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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  July 24, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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williams, and that starts right now. you'll hear the president's voice for yourself, especially the one word he uses which motivated this leak. and he told them what you're seeing and reading is not what's happening. also along those lines, the president says he's been so tough on russia he fears tlel interfere in our elections to favor the democrats. luckily on this night of all night, doris kerns goodwin is here with us as "the 11th hour" gets under way on a tuesday evening. well, good evening once again from our nbc news conference haishlgts. day 551 of the trump administration. we'll get right to it. one of the recordings made by
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michael cohen back in 2016 with then-presidential candidate donald trump. in the recording which first aired tonight on cnn, cohen and trump appear to be heard discussing arrangements surrounding payment to former play boy karen mcdougall. david pecker was head of the km that owns and publishes the international inquirer. lanny davis supplied the tape to cnn tonight. you'll hear at first, the president, who appears to be finishing up a phone call. we do not know if there had been any editing or altaring. heaters in its entirety. >> we know what's happening, ok? oh. oh!
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maybe because of this it would be better if you didn't go. you know. maybe because of this for that one, you know -- to get rid of this, because it's so false what they're saying and sexual [ bleep ]. i think i did -- this goes away quickly. i think what -- it's better to do the charleston thing, just this time. yeah, in two weeks it's fine. i think right now it's better you know? ok. honey, you take care of yourself. thanks. talking to you. great poll, by the way. great poll. >> hello. >> what's -- >> i don't know. >> can we use him anymore?
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>> no -- oh, yeah. mark burns. >> can we use him? >> no. >> we had a chance to hear from you tonight. [ inaudible ] >> we got served from the new york times. i told you. unsealed divorce papers with ivana. we're -- >> they'll never be able to get that done. >> they don't have the -- >> give me a. [ inaudible ] please! >> correct. it's all -- >> think i'm going to -- all you have to do is delay it. >> even after that it's not ever going on the opened. there's no purpose for it. told you about charleston. i need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend david, you know, so that i'm -- >> i'm going to do that right away. >> give it to me.
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>> i've spoken to allen weissberg about how to set the whole thing up about -- [inaudible]. ? >> yes. it's about all the stuff. here you never know where the expect -- >> he gets hit by a -- >> check. i'm all over that. i spoke to allen about it. when it comes time for the financing which will be -- [inaudible]. . >> we'll have to pay -- no, no, no, no, no. i got -- no, no, no. >> we want to hear again a key part of this conversation. remember the setting, 2016 before the lex, donald trump and michael cohen on a recordling ultimately seized by the fbi. apparently about a payment made to a former playboy model. j . >> i need to open up a company for the transfer of that info regarding our friend david, you know. >> yeah. >> so that -- i'm going to do it right away. >> give it to me.
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>> i've spoken to alan weissberg about how to set the thing up -- >> so what were your -- >> yes. and it's all the -- [inaudible]. . >> all the stuff. you never know what -- >> and he gets hit by a -- >> correct. i'm all over that. i spoke to allen about it when it comes time for the financing which will be -- >> it's getting old. >> no, no, no, no, no. i got -- no, no, no. >> trump's attorney rudy guiliani said he was aware the conversation was being recorded. guiliani told cnn that the privilege was waived because he believes the tape will help truck. cohen's lawyer points to trump using the word "cash" after cohen uses the word "financing."
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coen was accused of raising the idea of cash payments. tonight guiliani was reached by television to talk to laura ingram of fox news. >> the president griz up cash, but he said "don't pay with cash." right. then cohen says no, no, no, and the president says check and cohen says i got it. the point is the president wants the there action to be memorialized. i don't think anyone can suggest this remtsz anything where the president did anything wrong. >> with that, let's bring in our leadoff panel. robert costa national political reporter for the washington post, moderator of washington week. jackie qualms. mimi rocha, former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, now at pace universities cool of law and emily jane fox with us in new york, senior reporter for vanity fair whose
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new book is about the trump family. welcome to you all. emily, because you're most steamed on a day-to-day basis, i'm going to begin with you. why did this come out tonight, what else do you know about this and other recordings? >> what's interesting about the timing tonight is on friday night we knew about what was on the recording according to rudy guiliani. my sources in cohen world were already telling me at that point that this was not the true narrative, in their mind, and i think over the weekend there was some stewing going on, that this was not what they bleed is the truth and that the truth would ultimately kim out. i think there was a lot of growing frustration that people were accepting this narrative that rudy guiliani put out as truth. the president and his attorneys had waived privilege on the recordings, and so i think there was a little bit of a throwing their hands up moment today where they're like this is becoming the narrative. it's not our narrative in our
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listening to the recording and they wanted to set the record straight. that is the defining reason why this tape came out this evening. >> let's talk sfaerks for five seconds. -- at months fear, for five seconds. this by all accounts is an in-person meeting. you can hear room tone. the audio points to it as if it was recorded by, say, a device on michael cohen's lap sitting across from donald trump at trump tower. >> that's exactly right. this took place in part of their day-to-day -- you can hear him running through the check lest of theks he had to tell the president. what's interesting to me -- this is a points rudy guiliani brought up to me on friday. the fact that they had these kinds of conversation shows that kneifel cohen was allowed to do these kinds of theransactions alone. michael cohen had said in the
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past that he acted on his own in the stormy daniels payments. this recordling now shows that michael cohen did have the time to run these by his boss and that now-president trump did know about the ins and you outs of what was going on. even though he was in the midst of this tush lentz, very busy presidential campaign, he was very well aware of what michael cohen was doing and when. >> robert costa, you're off the phone close to the principals in this. >> my phone's dead. >> we should be able to get you a complimentary charge. >> we're in a legal war here. just got off the phone with lanny davis. he said they felt prompted to release the tape. until lanny's words he doesn't want michael cohen to be a punching back. mayor guiliani almost started debating me about whether the president knew about the
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macdougal deal. he said it's open to interception. we can have a fight about that. he thinks the president, in his view of the whole thing, was just learning about this from that conversation. you already see both sides fighting and that most porch thing i was looking for tonight from guiliani was is a pardon in the works for michael cohen as this escalates, as this thing becomes a bigger fight between both sides, could a pardon be on the table? guiliani said he would not say yes or no. he said it's extremely inappropriate to talk about pardons at this time. he said there was no discussion at this moment. >> let's talk turkey for allege second. since we're all dealing from the same him nal or recording, you don't hear the president express surprise that someone setting up an llc to take care of it? >> no surprise from then-candidate trump. it's been deeply reported by the post and others that there's
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been a long-standing relationship with david pecker which is part of that whole thing with michael cohen, with trump. they've had this close nexus for along time. >> the president's pseudonym in court papers was david dennison. there's much speculation on the web as to which david they're talking acts. >> that's exactly right. >> i will not make you discuss that. can we get a charge for him? >> please save us. do you hear any laws being broken as you listen to that recording. >> so from a prosecutor's per suspectsive, what i see here, hear on this recording is a good piece of evidence in showing that some laws were broken. on its face by itself, probably not. but no piece of evidence stands alone. we've talked before about prosecutors take -- it's building bricks on bricks, you build to build the wall.
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this is one brick. bids the way, the prosecutors potentially are not going to be listening to this in a vacuum. they're going to have it with potentially michael cohen intercepting it for them. that's very important because he's one of the participants in the conversation. we can sit here and guess about which david it is and what they meant when they said x, but if cohen kooptsz, it shows people how valuable he can be because he can sbemptd conversations like this. this shows that laws have been broken. we've long talked about campaign finance violations. one of the hardest things to show in a campaign finance case is showing that the payment was made to impact the election. >> right. >> i think we've talked about the edwards case and they did not get a conviction in large part because they weren't able to prooi that the silence was made to actually impact the election. here, there's some distinguishing factors.
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this is made much closer to the time to have election, so we now know we have a payment being made, whether it's by ami of v or directlily trump and cohen. doesn't really matter at the end of the day. but it's to silence this woman from coming out very close to the election. there's a little nugget in this recording that's before the part where they're talking about the actual payment to karen mcdougall. they're talking about keeping the record sealed in evanivana' >> the divorce case. >> trump said you have to keep them sealed for -- it's not clear whether he said a couple ofs month or a couple of weeks. >> yeah. >> he's looking at a time frame that they need to keep information under wraps. there he's talking about ivana trump. but guess what is? it's followed right after about this payment to karen mcdougall.
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that could be a really crucial piece of intent evidence and an campaign finance case showing this is what they're doing with that payment to karen mcdougall. there also can be potential fraud charges here. they're talking about setting up the company. i'm guessing they didn't tell the bank when they wrote the check. >> the purpose of the llc? >> exactly. if karen mcdawgal thought she was paid for one thing rather than the other. i think this all could be evidence, contribute to. >> wow. that's a lot. that's exactly where why we wanted you. jackie i was going through my mind, the lasttime -- i don't think it's happened before. we have a senior official of the mast head of a public publication reacting to news that work to new york.
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that being our set of rules, what do you make early on now of the potential blow-back on the president coming morning? >> well, you've just addressed the potential legal aspects of this. i think as a political martha, there's not a lot that i see claking, because people have so baked in the cake of donald trump that he's had these relationships with women that he doesn't tell the truth, as he didn't tell the truth about karen mcdougall and his knowledge of the payment, et cetera. when i first heard this tape initially i thought it was completely am big kwlus and that each side, pro-trump, anti-trump, people in the middle, would hear what they wanted to hear. i still believe that to a degree. but this is not a good look for donald trump. he is talking clearly in sort of con spir tal toechbs almost in
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codes with his lawyer fixer. it's clear that he's not surprised by this talk of karen mcdougall. yet he told reporters on air force 1 he knew nothing acts it. it almost feels like a talk between a godfather and, i know, his con stigly arie. it's just icky. but whether that changes anything politically, i just have to doubt it at this point. >> emily jane fox, bring us up to date. we last quoted you in your broadcast. on this effort, perhaps more of a notion that cohen only has a finite number of things, proprietary to him upon which he could flich and be of value to the feds. of course first he needs to be charged. there was an effort to diminish the value of what he had on donald trump. can you speak to that? >> all of this is out there. because the president's attorneys decided to waive privilege on this tape. we wouldn't have heard this
11:17 pm
tape. this tape wouldn't have even been turned of to prosecutors and none of this would have been able to be used in the case. i want to stress that here. the belief in cohenland over the weekend was that the president's attorneys tried to take a card out of cohen's deck in order for him to be able to cooperates if he is, in fact, charged. the way it was categorized to me was yes, there is a recording and perhaps one day we'd hear the recording and tonight we did. it is not just what's on the recordsing. it's the back story. that was stressed to me over the weekend, that whatever we hear now, it's only the tip of the iceburg a iceberg. >> the point we would never have heard this recording, i still don't completely understand why what guiliani's motivation was in releasing this. but there is a they're write that, snin fact, the court was
11:18 pm
still considering this and whether it should be released under the crime fraud exception. and if that hat happened, that would have been pretty damaging. that would have looked very damaging for trump as well, to have a court ruling that this should come in under the crime fraud exception. i thinking, having listened to it, there was a good argument for that. i just want to make sure that people understand what guiliani is saying about why he released it may have not been true. they might have been trying to preempt something that could have looked far worse for the. . >> i asked lagy davis, are there more tapes, are there for tapes request president trump on the wording. he acknowledged there are more tapes of michael quoen, at least, stalking about president trump and talking about the different situations. >> in the media, this has been all over the place since friday.
11:19 pm
some good reporters was convinced friday that there was but unsuch recording. some reporters were convinced by rudy guiliani, it's cohen who initiates the idea we should pay this off in cash. >> that's right. we have to listen to the tape. there's going to be a fight over the tape. both legal camps are fighting over it. how does it play out? how does president trump react? if he's not considering a pardon, what's the mood like? is he enraged? >> guiliani said he's disappointing. we've seen the president fuming on twitter about michael coen. you can see this es lating more. >> jackie, i'm reminded, we heard from the president himself today. there were a lot of stories we were going to cover before the audio tape came out tonight. let me show you what he said speaking to the vfw about his
11:20 pm
achievements as president and what to believe and not believe. >> just remember what you're reading and seeing is not what's happening. >> he called the output of the fake news media, quote, crap, unquote. he decided to throw a long ball, going against what we know to be the truth from our intelligence agencies and putin himself. he turned it all up side down and wrote this. "i'm concerned that russia will be fighting very hard the to have an impact on the election. based on the fact that no president has been tougher on russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the democrats. they definitely don't want trump." putin's stam in helsinki, to the contrary. jackie, where does this put us on a tuesday night running head-on into wednesday morning?
11:21 pm
>> it puts us right back at the beginning. it was a week ago today that trump was cleaning up the mess he'd made the day before in helsinki, standing side by side with vladimir putin when he sided with the russian president, accepting his denials of any interference in our election, any subversion of the 2016 election and against the overwhelming -- the unanimous conclusions of our intelligence community and that tuesday he's saying no, no, he meant -- he said "would be" when he meant "wouldn't be" and he believes his intelligence community. every day since then up to this tweet you just read, he's given us more evidence that, no, ice right back where he started from, which is he doesn't accept the findings of the intelligence community. and so now we're faced with this situation where he's invited the president of russia to the white house. the president of russia seems to
11:22 pm
be demuring. tomorrow at 11:30 a.m., the president has a meeting on his schedule with paul ryan, speaker of the house, and majority leader mitch mcconnell. both of whom today they would not welcome putin to congress to, to capitol hill, so i would love to be a fly on the wall when the three of them meet tomorrow. i've thought from the beginning that the republican leaders of congress would do everything they could to not have this putin meeting. >> with that, thanks to our front four. really, appreciate you guys stepping up on a busy news night. we'll have more ahead on tonight's breaking news. plus on this day when the president told veterans "pay no attention" to what they see going on. and during this week where trump surrogates have compared the president to lincoln.
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established in our opening segment, lots to talk about after lanny davis has released this recording of his client talking to donald trump. here again, key portion where trump and cohen are discussing buying the rights to a playboy model's story back in 2006. >> i need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend david. >> yeah. >> so i'm going to do that right away. i've come up to -- >> to me -- >> about how to set the whole thing up with -- >> so what are we going to do? >> yes -- funding -- yes. and it's all the -- all the stuff. you never know where the company. you never know -- >> he gets hit by a truck? >> yes. it's about the campaign financing which is -- >> it's getting old. >> no, no, no, no,s no.
11:28 pm
>> as we've discussed both sides disagree about what's said on is that recording. rudy guiliani said the president did nothing wrong. >> are you still maintaining, then, tonight that the recording that was released this evening is 100% exculpatory towards the president and his previous statements about this? >> i think your guest just said that. there's no indication of any crime being committed on this tape and that's absolutely right. >> we have two very learned friends to talk about this tonight. bill crystal, it for at large of the union standard and bill, starting with you, what's your reaction to tonight's lead story? >> it's pretty extraordinary, first of all. should just step back for a second and say we're listenling to a conversation taped by the president ace lawyer and
11:29 pm
confidante and fixer, presumably, the president not knowing. >> right. >> a personal meeting in trump tower. >> an app on a phone like that. >> irve does that. where you're su run tissuesly recorded. the whole thing is astounding. for me i guess if -- i'll say this. let's assume guiliani is not just being foolish and there's a method to his apparent madness. he's put things out that are somewhat damaging but perhaps makes them less damaging. it makes me wonder what's on the other tapes. what are they really worried about? this one -- as your discussion showed there could be criminal problems here but it's not evidently big crime and it's confusing a little bit about why this. why this tape, if even that's the complete tape. why did they waive on this, why
11:30 pm
did they want it out? there's more to come and they're worried. i've got to think the trump camp based on trump's behavior, the frenetic tweets and all that, they must be worried about what's coming up with cohen or nonfort or special counsel. >> u jeerngs same question. >> funny me, but i'm still in the old school habits since the last century of remembering what happened before. so remember when the president knew nothing about -- >> deny, deputy, deny. >> the whole significant. and then remember when -- well, maybe michael cohen, what he did -- maybe he didn't know anything about it. this completely skploeds the myth that donald trump was somehow unaware of what michael coen was doing in paying off i think we can say women now, plural, and who knows how plural. with whom he had had affairs to keep them quiet before the
11:31 pm
election. we know that they were thinking about the election, because they're talking about a time frame right before they segue into that part of the conversation. and trump is being very specifically informed. i talked to allen this about our friend david and about this, that, and the other. that's a lot of detail. and it does, you know in the earlier panel, i think it was jackie commes who used the don and consigliary analogy. >> right. >> it does sound like that. it doesn't sound the way you expect one of our leading president al candidates to sound a few weeks before the election. >> bill kristol we're of a certain age and have spept enough time to know one lanny davis attorney at law. forve those watching for whom
11:32 pm
this is the first bouquet of lanny davis. what do you do? >> he's probably better known for the more public relations side of law. worked with bill clinton and during the impeachment. his tech was often to -- if something bad was going to come out, anyway. put it out with your spin. your point -- i was thinking about b this as you folk. we're going to be used to the fact in a trump lied totally. >> uh-huh. >> we're going to skoumt,000 in two weeks from now when we discover something damning. if the trump people put this out, there's worse to come. >> this was the day when the president told veterans don't look at what you're seeing and reading out of washington. that's not real. and when the president tweeted the up side down of what we know to be the provable facts about election meddling that he's been so tough on russia -- putin's
11:33 pm
answer on his fooifrt president notwithstanding, they may come after us just to put the democrats in. >> if you have a lot of problems that you don't want to -- you don't have good arguments for, muddy the waters. at the end of the day we have good attorneys talking about what they would do if they were prosecutors or attorneys, but he's not going to be prosecuted while he's. . it becomes muddying the waters enough that he has a solid number of senators and maybe members of the house to stop impeachment. i think i'd about muddying the water. the fisa thing is problem attic. don't believe what you hear. this is kwugz. t talk about who said the word "cash" for the next day or two. i suspect the facts are on their side. i think they're just trying to muddy the waters. >> may no attention to the fact -- >> right. >> the president is avenue to
11:34 pm
create his own reality. who are you going to believe? me or your lying eyes and ears. don't believe that you see. don't believe what you see. >> he said "to trump red america," don't believe me. believe your ears. >> i hope people believe their ears. whatever they think about this tape, just believe what you hear and don't believe that what you hear is not true just because donald trump says he doesn't want you to think i'd true. it is -- it is weird that we are -- we are in this position where we have to defend the very idea of objective reality. but it is under attack and it is under specific attack by the president of the united states in a relentless way. we can laugh at the tweets and we can, oh, just another tweet. it's not just another tweet.
11:35 pm
these have a cumulative effect of eroding, i think, the sort of common encyclopedia facts, the common events we fleet to have to have a democracy. >> the target of that erosion isn't michael coen. it's robert mueller. there's so much "he said-she set", what did the deep state, when the report comes out, neighbor soon, enough americans and enough members of kong say it's too confusing, nothing clear here, don't you think? >> well, i mean, i'm supposed to sit here and call balls and strikes. where does -- robert in your world view, where does robert mueller rank among the important adults in your life. >> je very important, obviously.
11:36 pm
i thids he's been disciplined in trying to pursue what's happened and very horch rabble in doing so. i think we'll find out. >> 15 seconds. >> i'll say i think robert mueller knows a lot more than any of us know, any of us have any idea around i think he will report it. we'll see. he's the guy right now. >> well, to our audience i'll say on a night like this, these are the guys you warrant comes into your studio. bill kristol, eugene robinson, thank you. >> they've started comparing him to abe lincoln. wiel run that by the woman who wrote the book, arthur and presidential historian doris kearns goodwin waiting in the wings to join us. there he is. when we come right back. and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget
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. oh, folks, stick with us. stick with us. just stick with us. don't believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news. just remember, what you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening. >> that was president trump again today with those comments that reminded some folks of orwell's "1984." sales of which have speck since inauguration day. here's how former long-time republican political strategicist steve schmitt reacted to those words today earlier on this network.
11:41 pm
>> when you're able to convince somebody what is sermt true is not, when you can embrace the big lie with the same type of feckiveness that facist movements used, that hitler used it, that mussolini used it, soviets used it, then you're well on your way to doing grave and lastings damage to the fundamental institutional pillars of a democratic republic like the united states. >> with us for this important discussion tonight, doris kearns goodwin, presidential historian and author. she's written bestsellers about, oh, for starters, the kennedys,ings l b.j. and others. her book will be available on september 18th. i happen to know you became a grand parent for the third time this 340r7k. >> hoor ray. >> and back to reality we snap. what do you make of folding tonight's lead story into the
11:42 pm
times and the way to snop size it, what happens when one sees the president's word as no good anywhere. >> the ie debitity of ourselves as a people depends on a common political truth. we've got an erosion of trust in the institutions, in the president, the congress, the judicial system. different people are saying different things. fake news turn into facts. misspoken truths and outright lies. there's a trouble pattern. it reminds me of a scary way. in 1950s. people read partisan newspapers. lincoln-douglas debates. the democrats would say lincoln was so bad he fell on the floor and they had to carry him off. that led to alternative cultures, the deepening distrust
11:43 pm
that led to the civil war. we're in serious trouble. >> this president you've written about so beautifully, abram lincoln of illinois was spoken about last week. this is newt gingrich on fox news. we'll talk about this right afterwards. >> i think the person whose situation is the most like president trump's was abraham lincoln. lincoln is fighting to preserve the constitution. he's fighting to preserve the union and he's having to do a lot of different things that are very gold and in some cases very radical and he's trying to do it in a way that he is deemly bitterly opposed not just by the slave owning south but by a substantial number of democrats in the north. i think trump's in a very similar place. >> as they say, you wrote the book. what do you make of that?
11:44 pm
>> even in keeping with what we're talking about tonight, to lincoln, his word was his bond. the most important thing to him was that he kept his word. for example, once he said he was going to issue the emancipation proclamation, there was huge outcry in the north. he said my word is out. it cannot come back. on the night he died, he had already told people he was going to go to the fords theater. he didn't want to go. the war was coming to an end. but he said my word is out, i told the people i'd be there. i have to go. that is the most important thing of who linkon was. he had almost suicidal depression when he failed on an infrastructure project. to compare that with what's happening today when words mean nothing, they're taken back. we saw that hollywood access tape and we heard his voice.
11:45 pm
trump said that wasn't my voice. we heard him say something like the british prime minister. he said no, that was fake news. we can't subcyst in a democracy unless we have a sense of common purpose. >> we're going to pause to take a break. doris kearns goodwin has agreed to stay with us. coming up, how past occupants of 1600 pennsylvania avenue have handled the pressures that come with this job.
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11:48 pm
. . not only is the president looking to take away vernon security clearance he's also looking into the security clearances of comey, clapper kaden, rice and mccabe. they've politicized and in some cases monetized their public service and security clearances. >> that was sarah hurricane by
11:49 pm
sanders just yesterday explaining where the president considered yapging the skooirlt clearances for all former intel officials. it would be an inprecedented move. a lot of people said it would be a dangerous move, bad for our republic. let's toss the question to historian and author doris kearns goodwin. it was rumored that it was just a fit of anger. this is a list he walks around with of people he feels aggrieved because two of them don't have security kreernss to ache away. >> the ability of a leader to control imfulls is clear and important. all presidents are going to have moments of anger. they have to figure out a way to get the anger outfit of their system. abe rahm ham link on famously wrote angry letters to people. he put it aside and hoped he never had to accept it. fdr would do drafts, he'd god
11:50 pm
five or six drafts. say in the first instance he's furious with the congress. he'd talk about the guy, kale him a traitor, call him by name. a young speechwriter comes in and said is he going to say the these things? by the third draft, he's a pretty good guy. by the fourth, he's all sweetness and life. they have to figure out ways to challenge their emotions and impulse it is. >> sorry. >> whoa! >> let's turn our phones out while we're out here. that one's on me. i apologize. this is out from the new york times. plump raged at his staff for violating a roof that the white house entourage should begin each trip tuned to fox, his favorite network over what he considers the fake news cnn. caused a bit of a stir aboard air force one.
11:51 pm
the channel flipping flap was the latest expecting of how mr. trump at a vispivotal moment ins president is increasingly bending the truth to his own narrative. >> the deeper far of the narrative is the country is watching their favorite networks. they're comparing the possibility of this tape to the nixon tape. the difference is during the nixon twarngs had people grag on facts. 11 republicans after they heard his coverup talk in that nixon tape, they were willing to go for impeachment and that's what led to the resignation. there was consequences to l b.j. when his credibility fell afar. now there's no consequences because people are watching their favorite channels. they're in alternative realities just as he is and you can say it's fake news.
11:52 pm
until maybe -- maybe there will be an accumulation of these things. maybe people will start focussing on what's really happening on the country. what really happened in north korea, what's happening with russia. people's lives are going on right now, maybe as long as the economy's good for a while, that will last, but this accumulation of half truths and lies has to have an impact on the country and i think -- >> unfair to ask this with 35 seconds left. what about the normalization of all things russia, just in our lifetime, say nothing of the last ten years. >> when i was a little girl i hid under the desk to -- >> the space race. >> it is astonishing. maybe it's a good thing to think maybe we can do something with russia but not in the way it's being done right now. >> will you come back and talk to us? >> anytime. >> heapfully we'll sell a lot of books.
11:53 pm
mozel tov on the new grandbaby. >> sean spicer's new book available at a book store near you. and the reviews are in. "the 11th hour" kontsz afternoon this. -- continues after this.
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♪ south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable.
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♪ . this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period. both in person and around the globe. >> last thing before we go has to do with that man, sean spicer. the man who introduced holocaust centers to the study of world war ii. his book tour is going a bit like the first press briefing. let's quote those who have read it. eric limple of the washington post skrietsds as a bumbling
11:57 pm
effort at gaslighting americans into doubting what they have seen with their own eyes. jonathan karl reviewed the book and writes "mr. spicer's book is much like his tenure as press secretary, short, littered with inaccuracies and offering up one definite theme -- mr. trump with do no wrong. not the british ex spy christopher steel. he recounts a reporter asking mr. obama a question, a decade before mr. obama was elected. carl, along with other rooufrs took time to note spicer's description in the book of donald trump. we quote "a unicorn riding a unicorn over a rainbow." well, on monday sean spicer spoke with emily mateless of bbc
11:58 pm
and it didn't go well for the arthur. >> it was the start of the most corrosive culture. you played with the truth. you led us down a dangerous path. you have created discourse for the world by going along with these lies. >> with all due -- i'm sorry, emily. you act as they everything began and ended with that. you're taking no account of the false stories and falsehoods the media perpetrated. >> it was false -- >> i wrote a book that i think is a fairly strong representation of what happened in the campaign, the transition and the whoulgs. i take responsibility where i think i've fallen short or could have done better. for you to lay that type of claim and make everything sound like it started and ending with donald trump is ridiculous. >> i guess my question is you were his press secretary and i know from what i've read that you care about the freedoms and institutions and the democracy -- >> i do.
11:59 pm
>> which your country was built and this is the office of president spouting lies or half truths or knocking down real truths and you were his agent for those months. >> my job, as i've laid out in the book was to be the president's spokesperson and communicate his thoughts and ideas when he wasn't able to do it or wasn't present. at the end of the day he was the president of the united states and it was his thoughts and his feelings that it was my job to communicate them. >> just a portion of sean spicer's e-book tour interview with the bbc. with that, that is our broadcast on a tuesday evening. thank you very much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york.
12:00 am
>> what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what happened. >> trump under threat. taking the house in 105 days. >> it is for public opinion. the decision is going to be impeach or not impeach. >> tonight, the president's new gambit with the mueller probe. and now details about what his former fixer has on tape. >> why republicans are so scared of alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> the commerce secretary caught lying to congress. >> we are taking it seriously. >> and the brand new book from


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