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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  August 30, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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we'll always be your parents. >> the two siblings are also adopted along with ivy and happy tenth birthday little lady. what a great one. that's great news. that's not good news. that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle and i'll see you again with my partner ali velshi at 11:00 a.m. and all day long on twitter. more news with my friend and colleague ms. hallie jackson. >> welcome back, ms. ruhle, great to see you and your good news, all 90 seconds is totally worth watching. good to see you. i'm hallie jackson in washington. the president this morning seems to be making the most of his executive time. going after the institutions that help hold him accountable this morning. maybe feeling the pressure, looking down the road at the possibility of impeachment. so we'll tell you what his lawyers are telling us this morning as another source tells the "washington post," winter is coming. down in florida, it always feels like summer with the republican mayor feeling the heat, ron
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desant is, when he said his african-american opponent would monkey things up as that o pone up, andrew gillum joins me to talk about that and much more. the president who built his base on social media, attacking it, warning about regulations in the latest battle for a president who has seen plenty. but google is fighting back. we're talking with march rinne hin rich coming up. it's going to be a busy show. been a busy morning already for us and for the president of the united states tweeting nine times all but once about the russia investigation or media's coverage of it. we mentioned that "washington post" article. check out the headline there. the reporter behind that scoop is with us. this piece runs through how unprepared the west wing is for avalanche of investigations and maybe even impeachments if democrats take control of the house in the mid terms. the focus not so much on impeachment but trying to prevent it by countering whatever the special counsel
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report might say. this morning the president is targeting everything and everyone that could hold him accountable. the fbi and doj and supreme court, congress, news organizations and so on and so forth. let me start at the white house. hans nichols is over there. all of this is coming out as the president is talking about the exit of the top white house lawyer. another opening in that counsel's office here and a little bit of news on that from the president, right? >> the president just tweeted saying seeming to take credit for the decision, saying it was his decision to have don mcgahn leave and it was his control, a president trying to assert control over a flurry of events that's difficult for any one person to be in control. hallie, you spoke to rudy giuliani last night. when you look at what he's saying, it's clear he's trying to try this whole thing in the court of public opinion. they don't necessarily have a legal strategy. they have a political strategy. they want to counter the report bit by bit for public consumption. here's what he told you
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obviously impeachment comes up but it's not something on our mind right now. we talk about impeachment from the point of view, what are the steps we can take now to try to avoid it and feed it? the only thing you can do is try to make sure whatever comes out and the report is rebutted properly, that is all you can do right now. hallie, there are basically three power centers on the impeachment issue if it does come up and democrats take the house, important we have those cav caveats. you have the president's private lawyers and then you have the president's twitter feed. getting those three power centers to harmonnize and speak on the same page is going to be a challenge as we've seen throughout this administration. hallie? >> hans nichols, i'll see you in a little bit at the white house. with us now, harry littman who served as deputy attorney general in the clinton administration and philly rutger, bureau chief and msnbc political analyst and friend of the show onset with us, senior
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political reporter for the "washington post" aaron blake and white house correspondent for the pbs news hour, yamich e. it's your story driving this and our reporting confirms yes the president has talked with his legal team about the possibility of impeachment if dems take the house but there's real concern that there's not enough of a strategy for the storm that may be headed the president's way. what are you hearing? >> that's exactly right. what we're hearing based on reporting is that the president has talked a little bit about impeachment but does not seem overly concerned about it and he has not importantly given any directive to his team, to his lawyers or white house staff to try to prepare a plan of action for what to do. so the result is he has rudy giuliani as a personal lawyer but doesn't have a full sort of legal team that's prepared to defend him in impeachment proceedings. he also in the white house does not have a fully staffed white house counsel's office or communications infrastructure to handle what is expected to be an
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avalanche of subpoenas and other investigative inquires should democrats take over the house. if they take over the house, the oversight committees will be digging into any number of scandals within the administration and about the president personally and there's real fear in the trump orbit they are ill prepared to handle that. >> there's a long list of potential investigations that may come up if democrats do take the house. things they will look into and things the president may end up being concerned about. you know the law. you know how these things work. what would your advice to donald trump's west wing staff be right now? >> lawyer up quickly. i mean compare -- >> wait a second he's got lawyers. >> he's got -- he's got jay sekulow, rudy giuliani. he needs more? >> there you go. he has a sort of pr staff. he really hasn't had sort of nimble sophisticated d.c. lawyers. emmet flood is the one
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exception. he may now be moving to the white house counsel side and they have no idea of the on slaugt that might be coming if the democrats take the house. they need someone desperately of the sort of washington stripes of lloyd cutler or david kendall. so far the people they've had have not only been behind the curve but cut from a completely different cloth. more trump like trump himself more bombastick and pr related. they need lawyers and they are losing them by the day including the ethics lawyer who announced yesterday he's out of there. >> the number two over there at the white house counsel's office, today is his last day. it's yet another vacancy inside that office in the west wing. phil, i want to put you on the spot. as we talk about the counsel's office, don mcgahn is live leaving come fall. flash forward 24 hours later, it seems to me and we're pointing this out the president has been reading the coverage of this and
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not happy about it. that's why he's tweeting and saying, jared and ivanka had nothing to do with in his words pushing out mcgahn. i'm told by my sources there's not a lot of love lost between the parties. i want to know what you're hearing why the president seemed so mad this morning. what's up with that? >> well, i think it's a convergence of so many different pressures on this president. you're right, there's not a lot of love lost between don mcgahn and jared kushner and ivanka trump. it's been an open secret in the white house he was going to be leaving. he's intended to leave around this time. he was sort of sticking it out to see through the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. stacking the judiciary has been a top priority for mcgan personally but there was full expectation he would leave at some point. trump is trying to make it seem like he has shown him the door to show he has power here but he's bothered by so much else. he's bothered by the rest of the coverage and his attorney michael cohen, you know, his
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guilty plea last week. he's bothered by a forthcoming book by bob woodward that will come out next month. a whole host of factors creating pressure on him. >> and some discussion and speculation that perhaps the president's tweet about anonymous sources and purification might have to do with the woodward book that a lot folks are buzzing about. let me ask aaron, you've been writing about the mcgahn issue here and the president saying, russia investigation had nothing to do with mcgahn, the timing, the word came out mcgahn was leaving for sure even though this is rumored about for weeks after it was revealed he spent 30 plus hours as the president confirmed talking with robert mueller. >> yeah, the timing of it is difficult to ignore here. the president saying two separate things and also saying in the tweet this among, don mcgahn had no impact on his decisions whether to fire jeff sessions or robert mueller or not. which by the way, the president has previously denied that he tried to fire either of them,
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especially mueller, said they were fake news, he seems to grant the premise that might have happened but saying don mcgahn didn't impact it. >> there's also a headline the president has been lobbying senators to get rid of jeff sessions essentially or venting to them as he hopes to get rid of jeff sessions. his attorneys have told us they've agreed with the president, no changes to the ag until after the special counsel investigation is over. but tell me how you think that's playing inside the justice department. >> i mean, can you imagine, how treacherous on the one hand and how sort of could ywardly on th other. why doesn't he just fire him? either he feels he doesn't have the support on the hill or he thinks it will look bad but of course this end around is another way of achieving the same thing. within the justice department i think it's just one more blow. sessions has been a fairly tepi had champion of the justice department as the onslaught from trump has come but at least he's lately been flexing his muscles
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a bit. this is just another reminder that in trump's administration, professional servants of justice and law and order really are completely dispensable. >> so here's one of the conundrums if you're working at the white house like we are, covering it. the president is leaving for a rally in indiana later on tonight. whereby the way he might vent publicly -- been venting on twitter. he has the south lawn departure. what's the first question you're shouting at the president as he walks out? >> oh, my gosh. first of all, i'd want to know who the white house counsel is going to be because he said he had chosen one. >> but there are so many other questions and frankly we still yet to really get in the talk about john mccain. does he still think john mccain is a hero? he has still neglected to talk about that and offer those sorts of words. >> he spent about 17 seconds addressing john mccain earlier this week in the death of the senator as he is laid to rest this week. phil, thank you and harry thank
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you. yamiche, let's talk about the other headlines out of the times related to michael cohen. and this idea the times report that the national inquirer had decades of trump dirt he wanted to buy it all. the "new york times" saying michael cohen, the president's then attorney and president discussed buying out -- not just the karen mcdougal stuff but all sorts of stuff to catch and kill themselves essentially. >> they have always said it's a business decision why they support president trump. but this is made for tabloids in new york, they had a lot of scoops and gone hard on this president mainly because they have all of the ingredients they need to know this president's personality. national inquirer didn't do that. i think that's why the president is probably very nervous about david pecker getting immunity and talking about what he might have. if the reports are true and there's an actual safe that included the president's secrets, that could be a big problem for the president. >> both stick around.
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much more to come up. in florida, the high profile race, barely begun but already a controversy is creating national headlines for one of the candidates talking this morning. the controversial comment he made about the first black major party nominee for governor in that state as andrew gillum joins me live. later, a story that might be flying under your radar but shouldn't be, the back to school backlash for the education secretary and her plan to change how schools handle sex crime cases, why those rules might put the power in the hands of the accused. rules might put the power in the hands of the accused. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared. i had a dvt blood clot. having one really puts you in danger of having another. my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®. to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner that's... proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. in clinical studies, almost 98% of patients on
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did you in any way or do you in any way think that was something misstated or racist in any way? >> it has zero to do with race. it has everything to do with whether we want florida to continue to go if a good direction, building off successor turn to left wing socialist policies. >> so that is republican congressman ron desantis, he's continuing to defend his comments that ignited a racially charged firestorm in the florida governor ace race, only in day two. accused of trying to stoke racial tensions when he said the policies of his opponent, the first major black candidate for governor, would hurt the state, exact quote was monkey this up.
7:17 am
joining me now andrew gillum. it's good to have you on. >> so good to be with you. thanks for having me this morning. >> let me start with your opponent had to say in the last couple of minutes on laura ingram's radio show. i want to play what he said then ask you about it. >> the silly pc stuff has got to stop. the manufactured yoult rage has to stop. the notion that somehow the far left socialist which is disqualifying was not really what i was trying to do send some double secret coded message. it's absurd. >> i'm not going to apologize because i didn't say anything about race. it had nothing to do with race, had to do with a far left socialist platform. >> a couple of things here, do you believe desantis? >> i think desantis decided to pull a page from the trump campaign playbook. and i think it's unfortunate but i will tell you this, hallie. i think it will be completely unsuccessful. we've got fooled once by this
7:18 am
before. people are really sick and tired of this kind of race-baiting division derisive element to our politics. and i think that's why quite frankly we're going to win this race on november 6th because we've been talking about the issues that confront everyday floridians, not frankly jumping in the swamp with the president. >> let me ask you then more directly because desantis said i didn't say anything to do about race. it had nothing to do with race. do you believe what he said was racist? do you believe that he is racist? >> i don't want to jump to name calling at this stage of the race. i'm hoping that they will try to avoid it as well, i don't however believe that the congressman was in any way frankly trying to back away from what he was suggesting that he was doing, which was in my opinion, playing a little bit of a race card there.
7:19 am
i wish he wouldn't, however, because i think he can be better than that. i think the president has been a horrible example when it comes to these kinds of issues. and quite frankly it's not what florida voters want to hear. they want to hear what we're going to do to address affordable housing and we have al gee out of the east and west side of the state, instead of quote/unquote monkeying things up. i never even heard that phrase, not used in the context of his conversation. that he would stick to what's important. that's what bewe're going to doo improve the state of flor car. >> what you did hear that phrase, what did you think? >> i tell you, first of all, i really tried to stay on a high as it relates to what was for us a pretty amazing victory the other night. really nobody thought we could pull this thing off. we probably raised a total of $6 million compared to my four opponents who raised and spent over $90 million.
7:20 am
no one saw it coming but we did the hard work. we worked steady. we engaged voters and talk the to them about the issues. i went to red areas, blue areas and purple areas of the state. i was trying to continue to ride that high of a conversation and unfortunately, mr. desantis went immediately to the gutter. i thought it was inappropriate but i certainly think he's shown us very well where he wants to take this race. he's -- i think staking his race on quite frankly following trump's playbook and that is going to the gutter and i hope that as we complete these next ten weeks that he'll find a new north star. i certainly plan on staying high and invite him to join me on higher ground. >> just to wrap up this part of the conversation, quickly here he says he's not going to apologize. do you want him to apologize and would you accept an apology? >> he doesn't need to apologize to me, he needs to apologize to florida voters.
7:21 am
if he thifrpgz those shen an begans will be persuasive to turn this their way, i think he's badly mistaken. >> a couple of other things, just mentioned a couple of times done add trump and said on "morning joe" you didn't want to talk about donald trump as part of your campaign for governor yet you have called for his impeachment. what high crimes and misdemeanors do you think the president has committed? why not just wait for the special counsel investigation to run its course before making that call? >> well, i think the special counsel will run its course but the president himself admitted that the reason he fired jim comey was because he basically didn't follow his instructions and that in my opinion and i think in the opinion of a lot of us, was an obstruction of justice. but i have -- in all ways as we moved across the state in the last 18 months have really tried to talk to voerts about the issues that concern and confront them. now the president is not absolved from having an impact on everyday life of people in my state. in fact, he is every day hurling
7:22 am
more insults. if you're a haitian in the state of florida and we've got a fair share here in my state, you're offended when the president refers to your homeland in such offensive terms. if you are puerto rican and from the commonwealth of puerto rico, you're deeply offended and upset, very troubled by the dereliction of duty when it came to the aftermath of hurricane maria. the president absolutely does have an impact on our state. he continues to insert himself in my state to include tweeting at me without adding me but nonetheless, we're going to continue again to address the issues that confront everyday floridians and when the president runs afoul of the interest of the people of the state of florida, you can count on me as governor and certainly in this race as a candidate as governor for calling him out. >> let's talk about what's going to play into the race for governor there in florida. you referenced and you were sort of an upset win. people didn't think you were going to pull it out in the
7:23 am
democratic primary. you did. we checked all of the tv ads and lots of negative ads against gwen graham and others. we didn't see hardly any negative ads against you. one of my colleagues writes, even democrats privately wondered if you, gillum got lucky in a crowded primary and in for a surprise in the general. his deep pocketed opponents didn't attack him directly and won a narrow flpluralty. should it concern voters you haven't taken a punch yet, not battle tested enough? >> i've been elected for 15 years and certainly taken my share of punches. anyone who knows me knows that i don't have a glass jaw. i'm prepared to take on ron desantis and take on the president if he continues to insert himself in our state's politics but i also don't consider our election in any way a fluke. i think what you saw happen was over 18 months i retailed my way across the entire state of florida, red areas and blue areas. i even went to the villages
7:24 am
which i think is the fastest growing most conservative area in my state. >> i know the villages. >> and you know it well, right? and we walked out of there from a meet and greet having raised nearly $6,000 and 5 and 10 and $20 contributions. primary voters are not in any way shelled from the fact they want to win. they want to win. they agree with me that i present the best opportunity for us to win in november. >> tallahassee mayor andrew gillum, you didn't tell chuck todd who your running mate is going to be. will you tell us today? >> i wish. we're not yet quite ready but we're working on it, i promise. >> mayor gillum thanks for being on the show. coming up next. a move inserted by the education department. the critic saz gives a pass to the accused and might stop survivors from coming forward. it might be flying under your radar on our radar next. e flyin radar on our radar next. if you're turning 65, you're probably learning
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there's new reporting by the "washington post" that says the trump administration accusing thousands of his tannic citizens along the border of having fraudulent birth certificates from the u.s. in a statement to nbc news, the u.s./mexico border region happens to be an area of the country where there's been a
7:29 am
significant incidence of citizenship fraud and goes on to say the standard for determining whether a perpendicular is entitled to a passport regardless born in the home or hospital or assistance of a mid wife is the same. the applicant must demonstrate that he or she was born in the united states. did you catch the first and only debate between cuomo and cynthia nixon. 60 minutes of interruptions and insults. watch. >> can you stop interrupting? can you stop interrupting? >> can you stop lying? >> as soon as you do. >> governor cuomo is running for a third term describing himself as a progressive against the trump administration and nixon supports universe health care and legalizing marijuana. voters head to the polls septd 13th to decide who will be the democratic nominee come november. news coming in just this last hour from the justice department the government is now backing a group of students suing one of
7:30 am
the country's most prestigious universities saying they are discriminated against in the admissions process. pete williams is following this. what do we know? >> the justice department has filed what's called a statement of interest. this is a thing that the civil rights division of the justice department used for years to basically step into a lawsuit that's against two private parties. this one was filed by a group of asian american students against harvard claiming it discriminates against them and its admission policies and that's illegal. it's another front in the attack on affirmative action. and what the justice department says that in a statement by attorney general jeff sessions, no american should be denied admission to school because of their race. in their filing today, the government says that harvard uses a personal rating to score each applicant on factors such as positive personality, likability and being a good person and that it tends to score asian americans lower on these personal ratings than other applicants and that
7:31 am
reflects racial stereo typing. harvard has said it does use race as one factor in admissions in order to achieve a diverse student body and this is something the supreme court said schools can do. there have been efforts to stop affirmative action, two recent cases in are the supreme court and though the court allowed it to continue, it narrowed it. what this lawsuit says is that harvard is outside the bounds of what the supreme court has said. a couple of things to know about this lawsuit, the people behind it, the group behind it is the same group that was behind those two recent affirmative action cases in the supreme court that involved a student at the university of texas at austin and if you go to this website, students for fair admission, did you not get into the school you wanted? maybe it's because of your race. this is the latest front here. it's certainly a change of policy as you might expect under the trump administration as opposed to the obama administration taking a different view on affirmative
7:32 am
action. >> pete williams there. thank you. >> yamich, your thoughts? >> i think this is what a lot of advocates and people who really wanted to champion racial diversity were afraid of when jeff sessions became attorney general. jeff sessions and his doj has said they are in some ways hostile to the idea of affirmative action saying that schools shouldn't be looking at race as a factor but everyone who has gone to university i think me i went to georgetown, 6% african-american, you realize whatever the educational systems are in this country and whatever all of the history is of this country, you to look at race and think how that impacts students ability to pass standardized tests developed without diverse students in mind. this is a troubling i think development for this doj and i think it will have lasting impact. if affirmative action becomes something that schools cannot use anymore. we don't know what universities might look like. >> jeff sessions, this is
7:33 am
perhaps not surprising as he points out, but in light of the sort of flack he's taking from the oval office here, he's continuing about the work of the justice department, whether you agree with or not. jeff sessions is moving forward on policy. >> he's done that throughout this whole situation. i mean he -- you see this with a number of people in the administration, even rod rosen stein to some degree still playing ball with the things that the trump administration wants while also seeing a very antagonistic chief executive. this is very interesting because this is an example of the administration using something in this case that they can say look, we're not standing up for white students, we're standing up for asian american students. this allows them to move the ball forward without being sabl to say opponents being able to say this is about them standing up for white people as opposed to asian american students. >> we'll have more of a conversation later on with you two. stick around and stay close. we also want to talk about how right now timing here, millions of college students head back to campuses and classes this week, there's a new proposal reportedly in the works at the
7:34 am
department of education. it would change how schools handle sexual harassment and misconduct claims. the "new york times" got its set on that set of proposals and kate snow has the details for us. >> the proposed rules obtained by the "new york times" can strengthen protections for students accused of sexual misconduct and reduce the potential liability of schools. it comes of course at a time when a number of college campuses are dealing with serious abuse allegations. with the new school year comes the possibility of new rules, a report overnight from the "new york times" revealing education secretary betsy devos is proposing new policies aimed at dealing with sexual misconduct on campus. the rules obtained by the times but not independently verified by nbc news would allow schools investigating misconduct to require more proof. potentially making it more difficult to find accused students guilty. they would also narrow the definition of sexual harassment, limiting it to the most severe acts.
7:35 am
schools would only be held accountable for formal complaints. and conduct that happened on campus. in a statement to nbc news, the department of education says we're in the midst of a deliberative process calling any information in the times report premature and speculative. >> with the growing me too movement empowering victims of sexual misconduct to step forward, some worry this will push them back in the shadows. >> i think these policies, if this is what the regulation turns out to be, will absolutely prevent survivors from coming forward. >> the move comes a year after secretary devos first announced plans to overhaul the obama administration's 2011 guidance for schools, saying it failed too many students. devos and others argued the obama era rules stacked the odds against the accused and put an unfair burden on schools. >> survivors, victims of a lack of due process and campus administrators have all told me that the current approach does a
7:36 am
disservice to everyone involved. >> the president of the national coalition for men voiced support for the administration's approach saying we're very hopeful that their resulting modifications will be fair to everybody. but president obama's education secretary arne duncan said the proposals are a step backward. >> any attempt by the current administration to roll back protections for those who are victims of sexual assault on campus, honestly is a little mind boggling to me. i can't understand it. >> the possible changes come as major universities deal with explosive scandals. two women who say they were victims of sexual misconduct by fellow students at texas a and m told "today" in june, their university wasn't doing enough. >> i was more hurt by the way a and m treated me. >> at the time the university responded saying we care deeply about our students and are committed to a safe, secure environment. the school recently outlined new
7:37 am
actions it's taking to deal with the issue. >> these proposed rules cover all levels of education from college campuses down to elementary schools where you could imagine a teacher or administrator might be accused of sexual misconduct. there will reportedly be a public comment period now once they are released and the department of education hallie, gep, telling us that this is very fluid, the proposed rules are still being worked on. hallie? >> kate snow reporting for us there from new york. up next, we'll talk about how the president is leaning in to his attacks on big tech. taking shots at google for he says unfairly suppressing good stuff about him. the problem, google says he's wrong and they got receipts. senator martin heinrich is here to talk about the president's battle with social media and much much more when we come back on set. more when we come back on set
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twitter and facebook and all of the stuff is to me -- i mean it's for some reason, i'm probably not the youngest person using it but for some reason it works very well. i have millions of followers @ real donald trump. >> facebook and twitter and i guess instagram, i have 28 million people. 28 million people. >> so are going to keep it up? >> it's a great form of communication. >> so that's president trump, praising the platforms he used to great effect during the 2016 campaign. now that he's in the oval
7:42 am
office, it's not quite been the same tune at least not recently. the president now hinting he might try to regulate those big three social media companies, facebook and twitter and google and not getting super specific. most recently accusing google of censorship. fact check? well, watch. >> president trump leaning in to that tough talk against big tech. accusing those companies of bias against conservatives. the president tweeting this video showing images of the google home page supposedly taken during the obama years. then in 2017 and 2018 without mention of president trump's speeches. donald trump including the #stopthebias. the home problem, google says it's not true, releasing its own statement after the tweet saying it did promote the president's 2018 address. on january 30th, we highlighted the live stream of the state of the union on the home page. we have hos historically not promoted the first address to congress by a new president,
7:43 am
technically not a state of the union address. as a result we didn't include a promotion for this address in 2009 or 2017, the president's former adviser, steve bannon weighing in overnight bashing the executives of facebook, twitter and google calling them associate toshio paths. these people are complete nars sisists and ought to be controlled and regulated. these people are evil. there's no doubt about that. >> war of words coming days after the president who built his base on social media, started attacking it. >> i think that google and facebook and twitter, i think they treat conservatives and republicans very unfairly. you know what we want? not regulation, we want fair nus. if we have fairness, we're very happy. >> the president claims google search results for trump news only reports viewing of fake news media adding google and others are controlling what we can and cannot see. there's no reliable data to back up the president's claim.
7:44 am
so i'm joined now by martin heinrich, armed services and intelligence committee. thanks for being on the show. >> great to be here. >> let's start with that the claims that google and other social media platforms are sensoring republicans unfairly? >> show me the data. this is a president who has a very thin skin and this is one more example of that. i think we should understood how social media works and have transparency into it. we're going to have some hearing in front of the intelligence committee and that's going to be one of the things that we try to drill down into but i think this is just one more example of a president who can't handle criticism. >> let me ask you, there are some of your colleagues who say, yeah, maybe we should look into regulating these companies a little bit more. they have a lot of power and huge reach and there are concerns about the way the platform is reviewed in the 2016 russian campaign interference. can you find common ground with the president? >> i think what we need is
7:45 am
transparency and people need to understand when social media is being misused and people are not who they appear to be on social media and bots and trolls are driving the conversation. the more transparency we have into that, the more people will be able to make their own decisions about what to believe or who to believe. >> is there any concern on your part, do you think the president is trying to make this a partisan issue, make google a huge search engine that millions use on both sides of the political spectrum. there concern that the president is trying to fan the flames here? >> that gives him more credit than is due. i expect he woke up and was upset he wasn't getting better press coverage and looking for someone to blame. >> senator warner said google is making a grave mistake for not offering up the ceo for next week's hearings -- >> i would agree with that absolutely. >> sheryl shand sand berg. >> google should come and make their case for why their
7:46 am
software and algorithms are fair across the board. they are missing an opportunity to do that. >> they've offered up one of their top legal guys but the committee said -- not good enough. >> we've had enough legal guys. we need to hear from ceos and coos. >> it was striking against your family and you, election security hacking attempts. has there been any progress made since then? do you believe members of congress are safer now than a month ago when it comes to this? have you had more attempts against you? >> i think they are more aware of what the risks are and taking this seriously and if you said on one of the intelligence committees you realize that the efforts to influence us are just as active if not mortgae active than a couple years ago. we're starting to get an awareness that other countries have had for many years. if you go to eastern europe, that i have seen these games from the russians and others many, many times before. so you get a sensitivity to it
7:47 am
and it changes your behavior. that's what we need, we need some -- we need people to realize you should check your sources. >> when you look at what the president has been talking about in the last 24 hours or so, he brought up a guy bruce orr, doj official, under threat to have the clearance revoked talking about his wife as well. relatively unknown official but getting high profile from president trump. why do you think that is? do remembers have a point when they go aohr for what he did or did not do in relationship with the christopher steele and dossier. >> i think this is an administration more than willing to punish anyone who is critical of it. and i think this is just one more example of somebody who gets caught in that bucket. there are also very willing to use security clearances inappropriately, as a carrot and stick. we've certainly seen that with former director brennan. i was a critic of john brennan's often times when he was in that position at cia.
7:48 am
i called for him to resign once. but it is entirely -- entirely inappropriate to try to use security clearances to accomplish censorship. >> before i let you go, you served with senator john mccain on the armed services committee and vice president biden will give a tribute to the late senator in arizona tomorrow. a lot of events at the capitol. saturday at the national cathedral. how are you remembering your colleague? >> i'm remembering john mccain as someone who always knew that the country came before any of us as individuals, that the country was more important than him as a senator or myself as a senator or frankly who sits in the white house. and that is the perspective that i think all of us on both sides of the aisle should remind ourselves of. >> thanks for coming back on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> we'll talk more about senator mccain and services for him. in phoenix thousands are lining up in 100 degree heat for hours to pay respects to the senator.
7:49 am
the first public service to honor him happens later on. vice president joe biden will be among the friends and family who give a tribute and here in washington, they are getting ready right now to honor the man known as the maverick. more on that next. man known as the maverick. more on that next. hey there people eligible for medicare.
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7:53 am
. why is it so spornimportant your children to see the senator? >> they need to know it's important to honor someone who has served the country for so many years. >> they drove here from california. >> i love him. he's a hero. >> that's peter alexander in phoenix talking to some of the people who have come out to pay their final respects to senator john mccain. more than two dozen current and former senators are expected to attend a public memorial service. former vice president and john mccain best friend, joe biden. to talk about this i was to bring in john weaver. former senior strategist and brand new nbc news and msnbc contributor, welcome to the
7:54 am
family john. you joked is a sign of the a apocalypse. >> how you doing? >> it's been an emotional week. as much as we were prepared for this time period and these days coming up, it's been tough. >> there's a lot of people who are going to be watching really closely what former vice president biden had to say in this tribute. the vice president appeared with john mccain in one of those last public events. mccain made some emotional comments about him. talk about what you expect to see. >> thiey have a bond that goes back to the '70s and very close. i think they both represent for americans who we're striving for in the country today and j juxtapose to the trump
7:55 am
administration. did they disagree strongly on so many things, particularly on foreign policy matters and domestic issues? but they were past friends. because of what happened to the vice president's son and the similar cancer that john had, that bond grew tighter between them the last year and with the senator's family. >> there's the emotional moment with senator mccain's daughter on the view. she broke down and joe biden said i got you. he's been john's wing man. i hope what the country sees in the coming days between the service today and what's going to happen this weekend, they understand that we can argue. we're a country that is tempe tempestuous but we're not
7:56 am
enemies. i think that service will kick off the celebration of america. >> president trump is not going to be attending any of those. he's traveling this week and won't be participating in the ceremony on saturday. sarah palin is also not going to be there. a family source says the palin family will always cherish their friendship with the mccain's. was it too political? >> i can't really speak to that. i don't know how that decision was made. i'm trying to reflect on my time with john and the impact he's had on the lives. i don't really now how that decision was made. >> he is irreplaceable in the senate. leaving a void that cannot be replaced. there will still have to be seat to be filled. you think the mccain family will be involved in that process? >> i hope so. i would hope the governor chooses someone who has the
7:57 am
mccain world view and comes from the mccain wing of the party. the people of arizona voted overwhelmingly for him in the last election he stood in. someone like him should fill that position. >> senator lindsey graham said something this morning, there's times when i want to pick up the phone and call john. i know that i can't. i think anybody who has lost somebody close to them can feel. >> i was in first meeting between lindsay and john and tried to pull it to him to sign on with us back in 1998. i know how lindsay is feeling and he's crushed. >> welcome to the nbc, msnbc family. we like to wrap up the show talking about any story you're digging in on. what are your sources saying to you? >> i think the desantis gillum
7:58 am
of what happened today of how democrats are leaping into this contrast of race ecism and sexi that they have been reluctant to go to. you add the fact that the democratic candidates are more diverse than they ever have been. this year it's going to set up a really interesting contrast especially if democrats are going to push this. we have seen this with elizab h elizabetherelizabeth warren gave a speech that was taking on the president with his attacks on her. they are going at this head on. >> what do your sources say? >> i'm digging on separated families. >> still an issue to this day. >> hundreds of children remain separated. the population i'm focused on now are the people's whose parents have been deported. his daughter is still in immigration shelter in u.s. he's very, very worried.
7:59 am
it's been two and a half month since he's seen his daughter and he doesn't know when he will see her again. >> thank you for coming on the show. we want to remind you guys to stay with msnbc. general h.r. mcmaster will be here in a couple of hours. he's joining andrea mitchell at noon eastern. that's coming up in just a little bit. we want to wrap up with today's big picture. it's a striking photo. it's a sad photo. they're staring down where their son michael was buried. michael is 13. he committed suicide last month. montana has the highest suicide rate in the country. the health department was hit with a huge budget cut. more than a hundred mental professionals laid off. they are determined. dad's taken course so he can teach others about suicide prevention.
8:00 am
he's leaving his job to work as a school deputy to help kids deal with their thoughts of bullying. we have a busy day ahead. stay right here for more coverage for the tributes to honor john mccain including the speech from joe biden. good morning. good morning. we'll catch you later on today. >> i want to be an america's got talent judge. i went to the show. they didn't pick me, so i'm back. >> it's thursday. i'm thrilled to be here with my partner. let's get a little smarter. >> the headline on another blockbuster piece of reporting by the washington post. winter is coming. siting 26 sources. the story


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