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tv   MSNBC Live With David Gura  MSNBC  September 30, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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well nuts, it's past 2:00 p.m. david just take it. i'm late. >> thank you very much. we're continuing to watch the kavanaugh nomination. the fbi background check under way. we're getting mixed messages from the white house. president trump saying they have free rein to investigate whatever they need to. the scope of that investigation will be limited. kavanaugh and the gop, will the supreme court nominee help or hurt republicans come november and what the future of the party may look like if republicans go
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all in. he hasn't made it to the supreme court. >> i'm here tonight to tell you it was a con job orchestrated by the democrats and hillary clinton. i'm usually an optimist. i'm a keg is half full kind of guy. for what i've seen from the monsters make me want to puke and not from beer. >> president trump saying snl is no longer funny, no talent or charm. every someone a critic.
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white house official confirms to nbc news that investigators were told to steer clear of kavanaugh accuser julie swetnick. officials telling nbc that fbi has not received new instructions after the white house counsel limited the scope of the inquiry. also off limits, kavanaugh former classmate who is contradict him on stories about his alcohol consumption. jeff, get us up to speed. >> reporter: the white house the limiting the scope of the fbi investigation into the sexual assault assault allegations levelled against brett kavanaugh. the white house counsel office issued a specific witness list that does not include julie swetnick.
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president trump refuted our report which was backed up by similar reporting in the wall street journal. nbc news said it was limiting the fbi investigation and witnesses only to certain people. he sent that tweet after telling me on the south lawn yesterday that the fbi should have free rein to do whatever they have to do. two sources tell us, today, that his comments, that tweet, those have not changed the limits imposed by the white house counsel's office on the fbi investigation. the fbi has received no new instructions about how to proceed with this week long investigation. white house press secretary sarah sanders was asked about this very issue on one of sunday shows. here is what she said. >> the white house is not
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micromanaging this process. the senate is dictating the determines. >> do you know if the senate or white house is saying don't interview julie swetnick. >> that's a question you have to ask the senate. >> reporter: we asked the senate, the white house and fbi. i'm told by a senior u.s. official that the white house is the client in this process. that's how they are explaining it. this is not an fbi criminal invs. gai investigati investigation. it's a background investigation which the fbi is acting on behalf of the white house. they are in charge of it and there are concerns that it could, could determine or play a role in determining what if anything this fbi investigation turns up. >> driving the conversation today. jeff bennett, thank you very much. for more on this investigation i want to bring in jane. she's contributed to time
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magazine. dan, let me start with you and what jeff was talking about there. the white house has been described as the client. watching this unfold over the last 72 hours, there was uncertainty from the get-go. not everyone was clear what senator jeff flake was proposing. the confusion persists. who's in large of it, who's leading it? >> flstordinarily the fbi likes independence. likes to follow leads where ever they go. that's what they do in criminal investigatio investigations. their instinct is to find out what happened and canvas the country and find witnesses. it seems like there's some sense from the white house, perhaps not the the president that they want to limit this a little bit. it's a political process. not a criminal one. the usual rules don't apply.
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>> dan's describing the appetite to follow the path where ever it leads. i want to get your perspective as somebody who worked at fbi for 16 years, how they process. who is driving this investigation? >> this investigation will be lead from fbi headquarters which fields that pressure from the white house and the congress very directly. the agents who are doing the work, where this might being a problem, it's not unnatural to have a short time limit for a background investigation. if the criteria is that they have to keep going back to fbi headquarters and back to the white house or to congress every step of the investigation to get approval to proceed, that's going to very much delay the agents ability to follow up leads that come from one particular interview or one particular document search. that short week long process
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will be hard to fulfill if they have to go back and get approval for every step of the investigation. >> jay, i want to get a sense how this complicates the political process. you had senators from both sides of the aisle agreeing to this. amy klobuchar was on cnn state of yunion. let's listen. >> i'm consider concerned. the white house should not be allowed to micro manage an fbi investigation. i've never heard the white house either under this president or other presidents is saying you can't interview this person. you can't look at this time period. you can only look at these people from one side of the street from when they were growing up. come on. >> jay, this was an investigation, a deal that was brokered in part on good faith. i think they would say that's why they entered into it. they thought it would be carried out fully over the course of the week. how does this complicate things
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political l politically? >> it come plit indicate -- complicates it. it weakens the effect of the investigation. you have a lot of questions and a lot of democrats saying that a week isn't enough. what if they have more questions? what if the fbi comes back and says this witness is leading us to another witness, to somebody else. how are they able to follow up? are they able to follow up? are they able to have more time? what's really truncating this is politics. we're coming up right against the midterm elections. we're heading into october. we're heading into november elections. people want to be out campaigning. they don't want to be hear doing this. there's the sense of also politics intervening is there ever going to be enough investigation for democrats. the republicans keep saying you keep going on forever. there is certainly, i think, that even judge kavanaugh doesn't realize this threat from democrats. you heard from house democrats saying if we do potentially take back the house, if we take back
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the senate, we're going to keep going on this. we're going to keep investigating this even afterthe election because we don't believe he's fit to serve on this court and they could impeach him. >> you say the investigation is being driven from inside fbi headquarters. help me understand how prioritization works. we were talking about limitations a moment ago. clearly things the white house counsel wasn't interested in fbi looking into. what college classmates said about his drinking or perhaps the lies or the small lies that were told by the nominee when it came to drinking on capitol hill. how does the fbi determine where to go and what paths to take? >> here what we have is a situation where this nominee has been investigating multiple times in his previous government jobs. there's already a wealth of information the fbi has available to it. also, over the last six or eight
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weeks, as this has been a top news story, orvf course, people from the public have been call sbo into the fbi just as they have into the media. more likely people afraid of coming in publicly would report something to the fbi. these complaint forms have probably been piling up and probably in a normal situation give the fbi a pretty good road map where to look for information that might contradict judge kavanaugh's testimony. >> dan, i referred to the contradictions that took place between the fox news interview that the judge gave and what he said before the committee on thursday of this week when it came to drinking, that does amount to lying or changing one's story before this committee. what are the consequences of that? how rich a mind do you think for those opposing this nomination? >> i would argue it's important. the issue is what happened 36 years ago and do we have
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somebody with the character and fitness to be on the supreme court today. what he said about things that are not directly material to the main issue may be relevant for the political consideration of whether he's fit to be on the supreme court. there's a legal principle that the senators brought up that if you say one thing falsely, perhaps you're lying about something else. >> you're hearing from senator dianne feinstein, she was shocked by or displeased the wyp he presented himself. i know there are guidelines the federal judge has. dan, when you watch what unholded there, how much do you think that will be an issue going forward, the way he presented himself? >> on a human level, you can understand if somebody, nfin fa, believed he didn't do something. when i think of the u.s. supreme court, i don't think of the person i saw and that demeaner
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the way he dealt with the senators. there was a level of disrespect there in asking about their own drinking that i think crossed the line. there's a human element that i don't think we should forget about. >> what are we going to see at the end of this? seven days for this to run its course. there's been background investigations into judge brett kavanaugh before. what are senators going to see? i would estimate we're not going to see the final result of this but what will they see? >> i think they will be able to see quite a bit. the fbi has some institutional concerns here it has to worry about. the purpose of that background investigation is so the white house isn't surprised by new information coming out during a confirmation hearing. it's really important that they get it right this time and have information that can survive public scrutiny and the scrutiny of senators on both sides of the aisle who might have very different viewpoints in how they look at it.
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you see this horrible radical group of democrats. you see it right now.
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they are determined to take back power by using any means necessary. you see the meanness, the nastiness. they don't care who they hurt. >> that was president trump last night at a rally in west virginia. the re-opened background investigation is under way. the agency has been in touch with deborah ramirez already. the new york times supports that four witnesses will be questioned in the coming days. we discussed the investigation is limited in time and scope. all eyes are on four key senators. they say they are undecided. i want to put up a stwetweet as well. she flagging this. the fbi has not responded to
11:18 am
requests of christine blasey ford to do an interview. we have not heard from the fbi despite repeated requests to speak with them. jeff, let me start with you. i want to start about the out reach that's going on. we're focussed on the contours of the investigation. there's a political shop within the white house reaching out to some of those lawmakers to make sure they get the votes when all is said and done. what does that look like? >> i think the white house is keenly aware that the next week will be watched very closely by those lawmakers that you just referred to. the ultimate goal for president trump and advisers is to get jeff kavanaugh confirmed to become justice kavanaugh. they want the lawmakers who are waivering to feel heard and they want them to get to the conclusion that everything was done to ensure that the
11:19 am
information came out that was appropriate and that brett kavanaugh is not guilty of the charges that have been leh leve against him. >> jeff flake sit down with our friend and colleague. we have a clip of the interview. let's look at that. >> as i watched and part of me thought this is a man who believes that he did nothing wrong and he is completely unjustly accused and being railroaded and fur roious about. there were some lines he delivered that were sharper, more partisan, this is the clintons paying me back. this is a democratic smear campaign that i was surprised struck to hear from a judicial nominee. i'm not surprised to hear that from colleagues and on television. his anger got the best of him. >> the part he talked about the mention of the clintons i didn't like either. it seemed partisan.
11:20 am
i have to put myself in that spot. i think you get a little leeway there. >> emily, let me turn to you. what happened when jeff flake came back and the vote that followed. what does it say to you about the institution itself. when you look at those two guys who are friends as well as colleagues, how outside the norm are they today? what does it say about the state of the senate? >> they are quite a display of bipartisan friendship. i heard chris coons say he considered it a compromise to limit the fbi background check to one week. the idea of compromise, working across party lines. it seems rare indeed in this climate. even throughout the hearings there's hyper partisanship on display. there were democratic senators who didn't ask questions of dr. ford. there were republicans senators who didn't ask questions of
11:21 am
judge kavanaugh, just commended him. >> we'll know in limited way what's happening but in that political vacuum, what's going to be happening? do you anticipate we'll see more protests? what's the atmosphere going to be like in washington? >> i think we'll see a lot more of what we saw with jeff flake in the elevator with those protesters on friday. i think there's a lot of high emotions. there's a lot of people very angry and riled up on both sides of the aisle. they are hunting down senators in their various open buildings. the office buildings are open to the public. anybody can go in there and say i'm really unhappy with this. i'm unhappy with you. i think the senators will be facing a lot of that this week. that's understandable. this is as, you were saying earlier, an incredibly hyper partisan confirmation process. even the one that failed under
11:22 am
bush, all of them were these incredibly scripted events. these are totally new different kind of confirmation process. i do actually think that kavanaugh was correct in his opening statement saying the process is forever broken because it's so hyper partisan now and it's become the zero sum game that most of our politics has become. >> jeff bennett mentioned he got a few questions into the president. let's listen to one of those and the answer the president gave. >> i think it's fine. i think actually this could be a blessing in disguise because having the fbi go out and do a thorough investigation whether it's three days or seven days, i think it's going to be less than a week. having them do a thorough investigation, i actually think will be a blessing in disguise. it will be a good thing. i'll see you -- >> do you have a back up plan? >> i don't have any back up. i don't need a back up plan. i think he's going to be fine.
11:23 am
>> jeff to the first part of that. the president saying this could be a blessing in disguise. what do you make of that? like so many times during the last couple of years, we're trying to process what the president is thinking. what do you think he means by that? >> i think it's important note the republicans did not want an fbi investigation and the white house was not offering it until jeff flake intervened and the other democrats, along with -- jointly after having made that call led to the white house conceding on that. that said, i think what the president is referring to is perhaps from his point of view, the fbi investigation will confirm what judge kavanaugh has been saying and or give the democrats something to suggest, look, we have taken this seriously and you can stop pointing to that piece being missing. the piece of an investigation not having taken place. beyond that, it's just parsing what president trump says. i suspect that may be what he's referring to.
11:24 am
>> jay, let me turn to you in the last couple of minutes we have here. there were warnings about the ram any indicatiifications of t. you heard he's worried about the decades long ramifications of what's unfolded over the last few weeks. let's turn to the institutions. the institution of the senate and the supreme court as well. as you listen to folks in washington, d.c. today, how widely shared is that feeling? what's happened here has caused irrevocable damage to those institutions? >> there's huge concern from capitol hill and the judiciary about the damage this is doing and the damage it's done. i think you're going to see forever more in the future the way the supreme court justices are confirmed, a lot of different factors will be taken into consideration. previously these investigations did not sort of pre-metoo errors didn't include these potential accusations going back to high school and college. i think you're going to see a
11:25 am
real scrutiny and a real sort of on both sides of the aisle of a nominee for politics. they have looked at their politics but a nominee is so scripted and to have one come out and be so hyper partisan at this point is really potentially damaging to him but also to the process in itself because judges are expected to be impartial. they are expected to be impartial and it's going to be difficult for him to make that case moving forward no matter where he's judging. whether it's the federal court where he sits or supreme court. people asking are judges impartial. can they be in this era of hyper partisanship? it really does make for a lot of complications in our politics and courts because everything comes into question. the fairness of everything comes
11:26 am
into question. >> thank you very much. coming up, maverick move. the big question many people are asking. what persuadesed senator jeff flake to stun his republican colleagues by calling for that one week delay. i'll talk to a reporter who sat down with the arizona senator after that vote. down with the a after that vote.
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when you or your love one need it. rj you did a heroic thing. do you hope it works out in a bipartisan way ? >> i do. jeff flake is the hero. >> senator coons said what you did was heroic. >> no, he's the guy. >> chris coons and jeff flake, the two senators, one a democrat, one a republican, who were at the center of the drama on friday. senator flake said his vote was contingent on the fbi investigation. a lot of people are wondering what led senator flake to do that and what he thinks about the nominee after thursday's hearing. we have a keen insight into the senator's thinking. he sat down for an extended interview right after that important vote. it's good to have you with me.
11:31 am
let's start with what motivated him to do this. you describe him as being tired, not sleeping a lot before that vote. he was just unsettled. what does that mean? walk us through his thinking. >> what he told me is that on thursday night, the night before all of this went down, he barely slept. he was really torn on what to do. as of that next morning, friday morning, he had decided he was going to vote for kavanaugh. vote to confirm because he felt like there wasn't enough corroborating allegations against him. he said he was still unsettled and unsure of that decision. when he arrived at the committee hearing and he saw what he called the partisan food fight with republicans and democrats kind of at each other's throats. he described hearing from protesters. obviously being confronted by protesters, sexual assault survivors on the capital. watching cable news coverage. seeing pundits kind of go at
11:32 am
each other. the way he described it is he felt like the country was coming apart. the senate was coming apart at the seams. the thing that pushed him over the edge was chris coons. this democratic senator with whom he has a friendship, a good faith relationship, a sense of trust who he felt like he could deal with. flake said, you know, i felt like we had to do something to restore some semblance of credibility to the process so some people on the other side of the aisle say i don't like kavanaugh but i felt like the process was fair. >> we were riveted watching the footage of him being proemp eap by two women in the elevator, how much that affected him or if this was just pure jeff flake an institutionalist. >> i'd say two things. he did say the confrontation with those women struck a chord for him.
11:33 am
he described hearing from women in his life in the days leading up to this telling them their own stories about sexual assault and that meant a lot to him. i will say if we're trying to take any kind of lesson from this. i've seen some commentators on the left say this is evidence we need to berate these public officials more, get in their face. this is what changed his mind. i don't think there's anything wrong with protest but for jeff flake, at least, i think you got at it. the sense of institutional loyalty and the bipartisan respect he had with this one other democratic senator is what got him to change his mind. as we're going forward, we have to question whether what we're doing to the culture of the bipartisanship in washington in the senate and congress, if we want to have it possible for public servants to change their mind and come around to what ever you think is the right course.
11:34 am
>> you mentioned liberals. you mentioned democrats and i want to get your sense here of how open mind senator jeff flake has at this point in time. something he says is this. i'm a conservative. he's a conservative. i plan to support him unless they turn up something and they might. from the conversation you had with him of what he's looking for here over the course of the next week and when he gets that report from the federal bureau of investigation. >> i think this is important. people shouldn't get their hopes up too much here. jeff flake is a very conservative senator. he says he admires judge kavanau kavanaugh's judicial record. shares his philosophical world view. he's concerned about the allegations. he's eager the hear from mark judge judge. he wants the former friend of kavanaugh's who was part of this alleged assault. he wants to hear from him and he wants more details around
11:35 am
dr. ford's allegations and that experience to surface. flake did say that if there are new details that come out that seem to corroborate, he's open to changing his mind and voting no. as of now he's planning to vote yes unless the fbi surfaces new information that the troubis tro him. >> thank you very much for the time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. the hearing this week was emotional and astonishing. i'll talk to a lawmaker who was there in the room where it happened. in the room where it happened for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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welcome back. nbc now confirming that a member of christine blasey ford legal team said neither ford nor her lawyers have been contacted by the federal bureau of investigation by. she was in the room during that testimony on thursday. i want to get to the testimony itself in a minute. let me have your reaction to the news. there's been a lot of reporting about what investigators are able and not able to look at. your reaction to that news. the woman at the center of all of this has not been quacked c now. >> it's deeply troubling to me and it underscores what i believed from the moment this investigation was going to be undertaken. i worry it's going to be a fig leaf. it's not going to be a deliberative investigation. it's not going to be a
11:40 am
comprehensive investigation. rod rosenstein when contacted by both senator flakes and coons said he didn't know within a week they could come up with anything that the members didn't already know. this is a -- this is really a senate that's on trial and a democracy that's on trial. we have the lowest regard for these institutions. the congress, law enforcement, the judiciary now and our democracy really hangs in the cross hairs of this because there's not a lot of confidence in them if they feel that everything is rigged. >> another question here about the limitations we have learned are in place on this investigation. you and four of your colleagues sent a letter to the committee on this nomination. let me read bit from it. we ask that you postpone any votes only judge kavanaugh until a formal investigation is made into these troubling allegations as well as those of many julie
11:41 am
swetnick. there's an understanding here that sjulie swetnick will not b interviewed. your reaction to that. >> my reaction is they don't care about facts. they don't care about the fact this woman who is in obscurity had come forward, going to be confronted by an army of persons that wanted to do her harm both reputationally and otherwise and all she had was the truth to tell them. now they don't want to talk to her again. they don't want to talk to other individuals who might have been sexually assaulted or observe sexual assaults. there's 300,000 sexual assaults that occur in this country every year. 200,000 of them are never disclosed to the police. i think if women ever want to have a seat at the table, this is the time to speak up. women are telling the truth.
11:42 am
93 to 97% of the them tell the truth when they are sexually assaulted. why is it we are not believing dr. blasey ford? why she took a lie detector test and the judge did not and we're not demanding that the judge take a lie detector test. when does truth win out here in. >> i want to ask you about what motivated you to sit in that heari ining room on thursday? there aren't a lot of seats. why was it so important for you to be there and what was your reaction to what you heard from both of the witnesses on thursday? >> i wanted to be there because i believe strongly that women who come forward are telling the truth. dr. blasey ford wanted to be anonymous. someone leaked this out. she had no other choice but to do as she put it, her civic duty to come forward and speak truth to power. we have to make sure that the persons serve on our supreme
11:43 am
court are neutral arbitrators. they are not political hacks that move through the process. when you listen to judge kavanaugh in his rebuttal in this afternoon, all you heard was him throwing out the p preposterous thoughts this was clinton getting revenge. this was a woman who suffered with this trauma her entire life. you could hear it in her voice. even the president of the united states says she was credible. doesn't credible equal truth. i was there to say i believe her and i believe that women have a right to be heard and they have a right to be believed. >> you said a moment ago the senate is on trial at this point. how possible is it in your estimation for this nomination to go forward, for this to
11:44 am
proceed while that's happen somethi >> they have been a deliberative body. they were different from the house because it was more collegial. it was a consensus building situation like we saw with senator flake and coons. we have a situation where you don't need 60 votes to achieve cloture then especially for the se presu supreme court, it's going to be a total political environment. if anyone had doubts before as to whether or not the supreme court was unbiassed and independent, they're not going to believe that anymore when you have someone who is selected and then appointed and then confirmed who has a very strong bias and has a very strong bias against women. i think that came out loud and clear.
11:45 am
>> the senate has a direct say in this. they will vote on this nomination. i wonder what your out reach will look like. have you talked to susan collins or lisa murkowski? do you plan to? >> we're going to reeach out to them and try to persuade them. we're not going be persuasive to them. the only people that be be we are swasi-- persuasive are the in their state and the men in their state. we shouldn't underestimate men who saw this and were dumbfoundsed by what they saw and heard. >> thank you for the time. i appreciate it. coming up, kavanaugh and the gop. the big question heading into the midterms is whether the debate over the nomination help or hurt the republican party. another great moment on last night's snl with matt damon as judge brett kavanaugh.
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in our polarized society we live in today it's almost tribalized where half one of je everything we see we see through the lens of our jersey. >> that's senator ted cruz on the state of american politics today with midterm elections right around the corner judge kavanaugh's drawn out confirmation hearing has gambling at the ballot box. republicans could lose the house despite the momentum of judge kavanaugh's confirmation giving them a better chance of keeping control of the u.s. senate. so confirmed or not rjts, what affect will the kavanaugh hearings have on the republican party. joining me is margaret carlson. i want to start with your most recent column. you said what the country needs right now is some grace. after what we saw this week there was a lot of yelling, there were high emotions in that hearing room. where do you see that grace coming from in our politics today?
11:51 am
>> well, the only place i've seen it in the congress is between senator flake and senator coons. thanks goodness they did what they did, which is to get that investigation going because the display by the senate judiciary committee was as ugly as i've ever seen. certainly brett kavanaugh lost control of himself. the committee itself, you know, it's interesting, i wrote in the new york daily news today, you know, the republicans outsourced their manhood to a prosecutor from arizona, perfectly fine, but she was there only to use up their five minutes so that they didn't make fools of themselves towards dr. ford, but then when judge kavanaugh was there it's like they had a trapdoor under the prosecutor, she just disappeared and everything they didn't say during dr. ford they
11:52 am
said during judge kavanaugh, and there's no ad that's going to go out in this cycle of the midterms that is going to take away what was left with women, from both how angry judge kavanaugh was and how dismissive, you know, maybe when -- when dr. ford was on they actually human erred her. they didn't hear her, but the senate judiciary republicans did humor her, but once kavanaugh was on you could see it hadn't really made that big an impression on them. >> margaret, i want to get a sense of how republicans are going to use this confirmation battle during the next few weeks as they head to the november election. we know of the import of this nomination to republicans, it's something that president trump has talked an awful lot about, something he touts in speech after speech is getting neil gorsuch on to the u.s. supreme court. what's your sense of the way they're going to play this here going into november? >> well, certainly they're going to get their base because the supreme court seats were a huge
11:53 am
element in electing donald trump in the first place, but looking at the president in west virginia last night, you could see, you know, that in west virginia won by 40 something points. senator manchin is running against the attorney general. senator manchin was ahead in the race pretty -- you know, had a comfortable margin because the attorney general has joined with other attorney generals to sue the federal government to gut what's left of obamacare. no place needs healthcare, especially for preexisting conditions, like west virginia and that was putting manchin ahead, but now they're going to use this against him if he happens to vote against kavanaugh. we don't know yet. but he won by -- trump won by 40 points and i assume -- i haven't seen any polls, but that probably 70/30 that west virginianess are for trump and for kavanaugh. so this is quite a dilemma. in states like this that's
11:54 am
what's going to be used, that very -- those ads are going to go up. but as i said earlier, think about what more people than have watched super bowls, i think, some huge number of people saw that hearing and i'm not sure the ads are going to counter act that, especially among women. >> i want to go to west virginia now. the president was there last night speaking in wheeling, west virginia. let's take a listen to some of what he had to say during that rally. >> you see what's going on. you see this horrible, horrible radical group of democrats. you see it happening right now. and they're determined to take back power by using any means necessary. you see the meanness, the nastiness. they don't care who they hurt. who they have to run over in order to get power and control, that's what they want is power
11:55 am
and control. we're not going to give it to them. we're going to keep it running the way it's been running. >> i want to get your reaction to that, the president there talking about determination. you've written about how we saw the players and the proxies in the hearing on thursday. talk a bit about that, your reaction to what the president had to say. >> well, you know, he went through all of his favorites, you know, the wall and everything else, and then he did this. as you saw, there's no poll there that i know of about how the kavanaugh vote is going to be taken in west virginia, but certainly that crowd was loudly in favor of trump and kavanaugh. so it's kind of perilous. you know, what struck me was right after the hearing trump says that she was credible and it was compelling and then he goes to west virginia and it's completely the opposite way.
11:56 am
so, you know, trump -- trump goes with the last thing he saw. the last thing he saw was kavanaugh so he's with kavanaugh. so i think we have a few shoes to drop before the midterms. >> margaret, great to speak with you. >> thanks, david. coming up in our next hour we will have much more on the fbi investigation into brett kavanaugh and the effects it could have on his nomination to the supreme court. plus the latest on deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, still waiting on that meeting with president trump. you're watching msnbc. meeting with president trump you're watching msnbc.
11:57 am
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welcome back. i'm david gura at msnbc headquarters in new york. no contact, the fbi has not contacted christine blasey ford or her lawyers. what does that say about the fbi background investigation into judge brett kavanaugh? delayed again. that meeting between president trump and embattled deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was set to take place this week, the white house now says that meeting may be on the back burner. and kavanaugh comedy, some late night laughs at the expense of judge kavanaugh courtesy of "saturday night live." >> dr. ford has no evidence. none. mean while, i've got these. i've got these calendars. these beautiful creepy calendars.


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