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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  September 30, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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twitter @oaengle. we're back after the midterm elections that could determine not only the future of our politics, but also the outcome of the mueller investigation. it should be exciting and important. thank you for watching. good night from us from houston. >> drain the swamp! >> donald trump is a guy who likes to talk about the swamp. paul manifort is the guy who invented the swamp. >> he rewrote the rules in washington. >> considered one of the smartest and most abled people in the republican party. >> before taking his bare knuckle brand of politics overseas. >> he refused paydays working for foreign leaders and politicians who at least had
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savory reputations. >> then a high-profile return to american politics, running donald trump's campaign. >> paul had great success with reagan and with bush and with ford, and, you know, great success. >> i've known trump three years, and we talked about the need to bring in additional people. he listened. he reached out. >> he couldn't escape the past. >> he was wanted for committing bank fraud. >> or his ties to russia. >> he was indebted to a russian oligarch who is close to president putin. >> after convictions on bank and tax fraud and time in jail, a stunning reversal for the former trump insider. paul manafort agreed to cooperate fully with robert mueller's russian probe. >> huge, capitalized, h-u-g-e. >> what does manafort know and what's it mean for president
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trump? >> he's not making a deal where manaford pleads guilty to two charges unless there's something significant to offer. >> again, the rise and spe spectacular fall of paul manafort. >> he may be the biggest threat to donald trump's presidency. >> paul manafort was probably one of the most connected political strategists in the last four years. the amount of information that he potentially has against the president of the united states and probably many others involving possible conspiracy with the russians to hack our election, tax crimes, election crimes, it's incalculabe.
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>> he was convicted of bank and tax fraud in a case that avoided touching directly on the mueller probe. not only pleading guilty to two criminal charges, but agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors probing what president trump did or didn't know about russian interference in the 2016 election. >> tough day for mr. manafort, but accepted responsibility. >> paul manafort is significant in this moment in history because he may represent a critical part of the investigation of donald trump and the russian effort to influence the 2016 election. >> what were paul manafort's contacts and communications with russians during the campaign? i think there's smoke there. and we'll have to find out from the special counsel whether
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there's fire. >> during the nearly five month period that paul manafort worked on the trump campaign, he was close to the center of power, organizing and directing the republican national convention for the future president and attending a now notorious june 2016 trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer, reportedly offering compromising information about hillary clinton. >> that meeting could be at the heart of the conspiracy case involving collusion with the russian election interference. >> manafort may have inside information on financial contacts that donald trump may have with the russians. i think watergate, at the end of the day, compared to this, is quaint and pedestrian. >> as one of the big questions for paul manafort, he's so smart, able, adept, socially, politically, intellectually, yet
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he heads towards trouble literally personally himself sitting in a jail cell as we speak. >> it's a traumatic take down of a man who changed long standing motions about lobbying and political consultantcy, becoming one of the most influential figures inside the beltway. >> paul manafort is an incredibly important figure in the history of washington. he's changed the definition of what is acceptable behavior in washington, and donald trump is the guy who likes to talk about the swamp. well, paul manafort is the guy who invented the swamp. >> long before he worked on the trump campaign, manafort consulted and organized delegates for a generation of republican presidential candidates. among them, ronald reagan and george h.w. bush. >> paul's had great success with reagan and with bush and with ford and, you know, just great
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success. >> when you had a convention or a fight, it is the guy you wanted with you on your side. he was the guy that could figure out a strategy. >> people were drawn to him in politics. he operated by his own rules, and he operated in the universe of paul manafort. >> manafort's influence extended far outside the u.s. borders. in the former soviet union, he worked with the most powerful oligarchs linked to russian president vladimir putin. >> we don't know if there's a collusion, but if he was, it stands to conclude that he was in the middle of it because he has all the russian connections. >> did your client get a fair trial? >> in august after a trial in virginia, the verdict on bank and tax fraud made him the first trump associate found guilty in
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mueller's probe. >> he happens to be a very good person, and i think it's very sad what they've done to paul manafort, thank you very much. >> reporter: but the president appeared to believe that manafort would never betray him by cooperating with the special counsel. in one tweet, trump referred to his former campaign chair as a brave man who wouldn't break. >> by calling manafort brave and the guy who would not flip or break, donald trump may have been urging his former campaign chairman to stand strong, hang in there, take his lumps, and wait for a party. >> i think that donald trump thought that paul manafort was going to do a good fella, not talk the law, not be a snitch. >> with his guilty plea, manafort joined a growing roster of one-time trump allies, cooperating with investigators. >> the list of cooperators is
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significant and it's growing, and any investigation at the federal level, it's like building a wall. each brick is important, and at some point, the wall has so many bricks that it's almost inpenetrateble. coming up -- >> we continue the witch hunt, thank you very much. >> as it grows tighter around donald trump, prosecutors examine the life and deed of paul manafort. >> paul learned politics with his father and absorbed it. wit his father and absorbed it you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills?
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washington, d.c. in the early 1970s, while other students were protesting the vietnam war, paul manafort was studying business and law at georgetown university, and angling to find a place for himself in the republican party. >> young republican elections were knocked down, drag out
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fights, and manafort was the master of this universe. he teamed up with a guy named roger stone who is going to be a recuring character in the manafort story and the story of donald trump. >> with manafort and stone, he became president of the young republicans, establishing the two as potential king makers. >> paul manafort came out of the womb as an operator. >> before his journey to washington, manafort's story began here in new britton, connecticut in 1949. >> new britton a known as the hardware state, the home of black and decker, very hard scrabble place. >> still, paul's grandfather, an italian immigrant, thrived here, starting manafort brothers, a demolition company that became a construction power house receiving government contracts
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to build roadways and railway stations. the family name can also be seen here, a tribute to paul manafort's father, former mayor, paul manafort, sr. >> his father was a back-slapping politician, but he also liked to stoke people's resentments and rail against the vietnam war protesters or the hippies. you could even say in some ways his father foreshadowed the politics of donald trump. >> and like president trump, the senior manafort was a controversial figure, charged with, among other misdeeds, perjury for allegedly providing false testimony in a municipal corruption investigation tied to the mob. >> he was never convicted, but early on, you see paul manafort having exposure who what happens when you get close to the legal line, but also saying that it doesn't necessarily end a career. >> on the surface, though, the
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younger manafort appeared to be playing by the rules. at the 1976 republican national convention, manafort, just two years after receiving his law degree from georgetown, helped president ford win a bruising primary battle with former california governor ronald reagan. >> the inner workings of the convention, he understood, gathering delegates and getting their equipme their commitments and predict political drama in advance. he was so good, he was called the count. >> there will be no more betrayal of allies and friends of the united states government. >> as the reagan revolution began in 1980, manafort and his pal, roger stone, became integral parts of the campaign with stone organizing for the giver in the northeast. paul manafort coordinated the southern plank, achieving the
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types of results that would prompt other candidates to seek them out in future elections. >> there was no dispute paul manafort was very good of what he did. >> the year of reagan's election, manafort and stone opened a lobbying firm, tempering their brash exuberance by partnering with charlie barak, and established republican operative. from the beginning, brack, manafort, and stone seemed committed to breaking the time honored tradition of the nation's capital. >> previously, law firms typically did lobbying, political consultant shops did political consulting then. there was a separation between the two. there's few things paul manafort did that were extremely innovating in the lobbying industry. the first was he married a political consulting firm with a lobbying firm so that he could essentially help elect people and then go back and lobby those same people who he had helped
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elect. >> when you elect somebody to office, you know them intimately, and they owe you a big debt, and so when you come asking a favor on behalf of a big corporate client, they are much more likely to do it. >> among those corporate clients, bethlehem steel, johnson and johnson, and the tobacco institute. >> blackstone and manafort were known for their swagger, driving big cars, wearing fancy suits, and they let everyone know they were earning a ton of money. >> in 1984 the same year they helped president reagan get re-elected, the firm broke another precedent, adding a partner, a democrat. >> peter kelly often gets overlooked, but he was former finance chair of the dnc. it's the first real bipartisan lobbying firm. >> washington was a place that tended to have republican firms and democratic firms, but their strategy is, we're going to
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become the one-stop shop for everything. >> america's best days are yet to come. and i know it bothers my opponent very much, but i'm going to say it anyway, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> it was an intoxicating environment because he was charismat charismatic, smart, and he wanted to do it all, he wanted to help make history. >> but manafort never could have imagined that a generation later, he'd still be making history, but without the glory or the glamour. coming up -- >> there's an irony in paul manafort's story because he essentially had been doing this stuff for years and got away with it. r years and got away with it. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch.
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after establishing himself as an indispensable republican political consultant and lobbyist, paul manafort began shifting his attention abroad. >> that's when he kind of had an epiphany, hey, i can make more money with less attention if i
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apply my traed ov-- trade overseas. >> this took him to places like the philippines where in the mid-1980s, protesters citing the long time dictator record of human rights abuses and corruption, were calling for his answer. with manafort's health, there was new elections, staving off his removal until 1986. >> paulman ford was an early practitioner of consulting and lobbying, combining the two like he did in the united states, and making a fortune in the process. >> manafort reaped huge paydays working for foreign leaders and politicians who in the very least had unsavory reputations. >> angola where civil war raged for more than 25 years, manafort was hired by the rebel leader
8:22 pm
who was at war with the country's left leaning government. >> this is a guy who didn't hesitate to kill women and children who spread land mines like crazy, and killed hundreds of thousands of people in the course of perpetuating a civil war. >> creating a reputation and creating a heroic picture of this african rebel trained, and he was eventually welcomed at the white house. >> during the next decade, as the soviet union splintered, a notorious group of billionaires began to exert power. >> when the soviet union fell, there was a ton of money sloshing in eastern europe, controlled by just a handful of the oligarchs capitalizing on privatization of industries. >> eventually, manafort
8:23 pm
befriended an oligarch viewed as the proverbial golden goose. >> he was one who was close to vladimir putin. >> acquired wealth in the bloody battle for control of the country's aluminum industry in the 1990s. >> paul manafort helps out this man who is constantly, over the past couple of decades, seeking influence and access to the united states. >> in fact, before the 2008 presidential election, manafort arranged a meeting with him john mccain. at the time, manafort hoped to fight a major role in that campaign. >> when public reports revealed that presidential candidate john mccain met an oligarch close to putin, mccain hits the roof, and the curtains were paul manafort
8:24 pm
and the mccain campaign. >> but they remained close. with the billionaire investing in a number of manafort business projects, with the endorsement of he and other like-minded oligarchs, he began working extensively for a ukrainian politici politician. >> this is a former coal trucking administrator convicted twice of assault as a young man. >> after the 2004 presidential election in the former soviet republic of ukraine, he was accused of voter fraud as well as a conspiracy to poison his opponent, victor, with dioxcin. >> he was sent packing, didn't look like he had a political future, and manafort rehabilitated. >> he came from a rough part of the country and dressed very
8:25 pm
much like a mob boss, and manafort came in and made him, essentially, ready for tv. paul manafort took a great deal of pride in his appearance including his suit, jackets, and most particularly, his magnificent hair. many people i talked to in ukraine thought that he actually modelled victor's hair after his. his victory in the 2010 presidential election in ukraine was stunning. it's not an underestimation to say that paul manafort almost single handedly resuscitated this man's career. >> when he took power, his key opponent was sent to prison. manafort aided his client by planting stories depicting as an antisemite and murder while she was being beaten and tortured behind bars. in 2014, demonstrators gathered
8:26 pm
to rail against him. >> he was going to sign a deal with russia. and so ukraine wanted to move further from russia's fear of influence, went to the streets, and it went from a street protest to full-blown revolution in a matter of days. >> people were gunned down, 100 overall. >> in the backlash that followed, he fled to russia. >> the loss of the client met the loss of millions of dollars. >> suddenly, manafort found himself cash poor. >> when the source of the money in ukraine dried up, he was then running into committing bank fraud in various ways to make his finances last longer. >> to make matters worse, the
8:27 pm
oligarch demanded an accounting for the $18.9 million invested in a telecommunications company with manafort. when he attempted to contact manafort, he reportedly refused to respond. coming up -- >> he was in debt to a powerful russian oligarch, which would make anyone worried about how you're going to get money back to pay this person back. >> as manafort attempted to change his fate, he looked back to the united states and a long shot presidential candidate. >> we will make america great again. we will make america gre again. alright, i brought in new max protein
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here's the top stories, fbi spoke with brett kavanaugh and accuser ramirez into the investigation of kavanaugh's background. they told nbc news there was a list of witnesses that she says can corroborate her claims. the u.s. and canada reached a last minute deal to keep the
8:31 pm
free trade agreement in tact according to sources familiar with it. this new deal comes weeks after the u.s. agreed to revisions to the agreement with mexico. now pack to "headliners: paul manafort." for nearly a decade, ukrainian president was paul manafort's main client and a highly lucrative one. but manafort's revenue stream slowed to a trickle when the pro-russian was forced from power. >> his income dropped dramatically to the point where it was very difficult for him to maintain this very luxury lavish live style. >> by 2014, it was a lifestyle manafort, his wife of 35 years, and two adult daughters had grown accustomed to. the consultant owned several
8:32 pm
luxury properties in virginia, florida, and new york. he also indulged a flair for expensive clothes, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on tailored suits at designer shops. text messages allegedly hacked from the phone of manafort's daughter, andrea, reveal manafort was even paying the bills for a mistress. >> andrea manafort's text messages show that the family had confronted paul manafort about having an affair, and they believed that manafort was paying for his mistress's rent and also credit card bill just adding more to the financial and emotional burden that was collapsing around him during this time period. >> he had some period of depression and hopelessness, and he needed help. the only way he felt like he could hold on to his family was to follow his family's advice and check himself into a clinic.
8:33 pm
>> that clinic, according to texts allegedly sent by andrea manafort, was a treatment facility in arizona. >> manafort, exiting the clinic, claims to be a re-born man, presenting himself to his family as a guy who had his act back together. he might have come out of this rehab center with a renewed sense of self-awareness, but by that time, he was so deep in financial trouble that there was almost no way he could get out. >> wow! amazing. amazing. >> then in a political turn you saw coming, by the spring of 2016, donald trump had broken out of the republican pact and was closing in on the presidential nomination. >> we are going to make america
8:34 pm
great again. >> manafort was a long time acquaintance of trump and even owned an apartment in new york's trump tower. he reached out to an intermediary for the trump campaign, and in spite of his financial straits, manafort offered to counsel the candidate for free. >> my sources tell me that manafort thought that if he could present himself as a peer to trump, an equal, someone of means and lived a lavish lifestyle, that trump might see him more as someone willing to take advice from. >> in march of 2016, trump asked manafort to join the campaign. >> i've known trump of 30 years, and when somebody started talking about the need to bring in additional people to deal with this process, friends from not the political realm, even, he listened, and then he reached out. >> manafort was back in the spotlight, but few around him
8:35 pm
knew he was in desperate need of millions of cash, just to stay afloat. to that end, as prosecutors would later discover, manafort had been submitting fraudulent loan applications to several banks, which would ultimately net him $20 million in loans. >> you'd think he could have just sold off some assets or changed his lifestyle to be spending less, but the fact that he didn't really shows just how much a part of his identity this high flying lifestyle had become. >> soon after joining the campaign, manafort reportedly e-mailed an intermediary for the russian oligarch still looking to know what happened to his nearly $19 million investment with manafort. >> once manafort started working for trump, there were messages that he sent back to make sure that he knew that he was now in this position of influence. >> and there's this phrase where
8:36 pm
manafort says, how do we use this to get hold? so, clearly, on his mind, the idea of leveraging his access to trump to solve this goodness problem that he had. >> and then he persisted in that, suggesting at one point, i would provide him private briefings on the state of the campaign. >> working for trump, manafort showed his talents for counting delegates and convention planning. >> we're going to bwin. we're going to win before clinton. >> you're confident you're going to win? >> i wouldn't be saying it if i wasn't. >> in may, offered the job of campaign chairman. his right hand man, rick gates, joined the campaign as deputy chairman. >> paul manafort had an enormous influence on that campaign in both professionalizing, developing strategy for issues on which to concentrate,
8:37 pm
straits, travel, and where the candidate should go, how to make sure he had sufficient delegates in his corner to secure the nomination. >> but manafort may be remembered more for his presence at the now notorious trump power meeting in june of 2016. those in attendance included manafort, donald trump, jr., jared kushner, and the russian lawyer. just what happened in the meeting may be at the core of robert mueller's russian investigation. >> this is a meeting where russian lawyers came with the promise of incriminating information about hillary clinton. paul manafort is somebody who spent considerable time in moscow and is incredibly well-versed in the politics of the region, and to if anybody in that room should have said, you know what, let's cancel this,
8:38 pm
set off alarm bells, it would have been paul manafort, but there's no evidence he had discomfort whatsoever with that meeting. >> in july at the republican national convention in cleveland, manafort's skills and delegate counting helped ensure a victory for donald trump. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> there was speculation manafort may have influenced another outcome of the convention as well. a curious amendment to the republican platform. >> during the convention, there's a subtle change in the party's platform. >> the amendment which targeted america's policy towards ukraine, originally demanded the u.s. provide ukraine with lethal defensive weapons to fight russian aggression. after the change, the language was softened to offering ukraine
8:39 pm
just appropriate assistance. >> and there's a strong belief and suggestion since manafort was clintoned with ukraine for so many years, that he might have been part of this effort, yet, paul manafort denied at the time that he had knowledge of and participated in this change in the platform. >> in august, manafort's job as campaign chairman was thrown in jeopardy. the "new york times" revealed a ledger found in ukraine listing millions of dollars in cash payments to manafort between 2007 and 2012. >> paul manafort denies it, says he's never accepted illicit off the book funds from this ukrainian political party. >> and it got to a point where this scrutiny was so great that trump essentially had to let him go, although, i believe technically manafort resigned, but it was really a pushout.
8:40 pm
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ after reports surfaced of paul manafort's work for a pro-russian party in ukraine, he was forced to resign from donald trump's presidential campaign. in august 2016. >> instead of becoming the biggest player in trump's washington, he becomes a big villain, the epicenter of the growing attention on the relationship between donald trump and russia. >> as questions of russian interference and possible
8:44 pm
collusion continue to grow, former fbi director robert mueller was named special counsel. >> if your mandate was to look at possible collusion, one of the first places you'd look is the campaign chair, the top adviser to a candidate who is, himself, connected financially and personally to the kremlin. >> early on the morning of july 26, 2017, authorities raided one of manafort's home, this upscale apartment in alexandria, virginia. >> the fbi executed a number of search warrants against paul manafort, and they also identified a storage unit where he kept some materials that they also searched. >> those materials and others led to the first charges brought by the mueller probe, a 12-count indictment against paul manafort and his business partner, rick gates. >> the 12 counts against him include conspiracy against the united states, money laundering,
8:45 pm
and failure to report foreign bank accounts. >> this announcement has nothing to do with the president or the president's campaign or campaign activities. manafort pled not guilty, confined to house arrest in al exandrea, the master of shaping public passenger, attempted his own makeover through mr. downing. >> mr. manafort represented pro-european union campaigns. he was seeking to further democracy and to help the ukraine come closer to the united states and the eu. >> while manafort refused to cooperate, rick gates did, agreeing to a plea deal after additional charges of tax and bank fraud were filed in february 2018. manafort's one-time protege would cooperate with government prosecutors and testify against his former mentor. though he lost rick gates as an ally, manafort tried to contact
8:46 pm
other witnesses through a third party while he was under house arrest. >> he reached out to try to convince potential witnesses to get their stories straight, according to mueller, that said that amounted to witness tampering. >> and as a result of the witness tampering allegations, manafort was actually remanded to prison in june. that's powerful evidence of what the prosecutors called consciousness of guilt. if you were trying to get witnesses to change their testimony, you are trying to hide something. >> because the charges against manafort stemmed from activity in virginia and washington, he faced separate trials in both suburban alexandrialexandria an capital. >> in july 2018, the first trial began in alexandria where the defendant sat before a jury of six women and six men. >> paul manafort is a guy who has swagger, who understands how to project an image, and when he would walk into court and flash
8:47 pm
a smile at the jury and he'd sit down, and you'd orchestrate his defense team, it was just a magic that comes with paul manafort. >> prosecutors laid out their case for tax and bank fraud. manafort, they alleged, laundered $30 million in income from ukraine through offshore accounts in places like cypress. he then used that money to fund his opulant lifestyle in the united states. the jury learned in 2012 alone, paul manafort spent 6.4 million on three new homes. a house in arlington, virginia, a town home in manhattan, and another brown stone. he also spent millions more, prosecution claims, on luxury cars, antiques, watches, and custom suits. >> perhaps the most prized
8:48 pm
possession, a jacket made of ostrich skin costing $15,000. >> that was really the thing that was, i think, most highlighted in the first trial was the opulance of the jacket, the stay in the hamptons, all the expenditures. >> prosecutors also pointed to the $20 million in fraudulent bank loans manafort secured when his income ran out. >> he in one case went so far to offer high up bank employee a job in the trump administration in exchange for giving him a loan, but he would not otherwise have gotten. >> the jury heard from a string of government witnesses, most notab notably, manafort's former business partner, rick gates. >> mr. gates would display what i considered nervous gestures. he would squeeze his eyes shut tight and open them. he seemed nervous, and at no time did i ever see him turn his
8:49 pm
head to look at mr. manafort. >> the defense called no witnesses, having done their best to undermine rick gates throughout the trial. >> what they tried to do is to setup rick gates essentially as the fall guy, the guy who was under pressure who really committed all the crimes, and, ultimately, tried to cut a deal with the prosecution. >> on august 15th, the case went to the jury. paul manafort's fate was now in the hands of 12 ordinary americans. >> day one of deliberations is history, and the manafort trial -- >> the jury wrapped up day two of deliberations. they'll be back at work on monday morning. >> and meanwhile, of course, we're still waiting on the jury and his first federal felony trial. >> after three days, the jury was still locked in deliberations. >> tensions start to bid, and the longer they go, the more your mind begins to wonder, you know, what's going to happen here. it looked like a slam dunk case,
8:50 pm
but maybe these jurors were reading it differently. coming up -- >> manafort was there. those events could all lead to a conspiracy with the russians.
8:51 pm
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8:53 pm
on the afternoon of august 21, 2018, after four days of deliberations the jury in paul manafort's tax and bank fraud trial return to the courtroom. >> the deputy clerk who then started reading off the verdict, it said count one, which is tax fraud, guilty. and i was looking right at paul manafort and he showed very little emotion. but i did notice that he took a big gulp and wallowed quite hard. >> manafort was convicted of seven more counts including filing false tax returns, failure to disclose a foreign bank account and bank fraud. his likely prison sentence, 8 to
8:54 pm
10 years. >> mr. manafort got a fair trail. we have a lot to evaluate in terms of the outcome today but we will do it in a thoughtful manner. >> the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the other ten counts after a loan juror refused to convict. >> to the other 11 of us it was an obvious guilt on all 18 counts, and the one hold out made it ten counts. we really wanted to be able to reach a verdict on all 18 counts. it caused some tears in a couple of people. i mean, it's just a very emotional thing. >> moments after news of the manafort verdict another thunderbolt. >> today as you heard michael cohen pled guilty to eight felony charges. >> in a new york courtroom michael cohen, the president's former personal attorney, pleaded guilty to bank and tax
8:55 pm
fraud and campaign finance violations. >> it's extraordinary that you have two people in the inner orbit of trump, one found guilty and the other one pleading guilty within minutes in separate courtrooms. >> mr. president, what about michael cohen? mr. president, any comment on michael cohen? >> as the white house down-played the significance of the two cases, paul manafort's second trial in washington, d.c. loomed. on friday, september 14th with jury selection just days away, a stunning announcement. >> major breaking news this hour in the mueller investigation. president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort pleading guilty today to two charges. >> paul manafort reached a plea deal with prosecutors agreeing to cooperate fully and truthfully in the special counsel's probe. the former trump insider pleaded
8:56 pm
guilty to two charges, conspiracy against the united states and conspiracy to obstruct justice. >> the conspiracy against the united states charge encompassed the bank fraud, tax fraud. the obstruction count had to do with his alleged witness tampering more recently where he reached out to witnesses to get them to change their stories. >> it deal required manafort to forfeit ill-gotten gains made through his garage lnt schemes. five new york properties in total, including his new york trump tower condo. manafort also agreed to hand over funds from three bank accounts and a life insurance policy. all told the values of his forfeitures reportedly between 42 and $46 million. and manafort pledged to share any and all information of interest to prosecutors, waiving his right to counsel during
8:57 pm
interviews. he also agreed to testify for the government in court and even to participate in undercover activities. a major victory for the mueller team. >> huge. and i would capitalize h-u-g-e and add four exclamation points. >> of interest to prosecutors manafort's tucrump tower meetin in 2016. >> before, during and after, those events could all lead to a conspiracy with the russians to affect our democratic process. that's against the law. >> mueller's team may also ask about manafort's attempts during the trump campaign to reach oleg deripaska, the alleged oligarch seeking information on a missing nearly $19 million he invested with manafort. >> during the campaign he was offering that man private
8:58 pm
briefings. he was in debt to this russian oligarch. what did that all mean, and what was he willing to do for these russians while he was chairman of the trump campaign? >> tough day for mr. manafort, but he's accepted responsibility, and he wanted to make sure that his family was able to remain safe and live a good life. >> i will tell you this, i believe that he will tell the truth. and if he tells the truth, no problem. >> manafort's cooperation may, however, save the 69-year-old husband and father from spending what could be the rest of his life in prison. >> it's doubtful that he's going to get the 10 or 15 years he was looking at if convicted on all charges in both trials. >> i predicted at the end of the day paul manafort will probably end up with six years. if that happens and he doesn't lie and cheat and hold back and is truthful. >> a sensational fall from grace
8:59 pm
for the political operative with tremendous talents and personal ambitions, but perhaps even greater grief. >> what is it about such a smart guy that directs him to trump? is he lacking a moral compass? is he seduced by money? this guy who grew up in new britain, connecticut, and flies to the top of the political world is drawn consistently to seeking financial reward. >> to see a guy who was once the face of a high-flying swaggering industry reduced to a broke and kind of desperate figure in a way is tragic and almost shakespearean. >> it's painful to watch. it's awful. >> he still has a lot of friends. he has people who are hoping for the best for him. he has people who are praying for him. >> he's sitting in jail and
9:00 pm
technically he's unemployed, but he is the de facto employee of the united states of america. he is on the government's team. he is all in, and he will do what he has to do truthfully to help himself. it's a very complicated story and why am i in the middle of it. >> the if fms trump tower meeting, it's consumed washington for more than a year. now the man who holds the key to how it all happened shares new details. >> it was a dirty offer that they accepted. >> yes, that is true. >> is the meeting the special counsel's best evidence of possible collusion between the campaign and russia? we go inside the room with a first-hand account. >>


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