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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 30, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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and that's -- we believe that. if you believe in angels, there is one dancing up there, i promise you. and every time we have class, she's dancing. >> that'ses all for this edition of "dateline." i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. good morning. i'm dara brown in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it is 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west. here is what's happening. the short list, the deadline, new developments this morning on the president's supreme court pick. a day of protests, rallies and vigils, thousands preparing to rally against the family separations carried out by the trump administration. not to great expectations, the concerns surrounding the president's upcoming summit with russia's vladimir putin. plus, the prankster in the president, how a comedian got the white house to put him on the phone with president trump.
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and we begin with a live picture of the white house appearing to defy a new court order that families detained under the zero tolerance policy must be released within 20 days. "the washington post" says that the new filing does not explicitly say the trump administration plans to hold families in custody beyond the 20-day limit, but says official plant to detain them as they undergo detention proceedings, which in many cases can last months. the news coming as more than 130 demonstrations are set for today in an effort to pressure the administration to reunite some of those families and put an end to the zero tolerance policy. meanwhile, president trump is at his home in new jersey this weekend and shifting his focus to the short list of candidates he's considering for justice kennedy's replacement. here is what he told reporters aboard air force one last night. >> have you spoken to any of your top five candidates yet? >> no. i start that process on monday. >> not this weekend? >> no. we have it set up for monday.
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i may have two of them come, like the old days, to bedminister, right? >> we have more details on president trump's selection process for the newest member of the supreme court. >> president trump revealing he'll announce his supreme court pick, five nominees on that short list, including two women. the countdown is on. mr. trump may be meeting with a couple of candidates this weekend at his bedminister, new jersey, estate. the president planning to call key senators for listening role. president trump saying he won't ask the nominee beforehand about same-sex marriage or on another hot button issue, abortion, whether they would overturn roe v. wade. >> probably not. they're all saying don't do that. but i'm putting conservative people on. >> asked if he wants the court to overturn it? >> it will happen automatically, in my opinion, because i am putting pro life justices on the
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court. >> the president earlier this week tipping his hand on his timeline. >> we have some great choices to be done over the next 12 to 14 days. >> at least we think it's president trump. the white house not commenting on this apparent prank call. mr. trump aboard air force one speak, comedian john melendez who was pretending to be senator robert menendez, the call raising questions about how a frankster could get in touch with the president. >> also this morning about that one-on-one summit with vladimir putin next month, the president saying he will bring up russia's meddling in the 2016 elections. >> let's bring in brandon and curve. let's start with you and the president's decision. on the next supreme court justice, if these candidates have been vetted, what do these interviews look like and if he
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doesn't plan on asking about roe v. wade, what is the deciding factor? >> it's interesting because the last time there was this supreme court vetting process, you'll remember this was really a seamless political process for this white house in the sense that they got this through relatively quickly and they were able to work with a host of the more swing vote republicans who were in charge of this. now, i've got my eye on the senate judiciary committee and some of these more centrist type of republicans, people like senator lindsey graham, for example. if you start to see them backing the president with whomever he ultimately selects, this, again, could be a relatively smooth process. where this gets interesting is that the midterm elections are here and the president will need to attract at least some, maybe one or two democrats, in order to clear the way for there to be a vote ahead of the midterm elections in terms of getting this approval process through. that's where this really gets interesting because is there enough incentive on centrist
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democrats like senators joe mitch and heidi heitkamp up for re-election to get on board and clear the way for there to be another supreme court justice republican. >> and you're calling saying this might end up being the most expensive effort in recent history. with all the speculation about how conservative democrats will vote, let me play for you what senator joe manchon told a radio host in west virginia last night about a face-to-face conversation he had with president trump at the white house this week. let's listen. >> you give me a institutionalist that believes in the rule of law and is centrist and moderate. i think it's somebody that will go a long way and be received well. i'm pro life, but i know how that divides our country immediately and divides everyone. they're split right down the middle on that. if he picks somebody that's hard core on roe v. wade or that's hard core on repealing health care, that's a bigger list. that's a harder person, is going to be a harder person on either side. >> besides these conservative democrats, we're looking at republicans like lisa murkowski
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and susan collins. is that what this fight will boil down to? >> it's one of the things this fight will boil down to. we're seeing a lot of attention being put on the issue of roe v. wade. when gorsuch replaced scalia, we knew that was a conservative. with the risk of a conservative taking kennedy's place, i think a lot of progressives and democrats are concerned about the future of roe versus wade. manchon is in a bits of a predicament. he's in deep red west virginia but at the same time he wants to appeal to a democratic base. the president has said he's not going to ask his potential nominees about the issue of roe v. wade, so that could open the door to speculation on the future of that ruling. so i think conservatives are
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really about to hunker down to really get someone into that court seat to potentially make traction on that issue. but i think you're going to see a big fight from democrats on that. so lots of money being put into this right now. >> and interesting days ahead. kevin, what signals will you be looking for from the left and the right on how this will play out, especially as we're looking at this happening before the midterm election, like you were talking about. >> yeah. it's so interesting, the timing of this. obviously issues like roe v. wade are so important. but we should note some of the other issues and the economics, really, that a lot of these judges and supreme court justices are going to have to weigh down on. it was just three days ago that the supreme court ruling against big labor unions, for example, and janice versus afsme, a detrimental case to organized labor here. so in terms of the questions that president trump, who is expected to be meeting with potential supreme court justice nominees this weekend, he might
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be asking about rulings and potential economic cases or where they will fall in line on energy sector cases, as well. just this week, as well, we got that monumental ruling on the president's immigration policy. two big economic cases, immigration cases that the administration feels are a significant win for them. so that is why you're hearing people like senator elizabeth warren this week pushing back against some of these cases that the administration won, aligning themselves with organized labor, people like senator sherrod brown, a democrat from ohio up for re-election this fall, as well. so this is really a devicive time in american politics, obviously, but it would be -- but we have to move beyond some of these more devisive issues and recognize that the supreme court is going to have a significant economic impact. and it's something the democrats, when i talk to them, are really noting, not just at the supreme court level, but also at the political judge
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appointee level throughout the country. and, kevin, you bring up immigration. julia, i want to ask you about this. aside from the trump administration challenging the latest court order on how long these families can she in custody, the democrats are ramping up their calls to abolish i.c.e. what does this suggest to you about their strategy here? >> right. so this really suggests the strategy to me, ahead of the midterms, we saw that alexandria cossio cortez was one of the main candidates who brought this up, but we're seeing this in the house, as well. and i think this is the democrats way of trying to make traction on the issue of immigration prior to the midterms because we saw the congress left for recess yedz witho yesterday without making any progress on this issue. and the white house has been pushing this strategy of saying, we're going to leave this up to congress. this is congress's -- you know, their job, they need to do this. and i think democrats are saying, okay, here is something we can do. it's definitely a bit divisive
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at this point because i don't know that a lot of republicans are going to go along with that, but i think this is the democrats trying to formulate a strategy on this issue so they can make it seem or even try to make traction on this ahead of november. >> kevin, real quick, i want to get your reaction to a new report from the "new york times" for the first time shedding a light on deputy a.g. rod rosenstein's thinking in the days after writing that memo about james comey. report says after comey was fired, rosenstein repeatedly expressed anger about the white house that he used to rationalize the firing, saying the experience damaged his reputation. according to four people familiar with those outbursts. kevin, does this help explain the frustration that we saw on capitol hill this week during his hearing before the justice department there? >> yes. and i think -- and i'll keep this quick, but i think the exchange between mr. rosenstein as well as congressman jim jordan, that back and forth really significantly illustrating just how tense and
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po will i ticized this department of justice has become with congress. >> kevin, julia, stay with us. we're going to talk to you about hope hicks and a possible return to washington. but first, the elephant in the room at the president's summit with vladimir putin. what he loses by not bringing up the 2016 election meddling.
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♪ dance party boom. ♪ simple. easy. awesome. come see how you can save $400 or more a year with xfinity mobile. plus, ask how to keep your current phone. visit your local xfinity store today. . i've said it from day one, getting along with russia and china and everyone is a good thing. >> personally, what makes this different is the g7 meeting that just took place, the rancor within our allies and the
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suspicions. >> president trump plowing ahead with plans to hold a summit with russian president vladimir putin on july 16th in helsinki. former secretary of state john kerry expressing concerns. joining me now is christopher dicky, world news editor with the daily beast. christopher, good morning to you. are nato leaders concerned about this summit? >> oh, they're very worried, indeed. i think they are afraid that trump is going to give away the farm. he's already talking about breaking up nato or withdrawing from nato. he's also attacking the unity of the european union with a vengeance. and they basically feel that the united states is no longer a reliable ally. whereas putin is a reliable enemy. >> and christopher, axios is reporting that during president trump's private -- he was privately trashing nato to g7 ally necessary canada. he said nato is as bad as nafta and crimea probably should
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belong to russia because everyone there speaks russian. are the world leaders expecting a repeat of mr. trump's behavior during and after the summit? >> yeah, i think they probably are expecting something like that. he may actually believe these things. that's really a disturbing notion. he's never understood the question of nato financing. the issue is always how much each country spends on its own defense. and he acts like those are dues being paid at mar-a-lago. it's a completely different kettle of fish. so he doesn't seem to understand what nato is for. he has no historical memory of how peace has been won in europe over the last 70 years with nato and the european union. he seems to think that everything is just a business deal like his own real estate deals where he can divide people and play them against each other and eventually come up with, what? not collective security, not more jobs for americans.
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maybe more salves for his ego and certainly a better deal for vladimir putin. >> and president trump said he would talk about syria and ukraine, but not about the russian election meddling. how does that change things? >> well, i think he's already made it clear, he doesn't want to touch election meddling because essentially the russians helped get donald trump elected. they helped him a lot. whether they actually tipped the thing in his favor, i think even they didn't expect that. i'm sure they didn't expect that. but that was the end result as james clapper, the former director of national intelligence has said. so he doesn't want to talk about that. he's not going to touch it. crimea, i think there is a relation that crimea is never going back to ukraine. but not because the people there speak russian. just because of the history of crimea and ukraine and the history of crimea and russia as a huge strategic asset. but russia should pay for it.
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but it basically is never going back. he refuses to deal with anything on principal. >> we should stop referring to the american government and start refering to the trump regime, what did you mean? >> well, i mean that with his had new appointment to the supreme court and there probably will be more, he will have the executive completely under his thumb. he will have a supine congress, a feckless congress and a supine supreme court that's willing to do basically his idealogical bidding. we've taken morals out of the equation. we've broken all the rules. we have seen in lots of countries in the world the way democracy can be used to destroy
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democracy in regimes like the erdogan regime in turkey or the cici regime in egypt or the duterte regime in the philippines. the united states stands a real good chance of becoming a regime like those. >> other officials are telling regimes north korea has been hiding secret sites and stepping up areas for nuclear production even while he's been having conferences with president trump. how do you see this playing out? >> not well. either trump will ignore it, or he'll call it fake news or he'll return to the fire and fury mode. what he doesn't want the world to say is that he's been suckered around and about and in every way shape and form and that is exactly what is going to happen with vladimir putin. we have a sucker for a president as well as a regime that's being run by him. >> christopher dicky, always
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great to have your input on this. thanks so much for joining us on this saturday morning. >> thank you, dara. gone but certainly not forgotten, the president allude that's hope hicks could return to the white house. we'll talk about this, up next. : to help hand everyone a better world. that's why we, at the coca-cola company, make shore breaks with actual coconuts. tea, organically. treats for celebrations. water with added minerals for taste. dear future us, that's why we're striving to do good. and help our communities get the education they deserve. we're doing this today... you can do even more. the coca-cola company you can do ered lobster's lobster & shrimp hesummerfest is back! with lobster and shrimp together in so many new ways. like new cedar plank seafood bake, roasted to perfection. or new caribbean lobster and shrimp. but hurry in. this event ends july 8th. you finished preparing overhim for,
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countdown to the elections. alexandria cortez adds to the number of women who have won house primaries, 14 shy of the all-time high water mark, 163 have lost. two-thirds of the record, 46 house candidates are still in the running. tracking the betting line on the
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overa overall battle for the chambers, democrats have a 58% of chance the house. president trump is signaling there is a chance that former white house communications director hope hicks might be coming back. sheer what he told reporters last night. >> come back to the white house in some capacity, hope hicks, do you believe? i've seen a report there that. >> oh, really? i don't know. but i love hope had. she's great. i hope that maybe -- i've been hearing little things like that. >> let's bring back julie manchester and kevin. what do you make of this, particularly the timing? >> we're seeing the president is someone who likes to surround himself with people he likes. we saw a time of traditional establishments in the white house. since then, we've seen president trump surrounding himself with
4:25 am
people he likes. but he's ultimately the one that call tess shots in terms of being a communications director, etcetera. but there is one person who seems to get through to him on a lot of issues, and that's hope hicks. president trump really has proven to listen to her input and advice and i think he definitely -- he seems like he misses her in the white house and having that, i guess, shoulder to lean on, if you will. so i think preparing for the midterms, yeah, he would like to have her advice and her input. >> kevin, how about you? considering the "wall street journal" report now saying john kelly is getting ready to leave the white house. >> it's no surprise that chief of staff general john kelly is likely going to be leaving this summer. there's been rumblings and rumors about that for quite some time. with regard to hope, this is something with a deep institutional knowledge. the second point i would make is she's been in close contact with the administration officials as well as the entire trump administration even since she
4:26 am
has departed. and the third and final point that i would make is that these rumors of her returning or leaving are going to be circulating for quite some time because she has, without question, perhaps one of the most close relationships with the inner workings of the president's inner circle than, really, anyone else within the administration. >> julia, real quick, "the wall street journal" says nick mulvaney, he could be on the short list for chief of staff. are the president's options that slim? >> yeah. it's possible that he could be looking into that. i think mick mulvaney has already balanced two of these positions. he's proven to be popular with the president's base coming from that deeply conservative era and he has a deep institutional knowledge of the trump administration. so it's possible he could be looking there, as well. >> a busy week ahead. julia, kevin, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> and that will do it for me. i'm dara brown. at the top of the hour, stay
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