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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  September 26, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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no matter what, there's always good news somewhere. we think good news rules. this comes from gingham, massachusetts and this adorable picture and thank you note. after an 11-year-old fell off his bike on the way to school, an officer pulled him over to help him. the officer gave him a ride the rest of the way in a police car. nate sent this thanks. love that. kindness always wins. that winds up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. more news with hallie jackson who is in nyc. >> i'm going to send you a thank you for everything you do for us. i'm hallie jackson in new york. the clocks, two of them, are ticking toward two crucial moments. what is happening, any minute now, the president set to run a u.n. security council. the second u.s. president to sit in that chair. will it be met with applause,
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laughter or both? on capitol hill, the final frantic hours before the hearing. brett kavanaugh in a race to clear his name. president trump sounding confident in the last few minutes. watch. >> i know this particular man, judge brett kavanaugh, he is outstanding. you don't find people like this. he is a gem, an absolute gem. >> more on the woman stepping into the spotlight for republicans to question christine blasey ford. who is rachel mitchell? a veteran prosecutor. why she will be doing the questioning and why gop senators will not. before we get to that, we go to u.n. and what nikki haley describes as the most watched security council meeting. president trump is set to walk in any second now.
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it is his first time seated at that iconic horseshoe table following a speech where he praised kim jong-un, attacked iran and said he would put america first. the president, talking north crei korea again this morning. >> kim jong-un wants good things to happen for north korea and good things are happening. i's going to be great for chairman kim and the people of north korea. that is what we are all about. >> jeff bennet is by the u.n. on the east side. talk through what we are expected to see and how this is expected to go. >> reporter: we didn't see it in that soundbyte, but president trump said the u.s. is denuclearizing north korea. as we reported, kim's regime continues to build on the nuclear program even as donald trump and secretary of state mike pompeo are floating the notion of another summit with kim. at this hour, president trump is
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set to chair the u.n. security council. it is the u.n.'s most powerful body. donald trump holds the gavel. that means he sets the agenda. i have to tell you, the focus of the security council was supposed to be on nonproliferation of biochemical weapons. president trump tweeted he was going to talk about iran. he is expected to press this hard line approach against iran as he did yesterday, during his speech before the u.n. general assembly. there's the moment everyone is talking ant at the beginning of his speech yesterday, the president touted a line that works for him where he boasted what he perceives to be his accomplishments. he said his administration accomplished more in two years than any administration in history. that drew laughter from diplomats in the crowd. today, nikki haley defended the president, seemed to suggest he was in on the joke. take a look. >> they love how honest he is.
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it's not diplomatic. they find it funny. all day yesterday, they were falling over themselves to get a picture with him, talk about how great his speech was, how strong it was. >> reporter: so, she's suggesting this is a moment that played differently in the room than an television. to refresh everyone's memory, here is the moment in question. >> my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america's so true. [ laughter ] >> didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay. >> reporter: could offer somewhat of a glimpse of what world leaders think of president trump. there could be something of a rift today over iran especially
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between the u.s. and european partners who, as we know, do not appreciate and did not like the president's decision to scrap the deal. >> we are keeping a close eye on that. you can see that on the left side of your screen, where the president will be addressing the united nation's security council. usually very scripted and formal meeting for a president who likes to go off script, the potential for fireworks. we are watching fast moving developments from capitol hill. we are 24 hours away from a hear thag will make history. here is the president on that. >> i think the senate, the republicans could not be nicer in the way they are handling this. they could have pushed it through two and a half weeks ago and you wouldn't be talking ant it right now, which is, frankly, what i would have preferred. they didn't do that. the republicans could not be more respectful to the process. certainly could not be more respectful to the woman and i'm
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okay with that. i think i might have pushed it forward a lot faster. i tell you what, i know, i know this particular man, judge brett kavanaugh. he's outstanding. you don't find people like this. he's outstanding. he's a gem. he's an absolute gem and he's been treated very unfairly by the democrats who are playing a con game. they know what they are doing. it's a con. they go into the back room and talk with each other and they laugh at what they are getting away with. it's a con game. that's what they play. it's about the only thing they do well. thank you very much. >> okay. so, here is where we stand this morning, right now. the judiciary committee received sworn statements from people backing up ford's claim that brett kavanaugh assaulted her as a team. rachel mitchell will question dr. ford. as we heard, president trump is
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in attack mode after questioning the credibility of the second accuser. this morning, the attorney for her is firing back saying she is willing to testify. >> i found that comment by the president to be pretty disgusting, and pretty hurtful. i think everybody can understand why a politician wants to spin bad information, but to do it in a mocking fax is inappropriate. >> frustrated and is becoming more and more motivated to participate in whatever fashion the judiciary will allow her to. >> garrett is following the latest developments from capitol hill. msnbc contributor barbara is here. on set, nita and jeff mason. garrett, let me start with you. there's a lot of action on the hill at the moment, including from mitch mcconnell talking about having rachel mitchell
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come in to ask questions on behalf of the men, guys on the other side of the committee. >> reporter: we are hurdling toward the hearing thursday and a vote friday. the committee set things up so depending on how the hearing goes, the committee could vote on brett kavanaugh's nomination the next morning. the appointment of the council to come in and ask questions is something a lot of republican senators were pushing for, hoping to avoid the optics of having older, white men question this woman about what she says happened to her. it's something mitch mcconnell endorsed a few minutes ago. take a listen. >> encouraged by the committee's choice of rachel mitchell, a prosecutor with decades of experience in sensitive investigations. it's time to hear from both dr. ford and judge brett kavanaugh, under oath. tomorrow, we'll do just that.
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and then, it will be time to vote. >> reporter: hallie, there's pushback on this appointment of rachel mitchell. i was talking to richard blumenthal. he said we can hire outside experts to ask questions and to come in and vote for us. it's their duty to ask the relevant questions constituents want. he sees it as republicans taking the easy way out. as to the vote on friday, that's a committee vote. we are keeping a close eye on the larger universe of republicans watching thursday's hearing very closely. i have been trying to talk to the folks who don't typically stop at the cameras and aren't the most outspoken. the sense i get is it may not be a lockdown vote yet. there are a lot more eyes on capitol hill watching than republican leadership would like to talk about publicly. i don't think it's as much of a
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slam dunk as they think it is. it's such an open question how the hearing is going to go. a prosecutor nobody has been seen before. dr. ford has never been given testimony before. we are going to see something unique tomorrow. >> a couple points we are going to talk about as well, including the idea it may not be a done deal here. senator kennedy said, hey, i'm going to wait to see how this thing goes on thursday before i make up my mind. there does seem to be, when you hear from lisa murkowski, too, an openness to say let's see how it goes. here is what kennedy had to say. >> i have spoken with brett kavanaugh. i have the advantage, i guess, of having watched him through 32 hours of testimony. i have read many of his opinions. i have read his articles. i believe him. that doesn't mean that i'm not prepared to be persuaded by dr. ford and listen to her
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attentively. let me say it again. i want a country without creepy old men but with due process. >> that's interesting stuff from him. >> reporter: yeah, i think it is, hallie. if john kennedy votes against brett kavanaugh, it goes down in flames. he talked to him repeatedly through the process and told me in interviews he believed brett kavanaugh's denials. again, it speaks to how unknown the process will be. nobody knows how credible dr. ford will be when she sits down and tells her story. people have not heard these words out of her mouth, they have only read in the "washington post." a few minutes ago, i spoke to a republican senator from iowa. again, another spoke we don't hear very often. she made a point to say she is watching on thursday. i think there are more minds not made up or willing to be changed
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than republican leadership would like, at this point, when they are trying to get brett kavanaugh on the supreme court by next week. >> garrett, busy day for you, see you in a bit. thanks, pal. >> barbara, let me bring you into the conversation here. richard blumenthal argues it is an add va indication of duty for republicans to bring in rachel mitchell. you know the legal sphere on this. are democrats right, it is an advocation of duty or value in bringing in somebody who has expertise in questioning and talking about allegations of sexual assault and misconduct? >> well, yoi don't know what th motivation is. it may be cowardess, but it's a good idea to have a trained prosecutor in sex crimes. senators are not good at asking questions designed to find the truth. they engage in political grand
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standing. i like that piece of it. the piece i don't like is most prosecutors would not go into a hearing cold. they would want investigators to coroborate. she seems legit, has the credentials to come in and ask the questions. what information would she have access to? would she read the documents put together by staffers who have done the interviews? do you think she has the materials to go in and ask the questions in a prepared way? >> well, she'll ask the questions. her universe of information is limited. if there was an fbi investigation which could have been completed if they started a week ago and could be completed within a week or a few days, they would go out and talk to the people she told her story
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to, these witnesses that she told her story to. there's a rule of evidence that says when your credibility is attached, you can call witnesses to rehabilitate. the neighbor she spoke to, her husband, her therapist she spoke to years ago would be relevant to this. also, mark judge, the person she puts in the room, hear what he has to say, not only what do you remember but what did you discuss with brett kavanaugh in the recent weeks? all that informers matters. the republican members set this up as he said/she said. they will tell their stories, throw up your hands and the rush to vote friday morning strikes me as they are not interested in hearing what happened here. they are interested in going through the charade of a hearing. >> let me bring in knee nita an jeff. they are obtaining the calendars
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brett kavanaugh kept in the '80s that he kept as a teenager, they are submitting to show. you have dr. ford submitting documents, affidavits from people close to her. three friends in 2016, while brett kavanaugh was a judge but before the supreme court announcement, the opening came up, talked about the allegation of sexual misconduct, sexual assault bay federal judge. how much do the documents come into play and the optics when it comes to rachel mitchell doing the question sng. >> optics are a huge thing. they could have chosen a man who was a prosecutor. they chose a woman and it makes sense to have done that. they are bringing in a prosecutor, which, i emphasize that word. this is not a court of law, it's a hearing. that, alone, is interesting. whether or not the documents will make much of a difference
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will depend on how much weight the senators and the people listening to that are willing to give them. having calendars is something the judge wants to show, look, this indicates i was there. it doesn't mean there was a party he attended that wasn't written down. >> the larger question is, how much vetting they did not do on this nominee. i mean, you have the federalist society funneling these names into the trump administration. there have been articles written about that. this candidate, you are coming down to the wire. they have this horizon of the midterm elections. they have to get this done and all of a sudden, all this material is bubbling up. it's on facebook. of course it's on facebook because all these 50-something peers are on facebook. people are coming out of the woodwork. the yearbook, the women. there was no vetting. now, we are down to the wire and it's clearly something that they
7:17 am
are going to have to, i think, race through and your reporter down there, just predicting that, you know, the louisiana senator may stand down. >> as he said -- >> it's a huge blunder. a huge blunder that speaks to the entitlement in a sense of entitlement that is going on with this, putting this political operative. >> you have more people now, in and around brett kavanaugh coming out and talking about his experiences that don't sync. yale classmates interviewed by "the washington post" and people coming out in defense of brett kavanaugh, him defending himself. quickly, when it comes to the idea of what you introduce, jeff makes the point, we are talking a congressional hearing, not a court of law, right? when you introduce certain pieces of information like the calendar, the affidavit, we won't hear from those people, does that sway senators and why
7:18 am
introduce those calendars? do you find that to be convincing evidence? >> no, i don't find it to be convincing evidence. in the senate, as you pointed out, they are rules of evidence and no rules of what does and doesn't come into consideration. i guess you take them for what they are worth. i happen to think the fact you didn't write down that you went to a party doesn't mean it didn't happen. i suppose others could disagree with that. what they need to do is satisfy themselves and the american people this process is legitimate and the decision they make is based on fact, not a partisan agenda. otherwise, they will take the legacy and legitimacy of the u.s. supreme court with integrity and the opinions mean something in this country. i worry, if you put on a candidate who lacks legitimacy, the court will lose their legitimacy. >> we are going to continue this conversation in a moment. in new york city, you are looking inside the room of the
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security council. president trump will chair the meeting. the first time he will do so. we have already seen the president of france, the prime minister of the uk. we are waiting for the president of the united states. we'll bring it to you live in a minute. d you to my parents. psst! craig and sheila broke up. what, really? craig and shelia broke up!? no, craig!? what happened? i don't know. is she okay? ♪ craig and sheila broke up! craig and sheila!? ♪ as long as office gossip travels fast, you can count on geico saving folks money. craig and sheila broke up! what!? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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we are back at president trump just entered the room where the security council is meeting. you can see u.n. ambassador, nikki haley. we have seen one other american president at this seat before, president barack obama, 2009 and
7:21 am
2014. donald trump is only the second u.s. president to chair this meeting. five permanent members. we expect to see president trump make opening remarks. you can see nikki haley and aides. i believe that's mike pompeo behind the president. we are going to listen in to the opening remarks set to happen now. >> would you like to start? would you like to say something? >> thank you very much. the 8,362nd meeting of the
7:22 am
security council is called to order. the agenda for this meeting is maintenance of international peace and security, nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction. the agenda is hereby adopted. i am honored to be here today to chair this meeting of the united nations security council. it is also my privilege to welcome the distinguished heads of state, heads of government, ministers and other leaders and representatives here with us. thank you. i also wish to warmly welcome secretary general antonio gutierrez for joining us. thank you very much, mr. secretary general. the security council will now
7:23 am
consider item two of the agenda. i will make a statement in my capacity as president of the united states of america. it is a great honor to be here today at this u.n. security council briefing to discuss a matter of urgent importance concerning and countering the proliferation of deadly chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. the nations of the world have long recognized that certain weapons are so dangerous and can inflict so much suffering that all of us have a vital interest in preventing their further development spread and use. since my inauguration, the
7:24 am
united states has taken bold action to confront the sinister threats. many of us are rightly focused on the dangers of nuclear weapons, but we must never forget the risk posed by biological and chemical weapons. the united states was one of the first nations to unilaterally renounce the use of biological weapons and since world war i, we have led international efforts against this scorch of chemical warfare. most recently, in syria, we have twice imposed severe consequences on the assad regime for yudsing chemical weapons against innocent civilians. i want to thank prime minister may and president macron for their country's close partnership in those efforts
7:25 am
last april. the syrian regime's butchery enabled by russia and iran. the iranian regime experts violence, terror and turmoil. it elicitly procures sensitive items to advance the ballistic program and proliferates these missiles all across the middle east. the regime is the world east leading sponsor of terror and fuels conflict across the region and far beyond. a regime with this track record must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon. for this reason, i announced earlier this year that the united states would withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal. this horrible one-sided deal allowed iran to continue its path toward a bomb and gave the
7:26 am
regime a cash lifeline when they needed it the most. they were in big, big trouble. they needed cash. we gave it to them. in the years since the deal was signed, iran's aggression only increased. the regime used new funds from the deal to support terrorism, build nuclear capable missiles and chaos. following america's withdrawal, the united states began reimposing nuclear related sanctions on iran, all u.s. nuclear related sanctions will be in full force by early november. they will be in full force. after that, the united states will pursue additional sanctions, tougher than ever before to counter the entire range of iran's conduct.
7:27 am
any individual or entity who fails to comply with these sanctions will face severe consequences. i ask all members of the security council to work with the united states to ensure the iranian regime changes its behavior and never acquires a nuclear bomb. with all of this said, i want to thank iran, russia and syria for, at my very strong urging and request, substantially slowing down their attack on province and the 3 million people who live there, in order to get 35,000 targeted terrorists. get the terrorists, but i hope the restraint continues, the world is watching. thank you, also to turkey for helping to negotiate restraint. anything the usa can do to help
7:28 am
resolve this problem in order to save hundreds of thousands of lives maybe more, we are willing and able. we are available to help. in my remarks yesterday to the united nation's general assembly, i laid out my administration's commitment to building a more just and peaceful future. regrettably, we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election. coming up in november, against my administration. they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. and we are winning on trade. we are winning at every level.
7:29 am
we don't want them to mettle or interfere in our upcoming election. as i also mentioned yesterday, we have seen the results of historic efforts to open new pathways to peace on the north korean peninsula on the korean peninsula and that is something we are extremely proud of. i am pleased to say that north korea has not conducted a missile test since last november. it has not conducted a nuclear test since last september. and the hostages have been returned to us and very importantly, the remains of american heroes are now returning home. in june, i held an historic summit with chairman kim jong-un in singapore, where he
7:30 am
reaffirmed the commitment to complete denuclearization. last week, chairman kim reiterated that to president moon at the third summit and to me, in a very strong letter form. i think we will make a deal, but unfortunately, to insure this progress continues, we must force existing u.n. security council resolutions until denuclearization occurs. however, we have detected that some nations are already violating these u.n. sanctions. this includes illegal ship-to-ship transfers, which must end immediately. the safety of the korean peninsula, the region and the world depends on full compliance with u.n. security council resolutions, very, very important. but, most importantly, i believe
7:31 am
that chairman kim jong-un, a man i have gotten to know and like, wants peace and prosperity for north korea. many things are happening behind the scenes, away from the media, which nobody knows, but they are happening, nevertheless and they are happening in a very positive way. so, i think you will have some very good news coming from north korea in the coming months and years. i also very much appreciate what president moon of south korea had to say about me last night in television interviews, working with president moon has been my great honor and, likewise, working with president chi of china and prime minister abe of japan has been a pleasure and an honor. each of us follows in the
7:32 am
footsteps of countless world leaders, diplomats and public servants who came here to the united nations with the same noble goal, to build a future worthy of the patriots true, true patriots who sacrifice their lives for our nation and for our future. to be successful, we need a commitment of every nation representing in this chamber, acting together. we can replace the horrors of war with the blessings of safety and a beautiful promise of peace. thank you very much. i now resume my function as president of the security council and give the floor to the president of france.
7:33 am
[ speaking foreign language ] >> you have been watching president donald trump open the meeting of the united nation's security council here in new york city. the first time president trump has done so. i want to bring in ambassador nick burns from the george w. bush administration and victor cha, an analyst from international studies is joining us along with nina and jeff. you heard the president talk about counter proliferation, the topic of this meeting, touching on iran, north korea and very interesting references china,
7:34 am
accusing china of trying to mess with u.s. elections, trying to interfere, directly going after china in a way we have not seen him. i'm looking around the table, we have not seen him do. his aides have. they sounded the alarm about others aiming at election interference. this may be one with of the first times we have heard the president go after china so directly after the trade war. the new tariffs against china, the summer of tariffs the trajectory we have been in in this country. >> yes. you are drawing a connection between it saying this is because i'm the first president to call china out on trade and they don't want me to win. he is painting the 2018 midterms as he should as a referendum on him. as he should be. >> by the way, mentioning election interference, not russia or vladimir putin. victor, another sign of how fraught the relationship is, he
7:35 am
often praises president chi. no mention of praise for him here. >> not praise for chi. this is the first mention of it with the foreign minister of china sitting there. >> right. >> on top of this, he authorized a $300 million arm sale with taiwan. the chinese were not allowed to participate. so, this trade war is going to bleed into other parts of the relationship now. this direct accusation that china is taking actions to try to make it more difficult for his party to win in this election, but not mentioning that russia is probably doing the same thing to help him win this election, it's bizarre. >> would you expect a response from china here? >> i think we are going to see a response from china. the foreign minister has to respond. this is quite an extraordinary charge by the president.
7:36 am
it mirrors other indications that the russians have already interfered. i thought it was a powerful statement and clear statement of president trump's priorities. it gave insight to how he thinks. the headline is the accusation against china. on iran, the president is isolated in the room. the aggression in syria, iraq, lebanon. he has supporters and it's interesting he praised iran and russia and syria for their relative restraining where they were going to unleash an offensive where a lot of civilians may have died i think the syrians are going to pummel him. on issue after issue, there's clarity, an assertiveness by the president. he is not right on all the issues, but a a good look on the
7:37 am
room. >> let's play it again. >> they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. and we are winning on trade. we are winning at every level. we don't want them to mettle or interfere in our upcoming election. >> ambassador burns, to your point, the president is clearly sending a message in a public way, a public setting in a formal and serious diplomatic way in this moment. >> again, i think it really speaks to a much more confrontational relationship he's chosen to take with china. in the beginning of his term, he was chummy with president xi. >> right. >> having his granddaughter sing chinese songs and things. now, i mean, part of this is that the chinese are not helping
7:38 am
on sanctions with north korea. they have normalized their relationship with north korea and the trade war. i think he feels like he's winning the trade war because, if you look at the shanghai composite and compare it to the dow jones, the douw is going ths way and they are going that way. >> two things, one how personal this is for president trump saying this election is about me. >> they don't want me to win. >> they don't want me to win. they are meddling with my agenda, with what i want to do by meddling in the u.s. election. two, how strong that statement was and how it compares to the callouts he's given about russia. >> ambassador burns, you talked about the province and his remarks there. did he get over his skis when he talked about his optimism for a
7:39 am
better relationship with north korea and denuclearization he believes will happen given what we know is going on on the ground? >> i think that's right. victor knows about this. the president was right to go to singapore and try to meet kim jong-un. there's been little done by the north koreans on the ground. the president needs to watch his rhetoric here because he is so optimistic about this, i think he is going to be disappointed. there's a juxtaposition where he treats kim with so much praise and yet he continuely criticizes our democratic allies. on china, he is not the first american president to take on china on trade. all our previous presidents going back to the bushes have done that. it is interesting that he's been so weak on russia interfering in our election in 2016, he's done nothing to defend us against russia in 2018. he may be trying to compensate for that. he never wants to criticize
7:40 am
president putin by making china the story. >> the president tweeted about china. here he is in this forum aggressively going after beijing. it's an abarm bell that dan coats has sounded before. now it's the president raising that flag. we are going to keep an eye on. it is a pleasure to have you both. thank you for your insights. we are keeping an eye on what is happening in the united nations. you can see president trump there, french president, emanuel macron delivering his statement. we are watching it. we will bring you news as it happens. prime minister theresa may there. brett kavanaugh will breeze through to confirmation with mcconnell counting, recounting and counting again to get his man on the court after the break.
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hard to say... easy to use... and filled with great advice. just like your dad right? yeah, just like you, dad. we are back now with a live look at the united nations. a meeting of the security council happening right now. president trump chair thag meeting. the president of poland on the left side of the screen is speaking now.
7:45 am
we are keeping our eye on that for news that may come you haup the president went after china. he was tough on iran and seemed optimistic about north korea. we are watching what is happening on the east side of manhattan. on capitol hill, mitch mcconnell is seeming confident he has the votes to confirm brett kavanaugh to supreme court. >> we are going to move forward. i'm confident he will win and be confirmed in the future. >> so, republicans are in overdrive, many of them. they want to see brett kavanaugh cross that finish line. they are scheduling a vote friday, 9:30 a.m., less than 24 hours after they testify. chuck grassley has to give three days notice, so he did. it is possible to be delayed. mcconnell says he can and will bring it to the floor for a full
7:46 am
vote by early next week. here is the thing, privately, there is concern they don't have the votes. keep in mind, if every democrat votes no, mitch mcconnell is not lose more than one gop vote. as of now, there's three key undecided senators. all hour long, our reporters on capitol hill have been trying to pin down republicans on how they will vote on this. some of them don't want to say much. >> senator, very quickly, have you decided how you are going to vote? senator? have you decided on how to vote? senator? >> effort from garrett there. assuming kim has been running ampbd on capitol hill as well. two folks from "the washington post" have been all over this story along with her colleague, sean. it's great to have you here.
7:47 am
knee ta a nina and jeff are here, too. you have a beat of the white house and capitol hill. that is what this story is, the president's pick for the supreme court and whether or not it will pass muster with republicans, people in his own party on the hill. i pose the question to you, based on what you know, your whip count, if you will, does brett kavanaugh get confirmed or no? >> reporter: what we have to see where the hearing goes tomorrow. i think it's clear that it is correct mitch mcconnell doesn't have the votes. too many people are undecided. they want to hear the testimony from brett kavanaugh and dr. ford. people expect that both the two main witnesses could actually do very well and do well in the hearing and be very con sinlsing. at that point, what do you do? it is going to be difficult for the senators, particularly the undecided senators because they have to decide what is credible to them and be comfortable with
7:48 am
the decision. >> we have sound from chuck grassley talking about this. let's play it. >> unlike arizona law, pennsylvania allows you to report up the chain within your organization. so, that's going to have to be something that is examined in the days and weeks to come. >> that doesn't look like chuck grassley at all. that was rachel mitchell. pardon the live television hiccups. she is the person asking the questions tomorrow. you have been reporting about her for "the washington post." you say she has a long history of investigating, dicking into years old allegations that are difficult. tell us about her? >> she is a prosecutor in arizona in maricopa county where for almost a quarter century she has been with the county
7:49 am
attorney and as a background investigating crimes. republicans look at her as somebody who has the experience and the knowledge of this kind of issue and sensitivity to ask the questions. democrats are shaking their heads saying why aren't you going to be the ones to ask the questions? this is your duty as a senator. it is an extraordinary situation we are seeing. this was already an extraordinary hearing because the republicans are bringing in an outside prosecutor to ask the questions makes it that much more controversial. right now, we are looking into her background and, of course, sheriff joe arpaio is also from arizona. i think, now, democrats are going to raise questions about her connections to him and democrats are going to have questions about senator jeff flake and john kyle. remember, john kyle, took over
7:50 am
for senator john mccain in his seat after he passed away. he was working very, very closely with judge brett kavanaugh before he became a senator. i think there are going to be questions asked about her her r with arpaio, flake as well as senator kyl. >> we're going to try that chuck grassley soundbite again. here it is. >> senator, why the rush to vote? why not give your senators a weekend to digest what they hear in the hearing? >> we've got a vote set up. it will depend on what happens tomorrow when we have our vote. we're doing everything we can to do what dr. ford said in her letter to me. she wanted a public meeting. she didn't want it to be a media circus. she wants to feel comfortable, so we're doing everything to make her feel comfortable. >> and part of that is limiting the number of people who can be
7:51 am
in this room, right? you and i have been through this over on the hill. for example last month the kavanaugh hearings themselves, there's a huge room. there's a ton of reporters in there, we're actually as you know broadcasting live from the room when we can during breaks. very different scene tomorrow, much more i want to say closed off. it's just going to be a smaller group? >> reporter: yeah, it's actually going to be in the judiciary committee's regular room in the dirkson senate office building, which is significantly smaller than that grand big hearing room that the kavanaugh confirmation hearings were originally held earlier this month where there is room for hundreds or well over 100 reporters filming from almost every corner. this is a key request of dr. ford as the hearing negotiations are going on back and forth for several days last week. this is one of the initial requests that both the grassley side and dr. ford's team agreed on. so we're accommodating those requests. we know there's a lot of media interest in the story, but that is one part of this. i mean, there's a lot of --
7:52 am
clearly a lot of scrutiny on judge kavanaugh, a lot of people's attention on her as well, so it will be -- it will be a very different atmosphere in tomorrow's hearing, and it will be interesting to watch just how that kind of atmosphere affects just the sense and sentiment of the hearing. >> our reporting from our nbc news capitol hill team is there are a number of senators not on judiciary, they are clearing their calendars, clearing their schedule to be able to go in and watch this hearing, to be able to watch coverage of this hearing because they want to know what these two individuals have to say. so my question to you is this, there's new polling out today, npr, pbs marist poll showing overall more americans opposed kavanaugh's nomination than support him, but it's the inverse for republican voters specifically. so will public opinion, how do you see public opinion affecting some of those critical swing votes? >> reporter: the public opinion national -- brett kavanaugh has not been extremely popular in
7:53 am
national polling ever since he was nominated. i think a lot of that is the sustained democratic campaign against him. the base is clearly energized. they have pointed to him as a justice who could potentially overturn roe versus wade. the polling that may be going on in these state by states. a lot of the key votes are centered on maine, alaska, arizona, but also remember, west virginia, indiana, north dakota, how popular is brett kavanaugh there, and that's what ultima ultimately matters to the senators who have to vote on this nomination. there's been a trend in those ever since these allegations broke. i think the under water polling is something you have seen pretty much along the lines for a little bit now, but for the senators it really, especially for the key swing votes we're talking about, they're really looking at their own states. >> thank you both. sean interesting to see your reporting continuing on on rachel mitchell talking about how victims of sexual misconduct, sexual assault take
7:54 am
years sometimes to come forward. i appreciate you both joining us. 60 minutes have flown by, nina and jeff. we wrap up with more on what our sources say. what stories are you working on? what are your sources telling you? >> the first lady is going to be announcing at the united nations in the next hour the countries -- >> in about five minutes. >> the countries she'll be visiting had she goes to africa next week. her trip is going to be focused on children. this will be her first major international solo foray abroad, and it will be in africa, which has some countries that president trump, her husband, has disparaged. >> you are referring partly to the s-hole countries remark that he is alleged to have made. >> indeed. it might take a little focus away from what's going on in washington next week. might not, it's pretty far away. >> nina, what are your sources telling you? >> i think we can go back to the iran thing for a minute. the al monitor report today
7:55 am
talking about how saudi arabia has put up at least half a million dollars to stop the senate from holding back the administrations, allowing the saudis to participate in a nuclear program, and my colleague jeff stein down in washington has done a lot of reporting on this, which we know that the iranian -- the saudis have had they're following their own nuclear program, and that's something that nobody ever talks about, and i think it's something that this week is a good time to remember that. >> nina burleigh, we're going to be right back with today's big picture. ziest job, the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. it's like, hey, thats mine! i want to keep doing what i love. that's the retirement plan. with my annuity i know there's a guarantee.
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we are back with today's big picture. we thought we'd stick with the united nations. you are looking at the new zealand prime minister playing double duty. that is her 3-month-old baby girl. you might remember this, the new zealand leader here, got international attention. she gave birth while in office. that was history making in and of itself. now she's also making history as the first female head of state to bring her baby to the united nations general assembly. little baby girl even got her own diplomatic i.d. we love that picture. that's a cool moment. we'd love to hear your thoughts as always on facebook, snapchat and instagram. the president's fourth solo per
8:00 am
press conference of his administration. that will happen later this evening. we will see you there. craig melvin, a lot going on today. >> i love the shot of the day. thank you very much. >> special for you. good morning, craig melvin here, msnbc headquarters in new york city, final push in less than 24 hours, a hugely significant and nearly unprecedented hearing on capitol hill. brett kavanaugh and the woman accusing him on sexual assault both expected to answer questions. so how are members of the committee getting ready? who is the prosecutor republicans have brought in to ask questions, and will this contentious hearing actually make a difference? plus, presidential preview. in six hours as hallie just mentioned, president trump will be taking questions from reporters after days of high stakes meetings with world leaders. if all goes as planned, it will be his fourth solo press conference during his 614 days in office. and it's the economy, amid all this talk about the supreme court, russia, and political


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