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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  August 5, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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next on msnbc live, is it a tweet gone too far? the president alludes to that trump tower meeting with russians and it could mean big trouble for him and for donald jr. >> it's very clear the president has just said that that meeting was to get dirt on an opponent. >> the real question here is would a meeting of that nature constitute a violation -- the meeting itself constitute a violation of the law? >> this is a very significant meeting. what all came out of it is still not yet clear. >> this is the noose tightening very, very, very much around donald trump's neck and the neck of his son. also, manafort and his lost millions. how the former trump campaign chief frittered away fridays fortunes and how he figures into the mueller probe.
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the massive twitter attack on lebron james and how the first lady is taking lebron's side, some are saying. hope you're having a good one. we're at msnbc headquarters in new york and here's what's happening now. we begin with breaking news. president trump's legal team speaking today on the chances of a sit-down with special counsel robert mueller and what they will do if mueller is forced to issue a subpoena. here's more on that. >> the president is clear he wants to interview. i will tell you his legal team is concerned. i make this joke that no matter what the legal team recommends, if we recommend the president were to give the interview, which i think the inclination is not at this point, but if the recommendation was give the interview, you'll get 12 lawyers on there saying i can't believe sekulow or giuliani or the other lawyers allowed the president to do it. if we say no, we're not going to do the interview, the same 12 lawyers are going to say, gee, what are they hiding?
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a subpoena for live testimony has never been attested in court for the president of the united states, and there is a lot of articles and precedent against that. but if that decision is made, we'll prepare to handle it in court. >> meanwhile two of the president's advisers are weighing in on one of his tweets against the media this morning where he went on so far as to say that the press can cause war. here's kellyanne conway and john bolton earlier. >> i think the president's entire point is this. that we do have a news media that includes some reporters. it really refers to those who aren't always telling the truth and are giving emotion over information. >> i think the issue of press bias has been around for a long, long time. there is press bias. people get stories wrong and people are called out for it, and we should be called out if we make a mistake. cause war, sick, this is taking it to a completely different level. >> that's the president's view
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based on the attacks that the media have made on him. >> we have a lot to get to this hour. this breaking story with a number of reporters, and we'll start it all off with msnbc white house correspondent kelly o'donnell covering the president in new jersey today. kelly, first, reaction from the president to that new report by the "washington post," and he's had a lot to say so far. >> reporter: well, richard, remember, he's on vacation, part of an 11-day working campaign vacation, but nevertheless supposed to be taking it easy. not so according to his twitter feed today. the president reacting to a "washington post" story that suggests according to advisers from reporters at the "washington post" that say he expressed some concern about potential legal jeopardy for donald trump jr. the president tweeting that fake news -- this is his reference here -- a complete fabrication, he says, and it's about concern he has toward his wonderful son,
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don jr. and it goes on to say this was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics. it is done frequently in politics when everyone involved is an american citizen. it is much more treacherous if there are any foreign nationals who are part of a meeting like that because there are violations of the law if foreign nationals contribute anything of value to a campaign. money, information, anything of value. so that's where it gets a bit tricky. now, one of the issues, we know, is that donald trump jr., through his testimony and the e-mails that he released, did acknowledge that it was a meeting to get information, dirt as it was described on hillary clinton. we also know that another attendee of that meeting, jared kushner, who is the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, has since gotten his security clearance at a level -- not the highest level but has a valid security clearance. that raises the issue of the
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process to get that clearance would contemplate all of these issues like this meeting and things that they would know behind the scenes. so is that something to suggest there wasn't something unlawful there? we just don't know, but that's another piece of the puzzle. today jay sekulow, one of the lawyers for the president, addressed some of these concerns about what is the legal standard here and how might there be exposure or perhaps not. here's how he laid it out. >> the real question here is would a meeting of that nature constitute a violation -- the meeting itself constitute a violation of the law. you have to look at what laws, rules, regulation statutes are purportedly violated here. >> why did you deny president trump's involvement? when did you learn that the denial wasn't true? >> let me tell you two things on that. number one, as you know, george, i was in the case at that point a couple weeks ask there wnd th lot of information we were gathering, and as my colleague rudy giuliani said, i had bad
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information at that point. over time you have facts develop. that's what investigations do. >> reporter: not helpful to the president and his team is that issue of his lawyer previously giving bad information publicly. that was a denial that the president was involved in the explanation statement for what that meeting was originally about. it was something he dictated on air force i with other colleagues there to say that the meeting at trump tower in 2016 was about the ban on russian adoptions. when that subject came up, it was only a small part of the issue, but it was also significant because that was an issue important to the kremlin and vladimir putin who denied russian adoptions in response to sanctions on russian oligarchs. so there is a thread there to follow, but his lawyer had originally said the president had nothing to do with that, and then later they disclosed to the special counsel that the president was involved, had, in fact, dictated what they called a brief but accurate statement. so the fact that there is a
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hodge podge of the record here may complicate this. it doesn't look good for sure, but the question sekulow and the legal team is asking is what specifically is a violation of law here? that's the part we don't know because the special counsel is not talking. they tend to do their work completely in secret and we don't know the results of what they've done until they present it through an indictment if one ever comes in a case like this, as we've seen in other figures who have been a part of the russia investigation. richard? >> nbc white house correspondent, great to have you to lay it all out for us there. kelly o'donnell, thank you. let's go to manu puza, msnbc contributor. matt, in the last 12 hours, we were highlighting what might have been of interest, and that is the admit tatanceadmittance, that the president was of the understanding there was a meeting to get information on an opponent. >> kelly is giving me ptsd here,
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because i was actually the one back in july of last year whose job it was as part of the "times" team that revealed the existence of this trump tower meeting, and it was my job to get the official comment from the white house, so i was the one who got the this was all about the russian adoption, it had nothing to do with the campaign whatsoever. that was my job in all of this, and so we went through days and days of reporting, and of course we found out it was about the campaign, and it was actually about getting political dirt on hillary clinton, and now we finally hear from the president who says, yeah, it was all about getting political dirt on hillary clinton from the russian government and that's totally fine. this is going to be familiar to any parents out there who, when talking to their children, get the "i didn't do it" shifts to "yeah, i did it but it's totally fine and you can't be upset about it." i don't know if this has any legal consequence here, but it
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certainly becomes another head-scratching moment where the president of the united states has sort of leaned in one direction after being 180 degrees previously. >> you're right at the front lines there and have been on it. interesting from you, matt . why do you think this idea was exposed now? why even bring it up? >> i think the post story was the immediate impetus. i think the larger issue is this is a president who feels he can't get out from under the russia investigation. and frankly, what is ironic about that is it's the president and his team's own statements that have really dragged him further into the muck when it comes to the russia investigation. remember in november of 2016, the official line from the trump campaign was there were no contacts with russians. the fbi at the time knew that
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there were absolutely contacts with russians. it made people say, if that's true, why are they lying about it? then it's, no, we didn't meet about campaign stuff, we met about russian adoption. okay, we did meet about campaign stuff, but it wasn't illegal. the president didn't know anything about it. okay, the president dictated the statement. the changing stories have only worsened the pr and legal problem for the president, and he is frustrated that he can't get out from under it. it's understandable he's so frustrated. if you're the president of the united states, having an investigation hanging over your head doesn't make it easier. >> what's your sense about the frustration leader. as you described, some issues coming to bear for this presidency and this administration, you also have paul manafort. he will be taking the stage at
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1:00 p.m. tomorrow. you have the midterms, you have melania coming out with some statements about lebron james. you have his attacks on the media and then you have list the items that seem to come together, an intersection that would make most journalists' heads spin. is this perhaps an indication that he's brooding and perhaps hitting a low point? >> i don't know about low points or brooding because i feel like every few weeks there is another story about the president is very upset and he can't get ahold of the message. it's not my job to give the president messaging advice, but the president -- his twitter account is the world's largest megaphone right now, and he uses it to talk about russia.
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we are here today talking about it because the president tweeted about it. he said he's frustrated people aren't talking about jobs or the message he wants to get out, but the only message he's out there with consistently is attack the news media and russia and mueller and the russia investigation. and he says, i don't understand why people keep talking about it. >> all righty. always good to have you. math apuzzo, investigative reporter with the "new york times," always with insight of what's happening there. thanks, matt. >> thank you. let's bring in steven mulroy, a law professor at the universi university. what sort of jeopardy might the president face, if we can put that tweet up again, the president today if we were to say what is different what he's saying? he's saying, for the first time from his voice, this is a meeting to get information on an
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opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics. he's saying he did not know about it, but in this tweet he's saying he does now know about it. your thought about legal jeopardy, steven? >> collusion is not a legal term and it may be that collusion by itself is not necessarily a crime, but the conduct that's contemplated in that trump tower meeting from the summer of 2016 potentially exposes them to liability in a number of different ways. there is conspiracy to assist in the computer hacking which is criminal, there is also violations of federal campaign finance laws, receiving things of that you will that might assist in a campaign from foreign sources, and then the general conspiracy statute says it's a crime to conspire with others to defraud or reconstruct
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the state department in hiding the fact that there were these foreign agents actively interfering in the campaign and assisting in the trump campaign, any of those things could lead to double jeopardy. >> what was stated in that tweet? >> as a former federal prosecutor, steven laid out probably his favorite statute, the conspiracy statute. because conspiracy law is so broad that it can cover many, many kinds of conduct. so even in the trump's team mind, they will have incredible dirt on hillary clinton. as steven said shs it could relate to defrauding the united states, it could be a conspiracy against the united states, and even federal election campaign
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la laws. the strange paradox. these should deal with legal things, not gains in stacked material. that leads to more double jeopardy for the trump team. . so i think, they finally picked up some things to bring by my case. and if you're sekulow, you're saying no meeting with the special counsel. >> i would say yes to both of those questions. the latest tweet and everything we've heard lately only has to be added to the pile of ammunition that mueller has for his legal theory. i almost think because of the constant shifting nature of the.
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-- investigation. on the other hand, if they resist too much, mueller could issue a subpoena, and i don't know if they want to go down that road, either. >> thank you for being here to tell us the news. >> thank you. kelly tries to define the use of the word "hoax." that is next. copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma.
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when he talks about the hoax, he's talking about this unproven fantasy that somehow the campaign that i successfully managed for the successful part of the campaign was in cahoots with russians. as you know, because you covered it. our campaign was talking with mecklenburg county, not to moscow. >> kellyanne conway this morning telling about trump as it relates to interference in the election. msnbc contributor, and jamie newton small, contributor for "time" magazine. bet betsy, what do you believe happened over the weekend?
10:23 am
the word hoax is over have is -- validity of the 2016 campaign. >> the argument that kellyanne conway made this morning is incompatible with the tweets the president just sent out. kellyanne conway said they weren't having conversations with moscow, but trump himself tweeted that his son went into this meeting hoping to get dirt on hillary clinton from people who were connected with the kremlin. those things cannot both be true at the same time. either what kellyanne said was true or what the president said was true. based on the preponderance of the evidence and based on the other claims that have been made, the president is saying something which lines up with reality, which is that the people in his inner circle, at the highest echelons of his campaign, sat down with russians to get material from foreigners that would have been helpful for
10:24 am
their campaign, potentially liability. it's why the white house has such trouble talking about this. >> jamie, what do you make of what was said on this sunday morning from kellyanne conway and john bolton? >> kellyanne conway coined the term "alternative facts" for the trump administration. she's always out there sort of putting this spin on things saying, well, he doesn't really mean what you think he means, he means something completely else. then down the road, it actually ends up turning out that it actually means what we think it means. remember, alternative facts applied to how many people were actually at the inauguration, which was proven by photos later on. and they constantly time and again deny the truth. they say it's total lies, it's fake news, it doesn't happen. then when it turns out to be true later on, they're sort of like, oh, well yes, that's true,
10:25 am
of course. but never mind the man behind the curtain, it's really not a big deal. it's not illegal, it's not collusion, if collusion actually exists. so it's striking that this weekend their whole defense is the idea that, oh, well, yes, they did have this meeting in russia russia, but collusion isn't illegal. that's their new sort of arg . argume argument. next week their argument will be, this might have happened but it's not a big deal and it will be fine. >> as we look at this back and forth, one of the questions has been here, betsy, what is the mood in the white house, and a "vanity fair" article had put some ideas behind that, that the president is going back to his old favorites, steve bannon as well as hope hicks. and there was this formation, this idea that based on his discomfort, his stress right now, that he might be going back to get some ideas of what's happening. so one has to take a step back and go, as we move into the
10:26 am
midterms, where is the sensibility, where is that comfort in the presidency right now? >> there hasn't been reporting from any other outlets i've seen that the president is going back to see steve bannon. it's possible that's true but not something widely reported. the president is dealing with a significant amount of angst as a result of the mueller investigation. he's been angsting about it since the legislation, but he seems particularly concerned that mueller could be getting information on his son don jr. that's why he put out these tweets this morning, sort of te telegraphing those concerns. we haven't seen people in don jr.'s immediate circle being brought in for questioning, we haven't seen reports about raids or subpoenas being directed on people who might have information on don jr., but despite that, the president
10:27 am
seems to be worried about it. it's possible the president knows about activity that mueller has engaged in that the broad country doesn't know about, or it's possible he's had conversations with people in his orbit that has raised questions in his mind about don jr.'s activity. that's something to keep in mind going forward this week. to what extent does he remain central in this white house. so, j, as you look at what is said by kellyanne conway as well as john bolton, he was the one, we're hearing, that said, hey, go out and stand there in the white house press briefing and address the press on what is the concern about russian interference, then he goes out and says, it's a hoax. so one has to wonder where he's getting his messaging advice here. >> it's always been a contradiction, and when i speak to people in the white house, they talk about how they just
10:28 am
sort of keep their heads down, they do their jobs, they try to get policy done, they try to get work done, and that's really what they're proud of and what they want, they wish the world would focus on. then there's this other level where they're sort of swimming at the deep part of the ocean, and at the top of the ocean, you have these waves that are really violent and there is a big storm at the top and that's really donald trump on twitter, which is so in contrast to what they say is what's actually going on inside the administration. so you see people getting up and doing this white house briefing saying, yes, there is incontroversial evidence that there is tampering or attempt by russia to tamper with the 2018 elections, and then you see the president completely going 180 on twitter and saying something completely different. that's really been the way the administration has worked from the get-go where the president seems to be dealing with his own sort of alternative reality field here. whether it's his own aides or whether it's just the facts, you see that constantly happen where he believes if he says it often
10:29 am
enough on twitter that people will believe him. and frankly his base does believe him because he remains incredibly unpopular. as long as that base continues to believe whatever he puts out on twitter, then he's fine to go. >> jamie newton small, jesse woodruff, go have a nice rest of your sunday. >> thank you. coming up, how the mueller probe may impact the midterms and how it could benefit republicans. >> i think it should be a red wave. really. -we're in a small room. what?! -welcome. -[ gasps ] a bigger room?! -how many of you use car insurance? -oh. -well, what if i showed you this?
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now more on president trump's stunning tweet. he criticized the media on his growing concern that donald jr. may have wandered into legal jeopardy when he took that meeting at trump tower but added this was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics. let's go now to congressman brendan boyle, members of the foreign affairs committee. representative, thank you for joining us, and what's your interpretation of what you have seen from the president today? >> you know, it's just the
10:34 am
latest example of an unhinged, rather crazy tweet. it's not the first time we've seen it, probably, unfortunately, won't be the last. i'm just shocked that the president's lawyers let him continue tweeting like this things that -- i'm not a lawyer, i'm a layperson in that regard, but these are things that pretty obviously to me incriminate him, so i'm just shocked that his lawyers let him continue tweeting. >> as you can see on the screen right now, one of the president's lawyers framed the tweet and why the president's position in trump tower has shifted over time. let's listen to that. >> i think it's very important to point out that in a situation like this, you have over time facts develop. that's what investigations do. what does that mean? well, for the purpose of, again, an investigation, it doesn't mean illegality, it doesn't mean criminality. >> your thought? >> i have to laugh at the
10:35 am
euphimism "facts develop." that's a nice way of saying their story has shifted several times on this meeting from adoptions to now finally the president admitting this morning the whole design was to get dirt on his opponent and to solicit that information from a foreign source, something that's patently illegal. >> one of the questions, as we look at some of the video here of one of the president's rallies, he was in ohio, as you know, yesterday. very key special election, one of the first -- excuse me -- it is the last of this season. but when you look at the response of his messaging, it seems like no matter what he tweets, and we're looking at some of them this morning, right? that it will be like water off the duck in that there will be very little repercussion. >> well, for the core base of trump voters, that 35, 40% of the population, you might be right. but if you take a step back and you look at the overa
10:36 am
overall electorate, i would disagree with that. in these special elections we've had in the last year and a half, republicans have outscored democrats by double digits. we just won a special election a couple months ago in a district trump had carried by 20 and romney had carried by double digits. even now in ohio we're competitive in a district that republicans generally win on average by 11 points. you see a number of suburban colleagues of mine that have chosen not to run again than face this very difficult environment. the president says this november could be a red wave. that is completely disconnected from the facts. democrats are now favored to win back the majority this november. >> what's the countermessage that you believe democrats need to make in the face of a good economy, of the president actually under liniunderlining ? >> the good news is we're now in
10:37 am
the ninth year of the obama economic expansion. while it seems to be slowing down, i'm glad it's at least continuing under this president. but the reality is if you look at the tax cut that they just passed, it's the first tax cut to have higher disapproval than approval ratings in american history. because the american people know that 83% of the tax cut went to the wealthiest 1%. that's wrong. they also know that the republicans spent the first year of this administration attempting to take away health care for more than 20 million americans. polls continue to show that health care is one of the most important issues to the electorate. so whether it's on taxes, whether it's on health care, it's pretty clear that despite the president's rhetoric, he and his fellow republicans are concerned about the richest 1% while democrats are fighting for working class and lower income and middle class americans. >> 15 seconds. in the house that you operate in, what would you say would be a win in this midterm? is it a matter of w's or is it a matter of margin?
10:38 am
>> i don't believe in moral victories. we need to pick up 23 seats to win the majority to fully hold this administration responsible. so for me victory is 23 seats or greater, and anything less than that, frankly, would be a big disappointment. >> representative brendan doyle there from philadelphia. >> boyle. boyle. >> that's what i said, boyle. another trump team generating buzz and even the first lady cannot agree with this one related to lebron james. the president made insulting comments about african-americans. why is he getting high praise from inner-city black clergy? >> to be honest, this is probably -- i say this at this table -- the most poor black president we've had in our lifetime.
10:39 am
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i'm with lebron james, and we're not going to let you come to ohio, president trump, and do your race baiting and make your race statements against people in ohio or anywhere across the country, whether it's lebron james or maxine waters or anybody else. that ain't playing anymore, president trump. >> congressman tim ryan of ohio last night with strong words for president trump after he insulted lebron james on twitter. let's bring in alana beverly,
10:43 am
policy strategist and social director at the white house office of urban affairs in the obama administration. terrence moore, sports contributor for and espn's "the undefeated." ala alana, what do you make of the statements? and we had earlier on a blogger for the "new york times," and he was saying, there it is again, dog whistling, dog whistling. your reaction? >> well, before we talk about the bigotry that donald trump has exhibited again on twitter, let's take a step back and talk about the actual school that lebron james is opening, the i promise school. he's providing 230 third and fourth graders an education, free tuition. he's providing free breakfast, lunch and snacks. he's providing a free bicycle and helmet, wraparound services for their families, and get this. free tuition for those third and fourth graders who make it on
10:44 am
from this critical year. third grade is a critical year. make it from third grade on to high school and on to college, free tuition at university of akron. so before we show bigotry that trump has shown for black and brown people, let's be sure we show where real good work is happening, which is at the lebron james school. >> and your answer to the expression by the "new york times" blogger. >> yes, i think he's trying to energize his base, but i also think it's a lost proposition for him. his base is already energized in support of him. what he is doing is actually undercutting republicans and challenging districts like ohio 12. the democrats, what he is doing, is failing to build a bridge to democrats or to independents.
10:45 am
certainly he's failing to build a bridge to the black community. it is racism and it's bigotry, and he knows what he's doing. >> terrence, we're looking at some video from yesterday as the president was in ohio, as he was out there rallying the troops there for a very important special election for republicans, and as a part of this, he not only -- he did not bring up lebron james, by the way, although he was tweeting about it earlier in the day, but he did bring up maxine waters. and in both of those contexts, he brought up intelligence, intimating ignorance and stupidity. decipher that for us, because building on what alana was saying here, it seems direct and inconsistent in some way. >> that isn't surprising with what's going on here. to use a sports terminology, this is part of his game plan, his playbook. racial politics. what better way to use it than
10:46 am
with sports? it's only going to get worse, by the way, because as we saw today -- he lost his mind a long time ago, but it's getting a lot worse the more you see that the impeachment police are getting closer and closer because he's feeling the pressure. you look at sports. you got a situation where the nfl is 70% black. the nba is 75% black. so if you're going to play racial politics, use sports. then what does he do? he attacks all the players in the national football league who are kneeling out of protest and rightfully so, protesting racial injustice. it just so happens, not coincidentally, that a majority of these players, if not all these players, are african-americans because of s.o.b.s. then he goes after steph curry, steph curry who has the highest selling jersey in the nba, oh, and coincidentally, he's black. this is sending another signal to his base, the 30%, look, i'm going after these black guys. now you go after lebron james
10:47 am
who if he's not the greatest basketball player of all time, he's certainly in the top 1-a or 1-b, and it's all by design. it's only going to get worse, tighter and tighter the noose around his neck because of the mueller investigation. >> and then he says, no, i support lebron james, and you have the first lady coming out and saying, i support lebron james and the school alana was bringing up there. does that make things better from your thought there, terrence? >> i just hope people stop falling for the banana in the tailpipe here. let's start with michael jordan. michael jordan is the most apolitical athlete in the history of mankind. i was talking with joy reid about this yesterday. you go back in history, this guy has always tried to separate himself from political issues. people were making a big deal about how he came out and supported lebron james. really?
10:48 am
he said an 11-word statement to a spokesperson. coming out in support is going out in front of a camera and saying that. michael will probably end up doing that because he'll get blasted over doing that. what about his wife? a few days ago he sends out to the heads of the intelligence agencies and that hokie press conference. the russians did try to interfere with our elections, they're going to do it again. then a few hours later he comes out and says, oh, no, this is all a witch hunt. then he calls the enemy the media one day, and then the next day his daughter goes on and says, i love the media. this is all part of a game and we need to stop falling for the game. >> terrence moore, thank you, sir, for joining us. and alana, i want you to stay with us for our next segment. coming up, a key figure from the watergate era says what's happening now with president trump is worse than watergate. another way
10:49 am
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the trump campaign was the beneficiary of a concerted effort together with the russians to effect the 2016 election. as to that, i don't think there is any evidence publicly.
10:53 am
>> natural security advisor john bolton clarifying president trump's claim we are being hindered by the russian hoax. that came on the same day his top intelligence and national security officials spoke out about the real and current threat of russian election interference. elaina beverly and chris wilson, republican strategist. chris, do you agree with what john bolton said there? >> you know, it's tough to get into that. i don't know enough about the situation it get into whether what is correct and isn't correct. i think there is an overplaying in terms of the significance and what you look at from the past, from what campaigns have done in the past and cooperating. i don't know that it's as big a deal. >> and the question, elaina, is it reading well with his base because he is on the road, the president is. just in ohio. he is going to be hitting more cities in the coming week as we get close and go through the primaries. >> right. well, so certainly election
10:54 am
integrity tends to work well with his base. however, he is completely, donald trump has completely said it's a hoax. russia did not interfere in our elections, and i think that his base, at this point, is immovable from that position. they are not actually relying on facts. so when he feeds them non-facts, or untruths, it doesn't sway them one way or the other. they stay with him. >> kansas, michigan, missouri, and washington state holding their primaries on tuesday. as a pollster here, chris, and you probably are watching closely what his messaging was yesterday, he is taking his campaign style speeches to these key spaces, if you will, swing or mid-western states, and it may be working well. is it? and is it going to work well for all of the races in these places? >> well, you have to watch the ones where he has made endorsements. the most interesting is the ohio 12 special election coming up. look back to 2010 where
10:55 am
democrats won the first seven special elections and then got trounced in the midterms. and so special elections can be flukey. enthusiasm goes up and down based on what's going on at the time. i wonder if this is trump going in because he thought it was a close race or because he likes getting out on the road and campaigning. i think it's probably more the latter. if you look at races where he got involved and made endorsements, those candidates have been done well, and have ended up winning in republican primaries. that's the interesting aspect. what happens in ohio and the other races where he made endorsements. >> one of the dynamics is when does that come to jesus for both sides in terms of which candidates say no to nancy pelosi or no to donald trump. >> well, i think there are some candidates within the republican party who would prefer to say no to a visit from donald trump. in ohio 12 it's going to be a close race, and there is equal, actually, there is more disapproval of the president than there is approval in that
10:56 am
district. so i think actually the candidate there is concerned that donald trump might depress his turnout as opposed to helping to lift it up. this is a solidly republican district. this has been a republican district since the 1980s. so in some instances trump going out and stumping is detrimental to his party. >> thank you both for knowing that we are at the end of the show. we had to make that one very, very tight. we will see you soon. coming up, house intel committee member eric swalwell will give us his thoughts. would he like to see don jr. testify again before his committee. try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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and that does it for me. you have a great sunday. up next, the gura train keeps on moving with david gura. >> richard, thank you very much. i'm david gura at msnbc headquarters in new york. another tweet storm. president trump taking to twitter it attack robert mueller's investigation, but one of his tweets may have created a legal nightmare for him and for his oldest son donald trump jr. that's not the only cause for panic. the president in an all-out effort to save a congressional seat, republicans have held on to for more than 30 years. >> to continue our incredible success we must elect more republicans and we must elect troy


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