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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  August 28, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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twitter @mitchellreports. ayman mohyeldin is up next. >> we're going to be picking up right where you left off with all of the politics, good afternoon everyone, from msnbc news headquarters in new york. i'm ayman mohyeldin in for craig melvin. the allies of president trump and allies of the late senator john mccain now playing out among voters in several key states as people there head to the polls. in arizona, how will the loss of the war hero and longtime public servant affect their vote? plus, 2,975. breaking news. a new study found that 2,975 people died there in five months after hurricane maria. why is this number so much higher than the government's? also, trump trolls google, believe it or not. why he says america's most popular rwebsite is rigged
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against him. we begin with arizona. heading to the polls with the legacy of mccain on their mind. a candidate who bears it is a proval of president trump. they have a shot at replacing both their senators, mccain and jeff flake. both republicans, both thorns in the side of president trump. both likely to replace come january by candidates less likely to speak out against president trump. let's start with nbc's kacie hunt. she's in scottsdale, arizona. we have nbc's steve kornacki here at the big board and ashley parker with us from "the washington post" in washington, d.c. kacie, let me begin with you because this is a very interesting day, primary day i should say. because it seems to be fairly representative and reflective of what's happening inside the party at large on a national scale, no?
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>> that's right. it's impossible to overstate how deep this changing of the guard goes. senator mccain of course stepping off of the public stage. senator jeff flake deciding he couldn't win a primary here in arizona. and so decided to retire. they were both very critical of the president. but, frankly, the three candidates that are racing here today to try and fill flake's shoes, they really demonstrate this is a party being molded in trump's image. in the heated arizona battle to replace the most anti-trump republican senator, the biggest question in the primary is who's the trumpiest? >> i think the most important thing is i support president trump and i always have. >> reporter: now, i'm working with president trump to secure our border and keep arizona families safe. the three republicans vying for the nomination to replace retiring senator jeff flake trampling the legacy of the late john mccain along the way. >> i want to first and foremost set the record straight --
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>> reporter: state senator kelly ward forced to apologize after she suggested in a facebook post that mccain's family decided to announce he was stopping medical treatment just days before the primary specifically to hurt her campaign. >> i do understand how many could have misconstrued my comments as insensitive and for this i apologize. >> reporter: then there's the anti-immigrant sheriff joe arpaio who was pardoned by president trump. do you think mccain was a patriot? >> yes. >> reporter: a hero? >> that's hard for me to answer. >> reporter: why? >> you want to know why? because i never had a hero in my life until several months ago i woke up and after 75 years, i found a hero. you know who that person is? donald trump. >> reporter: polls show arpaio and ward trailing establishment favorite mcsally, an air force veteran. >> let's go fly, fight and win. >> reporter: back in 2016, she tweeted about the "access
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hollywood" tape. writing, i'm appalled. but now running statewide in the primary, the president is a different story. >> martha mcsally, she's the real deal. she's tough. >> like our president, i'm tired of pc politicians and their bs excuses. >> reporter: mcsally has avoided tying herself to mccain, a move "the new york times" reports has infuriated the late senator's family. she certainly hasn't embraced flake. even he knows his endorsement would be toxic. >> nobodying would asking for it. >> reporter: with a poll showing 84% of republican voters in arizona approve of the job that trump's doing. >> he's helping jobs and the economy. he doesn't do it in a way that people expect. >> i think he's accomplished a great deal. i wish he'd stop tweeting. i wish he wouldn't use bad language. >> reporter: the republican party doesn't have much room for trump critics anymore. that pause from sheriff joe arpaio when i asked him if he was a hero was quite a moment.
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but the reality is republicans here in washington are feeling better about mcsally's chances. partly because they think ward and arpaio will split the more conservative voters here in two and allow mcsally to kind of pull this race out. she's going to face either way a tough election fight against the democrat who is a top recruit. she's also a member of congress. republicans feel as though mcsally will have a much better shot at keeping -- keeping this race in republican hands. if it is arpaio or ward, i think there's -- they'll be some despairing. they won't be able to hold on to it at the end. >> you said something about who is the trumpyist of them all. i'll come back to talk to you about that. first, i want to go to steve kornacki and ask you who has the mojo in this senate race? >> we can show you the most recent polling. look, the polls suggest mcsally
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is poised to do well. we live in the age of surprises and politics. we will see one. one thing to keep in mind, arizona is a heavy early voting, heavy mail in voting state. the vast majority of the ballots were probably already cast before senator mccain's passing. something to keep in mind but also there was this, there's this issue hanging over there. the governor will have to pick a replacement for john mccain. more independent side or more from the trumpish side of the party. even if mcsally does win tonight, add up the total for ward and arpaio, the two candidates linked with trump here. if that gets north of 50%, that's making a real strong statement. even if mcsally wins. that would make a real strong statement about where the heart of the arizona republican party
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is. that might weigh on ducey. quickly, though, as casie said, this is an uphill fight. most recent poll has her trailing by four against the democratic nominee. again, we talk so much about democrat democrats. this is the opposite. this is the flake seat. this is the republicans playing defense. and this is one the democrats want to get back. they absolutely have to have arizona this november. >> all right, steve, stick around for us. i want to ask you about something that developed that caught people by surprise. lindsay grey graham, a very clo friend of the late senator mccain in the u.s. senate, he seemed unwilling to criticize the president for monday's controversy over lowering the flag for mccain. take a listen to this. >> it's all over now. the flag is down. when the president mentioned john, he got applause. i hope he'll remember how people feel about john. all the tributes to john really
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matter. i appreciate the sseeing the fl down and the president saying something nice. >> you have a brilliant piece in "the post" today. enjoyed reading it so much. really looked at all the complexities of president trump being a president nongrata. you say trump is often unwilling to perform the basic rituals of the office. what did you learn in writing this piece about this president? >> well, one thing is it's very mutual. the president has sort of notably been uninvited from several funerals. senator mccain's, former first lady barbara bush's. he did not go to the kennedy center honors because there was a political backlash. he's faced problems from athletes who typically come to the white house to celebrate championships. the philadelphia eagles were sending such a small delegation that the president disinvited them all and threw a small party on his own with no sports teams
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there for the super bowl. what i've learned is it's sort of mutual. which is president trump lives in a bubble. me likes to go to trump properties, eat at trump restaurants. as much as polite activity, for lack of a better term, often doesn't want the president, the president often doesn't like to go to places where he's not welcome, where he's not the center of attention, the focus of adulation. this is sort of that circular process. but there is a price to pay when the president is unwilling or unwilling or unwelcome to perform these very basic rituals of the office. >> you spoke to one republican consultant who said the president was, quote an apex predator. what did he mean by that? or what did you take away from that? >> so what that -- very vivid with his prose consultant meant is president trump is sort of all raw visceral gut intinct
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brute strength. that's what his base loved about him. that's the one why he has offended so many people and is not necessarily invited to all these things that used to just be considered basic duties of the job. he sort of went on to say you don't invite threats to sit down and, you know, eat of your salad plate. he was trying to explain the way the norms of this office had been uphended by this president. >> the point i was raising about you earlier about who is the more trumpyist candidate. i want to play the sound bite from senator flake. talking about the republican public essentially now being trump's party. take a listen. >> this is the president's party. much to my consternation. i think for the long term de detriment of the party. i hope that's not always the
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case. but today this is the president's party. >> give us a sense of how this is playing out in arizona. not just among the candidates but at large in terms of this sense inside the party about their party leader president trump. >> ayman, a lot of the trends that led us to president trump, you could see them in arizona before you could see them anywhere else in the country. john mccain himself experienced this repeatedly, you know, having to worry about primary elections back home. the republican party here turned very anti-establishment, very aggressive about that, way before trump was ever on center stage. just keep that in mind. the question going forward really is going to be how much of that phenomenon that jeff flake was going to talk about actually comes to fruition. republicans have long talked. they did an entire autopsy report in 2012 about how the democratic shifts in the country were ultimately going to marginalize the republican party to the sidelines. those democratic trends have
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accelerated among young people, minorities, et cetera. and frankly, the president has driven the republican party's numbers with those groups of people lower. so the question is going to be, okay, does that actually add up to enough that there's going to be sufficient democratic wave to roll over what is left of the republican party? or is that construct totally not the case and president trump's supporters actually do represent a significant majority perhaps of voters in the state. so that's really what's going to be at stage and what we'll see play out. i do think it will be a better test if mcsally wins. it will be an even test of a establishment style republican who, yes, embraces the republican but has many more traditional qualities than it would be if we see arpaio or ward win. regardless, all of those national phenomenon are at play here in arizona. >> kacie hunt in arizona. and steve kornacki at the big
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board. ashley parker in d.c., thank you guys very much. new target now. the very latest person to take heat from republicans on the russia investigation is on capitol hill in a closed door interview. the very latest justice department employee. the president is now attack on twitter. plus, 2,975. a new study found that's the number of people who died in puerto rico in the five months after hurricane maria. far higher than the u.s. government's official findings. also, trump controls google. why he's calling out the web giant and what we could hear from the white house about in the next hour. house about in the next hour.
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welcome back, everyone. back on capitol hill, president trump's republican allies found a new target to discredit the russia investigation. justice department official bruce ohr appeared at a closed door hearing before the house judiciary and oversight committees today. or has been a target of the president's twitter attacks at least nine times suggesting ohr should be fired. ohr was in contact with the british ex-spy who compiled a dossier alleging connections between trump and moscow. >> i think based on what i've seen, unless bruce ohr was instructed to do what he did, then certainly should be fired. it means that what -- not only was he coordinating with christopher steele who had been terminated by the fbi, but
10:18 am
coordinating with him multiple times after that termination. >> all right, josh gerstein, senior white house reporter for politico and msnbc contributor joins me from washington, d.c. a lot to break down. let me start with what republicans are trying to get out of bruce ohr in this closed door hearing. >> i mean, republicans are really looking for the tick tock i think from ohr here. he's been sort of painted by republicans as sort of a dark hand behind the whole affair, a shadowy figure. he's really somebody i think virtually nobody outside the justice department had heard of before this all came out. what's so intriguing about the role is based on the title, his position in the department, you wouldn't expect him to have any role in a counterintelligence investigation. at the time he was a senior figure in charge of organized crime and task forces targeting
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the organized activity around the country. part of the reason republicans are so suspicious is his wife, nelly, worked for fusion gps, which was the firm that was hired initially by some republicans to dig up dirt on trump and then hired by the clinton campaign and the dnc to pursue this russia-related line of inquiry against trump. that's where a lot of the suspension on the republican side is coming from. >> i know that some republican lawmakers have called -- darrell issa has called for him to be suspended until this investigation is over. has that gotten any traction? >> it's gotten some traction. my understanding is he was demoted from position or his assignment within the justice department. he's a career justice department official. it's not that easy to separate someone like that from their job. and so i'm not aware of any pending disciplinary action against him. but it's certainly true he's not
10:20 am
going exactly what he was doing before, but whether the department has taken some kind of formal move against him is not something i've heard about. >> let's swift gears. i want to talk to you about paul manafort's second trial, the one coming up in washington, d.c. where he's facing charges on conspiracy and money laundering. i know you were just at that hearing with some interesting developments there. the judge delayed the trial. give us a sense of what happened and why that trial was delayed. >> it's only a relatively brief delay. the trial was going to start on september 17th with jury selection and probably oral arguments a couple days later. the judge has pushed those oral arguments to september 24th which is a following the monday. i think it has to do with some holidays that week. also the defense has been saying they don't have enough time to prepare for this second trial. folks will remember the one in virginia just concluded last week. and the defense has to go through. they were complaining at the bench with the judge today. there are 1,500 potential exhibits that the government has identified and the judge wants
10:21 am
them in advance of trial to say whether they have objections to some or all of those is,500 exhibits and manafort's lead lawyer looking very exacerbated at different times about the amount of work that seemed to be getting loaded upon the defense team over the course of the next couple weeks. >> let me ask you, as if like the robert mueller investigation did not need any more drama. you reported this morning in politico that's a little known murder related court case that could actually derail mueller's robert from going public. absolutely fascinating. what is it you can tell us about this case? >> this is a murder mystery involving a colombia professer who disappeared off the streets of new york city in 1956. it's believed he may have been kidnapped and flown to the dominican republic. he was something of a political activist and dissident in the dominican republic and spain as well. it's been a mystery what
10:22 am
happened to him. there's a professor -- not a professor but a lawyer and author who's looking for more information on the case and there's going to be a showdown at a federal appeals court about the right of judges to realize grand jury information that's considered secret. depending on how this case comes out, it could have significant ramifications for the mueller probe. mueller may be in a similar provision where he needs to seem permission from the judge to disclose information about trump and russia that had come out from a grand jury investigation. if this case goes the long way, mueller could have big hurdles. >> the precedence could be set for mueller not to release that information. all right, josh, thank you. all right, so breaking news. a new study commissioned by puerto rico found nearly 3,000 people died in the five months after hurricane maria. far higher than the initial u.s. government report. many florida voters head to the polls today helping to solve a problem that literally stirvnks.
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news on a new report out today that states nearly 3,000 people died in puerto rico in the months after hurricane maria. the initial death count you may recall 64. nbc's morgan ratford join us now with the very latest. morgan, who released this report? what is the very latest? why is it so significant? >> the report came from george washington school of public health. they found now 2,975 people, they died between september 2017 and february 2018. but interestingly, this report showed this affected all area, of the island but especially the poor puerto ricans and elderly puerto ricans. what's interesting is how this discrepancy came about. so initially the report came out and initially the government was saying look, we think there are 64 people who have died. still a tragic number but less than it turned out to actually be. then information investigators went back and said look, we think these numbers are actually higher than the statistics are showing. we commissioned this independent
10:28 am
study and they're come back and saying the number of people who died, actually 22% higher than a year where there wouldn't have been a storm. and now this report is interesting. it slams the puerto rican government for how it handled the aftermath. president trump came out and this report says he touted prematurely low numbers. feeling like he shouldn't have done so, so early. listen to what he said in 2017. >> what is your death count as of this moment? >> 16. >> 16 people certified. 16 people versus in the thousands. you can be very proud of all of your people, all of our people working together. 16 versus literally thousands of people. >> he says it couldn't have been thousands and says we should be proud. in reality, that's what the number is. this report slams the government and says it was due to inadequate training and lack to a lack of crisis preparation
10:29 am
plan. so they slammed what they called, quote, the transparency and credibility of the puerto rican government. now they're saying they should now make a plan that would affect not only puerto rico but other parts of the united states, especially continuous parts of the united states that could be affected. >> and the accountability for the lack of preparation, what happened there. thank you. i'm sure you'll stay on top of the story for us. appreciate. floridians go to the polls to vote in a closely watched race in the country's biggest swing state. the races are shaping up to be more about environmental issues, believe it or not, over trump, russia or even tariffs. floridians are dealing with the worst red tide and a toxic algae bloom. the state has seen in years. killing thousands of fish and keeping tourists away. nbc's kerry sanders is in st. petersburg, florida, for us, to tell us why this race is living up to the old adage of all politics is local. >> we're at a polling place and they've had a tremendous amount
10:30 am
of people showing up here. let's talk about the red tide. which is to its credit is a naturally occurring event. it often happens after hurricanes. so it happened in 1960 after hurricane donna. in 1980 after frederick. in 2006 after charlie. and now after erma. here is where the political piece of the puzzle comes as these dead fish pop up all over the place. the governor, rick scott who is running for u.s. senate, made a decision to cut $700 million from the water management budget and we have lake okeechobee in the state, which is the second fresh water lake in the nation. he is dumping billions of gallons of water, 15,000 gallons of water a second out of the lake. it is flowing into the gulf of mexico. with that algae in that water, it's hitting the red tide and it's like gasoline to a fire. so voters here today are pointing a finger -- blame at
10:31 am
politicians for enhancing a natural occurrence. this is somewhat one of those voters had to say. >> it's a hybrid of naturally occurring events and manmade events. full-blown water crisis from stem to stern and it's all man made. this can be cured by a few strokes of the pen. >> by politicians? >> you blame politicianings? >> i totally blame politicians. >> and so that is the backdrop for those who are not only running for governor but the governor of this state, rick scott who is running for u.s. senate. now, the republican gov, rick scott, said he had no choice but to release that water from the lake because there is a southern dike and it is federally funded. it is weak and didn't have the fund to build it up. so the pressure would have come over the dike and it would have flooded and caused a catastrophe so you have no choice but to release the water. then you have the senator from florida, bill nelson who says hey, i'm not responsible, you're responsible.
10:32 am
i've been getting the federal funds. rick scott says you haven't gotten the federal funds. all the finger-pointing leaving voters at the polls going all of this stinks, especially the red tide with the dead fish. >> frustrating to see local residents see local politicians blaming each other and getting nothing done. let's hear the voice of the people. from dan maduri, host of "news talk florida." you heard him laying it out. what are you hearing? is the red tide crisis something your listeners care about? could it be a factor as they go into the polls today? >> i think it's absolutely a factor as they go into the polls today. frankly, i think the gop here in florida has done a great job kind of muddying up the issue and making it more complex for voters, trying to blame the democratic party, trying to blame bill nelson. frankly this falls on the gop. i think people are starting to gather that, starting to get that. we'll see if it sticks.
10:33 am
>> what are they telling you matters to them most in materials of this particular issue? i mean, beyond this issue? what are some of the big national issues we focus on in terms of the media that is on their minds? >> well, they're definitely looking down the ballot and thinking to themselves, well, what does this mean, who we going to put up against a ran desantos, someone who's been completely hand picked by donald trump, someone no one's ever heard of. a 38-year-old congressman from jacksonville. no one's heard of prior to trump's endorsement. they're thinking who matches up with them. we don't want a trump mini there. so what are we going to do when it comes to the elections? >> you talk about a trump endorsement. the race for the nomination for governors. because a recent poll shows a surge by the trumpbacked ron desantos you just referenced there. is a trump endorsement the key to success for gop candidates in the state of florida or could that come back and haunt them? >> yes, no, the donald trump
10:34 am
endorsement is solid gold. he has a 90% approval rating. we've seen florida now becoming more and more of a red state and shift kind of away from a true purple state as in since 2002, only three elections, state-wide elections, have gone to democrats, and you've seen the kind of shift towards more republican and donald trump is there idle here in the state of florida so they'll vote for whoever trump tells them to. >> on the democratic side, it's a crowded slate there. we have four key candidates including the daughter of former governor graham. you talk about florida being a key swing state. will the blue wave stop short in florida? could we see some of the more progressive candidates make gains? >> as of right now, i don't think there's going to be a blue wave in the state of florida when it comes to the governor race. i foresee rick scott's two-term governor, the most popular
10:35 am
politician, handily beating the less funded bill nelson, the incumbent, sitting there. and then desantos, again, he's going to have tremendous amounts of money. he's ready to rock and roll. whoever is on the democratic side, whoever comes out of that looks like it's going to be graham or lavigne. is going to have a tremendous uphill battle because democrats routinely in the midterm, they show up 4% less than the republican party here. >> let's talk a little bit about that race, rick scott. bill nelson in terms of the senate side of all of this. it seems to be a foregone conclusion, as you mentioned, that rick scott will end up facing bill nelson. could the red tide or other crisis impact rick scott as he vies for the senate seat? is there anything that could derail him? >> i don't think so. i mean, rick scott, again, like i mentioned, the most popular politician in the state of florida. after hurricane irma, he came out look like solid gold. you have to remember that florida, under rick scott's governorship, from 2010 to 2018, has gained like four or five
10:36 am
million more people. we're sitting at 21 million people here in the population. and frankly, bill nelson, he's like the groundhog senator. you never see him. you never hear from him. all these new people, all these new voters, they've never heard of bill nelson. they know who rick scott is though. >> interesting dynamic. again, live for us in florida, thank you very much. in north carolina, voters have already picked their midterm nominees. now there's a chance they may have to do it over again. a federal court just ruled the state's map of congressional districts needs to be redrawn. it says they were designed to favor republican candidates. the court now suggested a few options to fix the problem. one of them would include holding primaries again in november and a general election some time in january before the new congress is seated. the ruling is expected to be appealed to the u.s. supreme court. of course the u.s. supreme court stands with only eight judges. the president has apparently
10:37 am
googled himself. why he's upset with his own search engine results. plus, he's running against a republican who was just indicted but he's still considered the underdog in the race. i'm going to talk to the democrat taking on duncan hunter in california about his plan to pull off an upset. pull off an upset. hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom,
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10:41 am
and then tweeted again. google search results for trump news shows only the viewing reporting of fake news media. in other words, they have rigged it. for me and others so almost all stories and news is bad. google and others are suppressing voices of conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. then larry kudlow, the president's economic adviser, followed up with this. >> does the president believe or does the administration feel there needs to be some sort of regulation for google? what exactly was the president referring to? >> we'll let you know. we're taking a look at it. >> is the president aware that idea originated in a story on russian media during the campaign that's been discredited? >> which media, which campaign? >> google censuring results. >> this is above my pay grade. >> shannon pettypiece. good to have you with us. this is not the first time the
10:42 am
president has really attacked technology companies. we've seen it in the past with -- google what is your take on that, what is that likely to draw in materials of response? >> based on our reporting, it seems the president got this idea from a story that's been circulating in conservative media about the fact that when you google trump, mainstream news organizations, cnn, "the washington post," "new york times," comes up first before conservative websites. that probably isn't a surprise for anyone who does google searches. typically a large website that has a big news organization, a lot of traffic, is going to come up before smaller websites. so this has kind of been going around in conservative media for a while. we don't believe the president got this information from googling himself. our past reporting indicates the president doesn't use a web
10:43 am
browser. he doesn't use google. he typically gets his news from news articles that have been printed out for him by white house aides and handed to him in a clip file. he's not going around the internet on his own searching for information. i'm kind of unclear whether or not he even knows how to use google. so this was likely something that was handed to him. but of course like a lot of issues, he has brought it to the surface, it seemed to catch people in the white house off guard. you heard larry kudlow saying he was looking into it. he elaborated, saying it's something they're doing, some investigation and analysis into. but nothing about specifics from the white house about this. >> it's interesting because the timing on this couldn't be any more interesting. we have some critical hearings on capitol hill next week. you got top executives from google, facebook, all going to testify about the various means and methods of contact moderation. in fact, today google responded in part, saying search is not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results
10:44 am
towards any political ideology. we never rank search results to manipulate political sentiment. who do you think is going to have more credibility here, shannon, the white house or the technology company as this plays out? >> we've seen the president attack other companies. it's typically the situation where the president's allies, his supporters, all in line behind him. they tend to see the world through a similar lens as him or he's very effective at shaping the world view of his allies and his supporters. but of course in the business community, we have seen, again, in other past attempts on companies, you know, where you do see the business community come rally behind the companies. i think this does highlight this, you know, difficult relationship that companies have with this white house in a way they like a lot of the things that the white house has done with regulations, with taxes. but at the same time, when you talk to investors and company
10:45 am
executives, they say they're still afraid of this president because without any notice, without any warning, he can lash out on twitter. it is this uncomfortable situation where they want to support this president but at the same time, they fear his unpredictabili unpredictability. >> i have no doubt it will be a testy exchange with those executives when those hearings take place. shannon pettypiece, live for us at the white house, thanks, shannon. thousands gather to mourn the queen of soul. we're going to go live to detroit next. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. that's it? everybody two seconds! "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job.
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so duncan hunter's bid for re-election in california could be complicated by his recent indictment for misuse of campaign funds or not. the san diego union tribute reports he's still leading his opponent in the polls. that democratic opponent is omar camp najar. >> i'm impressed with how well you said my name. >> we were debating whether we should anglosize it so we went with the neutral want. a shoo-in for congressman hunter before the indictment, but i wanted to ask you, what's happened since? have you changed your strategy
10:50 am
at all? >> you know, we knew this was a long time coming. we've been leading with our values. the polls shows we surged in just a week. give us a couple more weeks and you'll see where things end up. the group did before the primary and had me at ten points. i ended up winning with 18 points. it was eight points off then, it might be eight points off now. we might be tied. we've been talking to people in the district. asking me a fundamental question. can congressman hunter possibly still pass and enforce law ifs he can't follow the law himself. how can we have a lawbreaker be our lawmaker. put country over party. speaker of the house paul ryan did. speaker of the house stripped him to serve on the committee. people across the district are answering that question with a resounding no. >> i want to make sure we point this out to the viewers, we did extend an invitation to congressman hunter to appear on the program. we have not had a response.
10:51 am
i do want to follow up with the congressman denying all these allegations in a statement. in fact, he went further flaming the media and saying the investigation is a witch hunt. we know the rhetoric is similar to what we hear from president trump. what's your reaction to that. should the congressman step down until the legal issues are resolved? do you want to see him withdraw from the race. >> he should, but he's not known to make the right decisions. he blames his staff, blames his family. why would the speaker of the house, republican leader paul ryan strip him of responsibilities. if the speaker of the house thinks he's not responsible enough to serve. why would we believe that. it's not a witch hunt. it's him not taking responsibility for any of his action sks and saying things th are reckless. >> let me talk to you about your issues. you represent the wing of the young democratic party. more minorities.
10:52 am
will identity politic s hurt or help the party going forward. >> diversity is the strongest strength. i don't live for labels. i'm proud to be an american. provides constitution and bill of rights for every man and woman to chart their own course and journey. i want to restore america's basic bargain, if you pay your taxes you get services. you don't get them postponed like hunter wants to do to raise it to 72 years old. if you get trained or get education, you get a good paying job. if you fall in the law, you should have the freedom to pursue your dreams. if you don't follow the law, you don't get to be congressman. >> we've talked a lot about the democratic party. if people like yourself are progressives are one offs are or you the future of the party. to that end, if, in fact, you do win, would you support somebody
10:53 am
like nancy pelosi, considered establishment democratic official in the house, would you support her as speaker of the house if democrats regain control of the house. >> the press loves to make these litmus test. i'm earning the votes, whoever wants to be speaker, has to come and hold mine. they need to earn my vote. there's no back door deals. they need to earn my vote and chart a course. having a unified vision for our country and future. whoever that is, i would like to see it be a woman. whoever that is needs to earn my vote. >> all right. thanks very much for taking the time to talk to us. we'll talk to you again. thanks so much. thousands standing in line for hours to pay their respect to queen of soul. a pink cadillac. take you live to detroit next.
10:54 am
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thousands of aretha franklin fans are paying their respects. been lined up all day to pass by her body. lying in a golden casket. nbc ron mott joins us live from there. what are you seeing there. >> it has been going on pretty steadily now since 9:00 this morning. this is actually on the lighter
10:58 am
side. you can see the end of the line about right there. when we got here this morning, the line wrapped all the way around the museum, down a full city block. people come can go here to pay their respects to the queen of soul. born in memphis, but this was her hometown. detroit michigan. her father was a baptist at a church here. here's a sample of three people and what aretha franklin meant to them. >> we're going to celebrate this week. we cried last week. her tears, the tear this is community is shedding. it means something. >> she's been putting her life into people for more than 60 years and this is a result. it's natural. it's just honey flowing out the cone so love is return. >> when she sang a song, sang a song, it touched you. it had meaning. yes. >> so forever rest in peace aretha franklin, you are the
10:59 am
queen of soul. >> now earlier i went in to pay my respects as well. there are pictureses that the associated press is circulating showing the body of arena franklin dressed in red cocktail dress. a pair of red pumps with feet crossed at the ankle. said this is the style she would have liked to represented herself in final going home ceremony. there will be viewings all day until tonight. tomorrow as well. a tribute concert on thursday night and service is friday. invitation only. expected to see a fleet of pink cadillacs. that's one of the famous aretha songs we all like to sing to. >> she will be missed, but never forgotten. always have our respect. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. miff good friend chris joins me now. >> she'll always have our respect and we will always have her music. the fantastic part to this.
11:00 am
the tribute will be a lot about that. it is 11:00 p.m. out west. 2:00 p.m. in washington where president trump is in the midst of the mccain controversy. critics won't go away even as he creates another controversy. picking a fight with one of america's best known companies, google. why was the president up so early this morning with a double barrel attack. republican conservative and fair media is shutout. 96% of results on trump news are from national left wing media. very dangerous. he went on to claim, google is quote, controlling what we can and cannot see. trump followed that with a vague threat to address the situation. just hours later, national economic counsel chief was asked about those comments and backed up his boss's claim that the white house has google in its cross hairs. new government regulations could follow. >>


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