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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  September 17, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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blasey ford. she identified hearse, speaking out to the "the washington post." saying when kavanaugh was in high school, kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her over her clothes and clumsily tried to take off her one-piece bathing suit. when she tried to scream, he put his hand other his mouth. kavanaugh says, i've never done anything like what the asuzer describes, to her or anyone else. he says he wasn't in the party at question. republicans say the vote should not be delayed but one republican member is not changing his mind. >> do you think that any of
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these claims are legitimate? >> no, i don't. i think this. who, whoever she is is mixed up. >> wow. kavanaugh has spent more than four hours at the white house, alt an initial told msnbc news she did not meet with the president. went to the meeting at the white house at 10:08 a.m. is he still there? >> he is. we have been asking, what is he doing? our colleague sent around a note with the latest details. apparently, brett kavanaugh has been doing phone banking, calling member of congress, defending his name, doing damage control and really trying to defend his nomination. brett kavanaugh had been on a smooth glide path to being confirmed and really cementing a conservative majority on the support for a generation. there was all this hand wringing by democrats about not having ax
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to the documents they wanted about kavanaugh's record. that didn't matter. republicans were pushing forward with the confirmation hearing. now you have democrats, white house officials and some key republicans saying it calls for more scrutiny. that could gum up the confirmation process. here's kelley an anne conway told kristen welker earlier today. >> should she be heard on capitol hill? >> absolutely. she should testify under oath on capitol hill. that's up to them. i've spoken with the president at length about this. i said put aside all the nonsense and tv and from people who couldn't possibly be a source familiar with this, she should be heard. i talked to lindsey graham, and he said that could be done tomorrow so we can proceed
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forward. >> brak brett kavanaugh standing by his blanket denial. he's not only saying he didn't do it. he's saying he wasn't there. he was not at the party in question. i've reached out to the toerp for christine blasey ford. i'll also tell you the republican for the senate judiciary committee is looking for a way to have the hearing heard. will it be public? we don't know yet. we are also waiting to hear from president trump himself. he's in the roosevelt room right now having a meeting focused on american workers waiting to see if at the end of that event whether he'll say anything about brett kavanaugh. if he does, we'll bring you the details. >> jeff bennet for us at the white house. so far the plan is to continue on with a vote on thursday for confirmation to the highest
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court. a vote will go to the senate judiciary committee first before heading to the chambers. there's a total of 21 members. senates hold the majority. they have 11 members. democrats have ten. notice the difference. there's a number of women on the democrat side. republicans are all men. all members of the democrat party are calling for the vote to be held. jeff flake has already told the "the washington post" i'm not comfortable with the vote going on thursday if we have not heard her side of the story or expl e explored this further. because republicans have a one-seat advantage, senator flake could derail the vote by himself. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell could still bring the nomination to the senator floor where republicans hold a 51-49
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seat majority. two republicans would have to vote against kavanaugh. retiring republican senator of bob corker of tennessee told kasie hunt, they should give her a chance to be heard. i think it's best for all involved, including the nominee. lisa murkowski says they should delay the vote. i think that's something they should have to consider, at least having that discussion. fellow swing vote lisa collins released a quote saying professor ford and judge kavanaugh should testify under oath before the judiciary committee. this is what she said on tv last night. >> it's an issue that i brought up with him last friday, and he denied. as he did in his written statement. >> what do you think -- should the committee vote coming up here this week? >> i'm going to be talking with
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my colleagues but i really don't have anything to add at this point. >> joining me now is nbc news capitol hill reporter kasie hunt. where do we stand with this input? the senate as a whole is important. the judiciary committee is uniquely whole. where are we? >> frankly, there's still an intense behind the scenes scramble over what do. brett kavanaugh trying to have an impact on the process by calling individual senators. but at the end of the day, this may be out of the white house's plans. because each senator, especially on the judiciary committee, but even bloroadly, each senator ha an enormous amount of power. you have already seen some of them as you laid out, put down some pretty clear markers. i want to focus on susan
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collins. she wants dr. ford and kavanaugh to testify under oath before the committee. she's not a member of the committee, but whether or not republicans honor her wishes is going to go a long way toward figuring out whether or not brett kavanaugh is going to have a problem. mitch mcconnell knows he's asking a lot. he was already asking a lot of susan colin will and murkowski. collins was vocal about the abuse she was enduring about people calling her office, making threats, using profanity. this is all before the allegation came out. now you have two women vocal in their support of abortion rights, unusual on the republican side of the aisle -- in susan colin apds case and lisa murkowski pride themselves on having independent streets.
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collins thought about leaving entirely, going back to governor of maine. but she decided she was going stay, and that was because of her role on health care. she obviously played a critical role in not rolling back the affordable health care act, also notably, john mccain. she values her independent role here and it's asking a lot to take all the arrows on an emotionally charged era of me too. we are expecting her to speak on the senate floor on a completely unrelated issue, but perhaps we can get her to weigh in farther on what has gone on today. >> senator orrin hatch of utah spoke directly to and about brett kavanaugh. what has he had to say about this. >> you played a little bit of that at the top of the show. let's lay it out again for
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viewers. take a look. >> do you think this in any way is going derail his nomination? >> no. it's a straight shooting honest guy. i think when people listen to him, they'll know that he's all right. >> and do you think that any of these claims are legitimate? >> no, i don't. i think this woman, whoever she is, is mixed up. >> so you heard him say there they he thinks she's mixed up. we are told off camera brett kavanaugh in his call are orrin hatch denied being at the party. we have details about ford about the party, its location, et cetera. that's a pretty remarkable claim. we are going reach out to dr. ford's lawyer to see what more we may be able to learn from this and also we are following up with other senators to see if he's making the same claim with
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them, ali. >> let's go back to jeff bennet at the white house. the president just commented on his nominee. what did he say? >> the president was asked by a member of the white house pool what his thoughts were and he said this. he's one of the finest people i've ever known. he's never had even a little blemish. he mentioned he went through the fbi vetting process six times without this anxious ever having popped up. the president says, he's very speciale we want to go through the process. then he says democrats should not have waited until the last days. he says senator feinstein did not bring this up with him and he says he has belief in the senate processes. he says dianne feinstein received the letter back in july. it only came to the fore.
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at the time it was anonymous. 14e honored the question because she wanted to bring it forward anonymously. then he was asked, will the vote be delayed? he said it depends on the process, we want the american people to be happy. if it takes a delay, it takes a delay. the republicans want to fast track the process. the democrats say, you want to talk about delay after scalia died, they held open the court seat for 120 days. justice kennedy retired 47, 48 days ago. democrats will be happy to here the president call for some kind of delay. >> that's significant -- if it takes a little delay it takes a delay. i want to bring in liz holdsman.
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her new book, the case for impeaching trump is out this october. you were also a district attorney. there are a lot of issues here. listening to orrin hatch say that brett kavanaugh is a straight shooter and honest guy, so this can't be true. she must be mixed up. this is old as the hills right? >> really. in the pasting always blame the woman. she's never telling the truth. she's got some motives here. i became d.a. in the early 1980s. just about the time miss ford claims she was assaulted by kavanaugh. at that time it was terrible for women that were victims. >> there was no likelihood of you being able to say you were assaulted and it would be taken seriously and your life would continue unmolested. >> that was true. you would not be taken seriously. in new york citstate, one of th
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most progressive states it could not be rain unless you didn't fight back. they made it hard regarding corroboration. the woman's word was not good thuf. that's how the system treated women. >> we talk about this from other countries a lot. in the 1980s, some of that still existed in america. >> a lot of this existed -- blame the victim. and it was extremely hard to get convictions. we have changed a lot. the laws have changed. when they talk about, we'll talk to kavanaugh and hear from her. we have police officers now who are special trained in handling these sensitive cases. >> the united states senate, while we hold the congress in the highest of esteem and want them do certain things they're not a quipped for a potential sexual assault investigation. >> absolutely not.
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i just chaired a cement on sexual assault in the military for three years. we wanted to make sure the people investigating these cases with properly trained. the fbi doesn't handle rain cases very much. that's mostly a state issue, so i don't know how well prepared they would be. not in any way to denigrate them. you need people who know how to investigate it. for example, we understand -- or i understand there may have been other people at this party. they have to be questioned. that's not going to happen over night. let's not talk about a little delay. i'm glad the president mentioned there would be a delay. it might take a while. >> and it's 35 years ago. it's complicated. >> i'm not say it's easy or she's accurate in her recollection, but -- >> but you have to. you can't do like orrin hatch does and say, she's making it
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up. >> that's what happened with clarence thomas. they disregarded, denigrated anita hill. you can't denigrate her. you're going turn off american voters. we are not only talking about women. plenty of men has a mother. well, they all have mothers, and they have sisters, daughters, relatives that are women. they don't want women to be rained ander assaults like this woman claims. the other thing, too, this probably was a crime. he could have convicted if she reported that time. of course, there were all these factors against her. >> let's been lion to what the president just said about judge kavanaugh. >> judge kavanaugh is one of the finest people i've ever known. outstanding intellect, outstanding judge, respected by everybody. never had even a little blemish on his record. the fbi went through the process
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six times over the years where he went to higher and higher positions. he's someone very special. we want to go through a process. we want to make sure everything is right. i wish the democrats would have done this sooner. they had this information for many months and shouldn't have waited until literally the last days. they should have done it a lot sooner. but with all that being said, we want to go through the process. one thing i will say, as i understand it, judge kavanaugh spent quite a bit of time with senator feinstein and it wasn't brought up at that meeting and she had this information. you would have thought she would have brought it up, not wait and start the process all over again. with all that being said, we want to go through a whole process. i have great confidence in the u.s. senate and their procedures and what they're doing. i think that's what they're going to do.
12:17 pm
go through a process and hear everybody out. they think it's important. i believe it's important. but again, he's one of the great intellects and one of the finest people anybody has ever known. you look at his references and i've never seen anything like it. they'll go through that process and get it done. >> should it be delayed? >> i don't know, it depends on the process. i would like to see a complete process. i would like everybody to be very happy. most importantly i want to american people to be happy. because they're getting somebody that is great. i want him to go in at the absolute highest level. to did that, you have to go through this. if it takes a little delay it takes a little delay. shouldn't be very much. again, this is something that should have been brought up long before this. they had the information in july as i understand it. that's a long time ago and nobody mentioned it until the other day. it's very unfortunate they didn't mention it sooner. but with all of that being said,
12:18 pm
it will, i'm sure, work out very well. you're talking about an individual who is as high a quality individual as you'll ever see. [ inaudible question ] >> i have not spoken to judge kavanaugh. [ inaudible question ] >> did he offer to withdraw? >> next question. what a ridiculous question [ inaudible question ] >> oh, i think he's on track, yeah. i think he's very much on track. if they delay a little bit just to make sure everybody's happy -- they want to be happy. i can tell you the republican senators want to be 100% happy themselves. they're doing it very, very professionally. again, this should have brought up a long time ago. thank you. thank you very much, everybody. you're going to see on china today, right after close of business, we'll be announcing something, and it will be a lot
12:19 pm
of money coming into the coffers of the united states of america. a lot of money coming in. but you'll be seeing what we are doing right after close of business today, the market's closing. thank you. >> okay, we are going continue to monitor that. i'll monitor what's going on with china as well. i want to bring liz in. he said it's too bad the democrats didn't bring it up a long time ago. you were a member of congress. >> and a d.a. >> and a d.a. if a woman tells you this and says, i want to remain confidential, it's her right until otherwise. >> you want to respect that. in the military, they have a system where it can be respect at. a woman doesn't want to support, a man doesn't want to -- we respect their rights.
12:20 pm
we know what anita hill went through. i understand why the woman didn't want to go through the same kind of personal attack, smear, and denigration, but then i guess she realized -- >> it was going happen. >> it was going happen, and she had a responsibility. >> that wasn't up to dianne feinstein to decide. >> not really. i think she did the right thing. i don't know all the details but it looks like she did the right thing. the idea that we are just going take a little bit of time. there's a very interesting book -- >> this is from a judge. the high school companion of judge kavanaugh, that said he spent so much time under the influence of alcohol and drugs. >> with who? >> he calls him bardo kavanaugh. he says he puked in someone else's car. brett kavanaugh says, i don't remember being at this party.
12:21 pm
i don't believe i was there. i wasn't there. think about those words. this is a guy who was drinking so much that he was passing out is his word credible? for anybody like orrin hatch to same or similar circumstance at this moment without any further investigation we -- we don't know. we have to have an investigation. >> former new york congresswoman and former district attorney. her book, the case for impeaching trump is out now. florence -- still getting rained on making some areas inaccessible. >> this looks like a lake behind me, but it's actually u.s. 17. a major highway heading to wilmington. live report coming up.
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the crisis in north carolina continues. catastrophic flooding and tornadoes are still claiming lives and property. the danger is still immediate. floodwaters are rising as rivers
12:26 pm
crest, and they will for days. >> the remnants of hurricane florence have moved away from north carolina fwurk danger is far from over. blamed for at least 20 deaths in north and south carolina, including a 1-year-old boy swept way in floodwaters. roughly 500,000 homes and businesses are still without power. some good news to report -- officials able to open up a route and get supplies to wilmington cut off by floodwaters. however, hundreds of primary roads remain closed. see that hole? that's why you can't drive. dap haves failed or on the verge of failing. marianna intenseio joins us now. looks like you're on a river. you're actually on a road. >> this is one of four major
12:27 pm
roads, ali, that connects the southeastern part of the state to wilmington. i'm going to have my cameraman show you -- this is completely impassable now. life threatening flooding. it's why cities like bolivia, southport, disconnected to wilmington, making the authorities efforts to bring supplies to the area, rescue and help to communities that are stranded behind me even possible. something else we have been following is a developing story, a couple miles south of here is a dam in boiling springs lakes. it's the sanford dam, built in the 1960s. withstood every storm prior to florence, but breached sat night due to foodwaters. that water -- i hope we are showing the images now. >> yeah, we are. >> went over the road in the dam, eroded the soil and that dam completely gave way,
12:28 pm
wreaking havoc in the state of north carolina. there's a water line in this sownty, one of the largest counties in size -- 850 square miles. the main water line, totally damaged because of the dam breach. of the five districts here, two have no water. it just shows you how complex the recovery efforts are going to be in the next couple of days and weeks for the folks down here in south carolina. >> that sanford dam u.s. intelligence officials incredible. the road washes out. even if you have a car that you think is capable of going in water -- first of all, you can float away in two feet of water or less, because imagine that you're driving there and the road is washing away and you don't know it. marianna, thank you so much. one of the places that was
12:29 pm
hardest hit buzz new bern, north carolina. it's a home of 45,000 people. it suffered extensive flooding and damage during the hurricane. i remember speaking to people trapped in hair houses and awaiting rescues. the city manager says it's one of the worst storms the city has seen in its history. joining me now is colleen roberts the publish information officer and branch manager. what's the situation like now? >> very serious, ali. we are two hours north of bolivia. we are not in as bad shape as they are there, be attitude the sun is shining and the chorus of chain saws. we are sitting and there used to be a roam underneath. they're completely flattened the floodwaters have largely
12:30 pm
subsided but folks are out of powerle we still have folks in showers. people who need to find out about their properties -- don't know if they're damages or still there. we are hearing from the department of transpooration, much like wilmington that all road may not lead to new bern now. they are buckle in the places. there is river overwash. we swent swift water rescue teams to the county immediately to our south when the river started rising there at 2:00 a.m. most people were asleep. they had no idea water was coming into their homes. we did dozens of rescues down there. still a tricky situation, but in new bern at least today, the floodwaters have largely receded and we are getting into the neighborhoods to at least start cleanup, identify homes and properties and make sure everybody is accounted for. work on the process to where it's being abe to open back up
12:31 pm
and let people come back home. >> what's the danger people need to think about now? marianna showed a road washes away. where there's standing water, you never know what's underneath it. one of our crew sent a picture of a manhole floating. somewhere there's a manhole not kfrd up. >> there are some damages to roadways. there are neighborhoods where debris and propane tanks and we saw pictures of a vacuum cleaner and a baby stroller that just liter the streets where the river swelled and florence just came with those powerful winds a and spread everything out and watches it away. the debris, we have two relatively large restricted areas that people cannot get to. if you live there and you're a homeowner we'll certainly let
12:32 pm
you in, but two pretty big serious cleanups where the most severe dabbling is. it's going take time to get things out of the roadway. we have boats watched up in houses. >> we are looking at a picture of one now. remarkable. >> that's a huge danger to be around. don't need cars and people on roadways when we are cleaning up boats from roadways. >> remarkable, the images that have been playing while you were talking. colleen, thanks for joining us. good luck on the work that's ahead for you in new bern and the towns around you. up next, more on the news that broke this hour. president trump said he's up for a little delay on the brett kavanaugh nomination. 20 years after anita hill testified judge charns thomas sexual assaulted her, how far have we come in the era of me too? one-way for just 69 dollars
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so shark invented duo clean. while deep cleaning carpets, the added soft brush roll picks up large particles, gives floors a polished look, and fearlessly devours piles. duo clean technology, only from shark. it's been nearly 30 years but it may seem like little has changed in how the country handles sexual harassment accusations and the accusers. anita hill in 1991 came forward and accused clarence thomas of sexual harassment. in a profile of hill, the "new york times" reported, quote, to many of her detractors she's a
12:37 pm
veteran of politically sensitive washington jobs who cunningly set it out to accuse judge thomas. strom thurmond republican of south carolina said her allegations have been found to be -- christine blasey ford came forward, even. fatima. thank you for joining me. not personally, but institutionally, how do we keep getting it wrong and not figuring out how to listen to women? if a woman comes forward if an allegation, we don't have to litigate it in that moment. but why can't we listen and let this happen? >> well n 1991 we were in the exact wrong model of what do when someone comes forward. you know, professor hill was
12:38 pm
shamed and blames and her credibility was attacked. there's an opportunity now to send a different message, not just to dr. ford who was now come forward after being sort of drug out without her permission, but also sending a message to survivors everywhere that they can come forward and have the possibly of being believed. that they could come forward and be supported and that they could come forward and not experience retaliation and instead be supported and have changes to the problems they're actually naming. >> it's kind of strange 27 years later how many similarities there are to the anita hill situation. anita hill made a statement on this which says, the reluctance of someone to come forward means that even in the me too era it remains incredibly important to report that hasment or abuse by people in power.
12:39 pm
the senate judiciary committee should put in place a process that enables anyone with a complaint of this nature to be heard. i've seen firsthand what happens when such a process is weaponized against an accuser and no one should have to endure that again. this is certainly, fatima not a process that is encouraging other women to be able to come forward. >> that's right. there's lots of reasons people don't want to come forward. you know, some of it is the fact that people don't want to relive the violence they endured. they also know the retaliation that will come their way, especially when you're talking about a high profile veg. most importantly, people don't come forward because they think nothing important will happen. they take on all this retaliation and weight and nothing good or positive or important comes from it. that's why there's an opportunity for the senate to do
12:40 pm
something different here. the senate can actually do something that is fair, something that is thorough. the first thing is to cancel the ridiculous vote they have for thursday. they have to pause and set up a process, that is not the 1991 process. nobody wants to go back to that time. but a process that is actually fair and thorough and nonpartisan. >> yeah, and one that would be pair to everybody, including brett kavanaugh. if it's an investigation, let's investigate. what's thursday about? "new york times" put out a statement -- if this moment in time feels strangely familiar, it is. listen to christine blasey ford. a woman's experience should never be valued less than a man's career. what we heard from orrin hatch, the president, other supporters is look at this guy's career -- it's been so long and no one's ever brought this up. this can't really be held up against an accusation by this --
12:41 pm
the imp will i communication is -- random woman. >> they are trotting out the 1991 playbook, painting him already as a victim of something rather than treating this like a serious allegation. there's an opportunity to not do it that way, to not dig in deeply to outmoded ideas of rapists, to not paint her as uncredible or crazy or someone who has no memory. >> it is an opportunity. we don't know if we'll take it, but it the an underneath the. thank you for joining me. let's listen to mitch mcconnell, who was speaking about the allegation just minutes ago. >> judge kavanaugh, a fair hearing has come away impressed. but now, now an accusation of 36-year-old misconduct, dating back to high school has been brought forward at the last
12:42 pm
minute in an irregular manner. it is an accusation which judge kavanaugh has completely and unequivocally denied. this is what he said -- this is a completely false allegation. i've never done anything like what the accuser describes to her or to anyone. it is an accusation which the ranking member of the committee of jurisdiction has known about for at least six weeks. known about for six weeks yet chose to keep secret until at least the 11th hour. neither she or any of her democratic colleagues chose to raise this allegation during the committee staff's bipartisan background calls with the nominee. they did not raise it even when the name -- even with the name redacted.
12:43 pm
in the 65 meetings -- 65 meetings judge kavanaugh held with senators before his confirmation hearing, including his private meeting with the ranking member. they did not raise it. even with the name redacted. in four days of exhaustive public hearings while judge kavanaugh testified under oath. even though they chose to raise a myriad of other things at the hearing, even sometimes of bizarre innuendo. they did not raise it in the closed session, the proper forum where such an allegation could have been address with discretion and insensitivity. they did not raise it in the thousand plus followup questions the senators sent to judge kavanaugh in writing. but now at the 11th hour with committee votes on schedule
12:44 pm
after democrats have spent weeks and weeks searching for any possible reason the nomination should be delayed -- now, now they choose to introduce this allegation. not through the standard bipartisan process, not by advising the judiciary committee colleagues and committee staff through proper channels, oh, but by leaking it to the press, because the chain of custody of this letter runs through the democratic side of the judiciary committee. that's the chain of kcustody. i can't explain the situation any better than the way the senior senator from maine put it the other evening when she said, if they believed judge kaf maw's accuser which didn't they surface this information earlier when he could be questioned
12:45 pm
about it? if they didn't believe her, why did they decide at the 11th hour to release it? it's not fair to either of them the way it was handled. or as the senior senator from texas said earlier today, the democrats have so egregiously handled this up until now it's to excuse for us to do the same. just because the democrats have egregiously mishandled this said senator cornyn, there's no excuse for us to do the same thing. i'm glad that chairman grassley is following standard practice and regular order. and he stated he plans to pursue this matter by the book with bipartisan interviews of both judge kavanaugh and dr. ford. i have grade confidence in chairman grassley and his ability to proceed through this
12:46 pm
process. >> that was mitch mcconnell on the senate floor talking about this 36-year-old accusation or an accusation of something that happened 36 years ago. his chief complaint is that it was brought up in an irregular manner. some might argue sexual harassment comes about in an irregular manner. he says he has no intention of mishandling the process. doesn't seem to have too much intellectual curiosity about getting to the bottom of it there. people deciding that brett kavanaugh didn't do what he's accused of ding, that might be the case, but one should have more information to draw the conclusion, and mitch mcconnell doesn't feel we should gum up a vote on thursday -- today's monday -- mez up a vote on thursday because of this thing. it's kind of amazing. with president trump set to announce $200 billion on in tariffs.
12:47 pm
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or something woven into the dna of the doers, the determined, the driven? and while the bar keeps getting higher, ambition gives us the power to tackle any obstacle. opening the doors to bigger leaps, larger goals and financial freedom. sofi. we stand for ambition. breaking this hour -- president trump is talking about stepping up his ongoing trade war with china. could be another hit to your wallet. here's what he said just moments ago.
12:51 pm
>> right after close of business, we'll be announcing something, and it will be a lot of money coming into the coffers of the united states of america. a lot of money coming in. but you'll be seeing what we're doing right after close of business today. the market's closing. thank you. >> one of the reasons you don't disclose things is to not influence market trading. the markets took a down turn right after he made that announcement. he's expected to announce he'll impose tariffs up to an additional $200 billion in goods imported from china including lamps, furniture, bicycles, vacuum cleaners, seafood, fruit, vegetables. apparently smartphones will be excluded from this. china is responding with imposing tariffs on u.s. products. the u.s. imported nearly $523 billion last year from china. far from the $188 billion in goods and services that china imported from the united states. that means china can't match the
12:52 pm
exact amount of goods that will be subject to u.s. tariffs. that's what countries normally do in this tit-for-tat. china will have to find other ways to retaliate. we get a better idea of how the trade war is affecting the united states. the agriculture department said some could see their incomes drop 30% from last year. edward is a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. he just returned to the united states after spending some time in china. they are feeling it in order had we're ben fitefiting it. americans are feeling a little bit of the pain, ted. do you have any evidence of how they're feeling this in china? >> no question the first round of tariffs hit china fairly hard. their markets took a big hit. markets iss s are a little less important there. market took a big hit. you've seen companies relocate parts of their supply chains to try to get around the tariffs.
12:53 pm
because of worries about more. so china is clearly worried about this. trump has negotiating leverage. the danger is he may overplay his hand and generate an angry backlash from china. >> here's the problem. on one hand, the entire world would have backed the united states if we were addressing the real concern about china, mostly of around intellectual property rights. the president went a different way and decided to start a trade war with all sorts of people. china has other tools it can use. but america is china's best customer and china holds a lot of american currency in bonds. so the tools it could use could harm their best customer and could dilute the value of their holdings. so china -- do they have enough options to retaliate? >> they don't have options that don't hurt them. one of the theories was they'd go after u.s. companies invested in china, but they don't want to drive those companies away. the province of guangdong, a big manufacturing province, is saying it will try to offset the
12:54 pm
negative impact of the tariffs in order to keep investors there. so president trump is right about this. the chinese don't have a lot of ammunition. the problem is when you drive a proud country to the wall, they may respond in ways that actually harm their own economic interest because they're mad. and their people are demanding a response. and i think that's the danger in this case. i think it's a great moment for the u.s. and china to negotiate but by implementing a whole other round of tariffs here, it's possible that the president will undermine his own best interests in this case. >> ted, good to talk to you. ted alden is the senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. this conversation is obviously going to continue. coming up next -- an excitementing announcement involving you and me. you're watching msnbc.
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one of the nation's most respected news magazines has a new owner. the ceo and co-founder of the cloud computing company salesforce and his wife lynn bought "time" magazine from the meredith corporation for $190 million. the couple purchased the publication on their own, not through their company. mark benioff tweeted the power of "time" has always been in its unique story telling of the people and issues that affect us all and connect us all. a treasure trove of our history and culture. we have deep respect for their organization and are honored to be stewards of this iconic brand. okay. before we go, i'd like to
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donald trump's nominee to the supreme court, u.s. circuit judge brett kavanaugh, and the woman who has accused him of sexual assault, professor christine ford have both offered to testify before the senate judiciary committee. it's an explosive development in a crisis that's escalated kavanaugh's nomination to a fevered partisan fight around questions of sexual misconduct, not deliberated in the context of a supreme court pick since the confirmation battle over clarence thomas. ford detailed her disturbing allegation in an interview in "the washington post." quote, while his friend watched, she said, kavanaugh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes, grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and clothing over it. when she tried to scream, he put his hand over her mouth. kavanaugh said this is a completely false allegation. i have never done a


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