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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  August 11, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. security blanket. charlottesville. under a state of emergency, ahead of the first anniversary of the painful day of division. a new trump tweet and a declaration from the president about racism. and yet, no tweet about omarosa's inflammatory allegation against him. and above all else, we will make america america again. >> avenatti's ambitions. why the lawyer for stormy daniels may have 2020 television. and why she's contradictsing some treasured advise from michelle obama. >> oh, my god, oh, my god. >> he's pulling out. >> high-flying heist. a stolen airplane's flight to tragedy, leaves behind a trail of questions. richard lui in for alex witt on
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this saturday. msnbc headquarters in new york city. here's what's happening for you. we're going to start with breaking news. republican congressman chris collins today saying he is suspended his re-election campaign in a shift there in the wake of the charge of insider trade. geoff bennett has the details. geoff, what do we know? >> reporter: hey there, rick, as you mentioned congressman collins is stepping aside, suspending his campaign after earlier this week being arrested and indicted on charges of insider trading. collins maintains he did anything wrong. but republicans have offered little more than a defense. so it is a statement he issued today. he says this, democrats are laser focused on taking back the house, electing nancy pelosi speaker. and then launching impeachment
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proceeds against president trump. they would like nothing more than electing in this district. if that statement didn't make it clear, you should know that chris collins is in fact an ally. in fact, he was the first member of congress, the first nationally member of congress to endorse candidate trump. while president trump did win collins' district, the 27th district of new york, he did not, of course, win the state of new york. so, looking at this big picture, there is a risk here that collins seat had been a safe republican seat could now be in jeopardy if democrats nationally decide to target it. the other thing worth knowing is that it would be really difficult to scrub collins name. if the republican party does decide to remove his name they're going to have to figure out a way to do it. geoff bennett, thank you, sir. collins' statement is in
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stark contrast to what he says a few days ago. you may remember. take a list. >> as i fight to clear my name, rest assured i will continue to work hard for the people answer constituents for the 27th congressional district of new york. and i will remain on the ballot running for re-election this november. >> joining us now, aisha, and editor-at-large. >> folks want to know why the change at heart and why today. obviously, what this might mean for the seat. >> well, listen, i don't know exactly why today. he's facing very serious charges and may be after consulting with his own legal team and consulting with his family, he felt like it was best not to go ahead with his re-election. as was said earlier, it's going to be hard to get his name off the ballot. and it's not really clear what
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that means for the election. but perhaps, with such a huge cloud hanging over his head, he didn't want to have to focus on campaigning as well. >> john, what's your thought on that? and how might democrats take advantage of this situation, gimp that his name will still be on the ballot, most likely? >> well, democrats would probably rather have chris collins on the ballot than some replacement candidate. i suspect that suspending his re-election campaign is in response to pressure from other republicans who as an interim step simple don't want him to be out actively campaigning and allow democrats to use him as a symbol of republican corruption. because there's a long list of corruption scandals that have followed the republican party, beginning at 1600 pennsylvania avenue with president trump. and the russia investigation. the manafort trial. multiple members of congress in hot water, including chris collins. so, i think they're trying to turn the temperature down.
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again, don't know if he's going to -- as opposed to suspending his campaign actually quit and somehow make it easier for republicans to replace him. democrats are unlikely to win this seat in the end, but they've got a shot now. they've got 65 or so targets to try to pick up the 23 seats they need to win the majority. this just provides them are little more assistance. >> ayeisha, your thoughts on what that this means for the democrats? >> this is going to be a solid seat for them to pick up but it does feed into the idea that republicans have a problem with ethics and the idea of the swamp. president trump came in talking about he wanted to drain the swamp, and here you have one of his first top supporters in congress getting charged with insider trading. this is exactly what people don't want from their elected leaders. and then you have all of the
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issues inside president trump's candidate. so, it all kind of feeds into this narrative that the republicans are not -- are not holding up a standard. and that they have all of these scandals. >> richard, the crazy thing is that the first congressional endorser of donald trump was caught on camera. >> right. >> -- conducting that insider trading on the grounds of the white house. it's remarkable. >> remarkable. and can't believe you had actually video of that. standing by. we'll get the reflection after we go to the ground there on charlottesville. this on the anniversary. a lockdown right now. they're bracing tlhere for reaction to last year's rally that turned deadly. nbc's cal perry is watching it for us. cal, the president of uva apologizing for what happened a year ago. that just came out this morning,
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too. what else is happening? >> reporter: yeah, i think there's a lot of reflection and regret, especially amongst authorities and officials here about the way things were handled or not handled. take a look at that street and you'll see that reflected in this security presence. now, this street is separating basically charlottesville from the market area, which is just about a block that direction. what's happening there right now, we have some pictures we can show you, a small group of protesters have come to the market area. they're marching silently, because, again, this police presence is so thick. as we swing around here, we want to show you, richard, all of these police are protecting access to the robert e. lee statue. it was this statue that became such a touchstone which set off that initial tiki torch protest. which led to that incredible violence. you remember those pictures from a years ago. far different than what you see today. this is a town that is
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struggling to find a new identity after that tragedy a year ago. when you talk about places like newtown, orlando and las vegas, places that have changed because of the violence that this country has seen. you can add charlottesville to that list. there's a lot of people we've spoken to that see this police presence of a visual sign that things didn't go well. and we have this, richard, he said the rights in charlottesville a year ago resulted in sensele death and division. we must come together as a nation. i condemn all violence. peace. that's what we heard from the president a year ago after the violence in charlottesville when he was seemingly unable to blame anybody for the events, richard. >> cal perry there, as we're watching the story all weekend. thank you, cal. let's bring back ayeisha, and
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john harwood. john, the president did tweet about charlottesville this morning. you saw it. he wrote exactly what he was saying -- for all america, is what you focus on, if you would put a headline on it. your reaction? >> first of all, i think there's a parallel between what he said in that tweet and what he said after charlottesville last year. remember, he came out and said there were good people on both sides, there was fault on both sides. in this tweet, he says, i condemn racism of all kinds. he was generalizing there. which i think is not necessarily inconsistent with what he said last year. look, this is a president who his political strategy is focused on polarizing by race. going after nfl players. going after lebron james. what happened after charlottesville. the set of political rhetoric and policies that the president
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has pursued have increased the republicans' reliance on nonviolent white voters. that has a cost to it. we saw in the quinnipiac poll in july that 49% of the american people thought the president was racist. 55% of the american people thought he was encouraging racists. since charlottesville has become such a symbol for division in the country, the president felt a need to tamp it down, but only so much. i think given his pattern of his politics, we're going to see that pattern continue. and there's going to be more provocation on a racial basis going forward. >> your thought. >> i agree with much of that. the president has basically since charlottesville, he walked back his walk-back, when he said there was blame on both sides and fine people on both sides.
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and he really hasn't gone away from that. since then, he's continued to make statements, challenging maxine waters, saying she has a low i.q. and the statements about illegal immigration and people say that's dehumanizing. he has not stepped back -- he has not stepped back from rhetoric that critics say is divisive. even though, today, he also pointed out there's low black unemployment and low hispanic unemployment. he kind of falls back on the employment numbers to say he's the president of all americans but the issue that a lot of his critics will bring up is that it's his rhetoric, it's the things that he says are divisive. and those things are things that people are concerned about. even though he can point to the employment anybodies, the things that he's saying are not bringing people together. i think those numbers show that.
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>> trying to offer insight to what the president is saying there is this, there is omarosa's upcoming back. the claims that she levels against the president. when you look at them, john, given that omarosa's credibility has been in jeopardy will they stick? >> i'm not sure omarosa's allegations will stick. honestly, i wouldn't believe anything that she's said, the way she's oscillated with public presence for the president and now saying negative things. i think people are going to judge president trump on things they've been able to see with their own eyes. his approach to politics. the targets that he's picked as he tries to polarize voters and motivate his own supporters. i don't think the account of a former aide who has credibility problems, who has not supported some of these allegations, i don't think that's going to make much difference.
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>> ayesha, and omarosa has recorded recordings, and "the washington post" has listened to some of the recordings. from man igault, newman. here's what anthony scaramucci had to say. >> i like omarosa. even though she's writing a book which i think she's trying to be objective in the book. i think heshe's still very loya to the president. i talked to omarosa, she loves the president and she loves the president's family. i don't think there's anything in those tapes that are going to be explosive. if it is true, i didn't ask her if it is or isn't, i don't like that people are taping him. >> there's two different omarosas there, one that loves the family but doesn't. >> well, look, when it comes to
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omarosa, this was someone who was hired and working at a very high level in the white house. but now, the white house is trying to disavow her. the question is, why did you hire this person? and now, she has these tapes. now, i do think with these tapes because president trump has been so blunt publicly and on twitter, it's unlikely that there's anything in these tapes at this point that could really be shocking. i don't know what would be shocking for president trump at this point. but i think it's the reflection of this white house and the way that they have handled hiring. the way that they've handled staffing. that you now have someone who has worked in the white house who is recording conversations. >> shocking and less shocking nowadays. ayesha rocco thank you so much. john harwood, have a great saturday. >> thank you. next, a stolen commuter plane's flight ends in tragedy. the last wording of the pilot, we have that.
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we're watching breaking news out of the seattle area where investigators are looking into an empty commuter plane stolen last night by a ground service agent. that plane was then flown for about an hour, and then crashed on to a small island and exploded in flames. now, the amateur video you have here appears to confirm that the male suspect was performing stunts before the crash. authorities have not identified
10:20 am
the horizon air employee by name but say he's a 29-year-old male from pierce county, washington, now presumed dead. a short time ago, the national transportation safety board laid out the plans for this investigation. take a list. >> they're pulling the air traffic tapes so they'll be able to listen to those. radar data has been gathered to determine its flight path. and at that point, they're going to have to look at his background and try to determine what the motive was for him to do this. >> series of, you can hear what he was alluding to just before the crash. >> i've got a lot of people that care about me. and it's going to disappointment them to hear that i did this. i would like to apologize to each and every one of them. just a broken guy, got a few screws loose i guess.
10:21 am
never really knew it until now. >> joining me now msnbc aviation analyst john cox. john, how rigorous is the background check for those who might be a ground service agent? >> there's a pretty good look at someone's background. they look for criminal history. they look for anything else, bri previous employments, things like that, to get an idea what sort of individual, anybody who works for an airline actually is. >> and one has to wonder how bad this could have been? it appears that it crashed in a place where there were no other buildings or individuals, at least from the reporting so far. it's only believed potentially that the very suspect himself is dead. >> i think one thing that's important to understand is that the air traffic controllers did a really good job in several
10:22 am
areas. the local tower controller, when he saw the airplane taxiing out toward runway 16 center. and he wasn't talking to them, started separating airplanes away from this airplane when he didn't know what it was going to do. when it took off, they immediately notified the security folks, and they were able to scramble fighter jets, too, that were on scene very quickly. so, how bad it could have been, once the fighters were on scene. they were trying to push him towards the pacific ocean, away from pop lameulated areas. so, the system in that respect worked pretty well. we can hypothesize about what ifs, but in reality, the system actually worked fairly well. >> the plane's a turboprop, right? how would you compare the difficulty of lying this video we see on the left-hand side,
10:23 am
to, say, a 737, a very common jet you'd see at most airlines? >> well, one of the things that the investigators are going to look at and i have questions about is how he got the airplane started. because a modern yet, or turboprop, they don't start like your car. they require a specific sequence of events to get the engines to actually run. and somehow, he got those -- both of those engines to run. he got the employpropellers in proper position so he could take off. the jet, the 737 is a little less stable than a turboprop just because of the type of wing that's on it. things happen much faster in the jet. but the q400 is a very powerful turboprop. it's a fast airplane, it's in widespread service around the world. is n it is not -- it's a reasonably
10:24 am
calm complex airplane. pilots say it's not easy to fly. for someone who is a pilot it would be a handful i'm surprised he did as well as he did. >> i understand they were trying to get him to land. how much more difficult would be to land a craft as opposed to getting it in the air? would he be able to land it safely? >> well, it's certainly easier to get it airborne than it is to put it on the runway and keep the track on the concrete. oftentimes, the people that are not pilots that have tried to force land a small airplane, they can get it to the runway, but keeping it on the runway is much more difficult. i don't know how the end result of him attempting to land it would have been. i don't think anybody does. so, you know, once he chose to take this course of action and crank the airplane up and got it airborne, i'm -- sadly, i think
10:25 am
it was somewhat of a foredrawn conclusion. and you can hear in his voice with the air traffic controllers, that he recognizes the severity of the situation that he's in. and unfortunately, i think he elected to end it on his own terms. >> all right. msnbc aviation expert john cox. thank you for your expertise on this. next, charlottesville on lockdown. the precautions that some there do not like, though. should fear of clashes spurred by white supremacists shut down the city? the mayor joins us, next. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees.
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provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. charlottesville, virginia, we're watching these pictures just moments ago. and tefa. one of the groups there where one individual lost her life. they were there marching then made it a memorial for heather heyer, the individual who lost her life there. the city is preparing for anything that happens there. one of the leaders trying to make sure it stays quiet. nikuyah walker, mayor of charlottesville. as you look at it there, hundreds of officers, how are
10:30 am
your constituents reacting to the heavy showing of security forces so far compared to what happened last year? >> yeah, there are definitely mixed feelings about the security measures. there are people who are, you know, thankful and challenging those who say that, you know, are unhappy that we're in a police state. so, as you can imagine in any city that there would be mixed reactions. >> heather heyer's mom, as you're aware, yesterday saying she's still keeping secret the location of her daughter's grave. let's here what she said and i want to get your thought. >> we don't want well-wishers trampling other people's graves. we don't want nazi's trampling other people's graves. emmett till's marker is violent shot up. those remembrance markers have
10:31 am
constantly been vandalized. heather is nowhere in the same league as they are. she was not assassinated. she was ra random hate crime. >> madam mayor, if it were an amount in degrees where are you on the that? >> a thousand. it's been pretty hot. that's the hope that individuals have been receiving from my appearance. and why i wanted to make sure that i actually participated in the national media this year. to make sure people are aware that we have some major issues. and last summer didn't begin, nor did they end, those. >> you ran on the slogan, unmasking the illusion. >> yes. >> you have said all that didn't expect to win. you did. how far along are you in unmasking the illusion?
10:32 am
>> so, i've been in office since january. and i've been working on unmasking the illusion my entire life. and there have been people before me who have been doing this ma this work. martin luther king, malcolm x. angela davis. i could keep going. this is new work that i'm doing, bell hooks talks about the white patriotic white supremacist society. there are people bringing to the world's attention the need to really dig deep and do this work. it is anew. >> you're the first black female mayor for charlottesville. you share the same title along with london breed there in san francisco. and as you look at leaders that look like yourself, what does that say in terms of the beginning of the unmasking,
10:33 am
right? and how have you used that platform to do well? >> so, you know, it's a requirement to be very -- to be very bold. and correspond raven and courageous in this position. especially when you're talking about black women who have carried -- carried this world. you know, during the duration, you know, of history. and we're often overlooked in a lot of positions. so then to have us in leadership positions, a lot of people still don't like it. they don't -- i know when i -- i mean, walk into a room, that there are still levels of disrespect. i have city staff members who will walk, you know, down a hallway, and see me for the first time. in that day and not speak. but i think none of that matters, in my world. i'm bringing it up to bring up a point. you have to be really strong and really rounded and have a, you
10:34 am
know, pretty secure foundation to challenge, white supremacy and white privilege at this level. and luckily, and thankfully, i've come through three amazing women who have helped me do that. >> and your supporters, you said they're from all different backgrounds. and you're the mayor of all residents of charlottesville. describe to me how they maybe have changed in their support, all of those residents, or a majority of them for you, mayor. >> so, yeah, i am the mayor of all of charlottesville. but i want to point out that all of charlottesville didn't vote for me. and that there wasn't a call when council has been primarily white, and there had been a white male to help all of charlottesville, because if there had been we wouldn't have the major despairties in health, wealth, mass incarceration that we have today. i was clear can during my platform what will my focal points would be.
10:35 am
and i did have, and i still do have, a wide base of people who support me. and those individuals are very comfortable, no matter what, you know, their income levels, or the color of their skin. they're really comfortable with us. finally getting down to the truth of the matter that the entire nation has to face. and then, of course, there are other, there are other people who are not supportive at all. and probably never will be. but this isn't about them. so, it's very easy for me to focus on whether your garbage is picked up on time. or send in a message to make sure a street is paved. so that almost takes no time away from the real work. of making sure our criminal justice system is reformed. and that people have adequate housing and that their kids are sent to schools and they're educated. so, i can do both. >> that's where the rubber hits the road. that's what mayors do every day.
10:36 am
mayor nikuyah walker, i hope it's a peaceful weekend there in charlottesville. thank you for spending time. i know it's busy. >> thanks for having me. next,al voiding the so-called perjury trap, how trying to save the president from his very own words. that is a subpoena coming down the pike. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust for a long time. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. right now, get 0% apr financing on the 2018 subaru impreza. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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10:40 am
special counsel a deadline of september 1st to finish his investigation. then on friday, giuliani stepped in with jay sekulow to guest-host sean hannity's radio show. three hours counting. some have questioned these decisions and others including "vanity fair" abigail tracy who wrote an article entitled giuliani's screw ball legal strategy is more dangerous than it seems. abigail is here with us. i know you chose your words carefully, first of all, screwball and dangerous. what is screw saand bascrewball? >> i think what the rounds that you've seen is him becoming more unhinged in his statements and sort of the claims that he's making. i think in a huge part of it is not only a legal strategy as much as a pr strategy, it's kind of taking advantage of the
10:41 am
silence council robert mueller and using his opportunity in these interviews and speaking to reporters to really kind of shape a public narrative to help his client down the line. >> so, i recalled once when he first game in this position as the royal court's food tester. ergo, he's trying messages out. what sticks and what doesn'ts, a and what's strabrought into the strategy? >> i think you're right. a lost of it is shifting the goalpost. and i do think you are seeing that reflected in polls, showing erosion in the trouble of robert mueller at the time. the special counsel is speaking about indictment. they're not out there on the airwaves defending it. rudy guiliani is poisoning the well and pitching different strategies. >> not only different but the
10:42 am
goalpost as folks would call it. part of the strategy, we're going to say this, and next week, we're going to say no. >> absolutely. the conversation of collusion and whether or not it's a crime is a perfect example of that. also when we're looking at ongoing negotiations over an interview, that's happening as well. he's saying, oh, we're absolutely open to an interview, really, the things that they're rejecting are central to figuring out whether or not donald trump obstructed justice in the firing of james comey and some other actions that he's taken as president. >> as he was hosting the show, jay sekulow, some callers were asking should there be investigations into hillary clinton and barack obama for abuse of power. he said in response, i would agree with you, it is crying out for an investigation. >> yeah. one of the really interesting
10:43 am
things is, when you talk to veterans of the doj and lawyers i've asked them about this special counsel thing. really, the only reason you appoint a special counsel is because you don't believe that the doj can independently investigate these things. i don't necessarily think that jeff sessions and the doj need a special counsel. >> bringing in former law professor of the university of memphis, steven, thanks for being with us. is there a chance for the president voluntarily interviews with robert mueller, given the strategies we were just talking about with abigail about what rudy giuliani is suggesting basically is probably not going to happen? >> it's looking less and less likely that there will be any voluntary interview, involving the president. as you just heard, they have been moving the goalpost. the positions that they've been
10:44 am
erecting towards a voluntary interview keeps changing. it really seems as if the only way this is going to happen if robert mueller issues a subpoena. >> you were listening to abigail in her article, the definition of a screwball, and then saying enough is enough, time to subpoena the president. final play? that's it? >> i would agree. it doesn't seem a good option for mueller to conclude the investigation without trying to speak to trump. there are really important issues about trump's own state of mind and the sequence of events particularly with respect to the obstruction of justice inquiry, which can only be concluded if mueller has a chance to speak to trump and ask questions one-on-one. not in writing, fwhutbut in a realtime interview can you have
10:45 am
follow up. the only way to go looks like with a subpoena. applicable supreme court precedent supports mueller's ability to go with a subpoena here. >> right. >> even against a sitting president. >> and so, you know, the next step is that. whats. and let's say the president says no. it goes all the way to the supreme court. what would happen to those supreme court justices that are appointed, or are appointed by president trump? would they have to recuse themselves from such a ruling. obviously, we have kavanaugh in front of us right now who has been involved in a special counsel investigation before? >> right. so, the strict legal answer is, no, they would not have to recuse themselves. normally, recusal is going to be for something with a much more direct conflict of interest. either a financial interest in outcome of a case. or that he personally worked on
10:46 am
that case or a family member is involved. but the mere fact that we might suspect political bias because they are in a sense ruling over the very president that had just appointed them. that's not necessarily grounds for recusal. it does give one concern about whether they can put politics aside? bought they could choose that, right? >> oh, yes. >> steven, let's go that far, it does make it to the supreme court. we now have brett kavanaugh as the ninth justice, what do you think the vote would be? >> here's where it gets really tricky. if you were just to straightforwardal ply prior supreme sort precedent which is we can subpoena a sitting president for records. and we can force a sitting president to sit down in a civil case. and the interest of doing this thing for the president with an
10:47 am
investigation is even greater with a criminal investigation. when you add that all up, pretty strong case for the supreme court to side with mueller and say, yes, president trump has to comply. the wildcard here is justice kavanaugh if he's confirmed. he's an outlier. he's taken a far right position to say that presidents shouldn't be investigated while in office. the only remedy is to impeach them and then they were to become private citizens. if he were the deciding vote, we might see a different outcome even though the current supreme court justice seems to side with robert mueller. >> how michael avenatti is encouraging democrats now to follow michelle obama's -- or rather, not follow michelle obama's advice about president trump. in the next hour, the chief
10:48 am
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10:52 am
in 2020 giving his vision for the future of the democratic party. >> what i fear for this democratic party that i love so much is that we have a tendency to bring nail clippers to a gun fight. i want to suggest a different course. i believe that our party, the democratic party, must be a party that fights fire with fire. when they go low, i say we hit harder. >> let's go to elena beverly and also noel nicpor. so he is saying michelle obama may have said that which was when they go low, we go high, he is saying hey, we have to do more. it look tsz lis like we're havi
10:53 am
difficulty with sound. let's try one more time. >> can you hear me? >> i gotcha. go for it. >> so of course he is referring to the clarion call that michelle obama issued in 2016 in the democratic national convention saying when they go low, we go high. personally, i believe that the democrats don't want to fight fire with fire in a way that would be a race to the bottom politics. what democrats want, and avenatti does reflect this a bit, is to oust donald trump. but they also want a statesman or woman as a democratic candidate who is going to represent their issues. and speak to the policies that are affecting them at home in their local communities that are affecting their pocketbooks, affecting their health care, and assuring a more dignified retirement. so i think avenatti is reflecting the ability to use the social media and the news media cycle, but beyond that, i don't think that he represents
10:54 am
what democratic voters really want to see in 2020. >> noel, some may say he is saying when they go low, i'll fight, paraphrasing. where might that work? does it work in a presidential context, does it work in a congressional context? >> i think what eyou've seen -- >> sorry, noofs kn that was noe. >> i think that the- -- correct me if i'm wrong, but i think we are all tired of shock jock candidates. and i think the world would be a much better place if we could focus on issues at hand without all these tactics of grand standing. and i think when i see michael avenatti come on with these quotes and fighting harder, this makes me think that i'm going to have to strap in and get ready for another roller coaster ride of bullying politics and i think that we're tired of it. and i think that the democratic party -- i don't really see them
10:55 am
moving in a direction of getting some sort ofh fire. what michelle obama said is actually i think embraced by not only the democratic party, but for people as a whole by saying when they go low, we go high, meaning we take the better route. don't fire with fire, we just don't participate and let them spin on. >> elena then you might have to ask those in the democratic party when you look at avenatti, who is certainly seen as a key figure and those who are against the president in donald trump, where is the best place, what is the best part of his energy that could be used? is it him running for president, is it him being an adviser? >> well, i certainly believe that he could endorse a candidate when the time comes. but just to respond a bit to the request that you asked noel, i think that what you are seeing from the democrats as we prepare for the midterms is you are
10:56 am
seeing more authentic candidates who are reflecting the diversity of this country and who are reflecting a sentiment of unity in bringing us together. so i don't think that his scorched earth fight fire with fire strategy is one that any of the democratic voters are interested in adopting. >> know he wi >> noel, 15 seconds to you. >> i'll just echo her point. and like i said, i don't think that michael avenatti, first of all, he is stormy daniels' lawyer and is that his claim to fame on the national front. maybe on the democratic side maybe he can endorse somebody or something, but i don't know, i think his place in politics, he just needs to stick to his day job. >> great to see you both. thank you. coming up, omarosa's about face on trump. how credible is she though? need a change of scenery?
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that does it for me. stick around, david gura picks it up from here. hey, friend. >> thank you very much. hey, everybody. i'm david gura. out of the running. congressman chris collins, president trump's first backer in congress, announces he is suspending his campaign for re-election just days after being charged with insider trading. what does this mean to the gop already scrambling to maintain control of the house of representatives? book report, omarosa calling president trump racist


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