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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  June 27, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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one of the most amazing campaign videos. bad ass. >> all right, laura brown. see the issue in "instyle" magazine. >> including mika and andrea and stephanie ruhle. >> speaking of stephanie ruhle, that does it for us this morning, stephanie ruhle, very bad ass picks up the coverage right now. >> thank you, mika, i'm thrilled to be on that list with you. good morning, everyone, i'm stephanie ruhle with a lot to cover today, starting with a federal judgment in california ordering a halt to the separation of migrant families. any child under the age of mue reunited with their parents within two weeks. after the third try of the travel ban officially gets upheld by the supreme court. >> this is a great victory for our constitution.
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we have to be tough, we have to be safe and we have to be secure. >> what they said as long as the president invokes national security, he has carte blanche to do what he wants to. >> a four-term democrat in the house joe crowley loses her primary, mika, and joe, we were just talking about is her to to a 28-year-old. >> there are crowded slates in democratic primaries. are you concerned at all that those primaries might cost you seats. >> i think that has a way of working itself out. >> yeah, it worked itself out. and give me a break. the cbo releases depressing news about what the president's tax cuts have done to the national debt. and we're going to find out what exactly are the companies doing from the tax cut. well it ain't hiring people or raising wages. we've got a lot to cover this morning, beginning with a major ruling by a federal judge in california on the trump
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administration separating moms and dads from their children. the government's own making. digest that. you're in luck, i have an incredible team of guests and reporters to break all of this down put first, i want to get you caught up on what the judge's ruling actually means. first, it orders immigration agents to stop separating parents and children without an objective finding that the parent is unfit. second it mandates all parents must about out-a allowed to talk to their separating children by telephone within ten days. and third it orders all families currently separated to be reunited, specifically families with kids understand the age of 5. they've got to get reunited within 14 days. and families with children 5 years and older, they must be reunited within 30 days. meantime on capitol hill, house speaker paul ryan says a vote will go ahead today on a
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compromise immigration legislation ahead of the fourth of july recess. the measure specifically addresses the separation of migrant kids from their parents at the u.s./mexico border. but the bill's fate, it remains quite unclear. a reminder for you, hhs says it currently has, please pay attention to this, 2047 migrant children in its custody. that is just six fewer than last week. remember when the president said, this is too much. ivanka doesn't like it. melania doesn't like it. no more with this. no more with this. only six kids have been brought back. now, i want to go live to capitol hill where nbc's garrett haake is standing by. okeydoke, what are lawmakers saying where this bill stands? is it a compromise or dead in the water? >> reporter: this bill is limping towards a likely defeat this afternoon. although it did get a boost a few minutes perhaps too little, too late, from the president of the united states
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who sent a tweet that republican leaders would have liked to see him sent last week at the latest. he said in all caps house republicans should pass the strong but fair immigration bill known as goodlatte ii in their afternoon vote today. even though the dems won't let it pass in the senate. passageological show that we want strong borders and security. republicans, particularly conservatives needs cover from the president of the united states to vote for this bill. a lot of what's in it is things that conservatives want. they get $25 billion up front for the wall. they get limits on legal immigration. they get limits on so-called chain migration or family what's in this that has been the problem, and it will continue to be the problem, is that it includes a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. and anything that conservatives can be painted as amnesty or told as amnesty spooks them. the only way this bill is going to pass is if the president of
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the united states provided strong cover to conservatives that he would back them on this, defend them to the hill for taking a tough vote. that seems unlikely to happen today despite this tweet. backers of this bill had been debating adding a couple of other conservative provisions to it. and trying to lure the votes across the line. they decided not to include those things in e-verify which would require employers to check immigration status. that leads them to think there's just not enough to put in this bill to get it to pass, stephanie. >> i want to go to the border where nbc's cal perry is in texas where that tent city holds migrant children separated from their children is. cal, walk me through what happens here, the federal judge's ruling said these children can no longer be separated from their parents. and they must be reunited. but behind you, is this tent city that we just spent tens of millions of dollars erectsing. what happens to that tent city?
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what happens to the kids in there? and i think where you are, one of the poorest counties in texas and wonder, wow, imagine ife spent that money cleans up the water, improving the schools, building infrastructure to give people jobs. but nope, we blt this tent city. >> reporter: yeah, this tent city is only here because we decided, the u.s. government decided to start moving around tender age children and they needed the room so they basically moved the adolescent kids here. some 362 of them. the government was wildly unprepared to deal with this policy. we found out last night that there are 2047 kids in custody. that's only down from 6 a week. jacob soboroff followed up saying this must be a mistake. how could you only have reunited six kids? the gover said we're still taking in kids if there's a justifiable nature to them. so there is no plan. and when there is no plan, you
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end up with a bunch of kids sitting inside watchin the mexico live game. in a place as you say, the financial situation for people that live here is dire already. so what you have here is a situation where maybe this camp will be broken down buly13. that the federal funding runs out for the camp. according to the general manager, he doesn't know because there are still kids coming in and out of this place. >> to laura ingraham who thinks it's a boarding school. it's a summer camp. imagine if the money blown on your border school or summer camp went to americans in need. i want to get my panel in here. a pair of political analysts and "washington post" bureau chief phil rucker a former aide to george w. bush and steve smith, msnbc strategist who recently said i'm sick of this and left the republican party. steve, to you first. a federal judge says all of
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these kids have to go back to their families. here's the issue, there's no way to know where they are. there's no gamlan to do it. 14 days, how is that going to happen? >> it's not going to happen. so we have the meeting of men nefl lens, cruelty with objectivity on display in puerto rico where thousands of people are dead who otherwise would have been alied i there was a cum of confidence in this administration which of course there's not. >> federal government says this is a chaotic circumstance of the government's own making. how does trump get out from under that? >> i think this is donald trump's katrina. >> except puerto rico was already the katrina. >> yeah, but for him, he managed to get away with thousands of people dying because of the administration's incompetence, this image is not going warp. they're percolating beyond.
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the styilos that normally can strain the political party, those images are getting out. people all over theountry are hearutender age children. they're hearing about older kids in the shelters changing the diapers of younger babies. >> how is the white house responding? even if they wanted to put the blame on the federal government forg them here, physical conservatives, even if they don't care about the migrant children have to worry about the cost of this nonsense. >> well, it is created by the administration's own doing. and the line from the president is the blame, 100% of the blame should fall on congress. and t, he's had very conflicting messages from congress giving them different directives to what to do. it was only last friday that president trump said don't pass any on immigration.
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we saw this morning in all caps him tweet out to house republicans and senate, too, to pass the broader immigration bill which does not seem likely to pass. so, it's complete chaos in terms of figuring out how to implement the policies and what the policies actually even are. and the agencies don't know how to manage the situation. >> but at the same time, you've got the supreme court ruling holding up the president's third version of his travel ban. is the white house going to try to push this migrant children situation aside and go forward line on immigration since we know what just happened between the supreme court and the travel ban? >> they co it's a little bit unclear how these two are going to merge in the days to come. but clearly, the white house feels some vindication, after this court ruling wit the travel ban. and what it does, affirms for the president that he has the power to settle out of these policies regarding who can enter
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and i think he's going to try to find ways to exercise that power in the weeks and months ahead. perhaps considering other countries that should be added to that ban, i don't know. clearly, he's exercised about this and feels empowered, newly empowered to act. >> steve, if anyone should feel vindicated it should be president trump's attorney who took the original travel ban and reworked it 17 ways to sunday until this thing gets passed by the suprecourt. don junt there tweeting up a storm. does this embolden the president? >> probably. lo at the end of the day, this muslim ban, and that's what it was. >> and is. >> he clearly . well, there are a couple of countries on the list that are not muslim countries. and he doesn't like the watered down version of it according to inside tte house. it imposed a religious task on immigration, fundamentally un-american. so, we saw two things.
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we saw an erosion of civil liberties, righ in the name of security, which is always the case. but most importantly, the national security damage done by this decision, the signal that it sends to the muslim world is that the united stes is your enemy. this was what bin laden sought to achieve. say global war between muslims and the west. the great confrontation. a billion muslims. this empowersextremists. it isolates moderate muslims. and so the president may revel in this but our country is weaker, the world is more dangerous. and fundamental american values have been undermined. >> okay. well, let's go back to september 11th because in the beginning the country where the most hijackers came from was saudi arabia. >> saudi arabia. >> saudi arabia, follow the money, is not on the list if you remember it was one of president
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trump's pavement dances in his trip this year. >> well, remember, saudi arabia is sort of a link in the strategy to bring to e middt. and i feel like that has been -- you know, you can't tell where the national interest is for the trump administration. and the financial interest of the trump family and the kushner family and it's incredibly disturbing. another addition on that list that's disturbing is yemen, right now, 8 million people are in risk of starvation. 8 million people. we're complicit in that and t is further to death and devastation. >> and let's not miss the total, utter absolute corruption of this administration. does anybody think it's without coincidence that there are no trump hotel properties in any of the countries on the list? and the countries that would be security threats if you were to look at, these are countries who have produced terrorists who
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have attacked america, including saudi arabia where 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from. and more importantly, saudi arabia has been the chief funder and advocate of export of wahhabiism, which has radicalized moderate strains all over the world. when donald trump stands in the middle of the dance in saudi arabia, it doesn't talk about either the human rights violation of that country. it doesn't talk about their role in funding of extremism and terrorism. what it does it render all of this into the nonsensical joke in reality it is. this is all shtick. he goes to north korea. he says peace is at hand. but what do we know from satellite imagerysterday? the north koreans are busy upgrading your ballistic missile capabilities as we speak. this is another reality show episode.
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completely detached from reality. part of it political strategy. >> that's working. >> listen, it's not working. he has 41 42% support in the country. there are more people opposed to him than for him but don't underwhat he attemptto do, he uses mass rallieso lie and create fervor in a base by scapegoating minority populations and blaming them for all in the world. >> steve, it's more than just the base. you've got centrist wealthy people who are willing to look the other way and take his lies for fact because it works for their bank accounts. they hear about far left candidates winning primaries and they think, uh-oh, what's going to happen to my tax dollars. >> once upon a time in american politics, it was a business of persuasion. you would try to persuade people
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that your ideas are better than the other. what trump is doing it radicalizing american politics. and he is a ciary, the more radical politics becomes. when it becomes a game of incitement between a far left who says everybody is going to have a government job. everybody is going to have day care. >> free schools. >> free schools. free high school, free college education as we careen towards $30 trillion in debt. when we havehonest progressivism, right? and dishonest trumpism and an alienated middle that surrenders. they break their will to fight back. they become disenfranchised in the hope that free liberal capitalism or liberal democracy can preveal until a radical era. >> before we go, this immigration bill, anything going to happen there? we sit here all day long and talk about how urgent it is. but it almost seems laughable?
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>> yeah, it seems unlikely that this broader immigration bill is going to pass. that's been the outlook for several days now although the white house on paper is behind it. the more likely scenario is that a narrow fix that deals with the timing of how long children can be detained with their parents, that's likely to potentially get through the congress before the end of this week. and the white house would get behind that. assuming troader bill f as expected. >> all right. thank you, phil, you two stick around. we're going to dip into what we just covered a moment ago. we're going to talk about that stunning upset here in new york. a 28-year-old defeated one of the most powerful democrats in the house. the question is is this a one-off or a warning shot for democrats? and if it's a warning shot and they're going far to the left, what happens to the middle? but first, you knew this was going to happen. late night shows went off on the supreme court ruling on the
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she's looking at herself on television right now. >> i cannot believe these numbers right now, but i do know that everything single person here has worked their butt off to change the future progressively. >> that right there is 28-year-old alexandria ocas ocasio-cort ocasio-cortez, realizing she defeated ten-tell me democratic candidate joe crowley in new york. the democratic socialist ran on the platform, medicare for all, job guaranteed and getting tough on wall street. and this signaled that perhaps he should have taken his opponent a bit more seriously. >> we're very clear about our
6:23 am
message. very clear about our priorities and very clear about the fact that even though you have never voted before we are talking to you. >> despite the loss, crowley immediately endorsed ocasio-cortez including decency that we need the most still exists. a performance of "born to run." i like to say bruce springsteen always wins. here to break down the upset. editor mark murray. this is a big deal, brother? >> yeah, it's an earthquake, stephanie. in a lot of way, this earthquake also just to mangle the metaphors was a perfect storm of events that allowed her to be able to win. you end up having an energized campaign from the left, as you mentioned a lackluster campaign from joe crowley. the changing demographics in the queens/bronx district. also the fact, stephanie, there was low turnout, due to the fact that new york ended up dividing
6:24 am
t with the state primaries in november. the low turnout allowed for alexandria ocasio-cortez to take the opponent. >> is this a lock? >> she's a virtual lock for the district, stephanie. this is a district that hillary clinton ended up winning over donald trump in 2016. there's a nominal republican opponent. he hasn't raised much money at all. and more likely than not, she's coming to congress next we're. >> i need my panel to weigh in on this. joe crowley outraised her 10 to 1. >> there is a rebellion under way, our political careers, alise's and mine, politics was debated between the 45 pretty loudly over incremental differences. the delta, for example, if you
6:25 am
listen to the debates, you know between a just and unjust society it's apparently between a 39.6 and a 35% tax bracket. but the new line is a horizontal line. and what she did is target the people above that line saying this system is rigged. it's abusive. there's one set of rules up there. there's a different set of rules i'm going to fight for you down here. it's the same message that bernie sanders used. the same message that donald trump used. it is the same message that she used. it's an over/under message. it's going to become a increasingly popular feature in politics. it signals a shifting to the left of the democratic party. we have already seen that corey booker and others have settled in on a policy what i call dishonest progressivism. everybody is going to have a job
6:26 am
guaranteed by the federal government. free day care, free health care ee stuff. free college education with no notion how to pay for it. explain to me like i'm a third grader how that's any different than trump saying we're going to build a wall and mexico's going to pay for it. and so, the democrats, right, as they move to the left, on that front or a portion of the democratic party does,ou get into a dishonesty contest with donald trump, i suspect it's like being in a 100-meter dash against usain bolt. tough to beat donald trump in a dishonesty contest. we will have dishonest progressivism where everybody leapfrogs to the left. we'll have mitch land drew and john hickenlooper that have an establishment lane in the middle of statesmen like joe biden and
6:27 am
michael bloomberg who try to hold the center. we're beginning now to see what primary look 2020 >> but this move to the radical progressivism to the left a gift to republicans? because at the end of the day there's a huge swath of centrists in the middle who might not like donald trump and find him morally irreprehensible. but they'll more likely vote for him again before they elect a candidate that says free, free, free, free everything with no plan to pay for it. >> i don't think that the people who secretly vote trump outweigh the huge divide happening r w. and looking at the example of what's played out in the uk in the past two years. i've worked with lord michael ashfelt it's astounding. i urge you to look at the work he's done with brexit in the u.s. it's been stunning as tour rrie
6:28 am
the right become disillusioned with theresa may. and jeremy corbyn, someone so radical. you look at his off-the-charts popularity in leading the largest party in western europe right now. so i think this is completely happen. i think that people, republicans consultants telling themselves they're an easy crew for victory if the dems go far left sand far progressive they're being delusional. >> watch out meghan and larharr. d yot look a how the presidential election went down, hillary clinton spent half of august in east hampton doing the only thing she didn't need to do is raise money. she learned that all politics is local. how does joe not?
6:29 am
>> because they're out of touch as if liven the lunar air base cut off for a couple years. we live in a country where 40% of the population doesn't have $400 cash available. there are more payday lending centers in this country than starbucks. >> it's like beyond predatory, and we're dialing back the regulation. >> and they are predatory, to people that don't have access to credit, that are forced to live in the prison of cash in a cashless society. everybody wants to be seen. and they wt to be heard. and we have an invisible population in this country, whether it's the constituents in the new york 14 who felt unseen and unheard by their congressmen in washington, d.c. who doesn't show up to debate. or whether it's the unemployed factory worker in youngstown, ohio. we have a crisis in washington, d.c.
6:30 am
of cowardice, of lack of leadership, of self-interest, of profound corruption. there is no constituency for the legislation that is being passed. there is a special interest constituency, funded by an out-of-control campaign finance system. and lobbying system. and she exploited that with rootless and brilliant hard work. you look at the immigration meeting that takes place with trump and the leaders, honest to god it looks like a commander's meeting from an episode of "the handmaid's tale." >> and there's not one sin woman in the room . >> and you look at it, it looks exactly like the soviet union at the end when you looks at the politburo. we have all of these
6:31 am
octogenarians, 75 year of age young. all of a sudden, we see a namic relevant 28-year-old woman who can connect with people. and voila, she's going to the united states congress. >> and she is authentic. she has a rare authenticity that you just don't see in many politicians. >> but will she get beat up by th system? >> she's authentic, she's inspirational but what she has to deliver on those promises i have a hard time connecting. >> it seems like she's going to fight. it seems like she's a fighter. and that's what democrats want in their leadership. their older leadership doesn't want that that is telling them to be civil and play in the norm in washington for years and year. the base is angry. >> when you have no real age group for 25 years for working people. when you have 40% like i said don't have $400, it destabilizes
6:32 am
the center. it destabilizes politics. frankly, i don't know what to do about it but if she's going to go there and put a spotlight on it and offer solutions to it, though i disagree with her, there happens to beroup of people that can talk and listen and understand. >> trump has put a spotlight on those same issues. that's how he got elected. but he's exacerbating the problem. trse are the people who doesn't get a raise and say i love you, my master. >> the race that we ought to look at is bobby kennedy's in 1968. it wasn't an ideological construct. it was a call for a better country. it wasn't a debate on a flat line on a piece of paper, it was trying to seelevate to the bett angels of our time. it's time in our country for a discussion about the path we
6:33 am
want to go down do we want to go down the path where we reach for the best like alex haley said we find and praise it. or we reach for abraham lincoln where he appealed in the great civil war? or do we continue down the path of trumpism individualism? that's facing the country. >> we can be civil and call out liars when they lie. i want to take you to wall street where markets are up slightly wch is pitive news. this comes as the trump administration made a stunning announcement this morning they will not look to block companies with 25% or more of chinese ownership of buying certain tech-related companies. what! this is the whole basis. intellectual property. this is what we're concerned about a lot more than steel and aluminum. president trump has toyed with the idea. i want to bring in cnbc's kala
6:34 am
top tachie. >> what? >> yes, that's what a lot are ask. they've tried to shift towards the legislation that will essentially expand what treasury is able tole review in terms of foreign transactions happening here in the united states. it's something that congress had been advocating for. it's something where the more moderate voices within the house had been pushing instead of the investor limits but it's very clear that this is an effort to de-escalate the fight with china. and that it is removing a key tool that the president himself had put back in march to ramp up the fight against china. even though the treasury when he appeared on cnbc earlier today doesn't say that directly, it's clear that is the result. take a listen. >> we are going to signal out china the sense we have a very large trade deficit with china. and we told them, we want them to take down structural barriers so we can have fair trade with
6:35 am
them and our companies can do fairly. that is still our objective and we should be very clear on that. as it relates to investments the president was very clear. we're going to treat china the way we're going to treat other people. and to the extent we were worried about transactions, we will block them. >> see, it's all very clear, but, steph, what is not clear, where due talks from china stand? what happens on july 6th do the tariffs of $34 billion go in place. i asked him that directly and he said i'm not a betting man and i wouldn't comment on that. >> president trump doesn't understand how trade deficits works but he harps on it. he works for the base. he doesn't understand while the china impose limits on the same side, the other party is the american consumer. we're the ones that want all of those cheap chinese goods. that's where the trading relationship works. but if they listen to trump and
6:36 am
shows up to the new delegation and says, yep, we're going to lower that number, will president trump in a misguided fashion take that as a win and his base said, look, we said we were going to get the trade deficit down. and he did, all of while not understanding how a trade deficit works which is how the majority of americans operate. >> well, it's hard to know what the administration is looking for from china. because just a couple weeks ago we had all of the various trade advisers saying when china had rejected the deal to lower it by $70 billion or $200 billion over several year but that wasn't good enough, what the administration wanted was bigger than that. they wanted structural reforms and market analysis, a whole host of issues that china wasn't willing. now, they seem to be revisiting the trade deficit approach which is something that china had previously put on the table. and the administration in their words had rejected. so, we'll see if that comes back
6:37 am
into the conversation. and if so, whether that's enough to sell the president this time. >> well, we'll soon find out, ka kayla, thank you. up next, the cbo releases a scathing report about the effect of trump's tax plan and what it's doing to our national debt. here's what i want to find out, what are the companies -- you know the companies that have saved millions in taxes, what are they doing with all of that dough the tax plan gave them? but first, you may have heard president trump's tough talk, tough talk? i would say straight-up insults against late night hosts. well, last night, hosts got back. >> hey, what are you up to? >> be a man. >> i'll try. >> what are you up to? >> i'm busy having no talent. >> did you see trump's rally, i heard he said we're all low talent lost souls. that's not right. that's conan.
6:38 am
hold on i'm get him. >> we're just talking about what president trump said last night? >> who? >> donald trump, the real estate guy who sells steaks? >> he's president? lowest price guaranteed. what about the world's lowest limbo stick? how low can you go? nice one, carl. hey i've got an idea. just say, badda book. badda boom. badda book. badda boom. nice. always the lowest price, gu. book now at
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and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. in today's "money, power politics" my favorite thing is back. our tax cut tracker where we examine how comes are spending their tax wind falls when republicans slashed the corporate tax great from 35% to 21%, president trump and his
6:42 am
administration promised that tax savings would trickle down to american workers. he promised that over and over again by treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >> i'd say the real focus which is what the tax cut is all about putting more money in companies, we believe 70% of that will return to workers. >> well, that was a hope, a belief, but it's not actually happening. some companies have offered one-time pay bonuses since the new tax law was enacted. but looking closer at the numbers, many of those same companies also announced thousands of job layoffs, right as they spent billions of dollars to finance huge stock buybacks which say gaft to shif shareholders. walmart announced a $20 billion buyback. when the tax plan was enacted in law in january, walmart received
6:43 am
major praise when it announced $1,000 bone thn bonuses to somes and increased entry-level pay. but then laid off 10,000 workers after announcing it was closing 63 sam's club stores. meanwhile, at&t announced $20 billion in buybacks after announcing bonuses for some employees but then at&t laid off 1600 employees across the country. and wells fargo, they announced plans to buyback $19 billion of their own stock. they also closed more than 800 bank branches over the next two years even as it admits making out for the tax law. how about this one, qualcomm also announced a $10 billion buyback stock program on may 9th this comes after the company fired 1500 people across
6:44 am
california and undisclosed across the united states. stock repurchases for the s&p 500 hit an all-time high of $189 billion in the first three months of 2018. so far, the tax windfall is barely trickling down to america's workers who are barely hearing about wages, long-term wages, look at slow wage growth the pockets of we're going to focus o that in the next few months. moments ago, former fbi agent peter strzok walked into the house judiciary committee and he's about to discuss his role in the russia investigation. and speaking of ruia, in the last hour, john bolden met with russian president vladimir putin. they're planned for a july visit by president trump. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. we need to update you in the latest developments in the russia investigation. moments ago former fbi agent peter strzok showed up on capitol hill. in just a few he's expected to talk voluntarily before the house judiciary committee. members are expected to grill strzok about the anti-trump message between him and his
6:49 am
former colleague and lover lisa page. saying that the fbi was biased the tread and putting the legitimacy into question. and also security adviser john bolden is at the kremlin meeting with vladimir putin. the u.s. council spokesperson tweeted bolden is there to discuss a potential meeting between trump and putin. i should say we learned about the meeting between bolten and putin from russia, not the united states. joining us, the author of "the plat to destroy democ putin and his spies are dismantling and harming the west." matt, i go to you, strzok's hearing is behind closed doors. yes, he's going to get grilled, but will it matter for his republican narrative? it suits this deep state the fbi
6:50 am
was out to get trump and get mueller. >> i'm sure whatever he says behind closed doors republicans will come out and say it supports their the way they lead up to the hearing. ann this case, two weeks ago strzok's attorney said my client is happy to come of it freely either publicly or privately and the committee sent a subpoena and getting a bunch of headlines. s they ultimately withdrew the subpoena. i think they want a punching bag, they don't want the truth. they will drag peter strzok up there. and ultimately i expect he has a pretty good story to tell because despite the text messages he sent, pretty clear evidence that he didn't do anything to hurt donald trump in the lead up to the election. if he wanted to, all he had to do was pick up the phone and call any reporter and say the fbi is investigating donald trump's campaign, we have credible evidence of contacts between members of his campaign and the russian government.
6:51 am
he didn't do any of that. >> it makes for exciting headlines, but how crucial is strzok's testimony to the russia investigation? >> i don't think it is crucial at all because he is one fbi agent. one. and you have to understand, this is a national security investigation. and it started with american citizens suspected of being in direct communications with russian intelligence agents who may have had an influence and tried to corrupt an american electoral process. this one guy didn't think that up. he didn't make carter page go to moscow. he didn't make george papadopoulous go and meet to try to conspire to, you know, to make mike flynn do other things. this is one guy and he will be a punching bag. but you know what is the worst part of this story, is that donald trump will rip down the fbi on this one guy's name. >> fbi currently run by chris wray who donald trump chose. what is your thought?
6:52 am
>> we talked about donald trump's constant lying to incite fervor. we talked about his scapegoating of minority populations. this is the number three autocratic behavior. the allegation of conspiracy. wherever you see regression of democracy in the world, you will see the leader talking when tabe nefarious made up to the conspiracy that emneed to assert unusual powers to protect the victims that are his base. victimization is at the core of trumpism. so this fbi agent was opposed to donald trump. and that he put it in e-mails is no bid deal. there is no evidence that he took any action anywhere but the conspiracy is a political design to undermine the investigation. and as hmalcolm said, the reaso the fbi was investigating donald
6:53 am
trump was because of the contacts between senior officials in the trump campaign and operatives with connections to the russian intelligence service. >> and this conspiracy narrative works for donald trump. all day long and tomorrow we can say donald trump is a fool and liar and h tells a hundred liars a day, blah, blah, blah, but they work. and it goes directly to your book. the plot to destroy democracy focuses on putin's plan to disrupt the west. now you have putin meeting with john bolton. how does that fold into putin's plan? are they riding horses today with no shirts on? >> not john bolton, but certainly donald trump is hoping that that fantasy happens. look, donald trump- >> that would be a whole other level. >> you're not joking about that. but donald trump is a person who has become an asset to russia itself. he is a winning asset at this point. he has been framed. his whole world view has been
6:54 am
framedmoscow in mn 2013 in a meeting for two hours. and when he walked out of that meeting into the miss universe pageant and his plans for running for president, he was spouting anti-nato doctrine, he was spouting the belief that the european union should be dismachidi dismantl dismantled. he literally was walking and talking right up to forcing them to arm the ukrainetform out of the republican platform. during the republican convention. he works within a franl work th framework that moscow has built for him and if he goes left, right or center he is doing their bidding. >> oligarchs who may have been willing to finance the president. >> and my take is that the fbi has been very slow in providing full transparency about peter strzok and lisa page and the more that they get out there
6:55 am
about what the actual texts were about, the more information i think thisny -- the hearing will be better public. truth is the best disinftant. and as long as this has been secretive and hidden and kept behind the confines of national security classification, this helps further donald trump clamticlam claiming a conspiracy. >> yeah, i think that is right. peter strzok made very clear that he was willing to testify publicly. and if i were him, that is exactly what i'd want. he is in this position where text messages have been made public. you see one side of the story and there is no one to defend him. he has a story to tell. he will tell it behind closed doors today and you will see some of it leak out, but there is no substitute for him at a public hearing. and i suspect you won't see that. the chairman won't want that to happen. because it would give peter
6:56 am
strzok that turpt opportunity t his whole story. >> and in a bloomberg report, they write that mueller and his team of prosecutors and instigators have an eye toward producing conclusions and possible indictments related to collusion by this fall. he will be able to turn his full attention to the issue as he resolves other questions including deciding soon whether to find that trump sought to obstruct justice. how do you see this playing out in days to come? >> i find that of suspect. mainly because it took how many years to find scooter will i e to determine that he had seeked a cia officer's name out to the news media. that took years. this is the single most serious investigation in the history of the united states. >> yes, but we have forgotten that it took years for scooter libby, benghazi took years. the pressure on robert muelleis
6:57 am
extraordinary. >> he may start indicting some of the bigger fish in this story who haven't been brought to justice so far, but for 9 mothet part, i don't think it will wrap up anytime soon at all. >> and we call it a witch hunt and completely rigged, we have to point o two people are currently in jail. >> and how many people have been indicted by this point. i look at the mueller investigation and it is not just even about the election. this is going to go so much deeper. and you look at michael cohen and the pressure on michael cohen to turn and the money. and getting into the potential white collar corruption, money laundering and widespread fraud and criminality within the trump organization, wow. >> here's what i know about robert mueller. we have 320 million people in this country and he is among the very best of us. the there is a principal son
6:58 am
graduate, a marine combat officer decorated for valor, wounded in the vietnam war. ice.pent his entire life in this is a man who kept america sae safe leading the fbi after the 9/11 attacks. and he did a short stint in the white collar law firm and then went back being a murder prosecutor. he will find out. and his team will find out any act of criminal wrongdoing. and if they find it, they will ask for indictments and they will prosecute it. even anybody associated with , donald trump is entitled to the presumption of innocence, but we'll see what they find out. and soon we will know everything that happened. >> paul manafort will not be vacationing in turkey this summer. matt, last point. >> look, i don't think what that
6:59 am
report means about mueller turning his focus to collusion. i think he has been laser focused on that from the beginning. obviously none of us know what his time table is, but if i had to lay money on this, my guess is before labor day we'll see the b indictment hacking that indicts are russians and russian officials swelgas well american citizens. i bet we get both of that before labor day. >> we'll soon find out. thank you all. absolutely fantastic conversation. all right. you know how i like to end this show. no matter what, there is always good news somewhere. we think good news rules. i happen to think this is great news today. it is about gratitude. this show, our little team, is celebrating two years joining you at 9:00 a.m. right here on msnbc. i've had the privilege of covering some of the most historic moments in the last two years. there you have it at the royal wedding. and on the road. and we have so many people to thank for it. our incredible guests, some of my favorites, malcolm, matt, ehe
7:00 am
lease, steve, that 1 why youwer. some of my favorites to join me. and of course my team of producers. they are the absolute best, best, best. i'm forever grateful. and you know who else i have to you our viewer. you have welcomed us into your home and we would not be here without you. thank you for keeping your hearts and minds open and enjoying the ride. i will see you again at 11:00 a.m. and tomorrow when we will be at two years and one day and all day long on twitter. coming up right now, more with my dear friend and philadelphia eagles fan hallie jackson. >> happy two year anniversary. it has been a ride. we've been buckling up for every minute of it. see you yu you tomorrow. i'm hallie jackson. and this morning all politics may be local, but today one race in new york is sending a


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