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tv   MSNBC Live With David Gura  MSNBC  August 26, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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away from this particular mall. so they'll need to make sure that that whole area is secure, that the suspect that they have is, in fact, the only person involved. if it is the only person involved. again, i don't believe anyone will be able to have access to this building for quite some time at this point. >> my colleague, myra rodriguez, by phone. and i know we'll be checking in with her throughout the afternoon. thank you for the time and the update. just want to reiterate what the breaking news is we're following out of jacksonville, florida. the sheriff's office there confirming a mass shooting has taken place at the jacksonville landing, as you just heard described by may arodriguez where the st. john's river meets the atlantic ocean. police and the sheriff's office urging members of the public to stay away from that area. you thesee there on your screene latest tweet from the sheriff's office, indicating one suspect is dead at this time. we want to turn to one of our local reporters, tessa due
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value. let's listen to what she says is going on. >> reporter: chicago pizza this afternoon. anywhere from 50 to 100 people inside. a guy tells me they were ordering pizza, everyone having a great time and someone came inside and started firing shots. not confirmed by jso at this point, but the man had who take off running, didn't even have shoes, whenever i finally talked to him. he told me he was just terrified for his life. so they made it past the crime scene tape, and they're just kind of sitting on the ground, wondering what they need to do next. but they said all we could do at that point was run. so far, we have talked to two law enforcement officials, and they tell us that four people are dead and at least 11 others are injured. >> reporting on what has transpired in jacksonville, florida. i misidentified her as tessa duvall, a reporter with the florida times union. joining us by phone. as we look at this tweet from
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the jacksonville sheriff's office about a suspect being dead at the scene, unknown if we have a second suspect. searches being conducted. tessa, get us up to speed on what you know at this point as you talk to sources and try to put together what happened here at this river walk in jacksonville. >> reporter: right now, there are more things we don't know than we do know. the area is heavily roped off right now. it actually just started pouring down rain, which will no doubt complicate things as they begin to try to evacuate people from the building. i mean, there is police tape and cars, multiple jacksonville sheriff's office vehicles in either direction. right now there are just a lot of questions and a lot of confusion in the area. >> tessa, we're putting together a lot of what we know from these tweets, from the jacksonville sheriff's office. i'm going read another one here. as this information continues to trickle out.
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quote, we are finding many people hiding in locked areas at the landing. we ask you to stay calm, stay where you're hiding. s.w.a.t. is doing a methodical search inside the landing. we will get to you. please don't come running out. what does this place look like? we heard from maia rodriguez it is like an outdoor mall. what is this complex like? as we see a visual on the screen? >> reporter: right, so the jacksonville landing is somewhat of a mall. it's had a rough reputation in the last couple of years. it has not been fully occupied. there's a lot of empty store fronts where restaurants used to be. a lot of the building is empty. it's not a particularly lively place. a lot of the time. so the event here today was probably one of the large reasons there were so many people present. it's north noting this is not the first shooting there has been at the jacksonville landing. there was another shooting, i
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believe, last year during an event called art walk, which is the first wednesday of every month. and also an event that brings a lot of people out to downtown. and so that has also been a part of contributing to what the jacksonville landing's reputation is. >> thank you very much for the update. reporting from a newspaper in jacksonville, florida. want to go back to jim cavanaugh now, retired atf special agent in charge, and msnbc contributor. i want you to react to the tweet i've got up on the screen right now, jim, if you could. we're finding many people hiding in locked areas at the landing. we ask you to stay calm, stay where you're hiding. s.w.a.t. is doing a methodical search inside the landing. we will get to you. please don't come running out. help us understand that counsel there. what local law enforcement there is advising. >> well, they want to calm down the situation. they don't want to see anybody running that they have to deal with or anybody trying to, you know, escape an area they could
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mistake for a suspect. they don't want any, you know, feverish action. they want everybody to just stay barricaded while they do their methodical search. let them come to you. let the police come to you and tell you it's safe to move. they're going throughout the stores there, no doubt, the complex. you know, looking, searching. it would be pretty evident if you're barricaded in a room that it is, in fact, the jacksonville police. you know, when you don't just open the door if somebody says they're the police. you want to verify that. and usually you can do that by -- you can hear the radios, the multiple voices, you can talk to them for a minute, ask who they are. you can get them to slide an i.d. under the door. you could call 911 and ask them if this is the police. so you just stay there until you're absolutely sure those are officers, and then you follow their directions. so they don't need a bunch of people running in every direction. that's just going to make it worse for everybody. and, of course, they don't know if there could be another
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shooter involved. you know, david, as maya of said earlier, sometimes when this activity occurs, we have seen it -- we have revenge shootings, you know. especially when you get into people are killed and there's a revenge shooting, could be different gangs or factions who want to get back at each other. and, you know, they may know some people that gather at this place so they go there. we've seen a lot of that activity across the country at funerals, even, when they want to get revenge for the other murder. so, you know, you just don't know. it's possible when you get those kind of things, there can be more than one shooter and that's why the sheriff's department is so concerned, let us secure this area first. and, you know, for citizens who may be listening to this and they're involved in that, it doesn't take that long. they'll clear it. it might take a few hours. but it's not much in your life and your safety. so just -- the thing is to just stay quiet, chill out, stay barricaded until you know it's
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the police. >> reiterating, from reporters on the scene. and we're getting a tweet from the governor of florida, jim, that i want to read to you. from rick scott. i have spoken with jacksonville sheriff's office pio mike williams to offer any state resources he may need. fdle is currently responding and i have spoken to commissioner rick swearinger. we will continue to receive updates from law enforcement. i'm going to ask you to bring to bear your experience from florida. fdle as i understand is the florida department of law enforcement. help us understand the pap rapps here looking into this at this moment. >> the jacksonville police are a unique organization. their badge actually says office of the sheriff, jacksonville police, because they're the city and the county of the same, except for some smaller cities by the beach. jacksonville wheelcha
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jacksonville beach police, neptune beach police. but the majority of the county and the city is the same. the fdle is the state plain clothes investigative agency. in florida, they can't call them the fbi, because that would be confusing. so it's called the florida department of law enforcement. but they are the state's, you know, investigators. then you also have, of course, the florida highway patrol, the state troopers. so they're going to get plenty of help. they'll get even some federal help, fbi and atf usually come in on these mass shootings to back up the detectives. but the detectives have the ticket here. and the questions are, you know, once they get it all calmed down and the injured treated and the families reunited with their wounded colleagues and family members, then they're going to have an intense investigation, who are the shooters, are they in custody, is there more people out. is it a conspiracy. you know, evidence. because if the people are alive, they're going to be charged. they've reported one shooter deceased. so, of course, there would be no charge if it he's the lone
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shooter. but the public always wants to know what else is behind this. could someone have illegally supplied firearms. is it a conspiracy, a gang conspiracy. is it, you know, a lone wolf actor. is it a personal grudge. there's so many things they have to, you know, sort out, david. it's going to take really all night, at a minimum, jacksonville detectives are going to be there all night. their forensic crime scene analysts will be there all night into tomorrow for sure, just to process that scene. and, of course, you also have evidence, forensic evidence, that is in the victims' bodies and wounds that has to be retrieved by the medical examiner and at the hospitals. there's scores of witnesses to interview. there will be video to examine from inside the bar and maybe, like you talked about, some i phone video. witness statements to take. they need a lot of detectives and agents to, you know, put all of that together. and they'll be doing that. it's going to be really intense
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for them the next 72 hours, 48, 72 hours, putting that all together investigatively. once they can safely say, though, that the critical question for the department and the commanders is, is this the only shooter and do we have him. because they want to be able to stop other shootings. secondly, is this a revenge motive? is there other revenge to follow? and so they have a couple of questions they always have to ask. because they want to stop the next killing. >> yeah. jim, i want to turn to our local affiliate, wtlv in jacksonville, florida. let's take a listen to what they're reporting. >> in this parking garage here behind me. and they were just trying to breathe, trying to process what they just saw, and they were traumatized from it. you know, we went down and covered parkland, and we prayed it won't happen again. and we saw what happened at rains high school friday night and now here in our own backyard
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in downtown jacksonville, where, again, a lot of law enforcement now blocking off downtown, because we have had a mass shooting. >> wtlv in jacksonville, florida, as we continue to follow a shooting that has taken place at jacksonville landing, an outdoor mall, outdoor river walk on the st. john's river in jacksonville, florida. and we're reporting now, four dead. 11 injured in that shooting. that's according to sources from that affiliate down in jacksonville, florida. again, a lot of the information we're getting here is from the jacksonville sheriff's office. maya rodriguez joins me by phone, based in florida. and you heard the tail end there of what our colleague at wtlv was saying. it's hard not to put this in the context of the shootings. voters going to the polls today in florida for early voting. and we've gotten some tweets from some of the candidates who are seeking nominations to vie for that open governor seat.
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rick scott will be term limited this year. help us with that perspective. this is a state that has had to endure tragedy in recent months. >> reporter: and we know about parkland in february. and that tragedy that happened there. and by the way, governor rick scott is also running for senate here in the state of florida. so he too is involved in sort of the whole political world of people running for office in the mid terms. in fact, he just tweeted out that the florida department of law enforcement is responding to this situation in jacksonville that we have been talking about for the last hour. you know, this has been an interesting state to be in this year, because, as you know, there were some gun regulations put into place, and signed into law by the governor. earlier this year, after what happened in parkland. but, yet still, we have another mass shooting here in florida. again, happening at the jacksonville landings at the video game tournament, as you said. you know, a lot of response coming out of this. we have the jacksonville sheriff's office who has, again,
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said that there is a suspect out at the scene. but we do not know if that is the only suspect involved in this particular incident. of course, they're investigating. one thing they have said, they know a lot of people were hiding inside the jacksonville landing. and that they were warning them to not jump out of their hiding place right away. that they will come to them. that the sheriff's deputies will come to them to get them out. you know, the last thing you want in that situation is somebody jumping out of their hiding place and police responding to that, you know, surprise, so to speak. so they are tweeting out for those people that are still hiding and inside the landing to please be careful. and that they will come and retrieve them and get them out of there. david? >> maya rodriguez here at msnbc. i wanted to quote from an affiliate reporting in jacksonville, florida, wtlv. four dead, 11 injured. that station citing two police sources. again, that is according to wtlv, our affiliate in jacksonville, florida. as we continue to monitor what's
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continuing update on breaking news out of jacksonville, florida, on the st. john's river where it meets the atlantic ocean. there has been a mass shooting at the florida landing. that is a mall, an outdoor space, river walk, on the st. john's river there. and we're hearing from our local affiliate down in florida, that
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four people have been killed. 11 injured, according to two police sources. again, according to our affiliate in jacksonville, florida. a lot of the information we are getting this afternoon comes from the jacksonville sheriff's office. they were advising folks to stay away from the area. the area is not safe at this time in all caps. stay away. they urge people. they're indicating that a methodical search is happening of that facility in jacksonville, florida. it apparently occurred at a game bar during a video game tournament. that information, however, remains unconfirmed by nbc news. continuing to monitor that, continuing to dig into what happened, when this happened. i want to play a little bit of tape here, again, from that affiliate from wtlv in florida, what happened after that shooting took place. >> yes, we are out here with rico martinez right now. he was actually outside of chicago pizza. you were down here checking things out. what brought you to downtown? >> i was just checking it out, walking with my friends and stuff. and i was just seeing somebody
12:19 pm
talking about oh, they're shooting at the landing. so i walked down here and that's when i saw every cop came and stuff. they still haven't found the man yet, i heard so -- >> reporter: who did you hear that from? witnesses or police? >> just witnesses. >> reporter: so when you heard them say run, run, what did you do? >> i mean, i was already over here, so i stayed back for a little bit. when the police came i went down to see what was going on. >> reporter: was any -- did you know anybody playing in the john madden football tournament? >> no, i didn't know anybody. i heard it was a madden game. he got shot at a madden game. but i didn't know anybody. >> reporter: how many people did you see running when the guy was saying, run, run? >> i saw a lot. i can't even tell you a number. a lot. >> reporter: probably more than 50 people? >> yeah, it was more than 50 people in there, i heard. it was at least 100 and something. >> reporter: rico, do you live here in jacksonville? >> yeah, i live here in jacksonville, yeah. >> reporter: and have you been to the landing before? >> yeah, i've been to the landing.
12:20 pm
mavericks, stuff like that. but i'm not going in a minute now. >> reporter: you're not going to go there now. >> no, not any more. that's messed up for a minute. >> reporter: how do you feel right now? i mean, this is a mass shooting here in jacksonville. this is devastating. how does this make you feel? >> scared. everywhere you go, it's really -- you can't tell anybody anything, because they're not going to listen. still going to be shooting, still going to be shooting. so you can't tell anybody anything. so it's going to keep happening. >> reporter: rico, did you try texting your family to tell them that you're okay, that you're safe? >> well, my phone is dead. so that's why i was trying to get to the car. they should -- i mean -- >> reporter: we're going to let you get to the car. i don't want your family to worry about you. i can't imagine how scared they are. thank you for talking to us, rico. we appreciate it. we're glad you're safe. you heard him. he was outside of chicago pizza when people started running out, screaming, saying, there's a shooter, there's a shooter. run. and he took off running in this direction down here.
12:21 pm
we do have more police arriving on scene passing through this caution tape. we can't confirm what that man just told us. what we do know from jso, they are asking everybody who was inside chicago pizza that might be hiding, stay put. don't try to move. let them find you. this is for your safety. and for the officers' safety as well. so far, we have been told by two law enforcement officials, four people dead. 11 people injured. and if you take a look behind me here, you can see, just how many police cars are down there. the fire trucks that are down there. and a scary situation for downtown jacksonville. >> certainly is. bethany anderson there with wtlv, our affiliate in jacksonville, florida. she was talking there, rico martinez, on the scene there at the jacksonville landing, shortly after all of this occurred. continuing just to put together what's happened here at that place in jacksonville, florida. want to turn back to tessa due value, a florida with the
12:22 pm
"florida times union," helping us piece together what's happened here. tessa, let me ask about the event itself. we heard about this madden event. i'm going to read a statement from electronic arts, the company that makes these madden video games. they tweeted, we are aware of an incident at a madden competition in jacksonville. we are working with authorities to gather facts at this stage. they're working to gather facts. you and your colleagues are working to gather facts, as well. what do you know about where this took place? >> reporter: still not a lot we know at this time. i can tell you it's at the jacksonville landing, this two-story indoor/outdoor mall, right in the heart of downtown. so where i'm standing i can see jacksonville's iconic blue bridge. the area is just absolutely swarmed with police vehicles right now. more dozens than i can count. there are not a lot of people coming and going at the moment.
12:23 pm
really just people trying to piece together what's going on. a lot of people just sort of sitting and waiting and seeing what they can find out. but really, we are waiting to get the official version from police at this time. >> that's tessa duvall out of jacksonville, florida. a mass shooting at jacksonville landing on the st. john's river and our affiliate in jacksonville, wtlv reporting four dead, 11 injured in the shooting, according to two police sources. at a shooting at the jacksonville landing on the st. john's river in jacksonville, florida. apparently at a madden video game tournament. as we have heard from rick scott, the governor of florida, there is coordination under way at the state level. he reached out to local law enforcement, promised the help of state law enforcement.
12:24 pm
we're hearing from marco rubio, as well. of course, one of the two senators from florida. he said the fbi and atf are in contact in coordination with local authorities, provide any and all federal resources needed to respond to what took place there at the jacksonville landing. senator marco rubio also adding in a subsequent tweet, horrifying news from jacksonville this afternoon, indicating he spoke to local authorities, as well. still waiting on more information on this shooting. the situation still unfolding. law enforcement asking everyone to avoid the area. that is certainly what we have seen in tweets from the jacksonville sheriff's office, as a methodical search is under way of that facility. members of that s.w.a.t. team going from room to room in the jacksonville landing to find those who are on site, on the facility. of course, we're going to continue to follow this mass shooting in jacksonville right here on msnbc. we'll be right back. ille right here on msnbc. we'll beig rht back. ♪ as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way.
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welcome back. i'm david gura. a quick update on what we're continuing to follow out of jacksonville, florida, this afternoon. there has been a mass shooting at the jacksonville landing on the st. john's river in jacksonville, florida. according to our local affiliate there, four dead, 11 injured in that shooting. that is according to two police sources. the jacksonville sheriff's office advising those who are on or near that facility to hunker down, stay put, as sheriff's department continues to conduct a methodical search of the jacksonville landing. a tweet there you see on your screen from marco rubio, indicating he has reached out to
12:29 pm
federal law enforcement agencies for their help in coordinating an investigation into what happened at that facility in jacksonville, florida. it seems tied to a madden video game competition that was taking place at the jacksonville landing. we've also heard from the governor of florida today, from governor rick scott, who says he has been in touch with local law enforcement with the sheriff's office in jacksonville. he's been in touch with state law enforcement, as well. something we'll continue to monitor here on msnbc. i want to turn back to the other news, referring the life and legacy of senator john mccain. funeral arrangements under way for the arizona senator. last night his body arrived at a fuel r funeral home in phoenix. a successor for his seat will not be named until after the burial. that is according to the governor of the state. i want to turn now to ambassador michael mcfaul, u.s. ambassador to russia when president obama was in office. cory shockey, as well, adviser
12:30 pm
when john mccain sought presidency in 2008. cory, you tweeted today you sailed on the ship "john mccain" in 2008 and you're better for it. what was that voyage like, and what made you decide to sign up? >> well, i so admired senator mccain's insistence if we were going to fight wars we ought actually to win them. and so i didn't know him when i hired on to the campaign. and i have to say, i admired him more at the end of that grueling campaign that he lost than i did at the start. >> why is that? explain that a little bit. talk about the evolution that you saw unfold there over the course of that campaign, cory. >> yeah. well, john's fundamental decency. is unwillingness to let some people who wanted to support him in ways he thought were bad for the country, either by trying to
12:31 pm
make race an issue or trying to suggest that president obama was somehow unfit. and john's insistence that he disagreed with his policy views, but that candidate obama was an honorable man. a really important time. with all the ugliness in our current politics, john's fundamental decency and his inas i say insistence that people could have strongly different views and all be patriotic and all love their country and try and do the right thing is something i find myself really home sick for now. >> ambassador mcfaul, you met him first in 1996, i gather. your orbit is russia, something he cared a lot about. was not afraid of speaking out against the leader of russia, against other foreign leaders, as well. talk about his engagement with that issue in particular. the way that he looked toward russia. >> well, we intersected on
12:32 pm
russia, but also on a broader range of issues related to democracy promotion and human rights around the world. in 1996, he came as the leader of a electoral delegation for the international republican institute, which he chaired for 25 years. i was working for the national democratic institute, affiliated with the democratic party. but also as an election observer. and on those sets of issues, i had no differences of opinion with senator mccain. i think that's important for americans to remember, that he was really a champion of democracy and human rights in places like russia. we had lots of common friends in russia. but also in more obscure places where people didn't pay much attention. places like georgia, burma, moldova, the countries on the front line fighting against russia. and in that part of the world, small d democrats, right? not democratic party members, but d democrats refuvered john
12:33 pm
mccain. >> i'm going to read a piece. he bears witness to the idea it isn't good enough to strengthen the west at its core, but we must also strengthen it, grabbing on to imperfect vessels and helping them to succeed, encapsulating what ambassador mcfaul was talking about. jeremy, you covered this many for many years. started off in 2000. you were a cub reporter for the "michigan daily," got an invite to sit on the straight talk express. talk about that introduction, what it was like to cover this man over the course of your early career. >> yeah. i was a college student. i was 20 years old. and i thought this was the biggest break of my life. john mccain invited me on the straight talk express when he was running for president the first time around. and his campaign really embodied i think what we would come to know of john mccain in that term -- almost become a cliche
12:34 pm
now, maverick. but so much deeper than that. it was the sense he had stirring inside him that our institutions could always be better. and that when america was straying from its values, he would then try to step in and do the best he could to correct that. you saw that whether it was on issues like campaign finance reform, immigration. and then in contemporary times, the presidency of donald trump and his speaking out against what he thought was our president's moral bankruptcy. so i saw that early on in him. and i think that, you know, for people who want to really know what john mccain was like, go back and study that 2000 campaign. because it was really instructive and really he was -- a political creature kind of unlike anybody the republican party had seen run for president at that time. >> ambassador mcfaul, i'm going read from your former boss, president michelle obama issuing a statement like so many leaders over the last 24 hours, writing, all of us can aspire to the
12:35 pm
courage to put the greater good above our own. at john's best, he showed us what that means, and for that we are all in his debt. i started by saying cory shockey was in her words sailing on the pirate ship "john mccain." you were on the other ship. what was it like to be on the opposing side, to watch john mccain fight that campaign back in 2008? >> well, i worked for the other candidate in 2008. and it was a close race, by the way. people forget until the financial crash. and one of the big events in that was russia's invasion of georgia in 2008 where senator mccain had a more forceful line than we did at the time. so we respected him as an opponent. and afterwards, too, by the way. we disagreed sometimes. i sat in the u.s. senate when he walked down as he famously always did, with his handout. and then you put his thumb down for the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty we had worked so hard and we thought we were going to get senator mccain's vote on that day. we didn't get it that day. but the more important point
12:36 pm
was, you could disagree with somebody's views and policies and still respect the conviction. i had a lot in common with senator mccain on foreign policy. i had very little i disagreed with them. even when we did disagree, you could respect him and most people did. that was so powerful about him. in particular, you gave some hallmark about 2000. i want everybody to go and listen to his 2017 speech at the munich security conference. it's only eight minutes long. i was there. it is a powerful statement about how we need to defend the west. >> cory, last question to you about how we move on from this. i'm going to go back to your piece here, one more line. it's a wonderful piece. send him your prayers, you wrote. then pick up the batons he has always uncomplainingly carried, respect your fellow americans, model civility in our public discourse. find ways to bridge the chasm and solve our country's problems. take seriously the threats our country's enemies pose. hold governments accountable for their actions.
12:37 pm
help people striving for liberty and dignity. there is important work to be done. help us understand how we move forward from this, cory. >> well, you know, there's a wonderful passage from the novelist george elliot, who wrote that the blessed work of moving the world forward doesn't wait to be done by perfect men. john wasn't a perfect man. none of us are perfect people. and yet there's still important work to do for our country and important work to restore the sense of our country as a beacon of liberty and to help people struggling to gain for themselves what we have. the best way to honor john's legacy is to find a way to be useful in one of those regards. >> cory shockey, great to speak with you, as always. my thanks to you for the time. to jeremy peters, political reporter for the "new york times." steven joins me now for a shooting in jacksonville,
12:38 pm
florida. his son, i gather, was one of the gamers at the event where this took place. thank you for finding the time to join us here. what do you know of what happened, steven? >> caller: i received a text from my son. he plays and he just made it into the final four for the tournament. and when he finished the game, he heard shooting so he ran right into the bathroom, into the stall, locked the door. and he texted my wife and i, saying, if anything happens, i love you. and then we heard back that he was okay after a while. the police came in, but, you know, two of his best friends, a couple of gamers, were killed. >> help us understand this. i'm very glad that he's all right, first of all, steven. >> caller: thank you. >> help us understand this world. for those that don't know what exactly this kind of event is. this is a bunch gathered to play
12:39 pm
madden, which is a havideo game. a lot of folks getting together. there's a crowd of spectators, as well. what was he doing there? >> caller: this is his third year gaming. he finished in the top ten last year. and this was the first tournament of the year for madden 19. and was being held in jacksonville there. so he went up for the weekend and qualified last night for the -- made the final four for today. and we're on our way now, leaving tampa bay to go to jacksonville and bring him home. so -- homeland security has him there right now. and, of course, he's very shaken up. and i don't know what else to tell you right now. >> i'm sure he's shaken up and you have been as well. put us in your mind as this unfolded. what were you thinking and how were you processing what was happening here after you got first word something had indeed happened from your son? >> caller: well, you feel so helpless, you know. you don't know what to do or who
12:40 pm
to talk to or where to go. and, you know, he's -- flown all over the country, playing in vegas and texas and l.a. and new york and stuff. so, you know, he was in vegas before -- after the shootings there last year. so the week before he was there. so it's come close to home. and so like i said, we're just going to be leaving now to go get him so -- >> i'm going to let you get on your way there. i just want to ask you, though, lastly, you're talking about a lot of touch points that we've all experienced over this last year. you're mentioning your son was in vegas, surrounding the shooting that was there. you're experiencing this secondhand, very closely to what's happening, as well. talk about what you're thinking in a broader context. just having to deal with this. what that says to you about being an american today. >> caller: well, we support donald trump 100%. he's doing a great job. and he's going to keep a lot of people out that shouldn't be
12:41 pm
here, that's causing a lot of these incidents, killing innocent people, shooting innocent people. and not affecting just the lives of the people involved with their families and relatives and friends. you know, it's happened before to other people, and you always see the people on tv say, you know, you feel really bad. and you're glad it doesn't happen to you. but it seems like the law of averages today, sooner or later, you're going to be affected. >> steven, i appreciate the time. and i want to say again, i'm glad your son is well and wish you well as you make your way from tampa bay to jacksonville. making his way to jacksonville to check on his son participating in that madden gaming competition where a mass shooting took place, according to our affiliate in jacksonville, florida. four dead, 11 injured. citing two police sources. something we're continuing to follow right here on msnbc. we'll be right back. o follow right here on msnbc we'll be right back. ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪ uhp.
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welcome back. i'm david gura, continuing to cover breaking news out of jacksonville, florida. a mass shooting taking place at the jacksonville landing, a facility on the st. john's river in jacksonville. according to our affiliate, four dead, 11 injured, according to two police sources, as a result of that shooting, which evidently took place at a madden gaming competition at the jacksonville landing. my colleague, maya rodriguez, joins us now from florida. get us up to speed on what we
12:46 pm
know. we've been getting a lot of information from the local sheriff in jacksonville, hearing about the levels of coordination taking place between local law enforcement and state law enforcement and between local law enforcement and federal law enforcement, as well. >> one thing we have not heard, david, is an official count, as far as how many are dead and how many are injured. like you mentioned, that information is coming from our affiliate, two sources in law enforcement to them. one thing that has changed in the last 20 minutes or so is that the sheriff's office has announced a media staging area. it is at a building that is very nearby to the landing. that tells us two things. one, that area be had cordoned off for many, many blocks. they did not want people getting anywhere near the landing a couple of hours ago. that appears to have changed at this point, based on where they are putting that media staging area. they specifically say, though, that no time has been set for any kind of announcement. but usually when they set up these media staging areas, that means it's a precursor to some kind of announcement or a possible news conference coming up very, very soon. but, again, what that does tell
12:47 pm
us, though, is that it looks like they have managed to secure some of the area around the landing. as you know, they were going door to door inside of this mall. they were telling people not to jump out of their hiding places, that they would come to find them. they did not want any surprises. in fact, they were telling some of the people who were hiding inside the landing to call 911 and let them know where they were so that officers could come and retrieve them and get them out of the building. but, again, right now we have four dead, 11 injured. again, according to our affiliate in jacksonville, we have not been able to confirm those numbers. a violent scene breaking out around midday today in jacksonville. that video game tournament started earlier this morning. it was a madden football video game tournament. that was going on at the landing. this had been planned ahead of time. there was a website that had been set up announcing that this tournament was going to be taking place. so this is a place where a lot of people would have been hanging out on a sunday afternoon. it's a mall along the river
12:48 pm
front in downtown jacksonville. a lot of pedestrian traffic would have been in that particular area when these gunshots rang out, david. >> just a few minutes ago, i was speaking with the father of someone participating in that tournament. he spoke to the degree to which these attract participants from across the country. so folks from out of town coming, as well. he said he's driving up from tampa bay, florida. i want to read a statement from electronic arts, the company that makes this madden video game. we are aware of an incident at a madden championship series competition in jacksonville. we are working with authorities to gather facts at this stage. electronics arts continuing in a subsequent tweet, this is a horrible situation and our deepest sympathies go out to all involved. some information here coming across from the jacksonville hospital. three individuals have been admitted there, as maya said, we are piecing together what happened from the sheriff's office, from our affiliate there in jacksonville, florida, from reporters, as well. maya, just one more time, i want
12:49 pm
you to describe what this place is. we see an image of jacksonville landing, video of it. we see a schematic of it, as well. you were speaking a moment ago about how the sheriff's office is going from room to room, urging folks to remain hunkered down as the s.w.a.t. team conducts a methodical search. what does the facility look like? >> it's a multistory building on the st. john's river, cuts through jacksonville. this is right by the downtown area. there are a number of shops and restaurants inside of there. again, there would have been a number of people during the weekend in there going about their business. some people there for the tournament that was taking place inside the building at a video game bar as it was described on the website. so there would have been a number of people around when the shooting started. this is a massive complex. so would have taken law enforcement a bit of time to get through all of the floors, all of the levels, all of the possible places where people may have taken shelter during this shooting. >> and as we have learned, maya
12:50 pm
rodriguez from marco rubio, be one of the senators from florida, be there has been coordination here with federal law enforcement, as well. we heard from the governor, the state of florida, rick scott, coordination with state law enforcement officials also. i'm going to read a tweet from senator bill nelson, the other senator from florida. he says word of another tragic mass shooting in our state brings shock and outrage. right now law enforcement are doing their jobs under horrific circumstances and it's important that people in the jacksonville area heed their warnings. i should note here, the president of the united states has also been briefed and the white house is monitoring the situation there in jacksonville after this mass shooting there. former four-star general and msnbc analyst, barry mccaffrey, joins me now. we intended to talk about the late senator, john mccain. but i have to ask you about this, given what we're learning, general mccaffrey. i'll go back to the tweet from senator bill nelson. another is a word i keep coming back to there. another shooting in our state. reaction to what you're seeing this afternoon in northeast florida. >> david, i think we're getting
12:51 pm
innered to this. getting accustomed to it. we're having mass shootings with semiautomatic weapons or automatic weapons on a regular basis. the last day in combat as a commander in vietnam, i got shot by a machine gun. we probably had the same level of casualties, around 20 wounded and three or four killed in action. but that's in combat. what we are seeing now is automatic and semiautomatic weapons being used against defenseless populations, primarily in large groups where they -- whether it's schools or public entertainment, where they're helpless. hard to know how to get out of this. most of the measures we have taken to confront this issue are on the margin. we're not going to make any progress on this until there's actually coordination between mental health authorities and law enforcement, which is unlikely to happen, until we
12:52 pm
restrict in some way through registration or diminished sales the availability of weapons, particularly to young men. gang-related, primarily. so it's a huge disgraceful situation for the country. >> you talk about being inured. i guess you could say being complacent, as well. how much pessimism does that engender in you? is this something you think is a current state of affairs? do you see any signs that complacency is going to change, general? >> no, i don't. i think it's impossible to imagine disarming the american people. it's simply not going to happen. and so, you know, things like gun buyback programs are all, in my judgment, a complete waste of time. you've got to get mental health and law enforcement linked in. you've got to reduce the availability of semiautomatic pistols, primarily, to young men. and i think finally what we're going to have to get used to is
12:53 pm
everywhere there are congregations of citizens who are defenseless, we're going to have to have armed security protection. that's part of american life going forward. >> general mccaffrey, always great to speak with you. i apologize for the circumstances today. i know i'll talk to you again. retired general barry mccaffrey, msnbc military and national security analyst. there's going to be a press conference at 4:30 p.m. eastern time that will be convened by the jacksonville sheriff's office. we've been checking in with tess sa duvall throughout the afternoon, a reporter with the "florida times union." that press conference at 4:30 time, a forum to ask some questions. what's top of mind for you, right now, tessa, as you have put together what we have learned thus far from the sheriff's office and other law enforcement agencies? >> reporter: yeah, we are just waiting to hear our first official account of what has actually happened inside to get
12:54 pm
our first official confirmation of how many casualties there may have been. how many people were injured. how many people were present. you know, as someone i believe mentioned earlier, there was a shooting in jacksonville at a football game on friday night. you know, i have absolutely no idea if any of these are connected. i know the idea of retaliation was mentioned. i really think it's too soon for us to be saying any of that. so really, we just need to wait and get the official account of events that's going to take place in about 35 minutes from sheriff mike williams. >> we have about 30 seconds left here. get us up to speed on where things stand at this point. about an hour ago w we saw the first tweet from the sheriff's department saying a s.w.a.t. search was under way. a methodical search was under way. where do things stand at this point? maya rodriguez, my colleague, pointing out just a moment ago that by virtue of them opening up this command center, having this press conference, that indicates they're not telling people to be entirely away from this area. >> reporter: right.
12:55 pm
so there is a lot of media gathered at this time. the press briefing will take place about a block away from it. we aren't really hearing sirens so much any more. not a lot of come asking going. just really waiting to get the official account of things, as i said. >> tessa duvall, thank you very much. we're going to follow this on msnbc. a mass shooting that took place in jacksonville, florida, at the jacksonville landing. according to our local affiliate, wtlv in jacksonville, 11 injured, four dead. a local hospital reporting three individuals have been admitted for care after that shooting took place. reports that it was at a madden video game tournament at that facility. at the jacksonville landing. our coverage continues throughout the afternoon right here on msnbc. ut the afternoon t here on msnbc. the line between work and life hasn't just blurred. it's gone. that's why you need someone behind you. not just a card. an entire support system. whether visiting the airport lounge to catch up on what's really important.
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a mass shooting taking place at a video game tournament. this happened at downtown marketplace, called jacksonville landing. we have just into us some video purported to be the moment the
1:00 pm
shots were fired. listen carefully. this was streamed by the location of the tournament, and this is what was heard. >> a lot of games going on today. >> it's going to be hard to get them all on screen. >> a not an easy out -- [ gunshots ] >> oh, what are you shooting with? >> that is the video as you can hear here, a pause and yet more shots. >> a lot of good games going on today -- >> all told, about 14, 15 shots. tough to count very quickly. we're playing it again for you now. nbc's maya rodriguez joins us now. and maya, wre


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