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tv   MSNBC Live With David Gura  MSNBC  August 4, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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welcome back, everybody. at msnbc headquarters in new york. protecting the house. the president traveling to high today as part of the gop's all-out effort to protect a congressional seat that shouldn't need protecting. but with a special election just three days from now, will tell us about november's midterms just three months from now. the king and oy. president trump attacking lebron james on twitter, triggering swift backlash from basketball legend michael jordan and from politicians on both sides of the aisle. moments ago, the first lady's spokesperson weighing in on the controversy. does she agree with her husband? and roger that, why he once interviewed a woman once known as the manhattan madam with close ties to roger stone. rudy giuliani says president trump will reach a decision about whether he'll sit down for an interview with the special counsel in ten days time.
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rudy giuliani tells nbc news he's going to spend the weekend crafting his response to robert mueller. also on bob mueller's radar, kristin davis, the man known as the manhattan madam, she met with the special counsel's team this week, investigators reportedly looking at her relationship with president trump's longtime confidant roger stone. the president is taking a break from his break here on summer vacation to campaign in ohio today. one of the 21 states targeted by russian hackers during the 2016 presidential election. joining me now, two powerhouse political reporters. msnbc contributors jeremy peters is with the new york timgs. betsy woodruff is with the daily beast. betsy, let me start with you and the statement from stephanie grisham we saw in a tweet from the white house correspondent for the ap indicating that the first lady disagrees with the president when it comes to lebron james and what he's been doing out in ohio and around the country. how do you read into this? this is a week where we've seen a lot of discord. the president saying one thing. his advisers saying another.
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given that, what does this say to you, other than the fact there might be marital discord on this issue between the president and the first lady? >> it's the latest instance of melania trump sort of quietly and to be fair quite subtlety thinking a little bit of daylight between herself and her husband when it comes to some of these issues. in the past, she telegraphed skepticism or concern about the family separation issue. although there's no evidence she played a role in changing the president's mind or she had a -- she led on that, she did indicate she was uncomfortable with that incredibly controversial policy. additionally, her spokeswoman put out a statement suggesting that melania trump might actually watch cnn. the president's top villain. he likes to go after that net work. and now of course we have melania trump sort of indicating there is some daylight between herself and the president on the question of lebron james. this shouldn't necessarily be a shock, in part because the first lady has made care for children the central part of her brand as first lady of the united states.
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so for her to join in her husband going after a man who went on television to talk about the school that he has set up and the investments that he's put in place for at risk youth matches with the way that melania's presenting herself as first lady, but of course seeing this type of difference between the president and his wife on an issue that the president seems to care about significantly is itself quite extraordinary. >> jeremy, weigh in on this. i'm looking at this statement. all that's missing is the hash tag be best at the end of it. i just don't know what to make of it. drawing the parallel to what we saw earlier this week when we had five members of the president's national security team going up and saying one thing and the president hours later contradicting what they said, their professional opinion. what should we read into this, do you think? >> well, look, melania trump has always been a bit of an enigma. think she prefers it that way. she's somebody who has carefully avoided the spotlight only to kind of pick her moments and
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choose them i think in a very strategic way. let's not forget what she did with the slogan on the back of her coat, i don't really care, do you. as she was headed down to the border to visit the children. we still don't really know what that means. was that a message to her husband? was that a message to the press? was it a message to trump haters? as i said, she is just an enigma. i think what's so interesting and perhaps telling about this dispute that trump has picked with lebron james on twitter is it fits a pattern, david. they'll just lay a few of these out for you. you have john lewis who president trump tweeted about as being all talk, talk, talk. you have maxine waters. a very extraordinarily low iq individual. you have fredricka wilson, the florida representative he called wacky. you have la var ball, the basketball player's father, trump called a poor man's don king. i mean, there is a pattern here.
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he is apparently triggered very easily by blacks when they come after him. >> betsy, i want you to react to that. you look at the president. he pokes at, jabs at all kinds of people you could say from across the spectrum. when it comes to people of color, as jeremy's say, the attacks fall into a clear narrative here. that low iq maxine waters thing is something he returns to. we heard it when he was in pennsylvania this week. when he was speaking in barry. >> the president seemed to relish going after high-profile african-american people who criticize him. arguably his single biggest target over the last few months has been the nfl when many african-american players have protested police violence by kneeling dur the national anthem. trump has made that a core issue rather than tweeting necessarily about tax reform or things that you might think voters would deeply care about. the president has brought it up. has endeavored to wreck the nfl
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issue even after the league itself changed the policy to keep these protests from happening. even when the league isn't even playing. when it's in the off season. the president still seems to relish going after african-american athletes. it's something that he just seems to always jump at. something he seems to prioritize. this is unusual. this is not typical behavior for a president. presidents don't normally go after private citizens or people who participate in sports. but trump does it again and again. i think that's part of the reason, he gets so much criticism from people in the civil rights community. >> there's a lot at play here. hub ris is one part of it. i was talking to congressman ryan from the 13th district in ohio a few moments ago. as the president prepares to go to ohio, insulting one of its favorite athletes who's probably not the wisest thing for the president to do. let's talk a bit about what's going to greet the president when he shows up there in the high school gymnasium in ohio,
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begins to stump for balderson, the republican candidate in thespection election that takes place tuesday. i bring up the wilk bettes berr rally again. when he talked about the boring stuff, namely the election that's going to take place in pennsylvania. how much do you expect this to focus on the special election? how much do ohioans want to hear about ohio from the president? >> i think the president is probably going to do what he usually does in these situations. and that's talk primarily about himself. i think this race is a real conundrum for republicans. this is about the purest test you're going to get for exactly what the climate will be, come november, for republicans and whether or not they have any hope at all of holding on to the house of representatives. >> you think this isn't just a special election and by virtue of that all this attention is being focused on it?
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>> i absolutely think it will. key republicans, including some in the white house, see it that way too. if you have a republican loss here, that is going to send a panic through the party. no doubt about it. and right now, the polls are dead even. and that's why president trump is headed there. he really has -- as far as the party strategist, he really has no choice. this is a hail mary. send the president in and see what he can do. because really they have no other option at this point. >> how much enthusiasm is there among most republicans to have the president out there stumping for them? yes, the president has tweeted about balderson a couple of times today. he did yesterday i believe after tweeting about a candidate who's not running on tuesday in the special election. what should we make of his level of investment in these races and the receptiveness that these republican candidates have for them coming to their districts? >> it very much depends on the
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districts. you have two types of republicans sort of writ large in the house. republicans who would benefit from having trump show up in their district and republicans who perhaps are a little more nervous about it. you might look at car bello in florida who has a challenging re-election. will hurd in south texas who also is very much far from being a lock. it's unlikely we'll see trump show up in either of those districts. mimi walters in california who's a very powerful member of the house who also is in -- you know, has a challenging re-election bid, and likely would not benefit from the president's presence in her district. it's a big country. there are republicans from all sorts of backgrounds and districts. every district is a little bit different. but of course there are many districts that do stand where the president's presence does potentially stand to be quite an asset for members. it's kind of the question here, especially in districts like this one in ohio where it's very much close. is the president more of a feature or a bug. does the president materializing in these districts have potentially the adverse effect
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of galvanizing democratic voters? bringing those people to the polls because they're frustrated to see the president in their backyard. we can theorize about that stuff. we'll see what happens in a couple days. i think very much perhaps the biggest sign that we'll get from this particular special election is just how much of an asset can the president actually be to members of his party running in complicated districts. >> the president is on vacation. with the caveat i'm not a member of the meteorological society. the weather here has been soupy. he hasn't been able to golf like he wanted to. he's been alone with his thoughts. i think we've seen that with all tweets we woke up to this morning. i want to ask you what he's grappling with. he was promised a final verdict here on whether or not the lawyers are going to advise the president to testify or consent to an interview here with bob mueller. give us the state of play on that. this has been an eight-month back and forth. it's been an incremental thing. where do things stand as you see it now? >> the show goes on, right?
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we saw rudy giuliani out, saying the other day that they will decide within the next week or ten days whether or not to grant mueller an interview. i don't know, david, that i buy this notion that the president is eager to sit down. we know early on in the process when the investigation, special counsel investigation began, the president did not want to. i think he and his advisers say this because they think it projects innocence and strength. but, you know, this will be a key test here. and i think it will be another one of those episodes, whether you are a trump supporter or you loathe the president. that's how you will absorb this news. it's going to be just like the rest of the russia investigation. it will move no one's opinion and, in fact, only make people dig deeper in on their opinions of this president. >> my thanks to both of you, i appreciate it. jeremy peters and betsy woodruff
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joining me on this saturday. some disparaging t-shirts were removed from washington, d.c.'s museum, after that institution faced major backlash from journalism. one shirt read, you are very fake news. the shirts were among the top selling items in the museum's gift shop, a long with donald trump's signature make america great again hats. the newseum has apologized in a tweet, writing, we have made a mistake. a free press is an essential part of our democracy and journalists are not the enemy of the people. up next, the interview, and what it would take for the president to sit down with bob mueller. ♪
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collusion between me and my campaign and the russians. it was a short meeting. so i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. but nothing happened from the meeting. zero happened from the meeting. >> nothing illegal about that. each even if it comes from a russian or german or american, it doesn't matter. they never used it is the main thing. never used it. they reject it. >> what exactly would the crime here be? it's not illegal to talk to foreigners. nobody's claiming that any information changed hands. though even if it did, so what. >> they're not going to be colluding about russians. which i'm not even sure if that's a crime, colluding about russians. you start analyzing the crime. the hacking is the crime. >> trump today following his lawyer rudy giuliani's lead in pushing a new defense. not so much with the solution, but as he tweeted this morning, collusion is not a crime. trump adds, that doesn't matter because there was no collusion
12:17 pm
except by crooked hillary and the democrats. >> this weekend, the debate over whether or not president trump will sit down for an interview with the special counsel and his team comes to a head. rudy giuliani telling nbc news he's spending saturday and sunday coming up with the response to robert mueller's latest request for an interview. joining us now, former u.s. attorney greg bower and legal analyst danny cevallos. just out with this piece, great headline, encapsulating where we are. trump at a precarious moment in his presidency privately brooding and publicly roaring. greg, let me start with you. you heard the way the notions of collusion have evolved i think you could say over these last many months. i want to get you sense of the argument giuliani's making. what's he weighing when it comes to this interview? whether or not you think he's going to define the terms? >> i really don't think so. i think to most federal
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prosecutors, it's sort of a joke that the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation could dictate the terms of an interview. given the president's special status as commander in chief and as the chief executive, you know, it may be that in order to get his interview, the mueller team is willing to negotiate some things around the margins. but the bottom line is the trump legal team is not going to be able to dictate how an interview goes. if one happens. >> danny, what do you make of what giuliani's been saying? he was talking about the evolution of these last many months. there's been constant evolution this week in terms of what rudy giuliani has said. in what courtroom is he waging battle? is it in the traditional court or the public court? is that his primary purpose at this point? >> it appears to be. from the beginning, i cannot picture rudy giuliani going to the warehouse where the banker's boxes worth of documents are and reviewing them and going through
12:19 pm
the gritty work, defense work, that the other attorneys must be going through. i think more than anything, rudy's out there, trying to put together a dialogue. the other thing, part of that dialogue i think is very important to point out is this. if he's saying, hey, we've been talking about sitting down for an interview, we've been talking about sitting down for an interview, i have scheduled these interviews with u.s. attorneys and here's -- i mean, it's just like what was just said. this is what i imagine that dialogue going. here are our demands, that is what we want. the mueller team's like, yeah, whatever. and then they say, we have that demands. and the mueller team says, whatever, the terms are the terms. you never get to dictate terms with u.s. attorneys. they make verdict wale no promises. it's the worst sounding contract. we offer you virtually nothing, may not prosecute you for the words that come out of your
12:20 pm
mouth. it's a very grim process. the decision a defense attorney to sit his client down is one of the toughest decisions defense attorneys make. >> i heard you laughing. you've been on the other side of this. you've been in on those interviews, what danny described there. >> i would agree, 100%. i would imagine that i've never had a conversation like that during my time as u.s. attorney with one of my ausa's because they would never bring to me the offer. it's a nonstarter even at the ausa level. i think unfortunately for mr. giuliani, and this is a dangerous thing and a high stakes matter like this. he seems to really not know the facts. simply doesn't know what he's talking about oftentimes when he's on the air. speaking on behalf of his client. in my estimation, that's a dangerous thing in a serious matter like this. >> greg brower, i want to return to what was in that headline. that is the president publicly
12:21 pm
roaring. i want to read one of his tweets that continues to resonate i think. the one in which he calls out attorney general jeff sessions. he says this is a terrible situation and they should stop this rigged witch hunt before it continues to stain the country any further. bob muler is totally conflicted. it's a disgrace to usa. i was fascinated by the way giuliani and the white house spun this. that is to say this is the president expressing his opinion. he was not ordering his attorney general to do anything. just want to know what you make of that argument. i guess in a sense it's a legal argument there. they're say ignore this. this isn't something that has legal weight. what do you make of that distinction? >> well, interestingly, despite what the president may have intended and it's a curious thing for the commander in chief to say something like that via twitter and not really mean it. but the impact i think is what's the most important aspect of this. the impact of course is the
12:22 pm
attorney, the deputy attorney general, the fbi director, have, it appears, ignored that command or suggestion or opinion or whatever you want to call it. and that will continue to be the case in my view as this is just background noise that doj leadership is simply ignoring. >> thanks to you as well. telling just how it is in the office. you show up and there's no negotiation over the terms of the interview. up next, attacking lebron james. he wrote these words, i like mike. keep in mind this is a four-time nba mvp, a three-time nba champion and two-time olympic gold medalist. michael jordan responded. what he had to say about what the president said next. this is the ocean.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. what i noticed over the last few months, that he's kind of used sport to kind of divide us and that's something i can't relate to because i know that sport was the first time i ever was around someone white. you know, and i got an opportunity to see them and learn about them and they got an opportunity to learn about me and we became very good friends. and i was, like, oh, wow this is
12:27 pm
all because of sports. sports has never been something that divides people. it's always been something that brings someone together. >> last night's re-air of cnn's one on one interview with lebron james must have struck a chord with president trump. he just tweeted, james was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, don lemon. the unveiling of a new elementary school he founded in his hometown of akron ohio. now, firing back in a tweet, saying, who's the real dummy? a man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages. and nba legend michael jordan, reticent to weigh in on politics, tells nbc news he supports l.j. he's doing an amazing job for his community. but here's the pivot. james is an icon and sports hero from ohio where the president will rally his base later today in a last-minute effort to help republicans save a must win
12:28 pm
house seat in the 12th district. was the president's tweet just an insult or red meat for his base ahead of that visit? joining me is tyler tines along with democratic strategist joel payne. tyler, let me start with you. i want to focus on what we heard from lebron james in the clip at the top. sports historically, traditionally, being this unifying force. what has the president been doing with sports? how has he up-ended that over the course of the administration? >> i think it's a little bit shaky to assume that the president himself is the one that's up-ending all of sports. this environment has always existed in the united states throughout the entire history we've seen black people. the athletes are only here to entertain us. but at the same time, we are seeing a new difference in what the presidency is doing and using governmental power. this is no longer fodder for a red base. this is no longer words he's using before rallies. this is policy and sweeping across the political right where republicans all over the country are using this in attack ads,
12:29 pm
using this to raise campaign dollars, to the point where the president is disinviting athletes from the white house. it's no longer just fodder. we have to believe this is policy from the right. a directive from trump. and that is only going to become worse as time goes on. >> i want to get your reaction to this. you've been on the receiving end of this from affiliates of president trump. he used that slur when speaking to you on fox news just a few weeks back. i want to have you look at the lines that jeremy peters, a guess i had on just a few minutes, drew. when the president talks about people of color, talks about african-americans, the insults tend to be one note. we hear his insults about congressman maxine water. he continues to call her a low i.q. individual. he has insulted other athletes including colin kaepernick. what's your take on what happened late last night? what it says about the president's perspective about race more generally? >> david, the president has weaponized race.
12:30 pm
okay. there's no doubt about it. and i think jeremy's observation earlier this hour was spot on. for whatever reason. when strong powerful important african-american voices speak up and challenge this president, he has a problem with them. but he also goes right at their intelligence and their capability. and that is a message to his base that's more than dog whistling. the metaphors pour out of you when you think about what this president is doing and how he is trying to divide and hurt this country by ripping at the seams of racism. so you're absolutely right when you say this is a president who feels like this is an issue that he can serve up as red meat to his base. there's no doubt about it. >> tyler, let me ask you about who's meeting. in ohio, home of the pioneers.
12:31 pm
oleng olentangy high school in ohio. how worried about that are you at this point? the audience for what the president's tweeting and what he's saying? >> the same people who voted for the president are going to be the same people who are receptive to this. the president is a racist. the president is a liar. the president is using white supremacy as his sword and shield to attack black athletes and black penal. the president has shown over and over again he doesn't like black people. it doesn't matter that white people all over america are happy that donald trump is president. or even ashamed because white people are the people that did this to the country. so we have to sit back and just let it rock. but the point about it is athletes like lebron james, colin kaepernick and so many other kneeling protesting black athletes are going to take their individual time to see how they're going to sort this out with the president. lebron james' measures are economic. he stopped going to trump hotels on the road. no longer going to the white house. that's his measure of things. so now we have to see how this
12:32 pm
goes forward into the nfl season, to the nba season and see if we're still going to get any on court demonstrations because the biggest issue is not what the president is saying, the biggest issue is not just the policy that he's putting out, it's that black people are being murdered everywhere by police. that is how we started. let's not get away from it. let's remember exactly why we are here. >> i want to ask you about the leadership deficit on this issue in particular. donald trump's predecessor spoke to this from a particular perspective as the first african-american president of this country but his predecessors also talked about race. donald trump is not doing that. he's not doing it as something that needs to change or we need to move forward on. when you look at the leadership of this president, how acutely felt is that deficit? not having somebody in that role who's leading this country and what needs to change? >> not only a lack of leadership data, but also somebody who targets race, right. again, he weaponizes race. we haven't had a president who has used this as a tactic since
12:33 pm
woodrow wilson. okay. this is a president who sounds more like bull conner than anybody we've ever had occupy the oval office. and let's not forget where we started this week. this is about lebron james, opening up schools in his community, showing that leadership that you're alluding to. opening up schools in his community to help at-risk children. so the president has decided, that's the platform to go and attack lebron james, attack his intelligence, and, again, rip at the oldest and most stubborn sore that this country has never been able to fully heal. that's presidential leadership in 2018 from donald trump. >> tyler, i'm going to go to you -- >> -- somewhat any different from other white presidents and what they do. donald trump is a blip and something different, but let's not sit here and think these aren't the same generations of white people who voted in george bush, who voted in the clintons. white presidents can be racist. because white people can be racist. we don't have to give trump an
12:34 pm
excuse or a pet stole that he's a different sort of -- >> tyler, if you are sitting here and trying to lum donald trump in with everybody else, i think you're missing the big picture here. donald trump is the most apparent threat to african-americans in this country that we've ever seen. that's why african-americans feel ek cluded from this president. he's not george h.w. bush. he's not reagan. he's not nixon. he's 100 times worse than all of those folks for those communities he impacts. disagree with you on that. >> that's fine. >> tyler, just about the in the call dro cauldron of sports, i asked you about lebron james, sport, a unifying thing. how do athletics move on? is this an opportunity to see movement on this issue within the nba, within the nfl? obviously we've seen that debate play out in the context of football. where in that sphere, in that arena, do we go from here? >> we need to see more and we
12:35 pm
also need to understand and demand that more of our athletes -- look, the burden is not on black athletes to fix america even though they've always been kind of the center block and the ground stone of the moral campus of what america really is. we've seen protesters lean on black athletes time and time again to kind of direct where we're going to go in this country. however, it isn't wrong to think that the nba could be doing more. the nfl's athletes are afraid to possibly protest. that these policies are becoming so burdensome on them. we're coming to what feels like the end of the springtime of athletic activism. i don't want us to forget exactly why we're here. even in the moment ends. even if the moment continues. black people are still being killed disproportionately by police. and that's the problem. it's start and finish right there. every presidency, no matter what, has not changed that. we have to be able to think about the bigger picture here. yes, donald trump said something stupid. tomorrow, a black person is going to be killed by police. >> tyler, thank you very much.
12:36 pm
joe payne, my thanks to you as well. and up next, worlds apart. what to make of the intelligence community's warning about the interference in this year's midterm elections just hours before president trump called russia's interference in the last election a hoax once again. ♪ ♪ let your perfect drive come together at the lincoln summer invitation sales event. get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models plus $1,000 bonus cash. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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that make it easy for your uber driver to find you,atures taking the stress out of pickups. because leaving an event shouldn't be one. uber is moving in a new direction. forward. we acknowledge the threat is real, it is continuing and we're doing everything we can to have a legitimate election. >> the reality is, it's going to take all of us working together to hold the field because this threat is not going away. >> i fully share the intelligence community and the assessments, at past efforts and those today to interfere with our election and of the current threat. >> top u.s. intelligence officials saying threat from russia heading into the midterms and subsequent elections is real. but just hours later, the president once between calling the russia investigation a hoax. defending his meeting with president putin in helsinki.
12:40 pm
>> in helsinki, i had a great meeting with putin. we discussed everything. i had a great meeting. >> there's an astonishing moment during that press briefing with high ranking members of the intelligence community when the director of national intelligence said this when a reporter asked him about that singapore summit. >> i'm not in a position to either understand fully or talk about what happened in helsinki. >> two weeks after that summit took place, the senior intelligence adviser to the president unable to talk about what happened. joining me now is the director of national counterterrorism center, now an msnbc intelligence and national security contributor. thank you for being with me. i want to focus on what dni coats said here. he seem like the most capable of what sounds for radical honesty in this administration. the first clip that we played of him. we are here. we are treating this as a threat. how do you square these dueling administrations i've seen it characterized as?
12:41 pm
you have the advisers saying one thing. vociferously. adamantly. that this is the case. then the president saying a totally different thing here that it's not an issue. how do you square those two things? what does that mean as someone who worked in the administration? >> well, first of all, it's good to be here on this saturday. i'm not sure i can square that circle for you. i will say the dni, the director of national intelligence, is doing exactly what you expect him to do. which we would want him to do. speak truth to power about what the intelligence community believes about threats to the country. and he's done that on numerous occasions. recently this event at the white house. he's been clear, consistent and remarkably blunt in the way he's talked about the threat. as for the specific question about asking him to kind of give a readout at the podium of events in helsinki, i would give him a little bit of a pass on that. certainly at this point, i would
12:42 pm
believe that he has a good understanding of the broad topics that were discussed in the conversation between president putin and president trump, but he wasn't -- the dni, the director of national intelligence, wasn't going to stand there at the podium and recount the details of that conversation, you know, for the assembled media. >> should he know them. i want to ask about something else he said there. we are doing everything we can to have a legitimate election. strikes me that's somewhat cold comfort there. he didn't come out and say we'll have a legitimate election. what do you say about what he said about the threats we face here in the midterms? >> in a sense, i thought the event was the message there. the fact that the white house brought together the director of the fbi, the homeland security secretary and our nsa director was designed to show that we are -- we, the government, or our government, is approaching this as a team sport and is trying to bring all of the
12:43 pm
different pieces of the government together to counter this threat. that kind of reassurance typically isn't necessary. usually, you would assume that on bap of your government, that they're out there working together, to counter the serious threats we face. certainly with the way in which the president statements have left doubt about how seriously that threat is perceived at the white house, i think the white house wanted to make clear that we are, in fact, our government is, in fact, all of the relevant experts, those with the capability and the expertise are focused on this problem and doing what they are supposed to be doing. particularly would point you to the presence of general nakosoni there. i think that was a useful bit of inclusion in the, you know, you don't usually see your nsa director wanting to stand up at the podium because there isn't much he can say. so much of what nsa does is highly secret. what that should tell you is we are bringing all of our technical capabilities to bear on this problem. and i would assume that means
12:44 pm
both from an offense and defense perspective. and he didn't have to say much in order to send that message of deterrence to our russian adversaries. >> my thanks to you on this saturday. i want to move now from russia to north korea. take a look at this photo. this is a letter from president trump responding to north korea's kim jong-un. it was handed over today in sing poor. that image comes as a secret u.n. report points to a north korea that continues to develop its nuclear program despite the president's warm relationship with kim jong-un. i want to bring in ambassador wendy sherman now. she was the lead negotiator on the iran nuclear deal. also a foreign affairs contributor for us here at msnbc. what's happened at singapore, we find ourselves looking to see what's happening. this asean meeting is taking place. the secretary of state is there. we saw the handshake between him and the north korean counterpart today. i want to get your perspective. we had a moment this week during
12:45 pm
the remains of u.s. soldiers that died in the koreas were brought back to hawaii. where do things stand now? what are you looking for as that asean meeting continues, as we try to move forward? >> i think where we are is not in a good place to tell you truth. i'm very glad that some remains, not the 200 that the president announced would be returning, have come back. as the pentagon has pointed out, we won't know for probably years whether the remains are really those of u.s. soldiers or whether they're just a collection of bones. but i appreciate the gesture and i certainly hope for the families involved that, indeed, we can identify some of those remains and people can have some final solace in their loss from the korean war. in the bigger picture, though, the president in singapore was supposed to get agreement that north korea would denuclearize. we all heard the president say at first he's going to do that in one meeting. next, we heard this will happen
12:46 pm
in a very quick period of time. now we just heard the secretary of state say that the timing on denuclearization is up to kim jong-un, the leader of north korea. now, of course, literally, that is true. we can't make him specifically. we want him. we ostensibly have an agreement with him. but he has never said that he will denuclearize. and it appears that missile development and nuclear development is continuing. and the president has a very, very steep hill to climb. >> i'm going to put that quo cation up. it is extraordinary as you say. the secretary of state was sitting down with channel news asia. the ultimate time line will be set by kim, at least in part. the decision is his. let's look at that summit that took place in singapore in complement with the summit that took place in helsinki and the notions of leverage, who's calling the shots and let's turn our attention to helsinki if we could. we have heard from moscow since
12:47 pm
that summit that they hope to move forward on what was agreed to in those meetings. we have a shaky sense of what was agreed to, what was discussed in that meeting. it strikes me when you look at both of those things together, that's a common thread. the things might have been agreed to tacitly. one leader to another. we don't know what they are. now it seems dangerous we have one side here essentially calling the shots and saying let's move forward with what we don't know. >> indeed. on the helsinki summit with president putin, we actually heard some of the results, quote/unquote, of that summit from the russians before we ever heard it from our own government. that's not a good set of affairs. because that means president putin is setting the agenda, setting the frame of the results of the summit and what is going to go forward. there have been leaks and, in fact, our militaries are talking to each other. the russians want us to help rebuild syria and do it with them. i'm not sure why we would do that, given how russia's positioned themselves in syria.
12:48 pm
given that bashir al assad is still in power in syria and has really decimated his own citizens with barrel bombs and chemical weapons. there are millions of people who are refugees or internally displaced. so it is very unclear, still, what happened in that summit. and in both of these situations, as you point out, david, it looks like president putin and kim jong-un are calling the shots and not the president of the united states and that's not good for our security. >> in a minute or so we have left, i want to turn to something we were talking about, that is the notion of there being two administrations. you served in this government for a very long time. you're familiar with the hierarchy in all of that. it strikes me, we are seeing something unique here. when you have that apparatus surrounding the president saying one thing so seriously and the president not going along with it, not taking that advice, not echoing what they're saying, but saying the opposite.
12:49 pm
i just want to get your reaction to what we saw just a couple days ago. that extraordinary press briefing, yes, but also how quickly the president turned it around. >> indeed. i think it was very good that press briefing happened. i think there are real things being done in various departments and agencies in our government. there's no quarterback. because the president of the united states is saying the exact opposite from what we heard in that briefing. and what is so potentially concerning about that is that the president is green lighting putin to continue to meddle in our election. to try to destabilize our democracy. and to really divide us amongst each other. we can't let that happen. the president continuing to say this is all a hoax is undermining his own administration. and more importantly, he's giving vladimir putin a green light to proceed. >> always good to get your perspective, thank you very much. ambassador wendy sherman. from protecting our upcoming elections to a possible attack already thwarted, are tech
12:50 pm
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more now on the warning from the nation's top terror officials that we could see foreign interference in the midterms. according to facebook, it may be happening already. the tech giant announcing today it removed 32 accounts for inauthentic behavior. let's look at this as a case study here. these ones that facebook discovered. what is that what they found and how they reacted to it say about the way this company's approach is changing? >> seems like facebook is a lot faster, just being quick eer to find these things. yeah, there were a lot of russian actors, bots and what not on the platform. i don't know if this is them
12:54 pm
trying to be more proactive, we realize this is a problem and we want to help fix it. >> want to read from a big public face. she said security is an arms race and it's never done. we've made it harder for actors operate on facebook and we're constantly changie ining tactic chblt that needs we need to continually improve as well. we saw a company take a financial hit. as it dedicated more monetary resources to doing this. how equipped are they to undertake this? >> they hired like ten, 12,000 more people both to manage the human side of moderation and also the create more ai processes to identify this stuff sooner than before. i think the interesting thing about that quote, too, is that you have facebook, which is like this massive company now. more than a billion people using it. more than a billion using instagram. but then you have these small groups of actors.
12:55 pm
cheryl sandburg has talked about this being an arms race. it's changing from what they found in the past. they found it early this week, were more hidden. they used technology to be better at -- where there is not, but it's tricky to keep up the mouse. >> sure. the geographic app between silicon valley is large. we have seen washington take varying interest in chwhat's happening in silicon valley. when you look at lawmaker's reaction, are we getting any closer to washington understanding silicon valley and silicon valley understanding washington? >> if you look back where you had lawmakers talking with mark zuckerberg and lawyers from these different companies, from facebook, google and twitter to
12:56 pm
now, it seems like there's a bit more knowledge. mark warner this week to how might congress consider regulations or even creating task forces to think more about working with these companies hand in hand, but also does congress need to act if facebook or google or twitter can't figure this out. m marty, thanks very much. we'll be right back. gger room?! -how many of you use car insurance? -oh. -well, what if i showed you this? -[ laughing ] ho-ho-ho! -wow. -it's a computer. -we compare rates to help you get the price and coverage that's right for you. -that's amazing! the only thing that would make this better is if my mom were here. what?! an unexpected ending! is if my mom were here. i never thought i'd say this but i found bladder leak underwear that's actually pretty. always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core
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that does it for me.
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you can join me tomorrow at 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. also encore at 9:00 p.m. follow me on twitter. the news continues now with my friend and yours. >> not yet. working on that this next couple of hours. have enjoyed the marathon though. >> see you, richard. >> okay, hello to you. in new york city, thanks for being with us. trump unleashed. right now, the president is preparing to head to ohio to stump for a gop candidate in a tight special election race but not before taking the shot at the state's favorite son, lebron james. now the first lady is getting involved in the spat with the basketball star and the president. will he or won't he? team trump meeting this weekend to decide whether the president will sit down with robert mueller and to


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