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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 24, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that does it for me. see you back here at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow for our special anniversary edition. up next, it is "hardball" with chris matthews. strong man, let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. president trump's behavior is more evidence that he yearns to be a strong man. unbound by law, precedent or the truth. last week in helsinki he denounced the intelligence community. and talked of sending american officials over to russia for interrogation. this week he cried reporting
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fake news. now he is accusing the democrats of what he stands accused. after this special counsel established that the president was aided by russian conspiracy. trump is trying to desperately turn the tables. he is say with no evidence, russians will be helping the democrats. based on the fact that no president has been tougher on russia than me. they will be pushing hard for the democrats. they definitely don't want trump. wow. i wonder if trump knows he is channeling richard nixon with those words when he was caught up in a scandal of his own.
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here is nixon discussing the idea with his henchman chuck colson. >> i think it would be helpful if they came out. >> well trump's tweet today suggested the democrats will benefit from russia's interference. just last week putin admitted that he wanted trump, a republican to win in 2016. >> did you want president trump to win the election and did you direct any officials to help him do that? >> translator: yes i did because he talked about bringing the relationship back to normal. >> this counts as political retribution who criticized his
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behavior towards russia. resembles the behavior of an autocrat. >> i can't even believe that somebody at the white house thought up something like this. when you are going to start taking ret trribution against people who are your political. you just don't do that and i can't believe they even allowed it to be aired. to be honest, it is a banana republic kind of thing. >> even the "wall street journal" called it the dumbest. you know, this idea of trying to blame the democrats, susan, this
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idea, it is so nixonian. nixon in the tapes, i discovered this in the tapes out there. okay, watergate was broken by the republicans. let's have the democrats break into our headquarters, make it up. >> and donald trump is a lot more of a simpleton than nixon was. and he is looking for anything to muddle up the environment and not put blame at his own feet. the way he has been acting has hurt republicans in swing districts and we are seeing more and more proof in the polling that the democrats are off to at least take back the house with 23 seats and maybe go as high as 40. >> it is not because of the help over there. >> donald trump is creating this bad problem. >> did you notice the echoing of
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this guy, trump trying to cover his rear end by saying oh, i can show that putin is helping the democrats this fall. with no evidence. >> so many similars between the nixon watergate and what is happening now. only now i think is much more threatening because at least the people who were involved in the crimes were americans. this one is a foreign adversary of ours and that makes it much more serious. donald trump makes up things and says them repeatedly. he is saying things that have absolutely no facts behind them just like this. it's clear from our intelligence reports and from the indictment that the russians were trying to help nixon -- i'm sorry, trying to help trump. >> same difference.
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>> they have merged in my mind. >> you have bob corker, i know he is one of the first amendment republicans because they can only speak on their way out. he says this third world stuff. i am going to yank your clearances kind of stuff. >> obviously as a reporter i am not going to comment on whether it is right or wrong to do that. but the idea that president trump is politicizing every part of the government. you have the fbi, the dodj, and now high ranking security officials. the reason why they keep their security clearances is because they need to be consulted at times if something big is happening and you need to go back to talk to a former cia director. that is not about politics. you need to go back to the guy before you. this president is saying i don't like what you are saying about
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me, so i am going do this to you. >> most republicans were not willing to go as far as corker and criticize the president. paul ryan says the president was not serious about it. nearly taunting or trolling his enemies. >> i think he is trolling people honestly, this is something that is in the purview of executive branch. some of these people have lost their clearances. it is not in our purview. >> the banana republic comment. >> i think he is trolling people. >> what does that mean? trolling, causing people to get upset. it is another example of how through all of this, republican members of congress have stood by this president. writing from some combination of fear, coercion and willing apiecement, members of president
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trump's party who should know better. a white house spokesman said the president has begun the securre of the security clearance. why can't somebody has the same rights as someone out there kissing his butt. >> i think we need to take a deep breath here. >> i never take a deep breath. let's move on. >> the amount of crazy that we have seen just today. we have become normalized to trump's craziness. >> the number of people he is yanking. >> in terms of the level of nuts, i mean, he has now said russia does meddle but for the democrats. that is a complete flip. >> that is not a hoax.
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>> it was a hoax, and now it is not a hoax. it doesn't have a sense of logic. and now ryan said, it is just trolling. no, they are doing this. you have a liar, an autocrat, and someone who talks delusional all at once and trying to distract us from the big picture. the failure of the tariff war and all about his dangling this craziness in front of us. >> you got to be completely straight which everybody is in their own way. let me get back to sue san del percio. there is an internal logic problem. he accused, and he also said it is a hoax to say there was meddling. so what was obama accused of in that context? even if you are a total trumpy, don't you have a problem
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following what he is saying? >> there is no lodge togic to i. the first person to talk about rigged elections was donald trump in the fall of 2016. i am very much looking forward to a new senator from utah named mitt romney who will be a big thorn in the president's side. while flake and corn going away. we might have a brand new person to speak what is right. >> romney endorsed trump. >> i have to have something. >> i know, susan. >> i am not sure he is ready to take him on day-to-day. for more than seven months, trump's legal team has been negotiating possible terms. they are about as successful negotiators as north korea.
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bloomberg is reporting that rudy giuliani -- to avoid the chance of a perjury charge, trump is demanding in return for being questioned that he isn't asked questions about obstruction of justice under a propose approximaal. this is about obstruction. it is the firs charges. >> the president's lawyers in some way as much as people talk about rudy giuliani, the president's lawyers sense there is real threat here. and i would go further to say the president's complex financial dealings and as a result they don't want him to go any further than the fact of
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this question of russia and collusion. every lawyer i have talked to in washington d.c. including some of them rejected being the president's lawyer said this is a hard person to remit. there was a lot of issues with paul manafort, he is on trial right now because of money and financial dealings. let's think about we haven't seen the president's tax return. a lot of details about the president's finances. >> first question, i think it is a great question. have you ever as a business man in america, in your life taken money from russia. and when, and how much and who. i would go right to the money question. your thoughts. >> just like watergate, it is always been follow the money. but in this case, in addition to money, i think that the fact that he is resisting answering
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questions about obstruction means he knows he is guilty of obstruction and he doesn't want to touch that. and because he has been saying no collusion for so long, that he can keep on saying no clue skpu -- collusion. that people will agree with him. they keep changing the offer every time they have a response i suppose from the special prosecutor, they change it. and now this is the offer today. if the special prosecutor actually accepted that, they would change it. and his words are not believable. i don't think anybody who has been paying attention could believe anything that he says. what difference does it take if he gives an interview. he will lie. other than that, there is really no gain. >> i would like to ask mr. president, with all due
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respect, did the firing of comey by you have anything to do with those events. the fact that you wouldn't protect michael flynn. and you were going to ask for the personal, political and judicial loyalty of your own fbi director. did it have anything to do with you firing the guy after he refused to give you that information. just the thought. that is the guy rudy would not like to converse about. thank you all. coming up, our election system isn't the only thing that the russians may have targeted russian hackers gained -- dan coats warned of a cyber 9/11 maybe. plus a battle of the soul of the country. democrats are now favored to win control of the house of representatives this november. 1st district that had been
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republican controlled for more than 30 years. attorney general jeff sessions joins in chant of lock her up. he is the attorney general and he is chanting lock her up. trump, well, he thinks tariffs are the greatest. let me finish tonight with a tribute by the city of brotherly love. this is "hardball." saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. paying too much for insurance that isn't the right fit? well, esurance makes finding the right coverage easy. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company.
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well, russia's action had no impact at all on the outcome of the election, let me be totally clear in saying that and i have said this many times, i accept our intelligence community's conclusion that russia's meddling in the 2016 election took place. could be other people also. a lot of people out there. >> trying to figure that contradiction out. welcome back. that was president trump's last week. as the beneficiary of those russian efforts trump has had a problem pointing the finger directly at russia. new reporting shows russia's
4:20 pm
effort went beyond political electoral stuff. for example hacking u.s. electricity companies. hackers working for russia claimed hundreds of victims last year in giant and long running campaign that put them inside the control rooms of u.s. electric utilities. the got to the point where they could have thrown switches and disrupted power flows said one department of homeland official. dan coats warned about that and more just last week in aspen. >> i'm concerned, when you say worry at night, i am concerned about a cyber 9/11. >> what would that look like? >> you shut down wall street for a week. what does that do for people's investments. you crash bank of america, or
4:21 pm
wells fargo or whatever. and all of a sudden, people are saying, wait a minute, what happened to my account? my retirement? we have seen this. we have seen coverage of this. we haven't seen the big one. >> former state department coordinators for issues. nbc nasa and splittamilitary re. it is not an imminent attack. but the u.s. intelligence is confident that iran has laid the groundwork. and then also, on facilities that exist in parts of western europe. >> who is ahead the russians or the iranians? >> hit the electrical grids in
4:22 pm
uk ukraine. and those are the kinds of attacks that could have the potential for loss of life. >> we are not at war with russia. i hope we never do go to war with them. why are they up to this? >> they could be using us to pre position us. so we have seen, for instance iran has done these attacks against our financial institution websites back in 2012, 2013. we did see the attacks on the ukraine yan power grid taking it down. >> we like that. >> no. the ukrainians? >> we like the one on iran. >> this is when iran attacked us. >> what did we do to them? >> well, i think --
4:23 pm
>> are ayou afraid to say so? >> we need to have cyber tools in our arsenal and use them as an overall government response. that needs to be part of our arsenal. the thing we haven't done a good job on, is when we see all of these actions by russia, election interference, pre positioning on our power grid, because i think that is what it is. or recently, and the white house fuelly attributed this to russia, the worm that took down things all over the world, that was the russian government. >> what was the motive for doing that? >> to cause dissension. to cause disruptive. we haven't imposed cost that make them think twice before doing this. even when the white house levied
4:24 pm
sanctions on russia, it is under cut. this is impermissible, you do it again, and there are going to be consequences. >> you can't stop the offense. you can't stop the bombers. and in the nuclear age, no real defense against nuclear weapons. have to have more than the other side so you don't use them. is there any way to stop, ever win the war to win defense. can we win playing defense against the russians or play offense with them. >> the big question right now is what is the policy. there is no cyber policy. >> what is the penalty on the russians, on putin over there saying i want a big switch that i can pull tomorrow morning to shut down everything electric in the united states. i want to be able to kill it all once just for fun. what is to stop him from doing
4:25 pm
that. >> an attack in cyber, or something like this in infrastructure, is that a response of an act of war. >> i think little chance that putin is going to launch this attack now. because would be hugely escalatory. and so i think that is one of the issues. >> should the americans worry about this and tell their congress person to do something? >> absolutely. >> last week. according to last report, u.s. officials said iran is making preparations that would enable denial of service attacks against thousands of electric grids, water plants and health care and technology. so they are declaring war on everybody? what are they up to? >> not just iran, north korea,
4:26 pm
china, cyber threats from all over the world. there has been this diplomatic impasse with the u.s. pulling out in may. >> the iranian nuclear deal. >> absolutely. should there need to be a next step, if there is a provocation, iran has the ability and we are not talking about carrying out thousands of cyber attacks at once. they could have malware, and impact ones and twos. >> this it is an a symmetric threat. they have power. >> iran? >> iran. north korea and iran both really sharpen their capabilities. and that is exactly right. lessening of activity after the nuclear commitment. >> they can start emptying our bank accounts. >> we have seen north korea.
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♪ it's so hard to believe ♪ but it's all coming back me. ♪ baby, baby, baby. all you can eat is back, baby. applebee's. welcome back to "hardball."
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democrats hoping for a blue wave. good news from one of the country's top predict tors. for the first time this election season. said democrats are favored to win control. one of them is ohio's twelfth congressional district. northern suburbs to its eastern rural counties. trump won that district by 11 points. and a special election to fill seats. on saturday, donald trump tweeted his sort for the republican candidate troy.
4:32 pm
and danny o'conor in this corner. how are you? because i do fear this. i believe the only way there will be a successful challenge to trump is the left of a democratic party and the center left get together. they weren't together in 2016. >> i think we need a message that is pragmatic. i think people can come together. that we need to have -- >> are you for medicaid expansion. >> absolutely. >> and you protect social security of course and medicare of course. >> i have an opponent that wants to raise the retirement age. >> a heavy lifting job, for driving a truck --
4:33 pm
>> there are so many people who work hard every day. and do things the right way and want to get ahead. work is about dignity, more than just getting a paycheck. >> they are all for maxine waters and impeachment and free college and medicare for all ages. but are you won of them? >> i am a pragmatist. we have seven counties in my district. as i talk to folks about their dreams and their version of the american dreams. they are tired of people going to their partisan corners and not getting anything done. we need a new generation of leadership. folk who is are going to focus on delivering economic opportunity. >> what do you think of john kasich? >> he does good things. >> he wanted to expand medicaid.
4:34 pm
>> it is a good thing. my opponent opposes that. medicaid expansion is the first way to fight against that. my opponent wants to get rid of medicaid expansion. >> would you vote to impeach trump? >> no. we need muellers investigation to run. i need to let the investigation goes. >> if he proves collusion, should trump go? >> we need to let him run the investigation. and give him the tools. >> how are you going to prepare yourself? >> i need to see what the investigation brings. >> what about nancy pelosi? who are you going to vote for for speaker? >> i don't know who is going to run. >> pelosi is going to run for re-election. >> we need change. >> so you are not voting for
4:35 pm
pelosi. >> what are you going to do. the vote on the floor is pelosi, what do you need to do? >> we need new leadership. >> and you don't get control of the house. >> we need new leadership. >> you are dodging this. tell me -- >> the old ways aren't working. >> you know for the democrats to get control. >> i would support whoever the democratic is. >> good luck in the campaign. >> the ag doing this, lock her up. the government, you, the voter by the way, the taxpayer is
4:36 pm
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i like this bunch. i've got to tell you. you're not going to be backing down. go g go-get-'em. >> lock her up. >> lock her up. so, i heard that a long time over the last campaign. >> well now we are hearing it again mr. attorney general. that was attorney general jeff sessions earlier today speaking not at a partisan rally, but to a sound of high school students. this is the head of department
4:40 pm
of justice participating in a chant about someone who hasn't been charged of anything. here is fox news sean hannity calling out sessions following a release of a warrant against carter page. >> jeff sessions where are you? tonight, your country needs you to do your job tonight. >> let's bring in sam stein, ani ani anita qumar. >> doesn't he know, singing this song of partisanship. >> that is crazy. and under any previous administration, it would be the top story.
4:41 pm
even calls for investigation for his conduct. >> putting that aside. but the thing that was interesting to me, barack obama would have called this a teachable moment. nikki haley, she basically told them there needs to be more to life. he could have said to them, this is not what a constitutional public does. we are not a banana republic. instead he laughed and participated. >> let's talk about the president. the president was at the vfw. he was at the vfw today in kansas and he was there, speaking at the veteran of foreign wars convention.
4:42 pm
>> many of these democrat politicians who are really disciples of a very low iq person maxine waters. and perhaps even worse, nancy pelosi. just stick with us. don't believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news. the only ones actually that voted against him were all of the people super lefts that are running against me in 2.5 years. >> is that sad? trump invited missouri republican senate candidate holly on stage. the vfw tweeted out an apology. today we were disappointed to hear some of our members boo the
4:43 pm
press during president trump's remarks. anita isn't that nice the vfw has class. >> there is only one kind of trump speech and this is it. it is political. we realized last summer when he spoke to the boy scouts, that's when we realized all speeches were going to be political. he talked about hillary clinton, barack obama. and criticized the media. >> who pays for this trip? >> the taxpayers. >> any way to stop this misuse, i know it sounds small potatoes. >> you have to triage your outrage. he didn't just laugh, he joined
4:44 pm
the chant. it was high school students in america are starting a chant of lock her up about the candidate for president in the last election. i find that as a sign, i find that shocking. >> somebody else does too. isn't that like third world stuff? >> where idyllic young people have this view. >> they don't know any better, but he does. and it is incumbent upon him to take that moment. nikki haley did that the day before and jeff sessions didn't. >> john mccain used a teachable moment. >> when the woman said he is an arab. >> except that his boss, the president enjoyed it. >> and he would have been in trouble. he didn't have to scold, he didn't have to do either. he could have let the moment
4:45 pm
pass. >> president trump was tweeting about tariffs. tweeting tariffs are the greatest. in a company which has -- it is as simple as that. and everybody is talking. voters disagree with the president's view on tariffs by two to one. 25% said it will help. however, the president's own poin point. if you remember a long time ago, two years, the republican party was a free trade party. >> the one thing that may break is tariffs. you had senators today criticizing the president on st tariffs. so republicans who have not
4:46 pm
differed with him on russian meddling. >> why is that a divider? >> because it affects their constituents back home. >> soybeans, tractors. >> it is a pocketbook issue in their home states and home districts. this is a politically and more serious matters. >> trump's strategy is to hope that tough talk with our trading partners, eventually they will buckle to a new arrangement. >> what happens when that does not happen? >> that is the question. he calculated that foreign leaders were so unfamiliar with this type of american leadership. european union has done them, canada. we have told it is coming.
4:47 pm
but in china, they don't have to worry about re-election. they can sit there and absorb this. >> i have a theory, i will run by you three. i think trump had a bad week last week. where he not only hurt himself the most with his public, but hurt himself with the 40%-45%. putin looks li putin -- if you care about any of those countries in europe, you may get the feeling that he is coming for them. so that is why i think he is going back to his rallies. he organized another big rally coming up. i think he is trying to rebound to his base this week. >> the last week was the worst week of his presidency. we say that over and over again. >> charlottesville wasn't great either. >> that was a poll that came
4:48 pm
out, the majority of americans. >> it is not the dossier, the money laundering, something big time? >> people make judgments about other people and when you watch putin jump up with the spring in his step, he couldn't wait to get up. trump looked wobbly. this guy had a smirk of a cruel torturer. it is not impossible to think that this guy has somebody on our guy. >> i talked to his base, asking if he should meet with president putin. they loved it. to show him who is the boss. that he was in charge. that president trump was in charge. and so he did the opposite according to most people, right? >> look at the swagger. watch this. he can't wait to get on the stage with all his papers and
4:49 pm
his smirk. trump looks like he didn't have the best week in his life. >> i don't think people vote on the foreign policy element. i think they are fine with him talking to russia and generally fine with better relationship with russia. they looked at the two president's. >> up next, these three will tell me something i don't know. you are watching "hardball." os like safe driver, paperless. the list goes on. how about a discount for long lists? gold. mara, you save our customers hundreds for switching almost effortlessly. it's a gift. and jamie. -present. -together we are unstoppable. so, what are we gonna do? ♪ insurance. that's kind of what we do here.
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well know, for trump family news. ivanka trump announced she is shutting down her fashion business. focus is the work in washington. according to the washington post, all of the fashion lines and handbags were produced in other countries such as china and indonesia. we will be right back. making cars lighter, it's a good place to start, advanced oils for those hard-working parts. fuels that go further so drivers pump less. improving efficiency is what we do best. energy lives here.
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to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. back with the roundtable, tell me something i don't know. >> serious steps taken behind the scenes. we are talking about meeting with donors, operators and strategist. >> who is definitely running? bernie, is he running? >> strong ones are bernie, ca
4:54 pm
kamala harris. >> great segway. my colleague was in ohio. and he went to a gathering where third away, this center left group that has been around for a long time talking about 2020 democratic candidates should not be ultra liberal and said let's not use the word moderate anymore. >> break through today. two democratic senators agreed to meet with him. this puts them on a path to votes for confirmation. and indicates that senator schumer is not going to give them a hard time. >> it is looking strong.
4:55 pm
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where we're making the next generation of multiscreen welcadvertising possible.ght, we have the broad and targeted reach you need to access the customers you're looking for on tv and digital platforms. then we connect you to our team of media experts, who are ready to help you maximize your budget while elevating your advertising effectiveness. sounds like an advertising opportunity knocking. visit today. let me finish tonight with something special about life, this country and my hometown. last night chase utly returned to philadelphia where he played
4:59 pm
with excellent and grace for all those years. here he is being introduced in the lineup of the los angeles dodgers. playing where he once performed and here is what happened when he went to take his turn at bat. it went on like that while seemingly forever. the crowd didn't want the cheering to end. philly fans are tough. and the thing about being from philadelphia, is that people root for you with their heart don't let them down.
5:00 pm
and the people of philadelphia won't forget. that is "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. all in with chris hayes starts right now. >> what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what happened. >> trump under threat. taking the house in 105 days. >> it is for public opinion. the decision is going to be impeach or not impeach. >> tonight, the president's new gambit with the mueller probe. and now details about what his former fixer has on tape. >> why republicans are so scared of alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> the commerce


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