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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  September 21, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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maj ly. major, congratulationcongratula. you're a great writer. good to see you. and that will wrap it up for me. steve cokornacki picks it up. >> and good afternoon, i'm in for ali velshi. and this hour, breaking news to tell you about. "new york times" reporting that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein suggested last year secretly recording president inside the white house to expose chaos within the administration. "times" also writes that rosenstein discussed, quote, recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment to remove mr. trump from office for being unfit. nbc news has not confirmed this report in the "times" article, they point out that these were suggestions he allegedly made in the spring of 2017 when the president fired now former fbi director james comey. with me now on skype is reporter matt opuso and also with us pete
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williams. thank you both. matt, let me start with you. in terms of flushing out this reporting, the idea here of the deputy attorney general talking about tapes, talking about invoking the 25th amendment, you are saying may 2017, what is the reporting here on who he was talking about this with and on what came of this? >> this was said in a meeting among senior justice department officials, my colleagues and i have been chasing this information for quite some time. and it was actually memorialized in the contemporaneous memo, one of them, by then acting fbi director andrew mccabe who was being considered as the firm fbi director. and what was going on at the justice department was great frustration both with the blow back from the firing of james
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comey and then just how the president was handling the search for a new fbi director. and so the comments that rod rosenstein made that was confirmed by multiple people and was memorialized in the memo was, you know, this is -- this whole process is crazy, i should wear a wire and just expose how crazy this process is. and it was in that context that the 25th amendment came up and of course that is the amendment used to remove a president when there is concerns about his stability. >> let's pup put up tt up the so nbc news. rosenste rosenstein's response, says the story is incorrect. i will not further comment on a story based on anonymous sources. but let me be clear, based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th amendment. saying is no basis. there is reporting of course from may 2017. what do you make of that
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response from him, pete? >> the justice department says that this was a meeting on may 16th that was attended by accept people, rod rosenstein, mccain oirks li oig, lisa page and four career people from the justice department including scott schools who was the senior justice department career official who would later approve the firing of andrew mccabe. what the officials there say is that at one point in this meet in a secure facility at the justice department, mccabe and rosenstein got into an argument and at one point in an exasperated voice rosenstein said what do you want me do, wear a wire? in other words they say and a couple other people have said that the wire comment, wear a concealed recording device, was made sarcastically. on the question of the 25th amendment, they say that while there is one single reference according to them in an drdrew
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mccain's notes that dag raises 25th amendment, there is no mention in the notes that lisa page made. and they also say that it wouldn't have made sense at the time for rod rosenstein to talk about trying to talk to job kelkeljohn kelly about this since he barely knew kelly and was just new in the job. so what you have is a strong push back from the justice department about this story and the account people have given to the "times." and also a suggestion from them and some others that this is an attempt by andrew mccabe who now faces possible criminal prosecution to sort of set the stage to say if he is prosecuted, this is an attempt to get back at him. so that is what they are putting out at the justice department. >> and so matt, if i'm
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understanding the sourcing here in this story from the article here, that people -- several people describe the episodes insisting on anonymity, they were briefed either on the events themselves or on memos written by fbi officials including mccabe athat documentd rosenstein's comments. so it sounds like these comments are sort of coming into the public view here a little indirectly. is there room there potentially for what pete is describing, the possibility that this was a flippant remark and a sarcastic remark? >> sure. i think what we reported in the story was this was something that obviously was taken seriously and documented by the acting fbi director at the time who of course his credit act has been called in to question now. but his credibility was not in question at the time. and as he had been writing false memos and providing them to bob mueller, that would not have helped his cause.
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but yes, the push back was this idea that it was a flippant remark and he wasn't taking it seriously. but i think what it really shows is just the absolute tumult that was happening in the spring of 2017 and the pressure and as pete has reported, other people have reported, the intense pressure that this investigation and this president were putting on rod rosenstein in particular. and he was really struggling to be the acting attorney general on this russia case at a time when it seemed like everything was going crazy. >> and pete, just in terms of the 25th amendment itself, we've heard a lot of discussion just in the media and political world about this, this would allow the vice president and cabinet to invoke it, to temporarily remove trump as president, congress would then need a supermajority to actually remove him permanently. i'm just being back here, i know
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at the very end of the reagan administration after iran contra, there was some reporting that some aides had suggested that the president was a little disconnected and that they had talked about maybe looking in to this. but this would be an extraordinary step by any constitutional standard. >> that whole business with reagan is why we have the 25th amendment. but it is not easy to do. if you read the text, it is a heavy lift. of course it has to start somewhere. and the suggestion here is that by some team that it was an attempt to at least talk about it. i think if i can just continue on with the point matt was making, however this shakes out, whoever you decide to believe, you have to assume that it is a an extraordinary situation. when the white house, the fbi and the justice department are all at loggerheads. i mean it is a very unusual situation. and i'm sure all sorts of
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poisonous things were being said by various parties. what the truth of this is we'll have to see how it finally shakes out. but it does indicate the very odd situation, the very unusual chaotic situation that our government found itself in in these early days. >> all right. pete and matt, thank you both for joining us. and now to the other major story we are following this hour. take the vote. that is the president calling on the senate in all caps right there to vote on confirming his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh, that a shift in tone and posture from previous comments that he was open to a delay to, quote, get in right. so while the president seems to be changing his positive xhur on ton -- posture, they seem to be moving 00 along. republicans have agreed on a counteroffer to lawyers of kavanaugh's accuser, christine blasey ford. they are floating the
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possibility of rescheduling next monday's hearing to wednesday. whether blasey ford test guy tr not, mitch mcconnell is confident about the con iffer nation. >> keep the faith.ralg rattled. we'll do our job. >> and this morning counselor to the president kellyanne conway told reporters why the president was refraining from kavanaugh's being a keys accuse. >> there is no reason to attack her. he is defending his nominee. hopefully we will hear -- [ inaudible question ] ? >> the president doesn't need anybody to tell him. he does the right thing. >> again, that was kellyanne conway this morning. but fresh off those comments from her, the president went ahead and for the first time he did go after professor blasey
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ford's credibility and he praised annual sd sympathized w brett kavanaugh and then 18 minutes later he followed it up with this, quote, i have no doubt that if the attack on dr. ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local law enforcement authorities by either/or her loving parents. i ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time and place. and that is after axios spoke to a white house official who said you have no idea how hard it has been to keep him from attacking his nominee's accuser. joining me now, hallie jackson and also leeann caldwell. so it does seem like, wow, a lot of people were commenting on this week as this story unfolded that the president was unusually restrained, unusually quiet. it seems like he is changes his tone here.
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>> clearly based on what he said this morning. he does appear to be changing his tone going after in a much more direct way dr. christine blasey ford here. even after as you you point out five days of a lot of people saying the president has been restrained. he has not been restrained in his praise for judge kavanaugh. that is something that he was consistent about from the beginning calls his record nearly unblemished. in las vegas going on how he was the right pick, the perfect pick. he will be confirmed. so i think that that is a sign of where the president's head is at right now. backing judge kavanaugh. he has been careful to say even before his tweets this morning, he did say that he wanted to make sure that christine blasey ford had her say, but again, those tweets this morning really changed that. and it hasn't sat well with at least one person on capitol hill. senator susan collins is going to be critical to a vote to confirm brett kavanaugh and she is not happy with the
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president's tweet. >> you mentioned that exactly, susan collins the key republican vote on this. she is back in maine reacting to the president's tweet. we have the tape before let's listen to what she said this afternoon. >> i was appalled by the president's tweet. first of all, we know that allegations of sexual assault, i'm not saying that is what happened in this case, but we know that allegations of sexual assault are one of the most unreported crimes that exists. so i thought that the president's tweet was completely inappropria inappropriate. >> and this does race ise an interesting question. if the president is going to involve himself in this aggressively, he is going to have that tone we saw in that tweet today, if this is where he
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lands from this point forward, how would that scramble the politics in the senate? >> yeah, it is an excellent question. many republicans here in the senate want kavanaugh to be confirmed, but there is a group of senators who are concerned and have become concerned since this allegation came forward and one of those is susan collins. and so even though many of these senators, the main senators do want k. to be confirmed rktsz they still don't want the tone that the president put forward to be out there. he wants people -- they all want the senators to stay in line, to not attack the accuser. they think that this is not only bad for them politically, but also that it is bad for the senators like susan collins, lisa murkowski, jeff flake, those who have expressed concerns about the allegations. and we have the republicans who are about to put forward a counteroffer to ford and her attorney, that should be in any minute. and so we're still waiting to see if this hearing next week is
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going to take place. >> and circling back to the story we led the hour with, that reporter in the new york times about rod rosenstein apparently mentioning 25th amendment. what are you hearing from the white house? >> and here's what we know so far. this story broke about 15 minutes before the president going on stage in las vegas to deliver remarks in which he did not mention brett kavanaugh or rod rosenstein. a white house official says no comment at the moment, was not aware as i walked out to you whether the president had sheen this or not, but we know how it goes. the president was probably printed and handed a copy of this when he got on air force one to head over to missouri. and would likely be seeing it by the time we see him a little bit later on tonight. it would be my guess. i don't know that for sure, but we know that that is kind of the rhythm and the way that it goes. he is traveling right now with a number of aides including bill
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shine and sarah sanders. this is -- in the world that we are in right now, in new york "times" report indicating that the deputy attorney general considered recording the president secretly and potentially invoking the 25th amendment seen as a way perhaps for donald trump to have ammunition to do what he was rumored to be considering back in april which is fire rod rosenstein. we have no indication of that. the president just last month said that their relationship is fantastic. this is of course after the "washington post" reported that the president occasionally called rod rosenstein mr. peepers in conversation, something that the president subje subsequently denied. remember, process steen over ros the russia investigation and the president wants that ended. and there have been some that say it would trigger a constitutional crisis if trump
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would fire rosenstein. but what is described in in new york times report are extraordinary steps under any circumstances by a deputy attorney general. it is our reporting based on sources familiar with rosenstein's frame of mind at the time of james comey's firing in may of 2017 that rosenstein was feeling in-skredbly under pressure. he was having his anxiety flare up in these late night phone calls with people who knew him. so rosenstein's frame of mind here was not quite as sort of centered as it was based on our reporting over this summer and this spring when the president was considering firing him. so it is to say the least a story to watch and we are watching it from here at the white house. >> and all eyes will be on the speech later to see he what the president has to say if he does decide to weigh in on this. thank you both for being with us. a week after hurricane florence made landfall in north carolina, devastating that region with historic flooding, the state is now dealing with another crisis.
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duke energy says a dam containing an 1100 acre reservoir was breached by floodwaters and coal ash may be flowing into the nearby cape fear river. the coal firepower plant occupied the site until 2013 when duke energy replaced it with a natural gas plant. the energy company destroyed the plant last year, but the area held about 7 million tons of coal ash in waste pits closed. duke is still working on digging out the ash basin. kosh al contains hazardous chemicals like mercury and arsenic. up next, the kavanaugh controversy reigniting the "me too" movement. the threat it could pose for republicans with a record number of women running for office. - [narrator] the typical vacuum head has its limitations,
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the 2020 presidential election still more than 700 days away, but the november midterms are just around the corner. now inside of 50 days to go. and the president, he certainly seems aware of how important it is to get that republican base out to vote for him. >> we have to get out for the midterms. promise me, you got get out for the midterms. don't be complacent. you got to get out for the midterm. we need more republicans. when they say we have a majority, it is like this. if somebody has a cold, we don't have a majority that day.
12:22 pm
>> of course it is no longer just about the literal election day. november 6 this year. because in some states, early voting actually getting under way now. today four states started their in-person absentee voting. minnesota, south dakota,yomiwyo. also new jersey will get going over the weekend. illinois, a little more complicated there. i think tick wiechnically the p begins end of the month. but still, yes, still accepts and ballots are now beginning to get cast. we want to take a look. two states in particular, minnesota and new jersey. because in november when we're looking at the result, these two states have a bunch of races that will loom large in that question of to democrat -- do
12:23 pm
get the house. minnesota may be the only state in the country where what i'm about to tell you is the case. you've got a something we see a lot of, the third district here, second district here. right around the twin cities areas. these are republican held districts that swung towards hillary clinton in 2016 where democrats have real pick juup opportunities. we will watch those districts closely. but the other thing that minnesota has that almost no one else has, it has the eighth district, big iron range of minnesota, this is a democratic held seat that donald trump won by 15 points. this is an opportunity for republicans to pick up a democratic seat. you barely see that anywhere. and although you you also see it town here in the first district of minnesota. so minute palestinian, you got a little bit of both. you got the chance there for democrats to eat into that republican majority. but you got really one of the only chances, main tybe the onl chance, for republicans to bolster their majority a bit.
12:24 pm
and we take a luook at new jersey, a bunch of districts here if there will be a wave, we figure democrats, they are likely to get either second district, but the 11th, the 7th, the 3rd, each a republican held district that democrats think that they have a real shot at. so that is a state obviously in new jersey that we will look at it early and a lot and it will take tell us a lot about where the race for the house is going as those results come in on november 6. but again, in some states they are starting to cast ballots today. and of course as this early voting begins and as we build toward the november midterm election day, that issue of the supreme court nomination, that becomes a factor here as well. how republicans and democrats are reacting to the accusations against brett kavanaugh. it could weigh on people's minds certainly as they cast those ballots. the new nbc news/"wall street
12:25 pm
journal" poll, this came out just around this time yesterday, it shows that now slightly more people oppose brett kavanaugh's nomination than support it. you see it on the screen there. 38-34. and we know that the increased opposition to kavanaugh comes from female voters and independents in particular. for more on this, i'm joined by amanda hunter from the barbara lee family foundation which helps with the advancement of women in politics. thank you for joining us. so let me ask you about what the effect of what we're seeing so far with kavanaugh and what we might see if these hearings go forward, what effect that might have. because we have already seen a surge of female activism particularly on the democratic side. we've seen it in terms of turnout, candidates nominated, activism, marches. could it get to a higher level or has it reached its peak already? >> thank you so much for having me. and you are right, we have been studying the obstacles and
12:26 pm
opportunities women face for wh running for office and we looked at the issue of sexual harassment this year because the culture and conversation have changed so drat mattdramaticall. and what we found is that voters feel strongly about the issue of sexual harassment and voters on both side of the aisle are willing to take those opinions with them to the voting booth. >> and there is a lot of comparisons being drawn that it was fall of 1991 when you had the clarence thomas/anita hill hearings. and if you looked at the poles, there was actually wide support for clarence thomas even after the testimony from a knanita hi. and there was the backlash from that. how do you see the parallels? >> there are so many parallels. what is different in 2018 is really the culture. in 1992 after the year of the
12:27 pm
woman, women's representation in congress plateaued. and what we're seeing now in 2018 really feels even bigger. because like you said, women started out by marching and organizing, volunteering on campaigns, and of course running for office in record numbers. and our research shows that now is an excellent time for women candidates on both sides of the aisle because voters are really fed up with the status quo and they see a vote for a woman as a vote for change. and we have seen that with the primaries with a record number of women getting through their primaries. >> amanda hunt, thank you. appreciate it. and we are following breaking new, the "new york times" reporting that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein suggested wearing a wire to record president trump in the white house and even discussed invoking the 25th amendment to remove trump from office last year. we will have much more on this developing story after the
12:28 pm
break. plus look wouho is talking? michael cohen talking to robert mueller. and he highways behe has been a. what information key he be providing and what could it could mean for trump and the white house. trs could mean for trump and the white house. tr it was here. i couldn't catch my breath.
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. we return now to our breaking news on rod rosenstein, second in command at the justice department, the man overseeing robert mueller's investigation. the "new york times" is reporting that earlier this year rosenstein suggested that he wear a wire to record the president and show the chaos in the white house. in 2017 i should say. he also reportedly discussed trying to get cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment on the grounds of being unfit to serve. we should add that rosenstein denies the reporting saying that it is inaccurate and factually incorrect. for more rkt i'm joined by ken dilanian and liz holtzman. ken, we have reporting that back in 2017, the deputy attorney general talked about getting recordings of trump. what are you hearing about this?
12:33 pm
>> evsenior justice department officials are pushing back strongly on the way this is being characterized. but they are acknowledging that the meeting took place may 16, 2017 and one senior official is acknowledging that rosenstein made a remark about wearing a wire, but they say that it was made sarcastically, that he was in a heated argument with andrew mccabes who has since been fired and drawn scorn and ire of donald trump that mccabe and he were talking about some of tf e theiti theitith difficult i dids, th itity, thik after trump fired comey. and the "new york times" sources are saying that it was taken as a serious comment, that rosenstein actually was considering wearing a wire to document the erratic behavior of
12:34 pm
the president and the times oig is saying that he the mentioned invoking the 25th amendment which is a mechanism to get the president out of office. our sources are telling us there is a mention of the 25th amendment in a memo that mccabe wrote recording this meeting, but that rosenstein is insisting that he did not ever say that. >> that a very big difference there, an example of how potentially the same words can be interpreted very differently. what do you make of this? >> well, there is a group in the congress that wants rosenstein impeached. this could be very inflammatory and possibly grounds for the president to fire him. they want him out of office so they can shut down the mueller investigation. it seems very unlikely that rod rose teen would be wearing a wire because that would make him a witness in a criminal case or civil case. that would be unheard of basically. and the 25th amendment, what is he doing talking about the 25th
12:35 pm
amendment in a meeting with lower level justice department? the 25th amendment gets invoked by cabinet members and rosenstein was a meant of the cabinet. so this is not necessarily very plausible or credible, but of course i wasn't there. >> and ken, it is a difficult area, "new york times," whatever news outlets it, they have their own sources. we don't know who they are. but especially when you are dealing within an administration or really any entity, there is all sorts of different people in every organization that have their own agendas and might h e have -- it would be helpful to are interpreted either this way or that way. >> you're right. and for example andrew mccabe who essentially issued a statement suggesting that his memos were accurately reported in the new york times o, some people say that he has an ax to
12:36 pm
grind because he was fired. but back in that i 2016, none of that was true. so if he recorded one version that has credibility. on the other hand, people in the room are tells us a different story. so difficult to know what to believe. but one thing that is accurate, this will put rod rosenstein under enormous pressure. we'll have to see how donald trump reacts. >> and i want to talk about some of the other news, this is on the mueller front, the news that apparently michael cohen who cut the deal here in new york did not require cooperation, but apply he happ apparently talking. lanny davis says good for michael cohen for providing critical information without a cooperation agreement. no one should question his honesty, veracity or loyalty to his family and country over president trump.
12:37 pm
that element of not having the cooperation agreement, he has a plea deal. officially mueller was not a part this. what do you make of the news? >> well, it makes a lot of sense to me that michael cohen who is facing a long jail sentence would do his utmost to try to ingratiate himself into law enforcement officials programs. because he wants a reduced sentence. maybe they would say something at his sentencing. so he is talking to everybody as much as he can. he has a lot to say. things that could effect mueller's investigation into alleged russian interference. he has a lot to say about the trump foundation. according to the new york state attorney general it didn't adhere to new york state you laws. and he has a lot of things to say about trump's business activities. not to mention stormy daniels and that whole thing.
12:38 pm
so michael cohen is a time bomb for the president of the united states. >> all right. ken, thank you for joining us. liz, i want to ask you about this next story as well, this just into us moments ago. housing and urban development secretary ben carson speaking about the allegation against brett kavanaugh. painting the story as part of a widespread attempt by the left to change the country by changing the courts. >> we recognize that prayer and faith is an important part of who we are as a nation. and stop listening to those people trying to drive that away, trying to drive all the values and the principles that made uts greas great. even the things that we all used to take for granted, like a person is innocent until proven guilty. what happened with that?
12:39 pm
>> that is ben carson making a wrfrns the reference to the kavanaugh case. what did you make of that? >> what he is saying of course has nothing to do with kavanaugh's credibility or with his entitlement to be on the supreme court. guilty -- innocent until proven guilty has to do with a criminal case, it doesn't have to do with being voted on to the supreme court. who are we presuming is innocent and who are we presuming that is guilty. what about the woman who came forward and says that he attempted a sexual assault. he may have attempteded rape. what about her? is she just chop liver? >> what is the -- >> his standard is wrong. >> what is the standard? if it is not the criminal court, there has to be a standard to judge it. >> but the first thing you do, you do an investigation to find out whether this woman is telling truth or not.
12:40 pm
and the fact that the senate judiciary committee doesn't want to investigate this, doesn't want to look at the facts, tells you a whole lot about how they don't view her as credible. because there are witnesses to this. we know there was another man allegedly in the room. he says i don't remember and i don't want to talk about it in i are more. why isn't he called in? i was a prosecutor. one of the biggest criminal jurisdictions in the united states of america. you don't just say -- you you don't just ask a defendant, oh, are you guilty and he says of course not. i mean, if i did that in every rape case, they would throw me out of brooklyn. you don't ask the defendant are you guilty because of course they will say no. i'm innocent. you have to investigate. why isn't that happening? this procedure is a sham. so ben carson out oig ght to be talking about a procedure that is fair, not just to kavanaugh or the woman, but the people of
12:41 pm
the united states so that we don't put on the supreme court someone not qualified to be there. the supreme court is a polilace justice, not injustice. >> all right. thanking for joining us. up next, facebook cuts back on its on site support for political campaigns ahead of the midterms. are overs going to follow suit? we'll discuss the new approach after this quick break. respect after this quick break respec benjamin franklin captured lightening in a bottle. over 260 years later, with a little resourcefulness, ingenuity, and grit, we're not only capturing energy from the sun and wind, we're storing it. as the nation's leader in energy storage, we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it. this is our era. this is america's energy era. nextera energy.
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. facebook is downsizing its on site staff support for
12:45 pm
political campaigns beginning with the midterm campaign this year. in exchange, they plan to offer assistance to candidates through a new website despite the change, facebook says staffers will still provide answers and basic training to campaigns that are using its advertising services. facebook has come under scrutiny for the level of support it offered to the trump campaign in 2016. mark zuckerberg says it offered identical support to the hillary clinton campaign, but that that campaign declined. joining me with more is david ingram. so tell us about the back story here too. it seems like facebook has been scrambling a little bit taking this heat particularly i guess from democrats after 2016. what is the back story that led to this? >> that's right. so the back story is that this is about facebook the advertising business. we all know facebook and think of it as the place where we reconnect with high school
12:46 pm
friends and other, but it is an enormous advertising business. and part of that is sales. they try to persuade advertising clients including political campaigns to spend as much as they can on facebook ads. and several years ago they began providing on site support not only to political campaigns, but to other advertisers, to answer questions about the best ways to spend money on facebook to try to drive their own advertising sales. so they did this in 2012 with the romney campaign for example and they did to arguably a bigger extent in 2016 with the trump campaign. >> so in terms of just folks who assume this stuff, folks who use facebook, folks just watching this stuff, consumers i guess i'm saying, will they notice any difference here? >> i don't think that they will notice any difference. i mean, i think -- so congress looked at this and some members of congress expressed interest
12:47 pm
in the level of support facebook was providing campaigns. kind of raising the idea that there was too much coziness between the social media companies and the political campaigns. that if they are working side by side in a campaign environment, that the question was raised by some members of congress earlier this year that maybe the company would begin to expect favors in return from the companies later on in a lobbying context or some other context. and i think facebook probably increasingly grew uncomfortable with that level of association. they also say here that they wanted to -- that there was a scaleability problem, that facebook says that they wanted to be able to provide information to lots of different campaigns. they couldn't send a staff member to work in every single office, so their solution is to replace those staff members with the new website. >> and what are the campaigns saying about the change?
12:48 pm
>> well, so the most prominent uses of this were in presidential campaigns because those are the biggest spenders. we don't have yet fully up and running campaigns for 2020, so the impact there hasn't really been felt yet. but there is a big difference with the trump campaign. if you go back two years ago and think about where the trump campaign came from, a lot of people didn't expect donald trump to come out of republican primary. and so when it came to the summer of 2016, he didn't have a huge staff that hillary clinton had built up with experienced digital advertising people. and so one answer to that for the trump campaign was to invite in people from facebook and elsewhere. and so now the trump campaign will probably have a bigger operation in 2020, they probably won't need the help as much. >> all right. david ingraham r, appreciate it. and coming up, tariff trouble. the vice president's hometown takes a hit.
12:49 pm
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with its historical records... ancestry's dna test could learn you're from ireland... ...donegal, ireland... ...and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at on monday, a new round of tariffs on $200 billion of chinese imports is set to go into effect.
12:53 pm
many u.s. companies are bracing for the fallout. cummins, an engine plant in vice president mike pence's hometown of columbus, indiana, relies heavily on imports from china. executives there worry this new wave of tariffs will be bad for business. a manufacturer is a vital part of indiana's economy employing more than 10,000 workers in that state. for more i'm joined by nbc's vaughn hilliard at the cummins plant. the deadline, the clock ticking down to monday. what are you hearing there today? >> yes, steve. we want to introduce you because they are the largest independent diesel engine company in the world now. a $20 billion company that is headquartered here in columbus, indiana. i wanted to show you guys cummins because this is part of the supply chain. this is the block. essentially these are semi truck engines. it's the skeleton of the engines. it makes up 40% of the engine. i want to show you where this is
12:54 pm
made. it's made in china. the only place cummins can get these blocks is china. china is the only supplier that is currently able to make these available to this american business. so ultimately, well, yes, the likes of these blocks are brought in by cumins. cummins still exports $2.5 billion to $3 billion every year but because of the uptick in the price come this next monday along with the steel and aluminum tariffs they're looking up to $200 million losses every year. i wanted to play a little sound with workers and community members from columbus, indiana, we spoke with earlier about the importance of this company to southern indiana. >> about how many of them are you exporting? >> we export about 65% of the engines we produce here. >> on a yearly basis? >> yes. >> how long have you worked at cummins? >> 19 1/2 years. >> you realize the significance that exports have had on cummins? >> yeah. >> and on indiana. >> yeah. i mean, if we don't have globalization, we don't have no
12:55 pm
growth, right? >> for indiana. >> for indiana. >> for you as be employee. >> and me as an employee. i need a job. >> steve, we wanted to introduce you to those workers and the company because here this is a town of 4 2,000 people. 85 workers here alone. they have plants in jamestown, new york in pennsylvania and north carolina. while their trade has been critical to the expansion and globalization to allow these companies like cummins which started here in columbus 99 years ago to continue to make profits and continue to employ people here throughout the united states. steve? >> vaughn hillyard out there in columbus, indiana. thank you for that. we'll be right back. it's time for "your business" of the week. karen sideman becker bought the company clear out of bankruptcy. see how she's changing the way people get through security at the airport. karen's just one of the women entrepreneurs we're following as
12:56 pm
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and that's it for me this hour. you can check me out on twitter if you are interested in hearing my thoughts throughout the day. thank you for watching this afternoon. have a great weekend. "deadline white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. breaking news from "the new york times" this afternoon. a bombshell of a development sure to have repercussions. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein suggested last year that he secretly wear a wire to record donald trump to expose the chaos inside the west wing. rosenstein also suggested recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment to remove trump from office for being unfit to serve.
1:00 pm
today's account in "the new york times" is the fourth example in as many weeks of a resistance working within the highest levels of the executive branch of government to protect the country from the chaos surrounding donald trump and the third instance that's been reported in just the last month in which senior aides specifically discussed invoking the 25th amendment to remove donald trump from office. from today's stunning "times" report, mr. rosenstein made these suggestions in the spring of 2017 when mr. trump's firing of james comey as fbi director plunged the white house into turmoil over the ensuing days, the president divulged classified intelligence to russians in the oval office and revelations emerged that mr. trump had asked mr. comey to pledge loyalty and end an investigation into a senior aide. the times also reports, quote, the extreme suggestions show mr. rosenstein's state of mind in


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