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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  July 18, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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strong man. we have to resist that cynicism. because we have been through darker >> barack obama in south africa. that is our broadcast on a tuesday night. thank you so very much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. >> tonight on "all in." >> i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> i came back and said what is the big deal. >> to try and distinguish the fire storm he started. >> in a key sentence in my remarks, i said the word would instead of wouldn't. >> tonight, the inside story. the growing calls for republican leaders to take action.
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>> they should take action to protect the country from this ignoramous president. >> when "all in" starts now. >> i have full faith in our intelligence agencies. whoops, they just turned off the lights. >> i am in for chris hayes. national emergency is not my term, it is how presidential historian described the chaos to msnbc rachel maddow. >> with the historians, how big a deal is this? >> we are living in a national
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emergency. i have been studying and writing about presidents since i was 20-years old. this is a president who now has demonstrated that he deserves suspicion as acting on behalf of another country over his own >> the white house seems to understand the crisis ignited by the president's performance yesterday. this morning according to nbc news, the president's top security advisories held a hastily scheduled meeting to discuss how to contain the fallout and someone managed to convince the president to read a scripted statement at the start of a meeting with gop lawmakers this afternoon which did not go exactly as planned. >> let me begin by saying once again, the full faith and support for america's
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intelligence agencies, i have full faith in our intelligence agencies. whoops, they just turned off the lights. that must be the intelligence agencies. >> the president tried it again, though you could not help veering off script and sabotaging the endeavor. >> i have full faith and support. i accept our intelligence communities conclusion that russia's meddling in the 2016 election took place. could be other people also. a lot of people out there. >> it could be other people out there always. possible i suppose, but categorically not what the senate intelligence committee, or the president's own justice department found. >> i don't think anybody knows it was russia that broke into
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the dnc. russia, russia, but maybe it was. it could be china, it could be lots of other people. it could be somebody sitting on their bed weighing 400 pounds. >> the president went on to explain that moment when he took putin's side. well, that was just a big misunderstanding. >> my people came to me, dan coats said to me and some others, they said they think it's russia. i have president putin and he just said it is not russia. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> i don't see any reason why it would be. that last nine is a mistake, the president said. >> i said the word would instead of wouldn't. it should have been i don't see any reason why i wouldn't or why
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it wouldn't be russia. just to repeat it. i said the word instead of wouldn't. the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. so you can put that in. and i think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself. >> i think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself. the president did not explain why he wanted until today to explain the record instead of doing it in the fox news interviews he taped. which might explain why some lawmakers like senate vice chair mike warner rejected the president's attempted clean up. >> i don't accept the president's comments today. he should have had the -- slams again investigation.
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before he once again sides with authoritarians like vladimir putin. >> joined now by white house reporter, msnbc jonathan lemire and carol lenning washington reporter. white house in full damage control mode and today's meeting, all hands to walk it back. was that hard to believe i used the wrong word excuse. >> i have to say, think about what a big deal it is for the president to correct himself. he hasn't showed himself to be interested incorrecting his own statements in the past.
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it was clear that a lot of people laid into him yesterday and today. and we were told at the "washington post" a great team that i work with, that inside the bubble that was traveling with the president, there was shock and astonishment that this press conference, they knew it would be freewheeling, but didn't know it would go so far off the rail to have the president attack his own government in front of an adversary. >> most of america has heard the exchange. does the president think we didn't hear the rest of the press conference. i want to play what else the president said yesterday. >> the united states has been foolish. we have all about foolish. we should have had this dialogue
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a long time ago. the probe is a disaster for this country. kept us apart. the whole concept of that came up perhaps a little bit before. but came out as a reason why the democrats lost the election. i have confidence in both parties. i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> that was what immediately proceeded what the president said. he blamed both sides, the mueller probe. to suggest the would was supposed to be wouldn't ignores the fact that there was a context to that statement. >> it defies believability even taking that one sentence in a vacuum. when you put the puzzle together, it doesn't make any
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sense at all. the president yesterday has said many times in the past. the belief that whether that is because of nefarious reason like collusion or simply because and we know this because of talking to people around him, he feels like any investigation in the election undermines his legitimacy. that means president trump fears that he will be viewed as somebody doesn't have the right to the office. it was put right there on the tee for him. >> you asked a clear easy to understand question. it was a yes or no question. >> very, you know, obviously very important news conference.
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not just to have him say it but to have him say it with vladimir putin right there. the person believed by the intelligence. >> carol, from your article last night, ahead of the meeting staffers provided trump with someone hundred pages of briefing materials. trumps remarks were quote very much counter to the plan. the person said. is there anybody in the white house that believes when you prepare these the president actually reads them. and he said that he was looking forward to this meeting but not to nato.
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>> we all know that the president doesn't like to be told what he should do and what he shouldn't do. he doesn't like to read intense lengthy documents. and this is a situation in which i am sure he had a lot of oral briefings as well and some of it stuck with him and some of it he rejected because it is not important to him. in a way, this moment that jonathan captured so well at the press conference. this moment is a huge illustration of another one we wrote about. which we called do not congratulate. the president got very specific instructions do not congratulate. and he blew right through that. sir, this is our adversary and here are all the ways in which his country has done things adverse to our interest.
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and none of those topics were raised. >> what a remarkable 36 hours we have had. outside the realm of politics, mishandling a meeting with putin. can have serious global and national security implications. i am joined by retired four star general. the last week has been one of the most successful for vladimir putin and possibly one of the worst for our allies in the nato alliance. but for people in this country, the weakening of the 70-year-old alliance and insulting our closest allies. did nothing to keep us safer and more secure in america. >> you know, almost inappropriate to try to get down in the weeds with what just happened. i spent ten years living in
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europe, germany, france, belgium. the europeans are sophisticated, civil people. the president went over there and mugged them and savaged them and embraced a guy who essentially has deprived their own people under -- of rights under their law. russia is a poor nation and this is an astonishing behavior by the president of the united states. deterrence by the russian aggression, is comprised of two things. one is real military capacity and the other is the trust on a part of our allies, the u.s. will be with them. the president in my view seriously eroded the deterrence of russian aggression. >> which may not alarm a lot of americans.
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but it does alarm many of our nato allies who border russia or who in the last world war remember the advance of russia or look at the ukraine. when nato is not deemed to be strong, that emboldens russia. >> the balkans are under active threat by the russians. the russian generals have been threatening. russian aircraft have been making hostile attacks. they have interfered in our election. we killed a couple of hundred russian mercenaries in syria. these people are in hostile state. and what the president is doing
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is hard to imagine. >> what should the president's security, national security and defense advisors do? at this point, given what you just heard what carol said, is donald trump does the opposite or he don't listen, or feels he is well prepared. on the issue of national security and defense and alliances, this is serious stuff that can't be fixed. >> i don't think we are going to change president trump's behavior or character. we have to be grateful that we have secretary jim mattis and pompeo. other senior officials in the congress. so we are going to have to hedge in some of these threats to our alliances and our future. >> notable to americans who may
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take president's side on nato is the only time article five mutual defense. general always good to see you, thank you, sir. >> good to be here. talk on capitol hill about what to do. but once the brows of republican members unfurls, what changes? senators what are your real options on capitol hill? >> we have a lot of real options and my hope is that we will come together on a bipartisan basis. we are in a 9/11 moment. listening to our director of national intelligence dan coats who has said the red lights are blinking just as they did before 9/11. objective and evidence.
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the discussion you just had with general mccafery about our allies, all the more pertinent now that we come together with our allies, because they, like our nation are under attack from vladimir putin. >> so the good news, senator, is for americans who think america is entirely dysfunctional not only has it been bipartisan, it has been overwhelmingly so. >> overwhelming, in fact 98 to two. president trump has failed utterly refused to implement those sanctions against russian energy, russian financial, and russian institutions generally that were required. not discretionary. they are mandatory. and here is something else that congress needs to do.
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next week, mike pompeo will be coming to testify before the foreign relation committee. i think we need the translator notes and the translator herself come and brief us. as important what that press conference was, where president trump was a complete patsy, a push over, and appeaser. equally what he said privately. >> which we don't know anything about. we heard from senator rand paul who is going to russia himself, i was surprised to hear from senator rubio on his reaction to the president's attempted correction this afternoon. let's listen together. >> i am glad he clarified it. i can't read his intentions.
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for me, as a policy maker, what matters is what we can do moving forward. 2018 is around the corner and our job is to ensure what happens in the future. >> how do national security hawks come up with stuff like that? >> there are steps that we can take that should be bipartisan. and the explanation that donald trump today to the nation was totally backhanded and half hearted, was too little, too late and too far away. and does nothing to undue the damage. and we ought to not only require those sanctions be imposed but also to order our cyber command to go on the offensive and we talked about this on the armed services committee and cripple and penetrate those operations that are aimed at the united
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states at our elections because it will continue unless the russians are made to pay a price and by the way -- >> until we get a full throated embrace that the russians are responsible for this, that's going to be hard. because our cia heads and intelligence, are not getting the orders from the president. >> they are not getting the orders from the president and another order ought to be to expose the hidden wealth that vladimir putin has around the world along with his oligarchs. that they have accrued as a result of corruption within russian. that kind of name and shame will be important. >> thank you for talking to me. the appeasement summit. the consequences of a president that seems to consistently side with the foreign adversary, next. two, down and back up.
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bringing peace to syria. and the level of stupidity is incredible. i used to use the word incompetent. and now i use the word stupid. i went to -- there is no better word than stupid. >> the man who boasted during the campaign. saying today he used the word would instead of wouldn't.
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and he is becoming more familiar with the word appeasement. against his own intelligence agencies. now perhaps it is reasonable to suggest that an american president who endorsed the position of a hostile leader to his face has engaged in something worse than appeasement. i am joined by robin wright and jason johnson. thank you both for being here. you speak, you write in your piece about kennedy and krushov meeting.
12:26 am
there was a nationally agreed upon goal and aimed to having that meeting which is not the same thing that can be said of the meeting with vladimir putin. >> there were similarities in that president kennedy thought he could charm khrushchev. the president came out with few deliverables and in the meantime complimented one of america's greatest adversaries. comes in context of two profound months in which the president has alienated the seven most powerful economies at the g7 meetings in canada. insulted the prime minister of our neighboring state.
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got little that was tangible. the north koreans have not been cooperative ever since and then had a confrontation with germany. and demanded all our allies double what they are contributing. talked about the european union as a foe. and violated protocol with the queen and insulted the british prime minister and you have to wonder where that leaves the united states in terms of our image and our ability to rely on allies >> it is unclear how we are better and stronger. one of the key differences in the 20th century and into the 21st century. the one thing they don't share with donald trump is none of them was accused of having some relationship with the
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adversarial power. there is this cloud that hangs over donald trump which makes a lack of success at a summit like this even more meaningful. >> look, this is not a cloud. it is a rainstorm. it is a flood of problems and questions that surround this meeting. one of the reasons that people have concerns, and i have concerns as a political scientists, you want the president to have an agenda. it is a good idea for their leaders to have approachment. but when you don't know what the agenda is, and there is no recording of the meeting it is dangerous. and the fact that this president has consistently refuse, look, this is a nation that attempted in cyber warfare, and says nothing about it, it makes his
12:29 am
lack of preparation going into the meeting more dangerous. >> robin, if you are going to empathize, and putting that aside he openly didn't prepare for this meeting. we are hearing the "washington post" reporting. he didn't take his advisers advice. he says he has been preparing for this all his life. it is not even like he was looking for success. >> yes, and when you think about what he did over the weekend playing two rounds of golf at his resorts in scotland. it is worse that the president didn't do basic fundamental homework. and it was shocking, the lack of substance that came out of this epic historic meeting.
12:30 am
references to possible arms control but nothing tangible and the russians are in violation of the inf agreement. the start agreement expires which is limiting nuclear arms. and it leaves a pit in my stomach when i think about what could have been accomplished at the summit and how it failed at every level. >> as you pointed out, so did nato, so did the south korean meetings. and jason, there are is accommodation, if you will, appeasement. and some things people are saying is worse. we don't know what the motivation was, so could be some tangible gain for an adversary who has been attacking our system without any gains >> right, and there is essentially selling out. an opportunity for things to be accomplished and the concern
12:31 am
that i have is not just that the president has clearly wanted to alienate allies but the fact that our allies can no longer trust the information exchanged. they know that trump is going to run to his bff and share that information. that is part of what makes this dangerous. there was one nomminally positive thing that came out. no discussion of discussion of the ukraine, none of that was discussed. at this point, for all we know they established a way to have private communication that we will never know what was about. >> thanks to both of you for joining us this evening.
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and while everyone is focused on the alarming summit, rob burt mueller keeps making the case against one of the central figures. paul manafort. the latest on that just ahead. figures.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school
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about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. there was a big piece of news that got buried in yesterday's insanity the. this is here with wisconsin
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governor scott walker. here she is with rick santorum and with bobby jindal. >> what would be your politics especially in the relationship with my country. >> we get along with putin. >> trump went on to tell her, who is now being accused of a secret agent. the fbi say she and her ex-boss who is unnamed in the affidavit, conspired to develop relationships with u.s. politicians to establish back channel lines of communication. both established deep ties to the national rifle association. both gun enthusiasts were part of a plot to funnel russian
12:37 am
money. when we come back the latest on on paul manafort. that is next.
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so call now. as the fallout of donald trump disastrous with president putin. paul manafort facing conspiracy charges, manafort is currently behind bars for allegedly trying to tamper with witnesses. last week over his rejections he was moved from a jail where he was getting vip treatment.
12:41 am
today mueller's team filed court papers seeking to give immunity who would testify against manafort. >> joining me clint watts. and mimi, federal prosecutor. >> we don't have a ton more information, but you don't ask for immunity if you don't ask for it. >> so you ask for immunity when a person you want to testify has some kind of criminal exposure so they could legitimately
12:42 am
invoke their fifth amendment right. here it would be a legitimate invocation. but their culpability is less serious than the person you want them to testify. that is a requirement in the department of justice process for when you are getting approval to seek immunity. you have to show this is someone's testimony you need. they have exposure but not as serious. that doesn't narrow the field too much but it gives you an idea of what kind of witnesses we are talking about >> in the request, they stated these witnesses could be subject to harassment. they ask this could be kept confidential. >> we have already heard of witness tampering.
12:43 am
we have seen him try to do witness tampering. this obviously is something that is significant in the case which might not always be, you want to protect these people. we have been surprised when names come up and they said these five people are people you have not heard of about and we want to keep it that way all the way up to the trial date. i would suspect they are trying to hold that as close as possible not just for intimidation. information and names leaked and people being tarnished by that >> there is a judge in this case, the president actually invoked his name because at one point he criticized the mueller investigation for perhaps overreaching, but this guy is an equal opportunity criticizer. the manafort lawyers saying it is taking too long to reach him.
12:44 am
now the lawyers are saying he can't get a fair trial around here and the judge criticized them. what do you want? we are not playing around. >> look, i think this judge is if there is a judge this manafort can get a fair trial this is the judge. not that you can't from other judges. but he is equal opportunity. he is going to be tough on both sides but fair to both sides. and juries follow judge's lead. and the judge is not going to tip the scale one way or another. he has a reputation for being quirky and eccentric. at this point manafort has done nothing to help himself in the eyes of the judge. the judge wasn't going to give
12:45 am
him a hard time and manafort has made that difficult. >> he wrote an op-ed and getting in touch with witnesses. many months since the indictment was revealed so people may have forgotten, it is all a paper trail case. they may want manafort to say other things and talk about trump. but on the merits of the case, bank fraud, they have a good paper trail. >> this is a white collar case and the key thing about this indictment when it came out, hard to get through unless you are familiar with white collar. that wasn't my and specialty and i had to figure it out. go to a roll of charges and you have seen people like his associates, and person a, an agent of russia that have been named. and we have seen other people plead out. so stacking the deck with these
12:46 am
witnesses today. layering on the pile all the leverage and witnesses they can bring to the case. >> thank you for joining me tonight. with the 2018 elections around the corner, the director of national intelligence is sounding the alarm on whether that election is safe from interference. that's next.
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a lot of talk but no action from republicans over the last 24 hours and if you were wondering who was buying trump's bumbling performance, listen to what gop lawmakers are saying. >> i didn't see it live but i understand he clarified his comments and i wish he said it in front of president putin and the world yesterday. but i take him at his word. if he said he misspoke. >> what is meddling and what is collusion. what i here is there is a difference from the president's
12:50 am
perspective and from my perspective as to what is meddling and what meddling? >> i'm glad he clarified it. i can't read his intentions for what he said at the time. as a policy maker is what we do moving forward. >> all right. it looks like that's all we'll get from the republican party on this president's disastrous performance on the world stage. here to help me understand on what republicans could do if they want to of welcome to all of you. let me start with you. you are a republican who has done things other republicans haven't done in the past. what could republicans do if they saw the same thing with their eyes that we all saw yesterday? >> well, they should do a number of things.
12:51 am
they don't need to just talk. they can pass stronger sanctions already. sanctions that don't allow to weaken them. they can advance legislation which i understand is in the works. it is uncertain whether it will go forward or not. it would threaten additional sanctions or place additional sanctions on russia if they interfered in the mid-term elections. they can take actions to defend and protect. the senate judiciary committee passed legislation that would do that a couple months ago. this is plenty of work to do if they're willing to do it. and it is time for them on act. they're the ones who normalize it. they have to take action. not everybody hears everything
12:52 am
the same way. yesterday it was a simple question. it was the equivalent of a yes or no question and trump got it wrong. today he provided an implausible explanation. we go through with this low level horror that we have this person of very dubious loyalty and legitimacy who is clearly unsuited for the job and is profiting off it. it is such a walking nightmare. marchly republicans pretend not to see it. it is this feeling of being gas lit all the time. it is telling that gas lighting
12:53 am
has become dominant political metaphor of this particular era. and then suddenly at certain moments, i think you saw it after charlottesville with that white nationalist press conference he gave in the trump tower. and then again yesterday where you think, this man, he's president and he is going to drag this country down and do unbelievable damage to our assistant in the world and nobody can deny it. right? at least for a brief moment until they walk it back and pretend everything is normal again. >> the walking back has begun. wow, really glad he clarified it. he didn't clear anything up. if that's cheering things up, i noenlt give the other answer will.
12:54 am
>> remember, if you didn't have your homework done, you said the dog ate your homework. this is ridiculous. you have to watch him walk it back. he was like a pet lent child. the story is the republican congress. i served for ten years in the house and 24 years in the united states senate. i saw heroes on both sides in the moments when we needed heroes. this is a moment. outside of john mccain, and god bless him to keep his voice out there. there is literally no one. even the ones who aren't running again. they whisper so low you can't even hear them and they're still helping trump pack the courts and give more. at a cuts to billionaires. they've made a deal with the devil. america comes last and it is a sad moment.
12:55 am
>> what does it cost marco rubio or corker or portman or any of these people to say, this is the nonsense that it looks like. >> would it cost them dearly. that's the political answer. the reality is that's what leadership requires. you could say that's what leadership is. saying the thing that's unpopular when it needs to be that, these members of congress are not willing to do it. some will say i want to be here to pass strong he sanctions on russia. i don't want to let the republicans, today you saw even them continuing to run interference for the president.
12:56 am
the reality is the president thinks about collusion and meddling as the house and some in the senate who think those should be, some saying yes, it was meddling, no, it wasn't collusion. why doesn't the president treat it like that? there is a reason. it is because that he knows they're the same thing. >> even if you guy argument that they're different, he still thinks that he didn't do it. he says, does gop attitude approach response? no. he is totally irrational when it comes to the legitimacy of his election. he sees russia as a threat to it. that being said, my constituents love him.
12:57 am
>> i remember standing up voting against the war in iraq with 23 people. they were a couple of republicans. there were moments in history that you just need to step out there. this is one of those moments. and i have a message to my republican friends. get a spine. get courage. people will love you for it. maybe they love trump, too. but they don't want you to be some cowering person in the quoern the pillow over your head. wake up. this is a serious moment. and history will not look kindly on the people just turned away from this. >> talking about heroes, leadership. there are moments in life which call for political heroes.
12:58 am
why? there are those who believe in our sovereignty and its future. where are they? >> well, i'm not sure that there are that many who still serve in the republican party this congress. this might be a couple who are retired or are retiring. i also find their reticence, their failure to rise, how do they think history will remember them? >> something that has become clear about the 12 members of russian military intelligence who were involved in hacking and then again on monday, a young russian activist was arrested for penetrating, the nra and penetrated various conservative circles. if you read both of those, the dpimt is the criminal complaint,
12:59 am
it is not just trump that was compromised. there's a congressman in that indictment that asked the hackers for information. there are all sorts of operatives. if the nra is exposed as some sort of agent of russian influence, you just take sledgehammer to one of the most important operations in the country. when both of these things happened for me, may be some of them are afraid of getting caught. >> all right. good to see you all. that's it for me. tonight, the president
1:00 am
stumbles while attempting a walk-back after a global drubbing for siding with putin at their summit. he now says he got a word wrong in his statement. he reads a statement saying he agrees with the u.s. intel finding that russia hacked our election, but then he adds that it could also be other people. tonight, the president is back to calling the meeting a great success while his white house struggles to contain the mess created in helsinki. and we heard from the mueller investigation today, asking for immunity for five people so they can testify against manafort at his trial next week while a russian woman with ties to the nra is due in court in d.c. tomorrow. all of it as "the 11th hour" gets under way on a tuesday night. well, good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters in new york. day 544 of the trump administration and following what became a global blowback after taking putin's side on election meddling, the president attempted a fix today that was


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