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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  July 27, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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i kept playing and playing. i said one day i'm going to play baseball. >> girl power. that's tonight's last word. the 11th hour with brian williams starts right now. tonight, the president swears he did not know about that trump tower meeting in advance while someone close to michael cohen tells vanity fair, cohen is sitting on top of a treasure-trove of information and there's a lot more to come. for the tenth straight time the president ignored questions from reporters and that's since the trump-cohen tape came out on tuesday. donald trump's first ever national security council meeting on the topic of election safety was convened today hours after the president was invited to moscow by vladimir putin. all of it as the 11th hour gets under way on a friday night.
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good evening from new york. day 554 of the trump administration and the president escalates the war on his former lawyer and confidant michael cohen while denying he had any advance knowledge about the june 2016 meeting in trump tower. a source has told nbc news cohen is willing to tell robert mueller that donald trump junior informed his father about the meeting before it took place. trump son had the meeting with several russians after he was told they were coming prepared with damaging information about hillary clinton. the president responded so the fake news doesn't waste my time with dumb questions, no i did not know of the meeting with my son. soun sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories to get himself out of an unrelated jam. taxicabs, maybe. we'll explain that one. he retained bill and crooked
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hillary's lawyer. i wonder if they made him help the choice. t the president steered clear of this topic during his event at the white house today designed to highlight economic numbers. as trump wrapped up kristen welker asked him about michael cohen. >> is michael cohen telling the truth? is michael cohen telling the truth? is michael cohen telling the truth? >> as we say it's been ten times now the president has ignored reporters questions since the cohen audio first aired tuesday evening. there's only been three white house press briefings in the entire month of july. on the cohen front politico reports the president advisors have been taken aback by cohen's no holds barred approach and his willingness to publicly reveal potentially devastating details of his private conversations
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with the president. asked to describe the mood among trump's close confidants, one person close to the president replied simply not good. trump is enranged over the cohen revelations. emily jane fox who is standing by sdwroto join us, her latest out just late today details the current mood in the cohen camp. now the bond between trump and cohen appears to be irrevocably torn asunder. maybe cohen will be the one to pull this whole thing apart. he's the next john dean. fox also reports one of the people she spoke to referred to cohen as having quote, a treasure-trove of information that he says he could unleash in
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order to reciprocally complicate the president's life. >> what michael has made very clear and this is man he worked for, nothing went on in this business without donald knowing about it and he led me to believe that he would bring trump back to russia. what came out yesterday to me was not a surprised based on conversations michael and i had. >> did he reference this meeting in particular? >> yes, he did. >> robert mueller, for his part, has not yet spoken to donald trump junior but the two men were a few feet apart today. politico published of both men waiting for the same flight out of d.c. while seemingly unaware of each other at washington national airport. there's another new development
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regarding the special counsel. mueller's office plans to call 35 witnesses in financial crimes trial of paul manafort which is slated to begin tuesday. this is the first of two trials for manafort. the witness list was made public just today. the biggest name on it, no surprise is rick gates. manafort's former partner and one time deputy on the trump campaign who pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the mueller investigation. after all of that, let's bring in our lead off panel. emily jane fox. she wrote the book on the trump family. it's called "born trump, inside america's first family." jill winebanks. good evening to you all. emily, here in new york, i'd like to begin with you. in this relationship hasn't soured, i'd hate to see a relationship that has.
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>> seems a little chilly. >> yeah. help me go through the two camps of belief, will you please. how these recordings have entering the public domain. there's belief number one that cohen has leaked these as a brush back pitch to say mr. president, there's a lot more where this came from. theory number two is this is come fing from the trump team, embrace and own some of the worse they know is coming because that takes an arrow away from cohen and his value as a flip target to the feds. >> this is a very important and very complicated parlor game that we're playing here. it's difficult because both sides have credibility issues here. on the one side the cohen camp not only have people been saying, as you said, perhaps he's sending this as a signal to
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what he can offer to donald trump but some have argued he's sending a smoke signal looking for pardon. people who are close to cohen and familiar with his thinking have flat out denied that time and time again. they have said the way that you would get a pardon is not by angering the president and st sticking a thumb in his eye. if he were to get a pre-pardon he would be subpoenaed and would not be able to plead the fifth. that's according to all of my reporting he has taken offer the table. on the other side you have president trump's camp and there was a school of thought on friday when the reportings were first relaeased and rudy giuliai was the only person on the record describing the subject matter. he was able to control the narrative for a few days until la lanny davis put it out this
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week. it was a smart tactic to define the narrative even though we know there are questions raised about the narrative that he laid out there. what you have is a complicated set of motivations from each side. characters on each side that are not necessarily the most trustworthy or have the greatest credibility and try and determine who leaked what when is a difficult game. i will say that from my reporting in the cohen world of the past 24 hours after this relation last night about what michael cohen may not about the trump tower meeting, they have said over and over again we did not leak this because this does not serve us. to have this out in the public was not our strategy. we wanted to be able to go to the special counsel, robert mueller with this information. it doesn't serve us to have this out in the public. it's possible, in some way, that it does serve president trump to have one of the most damaging things out there perhaps to
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control the narrative and make it more difficult to michael cohen to cooperate. if he's not going to cooperate then maybe the president can breathe a little easier tonight. >> the only problem with conversations, the likes of which we're having here is, it's about the mechanics of leaking and we're forgetting the story in chief is oh, yeah, by the way. it's alleged the president had a heads up on russians coming to his office building in new york prior to him becoming president with dirt on his opponent. one donald trump has been silent but for his twitter feed this week. >> right. given his no collusion mantre that he's put forward time and time again, there could hardly be a more damaging allegation that he was aware in advance his campaign was endevouring to get damaging political intelligence about his opponent from russians
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and russians that i believe his own family had been told had some connection to the russian government. there's no question this would injure his narrative if people believe it. i think the problem is as emily points out there's a need for some additional corroboration. the figures krebltds are not familiar high and made a number of statements not to be accurate. the real question is not whether michael cohen has stories that could damage the president but whether he could lead other federal investigators to provable facts to oir sourther of information that could allow them to assemble a damaging case against the president. if it's stories he's telling michael cohen, i don't think it's going to be that damage. >> now the jill winebanks. if there's a short version of this answer, if it's answerable, if your view how has cohen's
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case changed this week since tuesday? how has trump's case changed this week? >> i would say that cohen is in the same position he was in terms of whatever evidence exists against him but that he has put himself in a better position because if he really does have the willingness to testify that he was in the room when donald trump senior learned about the meeting in trump tower and if he will identify the other people who, rumor has it, were also in the room it means it's not his word against the president's word and as everybody has pointed out, they both have credibility issues. rudy giuliani is saying that cohen is a pathological liar and he knows that because cohen lied for his client for many years, which is not exactly a very sfro strong defense.
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what does that make the client who hired the lawyer to lie for him? they both have credibility issues. if he can identify the other witnesses, it means there's a really credible case. if i'm viewing this as a trial lawyer, jurors really can make logical conclusions. the evidence at this point is getting very compelling that there was a clear willingness to accept help from the russians to win the election, to collude with them as the public is calling it or enter into a conspiracy with them, which is what the crime is. it's gone to the stage where really getting somewhere now and could have a very significant case. >> emily, the counselor is right. last night watching rudy giuliani on cnn, it was straight up character assassination. calling a person who was up until recently, the personal trusted lawyer of the man who became president, a pathological
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liar. if you believe the theory that the leaks have come from the trump camp, that would hold this is the worst, most damagie inin stuff to tell the feds. your report is cohen is sitting on top of a treasure-trove. is that a promise or a threat or did they not characterize that? >> i think it's both. i think there's a combination of things that's happening now. cohen had been preparing since early july for the onslaught that we're now seeing. he ahead world from people in the president's orbit that this kind of character assassination was coming. he wanted to be ready to combat it. as he's said, he has a family to protect. he has a duty that he feels he wants to serve to his country and he wants to smack back, if he's smacked. he feels right now he's the most under siege from someone who he
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was incredibly loyal to for more than a decade and he doesn't want to take it anymore. like we saw last week, if rudy giuliani is going to come out and categorize a tape like this, perhaps leak it or control the narrative then he's going to release the tape in two days and try and correct the record. he said to people who are close to him, if they want to keep playing this game, i'll play it and i'll play it to win. that is what i think if rudy giuliani and the trump surrogates around him continue to, this character assassination we saw last night then we'll continue to see the kind of behavior we have seen from cohen in the last week. >> i have to you a question because you're still young and you have your whole question before you. maggie talked about the culture of corrosive lying, surrounding the story on both sides. does it get to you? you're writing down some of the these quotes that become the news of the day.
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>> i think as all reporters are doing right now, you're just trying to get to the truth and that is the hardest thing to do right now because there's so many people who are not honest brokers in this whole set of characters. all we can do is try to get to the truth of the matter and trust who you think should be trusted. it's wearing but it is worst the wear and tear that it takes. >> all right josh. next week begins the manafort trial unless we're looking at another delay. what stood out to you, if anything, if anyone on the witness list? >> well, it's going to be a cavalcade of people. you're going to see people that specialize in high end
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landscaping and half million dollars that manafort spent on that. it's really going to be sort of a lifestyles of rich and famous episode with one after another of these individuals coming in and testifying not just that manafort spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their product but the method of payment was highly unusual. we had these exhibits come out publicly yesterday where people have written in in long hand these funds were transferred from some strangely named account in cypress to cover these bills. whether they be for home improvement or a mercedes-benz for $30,000. not the way people pay for these even if they are lucky to have the money to do so. >> these are public servants who are going to be putting themselves and their argument
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forward at trial. wefr one of the lawye every one of the lawyers in this case could improve their salary in the private sector especially with the pearl of any association to the mueller investigation on their resume. they will lay it all on the line. this is a ver very closely watched trial. first of the mueller effort. >> it is. every one of them is deck indicate e -- dedicated to finding the truth. it's going to be a very exciting week. if i could go back to something that was said, i want to address why possibly trump would have leaked this. it's because one of the first things that a trial lawyer learns is that if you have bad news or bad facts, it's better to get them out yourself first. don't wait to have to take it on
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cross exami-examination cross-examination. it's much for effective in front of a jury for you to put it out and in way this is happened, they did have a couple of days of their narrative sort of explaining way this very bad, for example, the tape. then you hear the tape and you go, whoa. it's not like what rudy giuliani said. that's completely off, but after two days of hearing it, his base will believe that what he said is true. they will pay no attention to what they actually heard on the tape. that is a reason why he might have gone ahead with it. the other thing is the value of cohen is not diminished by these leaks because he still has to be a witness in a trial. it's not enough even to have the tape. someone had to explain the tape and someone has to say did the president say use cash or don't use cash. he's the one that could do that because he's the other party to
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this conversation. i don't think it hurts his value as a witness and he still will be valuable and if he wants to make a deal with mueller, i think mueller would find him very interesting. >> our thanks to the members of our lead offer pan panel late o friday night. coming up, more talk of another u.s.-russia summit. this white house says the president is open to a visit to moscow. lord knows he's been there before. later with midterms fast approaching, the administration says foreign interference in our election will not be tolerated. we'll try to arrive at a definition of that when we come back on a friday night. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop.
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we mentioned this before the break, vladmir putin has invited trump to moscow. white house press secretary released statement after the invite from putin that read president trump looks forward to having president putin to washington after the first of the year and he is open to visiting moscow upon receiving a formal invitation. just hours after that statement went out, president trump actually met with his national security council on the topic of election security. that was a first meeting of its type for this presidency. after the meeting the white house released statement that did not mention russia but read this part, "the president has
8:24 pm
made it clear his administration will not tolerate foreign sbr s interference from malicious actors. the headline says trump administration has no central strategy for election security and no one's in charge. that's pretty direct. even members of trump's national security cabinet have acknowledged the need for a central unifying effort, one experts say is missing. the government has failed to take steps necessary to give the russians second thoughts about intervening in u.s. politics. author of the plot to destroy democracy. how putin and his spies are
8:25 pm
undermining america and dismantling the west. these guys are a lot of fun. trust me. are we getting played before putin ever dealt with our invitation to come to washington, which was smartly delayed after mcconnell and the speaker of the house visited the president. the president's now been invited to moscow, of all the places on the planet. >> as i've talked about on this show, president putin owns president trump. he's pushed him both directions and set him up in these scenarios. i'm not sure that president trump minds. you could see this coming. i mean this play was going to be there and every time these overtures are made and pulled back, it puts russia in a very
8:26 pm
strong position where they can make these challenges. they can push these things. when you say russia do you have those e-mails? i think it was two years ago. when you make that statement it puts you in a weak hand if you become the elected official. you have someone across the ocean who has been influencing the election and who is manipulating the system whether it's information in foreign policy around the worlds in ways that are to the detriment of the united states. it makes president trump looks like he has weak scenario. they probably wanted to delay it for the midterms. the reaction was not good here in the united states, republican or democrat to that helsinki summit. now president putin puts it out there. do you go to moscow right before the midterm elections. it probably isn't good strategy for the president. >> it was two years ago today in response to a question from k i
8:27 pm
katie tur who just anchored. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> malcolm, we were all around back then and in the media, i think it's fair to say, it was kind of passed off. it was laughed off. how do you think history will end up judging that moment in the trump campaign in. >> well, happy russia if you're listening day. i think it will resonate throughout history just like that. to be honest, just 24, almost 36 hours before on this network, we made the first warning that this was a russian attack on the united states and on the electorate.
8:28 pm
i know by that morning we were taking it pretty seriously on air. i don't think people understand the capacity of these foreign actors in this case, russia in creating not just a social media storm where the media just took off after it but also creating the meta narrative around the entire election that hillary clinton's e-mail ws were bad an they just played on our own freedom of speech. weaponized it and used it against us. that's why we have a situation of the president of the united states may be be holden to a foreign power. >> how's it going to go down with your colleagues and members of your life's work that national security advisor in the white house is now kind of trolling the public schomueller investigation by using the
8:29 pm
phrase witch hunt? >> there's never been a national security advisor who is so blatantly and openly political in this way. john bolton just came out and used witch hunt right out there as if this was a legitimate way of doing governance in his position. it's dimly looked down upon, believe me. there's a lot of people in the community and i'm sure throughout the political world who were astonished at this. russia has to be delighted because now this means the narrative of the entirety of the trump administration from top to bottom, in every aspect of government from national security all the way over to the guy who is cleaning over at the gsa, everything is now a witch hunt. that plays to our opponents. >> clint, i have to read you a headline from new york times. russian hackers appear to shift
8:30 pm
focus to u.s. power grid. that gets your attention. his lead sentence is state sponsored russian hackers appear far more interested, that's what got my attention, far more interested in year in demonstrating they can disrupt the american electric grid than the mid term elections and he goes onto say u.s. intelligence officials and technology company executives. what do you make of that? >> they are trying to build options of whether it's warfare or negotiation. a lot of times you'll hear people say they didn't turn out the power. they're not doing an act of war. this is leverage you can have. what do we have to do? we have to check all of our electric systems to make sure there isn't a foreign adversary in those systems and we to safeguard against that. that's a negotiation tool they can use in terms of dealing with us. what's important to recognize is that hacking is going to continue but the targets will probably shift.
8:31 pm
in the 2018 midterms, sure, i imagine that the russians will do some sort of audio sustainment. they will repeat the familiartifamilianarratives that are pro-russian. what they can gain is building additional capability. going after things the power grid, water, other utilitiesi, looking into other sources of information or hitting our financial system. those are things that are different capabilities. have seen them use this sort of attac attacks. ukraine is always the test bed. >> thanks to two really smart
8:32 pm
guys who live and work in a scary world. clint watts here and malcolm nance who has written all the books behind him. i think we all agree the house of representatives deserves a month off. the republicans heading home determined to hold onto their seats come the mid term elections. this is not a bed.
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so many things have taken place. the economy is the strongest every. i think that's going to have a very positive impact. i'm going to work very hard. i'll go six or seven days a week when we're 60 days out. i'll be campaigning for these great people that do have a difficult race. we think we're going to bring him over the line. >> that was an important thing. donald trump speaking in friendly confines of sean hannity show. the members of the house back in their districts. the president is trying to shift the focus to the midterms. he intends to play up the economy. we saw two things this week. the president supporting various candidates via twitter continued tonight and the president willing to fix or back away from some potential midterm land mines. for starters and after that visit from the republican congressional leadership he postponed the invitation for
8:37 pm
putin to visit washington. he deescalated a trade war with the eu and offered farmers have $12 billion bail out package to offset the cost of tariffs. this is important too. republicans have reason to be worried, quote, with 102 days to go democrats remain substantial favorites for house control. a big reason republicans are depending 42 open or vacant seats. a record since 1930. welcome to you both. jonath jonathan, is there way you can put the republican level of concern, put it this way, what do you think the president heard from mcconnell and ryan behind closed doors in the oval office? >> certainly house republicans are very concerned about losing
8:38 pm
their majority. for mitch mcconnell there's an outside shot they would lose their majority. they are trying to build up as many votes they can for the president. i think the president is treating the midterm lelections as though he's on the ballot. he knows if one of those chambers of congress flips, his agenda will be put on ice between 2018 and 2020. he filed for re-election on inauguration day. he's been holding political rallies earlier and more frequently than past presidents have in advance of the midterms. he says he will be out on the trail six or seven days a week. he understands his own political fortunes and the fate of his agenda rests on his ability to have a republican house and senate going into 2019. >> nancy, i want to show you
8:39 pm
three states nbc marist polling that's just coming in. michigan, minnesota, wisconsin. trump is under water in those three states right now. let me ask the question a different way, do you think the president accepts and is willing to be a realist about being a potential drag? >> absolutely not. we saw that with his comments on sean hannity's radio program. he said he was going to go out there six or seven times a week. the irony is a lot of these candidates don't want him to go to their states. a lot of them want to run on things that perhaps the trump presidency can take some credit for like conservative jundges o the tax bill but they don't want the picture of trump in their district. he's inserting himself in races where it will be much trickier.
8:40 pm
i think he has caught on to the idea that his political fortunes are very much linked with republican staying in control of congress. that's true of the house which a lot of election experts expect will flip to democrats. >> jonathan, a senior lifelong democrat said to me yesterday, remember no one can lose like the democrats and since you are co-author of one of the chronicals of the last major democratic loss, we should probably put a giant asterisk on this conversation and we should emphasize these are individual house district races. your results may vary, correct? >> that's absolutely right. you're trying to get to add up the 23 seats the democrats need
8:41 pm
to take the house, you can see them pick up seats on the east coast and west coast. in order to dplflip that chairm they'll have to win some tough contests in the midwest and heart land. a lot of battle you'll see is going to be in that sort of center part of the country. the one difference i would say between a presidential election and congressional elections is that in congressional elections sometimes you can win just by being against the president of the united states because people want to put break on what that president is doing. >> nancy, i know you took creative writing as a young journalist on your way up. with that in mind, how does donald trump spin a loss of
8:42 pm
majority the day after the election? doesn't that make it wartime footing and doesn't that just change everything? >> yeah. it would make it a wartime footing opinion i feel like it's a bit early to say that how he's going to spin it. in the meantime what he's doing to do is what he started doing already in the last 24 hours. he's started talking about how democrats will abolish i.c.e. how they will raise taxes. he's starting to make the argument which congressional republicans have been wanting him to make for months is really focusing on the economy and we saw that this morning at the press conference where he talked about the great gdp numbers. they want him to stick to that message. he's not great at staying on message and staying disciplined. we saw him at one tax cut touting speech, throw a speech up in the air and say this is boring. if he can stick to that, no could help republicans in a lot
8:43 pm
of these vulnerable districts. >> our thanks for joining us on a friday night at tend of another workweek. coming up for us, 44 years ago today. washington was consumed by a different controversy. it was the day house members started voting on whether or not to impeach the president of the united states. a look back when we come back. c. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. when it comes to strong bones, are you on the right path? we have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, so with our doctors we chose prolia® to help make our bones stronger.
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it has been an extremely busy week of fast breaking news on multiple fronts. with us to talk about where all of this leaves u jos, john meac. john, thank you for coming on. gentlemen, we both know michael has a very active and educational twitter feed. he pointed out following to us. we'll put it up on the screen. house judiciary votes to
8:47 pm
recommend president nixon's i h impeachment. he included the next day's new york times front page treatment. we don't have to draw any parallels but the question is how much more real did things get this week? >> then or now or both? >> today in current time. >> sometimes july '74 seems better. i think it got realer, to a use a very elegant literary term. what we forget sometimes in the malstrom of what we do and the tsunami of information is these things take a good bit of time from june 17th, 1972 until august 19th, 1974 was 27 months.
8:48 pm
legal time does not work along the same geological spectrum as political time. we want a decision. we want to finish a news cycle. legal time takes longer. if i found out my lawyer had been taping me and a special prosecutor of the stature of robert mueller had access, i would go down as not a good week. >> one of the great bromides is the here rows of watergate were republicans. it's true. if you had to extend that to president day, venture any names you'd care to guess?
8:49 pm
>> no. i'm a little counter intuitive even on that. there were seven republicans on this date in 1974 who voted for article 1 of impeachment against president nixon which was the most significant one and the one had it gone to the senate would have passed. bill cohen was one of those republicans of maine. hamilton fish of new york. we have talked it, there's this legend about how barry goldwater and hugh scott and john rods went down to the white house to tell nixon this support wasn't there anymore. that was august 6th, august 5th. one of the things and i think this is worth everybody remembering is about politics and law moving differently. things at summit part start to snowball. what happened for nixon in july
8:50 pm
of '74 was the house judiciary committee who was doing everything we could be be fair about it and move with some deliberation, in themonth, this week, we're also celebrating thefry of this, the supreme court said that nich on had to turn over the tapes. and of those tapes was the great smoking gun tape where nixon actually says, we're going to use the cia to block the fbi from investigating the break-in. it led to the obstruction charge. and insofar as there is if not a parallel at least one of mark twain's historical rips you know it doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes, i do think what we saw this week in trumpland was the beginnings maybe even the middle of what an obstruction case might look like. we know -- we've always suspected he knew a great deal more about what was going on around him than he's let on.
8:51 pm
and i think we're beginning to see how an evidentiary trail may actually bring that home to us. >> and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we make it a habit to invite jon meacham on our broadcast. thank you very much. as you a pleasure. >> thanks, brian. >> we're back with more right after this. the chili pepper sweat-out. not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort,and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment. omar, check this out. uh, yeah, i was calling to see if you do laser hair removal. for men. notice that my hips are off the ground. [ engine revving ] and then, i'm gonna pike my hips back into downward dog.
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an update we promised you last evening, after months of separation, the federal government has been told it has completed step one of family reunification. federal judge in california said "the government deserves great credit for being able to reunite over 1800 children with their parents. still in question, the 650 children considered ineligible for reunification. of that number, 431 parents most of those parents are already out of the country. the u.s. district judge in this case dana sabra today told the government lawyers step two must about finding those parents.
8:55 pm
also unclear what happens to be 1,000 families who have been reunited but who have been given immediate orders of removal. the judge has yet to rule on a request by the aclu for a seven-day waiting period before families are deported. a temporary halt on deportations remains in place. aclu arced the waiting period is critical for parents to meet with lawyers to determine if they can seek formal asylum in this country. the judge told the lawyers there's a third step here, as well. he says the federal government has to make sure a situation like this never happens again. he placed blame squarely on the departments of health and human services, homeland security, and justice. for a lack of communication, protocol and procedure. he said today what was lost in this process was the families. another break and coming up, the reason why so many people around the world were looking up today when we continue.
8:56 pm
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something beautiful that happened earlier today. more specifically, something that was visible to a good portion of the earth for over an hour. it was a gorgeous and especially lengthy eclipse of the moon. while it happened at mid afternoon here on the east coast, it was a spectacular show for those who happened to be in the eastern hemisphere. during totality when the moon was cast in the shadow of the when the moon was cast in the shadow of the earth, it was illuminated by red light filtered by the earth's surrounding atmosphere. one of the best ins of this eclipse was taken and this is really no fair, by a german astronaut who happens to be one of only six humans who are closer to the moon than all the rest of us because they are right now on board the international space station. the next eclipse that we get to see here in north america is on january 21st of next year.
9:00 pm
our thinking on this tonight was after the week we've had, what a nice way to send you off into the good night. so with that, that's our broadcast on a friday night and for this week. thank you so very much for being here with us. have a good weekend and good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. >> thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. rachel has the night off. today at the white house, president trump presided over his first ever national security council meeting on election security. a major topic the president has not exactly prioritized and we can't show you any pictures of the meeting. the white house did reese the list of attendees afterwards including mike pence, secretary of state mike pompeo, jim mattis along with other top national security officials and released a statement noting trump got updates on the whole of government approach his administration is implementing


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