreme leader of iran tweeting his disapproval saying how can they commit such a crime
2:26 pm
separating children from mothers for a cruel policy? even far right anti-immigration french politician, marine lepen telling the french press i am posed to a procedure that separates parents and children. and the anti-immigrant rage of donald trump tramples the fragile balance of the border. leading many to ask. >> donald trump must have known this reaction would come. >> what's astounding about donald trump is he simply doesn't care. >> so president trump backed down from a decision his administration implemented in the first place. >> where does this leave the children? i mean, they're what 2,000 plus children separated from their parents already, do we know what's going to happen to them now? it seems the white house doesn't know how to reunite kids with their parents and on thursday instead of focussing on the
2:27 pm
young detaineeses after the first lady's fashion choice that had the world buzzing. >> the first lady has been visiting these detention centers and it's what she wore rather than what she said that seems to have captured everyone's attention. >> this political cartoonist sho shows flotus covering a child's face with be worst on there. and to make the case against taking in asylum seekers, trump tweeted out crime in germany is up 10% since migrants were accepted. the problem is that wasn't true and one that didn't sit well with german media. running this headline trump
2:28 pm
tweeting wrong numbers put forward against merkel. an op-ed reads the attacks against the german government are more than just rude they're imprudent. and trump targeted the entire european union saying we don't want what's happening with immigration in europe to happen with us. so what exactly is happening in europe? since 2015 the continent has been trying to manage a flow of more than a million people crossing its borders, mostly fleeing wars, that's challenging ffr some governments. it's also created tensions between eu countries. germa germany's open door policy is threatening the existence, while hungary is taking a hard line, building a fence, and passing a law making it illegal to help undocumented immigrants.
2:29 pm
just this month italy refused to take in refugees crossing the mediterranean twice. all of this coming to a head as leaders from more than a dozen eu countries met in brussels to hash out a response to the crisis. i want to bring in olga burn, director of immigration with the international committee, and mars marsha gretchen. explain to us first of all the perception we get from american politicians, to be very specific the american president, is that those coming across the southern border are rapists, gang members, criminals, the worst of the worst. give us the context of the types of people we're seeing coming into europe and the united states generallily. >> at the u.s. southern border we're seeing people foreign policy honduras el-sal a door
2:30 pm
and guatemala. they are the three most dangerous countries in the world. we're seeing particularly, families, mothers, children, unaccompanied children coming to seek protection. >> what are we seeing from those trying to make their way to europe? >> in europe we're seeing large numbers of people coming from syria as the war is ongoing, as well as afghanistan. various parts of africa fleeing boko haram. >> i want to ask you, according to the unhcr, the number of migrants arriving in europe is actually on the decline. what's at the heart of how the european union is struggling to deal with this issue? what's the debate? >> that's not my area of experti expertise. i'm happy to talk about what's happening in this country. i want to respond to your first question which is that we get
2:31 pm
trapped in talking about who these people are. >> yeah. >> because donald trump is making such outrageous statements about people coming into this country and portraying them as criminals, animals, people who infest this country. it shouldn't be a question of who these people are. it should be a question of america's international obligations and what immigration and asylum law is intended to do, which is protect people of persecution, regardless of who they are, they're human. >> let me focus on that point quickly. given president trump's tweets today about wanting to eliminate due process for those that you are talking about right now, the chances of that happening, the chances of the president eliminating due process, do you think that is likely to happen in this country given the current climate? >> i think we have been observing it happening over the last year and a half. we have been observing it happening in the area of immigration for much longer than that, and what donald trump has
2:32 pm
done is kas erbaited a process of eroding immigration process that has been under way since the '90s. >> the rift with the european countries, those in the hard right and those adopting a liberal policy. are you seeing any parallels between the european union and its migration crisis and what we're seeing in the united states? >> i think i can best say in terms of what we're seeing in the united states is a real erosion of both due process and access to protection. for example, before the zero tolerance policy was announced by the attorney general, the administration had already removed some legal avenues for children to come to the united states. it ended the central american minors program which was started under the obama administration. which allowed children to apply in their own countries to come into the u.s. as refugees. soon after the zero tolerance policy was announced, the
2:33 pm
administration cut off funding for legal representation for some unaccompanied children. so we know that having a lawyer is incredibly important in terms of how you're able to navigate the process. >> it certainly seems it's not a fair process. how would you describe the process right now? >> right now i would say it's, you know, for many people experiencing it know they're not experiencing a fair process. they're held in indefinite detention where they can't speak to people, their mental health is going to deter rate, they have in detention a 14% chance of getting a lawyer to help them through their immigration case. >> i want to quote something you wrote recently in your article. the trump administration's policy is sending a message. the government has unleashed terror on immigrants. are they proving to be a deterrent because it seems the
2:34 pm
argument the administration is making is it's meant to be a deterrent for parents bringing the kids across illegally. >> i'm going to object to your question again. first it's too early to say it's acting as a deterrent. but the fact that we're va evaluating the policy the way trump would like it evaluated, which is is this inhumane, cruel on the face of it, intentionally cruel policy having the desired effect is the wrong question. it would be 100% effective, it could be instantly effective and it would be wrong. >> fair enough. i understand your criticism. they're making the argument to the american people. jeff sessions and the president are coming out and saying this zero tolerance policy because they want it to be a deterrent. i understand you're saying that is a cruel policy, and a lot of people agree with you that is a cruel policy. but the question is is it an
2:35 pm
effective policy. >> i don't think that's the question. p i do not think it's a morally sound question. i think it's immoral to ask the question. >> immoral to ask the question. >> it is immoral to ask the question. >> fair enough. obviously there's going to be some legal challenges to this, and the president has obviously rescinded that with the pressures they faced. the executive order do you feel that's a rescinding of the policy? >> it appears to be a rescinding of the policy. i think we have to be aware of how much the existence of the policy for the period it existed not only did harm to people but also moved the debate. the fact we're sitting here talking about this is one example how much the debate moved to the right, just in the last couple months. doing israel's bidding, jared kushner in the middle east as he unveils a peace plan. this as the trump
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sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. . president trump's son-in-law jared kushner back in the middle east and working on a peace proposal for israel and
2:40 pm
palestine. he spent this week meeting with leaders from israel, jordan, qatar and saudi arabia. he failed to meet with palestinian leaders. in an interview with a palestine newspaper, jared kushner said he'd release his proposal soon and down played the need for support from the palestinians at all. it's official the u.s. is no longer a member of theun human rights watchdog group. listen. >> the united states is officially withdrawing from the u.n. council. the organization that makes a mockery of human rights. >> nikki haley gave two reasons for the departure. accusing the council with bias against israel and allowing countries remain as members with human rights violations.
2:41 pm
let's talk about this. let me start with this nikki haley letter to amnesty international and other organizations, andrea. she wrote in this threatening letter, i may say, accusing amnesty internal of encouraging other member countries to pose a u.s. drafted resolution for reforms. hailey said members were near a unanimous that reforms were needed. is the u.s. justified for leaving? >> the decision to leave the human rights council is consistent with this administration's approach to multilateral institutions in general. which is if it doesn't get its way it's going to pack up its toys and go home. but instead of sticking with it and try to achieve reforms and allow the council to make some progress in the human rights field, the u.s. decided to
2:42 pm
withdraw entirely. >> what is it that the u.s. wanted that the other member states were unable to deliver in reforms? >> it's principle complaint is there's an agenda idea focussed on israel. it's true that's the only country that has its own agenda item and it's true that can be changed but that doesn't seem like a good reason to leave the council entirely. the u.s. has supported important initiatives at the human rights council such as the commission on north korea, that's the process that exposed for the first time how serious the violations were by north korea. by refusing to participate the u.s. no longer has any say about what commissions of inquiry go forward, what occurs in the human rights violations around the world. >> to the point andrea was talking about, israel, perhaps the only out of the seven agenda
2:43 pm
items, the history of occupation brought up there, mike pompeo has said the council has adopted more rez lugs condemning israel than the rest of the world come bi biened does he have an argument that it's biassed based on this? >> i don't feel so. because even the united states has taken positions that have raised serious questions in the past about israel's occupation of palestinian territory. this is an undone item in the eye newted nations it remains an undone item. i assume we're going to get to je jared kushner and what they're trying to pull out in what they're calling the deal of the century. there are a lot of other agenda items, israel does come up a lot. what i find is that we haven't put forward anything. we talked about north korea but there are human rights problems
2:44 pm
around the world. this is one that said when rex tillerson was secretary of state, that it would not violate. we have president trump meeting with dictators and not raising human rights at all. so withdrawing from this makes more clear the pugnacious nationalism and disregard for international institutions and improving the international order and the role the united states has traditionally played. it makes it more clear the united states is not in that business right now. >> you brought up the issue of the peace plan that the kushner team may be putting forward. can jared kushner put forward a genuine peace plan without having spoken to the palestinians over the past few months? is any peace plan, steve, from your analysis likely to be dead on arrival if it does not include the palestinians upfront? >> you and i have been at this
2:45 pm
peace game watching business for a long time. >> sadly, yes. >> for years and years. i don't see a formula where jared kushner can roll out a play, that may have support behind the scenes from saudis and others without talking to the palestinians. to make them victims yet again of something imposed upon them i think is a recipe for failure, more violence and problems in the region. what we're seeing because of the decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem in part is that a significant part of the arab world no longer looks at the united states as a fair and objective broker in this process, it looks at it as one sided. and that's why the palestinians won't meet with our negotiators but at the same time it makes it impossible for the u.s. to impose a deal. >> valid points, steve. steve, an degrdrea, thank you b
2:46 pm
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nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, they just want -- they want to use the issue -- and i like the issue for election, too. our issue is strong borders, no crime. their issue is open borders, let ms-13 all over our country. that's what's going to happen if you listen to them. i got elected largely because we are strong on the border. >> all right. so president trump escalating the attacks against democrats at the nevada gop convention yesterday. suggesting immigration is a winning issue for his party. joining me now, justin miller, daily beast national editor. and national press secretary and former communications director for the florida gop. and recall reyes, attorney and contributor. great to have you with us. let me begin with you, if i may. how does this issue play to the base of the gop if this policy continues, the separation of families and the issue of immigration at large? >> it depends what state you look at.
2:51 pm
if you look at states like florida where there is a very large hispanic community, but in the i-4 corridor is pouerto ricans. south flour you have cubans. immigration is not such a big issue. he is actually talking to a group there that does want their candidates to be hard on crime and strong at the border. that's why you see people like governor rick scott running for senate, you know, be vocal on this issue. but at the same time, not calling for separation of families. >> so to that point, recall, i want to put up this poll for you. 27% of voters support the separation of families at the border. we assume that means the remaining balance. 66% actually oppose it. this is from june 14th and 17th. it's very recent. will democrats use immigration as a weapon in the midterm elections? is that effective strategy for democrats to campaign on? >> you know, i think that has changed drastically in the last ten days.
2:52 pm
immigration has been highly effective wedge issue for republicans, especially with the base. but now this story has really shocked the country. you know, i certainly has resonated with latinos that now this is something that democrats can win on. and we see this in the pugh poll that is out and shown for the first time recently the number one issue for democrats which is typically economy or health care is now immigration. that's what we typically see with republicans and couple that with republicans and this president among latinos at 69% negative with african-americans, it's 86%. that gives them an opening in certain districts can large latino populations including florida. you know, to try and exploit the president's vulnerability. and in florida, especially the many puerto ricans unhappy in addition to immigration with the hurricane crisis. >> justin, you published an article on wednesday highlighting how the president signed the executive order that would essentially not separate families after initially establishing the zero tolerance policy which separated families. how would you say this week has
2:53 pm
gone for the president given the fact that he said that first he couldn't do it. it wasn't in his hands. he tried to kind of pin it to the democrats. that didn't work. we saw the backlash. and then he recinded it with an executive order. >> well, i think it's been an awful week, right snt president for the first time really in his administration has finally backed down from something. i think once that was because the public got behind or got against him really and also more importantly, really rare, the republican congress did too. and i mean he wanted this policy to be cruel, quite frankly. it would be a deterent. now it -- that part of it at least is gone. but not the whole thing certainly. this machine that is locking people up and prosecuting them is not slowing down. >> do you get a sense it could haunt the gop the way, you know, the way the president handled it or are there members like in south carolina against mark sanford this is the party of donald trump. you either get on his party
2:54 pm
platform or get out of the way? >> i think it will have two different effects. the primaries in so far there are, people are going to run towards trump pro breaking up the families, pro arresting people in states like nevada where dean heller was with president trump, this has to be a horrible issue for him. this state is 30% hispanic. it was juwon by hillary clinton. it could cost the party a senate seat. >> raul, quickly, do you that i congress is likely to actually do something on immigration this week, try to pass a bill given the fact that -- >> no. >> that was quicker than i expected. >> he unreliable negotiator and the white house, there is so much confusion over there. they cannot control the caucus. meanwhile, we have this chaotic immigration policy going on. and remember, he issued the executive order which is really more like a memo. it doesn't necessarily end the family separation process. it directs the attorney general to try and change it to more family detention.
2:55 pm
so too many variables in there. >> whitey, let me play you this sound bite from ted lu on the house floor. of take a listen to this. >> the gentleman will suspend. >> for what reason, madam speaker? >> the gentleman is in breach of qu quar yum. >> cite the rule, madam speaker. >> rule 17 of the house. >> there is no rule that says i can't play sounds. >> rule 17 -- the gentleman will suspend. >> why are you trying to prevent the american people from listening to the facilities. these are babies in a detention facility. >> are you worried that democrats use moments like this it is a powerful moment and some is saying theatrical. but it is a powerful moment to hear that audio recording that everyone in the country heard. are you -- are we likely to see democrats use moments like this and this debate to flip seats in november?
2:56 pm
>> they will. they're going to use this awed yeen use pictures. but what you're going to see the gop is they're going to try to take action and say how they can actually do both. they're going to try to make the case an how they can actually strong on border security. but at the same time, treat people humanely. you mentioneded senator dean heller. he was at the event with president trump. but just earlier this week, he is one of original 13 members who called on the acalled on th administration. so you're doing to see they're going to make how they can do both. >> some republicans are critical that he'll be able to play that card as well. whitey, justin, raul. thank you. that's it for me. join us next week at 5:00 p.m. to break down the major stories of the week. of course, you can reach me on social media. first up, it's meet the press. ♪
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border. president trump blames democrats. >> they don't care about the children. they don't care about the injury. they don't care about the problem. they don't care about anything. >> blames mexico. >> they can stop the immigration on the spot, but they choose not to do it. >> blames the media. >> they are helping these smugglers and these traffickers like nobody would believe. >> in the end, the president moves to stop separating children from their parents. >> we are signing an executive order. >> but then says fellow republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until after the election.


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