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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  September 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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wrote this come forward and identify themselves. the best way to do so is to say who they are. between the woodward boo ck, an this, the president doesn't believe any of it. >> you know, you know what time it is, it is time for "hardball." that does it for us. chris matthews takes over now. from the belly of the beast, let's play "hardball." >> a stunning account tonight. the staff works to contain the craziness at the top. the senior official has written
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an anonymous op-ed describing him or herself as a member of the resistance. the administration official writes that we believe our first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic. quote, that is why many trump appointees have vowed to do what we can while thwarting mr. trump's misguided impulses. outlining the cold war strategy ever containment. rather than attempting to contain a foreign power, the author in this case makes clear that the objective is now to contain the impulses of the sitting president. this isn't the work of the
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so-called deep state, it is the work of the steady state. among other things, the root of the problem is the president's a morality. it says that president trump's impulses are generally anti trade, anti democratic and engaged in impulsive rants. wow. reacting to the developing story, the president offered his view on twitter. writing treason. i am joined by michael shmidt. and joyce vance.
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and steve schmidt. you know what it is like to be under somebody running the country, what is it when top official according to the times, a senior administrative official saying this guy is reckless. >> well, chris, it is an extraordinary and historic op-ed, the reference john mccain at the end of it. and my first thought was to think of john mccain's story as a prisoner of war in vietnam, and the comfort that the prisoners took, communication with the other prisoners through tap code, through the wall. the first thing i would like to say as someone in the resistance on the outside is thank you. and it is nice to hear from you. but it is not unfortunate.
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we are in an hour of national emergency in this country. that is evidence by the president's behavior and erratic behavior that we see in public every day. by the account of this op-ed and of course by bob woodward's book, a journalist of the highest standards and reputation who has distinguished himself over a lifetime of meticulous reporting about how the powerful act. we know that this administration is vile, corrupt, and likely criminal. we know that this president is amoral, he is mentally and intellectually unfit for his offers. what i would say back to the author of this op-ed, is that this resistance inside the administration, who ever they are must knew gather. and one of them, the best of them, the toughest, the hardest,
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the most credible must come forward into the light. they must take the full step and tell the american people the truth. the american people deserve to no know, we are a nation. and this file, immoral corrupt indecent dangerous intellectually unfit president is a danger to all of us. and they have an obligation to the country to the constitution, to every american patriot from nathan hale and on. we are just asking them to come forward and tell the truth. the truth in a moment of crisis.
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the crisis is the political cowardness in the country, not one person will step forward and say enough is enough which is assaults on objective truth on the rule of law, a liberal democracy. enough is enough with his fetishsizing. enough. who will step forward. that question now is foremost in my mind reading this. we need someone in the public to tell the truth. >> let me go to phil on this. straight reporters here, that passion was real. i want to check this out with you guys who cover the white house. does the voice, the inside top administration official who won't identify himself apparently is a him. talks about the question, here
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we are, the issue here, is this a white house being kept in control by its people under the president, are they controlling the president in a way that is saving the country, phil of the washington post. >> the column is extraordinary and it does fit the pattern that has been shown through many months of reporting. about the white house, about the lengths to which sneenior officials have gone. the damage. that is very real and created a ripple inside the west wing this evening. people were cancelling meetings and huddling behind closed doors to strategy how to deal with this. the president's anger was described to my partner as
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volcanic. he views this as a treasonous act of betrayal and there is a hunt to find out who this individual is. >> let me go to michael sh submit. we have omarosa's book. then we get bob woodward coming out with this book. this article in the "new york times" tomorrow, an op-ed looks to me as a confirmation of everything we have read from working our way, from michael wolf, to omarosa, to bob woodward, and now inside the white house. a high administration official saying everything you guys are
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saying is true. >> chapters in the same book. a better example which was his tweet over the weekend. under investigation for obstruction of justice. he knows they are looking at his tweets and his relationship with sessions. and what does he do? he tweets about the fact that sessions has not done his job by allowing these republicans to gelt charged. and that runs in the face of obstruction of justice. >> because he acts like he believes that the purpose of the justice department is to carry out his political will. >> never adjusting his behavior to the ways ever the norms or the laws of washington. >> the people, the president of the united states is not a president, he is not running the united states. he is a guy doing a guy thing.
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the op-ed says trump officials have considered attempts to remove him from office. complex process for removing the president. we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until one way or another, it's over. that is an amazing comment. this presidency is going to die at some point, let's write it out and keep it as least dangerous as possible. >> the idea that the 20 fifth amendment is hard to contemplate at that point. for those folks to get together and ask the congress to sit down and consider the president's
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competency. congress would have a lot of decision making power, we can debate all day whether they will stand up and perform their function under this setting. but largely unprecedented and the president's reaction to call it treason is a mind boggling display of his ignorance. something that the founding fathers did was to reject the idea that treason involved a sovereign. and they did away of a couple of hundred years of law. there is no duty of loyalty owed to the sovereign. so still hard to contemplate that we are in 25th amendment territory. >> the content of the op-ed will appear in the "new york times"
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tomorrow. the president lashed out at the times. >> when you tell me about some anonymous source probably who is failing, and probably here for all the wrong reasons. if the failing "new york times" has an anonymous editorial, meaning gutless, a gutless editorial, we are doing a great job. the poll numbers are through the roof. and nobody is going to come close to beating me in 2020 because of what we have done. >> zer lina, your analysis. he looks sweaty and a little bit unhinged to use omarosa's word. this validated what we knew from the previous book. and all the reporting that has been done.
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we as citizens what we need to decide is what do we do next? is it the 25th amendment. in november, we can perhaps talk seriously about the possibility of starting an impeachment process. which is a two step process. the beginning of that would be talking about it in a serious way. and we are actually in that moment, the president is a national security threat because he doesn't understand foreign policy. he doesn't listen to his advisors and we have bob woodward on record saying general mattis took an order on the phone to assassinate asad. >> what do you want the democrats to do? >> stand up and fight. >> that is a general term. should they promise impeachment in this election.
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>> i don't think you promise impeopl impeachment. it is one of the ways to hold this president accountable, but it is up to the citizens and the voters to make sure the democrats have that. so it is also on citizens. >> let's go to phil. even though a lot of them want it, they have a passion for it. i can read polls. and my question, is what it is s going to likely happen. this person went a step beyond background and put out an op-ed piece for the "new york times." now what is the next step going to be? are people going to rally to this character. this president is a captain
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kwee. what is done by the staffers. >> we will see if they are able to identify who the official is. and if so, that official is not going to be in the job for very long. >> do you think you know who it is. >> there is a lot of speculation around here. most of us think it is somebody who can write, and how to go ett to the times without clerical assistance. somebody to put it online for him. somebody who can do it him or herself. what do you make of that? >> i don't know who it is. i can tell you from our reporting from the last hour, that the president is speculating that it might be somebody in the national security realm. no evidence of who the official is. there is going to be public pressure for this individual to
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come forward. and perhaps it will change the outment thal the republican leaders. >> to use load start, and unusual vocabulary word. this is what he is doing. in terms of international strategy. i can imagine a number of motives around this. >> yeah. and it is interesting to see -- >> why would somebody stick their neck out and their career out unless they believe it is ideology being threatened or republic itself being threatened. >> you have seen more anonymous sources talk about this presidency than any other because they are bothered by it.
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now you are seeing it in an op-ed. testimony has caught the public attention. >> is it -- talking to somebody like you on the phone. i want tom put on steve too, just a second. there seems to be a jump. i am going to go out and put an op-ed. >> this is escalation of it. we have seen this from the beginning. people have been bothered from the beginning. >> thank you. the rest of the panel sticking around for the next segment. what about this attack on southerners. making fun of southerners as stupid people. he got elected thanks to dixie. nice repayment. how about mock the ones who brung you.
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now back with more on that historic op-ed in the "new york times" coming out tomorrow from an unnamed senior trump official who references john mccain writing there is a quiet resistance within the administration choosing to put country first. in a statement sarah sanders wrote the individual behind this
4:22 pm
piece but putting -- his ego ahead of the will of the american people. this coward should do the right thing and resign. i am back with our panel. and joining us right now is jonathan allen. i want you to start. and i want michael and everybody else back in here. when you report this administration, report on it, it seems to me you evhave to make gym. does it sing with what you see already. people trying to protect their country from their president. >> it jives with what the people in the white house who are worried about the president believe what they are doing. we are the american patriots standing in the breach between donald trump and oblivion. >> so the real motive is it is
4:23 pm
great to work in the white house. >> this is the way they justify it. they want to justify to themselves why they are sticking around with this guy. and then there is a laundry list of republican successes. the other thing that is fascinating about this is you have got a deep state anonymous source writing an op-ed in the "new york times," there is nothing more buzzy than that. >> when the president comes into a cabinet room like this or the roosevelt room with staff people, does he think they are on his side or the side of his critics. you saw maybe people around me, mr. president, they agree with this criticism of me, does he think that? >> the president has in recent days gotten very skeptical of the fbi director chris wray.
4:24 pm
he is not happy with the speed to which he is doing the things he wants him to do like look into things like uranium one. he mortgaged an enormous amount of political capital to fire comey. and now he doesn't like wray. >> who does he like? >> donald j. trump. >> the russian investigation has raged. sessions has been the constant of trump attacks. number his up coming book "fear," quote, trump tells porter of sessions. this guy is mentally retarded. this dumb southerner. trump writing i said neither.
4:25 pm
and being a southerner is a great thing. zerlina for you, i think you might enjoy the absurdy of this. he got enormous support in alabama, they love donald trump. how can he now quote on "dumb southerners," he is not dancing with the one that brung him. >> a bad political move. his base is those folks that you are talking about, in alabama, louisiana, and mississippi. it is normally to those places, the places that are the most red and contain the most members of his base. which believe in the deep state, believes in the conspiracy theories that we have been talking about for the past two years. and earlier, i was chuckling because we are in a moment where
4:26 pm
this keeps getting more and more ridiculous. but at the same time this is so, so incredibly dangerous in this particularly moment. everything we have learned about this president tells us that he is impulsive and do things off the cuff because he is upset and in a peak. that is dangerous when you are are commander in chief. we have to ask yourself what do we do next. sarah sanders' statement was interesting. she did not call it fake news. she said the person who wrote it only cares about their ego. that sounds like donald trump to me. how things affect him personally, and that is something. when the president is only thinking about himself and not think being the rest of us, who he represents and who he is supposed to be governing, that
4:27 pm
is a dangerous situation. >> joyce, i wonder who he does represent if not the white south. this comment, dumb southerner. i went to chapel hill. it is so offensive. just defensive politically. >> this seems to be stock and trade for trump. he never seems to formulate a reasonable criticism. he seems to jump immediately to this available stereotype criticism. he criticized a disabled reporter, gold star parents. which was certainly compelled by doj policy, so he resorts to
4:28 pm
criticizing session's speech, his heritage. alabama still has or at least had at the last polling strong positives for the president, up in the 70th percentile. this guy is equal. now he has dumb southerner. >> can you stop saying it that way? it feels personal. >> he calls them that, you know. >> i think he tries to make himself feel better by trashing other people personally. i think he is insecure about his own intellect. when he says he has never called anybody that, it is a lie. the dumb southerner thing, i agree, this isn't good for him
4:29 pm
with his base. the folks out there thought they were calling him dumb southerners, it would poke a whole in the idea he was trying to sell. >> i think the movie is called face in the crowd. you often smile at me like you are now, about the fact the ability to get stories out of this white house. >> system they think it is a leak hunt which there has been several different times, they may see the president as more vulnerable at this point. maybe this is something that tips some republicans. it comes down to the republican support. do they think okay, maybe if we are more candid and more helpful, can we do something here. >> i wonder how lindsey graham
4:30 pm
likes the phrase dumb southerner. thank you for coming on. more on the president's response. i don't think it is going to stay anonymous. we are going to look at vocabulary assessment. look out mike pence. this is "hardball" where the action is this is "hardball" where the action i ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ i feel the magic between you and i ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ now i've got you in my sights ♪ applebee's new 3-course meal starting at $11.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. like concert tickets or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house.
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. there is an anonymous article in the "new york times." >> talking about he is part of the resistance. >> this person works for the administration he says. >> the dishonest media. you people deal with it as well as i do. and it is a disgrace. >> that was the president late today. the opinion piece. joining me with the latest is nbc news chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. you know everything that is happening right now. i mean that. >> reporter: thank you. latest. >> is the white house going to have an internal investigation? they must be wondering. >>. >> reporter: who is it? >> you can figure it out.
4:35 pm
your thoughts. >> reporter: so let me tell you to your first question, what do we know right now. there are people close to the president and the white house telling us, myself, my colleagues the president's mood is volcanic to use their description of the word. exploding at this. and furious. that it would be published in the "new york times," a paper he both despises and at times yearns to be in when he calls reporters. that it was published anonymously. anonymous to us, but not to the head of the op-ed pages of the times. it would jeopardize this person's job if known. as to the second part of your
4:36 pm
question, the idea of the speculation, boy, that is the game of the moment here, chris. walking up the driveway and somebody shouted who do you think it is. that is the question of the moment. there is a lot of linking this word, this person. this is an administration where officials inside this west wing and in the administration, have routinely tried to throw people off the set to cover their tracks by planting different words or phrases or ideas in order to misdirect essentially. so it is full of intrigue. >> you know the trade craft of your business. the term senior administration is not a bs firm, it is not a guard at the gate. not somebody who reports to, who reports to. probably somebody pretty high
4:37 pm
up. >> >> reporter: that is a key word. probably. we have asked the nork -- new york times. they are not responding to that question to us. they are describing this person in their words senior. >> it will come out at some point. i think they would call somebody a senior official. somebody who knows how to write an op-ed piece. knows how to do without the help of the secretary or staffer. it is somebody that can do it by
4:38 pm
themselves who would risk bringing in a posse to do something like this. >> reporter: something that i was saying earlier which is while there is a lot of intrigue about who did this, there is a lot of concern about the actual contents mu contents of this reporting that backs up bob woodward's reporting. steering this president away from some of his worst impulses. we have connected it to telegram which is about containment. it is about the threat of the chief executive of this country. thank you, hallie jackson. more next. you are watching "hardball." ext. n you are watching "hardball." did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp
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wow. welcome back to "hardball." we are getting a stunning look at how officials view the man they work for. until the op-ed that will run tomorrow, writing the root of the problem is the president's amorality. the author describes the daily disbelief. meetings with him veer off topic and off the rails. engages in rants. and his impulsiveness results. let's bring in the roundtable. david, i want you to start this thing. the message, what do you get to the message, when you read today in the afternoon, somebody comes running in at 4:00.
4:43 pm
somebody has verified everything that woodward has said, everything that omarosa has said. that he is being treated as child care. people around him keeping him from hurting himself -- us. >> why are we surprised? we have seen this behavior from donald trump not just in the presidency, not just in the campaign, bullying. not able to finish a sentence. >> the palace guard is now talking. >> and we have bob woodward's book, i agree with what steve sh smid said. the public must be told not
4:44 pm
anonymously, you don't get points later, but people have to come forward and say this is the situation at hand. the public needs to know. >> should this person come public? >> yes, and my guess is i bet within a week that we will know who the person is. the next op-ed is i am the senior administration official and a book comes after that. >> he denies everybody. >> everything is faster now. >> what is this message, this is like the cane mutiny turned out. >> this is another failure. whatever anonymous said is probably 99% true. maybe even 105% true.
4:45 pm
also ego. my guess would be lots and all have felt if it weren't for me, if it weren't for wonderful me, the president would go right over the edge. this is another example. >> i never felt like that. i worked. the president tweeted again, does the so-called senior administration official really exist, or is it just the failing "new york times" with another phony source? if the gutless anonymous person does indeed. what's going on? >> i heard hallie say earlier, they are upset. they are looking to figure out wh who it is. they are looking for this person. >> what are the fingerprints? >> people are looking at all sorts of language. someone told me earlier that if you look at some of this, free
4:46 pm
minds, free market, it seems more libertarian. they are going to look around. >> club for growth. that is the big libertarian. >> they can look at e-mails, phone messages. if trump wants to use the deep state. >> we don't call it the deep state. we call it the steady state. >> attack the white house they work for, and keep it secret from everybody at work. that's what we are talking about here. somebody who didn't tell their secretary, their boss. >> they didn't keep it secret from their book agent. a book contract comes next followed by the mini series. this is going to be a rich anonymous. >> nixon created the plumbers to
4:47 pm
find the leaks, stop the leaks and it led to watergate. they can do that. >> with that said, by my count, this is the 645th think to bring down the trump presidency. >> i was going to say -- >> straw that broke the camel's back. >> the no"new york times" got ts a few days ago. bad times. it is the next day top reiterate a lot of stuff. it is a one-2 punch. the week they are trying to show this kavanaugh confirmation hearing. nobody is talking about it. >> fox is trying to keep the focus on kavanaugh. >> look at the tweet that just came out. again, we keep forgetting how outrage this is. he just called on the "new york times" to turn over to the
4:48 pm
government, as if they are going to put them in handcuffs. this is not saying we are going to look for the guy and fire him. >> he said they made it up, wrote it themselves and we better turn the guy over. so which is it. i want to go back to reporting. is the white house going to go on a chase to find out who did this? >> it just started. so they haven't announced official action. >> who would be the smartest in spooking out this thing. >> you mentioned earlier senior administration official means to things. this could be someone in one of the agencies or departments, cabinet secretary. >> and you think the times would give credit. >> any time we have a source --
4:49 pm
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(vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. . back with the round table. tell me something i don't know. >> what he didn't tell you what that in that trade deal, he has agreed to allow the same number of high skilled workers from mexico into the united states. so wanted to cut illegal
4:53 pm
immigration but suffered a political loss by allowing these same visas in there. >> the democrats are deliberately throwing the fight for kavanaugh. virtue signaling to all of the angry progressives out there. they want to in marxist terms heighten the situation. they want to put themselves in power. >> throwing the game. >> i don't know about that. but roger stone is not testifying to a grand jury next week, but two people associated with him are. and he already expects to be indicted. i think there is a lot still to come out about what he knew and what he said he knew. >> what a trial that is going to it be. thank you. when we return, let me finish tonight with trump watch. it is a wild one tonight.
4:54 pm
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trump watch wednesday
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september 5th, 2018. the more we need to worry. as the months of 2018 dropped from the calendar, so how the veil. the evidence of a worst case scenario grows. life inside those white house gates is as wacky as the most frightened of us has imagined. recall your own reaction when the book "fire and fury," arrived in january. questioning the president's fitness to manage his office. then an expose who described life around the president as unhinged. and then all the president's huffing and puffing is not likely to blow down. most frightfully, the dawn to
4:59 pm
mid night efforts to protect this country from the president himself. now comes the most piercing news about the man who sits in lincoln's chair. an official who penned an anonymous story in the "new york times." how senior officials come to work each morning to save us from him. a president today who is acting in a manner detrimental to the health of the country. our president who lacks the basic morality to lead the country. as we come closer to seeing the brain and belly of this administration, we will come upon what donald trump has wrought. an american government forged with resentment.
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i ignorant of important american history. bereft of those values that at our best have taken us forward. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. good evening from new york. i am chris hayes. the people closest of the president of the united states are sending flashing warning signals about the dangers this man poses to the nation. the "new york times" with a stunning op-ed. describing a resistance within the administration in which the authors and others are working behind the scenes to save the country from the president. quote, we believe our


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