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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 2, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ a raucous rally in tennessee. president trump claims democrats opposed to brett kavanagh's supreme court nomination are trying to burn down our future and slams a couple of potential 2020 challengers. plus, new text messages obtained by nbc suggest brett kavanagh was communicating behind the scenes with friends about what accusers claim before it became public. in the russia probe, new reporting that president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort has sat down with special counsel robert mueller. ♪ good morning, everyone.
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it is tuesday, october 2nd. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside hallie jackson. president trump rallied in tennessee last night and accused democrats of trying to sink brett kavanagh's nomination. >> this election is a choice between a republican party that is building our future and a democrat party that is trying to burn our future down. the democrats only know how to obstruct, demolish and destroy, as we've seen in recent weeks. democrats are willing to do anything and to hurt anyone to get their way, like they're doing with judge kavanagh. they've been trying to destroy him since the very first second he was announced, because they know that judge kavanagh will follow the constitution as written. and he's a good man, great
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student, great intellect, never had a problem. all of a sudden, oh, let's go back to high school. and then they want to take a lot longer with the fbi. no, the fbi they should take -- by the way, if we took ten years, they'd want more time. but they want to take a lot longer. but diane feinstein, she had this -- she had this letter for months and she didn't reveal it until everything was finished. then she says, oh, we want more time. let's see how it all works out. but i tell you what, they're trying to destroy a very fine person and we can't let it happen. we can't let it happen. >> so plenty the president wanted to get off his chest overnight. he says he has no problem letting the fbi expand its investigation into those sexual misconduct allegations against kavanaugh after the white house came under fire for limiting the scope of it. >> what i said is, let the
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senate decide whatever they want to do is okay with me and also the fbi. i think the fbi should do what they have to do to get to the answer. >> so we're now told the white house has given the green light to investigators to interview anyone they think is necessary. here's the catch, the review has to still be wrapped up by the end of the week. sources tell the "washington post" the fbi will not look into kavanaugh's drinking in his younger years or examine the statements he made about drinking during his testimony to see if those answers were accurate or misleading. the fbi has questioned the four witnesses the white house originally directed the fbi to talk with. those people include mark judge, patrick pj smith, leland keyser and debra ramirez. >> the judge and his team were
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communicating behind the scenes with friends to refute the claim, this according to text messages obtained by nbc news. text messages between friends of kavanaugh suggest that he was personally talking with former classmates about ramirez's story in advance of the new yorker article that made her allegation public. in fact, in one message kavanaugh asked her to go on the record in his defense. two others show communication between kavanaugh's team and former classmates in advance of this story. bertram has twice send a memo about the texts to the fbi and has yet to hear a response, this according to her lawyer. two days after ramirez's allegations were reported in now public transcripts from an interview with republican judiciary committee staff, kavanaugh claimed it was ramirez calling around to classmates trying to see if they remembered it.
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the texts also reveal kavanaugh and ramirez were more socially connected than previously thought and ramirez was uncomfortable around kavanaugh when they saw each other at a wedding ten years after they graduated. >> what's the deal with senator majority leader mitch mcconnell. gone are phrases like plow right through it to get the vote on the floor. instead mcconnell finds himself needing to walk the line on timing here to keep three republicans in the fold. they want this fbi investigation to run its course this week, but that could complicate mcconnell's plans to wrap up debate by the middle of the week to force a vote as early as friday. >> judge kavanagh's nomination is out of committee. we're considering it here on the floor. a mr. president, we'll be voting this week. >> that plan depend on whether
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the fbi completes its investigation into these allegations by tomorrow. if that doesn't happen, there's the possibility this timeline may slide a bit. president trump announced he will be replacing nafta with a revamped trade deal with canada and mexico. while the new agreement may benefit farmers, it could have a damaging effect for american car buyers. >> reporter: it's nafta 2.0. president trump praising his new deal with canada and mexico, announced just an hour before a midnight deadline. its official name the united states mexico canada agreement. >> this landmark agreement will send cash and jobs pouring into the united states. >> reporter: most of the deal doesn't take effect until 2020. for the president, it's a campaign promise kept. >> i promised to renegotiate nafta and today we have kept that promise. >> reporter: dairy farmers could be among the biggest winners with canada agreeing to open their market to more american
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producers. >> there's much that needs to be done in terms of some of our other trading partners. so we're on the right path, but by no means is our work done. >> reporter: the downside, the agreement could cause car prices to rise because it demands higher labor cost. union workers are cautiously optimistic, hoping the move will prevent jobs from going overseas. also smiling, everyone with a 0 40 -- 401(k). >> it will not bring back manufacturing jobs from mexico, but it is a large number of small updates. >> reporter: one major hurdle congress still has to approve this deal so you can bet president trump will use that to energize republican voters out on the campaign trail, kle. >> so we know where the
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president stands on canada and mexico, but how about china? he's not happy, accusing beijing of interfering in the upcoming midterms. >> as you know, we have $250 billion at 25% interest with china right now and we could go $267 billion more. and china wants to talk very badly. i said frankly it's too early to talk, can't talk now, because they're not ready. because they've been ripping us for so many years it doesn't happen that quickly. we want them to help us with north korea. we want them to continue to help us with north korea. that's very important. i always say we rebuilt china. they took that money and they built fighter jets and bridges. they built more bridges than we built in the last 100 years, big
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ones, big bridges. i don't blame china. i blame our leadership. they should have never let that happen. i told that to president xi. we don't have a deal with china. there's no deal. politico reporting that former trump campaign chairman paul manafort met with mueller's investigators yesterday as part of his agreement. manafort could shed some light on several key issues from the trump tower meeting to the pro putin change in the republican party platform. manafort avoided a second trial after pleading guilty last month to two counts of conspiracy, one against the u.s., the other to obstruct justice. in fact, he faces a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. sentencing has been delayed until his cooperation is completed. joining us now from washington, d.c., elena treen. great to have you with us. let's talk about robert mueller's investigators and the meeting they had with paul
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manafort. what does this mean for the timetable of the russia probe and how concerned is the white house? >> just regarding the timetable, i mean, if we look back on last year the president and his attorneys were promising that this investigation would be wrapped up by the end of 2017. clearly that didn't happen. we're months into 2018 and it looks like it could even expand into the beginning of 2019. regarding paul manafort and that meeting with the special counsel on monday, it's going to be a key thing, this manafort guilty plea in this cooperation agreement, because there's so much information that manafort has that could help expand the mueller team's information. like you said, that trump tower meeting, he was present at that meeting and can shed light on what happened there as well as some of what was going on during the campaign when he was chairman. it could paint a better picture for robert mueller.
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>> talk about the timeline on this whole thing with brett kavanagh, this confirmation vote that the senate is going to take. mitch mcconnell said, as you saw, it is going to happen this week. at this point it doesn't seem like republicans can say for sure they have the votes to get his nomination through. how do you see this playing out in the next six days or so? >> mitch mcconnell and republicans are starting to center their focus on three people, senators lisa murkowski, susan collins and senator jeff flake, because they are the key people that could really determine whether brett kavanagh is confirmed or not. so jeff flake was the one who asked for this fbi investigation. mitch mcconnell wants it to wrap up tomorrow so they can get a final vote by as early as sunday. but that timeline is really up in the air. the fbi were given the full week to investigate. mitch mcconnell is promising a vote this week, but it really depends on what the fbi turns up
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in their investigation as well as the president kind of offered leniency to the fbi saying they can expand their scope to interview anyone they want, so that also might change the timetable there for hoping to get that vote on sunday. >> the president talks about brett kavanagh on the campaign trail quite a bit, at least he has. where do you see thele ll ll l polling going with this? >> it's the rhetoric here, i believe. the president, mitch mcconnell are blaming kind of the deep state and the left for creating this political firestorm, especially with the midterms just in 34 days now it's a great issue for them to rally the right to paint it as look at what democrats are doing,
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they're trying to railroad this entire process and look at poor brett kavanagh. if you look at the left, it's also really rallying voters for democrats, because especially in this era of me too a lot of people are looking to christine blasey ford and the other women who have come forward and saying they deserve to be heard, i believe her. it's kind of setting up that partisan debate we've been seeing now since this president's been in office. and still ahead, with just over a month until the 2018 midterms, we're breaking down new polling that show where democrats may have an edge and where they are falling flat. plus, rescue teams are still searching for survives after that tsunami and earthquake hit indonesia. sunami and earthquake indonesia. to look at me now,
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welcome back. at least 1234 people are now confirmed dead from that massive earthquake and tsunami in indonesia. about 1.4 million people live in and around the area where this happened. the victims include 34 children who were at a bible camp at the time. relations with china continue to deteriorate on the economic front and now things are starting to get pretty serious militarily as well. on sunday a chinese warship nearly collided with a u.s. navy destroyer in the south china sea sailing within 45 yards of the american vessel. the ship had to change course at the last minute to avoid a collision following the chinese maneuver which officials are describing as unsafe and unprofessional and increasingly aggressive. beijing called off a planned meeting between jim mattis and
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his chinese counterpart. last month the u.s. imposed sanctions on a pranbranch of th chinese military for buying russian fighter jets and missile systems in violation of u.s. sanctions against russia. 35 days until the midterms and new polling shows democrats have a narrow lead in two closely watched senate races. claire mccaskill as a three hoi point edge. dean heller four points behind his democratic challenger. jacky rosen. southern states could be a bigger hurdle for democrats. a poll finds the majority of voters in mississippi, tennessee and alabama would vote for the republican candidate if the 2018 congressional elections were being held today. it is the opposite in georgia. voters there say they would choose the democrat over the
2:19 am
republican. let's switch gears for a moment, big in bill karins with a quick check of your weather. >> a couple big stories. we're going to wait to see how bad the flash flooding is in arizona today with the heavy rain from tropical storm rosa. flash flood watches from arizona through utah and portions of colorado and a little slice of nevada and also the southeast corner of idaho. here's the rain from the thunderstorm. it's not often you see this much heavy rain spreading through areas of arizona. it's raining hard now in phoenix. here's the rainfall map that shows you just how much rain. notice the little dots and circles, that's the mountainous areas. areas of the northeast are also
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going to see a soggy day today. it's a soggy morning in areas of northern new england. we were watching these storms rolling through the lakes and now we've got showers and thunderstorms from er'r eerie t buffalo. new york city, it looks like the storms will die off and weaken after 7:00 p.m. this evening. still very warm through the southern half of the country and there's no end in sight to that. it's going to stay mild right through probably the second week of october. >> enjoy it while it lasts, the last few days of summer heat. still ahead, kansas city pulled off quite the comeback yesterday in denver. plus the mlb and much more next in sports. mlb and much more ne in sports. when you have a baby
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2:24 am
last night's 27-23 victory. meanwhile pittsburgh steelers have to regroup from their horrible loss to the ravens. espn is now reporting that running back le'veon bell will return in time to face the browns at home on october 28th. the news comes after reports earlier this week that the team is looking to shop the star rusher. stay tuned. turning to major league baseball with the playoff picture finally set. to chicago, kaine's go ahead single in the eighth is enough to earn milwaukee the division crown for just the fifth time in the brewers' 50-year franchise history wrapping up the nl central with a 3-1 win over the cubs.
2:25 am
milwaukee awaits their owe possibility on thursdapponent o thursday. the dodgers shut out the rockies until the ninth inning whi. the dodgers will host the braves in game one of the nlds on thursday. and finally, while the nba has announced a more lenient policy regarding the choice of sneaker that the athletes can wear on the court this season, kanye west's first basketball sneaker is not going to be one of them. kanye writes the design is three years in the making. the problem according to espn is the shoe's reflective heel. a little too much bling there. >> you could probably get some of the big stars in the nba to
2:26 am
wear them. >> i can't imagine what it's going to be like with all these different shoes. >> have you ordered your pair of yeezys yet? still ahead, much more from president trump's rally in tennessee last night, including his attacks on a couple of potential 2020 challengers. president trump's getting praise from minority leader chuck schumer. we will explain why. leader chuck schumer. we will explain why.
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♪ welcome back. i'm hallie jackson alongside ayman mohyeldin. it is 5:29 on the east coast. the third woman to accuse brett kavanagh of sexual misconduct is speaking out. julie swetnick discussed her claims of being sexual assaulted during the '80s. she says she saw kavanaugh behaving inappropriately at parties during that time period. >> describe to me what you saw him do. >> he was very aggressive, very sloppy drunk, very mean drunk. i saw him go up to girls and paw on them, try to get a little too handsy, touching them in private parts. i saw him try to shift clothing.
2:31 am
there are people that know about those parties. >> nbc news was unable to independently verify swetnick's claims and has no spoken with anyone who says they saw swetnick at parties with brett kavanagh. she provided nbc news with the names of four friends she said went to those parties with her. one is deceased while two others did not respond. kavanaugh has denied her claims. during president trump's news conference in the rose garden yesterday, nbc news national correspondent peter alexander asked the president whether he would open to the fbi interviewing swetnick about her allegations against kavanaugh. >> it wouldn't bother me at all. it depends. i don't know all three of the accusers. certainly i imagine they're going to interview two.
2:32 am
the third one i don't know much about, but it wouldn't bother me at all. i've heard that the third one has -- i have no idea if this is true -- has very little credibility. if there is any credibility, interview the third one. >> so after that rose garden news conference, sources told nbc news the trump administration slightly expanded the scope of this fbi investigation. what can investigators do? what is off limits? pete williams has a look at that part of the story. >> reporter: if this were a criminal investigation, fbi agents would follow information where it takes them as they find new leads. >> we will leave no stone unturned. >> but it's not a criminal case. for this reopened background investigation of brett kavanagh, the white house decides which stones to turn of. the fbi is working like a private eye in a background investigation and the white house is the client specifying what to look at. >> i have not seen the white
2:33 am
house control a reopening of a background investigation to this degree. this seems to be an attempt to unusually control not only the interviews that could be done, but the investigative steps the bureau could take. >> the fbi cannot force anyone to answer questions. cooperation is voluntary. the supreme court itself remains above the fray opening its new term. the remaining justices took their place this morning, leaving a spot for whoever's confirmed to take the empty place. no cases with hot button issues are yet on the docket, a tranquil start for a court about to have a new member. no matter who gets confirmed, any trump nominee will move the court to the right for years to come. new polls show support for brett kavanaugh's confirmation among voters might be dwindling. 42% of people asked think
2:34 am
kavanaugh should be confirmed, 48% say no. opposition is up about six points from the same point last month. before last week's hearing with the judge and dr. christine blasey ford. when it comes to who the public beli believes more, 48% say they believe dr. ford. a separate poll shows voters are more likely to back a senate candidate who opposed kickoff's con f -- kavanaugh's confirmation. switching back to president trump for a moment, he discussed america's new trade agreement with canada and mexico yesterday, both during a news conference at the white house and later at a rally in tennessee. >> we're calling it usmca. no more nafta. it's the largest trade deal the
2:35 am
united states has ever negotiated and it's also a great deal for our country. it's fair, it's modern and it's balanced. and you know what? we have two wonderful partners now. now they're partners, mexico and canada. that's a good thing. i plan to sign the agreement by the end of november. i then will submit it for approval to congress, where in theory there should be no trouble. but anything you submit to congress is trouble no matter what. it's the single greatest agreement ever signed. they'll say, well, trump likes it, therefore we're not going to approve it because that would be good for the republicans. without tariffs we wouldn't be talking about a deal, just for those babies out there that include talking about tariffs. without tariffs we wouldn't be standing here. because of the power of tariffs and the power that we have with
2:36 am
tariffs, we in many cases won't even have to use them. that's how powerful they are and how good they are. >> so the chances of this deal getting ratified by congress good a significant boost yesterday. chuck schumer said in part as one who voted against nafta, i knew it needed fixing. the president deserves praise for taking large steps to improve it. however, any final agreement must be judged on how it benefits and protects middle class families and working people in our country. >> let's talk through this new trade agreement. you heard chuck schumer's remarks. you saw what the president said. what are the chances this thing gets bipartisan support over on the hill? >> so following the president's remarks yesterday in the rose
2:37 am
garden at the white house, there was actually a meeting with some reporters with ambassador ligan jared kushner. when it does get to congress, it's going to take some time to get debated. that probably won't happen until 2019 given the procedural steps that have to be taken here. he's hoping when it does get to congress, democrats will support it. in several conversations with democrats on the hill, trade is that one issue that they're not as tough on with the president. they recognize that a lot of people are for the president when it comes to trade and they do believe he's taking the right steps here. that's why we saw senator schumer give that statement. >> let's talk about brett kavanagh. it's an interesting point that hallie brought up about the polling that suggests some would
2:38 am
vote for a senator who opposes brett kavanagh as opposed to a senator who would endorse him. what impact would kavanaugh's confirmation process have on the november election? >> it's definitely going to have a huge impact. we've really seen the numbers change throughout the past two weeks or so in light of the allegations and the hearing last week. so it is setting up a bit of an awkward thing especially for republicans in the white house, because they recognize this isn't going to play really well in november. but granted president trump, mitch mcconnell and white house counsel don mcgahn, their biggest goal is to get him confirmed to get as many judges as they can onto the courts. this is a supreme court nominee and that's for life. they're kind of looking farther ahead and they think having a conservative vote which brett kavanagh would be on the court
2:39 am
could be more helpful to them than what the impact might be on the elections in november. we mentioned the president held a rally in tennessee overnight. he was trying to help marsha blackburn win that senate seat. >> the democrats can no longer be trusted with your power and their power. you can't let it happen. they have moved so far left that pocahontas is considered a conservative nap' conservative. that's right. elizabeth warren said she's considering a run for the presidency. please, please run. how about that group, biden. biden. we call him 1% biden until obama took him off the trash heap he couldn't do anything. now he's talking about running.
2:40 am
tough guy. he's a tough guy. he's a real genius. i want to challenge him to a fight behind the barn. oh, would i love that. wouldn't that be good? >> it wasn't a barn. he actually said he'd take the president behind the gym. it was in response to the access hollywood tapes about the president groping women. >> the president has been taking shots at senator cory booker. here's the president at his roads gua rose garden event yet morning. >> take a look at cory booker. he ran newark, new jersey, into the ground. he was a horrible mayor. and he made statements that when he was in high school or college what he was doing. now he's talking about judge kavanagh. see some of the things he wrote when he was young about women. take a look.
2:41 am
>> the president seemed to be referring to a 1992 column that booker wrote in college titled so much for stealing second where the future senator discussed his own journey of learning how to respect women. booker described an incident when he was 15 years old where a kiss turned to him trying to reach for a female friend's breast. booker then wrote about his time as a peer counsel in college hearing stories from men and women about rape. he said it served as a wakeup call. still ahead, the first lady heads out on her first major solo trip overseas. details on what melania trump hopes to accomplish with her tour of africa. plus, bill karins is back with another check on the forecast when we return. stay with us. heck on the forecast when we return. stay with us this is important for people with asthma.
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for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins like tresiba® may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your prescriber. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue or throat, dizziness or confusion. i found my tresiba® reason. find yours. ask your health care provider about tresiba®. welcome back, everyone. first lady melania trump depa
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departed for her trip to africa. it's her first major solo trip abroad. she is expected to visit schools and hospitals. she will leave elements of her be best initiative. however, her underlying challenge will be mending fences after the president's diplomatic missteps, namely his derogatory language about african countries earlier this year and his restrictions on international aid which he reiterated during his address before the united nations last week. let's get a check on your weather now with bill karins. >> no stories of fall for you in washington, d.c. i mean, it's going to stay summer in many areas of the country. it's the northern fringe that has the issues.
2:46 am
starting today in arizona. it's not often we have the most active weather in the community arizona but the tropical storm is now moving through the region. all of that moisture continues to the north. this is a lot of rain for arizona. this area of red centered on the phoenix area, under a moderate risk of flash flooding today. they have these areas that normally are completely dry. they call them washes. when it rains like this, they fill up and look like raging rivers. sometimes they can flood and go over their banks just like regular rivers do. the other story is the 14 million people at risk of severe weather today from cleveland through pennsylvania, southern half of new york. wind damage is the biggest threat with these, maybe some hail. the timing of these storms for the northeast, this is 8:00 a.m. this morning, just rainy weather in northern new england. the storms pop up by about 5:00 p.m. in central p.a.
2:47 am
it's as we head through this evening. this is 10:00 p.m. with the thunderstorms over the top of new york city, hartford, approaching boston. it will be a late evening storm threat. we mentioned the fall temperatures, very warm. today in d.c. it will be about 80 to 85. fayetteville 87. almost near 90 in areas of the deep south. this warmth is here to stay. still ahead, facebook names its new head of instagram following the exit of its cofounders. global markets under pressure this morning as the initial boost from the revamped nafta deal fades. details on those stories when we get back. details on those stoesri when we get back rtunity is everywhere. like here. and here. see? opportunity. hi! cinturones por favor. gracias. ev-er-y-where. about to be parents. it's doing a lot of kicking down there. meeting the parents. it's gonna be fine. and this driver, logging out to watch his kid hit one out of the...
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global markets are under pressure this morning after stocks here and at home got a big boost after the u.s. and canada secured a deal to repla force more, we are joined by juliana talbon. what's behind today's selling overseas? >> yes. yesterday the global reaction to the deal was rather positive. but today is a very different story in europe. and there's a couple of reasons for that. one, in terms of the deal itself, there were hopes that this might mean a deal between the u.s. and china was right around the corner. but tyesterday, president trum said that it is still too soon to restart talks with beijing. and then secondly, over in
2:51 am
europe,dl there's massive conces around italy right now. tensions have been high between italy and the european union for quite some time, but the situation escalated today after europe -- an italian official commented they may be considering leaving the european while he later backtracked on these comments, it has spooked investors and taken some of the shine off yesterday's positive news out of the u.s. so i have to ask you about another big story, hallie jackson, a big instagram user, mark zuckerberg wasting no time to appoint a new head of instagram. what more can you tell us about what this means for instagram and its relationship with facebook? >> yes. well, something close to my own heart, as well. so they have appointed a new head of instagram, adam lesarri. he has been with facebook for a number of years. he joined in 2008.
2:52 am
he knows facebook. he knows instagram very well. and what we understand from various reports is that the previous -- the founders left instagram due to increasing frustration around mark zuckerberg's issues with instagram. >>s who doesn't love a good insta, guys.od >> i know. i'm sure hallie is posting about this as we speak. >> yes. coming up, this morning's one big thing. andon then coming up on "mornin joe," president trump once again playing defense when it comes to his supreme court pick. >> we'llhi have a lot more on h rally in tennessee where he accused democrats of trying to destroy brett kavanaugh and wanting the fbi to investigate more allegations against him as his own white house gives the okay to expand its probe. e give okay to expand its probe this is frank. sup! this is frank's favorite record.
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joining us now from washington, jim vandehye. what is axios's one big thing for the morning? lay it out. >> i think some of ur your viewers might throw the shoe at the tv, but the trump approach, the trump way, it often works. if you look at what he got done on nafta, now no longer called nafta, he's able to get a trade deal that he promised that he had made on the campaign trade, one that chuck schumer is even praising as a good one to pull off, the tax cuts that he got earlier last year, they're still juicing the economy. you're still seeing joblessness go down, consumer confidence go up. over the last week, you see, again, when he's feeling confident and they let him loose, he dominates our lives. he does one of these press conferences, he dominated the conversation. then he does two rallies and so much of the news flows from there. even with cavanaugh, what other
2:57 am
president would be able to with stand this and say, you know what? do what i did. go double down. get all forceful. make it an us against them type of thing. but that approach is working and it works for his base. there's been a couple of interesting polls over the last 24 hours where in north dakota, missouri, some of these senate races where you see republican numbers going up a little bit post kavanaugh. if that trend continues, that could help the president. >> with that in mind, it the may work this dominating style in the arena on policy on capitol hill. but let's tack about what you were just talking about which is the midterms about a month away. how is his style going to translate across the country in midterms? >> like everything in our lives, it's a tale of two worlds.
2:58 am
in the senate, the senate still looks pretty good for republicans. it's winnable for democrats, but all in all, especially the states where trump won, democrats running, republicans looked pretty good. the house does not look good. and it's largely because so many of these suburban districts, you have this massive divide between rural america and sort of suburban and city america. and you have republicans now pulling out of races in some of these suburbs because they feel like they can't win them. and democrats outracing the republicans which shouldn't be happening when the republicans have full control. it's why republican leaders are really bummed. they think they're probably going to lose the house. it's not us talking or them talking, it's what republican leaders on the hill think. >> and yet the president still talk bes this red wave. there is a discussion about a
2:59 am
red wave. paint the picture for us. blue wave rising. what does that mean? >> when he talk bes the red wave, he was doing that earlier. in the last couple on of rallies, he said, listen this election is about me. he loves it. and if we don't turn out, we might lose. all of his talk about a red wave, they were worried republicans wouldn't bother voting. the blue wave is more real than the red wave. there is no doubt that all the things we're seeing is working to democrats' advantage. the missouri race, very, very close. head heck, in missouri,
3:00 am
menendez, a very different race. so the senate could be a different story than the house. >> always appreciate that breakdown. we'll see you in a little bit on "morning joe." to all of our viewers, you can get caught up by reediading ax newsletter. hallie, stand by. "morning joe" starts right now. >> i'm just saying, i'm not a drinker. i can honestly say i've never had a beer in my life, okay? >> right. >> it's one of my only good traits. i don't drink. whenever they're looking for something good, i say i've never had a glass of alcohol. i've just -- for whatever reason. can you imagine if i had what a mess i'd be? i'd be the world's worst. >> that's the president of the united states yesterday in the rose garden. welcome to "morning joe" on this tuesday, october 2nd. i'm willie gieist alongside kasy hunt. we'reot


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