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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 28, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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headquarters in new york ♪ ♪ this morning, tributes pour in for john mccain as his fellow lawmakers pay their respects and the maverick himself delivers his final message through a trusted friend plus, presume renegotiating nafta. he has announced a new trade deal with mexico but canada is not on board just yet. new reporting that paul manafort's legal team sought a plea deal before his second trial next month, but talks stalled over issues raised by robert mueller. ♪ good morning. it is tuesday, august 28.
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i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside frances rivera and yasmin and louis have the day off. funeral details for john mccain were announced yesterday while his former campaign manager, rick davis, led a letter from the late senator instructing americans not to despair in the face of difficulties. >> fellow americans, that associate has meant more to me than any other. i lived and died a proud american. we weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sewn resentment, hatred and violence in all corners of the globe. we weaken it when we hide behind walls rather than tear them down, when we doubt the power of our ideals rather than trust them to be the great force for change they have always been. then to president trump who said he wants an elaborate multi-million dollar parade down
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pennsylvania avenue to honor the military, spent much of the day monday resisting calls to simply lower the white house flag in honor of prisoner of war and public servant senator john mccain. as 18 senior officials paid tribute to mccain's hee owism and sacrifice, the president wouldn't budge according to "the new york times." he ignored repeated requests from vice president pence and chief of staff john kelly. at three events in the morning and early afternoon, trump ignored requests for comment on mccain. >> reporter: mr. president, do you have any thoughts on john mccain? do you have any thoughts at all about john mccain? do you believe john mccain was a hero, sir? nothing at all about john
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mccain? okay. >> reporter: mr. president, the american legion is asking to lower the flag to half staff. any reaction to the american legion? any action to the american legion after a proclamation about john mccain? why won't you say anything about john mccain? >> that was earlier in the day. then the president reportedly gave in after a stern public statement from the american legion. the national commander said his two million members would strongly urge you to make an appropriate presidential proclamation. then the white house soon lowered the flag to half staff and the president signed a proclamation which begins, despite our differences on policy and politics, i respect senator john mccain's service to our country. it goes on to ask the vice president to speak at mccain's ceremony with top advisors, kelly, mattis and bolton to attend. at a dinner with evangelical leaders trump led a brief appreciation. >> our hearts and prayers are going to the family of senator
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john mccain. there's going to be a lot of activity over the next number of days, and we very much appreciate everything that will senator mccain has done for our country. so thank you very much. >> a very different reaction from lawmakers on capitol hill. they have been paying their respects to the late senator, especially after his passing. for more on that let's bring in nbc's national political reporter heidi przybyla. heidi. >> reporter: yes. members from both parties paid tribute to john mccain in the senate chamber, whose desk along the center highly was draped in traditional black crepe with flowers as majority leader mitch mcconnell spoke in unusual personal terms. >> generation after generation of americans will hear about the cocky pilot who barely scraped through annapolis, but then defended our nation in the skies, witness to our highest values even through terrible
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torture. it is our honor as americans to say to the late, great john sydney mccain iii, what we pray he has already heard from his creator, well done, good and faithful servant. well done. you fought the good fight. you finished the race. you kept the faith. and you have never gave up the ship. >> and republican senator johnny isakson of georgia offered a rebuke of the president's tribute to mccain. >> i don't know what will be said in the next few days about john mccain and what will be done, but anybody who in any way tarnishes the reputation of john mccain deserves a whipping. because most of the ones who would do the wrong thing about john mccain didn't have the guts to do the right thing when it
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was their turn. >> and, of course, it was that kind of pressure, including from the top senate leaders mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer that caused the president to eventually relent and lower that flag to half staff. with that, heidi, how much do you think it pains the president to actually come out with that statement, to call for that proclamation and have the flags back at full staff? what more do you expect to hear from the president, especially we have a week-long events of tributes and when he is -- he is buried and laid to rest and all of the circumstances that we'll see leading up to that? >> reporter: frances, the story really is the amount of pressure it took the president to get to that point and the fact that that will always be remembered. now, you had the statements from the american legion. you had the imagery of all of the flags being lowered in other parts of washington, d.c., on the mall, against the backdrop of the white house flag. you had all of the pressure come
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evening fr comeing from members of congress and so the president eventually was forced into this position. a lot of the folks here in washington say, look, that's what is going to come back at him whenever he takes to the stump and accuses others of disrespecting veterans, that is the imagery that will be played back to him because we all know now that even though he ultimately relented and did it, it wasn't what he wanted to do. it wasn't his first instinct. >> heidi, let me ask you quickly about the building behind you, capitol hill. we obviously heard a lot of the tributes there to the life and legacy of john mccain. he is going to leave an incredible void in that building. what's the sense you think of who will replace john mccain in the republican party as somebody who is willing to talk the tough talk when it comes to president trump? they definitely had their differences, but beyond that when you think of some of the recent comments, the last statement he made on the helsinki summit, few republicans
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can actually fill those shoes. >> and that is the big question, ayman, baugh you see soecause y the folks that have been outspoken critics of the president are leaving. senator flame is leaving and not running again. even senator mccain's long-time ally senator lindsey graham who in the past has played that role and played the role of a bridge builder with democrats now is seemingly supporting the president, especially on the mueller investigation, changing his tune dramatically really from just a year ago. for instance, on the issue of whether senator jeff sessions should be pushed aside. so according to my reporting, democrats are trying to reach out to some of the younger lawmakers, some of the lawmakers like senator ben sasse and say, hey, look, you have a long career ahead of you, trump will be gone after four to eight years, but you are going to have to live with the legacy and the fall-out of this and so you are the ones who should be stepping up to fill this void.
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>> it will be interesting as well to see if that bill from chuck schumer to get the russell building renamed as the mccain building will get bipartisan support and perhaps a signature from the president if it is required. heidi przybyla, thank you very much. we will talk to you in a little bit. a friendly reminder senator jeff flake will be on "morning joe" later this morning. you should turn in for that voters in arizona and florida will head to the polls to make their picks. in arizona, the race to fill jeff flake's u.s. senate seat is under way. republican congress within martha mcsally, kellie wood and joe arpaio will face off to take on the democratic nomination who hopes to flip the seat or face criticism that john mccain timed his announcement to hurt her campaign, believe it or not. ward lashed out yesterday morning, tweeting out, political
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correctness is like a cancer. she later offered this apology. >> i do understand how many may have misconstrued my comments as insensitive and for this i apologize. meanwhile, florida voters will determine who will replace rick scott. on the republican side, president trump's endorsement of congressman ron desantis hopes to give him an edge over agricultural commissioner adam putnam. president trump announced the united states has reached a new trade deal with mexico. he made sure to mention it will not be called nafta and noted they will likely reengage with canada. >> they used to call it nafta. we're going to call it the united states/mexico trade agreement, and we'll get rid of the name nafta.
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i like to call this deal the united states/mexico trade agreement. i think it is an elegant name. i think nafta has a lot of bad connotations for the united states because it was a rip-off. it was a deal that was a horrible deal for our country. as far as canada is concerned, we haven't started with canada yet. we wanted to do mexico and see if that was possible to do. canada will start negotiations shortly. i will be calling the prime minister very soon and we'll start negotiation, and if they would like to negotiate fairly, we'll do that. i think with canada, frankly, the easiest thing we can do is tariff their cars coming in. it is a tremendous amount of money and it is a very simple negotiation that could end in one day, and we take in a lot of money the following day. but i think we'll give them a chance to probably have a separate deal. we can have a separate deal or we can put it into this deal. >> and as "the new york times" points out, while trump may not want to call it nafta, the new
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agreement is essentially the same with some revisions and updates although there are significant changes regarding car manufacturing. the deal needs to be approved by congress after a mandated three-month waiting period. nebraska senator ben sasse says, woet, there is reason to worry it might be a step backward from nafta, especially on empowering government bureaucrats in determining cars and goods. other senators add that any agreement must include canada. all right. still ahead -- oh -- >> let's see a document, you know. after singapore where we had mostly a press conference and not much else, i think all of us want to see a document signed by both parties. you know, obviously for nafta to really be effective you've got to have all three countries
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involved. so, again, whether this is a -- you know, sort of a press release or whether something actually occurs we will have to see. all right. still ahead, new developments in the deadly shooting in jacksonville, florida over the weekend. this morning we are hearing from some of the advisers. later, president trump's lawyer rudy guilliani provides new details about his strategy in representing the president in the russia probe. those stories and a check of weather when "morning joe" first look comes right back. ♪ as king midas, here at midas, you will too.
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2:17 am
competition. livestreamed on the internet, the sound of gunshots picked up on gamer's microphones. >> the suspect clearly targeted other gamers. >> reporter: a red laser from the gunman's pistol pointed at 22-year-old elijah clayton's chest. he was killed moments after this image was livestreamd. >> i could see the shooters hands, i can see the gun. i can see the red beam on the gun. he had an infra red beam on the gun and i can see it shoot into the room. >> reporter: elijah's family in mourning. >> our family has been forever changed. nothing will replace the love we have for elijah. >> reporter: the gunman, 24-year-old david katz, from baltimore, maryland, a regular at these madden nfl gaming competitions. >> i'm one of the better players. >> reporter: investigators say under federal law he legally purchased his two guns in maryland two weeks ago. he fired into the room before turning the gun on himself. also killed in the shooter, 27-year-old taylor robertson
2:18 am
from west virginia, last year's madden classic champion. alex from milwaukee among the 11 injured. >> it went about here and all the way down to about here. >> reporter: hit in the leg and foot as he dove to the ground. witnesses say the bullet missed his head by inches. >> i'm blessed. i mean i could have got killed just coming down, playing a video game. >> reporter: the first to arrive at the shooting, firefighters who were only 200 yards away training. >> but you guys are not carrying guns now. >> no, sir. >> you don't have bullet-proof vests. >> no, sir. >> reporter: yet they ran in before deputies secured the scene. >> the situation dictated itself. >> reporter: when somebody calls you a hero? >> doing our job, what we're supposed to do. >> thanks to kerry sanders for the reporting. a judge has blocked allowing release of blueprints for a 3d printed gun. the judge granted a preliminary injunction in favors of
2:19 am
attorneys general from 19 states and washington, d.c. who argued guns made from the blueprints would be difficult to trace and a risk to public safety. now, the ruling comes after the texas-based company seeking to release the plans reached a settlement with the government in june, allowing the blueprints to be available to download. according to the associated press, the plans for the plastic gun called "the liberator" were downloaded about 100,000 times until the state department ordered him to take them down. all right. so the heat is back for a lot of us. let's get on check on the forecast with nbc meteorologist bill karins. how are we looking? >> good morning. end of a summer heat wave for so many. in july you expect it, this time of year you know you will have a little bit but the kids are back in school and it is a little uncomfortable, especially if they don't have air conditioning. we have an unfolding situation in southern wisconsin, especially this area southeast of lacrosse. this radar goes for a six-hour loop. if i put my finger here, this area was nailed by one round of
2:20 am
thunderstorms after another, eight inches of rain were report. there have been road closures, mudslides and evacuations and rescues taking place. this entire region is under the flash flood warning because the storms just haven't been moving at all. they have just been sitting here. that's everywhere in red here, from just southeast of lacrosse to south of new chester, north of madison and does include che boykin. here is the problem. this area got storms monday morning and now they've gotten it two morning. here comes round three for southern wisconsin. 24 million people at risk for severe storms from kansas city to chicago, from milwaukee to detroit. it is because of the hot, humid air pumped up to the south. the heat index is 82 in dallas, chicago feels like 84. plenty of moisture is coming up in this region. because of the heat i mentioned, frances was saying we have heat advisories in place and excessive heat warning in many
2:21 am
spots. 50 million people are under heat advisories today. so pick your poison today. hot and sweater or you're worried about your roof. >> yeah, i don't know. >> i'm going with hot and sweaty. >> roof is a big thing. >> basement flooding. >> yeah, i'll go with the hot and sweaty. >> thanks, bill. >> still ahead, the magician finally hangs up his nba jersey while a giant-size deal for one, big bloue's very own. details next in sports. tails nes sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance
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welcome back. louis is off. time now for fun. sports! we begin with a record contract in the nfl as the new york giants sign odell beckham jr. to a reported five-year contract extension worth 95 million dollars. but in the nfl the money is not guaranteed or at least it was the case in the past. this is worth $65 million guaranteed. the deal makes beckham the highest paid wide receiver in the league. congratulations to him. meanwhile, in the nba headlines, he is calling it a career. after 16 seasons and four championships with the san antonio spurs. do we give him credit for the early step. he announced his retirement on twitter yesterday. it is almost certainly genobli will be headed to the hall of fame. to first round of the u.s. open. in a big upset on the women's side, this doesn't happen, at top-ranked simone help falls in
2:25 am
sets against number 44 of estonia. it is the first time in the open era a number one seeded woman gone in the first round of the u.s. open. finally we turn to major league baseball where in houston the world champion astros looking at a pair of early home runs hit by the division rival oakland a's who played well in the second half. five runs in the third inning to take the lead. houston, they added six more in the eighth, going on to win 11-4. now they've extended their lead atop the a.l. west to 2 1/2 games. heading up town from 30 rock to the bronx where some good news for lovely joe and mr. barnacle. the yankees after winning eight of the last nine decided the lose one last night. 6-2 to the white sox. now new york is 6 1/2 games behind the red sox with september quickly approaching. 6 1/2, a little too much to overcome. >> yeah. >> but it should be a fun october. >> i was going to say i was surprised about the odell
2:26 am
beckham jr. mega contract. what do you think of that? >> i mean -- >> is he -- >> the trend has been for a lot more money to be guaranteed, especially to wide receivers and quarterbacks. running backs can't catch a break because their careers are too short. >> yeah. a couple more million and he almost would have had your contract, you know. >> yeah. when he wants to hang out with me, he has to make a little more. >> exactly. >> that's why it is so special for us. >> donnie, me, and a couple of other people. that's about it. >> exactly. thanks, bill. what we know about a reported deal paul manafort's legal team tried to make ahead of the second trial next month. trump long-time ally roger stone preemptively denies a not-yet-published article that wikileaks was going to dump e-mails. those details coming up next. s. those details coming up next i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release its own insulin, like it's supposed to.
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♪ good to have you back with us. i'm frances rivera in for yasmin alongside ayman mohyeldin. louis is off. let's get started with the morning's top stories. lawmakers on capitol hill continue to offer condolences and personal stories of senator john mccain as the late leader calls on americans to unite in his final message. >> mccain's message came as the white house tried to tamp down its latest controversy and president trump's seeming lack of effort to honor the late senator. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more. >> reporter: inside the senate chamber where he served six terence, john mccain's desk
2:31 am
draped in black. the maverick never at a loss for words, delivering his farewell statement through a trusted aide. >> i often observed i am the luckiest person on earth. i feel that way even now as i prepare for the end of my life. i have loved my life, all of it. >> reporter: mccain getting in a last word on president trump without ever mentioning him by name. >> we weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries. we weaken it when we hide behind walls rather than tear them down. >> reporter: at the white house, mr. trump ignoring questions. >> reporter: mr. president, any thoughts on john mccain, sir? >> reporter: but his actions speaking volumes. the white house returning the flag to its full height, even as those around the nation's capitol remained at half staff. but by afternoon amid intensifying pressure, a reversal. mr. trump writing, despite our differences on policy and politics i respect senator mccain's service to our country, in his honor ordering all flags
2:32 am
at half staff until mccain's burial. >> i will miss one of the very finest gentlemen with whom i have had the honor to serve. >> reporter: and in his home state an out pouring of respect. his long-tied aide on today. >> the roads are lined with people who spontaneously showed up to wave flags and put their hands over their hearts. it was moving. >> reporter: a statesman who often defied party labels. among those paying tribute, long-time colleague joe biden and former presidents and rivals, george w. bush and barack obama while president trump won't be there. >> while i hope his legacy will rib off on future politicians who look at this and say, wow, john mccain was the real deal, maybe i should follow that model. >> reporter: later this week, senator mccain will be the 33rd american to lie in state in the
2:33 am
capitol rotunda in washington. he will lie in state at the arizona capitol on this wednesday, what would have been his 82nd birthday. ayman. >> thanks to peter alexander for the report. long-time adviser and confidante roger stone is trying to get ahead of a damaging story, this time denying in an instagram video he told donald trump about the wikileaks dump of jo podesta's e-mails before the leaks began. he told the new york daily news, quote, it is alleged i called donald trump on october 1 and that he put me on speakerphone that the source overheard. stone said that three organizations organization, "the new york times," the washington pobs and the new yorkers have reached out to him about the alleged conversation and claims it is, quote, categorically false. we should note earlier this year natasha bertrand of the atlantic obtained direct messages that took place during the election between stone and wikileaks on twitter. stone tweeted two months before
2:34 am
wikileaks released them, quote, it would soon be podesta's turn in the barrel. paul manafort's lawyer were reportedly busy trying the strike a deal with prosecutors on an agreement to keep a second trial from actually taking place. for more on that let's bring in nbc news national political reporter heidi przybyla. what can you tell us? >> reporter: ayman, according to the "wall street journal", citing several sources, manafort's defense team held talks with prosecutors while the jury in first trial was deliberating to try to resolve a second set of charges against president trump's former campaign chief. but the journal says the two sides did not reach a deal and the talks broke down when special counsellor robert mueller raised a number of issues with manafort's lawyer. the sources tell the paper it is unclear exactly what the issues were. manafort's second trial is set to take place next month in washington, d.c. prosecutors in that case accuse him of not registering in the u.s. for his lobbying work for the ukrainian government between
2:35 am
2018 and 2014. they also accuse him of conspiring to launder millions of dollars in income from that work to hide it from the u.s. government. meanwhile, president trump's lawyer rudy guilliani is weighing in on the russia probe and detailing a strategy for representing the president in a new interview with "the new york times." guilliani told the paper he believes since trump is essentially having his day in court in real-time, his, quote, jury is the public. guilliani said he explained to the president that if public opinion was in mr. trump's favor he would have a stronger hand in a possible impeachment battle and a much weaker one if public opinion was against him. quote, his day in court is happening right now, guilliani said. mr. guilliani also shrugged off suggestions he was a
2:36 am
discombobulated serving a leader of the free world. he said, you probably can't do this without making a mistake or two and noted with evident satisfaction that, quote, mueller is now slightly more dis trusted than trusted and trump is a little ahead of the game. but a recent "fox news" poll shows support for the mueller poll, 59% of americans say they approve of robert mueller and the russia probe while 37% say they disapprove. that is consistent, ayman and frances, with many other polls that show, yes, the public wants to see this investigation to fruition. >> it is actually incredible. there's so much to pack in there but i wanted to start with the guilliani assessment he thinks it would be better for the president's impeachment battle for there to be -- to have this debate right now in the public space. one can deduce from that that the lawyer, guilliani, is seeing that impeachment is inevitable, he is preparing and laying the ground work for what may be in the pipeline. do you get a sense that's how he's reading the tea leaves?
2:37 am
>> reporter: it is amazing how the goal shifts in this to no coffin ta contacts to no collusion to now you can't indict a sitting president. guilliani, since he was brought in, said the same thing, that his role here is to shape public opinion because he knows that ultimately, yes, he's right that impeachment is a political decision by the congress, that there is a precedent from the past with nixon and president clinton that you cannot indict a sitting president. but you can impeach him. as we saw in the case of nixon, it wasn't until public opinion also shifted with the republicans that many of them were willing to come forward. the one thing that nixon did not have that president trump has is an entire news organization with "fox news" shaping that public opinion to where his base is rock solid in the face of every new allegation that comes out in this investigation. so the question is, yes, what
2:38 am
will it take for there to be a crack in that support to signal to these members of congress that it is time to take action. the speculation at this point is that maybe it would take ultimately just a change in control of the u.s. house. >> heidi, quickly when it comes to manafort and the deal that "the washington post" is reporting on, if you look at the timeline of that happening during the time when the jurors were, you know, going back and forth, debating on the verdict, also the same time that we're hearing from guilliani and the president about possible pardon here. so how interesting you have, you know, just the juxtaposition of these two topics when it comes to a plea deal and a pardon. >> reporter: there's been so much speculation, frances, about why manafort didn't crack earlier, why are we only seeing the softening now when he faced so many potential charges in the virginia trial. but what we saw was that there were ten cases that he was not found guilty of, ten points that could come up in a second trial.
2:39 am
so if he's softening now because he knows that he may not get that one holdout because there was just one juror who held out, who prevented him from being convicted on ten additional charges, or is it because he has something more and the something more speaks to the question of pardoning. does he have something on someone higher than him, and the only person who that would be, president trump. >> all right. heidi przybyla live for us in washington, d.c. we will see you in a bit on "morning joe." thank you. a federal official in charge of protecting student borrowers from predator lending practices signed in protests. in a scathing letter, he accused consumer financial protection bureau director nick mulvaney and the trump administration of undermining the agency and turning its back on borrowers. he had been with the agency since 2011, leading the student loan office for nearly three years. the trump administration has taken steps to curb oversight on the student loan industry.
2:40 am
last august the department of education announced it would stop sharing information with the bureau. the student loan department later was folded into the agency's financial education office, alarming consumer advocacy groups. it is the latest in a string of senior level exits in recent months after mulvaney, a long-time critic of the cfpd, left the agency in november. since then he began broad overhaul of the agency's enforcement stance, pausing many of obama's enforcement issues still in progress americans weigh in on president trump and his handling of immigration while a majority of americans stand on the president's policy including reunification of a family separated at the border back with the forecast with bill karins and the potential for severe weather. for severe weather if you have psoriasis, ...
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americans think of the trump administration's handling of immigration. the "associated press" north poll surveyed adults on their thoughts on a few different topics, including how the administration is doing to reunite families separated at the border. well, a resounding 58% said not enough. 33% said the administration is doing the right amount. 8% think they're doing too much. the reviews on i.c.e. were more varied. 37% have an unfavorable view of the immigration agency compared to 30% that see it in a positive light. a substantial number to note, 33% of adults, actually have no opinion on the agency. now, when asked if i.c.e. should be abolished, 24% said they want it gone. the poll spotted there is little difference among partisan lines with democrats, republicans and even independence for that matter, all participate of this group. while 41% want i.c.e. to stay intact, 34% have no opinion on the agency's future. as for president trump's overall
2:45 am
immigration tactics, a staggering 61% of polled adults disapprove of what he is doing. that number has remained virtually unchanged since february. let's get a check of our weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins to see how we're doing with the heat coming back, good morning. >> that's right. you don't get many heat waves once you get to september, and if they are it is one or two days. 68 million people, our friends in baltimore and washington, d.c. into the heat advisory for today. it is roughly about 60 million, heat advisory, about 70 million other excessive heat warning. heat advisory is the introductory level and the warning is when it gets dangerous. check on the elderly, you don't want kids outside for a long time, that includes areas from hartford to almost springfield, in and around the boston area. how hot will it feel? st. louis in the shade will feel like 103. dallas will feel like 106. in washington, d.c. it will feel like 104. cleveland and all chicago right
2:46 am
around the century mark, too. the life threatening weather overnight has been in southern wisconsin where we heard of significant flash flooding. we are finally ending the thunderstorm threat in lacrosse. we have an hour or two to go in areas down towards milwaukee. significant flooding in this region. evacuations have taken place as well. as we go through the day today, unfortunately we are going to do it again. 24 million at risk for severe storms from kansas city to des moines, and from kalamazoo to lansing. a line of storms will give the possibility of additional flash flooding because the ground is soaked from this round and the round from monday morning and we have to do it again. as far as the heat goes, i mentioned how hot it will be. 101 in new york city. it will feel like 101 in tampa. even into tomorrow, it should feel like 100 in boston. we could easily have a record high in boston tomorrow.
2:47 am
this is likely looking ahead. this is it. we haven't talked a lot about the tropics. nothing brewing. we are only about eight, nine days away now from the peak of the season. >> that's good news i would say. >> we'll take that. >> no kidding. >> a year ago we were dealing with harvey in houston. >> yeah. thanks for that. still ahead, uber terps up with a bid to develop driverless vehicles. plus, global markets get a boost on trade terms between the u.s. and mexico. details on what it may mean for the road ahead for the economy and the market. ♪ and the market ♪ retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrinkles. one week? that definitely works! rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. see what's possible.
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welcome back. returning to business now, the trump administration cheered a new nafta as were still trickling in overnight. turn could cnbc's report from london. what more can you tell us. >> the text not yet made public. president trump stressing this will help farmers and mexicans in the u.s. buying arg a ing agriculture pr quickly. the deal would not cap imports on small cars built in mexico. a big deal. auto manufacturers are very concerned about. it will require for qualifying for free trade a higher portion of it built in the u.s. or mexico and at least 40% of each of the cars built by worksers who earn $16 an hour designed to
2:51 am
boost factory jobs in the u.s. and north of the border, larry kudlow saying the u.s. hoped canada would jump back in the nafta negotiations and cooperate. "good, strong deal could not be reached then washington would consider fresh tariffs on canadian firms. a threat for car manufacturers tied close to detroit as well. >> car ownership a new partnership. toyota pumping in cash for uber when it comes to their self-driving cars. >> this is about technology companies. uber considers itself partners with a hardware company as toyota who has done it before with a new arrival, grab. this deal means the two would incorporate two separate technologies to save on rnd costs. this starts at a pilot program
2:52 am
as soon as 2021. >> thank you so much. coming up, axios nick johnson with a look at this morning's "one big thing" and coming up on "morning joe," president trump breaks his self-imposed standoff over john mccain. the latest on what caused the president to lionelly formally honor the past senator flying the flag at full staff less than 48 hours after the senator died. "morning joe" is moments away. ents away
2:53 am
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. welcome back, everyone. joining us from washington, d.c., a look at axios a.m., editor and chief for ax ix nicholas johnston. was the "one big thing" for us. >> the true nature of campaign
2:56 am
giving. the saying all politics is local. all political contributions are not. from the axios visual team shows almost all house members get majority of donations from outside of their district and even outside of their state showing the need for a lot of these house members and competitive races to build a national brand so they can raise money nationwide to compete against a lot of these outside groups that are jumping in a lot of the races in an attempt to flip the house. >> especially turns those blue here. what do we see when it comes to that specifically and especially the races we're watching closely. you mentioned five the last time you wereky us that are so intense. >> definitely one of those places a lot of this money from outside their districts is flooding in. one thing we track a lot in the midterms, voter enthusiasm. something we can measure through political donations. the races are nationalized and the candidates become national
2:57 am
superstars. a lot of outside money pours in to pooft their campaign. a caveat, you can have enough -- need a lot of money to compete but not necessarily it will get you to win. raises $20 million for a house special election and still lost. it's important, money, but not the only thing. >> and we know president trump's attorney rudy giuliani talked about a fight in the public, so to speak. president trump's former attorney michael cohen, information out about that. are americans believing his claims? >> they are in fact. surprised me. majority of americans believe michael cohen when he implicates trump in activity surrounding campaign donations and great lake them into subgroups. all tfive groups say they beliee
2:58 am
michael cohen. and a poll about impeachment, that's split. impeachment something the house should proceed with and other voters think not. one caveat. the support for impeachment among americans is higher than before the impeachment of richard nixon. >> nicholas what we're watching outside of the tributes for senator john mccain on capitol hill, heads of facebook, google, twitter headed there in the upcoming week. what are the fireworks if at all? >> big week for big tech on the hill. the president went after the tech anies. hit from both the right and left. both sides of congress are coming after them. big senior executives here next week to defend their activities in the election meddling, the fake news. take an more prominent stance in
2:59 am
identifying accounts. the russians and iranians and taking down the sites there. thanks. reading axios a.m. in a little a while. sign up for the newsletter. and that does it for us this tuesday morning. "morning joe," everyone, starts right now. i don't know whaut's going o be said by john mccain in the next few days but anyone who in any way tarnishes the reputation of john mccain deserves a whipping, because most of the one whose would do the wrong thing about john mccain didn't have the guts to do the right thing when it was their turn. >> that was republican senator johnny isakson of georgia with perhaps a message to the president. good morning. this is "morning joe" on this
3:00 am
tuesday, august 28th. with us, msnbc contributor mike barnicle. and noah rothman, nbc news national political editor heidi priz dezybyl przybyla. columnist for the "washington post," david ignatius, associate editor of the "washington post" and msnbc political analyst eugene robinson, and we have washington anchor for bbc world news america, katy kaye. so we got the funeral details for john mccain, announced yesterday, and while his office released a letter from the late senator, which reads in part this -- my fellow americans, thank you for the privilege of serving you, and for the rewarding life that service in uniform and public office has allowed me to lead. i've tried to serve our country honorably. i have made mistakes,


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