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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 31, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ this morning it was a raucous rally in evansville. the president held an event in indiana while behind the scenes his legal team prepares for the possibility of impeachment. plus, after an emotional church service in arizona, the remains of senator john mccain have arrived in washington ahead of ceremonies at the u.s. capitol. and a deadly crash in new mexico leaves seven dead and dozens injured. police say a semi trailer collided head on into a dray hound bus carrying nearly 50 people. good morning, everyone.
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it is august 31. i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm back. >> welcome back. >> president trump was in evansville, indiana. he stopped nearly the beginning of his speech over a minute and a half when a female protesters interrupted him. this moment was captured when a volunteer member of the president's advance team blocked the camera lens of a foept owe journalist attempting to photograph the protester. nbc news reached out to the white house for information on what happened there. the president claimed the corrupt ruling class is standing in his way. he boasted of a mandate despite losing the popular vote by nearly three million. >> the democrats, they call themselves the resistance. that's what they're good at, resisting and obstructing. they are obstructionists. every day they are resisting the will of the american people in trying to undermine the verdict
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of our democracy, delivered so strongly in 2016, like never before delivered. within the republican party, the highest poll numbers -- well, they have 90, 92 and they have 93%. the highest poll numbers ever. ever. i actually asked them, i said, did they do polling when honest abe lincoln was around? you know what? nobody has been able to give me that answer, but i'm assuming they did, okay. so we can say we're beating honest abe. >> well, while speaking confidently in public, the president is privately discussing a legal storm that could threaten his hold on the office. trump attorney rudy guilliani telling "the washington post", quote, we have talked a lot about impeachment at different times. it's the only thing that hangs out there, claiming they can't criminally charged him. white house counsel don mcgahn and other aides invoked the
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prospect of impeachment to persuade the president not to take action or behave in ways they believe would hurt him. still, trump has not directed his lawyers or aides to prepare an action plan, leaving allies to believe the president does not appreciate the magnitude of what could be down. the office of white house counsel is down to 25 lawyers down from 35 earlier. they have discussed adding abby lou el to his legal time. lou el represents jared kushner. a day after announcing white house counsel don mcgahn would be leaving in the fall, president trump fired off a series of tweets yesterday morning about mcgahn's departure. he wrote, quote, the rigged russia witch hunt did not come into play, even a little bit, with respect to my decision on don mcgahn. he went on to tease, i am very excited about the person who l
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be taking the place of don mcgahn as white house counsel. i liked don, but he was not responsible for me not firing bob mueller or jeff sessions. so much fake news. a white house official tells nbc news it refers to the president's decision to accept the terms of the white house counsel's planned departure this fall. the official confirms mcgahn was not ousted and is actually leaving by choice. meanwhile, cnbc has learned that the president's legal team is hoping emmet flood will not replace don mcgahn as head of the white house office. various reports pegged flood as a replacement, but a person close to the legal team says trump's lawyers believe flood should remain in the position he has as one of the legal attorneys countering the special counsel robert mueller and his probe. trump's lawyers reportedly see flood as a critical piece in their strategy to fight an attempt by mueller issuing a subpoena for the president to
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appear before the grand jury. mccain's casket arrived at joint base andrews outside of washington, d.c. yesterday, ahead of the ceremony and public visitation at the capital today. the crowd gathered on the tarmac last night as a group of armed forces members carried his casket to an awaiting hearse. mccain's widow cindy was greeted by secretary of defense mattis. earlier in the day mccain was remembered as an american hero as 3500 mourners gathered to honor him. speakers included grant woods, arizona cardinals wide receiver larry fitzgerald and former vice president joe biden. biden recalled his friendship with mccain despite the two being in opposite political parties and made what some saw as veiled reference to president trump while speaking about mccain's character. still, he spent most of the time remembering a man he considered
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a member of his own family. >> my name is joe biden. i'm a democrat. and i love john mccain. the way i look at it, the way i thought about it was that i always thought of john as a brother. we had a lot of family fights. out of this grew a great friendship that transcended whatever political differences we had or later developed because above all, above all we understood the same thing, all p politics is personal. it is all about trust, and you trusted john with my life and i would and i think he would trust me with his. >> it wasn't about politics with
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john. he could disagree on substance, but it was the underlying values that animated everything john did, everything he was. you could come to a different conclusion, but where he would part company with you is if you lacked the basic values of decency, respect. knowing that this project is bigger than yourself. even though john is no longer with us, he left us pretty clear instructions. quote, believe always in the promise and greatness of america because nothing is inevitable here. close to the last thing john said took the whole nation as he knew he was about to depart,
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that's what he wanted america to understand. >> following today's proceedings at the capital, services are set to be held at the washington national cathedral tomorrow before mccain is laid to rest on sunday. another close friend of senator mccain is speak evening out about president trump and the contentious relationship the two men had. speaking yesterday lindsey graham did not hold back about how president trump's negative remarks about his friend angered him. >> it bothers me greatly when the president says things about john mccain, it upsets me to no end and i let the president know it. the way he handled the passing of john was disturbing. >> johning us is daniel lippman. we are about six weeks out of the election. people are saying this is possibly the weekend deadline
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bob mueller would have to file charges if there are any more coming down the pipeline. as the mueller investigation continues to inch closer to midterm elections could we see president trump step up his attacks against the fbi and the justice department? >> i think the pattern we have seen in this presidency is every week or two he ratchets up the attack goes. as he worries that mueller is potential closing in on him, then he's going to lash out, and he feels like a lot of his key people have turned on him. you know, in an interview he said allen weisselberg, the cfo of the trump organization, who is cooperating on a limited basis is a great guy. that's his term for trying to keep someone in the fold before they cooperate more. >> you know, i'm curious though about what the president expects in terms of coverage about don mcgahn's departure. he's the guy that put it out there on twitter before even
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speaking to him, right? >> yeah. >> what do you expect with regard to what the president is doing. is there a strategy, daniel? do we know exactly what the president is doing, why he is pushing back, what is coming next to the pike with regard to replacing the white house counsel? >> i don't think that there's a, you know, 20-page white house communication strategy that trump is listening to. i think a lot of communication staffers at the white house, they don't even know what the strategy is. it is trump being trump. corey lewandowski, that's the title of his book. he was able to get into the white house doing all of this tweeting, and so he's going to continue to do that. in regards to don mcgahn, he felt like it was a betrayal that mcgahn's talked for 30 hours to the white house counsel and he doesn't want to hire someone new who is going to do that again. >> yeah, and the white house very keen on making sure that mcgahn's departure is not reported or seen or perceived as
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an ouster but that it was mcgahn's own decision. >> but he also said it was his decision, trump said that. >> exactly. mcgahn hasn't come out and said it was his decision. >> he's been leaking for a while he was thinking about leaving. it is just -- >> we'll see how it plays out. >> we will see how it plays out. >> daniel lippman, stick around. we will talk to you in a little bit. >> thank you. at least seven people died and dozens are injured when a greyhound bus collided with a semi. the semi truck blue out a tire, crossed the median into oncoming traffic. the bus was traveling from albuquerque to phoenix and carrying nearly 50 people when it happened. emergency crews were seen desperately trying to reach victims among the wreckage. >> it was chaos. i mean, you know, the officers did a great job of sifting through the wreckage and the rubble, you know, to people the people that were survivors out of the bus as well as maintain order with the traffic.
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so they did a really great job. the first few officers that showed up on scene really had their hands full. >> the driver of the semi trailer suffered non-life threatening injuries there and the ntsb is sending a team to investigate. >> the debris there, it is amazing anybody was able to survive that. it is frightening. still ahead, authorities arrest a man who threatened the staff of "the boston globe", and he used a phrase apparently popularized by the president describing the media. what he really thinks about his attorney general. thoe those stories and a check on weather when we come right back.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. welcome back, everyone. there is new reaction to the president's remarks earlier this week that his opponents would turn violent if the gop lost the mid terms. he made those remarks during a private dinner with evangelical leaders on monday. the vice president in an
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interview that aired yesterday on the christian broadcast network was asked to clarify. >> what i heard the president say was that if the democrats take over the congress, that their goal is to turn back everything that we've done for the american people. >> he did mention antifa and some of the leftist groups. >> sure. >> what's the concern there? >> well, obviously we condemn any examples of violence on the streets of this country. the president's point, as i took it from where i was seated, was that the democrat party in congress is absolutely committed to reversing everything that we've been able to do for the american people. >> all right. so when the president was asked to clarify his comments, he said, quote, i just hope there won't be violence. >> okay. so on the heels of that, meanwhile, a california man has been charged with threatening to kill employees of "the boston globe." officials say 68-year-old robert chain made more than a dozen threatening phone calls to the paper. it started on august 10th, the
2:17 am
same day the globe urged newspapers nationwide to publish editorials supporting the free press. in several of his calls they say he referred to the enemy of the people. sound familiar? it is a phrase the president repeatedly used against the press, including in his twitter tirade yesterday. he also threatened to kill every one of you. and why don't you call mueller, maybe he can help you out. officials say they found 20 guns in his home yesterday. the judge ordered him to stay away from guns and "the boston globe." here is what he said after his court appearance. >> i'm making a statement. the united states was saved by having donald j. trump elected as president. >> get out of our way. >> take a hike, you bozos. >> pleasant statement. >> bill karins, what have you got today? >> today is the big getaway for
2:18 am
the labor day weekend. it is kind of like memorial day weekend, sometimes it can be not that nice, not very summer like and that will be the case, especially in the midwest. we are tracking light rain in areas of southern new jersey, a thunderstorm over the top of atlantic center and central pennsylvania has hit and miss showers. severe weather outlook today. if anyone has a chance of getting significantly delayed at the airports it includes minneapolis, des moines, maybe areas around kansas city could get strong thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening. 11 people at risk. tornado threat is low but wind, damage and hail with those. if that's not bad enough, we will see storms right through monday in the same area. we are predicting about two to three inches of rainfall from areas over lincoln, des moines, the quad cities, back to madison, even green bay. chicago is on the southern flank of it so you may only get hit and miss showers and storms over the next couple of days.
2:19 am
that's the area that will see the worst forecast over the holiday weekend. notice it is coolish, 75 in boston. not great beach weather in cape cod and areas of long island and new york city. down along the gulf coast, watch out new orleans to houston as a chance of significant rain on and off the next couple of days. into sunday it starts to get warmer in the east so i think sunday is a better beach day than saturday, especially the first half of the day with temperatures in the mid 80s. there's the heavy rain threat in the middle of the country. finally, on labor day, the additional risk of more storms. so a little bit of hit and miss and by far the worst forecast is for our friends in the midwest. >> we will be watching out for. . still ahead, the college football season is upon us with one former national champion taking to the field last night. meanwhile, in the bronx the yankees acquire a former mvp in their playoff push.
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he embraced humanity, championed what was true and just, and saw people for who they were. >> that's future hall of famer cardinals wide receiver larry fitzgerald speaking at the memorial service for the late arizona senator john mccain in phoenix yesterday. the search party hasn't found louis so it is time for sports. a week before the regular season kicks off the nfl was denied the request for an arbitrator to kaepernick's complaint. it means kaepernick's grievance with the nfl will go to a much public trial. meanwhile, college football season has begun. in the self-proclaimed and now ncaa record book recognized national champion usc knights added to the unbeaten streak.
2:24 am
make it 14 in a row. last night dominating 56-17 road win against yukon. they're only ranked number 21, too. ucf was the only team to go undefeated last season and whie they were criticized after being excluded last year, it is listed with champion alabama in the ncaa guide after finishing atop one of the many ranking agencies recognized. the fall of another top ranked woman. as number two seeded and reigning open champion won't make it past the second round after falling in straight sets to her 36th ranked competitor from yu cain. julia makes an early exit making it three of the top women out of the competition. let's go to baseball. the yankees adding personnel to fill the gap left by the injured
2:25 am
judge ahead of the push. new york reportedly struck a deal to acquire giant star outfielder andrew mccutchen who was traded to san francisco in january after nine seasons in pittsburgh. mccutchen will be a free agent after this year. meanwhile, the bronx with an opposite field home run by giancarlo stanton. the yankees fall again to the tigers 8-7 dropping in the al east, 8 1/2 games behind boston which beat the white sox last night 9-4. >> going in opposite directions those two teams. what do you have against ucf football? >> i lived in central florida. i love ucf sports and football. it is the satart of a new seaso. that was last year's argument. prove it on the field and get in the playoff this year. >> that's good.
2:26 am
someone tells me somewhere near the rose -- >> i got the milk carton drawing going. see what happens. >> thanks. still ahead, much more for president trump's rally in indiana, including his threat to get involved with the justice department and fbi. >> plus, a special guest joining the conversation. you won't want to miss this. this is big time. i'm excited to talk to -- >> we won't tell yet. >> we're saving it, yeah. we'reh ♪seven billion swimmers man ♪i'm going through the motions ♪sent up a flare need love and devotion♪ ♪trade it for some faces that i'll never know notion♪ ♪can i get a connection? ♪can i get can i get a connection?♪ ♪can i get a connection? ♪can i get can i get a connection?♪ you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory.
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♪ it is the bottom of the hour. welcome back, everyone. i'm alex quick. glad to be here alongside you, my friends. >> memories.
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>> memories, that's right. that's only because yasmin and louis have the morning off. on the eve of the trump legal team september 1st deadline for the special counsel to end the probe, the president said the thing is against the law. he told bloomberg, quote, i view it differently. i view it as an illegal investigation because great scholars said there never should have been a special counsel. trump said in the interview, i will see what happens. at his rally in evansville, indiana the president invoked his 2016 rival hillary clinton and the audience chanted to lock her up just before he said this. >> our justice department and our fbi have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now. because people are angry. people are angry. what's happening is a disgrace,
2:31 am
and at some point i wanted to stay out, but at some point if it doesn't straighten out properly, i want them to do their job, i will get involved and i will get in there if i have to. >> so the president also told bloomberg he doesn't plan on firing attorney general jeff sessions any time at least before the midterm elections. when asked if he would keep sessions beyond november though, the president declined to answer but he did add this. >> i just like to have jeff sessions do his job, and if he did i'd be very happy. but the job entails two sides, not one side. >> all right. so two sides, meaning the president would also like the justice department to investigate hillary clinton and the origins of the russia probe in addition to russian collusion and the possible obstruction of justice. well, "politico" reports the president is personally lobbying senators to turn on his attorney general. there are other nuggets in the reporting. according to "politico", the
2:32 am
president reportedly gripes to aides and lawmakers that the attorney general doesn't have an ivy league education and says he can't stand the attorney general's southern accent. the president reportedly told aides he doesn't think sessions is capable of defending him well on television, in part because, according to the president, session talks like he has marbles in his mouth. >> okay. among those who attended the ceremony for senator john mccain yesterday was former national security adviser under the president, h.r. mcmaster. in his first interview since leaving his role at the white house, nbc's andrea mitchell asked the retired army officer about mccain's stance on the president's performance at the helsinki performance last month and here is what he had to say. >> after the helsinki summit when he called the president's performance one of the most disgraceful performances. how did that strike you? >> what putin has been able to do is he has been able to really
2:33 am
operate in a way that's been largely uncontested across the free world, not just in the united states but in like-minded countries. so it is time to listen to john mccain and to confront this kind of sustained campaign of propaganda, disinformation and political subversion. >> after facing criticism for what many called insensitive and racial remarks, congressman and republican nominee for florida governor ron desantis says he will not apologies to his opponent for warning florida voters not to, quote, monkey this up. take a listen. >> i am not going to apologize because i didn't say anything about race. it had nothing to do with race. it had to do with his far-left socialist platform, and i'm not going to be cowed by this drive-by media and some of these elites into trying to admit i did something that i didn't do. >> hundreds of children still remain separated if their parents according to new court documents filed by the trump
2:34 am
administration. of the 2,654 children separated from their parents at the u.s. mexico border, 497 remain in the government's care. parents of 322 of those children have already been deported. the administration said that the parents have 167 children gave up the right to reunification. however, the aclu strongly disputes that claim, saying some parents may have been coerced or mislead. meanwhile, congressional democrats are calling for hearing of reports that the trump administration is questioning the citizenship of hundreds and possibly thousands of hispanic americans along the southern border and denying them passport's. "the washington post" reports the government is denying passports to people with u.s. birth certificates in south texas, alleging that decades ago midwives and some doctors in the region provided fraudulent birth certificates to babies who were born in mexico. the state department spokesperson responded saying
2:35 am
the denials have decreased during the trump administration. the department has declined to provide information to the post about the number of peoples denied passports due to questions surrounding fraudulent birth certificates. the trump is weighing plans to move a few high value isis fighters to guantanamo bay. possible guantanamo detainees include two isis fighters who participated in the murder of americans and other western hostages. according to western officials they're the only remaining jihadis left of four dubbed as the so-called beetle for their british accent. they're considering sending more to an iraqi prison, although under the iraqi watch they may reserve the right to prosecute. the detention center in
2:36 am
guantanamo bay has been the point of contention between human rights activists. having once housing hundreds of inmates, it holds fewer than 50 people. in a letter to congressional leaders trump wrote that the decision saves taxpayers 25 million dollars. we must put our agency on a fiscally sustainable course. the president argues pay raises should be tied to performance rather than applied across the board. the move was met with immediate backlash from union groups and puts political pressure on vulnerable gops and sets up a guaranteed congressional battle before the start of the next fiscal year and comes in the wake of a republican tax law that adds an estimated 1.9 trillion dollars to the federal budget deficit over the next
2:37 am
decade, about 190 billion per year. the cancelled 2.1% wage boost affects 1.8 million people nationwide including border patrol and i.c.e. agents. still ahead, democrats make the next move to stop the confirmation of president trump's supreme court pick. the watergate era figure they plan to use to keep kavanaugh from moving forward. bill karins is back with a check on the holiday weekend forecast and our special against joins the conversation. ins the n
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welcome back, everyone. watergate star witness john dean is set to testify during next week's dom any hearing. democrats looking to take down brett kavanaugh have recruited the former white house lawyer during the ongoing investigation. dean said he would focus on kavanaugh's views on executive pours. a spokesperson for senate
2:41 am
minority leader schumer released a statement saying, quote, he knows firsthand the danger posed by a president who believes he is above the law and the importance of an independent judiciary to hold him accountable. the supreme court hearing begins tuesday. john dean is scheduled the take the witness stand one week from today. okay. it is a getaway day, the last of summer, time for a break. >> cooler temperatures. >> bill karins, what is the weather going to be like? >> just to show you this, this saranac lake, new york is typically one of the cold spots on the map. it is 37 degrees this morning. that's cold! i'm sure people are up there hiking and camping that are shivering in their sleeping bags. that's northern new england. mild from new york to d.c., still at 80. the wind is coming from the north meaning cooler weather during the day. 62 in buffalo, detroit at 60. the severe weather threat will be with us through the afternoon. this is one of the concerns for airport delays. des moines, omaha and
2:42 am
minneapolis included. chicago should be okay. i think the thunderstorms will stay to your north. let's get into the forecast for around the country. we have our after nan storms in the southeast to deal with, possibly airport delays. new orleans could have a significant amount of rain over the next few days. chicago looks oak. st. louis is nice. washington, d.c., a chance of showers out there and cooler with a high of 83. let's get into the holiday weekend. saturday, this is where we will have the best rain chances for the chicago area, southern wisconsin. s st. louis, very much like summer. head to the pool. it is not going to rain all day. it is not going to rain out your plans, but if you have a choice of going to the lake or beach in the mid atlantic region, sunday is better than saturday and monday is better than both of the weekend days. on sunday a slight chance of a storm, but temperature in the mid 80s. northern new england looks fine,
2:43 am
too. i didn't talk much about the west for the holiday weekend forecast because it will be sunny and pretty much nice everywhere. >> yay. >> bill karins, appreciate that. stick around for us because somebody who religiously now is watching the weather forecast every day to kind of set her daily schedule and also a big fan of bill karins is joining us on the phone. our special guest -- >> oh, there she is. >> yasmin vossoughian. >> yay. >> i wouldn't say a big fan of bill karins. i think my baby is currently crying because of that weather forecast. >> you are probably watching it every day to plan your day of activities with your newborn son and the dogs. >> it is my activity being a shut-in in my house, that's what i'm planning. that's what happens when you have a newborn. >> why are you awake so early? did noor wake you up. >> because dan asked me to come on the show and talk to you. >> come on, dan.
2:44 am
wow. >> so blunt of you at least. yasmin, how is it going? >> listen, no, it is going -- bill, by the way, i heard you made fun of my baby picture a couple of weeks ago after the birth my baby. >> i would never make fun. i said it looked perfect. >> it was staged as you guys all know, having kids, that photographer comes to the hospital room and stages baby pictures. it was very much staged, i'll admit it. things are going well, guys. my baby is currently crying i have to say but i'm ignoring him to talk to you guys. >> priorities. >> where's dad? i mean dad is supposed to be in the picture. what is he doing? is he up? >> he's up. he's ignoring him, too. >> oh, my gosh. he's so cute! >> so cute. >> have you guys decided who he looks more like, you or whit? >> i think he looks -- honestly, he's whit's twin. he looks a lot like twin. >> that's a beautiful picture. >> it is kind of hard to hold a baby that looks exactly like your husband, is a miniature
2:45 am
version of him. >> how is his big brother taking to him? does he like being a big brother? >> it is funny. he loves him so much i think he might hit him. he loves him so much but he doesn't understand his own strength. >> look at that picture. that's from the baby monitor, azur looking at his brother's crib. >> we put him in the crib with him and took a picture. also, he's going to share the same room with him eventually so i'm having him nap with his big brother azur and sometimes azur stares at him creepily in the crib, which worries me. >> beautiful. >> but i stay tuned to that baby monitor, make sure he doesn't hurt him or anything. obviously he's not going to hurt him. he loves him very much. >> i got to ask you quickly before we let you go and get back to mommy duties. with all of the stuff going on last week, paul manafort, michael cohen, are you ready to come back the work or what? give it to us honestly. i know you have a little bit of a news bug. >> i have to say, i do miss
2:46 am
work, i do. i miss it very much, and i am constantly tuned into the news which isn't good for my kid because that means he's constantly tuned to the news. i am going to count every day. >> enjoy it. >> i can guarantee there will be drama for you when you get back. >> oh, yeah. >> guaranteed. just buckle up. >> i feel like in the woutwo we i have been gone so much has changed. >> we'll have a word with bill karins about the forecast as well. >> any time you want, just call me. >> miss you guys. thank you. >> congratulations. say high to the family. be well. >> thanks, guy. >> still ahead, president trump reporting he looks to ramp up his trade war with china. he may hit beijing with more tariffs. >> the president fires another shot in the trade wars. another organization he is threatening to pull the u.s. out of and what it will take to prevent that. will take to prevent that
2:47 am
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welcome back. president trump reportedly wants to move ahead with a plan to impose $200 billion in tariffs on chinese imports as soon as next week. bloomberg reports according to six people familiar with the matter trump plans to impose the tariffs once the september 6th deadline for companies and members of the public to submit comments on the proposed tariffs passes. when asked to confirm the plan in an interview with bloomberg yesterday trump said it was, quote, not totally wrong and criticized china for devaluing its currency in response to a
2:50 am
recent economic slowdown. stocks fell in the wake of the news breaking a four-day winning streak with mechanical companies and machinery makers taking the losses there president trump is fight as imagine, now going after the cornerstone of global trade. the world trade organization itself. joining us live from london, the latest, what more can you tell us? >> exactly, ayman. threatening to pull the u.s. out of the wto unless it "shapes up" his relationship is testy to say the least. back in april of this year he told fox news the wto was set up to "benefit everybody but the u.s., and that the u.s. loses almost all of its lawsuits." analysis finds the u.s. actually wins 90% of all disputes it's raised with the wto and any case the asian equity markets have not reacted kindly trading in the red and european market
2:51 am
trading down as well. coca-cola announced its buys the uk coffeemaker for a sum, costa coffee. so a good amount of money made there, and this is all part of coca-cola's push into coffees and a fast growing market and of course asia is a big focus there as well. >> ask you quickly, what walmart, i known, already began prepares for the holidays earlier than most seasons with a big move to take the place that has been kind of left by the retail giant or toy retail giant toys "r" us. what can you tell us? >> exactly. toys "r" us, 20% of the toy market and don't exist. on the backs of that walmart trying to take advantage, stocking up an extra 30% of toys in its stores and online to take advantage of that. toy sales up 7% in the first
2:52 am
half of the year. a fast-growing area. not a surprise. the lion's share of all the sales go to amazon. >> online. easy way to buy toys these days. >> sure. >> thank you so much. coming up, axios' mike allen with a look at this morning's "one big thing" and on "morning joe," president trump ramping up attacks on the justice department and the fbi. more on the president's rally in indiana vowing to get involved in both agencies all on the heels of his new comments about attorney general jeff sessions and what his future in the administration looks like. "morning joe," just moments away. away tir hmm. maybe. nice work. was that...? yeah, king midas. yeah. at midas, we're always a touch better.
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let the dippins beginins. freaky fresh. freaky fast. jimmy john's. freak yeah. d.c. with a look at axios and co-founder mike allen. good to have you with us on this friday morning. what is the "one big thing"? >> happy friday. last friday of summer. >> can't come soon enough. >> what a treat, ayman, alex, welcome back. had good times over the year. >> go back a long way.
2:56 am
>> fantastic. so axios's "one big thing," inside mueller's secret files. a lot of speculation on the president's legal team. today could be a big mueller action day. we saw chuck todd talking about that on msnbc last night, and lawyers tell me that because this is the last working day before labor day, they think that bob mueller might well slip in an indictment, might have to do with wikileaks that gets him ahead of the window right before the midterm elections. and in inside mueller's secret files we look at the fact there's tons of evidence that mueller has or could have, that we haven't seen yet, more than a million pages of documents out of the trump campaign and the white house. i've been told that there are memos of meetings that people had with the president and then they wrote their memos quickly after. cell phone records that could have to do with that trump tower
2:57 am
meeting. who was called, when, how long the call lasted. and in addition to that, mueller could get the holy grail trump tax records and trump bank records. >> wow. >> investigators tell us the bank records could be more useful than the tax returns. >> wow. more secret files. >> does this mean despite the president haranging them saying call off the investigation and try to do it by tomorrow, that day, so it's all clear for the midterms, what's the chance of that going to happen, scale of one to ten? >> lawyers say it's unlikely this investigation will wrap up and we will see whatever it is, that there could well be action, and a lot of speculation, could mueller come out say i'm hitting pause until after election, over explaining during an election didn't work out well for james
2:58 am
comey. people who know robert mueller say that's less likely to be his m.o. go quiet, he'll go silent and hear from him after the election. >> a lot of people looking at technology sector's make or break two months coming up. people say with the hearings scheduled, possible regulations, midterms a lot at stake for them. what is so important for this period for these companies you guys are looking at at axios. >> epic week coming up in washington. we saw earlier on the show john dean will be testifying, bringing a little watergate star dust to the brett kavanaugh hearings and wednesday of next week facebook's coo and twitter's ceo will be on the hill, and this really kicks off that period you mentioned. this time that really is going to determine the momentum for regulation for these tech companies. facebook is going to be on the
2:59 am
hill. axios' tech team coming up with basic messages for all the teams. facebook saying we're at the table. willing to accept some regulation. google's message is an algorithm isn't political. twit sir going to say we're cracking down on fake accounts. amazon is message for d.c., their message is, we don't do election, and apple wants you to know they don't sell your data. >> amazon probably should say we do a good deal of business with the postal service to face the president as well. >> p.s. >> thank you. see you on "morning joe" in a little. reading axios in a little while. sign up at >> that does it for us. friday morning. you're leaving, right? yeah. i'm alex wit alongside the big guy, ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" is next.
3:00 am
have a good one. welcome to "morning joe" on the final day of august. where did the summer go? it went so fast. joe has one more morning off but willie the back and willie, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> but i have a question. >> yes? >> i'm trying to get joe to relax. i've been doing mindfulness, animal therapy. but donald trump said something yesterday that quite possibly could be the worst thing he could do to get joe to relax. yeah. insulted the university of alabama. >> i saw that. >> i'm talking about the nugget in politico's report that the president is personally lobbying senators to turn on his attorney general, jeff sessions. he reportedly gripes to aides and lawmakers that sessions doesn't have an ivy league education. he says he can't stand session' southern accent and the president also reportedly, willie, told aides he doesn't think sessions is capable of defending him well on tv, in part because according to president trump, ses


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