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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 21, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ president trump rallies in las vegas and doubles down on his support for brett kavanaugh despite the sexual assault allegation. he told the crowd he thinks everything will be just fine. >> meanwhile, the lawyer for kavanaugh's accuser says ford will not be available for a hearing on monday but is open to testify later in the week. new reporting on michael cohen, he's apparently talked with robert mueller's team repeatedly, answering questions about russia, financial dealings and much more. ♪ good morning, everyone.
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it's friday, september 21st. we begin with president trump, who held a rally last night in las vegas where he taunted the media and defended supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh as a great gentleman amid an allegation that he assaulted a woman as a teenager. now, the president's mention of the judge received boisterous cheers from the crowd and trump assured the crowd that kavanaugh has tremendous support. >> judges a, oh, look at our judges. oh, what's going on? brett kavanaugh -- and i'm not saying anything about anybody else, but i want to tell you that brett kavanaugh is one of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of knowing or meeting.
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a great intellect, a great gentleman, an impeccable reputation. so we'll let it play out. and i think everything's going to be just fine. and we're going to get -- we just got neil gorsuch. i told you we're going to get brett. we've got great people. >> so the president also pressed for supporters to vote in the midterm elections and said he plans to deliver a victory speech on the night of november 6th. >> you've got to vote. we need more republicans. you know, when they say we have a majority, it's like this. it's like this. if somebody has a cold, we don't have a majority that day. it's like we have to have more republicans in office. we'll get everything we want so fast. i want to give a victory speech. i want to give a victory speech
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on the evening of election day, which is coming up very quickly. we're not going to let people undo the incredible job that we've done. >> meantime, abc news reports that donald trump's former fixer michael cohen has been talking to the special counsel's office over the last month. he reportedly sat for multiple sessions lasting hours. the network says the interviews have focused on financial business and alleged collusion in the 2016 election. abc reports that investigators were also interested in whether the president of any of his associated dangled a pardon before cohen. cohen is also reportedly working with the state of new york in a separate investigation into the workings of the trump family charity. both mueller's office and cohen's attorney declined to comment. the president's attorney general rudy giuliani responded, telling nbc news, quote, cohen has a history of lying.
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cohen pleading guilty to eight felonies last month. in a stunning moment he implicated the president, telling the court that has a candidate trump tried to protect his white house bid by directing him to keep the payment of two women for alleged affairs under wraps. the lawyer christine blasey ford says that ford would not be able to appear on capitol hill monday but could testify later in the week. kasie hunt has more. >> reporter: it's looking more likely that dr. christine blasey ford will appear to testify. so the onus is on republicans to try and figure out how to navigate some pretty treacherous terrain, considering that all 11 republicans on the committee are men and it seems like their strategy is going to be to try to hire an outside lawyer. they're actively searching for the right ideally woman litigator to lead this questioning of judge cavanaugh
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and dr. ford. the goal is to turn down the heat, make it less emotional, but they also recognize the optics of this. there were protesters on capitol hill yesterday, telling very emotional stories about their own me too movements. this has really struck a chord. there's really a recognition this could potentially go badly. that is how they are trying to solve that problem. if democrats reclaim congress this november, party leaders are threatening to investigate the allegation against brett kavanaugh if he is confirmed without a probe. a senior house democratic leadership aide floated the idea yesterday of investigating kavanaugh's statements on dr. ford if democrats win back the claimer and if republicans don't do a thorough investigation of their own. a senior house source said that while the issue is being discussed behind closed doors,
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the talk of impeaching or investigating kavanaugh is more of a warning shot to the nominee. >> sooner or later, mark my words, there will be an investigation into this. it may be in a subsequent congress, but you can't get away with having something like this take place and then have a federal judge perhaps lie about it and then fail at the most basic task of investigation, not generate either corroborating or exculpatory evidence and assume that everybody's going to just move on. >> now, new polling that shows support for brett kavanaugh has fallen since he's been accused of committing sexual assault while in high school. 38% of voters say they oppose his confirmation, up nine months since last month. back in july, just 26% were
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against kavanaugh's confirmation. this is the first time dating back to john roberts' nomination in 2005 that a supreme court nominee has been underwater on this confirmation question. multiple reports suggested that judge kavanaugh had a preference to work with model-like female aides during his time in washington, d.c. >> reporter: that's right. sources affiliated with the yale law school program who spoke to the guardian and the huffington post say that professors at the school advised students on their physical appearance if they wanted to seek a clerkship with kavanaugh. she reportedly told a group of students that it was, quote, not an accident that kavanaugh's law clerks, quote, look like models. her husband jed echoed similar thoughts, saying, quote, it was very clear to me that he was
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talking about physical appearance because it was phrased as a warning. a few days after president trump nominated kavanaugh in july, amy chua wrote, kavanaugh is a mentor to women. the piece describes the yale law professor's ten years of positive experiences working with judge kavanaugh, who her own daughter was set to clerk for this fall. she says, judge kavanaugh hires only the most qualified clerks. amid these new claims, the dean released a statement calling the allegations, quotes of enormous concern. the white house has not commented. this is clearly the type of thing that if there were additional investigation might come out. >> here's the thing just as we saw with christine blasey ford and the allegations there, the
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questioning of timing. why wasn't it brought up, why wasn't this something that could have been discussed or addressed during the hearings? in this situation with model-like appearances, what's the situation with the timing there? >> clearly amy chua was not the source for this article because she came back and tried to defend herself. it appears there are other women out there who felt the situation was not handled. the question is, if we looked into this, would this be a case of young women being advised on how to dress for success? we've all been through that. or was this more insidious where judge kavanaugh was picking women based more on their physical appearance than their academic attributes? the point is this is the type of thing that could be looked into when you have folks on the republican side of the aisle who say there's nothing more to look into here and you have the dean
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of the yale law school saying, please if there are additional women who had this experience, now is the time to go forward. >> obviously the cloud is hanging a little bit over brett kavanaugh both with the christine blasey ford allegations, with these reports as well, we should emphasize not confirmed. but is there a cloud of suspicion that hangs over brett kavanaugh to the point that it tips the scale against him? are we seeing any cracks among the gop and their support for brett kavanaugh? >> no one is showing their hand in terms of how they would vote. however, you definitely see in these kind of schizophrenic swings on capitol hill between he's a hole in one or he's tanking, that republicans are now more on the side of the ledger of being very concerned. why? because just last night it became clear that professor ford does intend to testify, that she is simply trying to set the terms for that testimony. at some point, possibly as early
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as thursday of next week she will show up and she will probably show up with her polygraph, with her therapist's notes. she's trying to set conditions. she doesn't want that female prosecutor questioning her. she wants those 11 male senators questioning her. so we do assuming those conditions are met face here another potential situation like we did with anita hill. she also wants mark judge, who was the man who she put in the room to be subpoenaed and also show before the committee. >> heidi, we're going to talk more about exactly that, all those negotiations in a little bit. still ahead, there are new concerns among democrats over an october surprise from republicans. we're going to explain why. plus, more gun violence in america. we are following the latest on a deadly shooting at a rite aid distribution center in maryland. distribution center in maryland. - [announcer] the typical vacuum head can struggle
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stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. there is worry among democrats of a 2016 repeat in 2018. politico reports that democratic operatives are growing anxious that republicans will launch an october surprise of russia probe document dumps to fire up gop voters ahead of the midterms. president trump recently ordered the release of a trove of materials including a fisa warrant and fbi text messages. if the documents are spread out leading up to the election, they threaten to hijack several news cycles and give the president plenty to tweet about. he called for the jailing of hillary clinton and the president responding by polling the audience on the justice
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department. >> how is our justice department doing? >> so now to the nation's latest mass workplace shooting, this time in hartford county, maryland, just outside of baltimore baltimore. officials say a woman opened fire inside a rite aid distribution center where she worked. we're told that she shot six coworkers. three for killed. officials say she then took her own life. the woman has been identified as 26-year-old sochia mosley. several of the korean war veterans remains returned to the united states by north korea have been identified. president trump revealed the names of those two servicemen. charles h. mcdaniel 32 of indiana and william h jones, 19
2:17 am
of nash county north carolina are the first american remains from north korea to be identified as a result of my summit with chairman kim. these heros are home. they may rest in peace and hopefully their families can have closure. meanwhile, nikki haley was asked about trump's tweet from right after the singapore summit claiming that north korea is no longer a nuclear threat, something that the u.n. and multiple high level u.s. officials say is not true. >> no, i don't think it was a mistake, because i think what you saw were two leaders that both showed they had the political will to go forward. now, what does that mean? what it means is we both have to figure out how each defines denuclearization. it is baby steps. it's not going to happen overnight. we knew that. >> the trump administration yesterday sanction aed a branchf the chinese military for buying russian fighter jets and missile systems. a u.s. administration official
2:18 am
tells reuters that the sanctions, despite being placed on part of the chinese military, are actually aimed at russia. the trump administration also blacklisted 33 people and entities associated with the russian military and intelligence, adding them to its vastly growing list of sanctioned entities and individuals. it comes amid washington's ongoing trade war with beijing. let's get a check of your weather with bill karins. >> last full day of summer heading into fall. some areas are going to have a gorgeous weekend, other areas not so lucky. in minnesota we had seven tornadoed reporte es reported. now we just have what's left of it, some thunderstorms rolling towards chicago and milwaukee this morning but they're weakening. later that cold front heads through the great lakes. it's going to trigger additional strong storms. we have about 18 million people
2:19 am
at risk, mostly all of ohio. this is an enhanced risk of severe storms, maybe an isolated tornado or too, pittsburgh, rochester, buffalo, syracuse areas. we're about to get soaked in texas. tropical moisture is coming in. in dallas it looks like a very soggy friday night and right through saturday. imagine what that's going to do to the travel in the area and the high school football games. flood watch from oklahoma city to fayetteville to little rock, dallas included. there's already our first flash flood warning just west of san angelo. the heaviest rain is dallas/ft. worth, across the red river into oklahoma and little rock. that's the greatest area of concern with some flooding through the upcoming weekend. by sunday it pushes into
2:20 am
louisiana and areas of tennessee. d.c. at 81 degrees today. little cloudy in new york but not bad, temperatures in the low 70s. there's those thunderstorms early today in chicago. a peek at tomorrow's forecast shows you it's a beautiful start to fall from chicago through the ohio valley through the northeast looks nearly fantastic, a nice cool weather pattern, humidity levels finally down for some arias. >> -- areas. >> that means apple picking, pumpkins. >> it's one of the peak weekends. still ahead, it was not a good day to be a new yorker yesterday, believe it or not. but it was a great night for cleveland. but it was a great night for cleveland.
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cool, huh? yeah. he plays football, huh? yeah. believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. welcome back. time now for sports. we begin with the start of week three in the nfl on thursday night football and perhaps the start of a new era for the browns as the team end its winless streak with a 21-17 victory over the new york jets. the jets race out to a 14-point lead in the second with pair of rushing touchdowns. browns starting quarterback tyrod taylor is then knocked out of the game with a concussion and is replaced by heisman trophy winner and first overall draft pick baker mayfield. trouble for the jets. following a pair of field goals
2:24 am
the browns punch it over the goal line. after holding the jets to just one more field goal in the fourth, mayfield leads the browns on a game-winning drive capped by another one-yard run from hyde there just before the two-minute mark. mayfield's nfl regular season deb debut. it's cleveland's first win in 635 days. now to pro golf and the opening round of the tour championship. to plant where tiger woods is in position to finish his season on a high note, closing his first round at east lake with an eagle putt to tie ricky fowler atop the leader board, shooting a five under par, 65 there. turning to major league baseball and the finale of a three-game series between the yankees and the red sox. to the bronx where voit's second inning homer in last night's game is one for the record books.
2:25 am
setting a new single season home run for the yankees with the team's 246th. he's the 12th yankee with double digit home run totals this year, the most by any major league team in history. it's not enough, though. the bombers can't hold boston back, falling by a score of 11-6 as the red sox earn their third straight division crown. the yanks continue their focus on the american league wildcard race. now a game and a half ahead of oakland for the top spot after the athletics exploded for 21 runs in yesterday's game. the final score in oakland 21-3. a lot of great sports. tough night for new york fans, though, guys. >> indeed. my favorite story of the night has to go back to the cleveland browns-new york jets story. there were about ten or so fridges containing that beer that had been locked upset up by
2:26 am
bud light in the event. because the browns won, those fridges were unlocked and the folks there in ten bars across cleveland were able to drink it. >> to celebrate. >> they were supposed to expire november 29th. >> there was a choir when they opened. >> if you had to wager which team it would be to give up the streak, i would have wagered my jets. >> that would have been a smart bet. still ahead, another possible government shutdown looming. the senate approved a short-term fix earlier this week, but it doesn't address president trump's long-promised border wall with mexico. the president weighs in on the vote and says it's time to get on with it. s it's time to get on with it
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♪ good to be back with you. i'm frances rivera alongside ayman mohyeldin. the lawyer representing the woman accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault has laid out the conditions for her client to testify before the senate judiciary committee. republican and democratic sources tell nbc news that debra katz, an attorney for christine blasey ford spoke with attorneys for the committee via phone yesterday for an hour on the stipulations for her client to go before the panel. sources say they include concerns over security and ensuring ford's safety. katz also says ford wants to testify second after judge
2:31 am
kavanaugh and doesn't want him in the room at the same time. she also said her client prefers not to be questioned by outside counsel by rather by committee numbers. ford would like the committee to subpoena testimony by mark judge, the person she claims was in the room at the time of the assault. sources tell nbc that the earliest ford could testify would be thursday. one person who does plan to be there monday is judge kavanaugh. judiciary chairman chuck grassley confirmed his appearance, telling the senator since the moment i have first heard this allegation, i have categorically and unequivocally denied it. >> republicans on the panel are apparently looking for an outside lawyer to handle the inquiry. before word of ford's testimony conditions were released, two
2:32 am
sources told nbc news that republicans were strongly considering bringing in outside counsel to handle the questioning of both ford and judge kavanaugh. sources say members were keen on a female litigator to question ford all to help avoid the optics of an all-male republican panel questioning her on a sensitive topic. now, one source said the goal is to try and turn down the heat and make the hearing less political and less emotional. before a campaign rally last night in las vegas, president trump appeared on fox news where he defended kavanaugh and appeared to question why his accuser waited. >> frankly, you see what's going on is very, very sad. you say, why didn't somebody call the fbi 36 years ago? you could also say, when did this all happen, what's going on? to take a man like this and besmirch -- with that being said, let her have her say and let's see how it works out.
2:33 am
i don't think you can delay it any longer. they've delayed it a week already. >> you have been very accommodating. >> i've been accommodating. i say let's see what she has to say. but they've delayed it a week and they have to get on with it. >> to a pair of republicans lawmakers facing backlash amid the -- about their comments. >> senator dean heller of nevada is defending his decision to call the controversy a hiccup, saying his remarks were misinterpreted. in a conference call, heller reportedly predicted kavanaugh would be confirmed despite the allegation, saying we got a little hiccup here with the kavanaugh nomination, we'll get through this and get off to the races. in a statement, heller said, no, i do not believe sexual assault allegations of any kind are a
2:34 am
hiccup. i was referring to how poorly the democrats have handled this process and the fact that the democrats have not worked with the judiciary committee chairman in good faith. meanwhile in south carolina, republican congressman ralph norman apparently tried to make light about the koefrcontrovers. he told the crowd that supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg claimed she was groped by abraham lincoln. norman responded later on twitter saying the comments were meant to add a bit of levity to the debate and point to the circus-like atmosphere that washington, d.c. has become. just an example here of how charged this issue already is ahead of dr. ford's expected testimony. >> i think also an example of just how tone deaf some of these officials are when they refer to a serious allegation. even an attempt at levity using
2:35 am
that sexual allegation charge in a political debate i think is highly inappropriate. what is the sense you get on the hill in terms of how serious a moment this is for judge kavanaugh's confirmation? >> very serious moment, because the best possible outcome here frankly for republicans was that dr. ford simply didn't show. now within the past 24 hours we've learned that is not the case, that she's simply trying to set the terms of her appearance such that this is not a repeat of 27 years ago with anita hill where the judiciary committee, all males questioned her quite pointedly and in her words humiliatingly. and in the end she felt she wasn't really listened to. clarence thomas was confirmed. here we have a similar
2:36 am
atmosphere. already when you can see this powder keg of ads being cut just last night featuring senators like dean heller and kavanaugh with the protest, the emotional protests in the hallways. anita hill was watched by tens of millions of people. you can expect there will be double that, quadruple that if dr. ford does show up, which we expect her to. >> the mechanics are what need to be hammered out here, the back and forth outside counsel, female. >> judge kavanaugh not in the room. >> all of these things need to be hammered out before we even get to the point where we hear from her. >> that's right. the only real non-starter for dr. ford is she cannot show on monday. she says, look, she's got death threats. she december been dislocated from her home. she's had no time to prepare.
2:37 am
these other sticking points may be serious sticking points including the fact that she wants mark judge subpoenaed. mark judge has subtly shifted his statements. he said initially didn't happen, absolutely unequivocally not. then he said no recollection, but i don't want to testify under oath. she does not want to be the only one up there on the stand. she does not want a trial-like atmosphere, in the words of her lawyer. >> i wonder if mark judge's testimony would change once again if he is subpoenaed under oath. >> makes you wonder if kavanaugh is going to have more time for those marathon prep sessions too. it's that time of the year again. we may be in for another government shutdown in ten days. a bill includes a short-term fix which keeps the government open through december 7 thth.
2:38 am
however that does not provide funding for president trump's wall along the border with mexico which has repeatedly promised that mexico would pay for. yesterday trump wrote on twitter, quote, i want to know where is the money for the border security and the wall in this ridiculous spending bill and where will it come from after the midterms? dems are obstructing law enforcement and border security. republicans must finally get tough. the house and senate are considering two separate spending bills that provide funding for the wall. however, reports indicate that gop leaders prefer to put off the wall issue until after the midterms. trump also addressed the situation last night at a rally in las vegas. take a listen to this. >> we want that wall. we want that wall. you know where i am. i could knock it out, because i do that well. that's what i do well. i build. we could knock that wall out in one year if they gave us the funds.
2:39 am
>> all right. still ahead, one state takes a major step on a crackdown of a single use of plastic straws. and robocalls are getting worse and what can be done to stop them. plus, it is fall. bill farkarins is back with anor check of our forecast. ns is bace check of our forecast. (man) managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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looks like you hooked it. and if that's not enough, we'll help your kid prepare for the future. don't hook it kid. and if that's still not enough, we'll help your kid's kid prepare for the future. looks like he hooked it. we'll do anything... takes after his grandad. seriously anything, to help you invest for the future. ally. do it right. welcome back, everyone. if you have a cell phone, which is hard to imagine these days that nobody doesn't, you're likely to have experienced a flood of robocalls. the problem may only be getting worse according to a new report. kevin tibbles has more on what's being done to stop these annoying calls. >> reporter: a virtual explosion in annoying robocalls, estimated by next year half the cell phone calls you receive will come from scammers. >> do you trust your phone?
2:43 am
>> not at all. i don't ever answer it. >> telephone industry programmer alex finshell shows us how easy it is with the right software for robocallers to swoop in. >> you can call anywhere in the world pretending to be anyone else in the world. >> the industry has found a solution. stir shaken it's called. >> there will be some work, but it's not a major change of the telephone network. >> phone companies can use it to authenticate the number for every call with a special fingerprint. stir shaken appears to be on hold is the problem. the fcc tells nbc news, we believe that this industry-led effort is the fastest way and hope some companies will implement it within the year. an industry spokesperson tells nbc news, users should see improvements by late next year. but consumer advocate maureen
2:44 am
mahoney wants to know who will pay for it. >> we want the fcc to ensure that it's free for consumers. >> with consumers scammed out of more than $9 billion last year alone, returning trust to the phone network is critical. kevin tibbles, nbc news, atlanta. >> don't pick up, i guess. >> i'm always kind of surprised that people get scammed because they actually answer the call and then participate. you know how there's a lot of controversy about these things? >> yeah. >> you feel bad sometimes using them. california is the first state in the nation to prohibit restaurants from offering plastic straws for drinks unless customers specifically ask for one. the new law which takes effect january 1st applies to only full service restaurants defined as places where wait staff take orders and deliver drinks. restaurants that don't comply will receive a written warning
2:45 am
and a fine of $25 a day for subsequent infractions after the first two citations. governor brown said the law is a small step to stopping environmental damage. >> i can't imagine drinking a slurpy at 7-eleven with a plastic straw. >> you're going to get brain freeze anyway. >> let's get a check on your first fall weekend forecast. >> he's that guy that goes and mixes all the flavors of the slurpees together. >> he is. >> you already had a bagel with lox and cinnamon. >> we're going down memory lane. >> we have two things we have to worry about. minor problems. we could have some isolated
2:46 am
storm strongs in a strong storms in ohio and western new york state. the other big news is the temperature change. the cooler air is finally coming down from the north. it's going to sweep through the ohio valley. it will make its way to the northeast by the time we get to the weekend. temperatures today south of the front still summer-like from nashville to the southeast. minneapolis today only 57 degrees. that's sweater weather. as we head toward saturday, the cooler air arrives in the areas of the northeast, highs in the 60s. in the southeast it's still tough in september to get the cool air all the way to the south. usually that happens in october. sunday still warm south of atlanta to montgomery to lake charles. this is really nice stuff, though, from the northern half of the country, finally feeling and looking like fall. we officially click into fall just 10:00 p.m. saturday evening. >> good to know. still ahead, more troubles for one of the country's biggest banks as it looks to cut
2:47 am
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welcome back. let's turn to business. ticketmaster is defending itself from accusations of colluding can scalpers to collect additional fees, detailed in an investigation by the toronto star and cbc news.
2:50 am
how has ticketmaster responded? explain to our viewers how ticketmaster is making this additional fee from scalpers reselling the tickets. >> first off, they reselling th? >> right. first off, they said these reports of collusion are categorically untrue. what the investigation found based on conversations with members of the workforce with ticketmaster was there's a system called trade desk that allows you to essentially sell on tickets in so-called verified trail transactions. what they said to the reporters who talked to them were there were hundreds of people are hundreds of accounts so they could essentially avoid the restricteded limit on the number of tickets you could buy for an event. they're getting what is essentially a kickback fee from that verified resale transaction. that's the real challenge there. in terms of what this would mean for consumers, higher prices, the expectation. the company says it's begun an
2:51 am
internal review on these practices. a bank that's been caught in a lot of inappropriate activity in recent years is wells fargo. they've now announced they will fire up to 10% of the bank's workforce as part of a, quote, transformation. >> delta air lines is giving itself a face lift with technology. how soon will it work.? how soon can travelers expect these changes and do we want to be facially recognized and scanned? i don't know if i do. >> you love being facially recognized. we have this idea of being introduced as a test in mid october, hartsfield-jackson. what it means is you will enter your passport information ahead of time. you won't need a boarding pass, you'll get out of your cab, the train, the bus, you'll walk through a number of camera
2:52 am
systems where they'll check your face and that will get you on to the plane. it is not that unusual in europe. i arrived back last night in london and it was part of a face check and camera that allowed me into immigration. >> i guess that's the future. i travel to atlanta airport. it is a busy airport. i travel to a lot of international airports. one more biometric thing is going to slow down that process and waiting for that machine to scan and recognize you -- >> it was okay for wilhelm. >> when you look at good as wilhelm does, you get easily recognized. >> you've got a green light, you just go right through it. no problem. no threat there. still to come, one thing and coming up on "morning joe," president trump heads back to the campaign trail. >> the president goes before a fired up iowa crowd, the gop's
2:53 am
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a big day for us here in the studio. nicholas johnson, with axios, great to have you be here in the flesh. talk to us. what is the one big thing today? >> the gop identity crisis. the republican party is now 100% the brand of president trump. what we're seeing now is a trickle down in the party. something big this week, two major donors publicly announcing that they're leaving the gop. may not sound like a big deal, but when the electorate is so split, even these marginal defections can make a big deal in an election year.
2:57 am
>> it's certainly a lot more pro russian than the traditional gop, right? >> especially now when you have the cavanaugh hearings coming up as far as the vote and then whether or not blasey ford is going to testify. the president has been kind of muted about that. >> i think it was fascinating watching him last night, his comments. the people we've spoken to and the administration say they've been working very hard to make sure the president sticks to that, doesn't attack mrs. ford at all, is very even keeled, just says let's get it out and the key thing is let's move ahead. let's get this vote done soon. >> how difficult is it to keep president trump in line when you have so much going on with the kavanaugh conference? >> i think the aides tell us it is very typical. it is a full-time job. i want to explain to swan that you don't know how hard it is to the keep the president in line on this. what it shows how this is able
2:58 am
to do, this is a lifetime appointment. this is a big deal. it's not a slam dunk. so the president has been almost i would say well behaved as his aides have been saying. >> he's been very well behaved up until last night when you started to see some slight change at that rally. he didn't go after-christine blasey ford personally. he said let's wait and see. >> i think the words are very clear. let's listen to them both and have the vote. >> and let's see what happens the week after that. we were talking midterms there. when you are 46 days, 46 -- >> early voting starts today. >> minnesota. >> absolutely. the midterms have started. here we go. >> buckle in, right? buckle up and buckle in. >> october surprise is something that a lot of people have been mentioning. especially in the way that trump has some weaponized intelligence. what do you think the strategy here behind doing something like that?
2:59 am
is that a fair criticism of the president that he's trying to weaponize intelligence? >> i think what the president is trying to do, they want to get the core supporters out to the polls. releasing those the fisa documents, it is something to motivate them. >> what can we see at all? >> it won't change anyone's mind. in the polling we do, no one says anything differently. so the key with what the trump white house is doing is trying to get those people who are his core supporters out to the polls. >> great to have you here. >> great to be back. >> absolutely. >> got a standing invite. >> we will be reading axios in just a bit. to all of our viewers, you can do the the same by going to
3:00 am
>> that does it for us. "morning joe" starts right now. >> i want to give a victory speech. i want to give a victory speech on the evening of election day which is coming up very quickly. we're not going to let people undo the incredible job that we've done. remember, they say you'll never gets that. they said that about everything. ladies and gentlemen, the winner is donald trump. remember the tears, crying, crying. oh. oh. >> it was simply crazy. it was -- actually, melania was crying. >> that's the inside story. >> melania was crying after they won. they didn't expect to win. he was in a state of shock. >> yes. >> he was like, wait, i'm not


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