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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  June 26, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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let us pray. all mighty god, i ask that these moments here together and the heroic acts of this lieutenant -- >> we've been watching a medal of honor ceremony at the white house with the president. it's 4:00 in new york now. today the trump doctrine is coming into clearer focus with the president's declaration of vindication in response to the supreme court ruling in his favor on the controversial travel ban for mostly muslim nations, to his ongoing embrace of hard line immigration policies. here's the president speaking today on both topics. >> the supreme court ruling was a tremendous victory for this country and for the constitution. the supreme court ruling was a tremendous victory for our country. the ruling shows that all of the attacks from the media and the democrat politicians are wrong and they turned out to be very
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wrong. we have the worst immigration laws in the history of the world, okay? it's a joke. other countries it's called, i'm sorry, you can't come in, you have to leave. this one, we have judges. if they step on our land, we have judges. it's insane. we have to change it. it's so simple. it's called, i'm sorry, you can't come in. >> the supreme court coming down 5-4 with the court's conservatives arguing that the president's power to determine who enters this country should not be diminished by his history of incendiary statements about the dangers posed by muslims. essentially the conservatives decided these comments didn't matter. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. this is the protection of the nation from foreign terrorist
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entry into the united states. we all know what that means. we have to maybe check respectfully the mosques and we have to check other places, because this is a problem that if we don't solve it, it's going to eat our country alive. i think islam hates us. there's something there that's a tremendous hatred there. there's a tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of it. >> in a scathing dissent justice sotomayor says the united states is a nation built on the promise of religious little bit. our founders honored that core promise by embedding the principle of religious neutrality in the amendment. the court's decision fails to safeguard that fundamental principle. it leaves undisturbed a policy first advertised openly and
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unequivocally as a total and complete shutdown. joining us to discuss today's developments, some of our very best reporters and guests. wi elise jordan, a former aide in the george w. bush white house and state department. steve schmitt is back at the table. let me start with you. i remember during the transition when the president was getting ready to issue muslim ban 1.0 which was drafted by steven miller in the earlier days of the presidency. it resulted in lawyers flooding the airports to help families caught up in that poorly crafted policy. i remember people in the intelligence community saying to me, who do you think we rely on the most in the countries that couldnt the greatest geopolitical threats from us? who do you think we rely onto trust us and to share secrets with us? can you take us through -- justice sotomayor talks about
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the national case that was made. can you talk about the reality on the national security front and what message this ruling sends around the world? >> you don't make peace by alienating the nations you're trying to work with. if you're trying to turn nations around, if you're trying to stem fundamentalist extremism and violence, one way to do that is to pretend that you're closed to them and it will all go away, kind of the ostrich sticking its head in the sand mentality. but that's been proven not to work, particularly when it comes to mitigating radicalization. with this move, we may well see an increase in radicalization and an increase in terror threats. the other thing is that today we became a little bit less of that shining city on the hill that we've always been and wanted to be and a little bit more of a country that's essentially closed to people not like us and closed to thoughts not like ours. i think america needs to decide what it wants to be when it
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grows up. democracy is still an experiment. experiments fail and i hope today that it's not showing signs of failure. >> that's why we started with this idea of the trump doctrine coming into focus. you cannot separate the policy that's been carried out at the border that resulted in the separation of 2300 children from their parents from the president's celebration, from what steve bannon described in an unprompted response to reporters as travel ban vindication, big deal for his psyche. reinforces his instincts are right and the haters are wrong. this is about the health of his psyche. >> thinking about former special agent of the fbi alisuefon with john o'neal came very, very, very close to disrupting the
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attacks on 91/11. he was a lebanese immigrant and an american. is america better off with him here? i would argue he is. today was a fantastic fulfi fulfillment of osama bin laden's vision by donald trump. what osama bin laden hoped to provoke was a war between the west and 1 billion muslims. and so what donald trump and this muslim ban signal to the world is that muslims are not welcome here, that this is whether the conservative justices say that, in fact, this is about executive power, the president's clear intent was to impose a religious test. that is as fundamentally un-american as anything he's done over the course of this presidency. the only force in the world that has the power to defeat extremists islam radicalism is
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moderate islam. and moderate islam was dealt a big setback today by this shortsighted, dangerous policy that abrogates all the fine traditions of our country from freedom of religion, to welcoming the renewal of the country's life blood with immigration. >> we've talked around this table a lot about what happens when you have a president so ignorant of not just world history but american history. if you look at the last two presidents as examples, they warn of two things, one, the dangers of doing anything to diminish a free press, and the other was religious intolerance. i didn't agree with every aspect of president obama's foreign policy, but the idea was so fundamentally american. we'll extend an open hand. george w. bush visited a mosque
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in washington, d.c. in his first public event on his schedule. this president could not stand in any sharper contrast today than at any other point in his presidency. >> right. this president doesn't sound any of those notes that you just mentioned. the court ruled on executive powers. but president trump is taking this as an affirmation of his agenda. it's about himself and how he views the world and the policies he wants to put in place. the timing is so striking, this decision comes down amid this furor over the forced family separation at the border, which the president and people around him wanted to do as a deterrent thinking it's a good issue for the midterms. obviously the blowback was bipartisan. it was the overwhelming imagery on cable news of these children. the president did what he hates to do, he relented, he backed down even though he did it very unwillingly and feared that it made him look weak.
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now, though, he is viewing this as a major win, a sense of vindication, not just from steve bann bannon, who is one of the architects of the original muslim ban last january, but people in the west wing now who feel this is an affirmation to what this president wants to do. the president himself thinks this underscores that his approach is the right way, the idea of this sort of hawkish immigration policy. >> is it hawkish immigration policy or is it out in the open racism? >> i think there are people who say, yes, this is a racist policy, who note connections between the people this president is trying to restrict come into this nation usually are people of brown and black skin color. i think people have made that argument. >> because i just haven't seen him separate any european families at the airport. i'm not trying to put you on the spot, but are you aware of any discomfort this white house has about people of european decesct
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coming into this country? >> he suggested these are the kinds of people we want to have here. that made some people unsettled, whether trump specifically meant to say in those flatout racial terms, but it did unsettle a few people that he was making that sort of contrast. what we are seeing is, the question is what happens next with this white house? do they take this ruling and then try to push forward again with some of these really aggressive stances at the border, because the president thinks he was dealt a huge win today. >> that's the obvious next question. this is not just about the president thinking that he has the power to keep out whoever he wants. this is the president feeling affirmed in banning muslims from entering this country. this is the president thinking maybe i'll apply that tactic to my problem with mexico. do you think a mexican ban could be in the works? >> i don't want to say a mexican
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ban per se, but i think this is a continuation of more fact free policy. not a single person whos banned from one of these countries -- has anyone from one of these countries caused a terrorist attack on american soil? no. this is donald trump pursuing the politics of fear. he's pursuing security theater. he wants everyone to be as scared as they possibly can, because he alone is the only one who can fix it. yes, we're going to certainly see more of this kind of rhetoric and fear mongemongerin >> i want to ask you about the rule of law. this is a supreme court decision and now becomes the law of the land. there's some twisted irony in the president celebrating the supreme court's rule of law and holding that up as good while at the same time he takes a sledge hammer and wrecking ball to the rule of law being carried out by his own appointees at the
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department of justice and the fbi every single morning on twit other. >> so the good news is that we still have a supreme court, that they still -- >> i guess that counts as good news. >> well, it does, because it still remains some form of check and balance. but the bad news is that if he continues to appoint supreme court justices that see things the way he sees them, we're going to face the time where he will be banning people that are unpopular, groups that seem to not appeal to his base and that he'll still create fear and direct us toward one common enemy or multiple common enemies. so today we are seeing the rule of law eroded in that he's celebrating this as a personal political victory. that's the problem. you mentioned the word racism before. essentially what we have here is what i call designer racism. by that i mean he's designed the seven countries in the ban to
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not touch any nation that the trump organization does business with. and more importantly, they are not the major sponsors of terrorism responsible for attacks against u.s. interests. you don't see pakistan on there. you don't see saudi arabia on there. those are countries that have sponsored acts of terrorism against us. so this is carefully crafted. it's designed to appeal to his base. and we have national security policy based on who he needs to appeal to for the next election. >> so i they's a good way to put it, designer racism. this is designed to keep out not people from countries that have attacked us in the past, but exactly as frank describes. >> 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were saudis. this is about fear to accumulate power. let's look at the contrast to the greatest president of the
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20th century, franklin roosevelt. what does roosevelt say at the time he takes office at this time of economic calamity where fascism is rising in europe. he says the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, because he understood that fear is a contagion, the panic that comes from it can lead to many, many dark happeninghappenings. the reality is when you look at totalitarian systems and autocracies, they are all built on a foundation of lies and fear. fear and lies are two things this president is able to deliver over day in spades. >> he also delivered neil gorsuch. there he is with mr. mcconnell. gorsuch, you can't deny delivering for this president. >> no question. this is an epic level of trolling from senate majority leader mcconnell here who of course refused to move on merit
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garland's nomination in 2016 when that seat should have been filled by presidentobama. neil gorsuch kacast the decidin vote. we hear about thomas ork kenned. this president may get to appoint another justice in line with husband viewis views. this is the third version of the travel ban. the president has complained about it, thinks it's watered down, not tough enough. he greatly preferred 1.0. that didn't stop him from taking this victory lap today and likely being emboldened going forward. new evidence that a majority view our system of government as weak and diminished under donald trump's presidency. also ahead, bob mueller's investigation into russian meddling is accelerating.
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the great democracies faced new and serious threats, yet seemed to be losing confidence in their own calling and competence. economic, political and national security challenges proliferate,
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and they're made worse by the tendency to turn inward. the health of the democratic spirit itself is at issue and the renewal of that spirit is the urgent task at hand. >> i've spent a lot of time in my farewell address talking about the state of our democracy. it goes without saying that essential to that is a free press. that is part of how this place, this country, this grand experiment of self-government has to work. it doesn't work if we don't have a well-informed citizenry. you are the conduit through which they receive the information about what's taking place in the halls of power. america needs you and our democracy need you. >> that democracy that our previous president spoke of, the bedrock principle that defines party lines or used to is in
1:21 pm
danger. according to a new poll, half of americans think the u.s. is in real danger of becoming a non-democratic authoritarian country. the poll continues. 8 in 10 americans say they're either very or somewhat concerned about the condition of our democracy. donnie deutsche joins the conversation. i've been reading polls my whole career. i've never seen a poll on democracy in america that shows that many americans think our democracy is in decline. >> i texted you this morning that after the supreme court ruling, i got a stomachache. what happened today is sump a stunning exclamation point of why 50% should be worried and the over 50% should stay up and pay attention. our president basically has the latitude now in the name of national security to make any decision he wants. that's what that supreme court ruling said to me. that's the justification. we know where he came from, we
1:22 pm
know the racial bias. that's scary to me. that's scary that if six months from now he decides he doesn't like israel and jews are getting a little yappy, people like me, we speak too much, he thinks it's not good for national security. now, i know that's not going to happen, but that's the math. that's what's going on here. our fundamental bedrocks of who we are, of checks and balances -- this is a man who does not want the free press, thinks the judicial and intelligence committee should report to him, thinks he should be able to over turn any special investigation. we're headed there. if you look at the traces of early autocratic regimes, the stuff that's happening now is that. if you give enough people little nuggets of what they want -- take some of the wealthy new yorkers, some of my friends, give you tax cuts. we'll make sure these guys are happy over here. everybody always starts to
1:23 pm
overlook one little chink in the armor and we are on our i'm so saddened and sickened by today. that's why that poll is where it is. >> frank, one former president said to me once, you don't lurch into autocracy, you slide there one freedom at a time. are we sliding there? have we slipped into something different? are we still who we thought we were 17 months ago? >> i tell you one thing that's really got my attention and my concern is the president's assertion that we may not need judges and courts to handle the disposition of cases at the border. and even sarah huckabee sanders saying there's different kinds of due process. you don't have to go through the court system necessarily for due process. that really troubles me, because that takes us on this slippery slope where certain people don't need to get to see the court system. we're all about the court system
1:24 pm
in this country. we're all about a fair, objective hearing of your case, your issues. and if we start to say there are certain groups of people who don't merit the protections of the system, we're on a slippery slope away from our democracy and what we stand for and what we believe in. >> this seems to go beyond trump hysteria. this seems to go toward why, why are people asleep at the switch when we're talking about depriving entrance into this country due process? why are republicans complicit when a president sort of rushets to his worst primal instincts? i remember lindsey graham in the primary debates when there were still 437 republicans running, look into the camera and apoll zwri -- apologizing to the families of every muslim soldier. now he's an asset that trump runs as a puppet. what has happened?
1:25 pm
>> it is so depressing to see our worst fears start to be realized. you know, at the beginning of the trump presidency, we were told so frequently, just give him a chance, it's your own bias, just give him a chance, you seem that you want him to fail. so people tried to give him a chance. i'm sorry, look at where that has gotten us. it's gotten us to the point of creeping authoritarianism, corruption, nepotism with his own family, the russian investigation swirling. this is creeping authoritarianism. >> european leaders report in the "washington post" there's overwhelming anxiety that has a profound impact on what our european friends think he thinks about them. the consequences are disastrous for economic security and national interests. this is somebody that you read about and think about and talk
1:26 pm
about a lot maybe because they're stared this down in their towns, maybe because they see the remnants, they have a better sense of history than we do in this country. what do you think biden's getting at here? what is this moment? >> this is a moment in time where all around the world liberal democracy is rolling back. the tide is receding. in hungary, in poland, the rise of far right ethnonationalist parties in germany, in austria. i said this before the election in november 2016. fascism did not rise in the '30s because it was strong. it rose because democracy was weak. vladimir putin's greatest strategic aim so to break up the western alliance and to cause a crisis of faithn democracy. the lubricants of a democratic society are trust, faith and belief. and every day donald trump attacks trust, faith and belief
1:27 pm
in our institutions with his assaults on the rule of law. one of the things that i think president bush was wrong about when he talked about democracy during our tenure, that what creates a democratic society is elections. elections do not create a democratic society. in many places, they create majortariani majortarianism. what creates a democratic society is the rule of law, where minorities are protected from the majority. that is all under assault. when you see a president at thing the freedom of press, the first amendment, institutions of fairness in the judicial system, this is cause to worry. when you look at european leaders who have seen the disaster within a human life span that came from fascism, that came from totalitarianism, the threat on their door, the great arsenal of democracy, the light unto the world for freedom against tyranny, this country,
1:28 pm
to see in 18 months time the republican party, the party of lincoln and eisenhower and reagan embrace the liberalism of a dimestore . >> have they all become so -- i don't want to use the word brainwashed because i know some of those people. but are they resigned to trump's world view? or do any of them understand history anymore? >> i think there may be people at the white house who see the world the way steve just outlined but they're not saying anything. >> why not? >> i think what has happened here, particularly in the last few months is those around him, the grownups in the room have sort of resigned themselves to this president cannot be controlled, he cannot be contained. our efforts to manage him in the past have failed. what happens then?
1:29 pm
we are simply put on blast by this president and we see our influence diminished even further. there is not someone who could stand up to him and say you're wrong about this. should that be i van vanka trum role? it isn't. there isn't someone in the building who can tell him what to do or what not to do, especially because trump himself as grown, as he put it, far more comfortable in the role. he doesn't think he needs to rely on anyone else and he's leading on pure instinct and there's nothing holding him back. >> this is what the democrats have to know in this election. this upcoming election is for the soul of america. the way to sell it is not trump's a bad guy. is it his country or is it your country? it's that system. make the democrats about democracy. stop talking about what a bad guy trump is. what is your country? >> are we better than this?
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>> that's the thing. don't talk about dal -- d dalliances with women. bob mueller stepping his investigation on russian collusion. that story is next. ♪
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we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪ special counsel robert mueller is preparing to accelerate his probe into possible collusion, according to a new report. bloomberg writes mueller and his team of prosecutors and investigators have an eye toward producing conclusions and possible indictments related to conclusion by fall, said a person familiar with the investigation, who asked not to be identified. he'll be able to turn his full attention to the issue as he resolved over questions, incl e including deciding whether trump
1:34 pm
sought to obstruct justice. >> if this is accurate, it seems to solidify the thinking around the theory that we'll see this segmented, compartmented. we'll see the obstruction of justice case handled first. then we'll see the collusion and the much larger issue of russia meddling with the election later. i think there would be some irony if the so-called witch hunt is addressed around halloween. >> i heard yesterday from a source very close to bob mueller and someone very familiar with his m.o. in the workplace. he said to me if bob mueller has made decisions like the kind that rudy giuliani telegraphs as to whether or not he can indict the president as to whether or not he will draft a report on obstruction to submit to congress, that, one, it's not likely he's made those decisions because he doesn't know where the facts are going to take him. two, if he has, he wout ll
1:35 pm
his dying mother. i said what do you think he's up to? the source said that's not a mystery. what his investigators do is investigate, charge and prosecute crimes. >> i agree with all of it. we have a bunch of prosecutor who going to prosecute if they find criminality. that means that a mere memo that says maybe we shouldn't indict a sitting president is just a mere memo and he'll push it and push it and push it. so we need to be continually concerned that the deputy attorney general of the united states rosenstein and bob mueller, the special counsel are afforded protections to get their jobs done. >> let me ask you about something really subtle. i noted that two news organizations. one of them was this one, the other was cnn, reported this week about senior justice department officials getting briefed every other week on the mueller investigation. i'm sure that is an on going practice.
1:36 pm
rod rosenstein we know overseas the russia investigation because jeff sessions is recused. i wonder what you think of the fact that was made public and i wonder what you think about this idea that was shared with me last week that the justice department is not capitulating to people like devin nunes. they're accommodating those requests. they do not appreciate all of the propaganda on fox news, but there's sort of this faith that at the end of the mueller probe, the facts will speak for themselves. do you think that's justifiable confidence in the investigation, or do you think they're playing this losing game as some people think when they watch the p.r. antics coming out of fox news? >> this is a delicate balance that i think the doesn't justic department is trying to strike. how far do we go in appeasing
1:37 pm
this handful of republican who is seem hell bent on getting everything they can out of us until we have got no more to give them. this is a survival mechanism. that's my theory. i believe it's going to work, but at some point we're going to see some demand made on the director of the fbi or on the department of justice that they simply can't comply with, whether it's a human life in danger, whether there's something that would be wholly inappropriate to turn over. we're going to see somebody saying no at some point. we've got to watch carefully how that plays out. >> let's bring this back to the president's fog machine. he tweeted this morning, the most profound question of our era. was there a conspiracy in the obama department of justice and the fbi to prevent donald trump from becoming president of the u.s. and was peter strzok at the
1:38 pm
core of the conspiracy? this agent in question is going to appear in a cholosed sessionn the house judiciary committee. how is this the most profound question of our era? all of the individual in question, anyone whose conduct was questioned is gone, they no longer work there. but donald trump continues to assail his own appointees at the justice department and fbi. >> it's not the most profound question of our era. >> thank you. >> but what we're seeing is everyday it's about churning, it's about throwing something up to see what sticks. to quote the friendly talking head on fox news and to grasp onto something else, to find someone else on the hill to do his bidding. it's about muddying the waters. >> it's fear that he's going to be found to be in deep you know what. >> that's what fuels this, the fear. he's trying to diminish it ahead of time. we shouldn't be listening to
1:39 pm
rudy giuliani about setting the goal post offense this investigatio -- of this investigation. his job is to be out there to sort of speak for mueller because mueller we know is silent. giuliani is out there playing the political game, trying to set these markers, trying to influence public opinion on the investigation. bob mueller's not listening, of course, but he's hoping members of congress might be. >> let me read you something john brennan tweeted this morning. when the special counsel's work is done the republican party must have its equivalence of water gate -- i guess -- i'd take one. will there be one person who looks at the facts as bob mueller develops them or uncovers them and says, oh yeah, now i see it? because there are none. >> when i look up there, i don't see any howard bakers, i don't see any statesmen.
1:40 pm
i see obedient sur havener venvp and political cowards. i see people that are faithless to the oath of the constitution of the united states. i see people failing in their article i responsibilities. astoundingly to me, all the years that lindsey graham spent traveling the planet with john mccain and he obviously picked nothing up. >> right. >> not a thing. it was all show, all schtick. i guess he was there as a comic sidekick. we looked at lindsey graham and hoped he could be a statesman. maybe he could step into those big shoes. nope, not him as well. so one of the things that jonathan pointed out and we were talking about on the last segment, when you see a regression of democracy and a rise of autocracy, always what you will find is the allegation of hidden conspiracies. that's what donald trump is doing there. it's deliberate and it's to
1:41 pm
incite his base. >> thank you for spending so much time with us. we're grateful. when we come back, a lesson for allies of donald trump. he's a good friend to have until he isn't. that and the growing tension inside the white house, next. i've always looked forward to what's next. and i'm still going for my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk
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reports today of a new new low at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the "new york times" reporting, several white house aides described the mood in the west wing as the most tense it has been in months. a constant sense of dread has seeped into the daily grind, according to interviews with a half dozen current and former staff members who are still in contact with people at the white house. that tension inside the white house now matched by some tension outside as well. donald trump going after a company he once celebrated, harley davidson. its announcing a move to shift some production overseas as a result of the tariffs the eu put in place after trump started a
1:45 pm
trade war. like a scorned lover, the president hasweeted about the motorcycle company six times in the last 24 hours. quote, a harley davidson should never be built in another country, never. their employees and customers are already very angry at them. if they move, watch, it will be the beginning of the end. they surrendered, they quit. the aura will be gone and they'll be taxed like never before. lovely, donnie. so american. >> harley davidson should never be able to produce in another country. it's free enterprise, free market, but they should not be free. the commander in chief, the autocrat in waiting is going to decide who can produce where and what companies win, what companies lose. this is stunning, guys. this is in the last 13 how shur. last night he says democrats don't like police. the president of the united states said the entire democratic party does not like
1:46 pm
police. then we see what happened this morning. he's telling a country, shame on you, i'm going to side where and how you produce. kids, strap your seat belts on, because this is getting very, very scary. >> elise, the harley davidson story is interesting. to me, it speaks to the perils of getting in bed -- you know, you kiss a rattlesnake and then you're surprised when it bites you in the face. this should be a warning to any company that gets in bed with donald trump. >> i can't think of a more iconic american brand really than harley davidson. i think i can pretty safely say it has a lot of trump supporters among the ranks. my dad, you know, he passed away before trump -- before he could vote for trump but he would have voted for trump and he was a huge harley davidson fan and was so into harley davidsons. i just don't see this as an
1:47 pm
attack that trump gains anything from. this shows the disconnect from his base that he says the aura of harley davidson will go away. never. i'm sorry, you have never met a harley supporter. >> what's in it for the president, these sort of intrabased fights? it seems to be a giant loser for him. >> i have no idea why aura was capitalized in that tweet. there's no strategic thought process here. this is reaction. scorned was right. it's not just that he identified with this emblematic american country. but also the bikers for trump rally in d.c., like he really likes that idea of this sort of macho traditional american men mostly but women too supporting his candidacy. this is him lashing out. it's impulse. there's no one in there that could tell him, sorry, this
1:48 pm
makes no sense. >> it's disgusting but it makes sense. first of all, he will pick a fight against anybody that crosses him. he's like a mafia boss. it's that simple. what he's saying is, i'm going to decide if harley davidson is american. to you who buy harley davidson, they're not what you think they are. it will have an effect. that's the scary part. harley davidson is not a great american company, according to me. it is effective. trust me, there are some harley davidson bikers that will listen to that. my president says they're doing it wrong. >> we'll buy hondas. >> so absurd. when we come back, wait until you hear what jeff sessions just said in los angeles a couple minutes ago. we're going to turn that around for you after the break. willingham shoots... goooooooaaaaaaaallllllll! that...was...magic. willingham tucks it in
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it's not just donald trump emboldened by today's victory. jeff sessions is lashing out at the lunacy of the left over immigration. >> the rhetoric we hear from the other side on this issue, as on many others, has been radical ie ized. we hear views on television today that are the lunatic fringe and what is more galling is the hypocrisy. these same people live in gated
1:53 pm
communities and have to have an id to hear them speak. if you try to squcale the fence they will be too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children. >> jeff sessions this. i'm radicalized over starting child prison on the border of our great nation. i am radicalized that children are being transported from the dead of night from 3-month-olds to 9-month-olds, children across the country. we should be radicalized and say this is abhorrent. >> i guess that make you a lunatic. >> the president reversed his policy because his favorite news network was no longer a save
1:54 pm
space for him. the projection that they engage in are they all on medication. >> are we at the point we're joking about this? >> we're at baby prison joke phase? >> the attorney general delivered one. clearing feeling good about the ruling. that's a very tone deaf remark. >> i'm radicalized by this too. these are infants that we know from kmield achild advocates th suffer trauma from the rest of them. it's why aren't you? >> i remember the good old days when there were attorney generals who could read but putting that aside for a second, this is someone who talking about a lunatic fringe, talking about child separation, internment camps for baby and toddler and justifying it through scripture a week ago.
1:55 pm
it's such complete and total nonsense. he's responsibility for implementing an evil policy, a cruel policy and people should be outraged this would be happening in the united states in 2018. this harkens back to the worst abuses in the history of the country. the separation of families on the slave auction blocks, breaking up of indian families. >> the orphan trains. >> this is awful, awful, awful stuff. >> i got to tell you what's really scary is the noise versus news. i had a very good friend of mine, an educated friend, a guy who makes seven figures, lives in nort new york city. he said trump didn't start this thing. we live in the world where we know the truth. the average american buys what he says. democrats gave you this. there's everything he's doing.
1:56 pm
>> not all of them. people are smart. but 40% of the country. >> this was n part of the 40%. this is a friend of mine. i said jeff sessions put this in play in may. oh, yeah. we have nice audiences here and compared to the 300 million people in this country, it is still very small. his game is working. >> all right. on that note, we'll sneak in our last break. we'll be right back. you can still stream your favorite shows... yes! ...with no annual contract. wait, what? it's live tv. yes! with no satellites. what? and no bulky hardware. no bulky hardware! isn't that great news? yes! noooooo! no! noooo. try directv now for $10 a month for 3 months. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit
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that does it for our hour. i'm nicole wallace. mtp daily starts right now. if it's tuesday, it's a banner day at supreme court. tonight, the travel ban is upheld raising powerful questions about presidential power. >> the supreme court ruling was a tremendous victory for this country and for the constitution. >> who's going to be next? is is president going to issue an executive order against mexicans? >> civil war. >> i did not call for harm for anybody. the president lied again. >> is trying to trump the president's polarizing rhetoric the right move for democrats? poll position. we have new numbers in some of the most important senate races. this is


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