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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 27, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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optimist. connect with our show. kristen welker is picking up coverage sitting in for andrea mitchell. right now on andrea mitchell reports. the upset. a 28-year-old first time challenger overtakes one of the most pow everiful democrats in the house sending shock waves throughout the political world ahead of november's political elections. >> i felt like our part could be better. our message could be better and we could be better as a country. court ordered. a california judge demandsll migrant children be reunited within 30 days. this as parents are still unable to locate their children despite what the health and human services secretary says. >> every parent has access to know where their child is. tlt there's no reason why any parent would not know where the child is located. >> the a number doesn't reflect
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the fact he crossed the border with the child. child's a number doesn't reflect theact they crossed with a father. it's really every person for him or herself. it may be a membership loss for unions and that will reduce their bargaining clout and political clout. goodday. i'm kristen welker in for andrea. we begin with the stunning upset in new york. joe crowley by a 28-year-old political newcomer. alexandria ocasio-cortez. it's the most significant loss
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for a democratic incumbent in more than a decade. joining me now to discuss all of this is independent vermont senator bernie sanders. thanks for joining me. appreciate >> my pleasure >> we have to start with this political earthquake overnight and what it means more broadly. this win by ocasio-cortez. should nancy pelosi be afraid? >> when you have candidates like alexandria that has the guts to talk about the real issues. she campaigned on health care as a right, not a privilege. raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, demanding the wealthy pair their fair share of tacks. that's an agenda that will resonate all over this country.
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she happen to have the added advantage of being an extraordinarily good candidate and despite being out spent 10 to 1, she was able to run a strong grass roots campaign and win. the message here i that when you have candidates who are talking about the realssues impacting working fams and running sroots campaigns, they will win in new york city. they won in maryland. ben jealous pulled off an upset to become the democratic candidate for governor. we're seeing this happening all across the country. >> it was a big night for progressives. are voters also saying they want a fresh set of eyes to come to washington and to help set the agenda? the messaging aside here is part of this saying, look, we want some newcomers. >> i think that's media hype. what alex andria did, she's 28
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years old. that's fantastic. we're seeing a lot of young people getting involved in our revolution organization, getting involved in grass root campaign. what's most important is not that she's young. what's most important is she's standing up for working families. you can have young people who are conservative. we need a movement in t country and it is happening. saying that we should not be living in a country where the three wealthiest people now own more wealth than the bottom half of the american society. that's wrong. those are the issues we should be talking about. >> onef the things that was so striking when you take a look at the campaign that she ran which will be studied for years to come is she didn't make this about president trump. take a listen when she was asked about this on morning joe earlier today. >> there weren't personal fights with donald trump. it was making the counter argument to his policies. >> right. i think that's the path forward. what we need to do is lay out oo
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plan and a vision that people can believe in and getting into twitter fights with the president is not exactly, i progress as a nation.find >> is her strategy the key to winning in trump country? not onln 2018 but in 2020 to not be so focused on president trump? >> that's what i said a moment ago. what she did is abo the real issues facing her district, which happens to be a struggling working class district. i think what democrats have got to do is twofold. number one, we do have to stand up to trump's racism and sexism and homophobia. you cannot allow that to pass. more importantly, we need to lay some we're the only ayshere is major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all. we have a president that wants to do away with the protections
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of today with pre-existing conditions. if you have diabetes, cancer, you cannot get health insurance. end the absurdity of the united states paying the highest price in the world for prescription drugs. >> when we listen to you we're reminded of your own campaign. your former campaign manager was ambition are you going tohrow your hat into t ring again? take a listen to what he had to y. s considering another run for the presidency. when i know the time comes i think we'll have an answer to that. righ's still considering it. >> do you have an answer? >> the answer is, we are focusing on 2018 which is the most important midterm elections in my lifetime and i'm going to do everything that i can to see we end one party rule here in washington where republicans control the white house, senate and the house. that's where i'm focusing on
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right now. >> after the progressives had that strong night tha we all witnessed last night. are you now more inclined to run in 2020, senator sanders? >> right now, the next election, last i heard, is 2018. goes before 2020. let's focus on first things first. >> do you have a deadline when you think you want to make a decision? >> no. let's talk about the issues impacking the an people. alexandria won because she lkedeal issues. at what i intend to do. that's what i hope every democratic candidate does. let's talk about another big issue that's impacting washington and political discourse. that has to do with city and a lack thereof. we saw some protesters shouting down mitch mcconnell. i want to play you a bit of that. get your reaction on the other side. >> why are you separating
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families? why are you separating families? why are separatingfamilies? >> why don't you leave my husband alone. >> why are you separating families? >> why don't you leave the kids alone? >> back up. back up. >> back up. back up. >> i'm not trying to disrespect you. >> back up. leave us alone. >> how does he sleep at night? how is he sleep at night? >> senator, are you concerned that there is a lack of civility in our political discourse and that it is not only something that we're seeing on the or there just seeing tensions get ver heated and fng tok to each other. what do you do about that ? >> i'm not a great fan of shople or being ru rude to people. i think we have a situation and a congress that's way out of touch with where the american people are.
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people have a right to be angry when congress gives tax breaks to billionaires and wants to cut nutrition programs for low income pregnant women. you have to a right to be angry. take that out in a constructive way. do what alexandria did last night. get involved in come painampaig. >> does that mean you disagree with comments by maxine waters and you disagree with kicking sarah sanders out of restaurant? >> i think people have a right to go into a restaurant and have dinner. we should be mobile ieizing our people in way that represents all of us not just the 1%. that's where we got to place our energy. i do know that people arean they are angry about these terribly inhu immigration
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policies. they're angry about the fact they can't afford prescription drugs. they are angry about tax breaks that go to billionaires. the way to deal with that is exactly what alexandria did. organize at the grass roots level. win elections and get involved in the political process. >> senator, very quickly before i let you go, i have to get your reaction to today's supreme court ruling as it relates to unions. is it the end of public service unions? >> it is not. it's a sasters ruling. you have a reactionary 5-4 majority on the supreme court. it should surprise nobody they rendered a decision that benefits the wealthy and powerful a against the needs of working families. we need a strong union movement workers can negotiate wages and play an important role on
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the political world. >>hanks being here on such a big and important news day. we appreciate your perspective. >> thank you for having me. take care. >> more now on today's major ruling from the supreme court. what are the legal implications of this decision? >> reporter: i'm smart enough not to stand out in the rain. i'm going to deploy my umbrella here if you don't mind. for 40 years the supreme court sa said if u're not in a union, you don't have to pay to belong to a union. the supreme court has said that required to pay share of thebe union fees that are responsible for collective bargaining. in other words, they get the benefits of collective
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bargaining if they are teach erers or fiesrefighters or social workers. they get the benefit from it. that's been challenged over the years as a violation of the free speech rights of non-union members. they say we don't agree with all the positions the union takes. even in collective bargaining. class size for teachers. that's been a losing argument until today. today the supreme court said, yes, that's right. requiring non-union members to pay even that portion of union cost violates their free speech rights. it violates right of expression because the union takes position 't like. it violates their right of association both under the first amendment. this should come as no surprise to anybody because two years ago this exact issue was before the supreme scalia died we
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knew where we were. it's going to be a blow for blic sector unions. there's been studies that say it will hurt their membership. it will hurt the amount of money they have. probably reduce their political clout. i think they were braced for this. remember, over half of all union members are public employees. today's decision does not apply to people who don't work for the government. if you're in a union but don't work for the government, this decision doesn't apply to you. if you're a federalemployee, this decision doesn't apply to you. it's state, county, municipal counties. if they don't want to join the union, they don't have to pay anything to the union. >> before i let you go, the
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other big topic we have all been talk about, the future of justice kennedy. obviously a key swing vote. what are you hearing? what is the buzz there in can? e >> reporter: hearing nothing. the buzz doesn't count. no, we can't put it to rest. why is that? if you look at past retirements, the pattern in the past couple of years has been for justice who want to retire to announce it before the end of the term to get the process started so their successor can be nominated and confirmed. there's been occasion where is the announcement hasn't been announced until the last day. we're all standing by to see if it does. >> standing by in the rain. pete lliams. thank you so much for that. appreciate you breaking all of that down for us. coming up, legal challenge. 17 states are suing the trump
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gig to more homes than anyone. not just the joneses'. over here. xfinity. the largest gig-speed network. the trump administration is on the clock. a federal judge inifornia ruling immigration agents can no longer separate migrant giving services secretary some deadlines ordering that children younger than five years old must
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be reunited with their parents within 14 days and children five years of age and older must be back with families within 30 days. the pressure is coming from lead rs across the untry with 17 states joining the district of columbia to file a lawsuit saying president trump's policy is an afront to policy interest. jacob, app bng here. i'm hoping you can help sort some of this out. there's a lot of confusion about what's happening on the ground. you have dhs secretary saying every child will be reunited with their family and yet you have witnessed kids still by separated from their parents. what's happening? >> there's nothing new about disorganization between dhs and hhs. this goes back to when we were on the ground inside these facilities with the secretary of homeland security saying she was going on inside the detention centers which was not being the
9:20 am
case. thulingow mandating this 30-day reunification window and 14 days for the younge esestere. people williams told me that the doj is not commenting on whether or not they will issue a stay. they may still try to stop these reunifications from happening. one theory is they do not have a plan to reunify within that amount of time. even though the executive order say they will reunify, they may not have plan in place to do so. you can see the administration that did -- and the president that did sign that executive order, have his administration try to stop the reunifications from taking place. >> jacob, you obviously have been allowed to seee some of these centers where these young kids are being held. based on sort of what you're seeing in recorreent days, are
9:21 am
seeing anything that gives you hope, that gives you confidence that the kids are being cared for and there's real urgency to make sure they get back with their families? >> from what i saw inside those faciliti quality of care is by in large good quality care. what is equally infuriating today as it was back when i was seeing children in cages in the border patrol processing center were 1500 boys, huge portion of them or a surging portion separated from parents is that today we don't know where they all are. they are dispersed throughout the united states. there's 100 different shelters. 17 different state where is they could be. there's no centralized so list so we in the media or the families know where those children are. how are you going to reunify when there's no centralized database. the government tell us there is one. just like they wouldn't let us see the girl, children or plans for future detentions, they will
9:22 am
not share the list of where everybody is so we can get of picture how they will come back together. >> your reporting has been st tremendous on this. california attorney general and house democratic caucus chairman show joins me now. thank you so much. i appreciate your joining us. >> thank you very much. >> you're very much at the forefront of thegainst separations of these families. you're part of the lawsuit that was filed. tell me why this was important to file this lawsuit. does it give you any confidence that the kids will be reunited with their family members? you heard what jacob said jujus. >> it has to give you some hope, at least the judiciary is paying attention. the trump administration was deaf to the cries of these children and americans across the country. now we have a court order
9:23 am
telling the trump administration it must reunite. donald trump blinked a couple of weeks ago when he tried to stand down from his previous separation policy. now he got smacked across the face for not doing it the right way. if you think about it, the trump administration has actually treated personal property, things when you're put in custody, law enforcement tracks your personal property, your wallet, clothe ts. the trump administration treated personal property with greater care than they treated children. they can't tell some of these parents where their children are. >> i want to follow up with you on the practicalities. you have jacobing being told by hhs that every child that been accounted for. the media hasn't been given a list. there isn't any type of comprehensive list. if you been given any assurances by hhs that they will be able to
9:24 am
reunite every child with his or her family mr? >> i'm not aware of anyone getting that kind of assurance where it's the parents or the attorneys general throughout the country who have taken the trump administration to court. that's the deadly aspect of this is that we're not sure where these kids belong, where their parents are and it it's just a travesty for a lot of these children that not only do they not speak english, they probably don't understand what's going on. >> there's a sense the trump administration might challenge this court order. do you have any indication that's going to happen and what would the strategy be given that the president did sign that executive order that we're talkinabout? >> first, you can never tell what will the trump administration will do. that's both good and bad. it's bad because they could try to challenge this latest ruling by the court trying to reunify families. it's good in the sense it's clear the trump administration doesn't have a strategy and they
9:25 am
are caught off guard. they got smacked acro the face. >> you expecting them to challenge the court order? are you expecting that? >> it's hard to tell. you never know with this administration what they'll do. they're policy was probably created on the fly to begin with when they got challenged. they blinked and when they got put before a court, they lost. will they challenge? you tell me. >> attorney general jeff sessions was the one who announced the zero tolerance to begin with. he was speaking in los angeles overnight. he accused critics of hypocrisy. i want to play what he id. >> what is perhaps more galling is the hypocrisy. these same people live in gated communities and featured at events where you have to have an id to even come in and hear them speak. they like a little security around themselves.
9:26 am
if you try to scale the fence, blo believe me they have be even too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children. >> what do you make of that defense? >> i didn't understand it. first of all, no one in america says that we don't want security. i know no one in america who says we don't have a right add a sovereign nationmine who comes in and who leaves our untries borders. that's not the question. no one is saying that if you cross the border and don't have authorization that we don't have the right to say to you, you can't stay. we have a process. what i guess even the attorney general session is ignoring is the constitution that says that every one is entitle ed to due process and equal protection. you may be able to enforce immigration laws that says you can't remove someone from the country but you still have tpros
9:27 am
>> are you planning to visit any of these centers where the kids are being leld and to speciheld the message you're sending to them personally. involved do you plan to be to try to get the kids reunited with their families? >> i'm speaking not just as attorney general but the son of immigrants. i'm constantly in touch with immigrant families, add vvocacy groups representing a lot of these families. we're in the process, any department of justice, of examining the various civil immigration detention centers that are located in cala to determine what kind of custody these individuals are, the conditions under which they are mousehoused. we're going through that process right now as the legislature's authorization to do so. we're in constant touch with a lot of these families. we'll do everything we need to do including visiting with some of these families to make sure
9:28 am
we're protecting not just the interest of these children but the interest of our state of california. >> all right. attorney general, thank you so much for your time. reallyit. >> thank you. coming up, moscow meet up. right now in the russian capital john bolton is holding a news conference just hours after the white house and the kremlin agreed to a meeting between ent trump and prident putin. a top democrat in the house joins me with his reaction next on andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. if you have moderate to severe plaque pis, or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer s ace with reduced rednessthickness, and sciness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirent for routine lab monitoring.
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national security advisor john bolton is in moscow at this hour and just said there will be an announcement tomorrow about the details. bolton met with putin at the kremlin earlier today. >> mr. president, we appreciate you taking the time to receive us today. we very much look forward to discussing with you as i've had the opportunity to do with your colleagues how to improve russian-u.s. relations.
9:33 am
find areas where we can agree and make progress together. >> the russian president told bolton he would like to restore full fledged relations between the u.s. and russia and that russia has never been seeking confrontation. thanks for joining me. >> of course. >> i want to get your reaction to the fact that john bolton and possibly president trump will be meeting with president putin. i spoke with an administration official who said we need to improi improve relations with russia. does the administration have a point? >> no. it would be nice if we started improving relations with our traditional allies. i'd like to see john bolton go and repair the mess that the president had made with teresa may, angela merkle, justin
9:34 am
trudeau. those framed relationships are hurting american workers when american businesses are moving sh tariffs the president these put in place. the last meeting the president had with kim jong un. so far it's delnothing. the next meeting with vladmir putin is still interfering in our elections and will do so this november. i don't know what we get out of this. >> bolton did say that he rai d -- raised the issue of election meddling. you're going to want the president to make that one of core issues. i spoke with treasury secretary earlier today and asked about these questions that you're raising. listen to what he had to say. >> i don't think so at all. the president has said very clearly that there are areas of
9:35 am
the world that we need to work with russia on. whether it's syria, whether it's iran, whether it's north korea. these are very important security issues around the world. if there are areas make sense we're going to do that., it maybes sense to have communication. there's no commitments or anything el. >> that was in response to should nato allies be concerned by this meeting. he went on the say there's no imminent plans to lift sanctions. does that give you new pause as you criticize this meeting between the president and president putin. >> a good question but no. again with russia, the president says wouldn't it be great if we could be friends with russia. no it went be unless it achieves an objective of the united states.
9:36 am
we have read reports about their support of the taliban who are killing innocent american soldiers. there's a lot of concerning behavior by the russians. most persons who asking what has that done for us. i think russia will just press further without the u.s. standing up add we traditionally have. >> the administration said there are the very issues they have raised with russia. you want president trump who insists no one has been tougher on russia. he sites the fact there's been a number of new sanctions on his watch. >> he should talk to his own intelligence officials who are telling congress in open hearings that the russians are still seeking to interfere in this upcoming election. if we lose our democracy, we have lost everything. we can probably weather the last
9:37 am
attack they conducted in 2016. if we let them and other countries with similar capabilities keep trying to interfere and make our decisions for us, we're going to lose the value of free and fair elections and the president will have missed the opportunity to attribute it to them and confront them over it. >> let me ask you about something that's happening there on capitol hill today. fbi agent being interviewed by the house. why is this a closed door session? >> first, it's a waste of time. this committee is responsible for immigration policy in america. as we sit in that room, over 2,000 children are separated from their families. it shouldn't be a closed hear. he's asking for it to be open. the chairman has chosen to close it. we learned nothing new from mr. struck. we know he sent inappropriate text messages but he didn't tell
9:38 am
michael cohen to put a trump tower in moscow. he didn't set up a june 9th meeting one floor below donald trump's office where they met with russians on hillary clinton clinton. there were so many other independent acts that should be a bigger focus. >> i hear you say you learn nothing new. the text messages are of great concern to people on both sides of the aisle and people within the fbi. did he offer any explanation for them or offer any regret? did you get the sense he understands the magnitude and the possibly damage it had done to the agency? >> i know the answer to that question. m not sure if there will be a read out after. i hope to tell you the answer to that at the end of the committee. right now i'm respecting we're not going to put out yet what was said. >> all right. always appreciate your perspective. thank you so much. >> thanks. coming up, tariff tiff.
9:39 am
treasury secretary weighs in on president trump's fight with harley davidson. that's next. we're back after a quick break. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. before taking ibyour doctou have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant. common side effects include
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we're very pleased. >> yet the tax cuts weren't big enough to prevent harley davidson from making the decision. >> i just made some comments on harley davidson. they're one company. on the one hand i respect their decision. on the other hand almost ef meeting the president has been talk about other countries should cut tariffs on motorcycles. >> president trump has been attacking harley davidson writing on twitter, harley davidson should stay 100% in america with people that got you your success. i've done so much for you and then this. other companies are coming back where they belong. we won't forget and neither will your customers or your now very happy competitors. joining me now is msnbc stephanie ruhle. >> the president calling out harley davidson. they are a publicly traded company. this isn't the godfather.
9:44 am
when steve mnuchin are dismissive to reporters, let's not point out one company. let the president know that. harley davidson isn't making a move because they are playing a game of chicken with the president. they have to focus on their bottom line whether it's the tariffs or doing this for years. harley davidson has been moving operations overseas for years. it started 20 years ago moving to brazil. they don't have a core growing opportunity in the united states for ntheir consumers. as the tariffs are imposed it makes more sense for them financially to move operations overseas. it doesn't make sense for them to get into a fight with the president and i'm sure that's not what they are looking to do. they're trying to do it for their bottom line. >> the fact the president is threatening, the fact they will be taxed like never before. what message is that sending to other companies? what could the ripple effects be here in. >> in the beginning of the
9:45 am
administration companies were afraid of a trump tweet panicked. you remember the day when president trump went after nordstrom because they weren't going to carry his daughter's line. you've seen companies care less less about president trump eetrump's tweets and rhetorics. soon after he talks a big nasty game, you see his own administration start to walk things back. yes, no company wants to get in the way of trump fury but they are less and less concerned because his bark is much bigger than what his bite is. >> really important distinction. >> he's sewn done so much for h davidson. what? thrown rally there. there's no concrete evidence of anything the president of the united states has done to help harley davidson nor should he. no one in the administration should be doing something for a
9:46 am
specific company. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> really appreciate it. coming up, party line. three late night hosts united against president trump. the inside scoop is next right here on andrea mitchell reports. stay with us. thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. beenoing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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president trump uses his rallies and twitter accounts to take shots at late dmis-night h. three stars joined forces for a televised group therapy session. take a look. >> and said pretty bad stuff about us. >> really? that doesn't sound like him. >> i heard him say we'll all low talent, low lives, lost souls. >> that's not right. that's conan. i'll get him. >> oh, hey guys. what's up? >> just wondered did you hear what president trump said last night. >> president who? >> donald trump. the real estate guy who sells steaks. >> he's president? >> yeah. >> wow. how's he doing? >> not so good. >> oh, a good laugh there. get the inside scoop from msnbc's garrett haake and sabrina, political reporter at "the guardian."
9:51 am
sple sabrina, let me start with you. that was comedians having fun, but we've been so focused on the dialogue, how we speak to each other and how people are protesting. a asked senator sanders about some of the protests in some cases have gone overboard in the minds of some. take a listen. i'm not a great fan of shouting down people or being rude to people. i think we have a situation now and a congress which is way out of touch with where the american people are, and people have a right to be angry. i think people have a right to go in to a restaurant and have dinner. we should be mobilizing our people in a way that creates the kind of movement we need. >> what do you make of this moment? is there enough focus now on this discussion? >> it's challenging to define
9:52 am
civility in the age of trump, because you have a president who has frequently violence at his own rallies, has attacked immigrants, muslims, women, other people, people are color using very vulgar terms. routinely goes after his political opponents in language that is unprecedented, and so what you see is, sure, a debate on, among progressives over whether or not it's politically wise to respo in kind, but i think that you are having this galvanizing moment for peoplen the left where they do find this administration to be uniquely objectionable and they're somewhat tired of the democratic party playing by the rules of civility, which frankly went out the door when president trump, when donald j. trump then elected, found what many found disqualifying prior. >> speak to what we saw at leader -- i don't want to say house, but leader mcconll, his wife, confronted by
9:53 am
protesters. people looked at that video and said that does cross a line. he responded today. what's he sa >> reporter: mitch mcconnell joined a corers of our leaders here in congress pushing back on exactly this kind of protest. i think we have the sound. hear his words and talk about this on the other side, if we can. >> one thing america has been good at most of the time, although we've had various points in our history where we got off the tracks, is civil discourse. you know. the ability to discuss an issue without getting angry at each other. and there does seem to be a kind of high level of just anger, and some behavioral issues i would say that i wish people would kind of relearn civil discourse. >> reporter: three points on that. folks who might have been involved in debates over civil
9:54 am
rights, vietnam war or big-touch issues in the last 40, 50 years would disagree on the idea there's always been civil discourse over the issues of our time a feeling amongdemes they can't unilaterally disarm in an age they find the president so uncivil and a generational element. as a millennial. people i talk to and correspond with on twitter a feeling the institutions have broken down. they saw the economy fall apart. saw scandals in the church. an election where the person with the most votes didn't win. there's a feeling like the traditional institutions here haven't worked, and people are looking for another outlet now. >> so you lead me to my next point, garrett, which is this. talk about the generational divide in the context of what we witnessed last night. this political earthquake. alexandria ocasio-cortez, 28 years old unseated joe crowley. of course, hasn't won the general election yet, but the significance for those who are
9:55 am
entrenched and in power, for nancy pelosi, for example. >> reporter: it's huge and going to continue to develop. joe crowley has been up here 20 years. was a ten-term congressman. in the status of house democratic leadership, he was sort of a young gun. 20 years younger than the top three house demos. he was the numberfour. he was someone who was seen as a potential heir to the throne, if you will. potential nexter of the house if and when nancy pelosi should decide to step down. i asked her about this earlier and i don't think we have time to play the whole thing, but what she pushed back on this and said, nope. this is an issue of one candidate in one progressive district who had, essentially got outflanked and wasn't as attuned to his district as he needed to be, putting off the idea entirely this is a call for a generational leadersnge in the democratic caucus. i'm t sure that t members of her party currently here and those who are running to retake the majority will all agree with that. >> well, fascinating political
9:56 am
turnout. that's for sure. garrett haake and sabrina siddiqi, appreciate the conversation. breaking news, the motorist plowing into protesters and killing one during a white nationalist rally in charlottesville last august has been charged with federal hate crimes. 21-year-old james alex fields of ohio has been charged with 30 crimes including a hate crime that resulted in the death of heather heyer. we will be right back with more. each week "your business" focuses on ideas for growing your business. bringing all growing parts together. joan me weekend mornings on msnbc or connected anytime on
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with td ameritrade®. d that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show, andrea sit down for an exclusive interview with secretary of state john kerry from the aspas festival. you don't want to miss that. chris jansing is up next on msnbc. great to see you. >> and you. you have to rush back to the white house a lot is going on. good afternoon from msnbc headquarters in new york. i am chris jansing in for craig melvin. breaking reports on a new communications director for the white house. you won't believe who it is. that, in a minute. and three big blows in the supreme court and a would-be future speaker of the house voted out in his primary. so what does it tell us about e par and its message? or lack


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