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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  August 10, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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haunting. as always, you can find me on facebook, twitter, snapchat and instagram. i'm around on social media all day long. i will also, just as a quick programming note not be seeing you for the next week. my colleagues will be stepping in for me as i take a little time. won't be heading to jersey, stef. i know that's your favorite place. >> clearly it's not a vacation. i can't imagine what you're going to be doing. what else would one want to do? >> take it away. >> all right, my friend. >> enjoy. >> thank you. good morning everyone. i'm back. stephanie ruhle here, my partner off today. friday, august 2018. it is the 10th. some parts of the country, it does seem like the america we know and love doesn't exist anymore. >> massive demographic changes have been put on the american people. much is related to illegal and
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legal immigration which some love. >> laura ingram and her white supremacist speech. i'm still at a loss as to how that made it to air. >> yesterday, melania trump's parents became u.s. citizens and were able to use a family based -- >> chain migration. that is what the president has railed against over and over. >> get rid of chain migration. it is a disaster. >> we have to end chain migration. >> a fight over immigration raging once again as a judge halts a deportation in progress. >> he said he would hold attorney jeff sessions, homeland security secretary and other government officials in contempt if the mother and child were not brought back. >> the time has come to establish the united states space force. >> the goal? to have it up and running by 2020. >> the other piece of it is the cost.
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>> it's $8 billion over the next five years, that's the initial. >> the annual economy for space activity is $350 billion annually. >> president trump is really doing the right drithing by mak sure it's secure. >> what you have is the product of an impulse rather than the product of a study. >> state of emergency has been declared in charlottesville, virginia ahead of the one year anniversary of the violent rally. >> they did commemorate the tragic death of heather heather. >> i don't want to see the devastation we saw last year. not knowing what steps these alt-right groups might take. >> you know those times when you come across looking ugly and try to explain your kmintss acommeng
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yourself deep er. let's review the fox host laura ingram. here she was on wednesday making a comment so questionable it drew applause from the former grand wizard of the ku-klux k n klan. >> because in some parts of country it does seem like the america we know and love doesn't exist anymore. massive demographic changes have been foised upon the american people. and there are changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us don't like. from virginia, to california, we see stark examples of how radically in some ways, the country has changed. now, much of this is related to both illegal and in some cases legal immigration that, of course, progressives love. >> did you hear what she say there? illegal and legal immigration. so when she tries to clean this up and say this is is it all about law and order, how could it possibly be about that if
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you're going after legal immigration? at worst, these are the words of white supremacist, ats best e it's playing on anxiety of a part of our culture. i ask the question why. david duke loved. he tweeted about it in a now deleted post. do not worry. laura ingram is a national tv celebrity so she has had plenty of chances to explain that she's definitely not a racist. she waited 24 hours and said this. >> the purpose of last night's angle was to point out that the rule of law, meaning secure borders, is something that used to bind our country together. and despite what some may be contending, i made explicitly clear that my commentary had nothing to do with race or ethnicity. >> ma'am, you made explicitly clear when you said illegal and legal. all an innocent
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misunderstanding. is that what we're supposed to take this as? just in case i invite you to take a very good look at the words used. massive dem graph isk changes foised on the american people. and changes none of us ever voted for and most of us don't like. we know exactly what dam graphics refer to because the census bureau spells it out. age, sex and racial competition of a population. if she has no problem with racial changes is she up in arms there are too many old people, too many young people? too many men or women? >> it gets extra fishy when you scroll through. >> jails are what 27% illegal immigrants? why don't we ship them back home and say once you come back you'll be shot crossing the border. christians who are in the threat of being slaughtered. i'm happy to bring in some of
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them. i think most people would. but all these other people, they got to stay in the middle east. >> and the thing about the mexicans and murders and rapists. >>. >> now the price they have to pay for multi culturism is the risk that you're walking on the sidewalk and a man or woman will purposely mow you down and maybe finishing your cappuccino in a cafe someone will put a knife to your throat. >> must that he run their mouth like that. they're great players but no one voted for you. millions elected trump to be their coach. keep the political commentary to yourself or, as someone once said, shut up and dribble. >> i believe it was you. you, laura ingram who said shut up and double and i can only speak for myself but i it wouldn't thank lebron james for the school he opened and you will the kids he's putting into
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his new school and many who he has already granted scholarships to in his home town of akron, ohio. thank you. joining me now jonathan, a buyo brett msnbc contributor. i want to talk about what the president is doing and what "fox news" is doing for him, because i see a tale of two trumps, in terms of policy, he is exactly helpings the elites. i think back to him after he won when he walked into the 21 club and taught on tape saying i'm going to lower your taxes. that's exactly what he has done. or letting his buddies at mar-a-lago starting to direct what happens at the v.a. then, from a cultural perspective, he sparks these culture wars. and when you watch a laura ingram every night play into, if
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it's not white nationalism, it's white anxiety. i'm confused when they're railing against elites when it appea appears when it appears they're playing into white anxiety. >> what we saw in that montage of hate that you showed is what people have been doing in this country for a long time. playing on white anxiety, playing on hate, playing on division to distract from very real policy changes that impact those very same economically insecure white voters who see the wages stalled or falling. the jobs disappearing because the republican party is spending all of its time with lots of wealth redistribution away from the working people and to the elites you're talking about. we're talking about laura ingram. if this were a normal presidency, we would be talking about the tax laws, president
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using his private golf club as a sort of policy incubator and having these people run federal agencies de facto? that's what we're not talking about. this whereasn't the question i thought you were go going to ask me because i was all set to respond to laura ij gram. one word to use and everything she said this week. deplorable. she is deplorable. sentiment she expresses is deplorable. fact that she is on a cable network that most republicans watch. that is -- sorry, bosses -- >> don't be sorry. >> country is watching hate on a nightly basis. >> for sure. don't be sorry. laura is paid millions because many people agree and believe in it, but we keep saying, well, it's the fronorgotten americans. they helped elect president
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trump are not being served by his policies. look at wages continuing to lag. it's not the forgotten american. it's the american who can no longer say go and get that, boy. like jeff sessions, who got in a massive amount of trouble for once saying that to an african-american colleague. this ain't a story about the forgotten american. >> no. it's not. we've seen poll after poll come out and say that the people who elected donald trump were not poor white voters for the most part. but the people will did vote at the bottom rung voted because they thought they would get change. they had 8 years of nonstop vilification of barack obama who we can say at this point was the last of the normal presidents of the first 44 presidents of the united states. that being said, the things that are being said today are fundamentally un-american. i'd say this all the time when
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on the show. i was born and raised in philadelphia, and in philadelphia there's a park called washington square, and it was a black cemetery during the time of the american revolution. but buried in that cemetery is over 1,000 dead continental soldiers are who are unknown. that is a good example of how the american experiment has always developed. there is always a new american demographic. whether the irish in the 18 hundreds, syrians and lebanese in the late 18 hundreds, great italian migration of the 1900s, everyone's new in america because america is not a race or color. it's an idea and belief, and we can honor those dead soldiers who fought for this revolution alongside of the people who served those who came up with this concept. >> m >> -- >> let's talk about a different american experiment, one that works for the president. called disz trakt and enrage.
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this morning, the president took to twitter just before 9:00 a.m. to again go after nfl players, when if p you think about the news cycle, what could we have been focusing on today? that a judge specifically called out the trump administration, we could have been starting the day talking about milian ya trump who is parents were made u.s. citizens and uses the system the president rails against calling it chain migration. we could have led the show about pl manafort, the president's former campaign manager who is now possibilitily facing life imprisonment for tax fraud. we could have gone after wilbur ross and the bombshell story that came out about the conflicts of interest. but nope. we didn't talk about any of those things or the fact that this is the one year anniversary
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of charlottesville, which many republicans consider the lowest point in the president's administration. remember, he looked at those riots and said, blame is on many, many sides. when remember, a peace protester, heather heyer was killed. >> talk about this. president has turned and said look, the nfl, those players, boys who have the privilege of making millions, and here's a thing. these a winning distraction. >> it's for him for the people who already like him. for the people who wall low in grievance and rage and hate. and for people for whom, laura ingram speaks. that they are worried that they're going to be left behind again, that they're going to be forgotten again in their minds. charlottesville, to me, was among all of the horrific things president trump has done, just on issue -- on culture issues, ch that was the one that was most egregious, when a nation is
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hurting, when a nation is reeling at hate openly displayed, nazisba walking on t streets on live television, we look to the president of the united states to be able to say to us, this is not who we are. this is not what we are about. we will come together and heal. he did the exact opposite and seeded the moral authority of the presidency. >> and he's okay with that. people voted for the president -- yes. >> the point i was trying to make is a year later, a year after, we're hip to his game. we know what he's doing. we know what he's doing by those tweets. we know what he's doing by trying to inflame the hate and rage but we're not blind to it. fact that you read all of those things that we're not talking about, because of that tweet, just before 9:00, proves my point. folks are not dumb. folks are not stupid. they know what he's doing.
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i think that he's going to pay the price for it. >> and, in cable news, mr. president, we got time to cover all of it. malcolm, to jonathan's exact point, we're hip to the president and also a year ago, and he -- fire -- omarosa releasing a new book. claims she has tapes that prove he uses the n word. can you imagine what robert mueller has? let's say she has these tapes. doesn does it matter? >> it will matter to a small part of the elector rate. i think john in a than is right. i want to stop having the people use dog whistle for racism. i know a megaphone when i hear one. when david duke is the first person to smonds to yrespond toe
8:16 am
pretty much a raisicist. when he makes the statements to the nfl is filters down to a male class of our society that watch sports television. i have this -- let me tell you. >> but malcolm, hold on a second. >> in the navy. >> shouldn't we give sports more credit? lebron james said it. sport is what brings us together. >> right. but it's sports talk radio, which is where this is infiltrati infiltrating. that, of course enhances the racist affect. what i was -- i have a sailor i'm mentoring in the united states navy. he's a muslim american. he literally got kicked off of a ship over baseless accusations because he is a muslim. he must be a security threat. i literally said to this guy, this is not what our navy is
8:17 am
about. there's only three ethnicities in our navy, officer, enlisted, and chief. that's what it's doing to our society. this is infiltrating the armed forces. marines had to kick out a neo-nazi. we need to be speaking like a nation. -- said if you're racist, out of my military. same thing with our country. but now we have -- it's coming from the national command authority. commander in chief himself. i would hope that all of the -- everyone who works below him would at least come out and give the zero tolerance policy if the president himself doesn't. >> thank you so much. remember when charlottesville happened. only one person in the administration, gary cohn spoke out against the president and he doesn't work there anymore. everyone else was silent. zero tolerance policy, ivanka trump said it was a low point. i remind her, it is a low point.
8:18 am
during this administration, if you're fortunate enough to have that kind of power and influence, please use it for good. thank you both. former trump white house aide omarosa. she allegedly has the tapes to back up her accounts. tune in on monday where she'll be joining us. next, first in-laws are officially american citizens. did they use the very immigration method the president has railed against for much of his presidency. war' goi we're going to dig into family reunification. last night a high profile supporter faced an important question and came up empty. >> one by one by one we can defuse this nuclear bomb of hate we're in as a society by
8:19 am
thinking of everyone as our family. and how we treat our kids. >> i think that's a beautiful thought but just in literal terms, there are families being torn apart at the border of this country. they are literally families being torn apart as a result of what this president is doing. i think that we cannot forget that. whether we like his personality or not, his actions are really what matter. i mean you've so famously and powerfully said george bush doesn't care about black people. it makes me wonder what makes you think that donald trump does? or any people at all? why don't we take a break and come back? olay ultra moisture body wash
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welcome back. we're talking immigration. on a morning when i'll tell you what the president is not tweeting about. president trump is quiet as a mouse on the subject of immigration. not a word. after his wife, first lady melania trump's parents, his in-law, game american citizens yesterday. a joyious occasion in a private ceremony. their daughter missed the occasion. here's my question. how exactly did the family get so lucky? >> they have travailed a wonderful journey like most
8:24 am
have, millions have, in getting citizenship and waiting the requisite period of time. the application, the process, init ter view was no different than anybody else's. >> maybe there is something their lawyer did not acknowledge, something he did not acknowledge until he was directly asked. melania's parents came through the system known as family reunification. a u.s. immigration policy that their son-in-law, the president of the united states like to aggressively call chain migration, a system he absolutely loves to hate. >> chain migration is one of the disasters. chain migration is a disaster. >> a disaster. a total disaster. we have to end chain migration. we have to end chain migration. >> not an exaggeration, the president, he likes the term chain migration almost as much as he likes the words no collusion. but what exactly does it mean? >> well actually, chain
8:25 am
migration is officially, as i mentioned, called family reunification and the process which legal u.s. residents can bring family members over from other countries. it is the most common kind of immigration by a mile. between 60% and 70% of all legal immigrants came with family ties. green card holders can petition for a spouse or unmarried children to emigrate. u.s. is petition for all married or not a spouse or siblings. but no one can petition for an aunt, uncle cousin or grand parent. that did not stop the president from saying this as the state of the union address back in january. >> a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives. >> that's the president in the state of the union lying to us. and ps, just because you petition for family members, there are absolutely no guarantees.
8:26 am
and waiting periods can last anywhere from a few months to decades. there are really only two ways you are guaranteed citizen. if you're born in the united states, elsewhere and at least one parent is an american citizen. beyond that, all foreigners have to go through a naturalization process, 18 years old, have lived here legally for at least 5 years, read, write and speak basic english, know the fundamentals of u.s. government and have a good moral character. i know somebody who has that. my friend jacob soboroff. help us through this because melania's parents' lawyer said they followed all of the rules, came here legally, but if president trump got his way, if we ended this type of immigration system. there would be no easy pass for her family. >> no. and congratulations to the president's in-laws, i should say. this is exciting time for them. just like it is for so many people that are coming from all around the world to be reunited
8:27 am
with their families. this is the administration by the way that has torn apart another type of family. families that come and present asylum at the southern border. irony is obviously rich that the president continues to rail against this issue of chain migration. advocated for this point based immigration system like they use in canada, and his own -- just looking at the pictures, it is so ironic his own in-laws are the ones to benefit from this. and he hasn't said a peep, by the way about this. >> do we expect the white house is going to say something. i'm sure you have reached out. our white house reporters have. it would be absolutely normal for the president to congratulation his in-laws, but he has said nothing. i mean the system they used is the system he thinks is dirty and should end. >> yeah. i don't know. i mean i just checked the twitter before i came on. nothing from him or melania. chris has a good theory.
8:28 am
i'm sorry to make light but it's crazy. maybe he doesn't want his in-laws hear? maybe a l -- here. maybe it's familial issue. i don't understand how the president could rail so forcefully against this, and then, in plain sight, have this press conference with the attorney and his own in-laws who are obviously ecstatic to now be united states citizens, as they should be. >> they should be. it's absolutely fantastic. we need to remind our viewers of the real situation going on now that's impacting so many people. ivanka trump called the policy a low point. it was a low point. it is one. 539 children remain separated from the parents. 386 have parents who have already been deported. luckily, jacob soboroff is covering this day in and day
8:29 am
out. we're not going to forget about it. as an american and fellow parent, i just want to say thanks. >> thanks. up next, a federal judge is threatening to hold the attorney general and secretary of homeland security in contempt of court and ordered a plane to turn around after learning the administration deported a mother and daughter whose court process was still going on. you're watching "velshi & ruhle." you've tried moisturizer after moisturizer
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welcome back. please turn up the 0 volume for this. a federal judge threatened to hold attorney general jeff sessions and the homeland security secretary in contempt of court after learning the trump administration deported an immigrant mother and her daughter has their court proceedings were under way. new york times reports the two asylum seekers. please listen to that again, not some criminals, were woken and put on a plane back to el salvador. judge ordered the plane to turn around and expressed outrage saying someone speaking justice is spirited away while attorneys are arguing for ju justice is nt
8:34 am
acceptable. one of the attorneys representing is the director at the -- add we understand it, the mother and daughter did not get off the plane in el salvador. i assume they're coming back to the united states. what do they have to expect? and tell us where they came from and why. >> sure. i think that's a great place to start is where they came from and why. because it's hard for any of us, i think to imagine, but we've got to try to imagine ourselves in the situation of a mother and a child like this. mom had been raped and abused physically abused, for decades. repeatedly. in el salvador. she fled because the police could not protect her, because she was worried about her daughter. you know, her daughter's survival in this environment and what kind of life she would be
8:35 am
able to lead given this. >> the administration wants gang violence to longer be applicable. >> essentially the in you decision by jeff sessions says if you're seeking asylum in this country because of domestic violence or gang violence, that you're freei you're fleeing at home, we think you generally cannot qualify. that is contrary to the government's own position, until he issued this order. it's contrary to decades of decisions by international bodies and domestic courts and most importantly simply illegal. he doesn't get to decide to change the standard for who gets asylum in this country. >> if he doesn't get to decide, how does this woman and her daughter get ripped away in the middle of the night and what's in store for them now? >> right. so the story here is that we filed a lawsuit. she's one -- she and the
8:36 am
daughter are two of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, to try to get a court to look at what j jeff sessions did and to say it was unlawful. government said, you know, basically, we'll give you a 24-hour delay to go before a court and try to get the court to say that while this case is pending, we won't deport -- we can't deport the family. but, we're loneonly going to gi you 24 or 36 hours. by friday morning, in our view, it's fair game to deport any of these people even though you have the challenge going on. and then, they didn't even wait the 36 hours. they put this woman and her child on a plane, the very morning that we were in court arguing for this temporary stay. >> then we need to point out two things. people who like to say over and over stop saying these children were separated from their parents. their parents send them here
8:37 am
alone unaccompanied. this is 0 obviously not the case here. what's the government's defense? when the judge said are you kidding me? turn this plane around. >> the government essentially has no defense and to their credit didn't try to defend what they had done. they made a promise to the court and violated that promise. he ordered them to turn the plane around. as we understand it, they never got off the plane. it landed in central america and they came back and again, our information from the government, we haven't been able to talk to the clients yet. >> who gets -- you've still got hundreds separated. >> what's the punishment? who's going to held accountable? >> i think the first priority we have in this lawsuit and family separation lawsuit is its own thing but the first priority we have is to get to a point where
8:38 am
this was especially egregious because they made a promise to the court about these particular people. we're not going to deport them the next day. but the deeper underlying problem is that hundreds or thousands are people are in the same situation as this family. and are being supbject to deportation on an ongoing basis. what we need to do is to get a court to look at what they're doing, the way they're changing the asylum and say you can't do this. i think there's a number of ways that we should and can be seeking accountability for the government for its, you know, immensely cruel actions towards this family and many others. >> thanks so much for joining me. my goodness this immigration situation is ugly. we're going to cover it every
8:39 am
single day until every child is brought back to their moms and dads. up next, the vice president is backing his boss, calling for a new branch of the military to patrol the final frontier, outer space, but what else could the country get with $8 billion bucks? we're going to take a close look. and the new push for a space force was a gold mine for late night hosts last night. >> the space force is actually happening. they've got plans. they're finding money. michael bay is on board to direct the whole thing. >> we finally learned about the space force chain of command, according to trump, it will go et, yoda. >> what a stirring call to something we're already doing. yeah. since the 1960's. in fact pence's speech reminds me of jfk's emore tal words. >> we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other
8:40 am
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on life insurance. call the number on your screen. or go to discover what over a million families know. we shop. you save. > . ♪ ♪ president trump's space force would be the first new branch of our military in over 70 years. that is assuming the administration can actually get this plan launched. vice president mike pence laid
8:44 am
out details at the pentagon promising the space force would be established by 2020. adding that this was about american dominance in space. >> this space environment is fundamentally changed in the last generation. what was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and adversarial. the united states space force will strengthen our security and ensure our prosperity. and it will also carry american ideals. into the expanse of space. >> after the announcement the reelection campaign solicited donations from supporters and asked them to vote on a logo for the space force. priorities. astronauts have been very critical. >> there is a threat out there, but it's being handled by the u.s. air force today. doesn't make sense to build a whole other level of bureaucracy in an incredibly bureaucratic
8:45 am
dod. >> i think there's a little bit of lacking of understanding in the white house at the highest levels at this point. >> i don't think it's necessary. space is an environment that we're supposed to work together peacefully. i think we've demonstrated that. >> republicans like ben sasse mocked the idea, even using beasty boys lyrics to make fun of this program on twitter. it's amazing but if you take criticism aside it does seem the administration is moving forward but the beginning stages come with a very hefty price tag. vice president is calling for kong to authorization $8 billion. think about this. $8 billion could go a long way to fund other desperately needed programs at this moment in our country. thanks not president's separation policy, health and human services has already spent $40 million for housing, caring, and reuniting the families they
8:46 am
separated. much more will be needed for crucial programs. how about the flint water crisis. it is now in its fourth year. people still don't have clean water. children. it could be involved with just $55 million to replace the pipes. meanwhile, veterans affairs is facing a $3 billion budget shortfall with reports of some veterans waiting years for care, and at least one v.a. hospital having to use rusty medical equipment. biggest deficit of all, the u.s. federal budget deficit for next fiscal year whopping $985 billion. but no. let's spend some more money playing space cowboys. coming up next, this weekend marks one year since the deadly white nationalist rally in charlottesville, virginia and the group unite the right is marking it with a rally. >> up next, we'll speak with the
8:47 am
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♪ keep it comin' love. if you keep on eating, we'll keep it comin'. all you can eat riblets and tenders at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. welcome back. today, a state of emergency is in effect in charlottesville, virginia. it was declared ahead of
8:51 am
sunday's one-year anniversary of the white supremacist rally that turned deadly, turned violent. it also sparked a national conversation about race relations. to avoid an appropriate of last year's clashes, charlottesville with issuing a no demonstration permit. but crowds there are expected to gather to commemorate the death of that young woman right there, heather heyer, killed when a self proclaimed neo-nazi rammed his car into a crowd. today her mother and family remain in pain. >> i should be able to forgive but i'm not there yet. i can survive this. but it's not easy. >> washington, d.c. officials are also on high alert this weekend, expecting rallies on sunday by the same white supremacist groups who were in charlottesville last year including in lafayette park across the street from the white house. amid all of this, a new politico
8:52 am
mourning consult poll finds a majority of voters believe race relations have gotten worse under president trump. you see the results. 55%, race relations have gotten worse. just 16% say they've gotten better. 18% say they've stayed the same. joining me live now, alfred wilson. he hired heather heyer six years ago at the law firm where she worked as a paralegal and they were close friends. alfred, i'm sorry that you lost your close friend. i know you have spent a lot of time thinking about how to honor her and how to do that. >> the last year has been pretty stressful for our entire staff. we lost a very big part of our staff when heather, you know, was murdered last year. so trying to overcome that part has been definitely a big task for us. what we're trying to do to honor
8:53 am
heather going forward is, susan burrow and myself have come together to form the heather heyer foundation. we're hoping to promote our future leaders. we want to basically try to encourage young kids trying to work on social change and give them scholarships to help them educate themselves and keep them moving forward. >> heather's well-known facebook post, if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. you're certainly carrying on her legacy. i want to play for you what charlottesville's mayor recently said in an interview about your city. >> the deep-seated racism has been a major problem and still remains a problem in charlottesville. the notion that we were talking about outsiders and baiting and not talking about, you know, two uva alum who called people into
8:54 am
our town to wreak havoc, and were joined by some people who live here, that's the message i hope people are well aware of. charlottesville is a harmful place if you are black, hispanic, or low income and white. >> do you agree with that? when people talk about the heated rhetoric and bad race relations in the country, they keep talking about the disenfranchised white american who feels like someone stole their job. charlottesville is one of the most beautiful cities in america. >> yes, it is. charlottesville is one of the most beautiful cities in america. but the mayor is absolutely correct about what's going on here in the city. you have somewhat of a divide in the city because you have a higher income level and then there's definitely a much lower income level that's going on as well.
8:55 am
and to have individuals come from outside of the charlottesville area to help basically try to encourage more race divide just makes it almost even harder for the city to unite. the city itself right now is working really hard to actually come together. >> is the city better off in terms of race relations today than they were a year ago? >> unfortunately i have to say no, because our political climate, you know, unfortunately the leader of our country is basically promoting, it seems like, this complete divide. if you start from the top with this divide going on, it's hard to basically mend and have everyone come together at these lower levels, into the communities that we do have. >> well, the president is one voice. you and i are two. and you've also got heather and her spirit fueling it. you'll have to keep talking
8:56 am
about peace going forward. alfred, thank you for talking to me and thank you for your work. >> thank you for having us. i ask everyone to please go to, to help us keep activism alive. >> thank you very much. i sincerely appreciate it. here on msnbc on sunday, which will be the one-year anniversary of charlottesville, msnbc will be sharing a story of a former white supremacist who has dedicated his life to reforming others. please join me in watching "breaking the hate," sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. you're watching "velshi & ruhle." hey dad. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long.
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xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. welcome back. an air strike in yemen draws international condemnation after the death of dozens of civilians, most of them children under 10 years old. a warning, some of the images coming from the scene are very disturbing. the air strike thursday hit a bus carrying children in a very crowded market. their clothes and backpacks covered with blood. officials say at least 51 people were killed, more than 60 wounded. the strike was carried out by u.s. allies, specifically a saudi-led coalition that for years has been fighting civilians in a civil war. this past march the state department announced the sale of 6,700 missiles to saudi arabia
8:59 am
as part of a billion dollar arms deal. the u.s. military also stepped up its air campaign in yemen last year to back the saudi-led coalition. data from u.s. central command showed u.s. air strikes increased six-fold under trump. again, that was a bus filled with children. they were on a field trip. those were some of those children. fortunately survived but are sincerely hurt. i hand you off to our friend and colleague kristen welker who picks up the coverage on "andrea mitchell reports." right now, on a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports," state of play. are the president's lawyers playing games with the special counsel as the rules keep changing for an interview with robert mueller? >> i will tell you this. this needs to be over soon. i think it's been very bad for the country.
9:00 am
and we're at a point in this inquiry where they can wrap it up. rerouted. in a highly unusual move, a federal judge slams the white house immigration policy and orders a plane to be turned around after a mother and daughter were sent back to el salvador. >> judge emmett sullivan said he would hold attorney general jeff sessions, the homeland security secretary, and other government officials in contempt if the mother and child were not brought back. and kickoff. is the nfl preseason gets under way, president trump is already calling out players protesting during the national anthem. the eagles' malcolm jenkins, who raised a fist last night, recently spoke with lester holt about why players are taking a stand. >> we can talk about social issues and still have a great game. we start talking about black issues and issues of race, now


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