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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 21, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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hear the tape and determine whether it will be used in court. west wing walkback. the cohen tapes a brief distraction for the white house which spent the week correcting and clarifying and cleaning up the president's performance in hell sinky and just when you thought it was over, he invites putin to the white house. and free maria bitina. they claim the charges against her were made up. the phone call that russia made to mike pompeo just today demanding her release. let's start with the new information about that secret recording lawyer michael cohen made with then candidate donald trump about karen mcdougal. nbc news is learned that the trump legal team has waived any attorney/client privilege over that recording. that means the fbi and federal prosecutors will be able to hear it to determine if they want to use it in the criminal inquiry into cohen. rudy guiliani told nbc it was already out there so there seems
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no point in objecting except on principal. a source tells nbc news that on the tape they discuss whether to reimburse "national enquirer." the white house denies any affair took place. this morning president trump tweeted that it is inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client totally unheard of and perhaps illegal. the good fuse is that your favorite president did nothing wrong. reverend al sharpton hosts politics nation and sat down with cohen yesterday. here is what he has to say about the meeting. >> he said, i want you to know, rev, i am not going to be the sacrificial lamb here. i'm going to do what is right for my family and i'm go doing do what is right for my country. he seemed to feel like i was out by my himself. that the president had not stood by him. he would say things like i have been loyal. but loyalty has not been given
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to me. and i think the fact that he reached out to me, someone very known to be a trump critic, sent a message both to trump and to the investigators that i'm not one you can depend on the trump team any more. >> let's go to correspondent geoff bennett. break down the sequence of events that led to this waiving of attorney/client privilege. >> reporter: good to see you. following the fbi raid on michael cohen's properties, a system was set up so that his lawyers and trump attorneys could sift through the evidence seized bit fbi before it is reviewed bit government. and then both sides could ask that certain material be held on attorney/client privilege or some information might be highly personal or not relevant. we know the trump team waived attorney/client privilege on this particular tape giving the government permission to listen to it. and deem whether the contents represent some illegal activity. "the washington post" is
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reporting they could be heard discussion a plan to buy the rights to the story of karen mcdougal from the "national enquirer" which spent $150,000 for her story. now mcdougal alleges that she had a 10-month affair with then mr. trump in 2006. around the same time that stormy daniels said she also had an affair with the now president. now we don't know why the trump team would waive privilege. you got rudy guiliani telling our kelly o'donnell it was out there so it seemed like a moot point to object to it but in a rebuttal to what rudy guiliani is saying, saying any attempt to spin what is on this tape can't really change the contents of it. and this is all unfolding as president trump is breaking his silence, lashing out over the existence of the recording. so you mentioned the tweet. here it is. he said inconceivable that a government would break into a lawyer's office in the morning and more inconceivable that a
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lawyer would tape a client and totally illegal and the good news is your president did nothing wrong. we should mention the raid was conducted with the approval from a federal judge. and that new york is a one-party concept state for purposes of call monitoring which means that cohen wasn't breaking the law. but the president makes a point. while most lawyers wouldn't secretly tape their clients, remember that michael cohen wasn't most lawyers. think about the role that michael cohen played for president trump. he was a fixer, making the president's thorniest problems go away. so practices like this one, michael cohen recording the president, maybe shouldn't be that much of a surprise. i think what is most troubling for the president potentially is that the disclosure of this recording is spurring questions over whether cohen has more tapes that go directly to the heart of the russia investigation. >> geoff bennett in a very rainy washington, d.c. outside of the white house. thanks. let's bring in our panel now. former federal prosecutor glenn
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kirshner, contributor and reporter, kimberly atkins. chief washington correspondent kevin cirilli and seema mecca from the los angeles times. is this waiving this privilege of this tape good legal strategy, how important is this tape as a piece of evidence? >> well, aaron, it is tough to know how important it is as a piece of evidence until we can actually all le-- hear what is the tape and that will dictate whether this was sound legal strategy. i would suggest there are two reasons that if, in fact, the president's team of lawyers waived the privilege here. it was either because the contents of the tape itself, they may view as sort of usably spinable. like perhaps that the president doesn't say anything that is expressly incriminating. i know "the washington post" reported today indicated that on the tape mr. cohen seems to be
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talking much more than mr. trump and there is also an indication that the tapes sort of cuts off abruptly with one of the two speakers mid-sentence. so i would suspect that mr. giuliani may have listened to it or been privy to what was on that tape. decided it was a usably spinable so they didn't objection and the second reason is that they could have decided to get this out into the public sector at this point, to district from the sort of all russia all of the time news cycle that frankly has not been working out all that well for the president. >> so kimberly, when you look at this, how concern -- concerned should the white house be about these tapes? >> it is definitely a concern. if the evidence in these tapes or other evident seized in the raids of michael cohen's home and office produce evidence that campaign finance violations were committed by the president and his efforts to silence people
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before the elections, that is a federal crime. that could be a big problem for him. and so they could very well be concerning. i think another potential reason why they're perhaps waiving privilege as to this particular recording is perhaps they don't see this one as that bad and there's a concern there are others out there so if they let this one be heard by authorities, they could try to assert privilege to others and try to keep those -- use that same spin for this one. but it just seems really -- it seems an odd strategy to take. when this -- when news of this recording came out, as an attorney, the first thing i thought about was the privilege and it is difficult to pierce that. so why they would voluntarily release that, we'll have to wait and see what is on them to understand that fully. >> kevin, what is your take on this. rudy guiliani said the recording exonerates the president from claims he violated any campaign finance laws.
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is giuliani trying to get out in front of this on purpose? >> well, look, two things. first and foremost, i agree with kimberly. this shows just where this is all headed in terms of the campaign finance laws. and whether or not any were broken. and there seems to be a direction moving forward that that is how people are trying to build their case around regarding this. but to your -- to answer your question with regards to former new york city mayor rudy guiliani, he's clearly saying -- he's obviously speaking like he's heard about the tapes and heard the tapes is and suggesting that this is something that either side will say if you support the president, this exonerates him and make the case that it doesn't. either way, no one heard the tape yet. until they're made public and a transcript of the tapes that are made public, it is a guessing game. but michael cohen is not playing around. this is someone who has been in lock step with then candidate donald trump and with the trump organization and clearly is
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sending a signal after signal and has been for months that he is fully willing to cooperate with the authorities. and i would just quickly note, by hiring lanny davis, someone who recent months working with former chief strategist to the white house steve bannon and a well-known clinton aide, fascinating hire. >> seema, michael avenatti has weighed in here, the lawyer for stormy daniels who said cohen has more recordings than what is being disclosed. should we predict more tapes coming out. do you think he might have a good point there? >> he certainly could. and think michael cohen is well-known for taping his conversations with his clients. so it wouldn't be surprising. it would be -- it would be surprising if this is the only tape. so i think that is the biggest question. what else is out there. also this tape it is a snippet of the conversation and secondhand reports of what is in it and we don't know if there is
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additional admission and what the fbi took from the offices or from michael cohen's homes so we don't have the full picture yet. >> glenn, weigh in on the legality of what happened here. we touched on it before. president trump tweeted it's inconceivable that he was recorded by michael cohen. given this happened in new york state, did cohen break any law in making this recording? >> no, he didn't. because new york state as many states around the country is a one-party consent state. all that means is as long as one of the two parties to the recorded conversation is consenting to the conversation being recorded, presumably that is michael cohen in this instance, because he's doing the recording, then it is -- they're not breaking any laws in new york. i will say there are law review articles and bar council opinions on either side of whether it is an ethical thing to do in new york for a lawyer sayre
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-- to record a client but it won't give legal remedy to the defense team trying to suppress, and keep out of evidence this tape in any future proceeding because they didn't break any laws in the state of new york. >> glenn, i'll ask you to stick around. kimberly atkins and david sir illa. thank you for being here today. >> the white house continues to try to correct the record on the president's comments in helsinki. we'll break it down. next. ctus calamity". (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old. (woman) how old do you think that one is? (man 1) my guess would be, about... (man 2) i'd say about two hundred. (man 1) yeah... (burke) gives houseplant a whole new meaning. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ booking a flight doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip
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. we have some breaking news. the white house has announced on twitter that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again? [ laughter ] >> vladimir putin coming to the -- >> yeah -- >> yeah, yeah. >> okay. that's going to be special. >> director of national intelligence dan coats clearly caught off guard by vladimir putin's invite to the white house. that was just one moment in a whiplash week of declarations and walk backs from the white house. it began with president trump at the helsinki summit on monday saying he saw no reason why the russians would have meddled in the 2016 election. the next day the president said he misspoke. then on wednesday when asked by a reporter if he believed russians were still targeting the u.s., the president simply replied know. later that day, sarah sanders claimed that trump was saying no to taking further questions from
1:16 pm
the press. the white house want into more trouble when she said trump was working with the team on whether he would permit the kremlin to intarot gate certain u.s. officials. on thursday he said the white house would not allow that to happen. that same day brought that announcement of putin's invite to the white house surprising director coats. let's try to make sense of this. former fbi director and analyst frank figliuzzi and glenn kirshner back with us this time around. frank, i'll start with you. as you try to make sense of all of the statements and the walk-backs, what stands out to you. what is the headline and most alarming from this week? >> well what a week it's been. but when i look at the tape out of aspen and we look at the reaction of dan coats, what i see is a man who didn't know whether to laugh or cry. he chose to laugh. but it is a laster th -- a laug
1:17 pm
out of frustration and hopelessness. when you spend your career immersed in intelligence, you know things and know things that the vast majority of the population doesn't know. if you think of the president as kind of a quarterback on a football field and think of the intelligence community in dan coats as the coach who has the playbook from the other team. the intelligence community has the playbook for russia. they're wanting to show it to our president. the president for whatever reason is choosing not to look at that playbook or not even to believe that is a valid playbook and he's going off on his own. so that moment of laughter just said so much about insight into what the intelligence community is experiencing right now which is thedy da -- the disdain of t president and not being included in his decision-making. >> the kremlin claimed a number of agreements were reached between president trump and putin during the summit. what the danger of moscow shaping the narrative around that meeting? >> well the danger is that first of all because we don't know what was said, we are left, we
1:18 pm
as a country, are left to confirm or deny whatever it is that vladimir putin announced because we just don't know. so i think he's putting the president in a trick bag. but if i could take a step back and talk about -- as a career prosecutor what i see unfolding here and what i've seen unfolding over the last 18 months. i've spend deck saids in grand jury investigating among other things obstruction of justice, a cover up and conspiracy which is not that far off from collusion. they are different terms because collusion is not a legal term but conspiracy but there is not a lot of definitional daylight between the two terms and i think what we've been suffering from is something called cognitive bias. that is just a fancy term for how the context in which we see and hear things informs our opinion about what we're seeing and hearing. so when we hear the president say, hey, russia, can you please find the 30,000 missing e-mails, we tend to believe that because he said it publicly, it is not
1:19 pm
really evidence of wrongdoing. i could tell you as a career prosecutor, it is evidence of wrongdoing. just as it is evidence of wrongdoing that the president would say, hey, director comby, can you lay off flynn. and then firing director romi. and then telling russians in the oval office, i fired the nut job and the pressure is off. and then going behind closed doors with president putin and not even telling your national security leaders and experts and team what you discussed and what you agreed to and then on top of that, as you just mentioned and as we saw in the clip, announcing to the surprise of his national security team, you're inviting vladimir putin to the u.s. this from a career prosecutor's perspective is collusion palooza and i have to tell you, all we know is what we've seen reported in the public record. bob mueller and his team probably have a hundred times as much evidence of what is actually going on here. >> frank, i want to ask you to take a look at the larger
1:20 pm
national security picture and go back to director coats and his surprise in learning that putin was invited to the white house. how much does it concern you that he was not a part of that conversation. that he was surprised that there wasn't some level of knowledge on his part before we all learned about this. >> so i think it is important to understand in context that the president need not consult with the intelligence community about inviting a foreign leader to the white house. that is not the issue. what i'm seeing is a reflection of a far greater problem. the intelligence community is not imbedded with the white house in terms of providing advice and counsel nor advice or counsel welcome and here is why we should be concerned. not only the obvious evidence that the president needs that advice and council but because of oural -- allies sharing intelligence with us, when our intelligence community leaders have to sit down with thur counterparts in canada and the u.k. and across the world, they need to do so with credibility
1:21 pm
and when you're ally looks at you and says are you -- do you have the juice to go into the white house and brief the president, does the president listen to anything you say? that erodes our ability to fu fujs -- to function with our allies. >> glenn, did you see a day when the president would consider handing over u.s. officials to the kremlin for questioning? >> no. and i don't know that any of us would really value what our public servants do, the sacrifices they make, i can tell you public servants are not in it for the money, they're in it to do the right thing and to protect the american people. so i agree with frank. this cannot be a foreign policy of one. the president has ever right to set the foreign policy but he has to include his national security team and leaders even if he gets to decide what the policy is, they need to be included. they need to be consulted and we need to know what our country's
1:22 pm
foreign policies are and what they will be moving forward. >> thank you -- frank figliuzzi and glenn kirshner. thank you. if those walls could talk. well they can't. but what about the interpreters? i'll speak with the democratic congressman calling for the president's interpreter to reveal what she heard during that one-on-one with vladimir putin. alright guys let's go! let's do this. (♪) okay you gotta be kidding me. hold on, don't worry, there's another way. directions to the greek theater. (beep) ♪can i get a connection? ♪can i get can i get a connection?♪
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it also i think is incumbent on us given what the president said publicly that was of such great concern to our country, to our nato allies that we find out what was said privately. for that reason, we move to subpoena the interpreter to come before our committee. >> lost in translation. that motion by adam schiff was blocked by republicans on the house intelligence committee. but with so little known about what president trump discussed in private there is a growing call to hear from the american interpreter in the room. joining me now john garamendi of california. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> why do you feel it is so important to hear from that
1:27 pm
translator and how likely is it that we ever will? >> well, whether it is likely or not, we absolutely have to have information. we are now in the very final moments of writing a $700 billion national defense authorization act that literally tells the military what equipment they will have, the personnel that will be available, the bombs and weapons and munitions, all of it. all of it. and we have absolutely no idea what the president may have agreed to do with putin. and there are some very serious issues out there. take for example the missile defense system in eastern europe. we're putting together a second missile defense system in poland. we already have one in ukraine. excuse me in romania. putin hates though things. did the president agree there would only be one or none. what did' agree to with regard to syria? all of these issues are out there. and we need to know. we should never, never finish that up until we have that
1:28 pm
information so that we can provide the resources necessary that he may have agreed to or we can stop him from doing something that is extraordinarily foolish or dangerous. >> congressman, i think it is thursday the senate approves the resolution that the u.s. should refuse to make any current or former official available for questioning by the putin's government. do you see that as a warning. could the helsinki action bolster that by president trump. >> yes, it did. and the issue of trying to get the interpreter is additional pressure simply to learn the truth and to be able to set policy and a necessary appropriation to fund what may need to be done or to stop what the president might have agreed to do. another example is russia said that there was a discussion -- maybe an agreement to allow for a referendum in eastern ukraine. you want to get that war going again? mr. president, set that in
1:29 pm
motion. we need to know and in some cases we simply need to constrain the president when the senate did. i would love to see the house do it also. >> what tangible damage do you think the president did with that meeting and in the aftermath are you of the mind that the president had an exchange with vladimir putin where he sort of threw the united states under the bus? >> we have no idea. but he certainly did that in the press conference. in the private setting, who knows. maybe they spent two hours talking about the world cup and why russia lost to croatia. we don't know. but we do know that in the press conference, he literally became s subservient to putin. he gave away america's dominance, the america strength. and made putin the strongest man in the world. the result of that is our allies have to be apoplectic and the issue of montenegro came up. this is one of the nato countries that we are pledged to defend in an interview following
1:30 pm
the summit the president basically said, well, maybe we won't defend mont neggo. well what about the ballics, lithuania and they are in jeopard any unless the united states stands firm. did he agree not to have as many troops in the baltic in the countries or maybe we ought not be patrolling the baltic with our warships. all of these things are critically important to nato and frankly to peace in europe. >> so we know now that the president is inviting vladimir putin to the white house. what advice would you offer the president ahead of that meeting if it does happen? >> well the same advice that i offered before the meeting in helsinki. stand firm, mr. president. you are still the president of the strongest nation in this world. russia is no friend. you may want to make nice with
1:31 pm
russia, but they are by your own national defense strategy named russia as our number one adversary just ahead of china. recognize the fact of the matter is russia is a bad actor. they took over crimea and parts of georgia. russia is buzzing our ships with aircraft all of the time. russia is threatening us with their unusu-- their nuclear weld say none of assassin ating people left, right and center and to destroy the unit of the european union and nato and the allies and frankly, mr. president, unless you stand strong, they will succeed as they have up until this point. and in other words, don't invite putin to -- don't give him -- don't give him a summit in the united states. don't give him that leverage over america. >> california congressman, john
1:32 pm
garamendi, thank you for your time. >> you got it. nbc news has learned that president trump's lawyers have waived attorney/client privilege over michael cohen's secretly recorded conversation with then candidate donald trump. a source tells nbc news that they are heard discussing former playboy model karen mcdougal who claims she had a year-long affair with trump more than a decade ago. the white house denies any affair took place. now the waving of privilege means investigators could judge the contents of call and determine if they want to use it in the criminal inquiry in michael cohen. rudy guiliani told nbc it was already out there so there seemed no point in objecting except on principal. the president tweeted this morning, your favorite president did nothing wrong. that caps a tumultuous week for the president after meeting with vladimir putin and the mixed messages on russian interference in the election. joining me to discuss this, maria kumar, president and ceo
1:33 pm
of vote latino and michael singleton a political consultant. we know this tape agrabbing headlines but is it hurting the president with his base at all? >> oh, god, no, i don't think there is anything that would hurt the president with his base from charlottesville to what just recently happened in helsinki. as long as he's delivering on his promises for the most part the republican base will stick with him. but if i could just say quickly, if you remember the john edwards case, he a similar issue with this as far as campaign donations with the secret mother and the child and et cetera. i think the evidence here is in my view far more clear as it relates to president trump and what occurred two months before because of the revelation of this tape. i'm not sure what the ultimate outcome will be but at this point it is extremely embarrassing for the president. and it does give the mueller team more of a -- more, if you will, i guess guidance and direction to look into michael cohen and what other additional
1:34 pm
tapes he may have that could implicate the president and some potential fec violations. >> maria, the timing of the conversation between trump and coen provides evident cohen was trying to squash em bear -- something embarrassing before the election. >> the democrats right now have a whole laundry list of what they could take the president to town with. but i do believe when you ask whether or not the base cares, his base is -- well they may be avid supporters of the president, there is plenty of republicans and independent scratching their head and they don't like the direction of this administration. it is dizzying. i believe that when you see the midterms you'll see a lot of republicans either vote their -- vote against the party or just simply stay home. it is not surprising that you have george will advocating for a democratic blue wave and not because republicans are he is spousing the democratic agenda but they want a sense of
1:35 pm
stability in government and providing counter action and sending --- increasingly white house -- that took the rules and threw them out of the window. >> everything you just said, is there -- are democrats taking advantage of this discord and the republican party to try to turn this into a campaign message or try to galvanize democratic voter to get out and vote. what is the action that democrats are taking? >> i think the democrats are doing a really strong ground game where they are registering voters and basically everything coming out of the white house and making sure is it t sticks to the white house and the republican party. the best example is what happened with conar lamb. he wan in a highly jerry mandered district where trump won by 20%. his point lost to a democrat because he basically -- conor lamb stuck to what the morn people want. they want to make sure they are getting food on the table and
1:36 pm
make sure they have fair wages and they want to make sure that they tamper down on this chaos and want the government to get back to work. >> the president was criticized for his performance in helsinki. and there was an effort to counter some of that damage with the resolution been the bipartisan resolution to support the u.s. intelligence finding. that effort failed to pass. what is the message to americans that republicans won't support u.s. intelligence or that republicans are fearful to go against the president, what do you think? >> i think it just says republicans will do whatever trump tells them to do because they are going to be lock step with their constituents. and a recent poll indicates around 80% of registered republicans do indeed support the president's behavior in helsinki with putin, which is mind-boggling to me. you think about the message this sends to the rest of the world and what it shows is that at least under this administration the united states cannot be relied upon as the world leader and i think other countries are going to perhaps look to germany
1:37 pm
and maybe even the u.k. for direction. but you can't rely on donald trump, republicans have said, you know what, we're going to do whatever the president says, even if it is not in the interest of the united states and that is not good for the republican party or this country. >> we have to leave it there. thank you both. >> thank you. after failing to meet their first deadline, will the trump administration be able to reunite the remainder of the migrant children with families by thursday? (vo) why are subaru outback owners always smiling? because they've chosen the industry leader. subaru outback holds its value better than any other vehicle in its class, according to alg. better than rav4. better than grand cherokee. better than edge. make every adventure a happy one with subaru outback. get 0% apr financing on the 2018 subaru outback.
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the trump administration facing a thursday deadline to reunite hundreds of migrant children with their parents. on friday the administration said it had reunified 450 of the children. kids like yohan from honduras who became a poster child of the trump zero-tolerance policy. he is back with his parents now. five months after being separated from his father and held in a detention center. zoey van is a college junior who was so moved by the heartbreaking images she decided to take matter news her own hands. she is now the outreach coordinator for immigrant families together, it is a new grassroots organization dedicated to reuniting immigrant mothers with children and most recently she was profiled in teen vogue to raise $25,000 to rep a guatemalan mother regain custody of her 5-year-old son. she joins me now to talk more about this. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us first, what compelled
1:42 pm
you to act on behalf of this these families. >> everybody in our group aside from myself are mothers. they saw everything going on and thought what if it were my children. but i was a child not too -- to long ago and what if that was me. me as a 6-year-old and nervous and neurotic 6-year-old taken away from my family and kept in a cage and didn't know when i was going to see them again. >> what are your thoughts. you're interacting with those families. what are your thoughts on the trump administration zero-tolerance policy. >> i think it's cruel. it's cruel by what should be anybody's standards. and i think that the majority of the -- the american people vehemently disagree with the policy and all of the incredible volunteers we've had so far with our organization have shown that. >> so tell us more about this organization. immigrant families together.
1:43 pm
tell us about the group and what you do to support the families. >> so it started, we heard about one woman in particular named jenny gonzalez who had been separated from her children and her children had been sent to new york city. and we learned that she needed bail to get out of the detention facility in arizona. we helped coordinate her travel back to new york to see her children and she ultimately -- her children were released to her and the family was reunited. and since then, we just have -- have replicated that process. each one is a little bit different. but we are on our ninth family was just reunited. >> so are you able to keep up with these families after you've been able to bring them back together? do you follow them and try to make sure they're on a path that will lead to a success for them? >> yeah. so we did get pictures the other day of one of our mother's kids in a pool and having fun and being together and wearing
1:44 pm
matching path am -- pajamas and things like that. we have been able to keep up with them. the long term sustainability of the funds we raised were working on figuring out but we -- we do plan on having long-term post reunification things in place. >> what advice would you give to other young people who are watching what is happening and who want to get involved? >> vote. register to vote. and then go vote. because it does make a difference. if everybody under -- and everybody turning 18 for this next election, if all of those people register to vote and go to the polls, it will make a massive, massive difference. the other thing is find out what is going on in your community. with these families, find out if people are detained in your community and children in foster care in your community. if they have bail and who their lawyers are. it is all available information.
1:45 pm
>> what are you hearing from your peers on this issue? they are looking -- at what is happening in their own community and from afar, what do you hear from young people. >> i've heard nothing but wonderful things and offers to help. it is hard being a college student. everybody is like i don't have any money and what can i do. it is nice to be able to give them solid solutions or actions they can take to help. >> zoey van teague an, thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much. still ahead, team no sleep. we'll speak with a former clinton aide to attempted to keep trump up all night after the helsinki summit.
1:46 pm
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picture this, you've just returned home from helsinki finland, 7 hours ahead of washington, d.c. and jet lagged and hoping to get a good night's rest and then you hear this -- [ sirens ] >> that is the sound that welcomed president trump home on monday. organized by my next guest philly ryanous, a deputy
1:50 pm
assistant to hillary clinton. his last minute protest came about through a single tweet. here it is. if someone flew home from helsinki, they'd get back to d.c. around 9:00 >> i think like a lot of people i was frustrated and upset based on what happened in helsinki. i know he hates if you look back at last year, he barely spent any time at trump tower, one night. he and melania very much hate the protesters outside. they can't get in or out of the building without driving through them. the serious part of it i could
1:51 pm
tweet right now. let's all go see equalizer 2, nobody is going to show up. people came because they feel the same frustration. they are not finding opportunities to protest. when people protest sander sanders in a restaurant, or steve bannon in a grocery store. you can't go to a trump protest. he says, if someone wants to beat him up, i will pay their legal bills. >> clarify the statements there. >> to answer the second part first, there doesn't need to be clarity. he was crystal clear. everything that has happened since then, is his staff twisting his arm it is not genuine. what he said on monday is what he thinks. it is appalling. i don't know if we have run out of words to talk about what he said, frankly, what he didn't
1:52 pm
say. while it is tough to stand there next to a fellow world leader and call them out, that is what job entails. donald trump is a big talker. he is not a bully. with a bully, you push back. he talks big about someone like marco rubeio, or anyone on tv that he is hitting, when he is next to them. he is all smiles. he is a coward. >> the president continues to try to place blame on democrats, leaving themselves vulnerable to being hacked. what is your reaction to that? >> it is ridiculous. he is blaming the victim. he has taken no, assuming his responsibility to protect america, what is ironic, what will be ironic, if the democrats take back either side of kpg,
1:53 pm
are you going to have republicans saying, wait i lost my race because the russians were screwing around. when it beheaves them, they will say it. >> some tapes or material on trump from his visit to russia as a private citizen? >> i don't know him well enough to know that what i know about him. i think he is in donald trump's head. if i said to you, i got something on you. you probably would think he is just saying that let's say you lead a life where you were you know, being urinated on in tapes or paying off hookers or laundering money for russians, you would think, is it possible
1:54 pm
that he knows? it is not just a matter if valdimir putin has a secret folder list of bad things. all that needs to happen is for donald trump to think that valdimir putin has something. i think that is what has gone o maybe he wasn't in a moscow hotel, and had a golden shower, which i can't believe we are talking about. maybe 10 years ago, he met five hookers or had a cash exchange with someone. he doesn't know what putin knows. donald trump is a simple human being. it is easy torial him up. i think that is what is going on here. >> how likely is it that they recorded their one-on-one? >> i find this funny, could the russians wired the room. why would you need to do that?
1:55 pm
why wouldn't putin wear an apple watch. i could record myself in a watch. i uncle they recorded it. without any great intelligence crew, building it into the lamps or the ceiling. >> the president's former campaign chair man, his trial will start on wednesday. what does it is a about the president that someone like manfort was in his inner circle? >> it is cone, it is stone, it is all of them. it is easy to name a couple of people in his orbit that aren't in some way sleazy, than to list the ones that are. he said, he only worked for me for 60 days? i am not what the threshold is for it being okay.
1:56 pm
>> at least google him. it is not like manfort was burying a deep, dark secret. he was doing work fairly known. people forget, nobody starting with trump, his family, eeshts, or anything worked never worked in a construct with ethdical constranlts. >> we appreciate your time. >> the feds will be able to hear what was on michael cohen's secret tape. did trump's lawyers waive attorney/client privilege to send a warning to the former fixer.
1:57 pm
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hello, i am aaron gillchrist in new york. a secret recording michael cohen made regarding karen mcdougal. they waived any attorney/client privilege. rudy giuliani said there seemed no point in objecting accept on principal. cohen and trump discuss whether or not to reimbus the parent company for mcdougal's


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