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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 11, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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welcome back. i'm aaron gilchrist live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. president trump making his first public comments on his former aid omarosa manigault-newman's new delegatell all book. here is what the president said in response just a short time ago. >> do you feel betrayed by omarosa? >> low life. she's a low life. >> she's a low life is what the president said. let's bring in our panel, geoff
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bennett, betsy woodruff and also charlie savage. geoff, i'll start with you. what was going on when the president made that comment about omarosa? >> the president was in the middle of a photo-op there at his private estate in bedminster, new jersey. he was surrounded by trump supporters known as bikers for trump. and the voice you heard was that of maggie haberman part of the press pool and she asked if the president felt betrayed by omarosa. that is when he leveled that scorcher calling her a low life. but look, this is what the president tends to do to people whom he views as being disloyal. i think it is worth pointing out that the relationship between the president and omarosa has always really been mutually beneficial if not entirely transactional. she was able to use him to increase her public standing with that high profile white house job. and he was at times able to use her for a certain amount of
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political cover when it came to some testy issues involving race. >> you bring up a really good point about the relationship between omarosa and donald trump. i want to play something for you, this is a piece of omarosa's interview npr in which she claims she has heard the tape of the president using the "n" word. >> once on i heard it -- >> you have heard this tape? >> i heard this tape. >> you heard the president of the united states. >> i heard the president of the united states use not only the "n" word, but as bill pruitt described during that interview other horrible things during the production of the at prentis pr. >> you don't mention that in the book. >> it is mentioned. >> it sounds like you just heard his account of the tape. did you actually hear the tape? >> i did. did you you miss this whole -- girl, did you read my book? >> betsy, what do you make of
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omarosa's claim there that she actually heard the tape that is alleged to exist? >> the book hasn't come out yet and i haven't read it cover to cover, but people familiar with the book say that no in the text of the book she did not claim that she herself heard the tape of the president using this appalling word. so her claim to npr takes it a step further than everyone familiar with the book says the book itself claims. this just undermines omarosa's credibility which was not exactly astronomical to begin with. she was feared and loathed in the white house. her coloradalleagues were antsy her to leave. and she was seen as an agent of chaos, somebody who didn't have a particularly impressive record of accomplishments, and mostly spent her time trying to ingratiate herself to the president, maximize her access to the president. and use that as sort of a way to keep other people in the white house from pushing her to perhaps be more of a team player. and then when john kelly came in
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as chief of staff, her firing, her exit of the white house, was very dramatic and sort of the consensus especially among people in trump's orbit is that this book is omarosa's revenge and it has nor do with her gets lots of air time, promoting herself, making money off on of the book than it has to do with truth telling about the president. >> and charlie, i want to put up an excerpt from the book that omarosa has written. it says it had finally sunk in that the person i thought i'd known for so well so long because actually a racist using the "n" word was not just the way he talks but more disturbing, it was how he thought of me and african-americans as a whole. it seems like she is expressing some surprise here with this excerpt, but there been allegations about the president making racist comments that other on reporting has corroborated that we've heard about him. what do you make about this? >> well, i mean everything omarosa says has to be taken
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with a grain of salt for the reasons we've discussed already. that said, questions of racism have dogged donald trump since the central park supposed rapist that weren't really rapists that he went after two or three decades ago. and we knnoknow today that he l to attack prominent black people and question their intelligence and go after black celebrities. it is he fuels support for himself. and we're coming up on the one year anniversary of his notorious remark that there were good people on the both sides of the nazi and anti-nazi riots in charlottesville a year ago. so this froth and a degraded state of poll is tick itics tha such that we're all thinking about omarosa is what it is, but it does resonate with issues that are very real about the era we're living there. >> and betsy, omarosa also claims after she was fired, the
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trump campaign offered her a contract for i think it was $15,000 a month to remain silent. the offer made by the president's daughter-in-law laura trump. the book also claims the book used racial slurs around kellyanne conway's husband who is of filipino descent. he denied those allegations. does that make omarosa's memoir less credible than everything else that you've mentioned? >> to be fair, george conway wouldn't necessarily be in a position himself to know about whether or not the president had made those remarks. but i think it certainly raises questions about the accuracy of what omarosa wrote in the book, the being a roaccuracy of the a. and on omarosa wasn't in the white house during the window of time when fwornlg cgeorge conwa tweeting criticism. he has a very active twitter feed where he sometimes defends the mueller probe, where he will
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be critical of the president, critical of policies that the president is undertaking. but that vocal approach that george conway took didn't seem to overlap with omarosa's time in the white house, so it is unlikely that the president would have been in a position to use potentially racist terms against conway, that conway would have been on his radar when omarosa was in the white house working there. that said of course as charlie pointed out, the president has a record on race that speaks for itself particularly when it comes to the way that he character lizs thriseizekrook characterizes the intelligence of african-americans. >> and i want to ask about the president slamming the attorney general jeff sessions and the russia investigation on twitter. he had this to say, the big story that the fake news media refuses to report is low life christopher steele's many meetings with bruce ohr and his beautiful wife nellie.
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it was fusion that hired steele. do you really believe nellie worked for fusion and her husband still work for the department of justice. never seen anything so rigged. our ag is scared stiff and missing in action. it is all starting to be revealed. not pretty. ig report soon? witch hunt the president said. dig into that 37. >> a mouthful. a lot to unpack. but look, i think the point here is that the president is trying to make -- the point that he does make explicitly, he says jeff sessions is missing in action. well, jeff sessions by being mia is doing his job because remember, he recused himself from the russia investigation. this is all part of the president's larger attempt to discredit the russia proefbe. again when he makes the pork that tsteele dossier is what prochltded t prompted the investigation into
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russia's attack on our democracy, that is not true. we know that the russia probe started after the fbi officials received word from an australian diplomat that george papadopoulous was bragging after a night of heavy drinking about an offer he received of dirt on hillary clinton's campaign. so if you peck you pick apart a those statements, what you come back to is the fact that so much of it is unsubstantiated and plainly not true. >> and charlie, i'll give you the last word. what do you make of the president's comments in that tweet? >> i think that he knows that we're nearing a climax with the manafort trial. we don't know exactly what mueller will do in terms of subpoenaing him with his charade that he maybe will talk to mueller if they can negotiate a little bit longer and what seems pretty clear he doesn't actually want to talk to mueller, which could set up a subpoena fight very soon. or there could be a report to congress at some point about obstruction of justice and/or
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co collusion. so he has to keep the steady drumbeat of trying to discredit that probe heading into what could be a very climatic period this fall. >> all right. jeff, betsy, charlie, thank you all. and this note for you, omarosa will be doing the rounds to promote her new book, you can catch her on nbc on tomorrow on "meet the press." and then monday, she will be right here on msnbc on "hardball" at 7:00 p.m. now to new information in a bizarre and deadly plane crash in washington state. the fbi is now searching for black boxes from the wreckage of a small passenger plane stolen by an airline employee from the sea-tac international airport in seattle. that employee was airborne for more than an hour before crashing into a small island. he was killed in that crash, but not before air traffic control operators and military fighter jets trid ed to direct the employee to land safely. authorities believer the man acted alone, but haven't
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determined a motive. >> i have dozens of personnel out at the crash site right now. i had 30 to 40 folks involved overnight out interviewing co-workers and family members. and i just want everybody to understand this is going to take a little bit of time. so please be patient with the fbi. >> and at this point no word that anyone else was injured in that incident. still ahead, president trump is attacking attorney general jeff sessions. is it an attempt to distract the public from robert mueller's sfl? and now that chris collins has dropped his bid for re-election, republicans are scrambling to have his name removed from the ballot. i'll spell with the democratic contender. - i love my grandma. - anncr: as you grow older, your brain naturally begins to change which may cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers.
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facing charges of insider trading, republican new york congressman chris collins is reversing course. collins announced today that he will not run for re-election this year after previously vowing he would stay in the race. collins announced his decision in a statement this morning on twitter. still unclear is whether republicans will get the opportunity to replace collins on the ballot. collins won landslide victories in 2014 and 2016. bev lea before leaving the race, he was set to face nate mcmurray. nate mcmurray is joining us now to talk about this and other things. i'll ask you you first your
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reaction to mr. collins dropping out of the race. >> i think it is good news for western new york. it is good news for america. it is good news for ny 27. i think he should take a step further and resign from congress. i'm not sure why he is continuing to hold on to his position. but i think that he needs to move on. and this era needs to end for all of us. >> you say good news for a lot of people. is this good news for you? how has this affected your campaign? you had contributions coming in more steady you now? >> there is a surge of excitement for our campaign. i see the excitement in the small towns we're visiting. it has been a great time for us. i think a lot of people understand that when i was out there getting hammered for attacking this man on his record, when i was out there telling people you need to listen and look at what he has actually done for western new york, a lot of other people weren't doing that, they were saying this is all okay.
2:17 pm
they were trying to hide his record, trying to celebrate this man who did not deserve to be celebrated. >> you can't ignore the fact that new york's 27th had voted solidly republican in recent years. what is your strategy going to be to try to turn that trend around and to win this seat? >> well, i think times are changing. once upon a time just listening to the party and people would vote that way, but they are realizing the party has put forward people like mr. collins, they are realizing the party system is broken. and really i think today the divide is not between left and right. it is between power and no power. it is between people who are hard working and honest and good and those who cheat and get secret deals like 34r comr. col was engaged in. so i believe that my message is reflective of the people who live here. i'm a working class guy. worked my way up. worked my way through school. and i think my message will be for fighting for the middle class and fighting for people to have access to health care and health care rights.
2:18 pm
a th and that message raez natuesona anybody regardless of party afternoon fill ya affiliation. >> do you know who you will face? >> i don't know. i think it will be difficult to get mr. collins offer the ballot. i think the maneuvers will raise a lot of eyebrow, this he will have to reach deep into the bag of tricks to get there to work. it looks like they will have to have him run for another position and that is a curse on the town or jurisdiction that will have to take on such a candidate. this is all wrong. the thing is i want to emphasize, people knew this was wrong before. this has all been in the public record. i felt like paul revere but no would be was list one was listening. we've known that he was engaged in this type of activity. there has been ethics investigations b s bipartisan findings. i can't believe he was endorsed.
2:19 pm
and again, he was endorsed by a crooked system, a system of party bosses and people trying to get a little bit of piece of the dirty scheme. and they put forward this man. and i think that type of system needs to end and it also needs to be held accountable. >> let me ask you about democrats now. you are one of 51 democrats either in or trying to get into the house now who said that you would not support nancy pelosi for democratic leader. why is that? >> well, i think if you look at the history, we have every single branch of government now controlled by people who do not have the best interests of working americans. we need to fight back. we need new leadership across board republicans and democrats a alike. we're not that different. we both are republicans and democrats in our homes. but but right now this country needs leadership that reflects a new generation of people, a new generation of thinkers, people independent of the party system and that is what we need right now. >> do you think democrats have a strong enough message, a strong
2:20 pm
enough national message to win control of congress this fall? >> well, i am not part of those meetings where we craft those national messages. it has been hard to get their attention myself. they haven't been paying attention. hundreds of people come to our events and i say are you paying attention? i'm running against this man with ethical violations and there is no support. but my message is middle class, middle class, middle class. i'll fight for families like mine, i'll fight for my neighbors, the honest and decent and good people of ny 27 and they deserve leadership that is honest and decent and good. not cheater, not party bosses, not people who kiss the ring. >> all right. thank you, sir. appreciate your time. and nancy pelosi will be a guest on "a.m. joy" tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. president trump condemning racism on twitter as we approach
2:21 pm
the anniversary of the deadly charlottesville protests, but one year later, as trump's america become even more divided?
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tomorrow marks one year since violent clashes between
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white nationalists and counterprotests in charlottesville. today the community there is paying tribute to heather heyer, she was killed while protesting the unite the right rally last summer when a car rammed into the crowd. now, in anticipation of the anniversary, security has been beefed up and the city has denied all event permits for this weekend. virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency as a safety precaution. maya rodriguez was at the rally last year and is joining us. what clahas changed in that cit since last year? >> reporter: i can tell you that security is much, much tighter this weekend than it was last year. take a look behind me, this is a security checkpoint that has been set up here along a perimeter of the pedestrian mall here in charlottesville, that is a big change from last year. officers are checking bags, there is a long list of prohibited items. so far today three people have been arrested. one for bringing in some of those prohibited items, another
2:26 pm
for trespassing an another for public intoxication. and the mayor and police chief, both of whom are new, say they do not want to see a repeat of what happened last year. and folks are telling us there is an underlying tension this weekend. take a listen. >> if there is a rally here, if there is a rally in d.c., we still have work to do in this community. so just for me personally, there is a sense of maybe a little bit kind of a different kind of anxiety because we don't know exactly what is going to happen. we don't know how many folks might show up. >> i think that some of the people's actions that would be here weren'tarrant a state of emergency. i'm hoping nothing terrible happens like last year. i do understand the precaution
2:27 pm
so there is funding if need to protect people. >> reporter: now, that is a big change from last year in the sense that the city of charlottesville denied a permit to unite the right for holding another rally this year because they were trying to. and this is part of the reason why they are having a rally now in washington, d.c. tomorrow that the park across from the white house. but again, a lot of uncertainty here in charlottesville about what tomorrow might bring. >> and i want to ask you about this statue, the statue of the general robert e. lee that was the focal point of last year's rally. we know a judge has ruled that the statue should remain as it stands. are there any new updates on that? >> reporter: so there is a state law here in virginia that basically stops the removal of any confederate monuments. and the statue is still there. now, the park itself has been renamed. it used to be robert e. lee park. last year they renamed it emancipation park and since then they have renamed it again, it
2:28 pm
is now called market street park. in part because it is on market street. but again, the statue is still there. there are a lot of fencing that have been put up around the perimeter of the entire park. we can't really get close to the park at all at this point. a huge change from last year when frankly people had gathered a around the statue inside the itself. >> all right. maya rodriguez, thank you. unite the right organizer is marking tomorrow's anniversary with a rally in washington, d.c.'s la fayette square near the white house. today the president tweeted the riots in charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division. we must come together as a nation. i condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. peace to all americans. joining me now is michael eric dyson, georgetown university professor and author of what truth sounds like.
2:29 pm
professor, appreciate your time today. >> thank you, my friend. >> a year ago the president chose not to deannounce the neo-nazis with the infamous statement we'll play for you. >> we're closely following the terrible events unfolding in charlottesville, virginia. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. so many sides. >> as we hear that from last year and as we think about what the president tweeted today, what is your take, has anything changed that you see? >> not at all. there is a literary equivalent between on all sides and all sorts of racists. all sorts of racism. this is a pandering to an ambiguity that gives unplausible deniability. no, of course i said i was against racism, but i didn't speak about neo-nazi
2:30 pm
conspiracies against democracy. not speaking about anti-semitism or anti-black racism. not speaking about the vicious veirulent denunsatio nunnunciat that will fuel what we'll see tomorrow. so it is a pandering and refusal of the president to stand up and man his bully pulpit and speak the truth morally as well as politically. >> in our last hour, i spoke with the president of the naac. derrick johnson. he says the president has ref e refused to meet with siflg rici rights leaders. what is your reaction? >> well, look, if would be wants to debate what makes a racist, there are all sorts of did he nati definitions and we can't impune
2:31 pm
the integrity of the president except the fact is that this man has exemplified consistent behavior over the year hes that seems to be racist, dating back to the '70s with business with his father about real estate in regard to selling property or at least representinting property people, not wanting black people in his casino, taking out a full page ad against the central park five and even when they were exonerated, suggesting that they should still be sent to the death chamber. he made the statement about moral equivalency last year. so we have nothing to suggest that this man is not a racist. and yet he continues to engage in playing fo ining footsie wit who should be clearly renounced
2:32 pm
and the president doesn't have it in his fiber and dna to make a clear moral statement that argues against those who are racist which leads us to believe what is his investment, what is his moral complicity with racism, what is his silent endorsement of view points and visions that really don't respect the best of not only american democracy, but the diversity and the racial and ethnic composition that is the beauty of american society. >> so if the president were to call you and say i want to be a different person, i want to make some change, if you had an opportunity to sit with the president and advise him on changing his mind, on how to change the conversation about race in this country, what would you say to president trump? >> first thing i would say is that don't side with people whose viewpoints are against the best virtues of american democracy and who express hate for blacks, gay, latinos, for lesbian, you know, for people of alternative lifestyles.
2:33 pm
the point is that side with those whose backs are against the wall. embrace those who have been the victims of hate. go see a blackkklansman by spike lee, look at 13th. look at king in the wilderness. in other words, i wouldn't want to be self promoting, but if you want to take a look at what truth sounds like or between the world and me or the fire next time, you notiyou know, look at booksen about in other words, there is ample literature available for this president to engage in a self reflection about these issues. secondly, i would say look, why don't you talk to your daughter and your son-in-law who seem to have reasonable inclinations to want to embrace the better angels of our nature when it comes to criminal justice reform. they haven't gone nearly far enough, but at least speak about that. and then thirdly, why don't you overcome your animus toward barack obama and sit down with the president who has walked in your shoes who has occupied your
2:34 pm
oval office and who is more than willing to come across the other side of the aisle and meet you where you are and help you you negotiate some of these complicated matters. and then finally, if you talk about meeting with kanye west and others, why don't you meet with people like harry belafonte, malcolm jenkins or micha michael bennett or colin kaepernick. instead of beating up on nfl players, why don't you listen to them. and then make an nfrt tainvitat lebron james, a great genius who has put his money where his mouth is and his identification with those who are vulnerable. talk to people like this. talk to serena williams and ask her about her journey. invite kamala harris the senator into your chambers and speak with people who have wide intelligence aunts deep understanding and profound wisdom about the nature of race in this country. and when you do that, then you will begin to transform your
2:35 pm
perspective and then you will begin to understand the harm you've done that is great against those who are citizens of the united states of america for whom you are their leader and for whom you should speak. >> if the white house is watching, definite food fory michael ire eric die son, thank you. and a reminder, sunday msnbc shares the story of a former white sue premises who has dedicated hit life to reforming others. you can watch breaking sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. in theaters now, blackkklansman, a film directeded by spike lee about a black cop who infiltrated the clku klux klan. reverend al sharpton sat down with spike lee. >> he hasn't said anything yet about the one year anniversary. he has not said anything about
2:36 pm
heather hiring on who lost her life. so another example of who this guy is. i mean, it is not even for debate anymore. we know who this guy is. >> and we should note since that interview, president trump has tweeted about charlottesville condemning racism and violence. you can see the rest of spike lee's interview tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. on politics nation. three roger stone associates subpoenaed by a grand jury. could robert mueller's investigation be closing in on the president's long time friend?
2:37 pm
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new this afternoon, a new tweet from prfd once agaesident again attacking jeff sessions. in that tweet, the president says i have never seen anything so rigged in my life. our ag is scared stiff and missing in action. joining plea now, former prostitute tore and also former cia analyst. the president is alleges conflicts of interest between fusion gps hired to do the opposition research for the dnc and a justice department official. will this claim have any teeth as far as evidence for criminal charges? >> you know, i don't think that it will have any teeth in a court of law. i don't think that it will have any teeth as part of mueller's investigation. i mean, i think the president
2:41 pm
continues to play to the court of public opinion as do rudy giuliani and mr. sekulow. so i think all this is an attempt to quite frankly deceive the american people into believing that because the investigation is rigged, when the results are announced, whether by indictments or in a report to congress, the american people should lack confidence in the charges brought by mueller's team. i don't think that he will be successful, but i do think that the one-sided nature of earni everything that we hear come out of the tweets and defense attorneys and with robert mueller on the other side being an absolute vault without speaking to the public at all except through indictments does tend to skew the picture that the american people are getting and i think that is unfortunate. >> and when you look at what the president is calling a conflict of interest, do you see anything wrong with the relationships that the president is critiquing
2:42 pm
here? >> i think his critique is really geared toward obviously making himself look as innocent as possible, that his campaign didn't have any involvement whether the question of collusion or any type of corruption. when you look at the manafort trial, i think it is exemplary of how the campaign itself was imagined. you know, there is a question of corruption within the campaign itself and the manafort trial goes through manafort's entire history where his business model was basically based on collusion. >> does the president's long time adviser roger stone who is also under scrutiny, his associates subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury this week, kristin davis who is famous for running that manhattan escort service appeared under oath on friday, ale lies lies also serv. miller is refusing to testify, appealing an order that holds
2:43 pm
him in con techlts. all contempt. all of this as the president decides whether to have an interview with mueller. and donald trump says that they should turnover text messages from mccabe. he says mccabe had something to hide. should the fbi turnover the text messages that are relevant to the investigation over collusion or obstruction? >> i can't speak to the legal requirements of the fbi. i'm sure mueller is handling that piece of it else interest the doj and sessions. but from the perspective of politicizing what could be evidence, i think that is what is hugely damaging here. it is basically saying that these institutions aren't doing their job. mccabe hasn't done his job and that they are hiding something. and that is extremely dangerous do when you are focused on attacking the institutions to try to degrade the public's trust in those institutions. i think that is just completely unacceptable. especially at that level.
2:44 pm
>> and roger stone says he is the unnamed official in that document, but he has nothing to hide. why do you being there is so much focus on roger stone and his associates? >> because he does seem to be one of the insiders who was involved in meeting with russian operatives who were offering money in exchange for dirt on hillary clinton. and then we came to learn that when roger stone appeared albeit behind closed doors an testified before the house intelligence committee, when he was asked about such meetings, he said there were none. and then he tried to backtrack and said i forgot about that. boy, you know, hard pressed to see how that is a credible claim that you forgot about that kind of a meeting. so it looks like the investigative circle continues to constrict around and bear down on roger stone. and i will say that given that even mr. stone said he is likely to be indicted, this may be one of the few unsurprising
2:45 pm
indictments when and if bob mueller chooses to return indictments against roger stone. >> all right. appreciate it. thank you. still ahead, first lady melania trump's trumps became u.s. citizens using family based immigration. so how is it acceptable for her parents to use a program that the president has repeatedly criticized? ♪i believe, i really do believe that♪ ♪something's got a hold on me, yeah♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪ i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making america's #1 shave. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world.
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president trump's hard line on immigration took a hard hit this week after a federal judge threatened the attorney general with contempt. judge sullivan learned a migrant mother and child had been deported while their acai lusyle was being processed. he ordered to return the family to the u.s. threatening to charge jeff sessions with contempt of court. this as 559 children remain separated from their families under the no tolerance policy. and we're learning new information about the trump administration's plan to reunite families. reunifications will only be country in immigrant's home country, the aclu is responsible for determining if parents want to be reunified with their children.
2:50 pm
the state department charged with finding missing parents, but the plan says nothing about the ability for my grantd igran challenge their deportations if they feel coerced or deported in error. let's bring in our panel now. bazel, susan del percio, republican strategist and msnbc political analyst and victoria defrancesco. susan, we have a federal judge threatening to hold the attorney general in contempt. how do we get here? >> we got here because not only was it a bad policy, it was a policy that this administration was completely unprepared for. and it's incompetence that got us here. only for the hard work of reporting from msnbc and a lot of other news outlets that this became an issue of awareness and really, it really affected public opinion.
2:51 pm
that's what moves donald trump. this is government ineptitude at its worse. the fact they're abdicating what they should be doing to others should have americans worried. it could be aclu today or could be someone else in another sector of government. >> victoria, is the government trying to pass the buck on a crisis that it created? >> right. so they basically said aclu, do our work for us. we really screwed this up. we put in this zero tolerance policy with no plan so this is like a case study and public policy of what not to do and they're passing the buck to the aclu. in the meantime you have hundreds of children and parents who are suffering because they have been separated. and i want to go back for a second to what happened this week with the judge turning the plane back around. if you read the transcript, he's
2:52 pm
angry not just because the court orders were violated but because this woman, not her real name but referred to as carmen, and her daughter, had stated a credible fear of going back to their home country, yet nevertheless the country took them in the wee hours of the morning, put them on a plane, took them to where they would be in danger. so if you really look at it, the kernel of his anger is that the trump administration is violating our asylum laws. the trump administration has been running roughshod over asylum laws that are in place. people come here with credible fear and there's a justice system that goes forward. so that's another one of the issues that folds into the larger crisis of the immigration plans. >> and we are in the middle of an election cycle here. we have midterm elections rolling around. do you think the trump administration's border policies will have a major impact on the midterms? >> i absolutely do think it will. i think about it this way. democrats may not have the ability to stop a supreme court
2:53 pm
nominee in kavanaugh, but what they do see is that the only check on the president thus far, particularly around immigration, has been the judiciary. so if they want to have an impact, if the american people, if voters want to have an impact, democrats in particular, the way to do that is in the midterm elections to elect members of congress that are going to have the check on the presidency, on the executive branch that should be there. there's a reason that congress is the first branch mentioned in the constitution, because it's supposed to have a lot more power than it currently does or that they currently want to take on to be able to check the president. >> let's switch gears a bit here. this week fox news anchor laura ingraham made some pretty controversial comments about immigration. listen to this. >> because in some parts of the country, it does seem like the america that we know and love doesn't exist anymore. massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the american people. and they're changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us
2:54 pm
don't like. from virginia to california, we see stark examples of how radically in some ways the country has changed. now, much of this is related to both illegal and in some cases legal immigration that of course progressives love. >> now, ingraham later clarified her comments saying that she made it clear her comments had, quote, nothing to do with race or ethnicity. though a now deleted tweet of support from former grand wizard of the ku klux klan, david duke, didn't help her case here. susan, if she wasn't referring to race or ethnicity, what did she mean on changing demographics foisted upon the american people. >> she was talking about race. there's no way of working around it. she can try to walk back anything she'd like. the reason she did is because as you mentioned, david duke came out for her in support of what she said. that's the only reason she
2:55 pm
walked it back. i don't think she thinks there's a fundamentally wrong thing with what she said. she just didn't want to be linked with david duke. now i think she really should be held accountable for those statements. we saw people boycott her show for a lot over the gun control debate and david hogg. i think it's time for people to stand up because this is not a dog whistle, folks. this is yelling and screaming racist comments from the tree tops and people like her need to be reined in. >> is that a direct result of the make america great rhetoric we've been hearing for the last two years? >> it is. regrettably it's nothing new. what laura ingraham said, we go back in our history books and the same thing was being said by the no nothings 100 years ago. our country is being changed by immigrants. yes, it is true, we are at a new record peak of foreign born population. the record was those ellis
2:56 pm
island days of the late 1800s and early 1900s. yes, our country has changed but it has been a continual change. sometimes there are pauses and what she's really referring to is the 1965 immigration act when we saw family reunification really change the face of this country. obviously she's not in favor of that face changing, but america is if anything, a mosaic. >> we have run out of time. thank you all for your time, appreciate it. and that wraps it up for us here at this hour on msnbc. i'm aaron gilchrist. stay with us for updates and breaking news as it happens. you can reach out to me on social media. i'll be back here at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. "deadline white house" is coming up next. make it a great saturday, everybody.
2:57 pm
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♪ dj fluffernutter simple. easy. awesome. ask how to get $300 back when you sign up for xfinity mobile, and purchase a new samsung phone. visit your local xfinity store today. >> that's katy tour after two hours of live tv. hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in washington, d.c. we're keeping a close eye on paul manafort's trial this hour. it was on pause for most of the dap as the judge in the case huddled with lawyers from both sides. it is unclear what was discussed in the hours-long secretive meetings or what the delay will mean for robert mueller's case against donald trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort. that mystery follows a new ruling from the judge that should serve as a flashing red warning light to donald trump's lawyers, that the broader russia investigation is now moving full steam ahead and that the public has seen only the tip of the iceberg. from "the new york times," the federal judge overei


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