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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 3, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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headquarters in new york ♪ president trump launch as new attack, this time against dr. christine blasey ford, one of the women who has accused brett kavanaugh of sexual conduct. plus a new explosive report from the new york times alleges on the don received hundreds of millions of dollars from his father oover the years, many from dubious tax dodges. a new report finds the homeland security was not full ea prepared for family separations under administration's zero tolerance policy. ♪
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good morning everyone. it's wednesday, october 3rd. well, for the second night in a row, president trump hit the ampain trail, this time in southern mississippi. he brought up the alfwaglegatio and mocked dr. christine blasey ford. >> 36 we'res ago this happened. i had one beer, right. i had one beer. well, you think -- nope, it was one beer. good. how did you get home? i don't remember. where was the place? i don't remember. how many years ago was it? i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. i don't bow. and what neighborhood? i don't know. where's the house? i don't know.
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upstairs, down stairs. but i had one beer. and a man's life is at theers. his daughters who are beautifully, incredible young kids. they want to destroy people. these are really evil people. >> this is the first time president trump has maukd dr. ford. last week he had this to say about heir testimony. >> i thought her toum was very compelling and she looks like a very fine woman to me. very fine woman. but certainly she was a very credible witness. she was very good in many respkts. >> as far as the fbi's investigation, it could be wrapped as soon as today. two sources familiar tell nbc news the probe could have been clozed as early as last night.
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they wrapped up their interview with with key witness, mark judge. judge was identified by christine blasey ford as the only witness with from 30 years ago. and kavanaugh's calendars indicated he went to glaudette's house around the same time ford alleges she. and they're not planning on interviewing their client. they've heard nothing from the bureau in which we identified witnesses and evidence that would likely assist the investigation. once the fbi finishes its investigation, the result said will be shared with the senate where there's already disagreement on if and how to make them public.
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>> mitch mcconnell promises they will move forward on the vote for brett kavanaugh. >> we'll be voting this week. so the fbi report will be finished and we'll be voting this week on the kavanaugh nomination. >> however, it remains uncertain if republicans have enough vote. key can republican senators are declining to say how they will vote until they see ewhat the fbi's report. and joe mansion has also not revealed the vote until the investigation is completed. and this sparked a difficult time for young men in this country. trrs the president made the remarks yesterday afternoon and reiterated his message agon at his rally in mississippi lasts night. >> i say it's a scary time for men in america when you can be
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guilty of something you may not be guilty of. this is a very difficult time. what's happing here has much near do than even the appointment of a supreme court justice. it really does. you could be somebody that was perfect your entire life and somebody could accuse you of something. doesn't necessarily have to be a woman as everybody say. but somebody could accuse you of something and you're automatically guilty. >> this is an important time for our country. this is a time when your father, when your husband, your brother, your son could do great. mom, i did great in school, i've worked so hard. mom, i'm so pleased to tell you i just got a fantastic job with ibm, with general motors. i just -- i'm so proud.
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mom, a terrible thing just happened. a person whom i've never met said i did things that were horrible and they're firing from my job mom. i don't know what to do. what do i do, mom? what do i do, mom? it's a dam sad situation, okay. >> all right. now to that expose that apoors to shatter the president's claim of being a self-made billionaire while implicating him in tax schemes. they found he received today's equivalent of $400 million beginning as a toddler and continuing until this day. much of the money came to trump because he helped his parents dodge taxes in the 1990s. he and his siblings set up a
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sham corporation to disguise mi millions of dollars in gifts from his parents. in fact he helped formulate a strategy to undervalue the real estate holdings on tax returns, sharply reducing the tax bill when those properties were transferred to he and his siblings. they're unlikely to face criminal prosecution for tax evasion. but as the time reports, there is no time limit on civil fines for tax fraud. the new york state tax department says he is now reviewing those allegations. >> it's a little more than 25 pages in length. let's go through it. it continues. fred trump was relentless in finding ways to channel his wealth to his children. he made trump his banker,
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landlord and consultant. he gave him loan after loan, many never repaired. money for employees, first manhattan offices and money to renovate those offices. he fwafb him three trust funds, shares in multiple partnerships. $10,000 christmas checks, laundry revenue from his buildings. trump was earning $200,000 by age three and a millionaire by age eight. and once he fwrgraduated colleg he was receiving the equivalent of a million dollar as year from his dad. and according to the times the findings are based on interviews with former employees and confidential records, bank
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statements, accounting ledgers, invoices and even cancelled checks, as well as public records. nbc news has not independently seen the documents or confirmed the time's reporting. and "the new york times times allegations are false and highly defamatory. there was no fraud or tax evasion by anyone. all estate matters were handled by licensed attorneys, licensed cpas who followed all laws and rules strictly." and the affairs were handled by other trump family members that were not experts themselves and therefore should the times state or imply that they trump participated in any other crime,
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it would be exposing itself to defamation. trrs the white house described the report as a misleading attack on the family and says the irs reviewed and signed off years ago. >> and co author of the political play book. now, what extent of legal trouble could the president be in if at all over this new york times report? >> they've opened an investigation into the times' findings. i don't expect them to charge trump. they may definitely try to ding him with civil penalties and try to get some of the money they're owed and i think it's -- shatters trump's image as this self-made man when he was getting these repeated gifts from his father and his parents without actually paying proper taxes. the numbers are so stunning. the fact that they may have
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shorted taxes authorities by $500 million. >> let me ask you about the kavanaugh developments for a little bit. if we're to take the wall street journal report and others that they could be wrapping up as early as today, what can we see play out today, tomorrow and later this week? >> i think senators, once the fbi report is done, they want to sift through the findings and see if the fbi was able to ittermine if dr. ford is credible or kavanaugh is telling the truth and if kavanaugh lied at all during his testimony, even on small things because small lies can add up. he's not supposed to do that on the stand. it's a crime. i don't think he would get charneled. and then it's a matter of if this report gets released.
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schumer's pushing for a redacted version. still ahead a new watch dog report has identified the problems under the trump administration's zero-tolerance policy. and milania trump continues her first major solo trip. p con her first major solo trip. opportunity is everywhere.
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welcome back. federal authorities announced yesterday that mail delivery was shut down at the pentagon after tests on two letters it tected an illegal substance. pete will wiams has more. >> reporter: initial field tests on suspicious envelopes addressed to the pentagon were stopped at a mail sorting
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facility separate from the pentag pentagon building, addressed to mattis and -- a similar letter was addressed to the white house but stopped well before it got there and another senlt to the houston campaign office ofsonter cruz. law enforcement officials say they do not consudor any of these letters dangerous and they're fall eoing promising letters about where they may have come from. >> so the department of homeland security was not ready to carry out the zero tolerance immigration policy. that's according to a watch dog report. dhs was quote not fully prepared to implement the administration's policy or to deal with some of its lingering after effects. it found customs and boarder protection held children and
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lacked the ability to reliably track children and failed to inadequately inform parents about the separation policy. the law allows unaccompanied miec minors to be held for 72 hours before being relocated. in fact one child remained in custody for 12. in response to the findings a spokesperson said it showed the difficulty in enforcing immigration laws that are broken and poorly written. milania trump began her trip in the nation of africa, in fwa guiana yesterday. she was greeted by guiana's first lady. they first met at a spouzal reception in new york last week. mrs. trump held babies, observed nurses and passed out stuffed
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bears and baby blankets with her best initiative logo to mothers. she ended with a private tea and visit with officials at the u.s. embas. she will spend one more day in fwaunau before heading to malawi. how dud you sleep through those thunderstorms last night? >> like a baby. >> i didn't do so well, to be honest with you. i had the dog jumping up and down. >> one photographer captured it 13 times, that's how active the lighting was over new york city. other areas have bigger concern. this was unfair field county, connecticut where it's in the straight line wind or possibly a weak tornado go through. and there were numerous wind damage reports and a couple thousand people without pour.
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marches through pennsylvania. so that's over with. that's done. now later on today the next storm system is going to sweep through the midwest and includes much of the state of wisconsin, a little slice from raw chester to lacrosse and debuk over to waterloo. and we could have tornados later on today. so the timing for central and northern wisconsin will be from 3:00 p.m. that's where the storms will be forming and heading green bay and the northern portions of michigan and by 10:00 p.m. they shift south to milwaukee. chicago, you're fine. if you do get any it will be overnight tonight and into tomorrow. how about how warm it is? if i didn't tell you what time of year it was, you'd probably
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say late august, middle of august. i mean 92 in saint luce. even d.c. at it 83. you don't get in cooler type air unless you're in northern new england or northern plains. los angeles with a chance of rain today. it hasn't rained in l.a. since may. it's a big deal in l.a. when they finally have a chances for some rain drops. >> and i heard the warm weather is going to stick with us the next couple of days. >> through the next week of october is pretty much off the charts. still ahead october baseball is finally here. flrs longest win or go home post season game in history. in histoy can be relentless. in histoy tremfya® is for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. with tremfya®, you can get clearer.
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2:24 am
extra innings, all the way that 13th. walters. that's his first plate appearance and he only hit 170 on the seize. that's not good. trrs this is the one that counted though. the cubbies couldn't answer so the rockies win the marathon game, 2-1. colorado now heads to the take on milwaukee. and the other wild card game is tonight in the broncos. yankees hosting the oakland athletics to open the american league wild card game. the winner will get rewarded by facing the team with the best record in the majors this year. they head to bauson for game one of the al division series on friday. and while president trump has spent the last month beraiding the national football league,
2:25 am
roger goodell spent time thanking president trump. for the trade teal that resolved the nfl's dispute regarding super bowl coverage on canadian tv. who knew. "we greatly appreciate president trump's leadership and determination in bringing a resolution to our property dispute in canada. ". >> i got to be honest with you i had no idea. it has not made it into the news pipeline at least. still a rising star in the democratic party. he makes public his private battle with mental health. >> and what hillary clinton has to say about brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. people tell me all the time i have the craziest job,
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♪ good to have you back. i'm frances rivera. it is the bottom of the hour and let's get started with the top stories. president trump is once again defending his embattled supreme court nominee. >> the push to wroap up the process comes as the fbi looks to finish the investigation. peter alexander has all the details. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you.
2:30 am
christine blasey ford's lawyers say it's inconceivable the fbi would not interview her as two sources say the fbi could wrap up its background investigation as earl ey as today. and trump saying one thing -- >> i don't think you should lie to congress and there have been a lot of people over the last year that have lied to congress and to me, that would not be acceptable. i think he's been brutally treated. >> and casting this as a critical moment. >> reporter: what do you say to young men in mare can cu? >> i say it's a scary time when you can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of. you be perfect your entire life and somebody could accuse you of something but in this realm you are truly guilty until proven
2:31 am
innocent. the fbi's completed its interview with mike judge who said he never saw kavanaugh act in the manner it scribed. key republicans weighing in. >> i think the fbi is doing what we've tasked the fbi to do. >> reporter: and another swing vote questioning tms. >> this whole two-week effort has been an orchestrated and political hit. >> i tell myself you fwifbgive little leeway given what he's been through on the other hand, we can't have this on the court, we simply can't. >> reporter: kavanaugh also facing new questions over his affinity to alcohol in high school and college. >> i liked beer, i still like beer. but i did not drink beer to the
2:32 am
points of blacking out and i never sexually assaulted anyone. >> reporter: his former yale class mate telling cnn kavanaugh's mischaracterized his drinking at yale. >> wri've seen brett drunk to t point where he could be passed out. >> but you never saw him passed out? >> no. >> reporter: a man accused kavanaugh of throwing ice on him. the white house is blasting it as a desperate attack at a ridiculous story by a reporter who was previously criticized kavanaugh. >> they are so in favor of judge kavanaugh. you've never seen anything like it. i think it's like a rallying cry for the republicans. >> reporter: nbc news, the white
2:33 am
house. >> former secretary of state and presidential candidate, hillary clinton, criticized brett kavanaugh's behavior in front of the judiciary committee and laughed at the claim that they're revenge on behalf of the clintons. >> brett kavanaugh said that the quote political hit job, end quote directed at him was being done on behalf of the clintons among other people. your response. >> i mean, really. it deserve as lot of laughter. i thought was part of the whole of his very defensive and un -- unconvincing presentation. and i told someone later boy, i'll tell you they fwifb usgivet
2:34 am
of credit. >> new polling shows two democratic senators up for reelection in red states -- the polls commissioned by the conservative judicial crisis network show 56% of voters support kavanaugh's nomination, while 26% oppose it. and meanwhile, in west virginia 58% of voters there support kavanaugh's confirmation, only 28% say they're opposed. and like hicamp, his seat issall a so considered at risk. and the meeting with with rod rosenstein has been postponed until after the confirmation is over. he raised the idea of removing the president from office.
2:35 am
trump originally wanted to meet with rosenstein last week but he later said he didn't want to distract from last week's cavanaughsont hearing. and co author of the politico play book. so they're reporting that he will meet with house republicans. so how much will they weigh in those reports? wanting to record president trump and invoking the 25th? >> reporter: house republicans have had a long-time ven dettau against rosenstein because they see him as helping the mueller probe. they wanted to discredit him and try to prevent him from fully focusing on the mueller probe and instead get distracted by these numerous requests for documents and other information that should be held in doj's bucket and you don't want to
2:36 am
share intelligence and investigative methods and sources because that might be used to impede an investigation. >> let's switch gears for a moment. i want to ask you about brett kavanaugh and as we saw with the polling, some oof the democrats are under pressure but do they feel confident they have enough votes to push kavanaugh through on their timeline, which according to mitch mcconnell, would be this week. >> i it depends on the fbi investigation and if that's enough for jeff flake or susan collins to vote yes. the fact that flake showed up at the atlantic festival where he's talking about his mindset on that, probably not a great sign for kavanaugh, although he scheduled that long time ago. it's interesting to see flake
2:37 am
shine this in his light and try to get as much attention for himself. he went to new hampshire on monday. he was in boston yesterday as well. interesting to see how he is leveraging this. >> what are you hearing about the change in tone from the white house about the president's attack on christine blasey ford in terms of how that might play out among republicans. you had mitch mcconnell telling the president stay out of this, let's try to get this done, do not try to attack these victims or these women. the gloves are off with the president. he's literally mocking christine blasey ford openly. >> it reminded me when he mocked the new york times reporter with the disability. and so this just hurts the republican cause in terms of a getting educated women to vote
2:38 am
for them in the midterms and 2020. not -- unhelpful for that and shows the white house can't can control what the president says, even though they put him on a leash for a while. but once he's at those rallies, it's full board trump. >> it's got to add to the frustration for ford also. >> i would love to see what mitch mcconnell was thinking when he saw the president mock christine blasey ford. we have five weeks to go until the midterm elections. bloomberg is giving a major tax boost. he said he would tonate $20 million for the super pack this week, which only had 29 million on hand at the end of august. he attributed his late-season
2:39 am
donation to the brett kavanaugh. and nine battle ground states to rally women. he identifies as an independent. bloomberg has been trying to align himself with democrats as he considders a presidential campaign. now $100 million. former army veteran resigned from the office. the democrats consudor a rising star says his military tour impacts him every day. he said he went online and said i left boxes unchecked, too scared to acknowledge my own symptoms. i was thinking about what it
2:40 am
could mean for my political future if someone found out. that was stupid and things have gotten even worse since. last tuesday i found out we were going to raise even more money than a may oral campaign has but i find myself on the phone with the va's veteran's crisis line conceding that yes, i have had suicidal thoughts and it wasn't for the first time. he finally went to the va in kss on monday to get the help he needs. still ahead mike pompeo prepares to head back to north korea amid efforts to denuclearize that country. we'll preview what's on tap for the trip. plus bill karins is back with another check on our forecast when we return. refocas.
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welcome back everyone. secretary of state mike pompeo schedule to meet with kim jong-un and planned to help a second summet for trump and kim. can kim decided to visit a rural rural potato farm instead of meeting with the secretary of state. north korea is said to have 60 nuclear weapons. over the weekend north korea's foreign minister told the u.n. his country has no intention of giving up those nuclear weapons under current and they continue to produce nuclear fuel and actively trying to deceive about his nuclear program. at 2:18 p.m. eastern time
2:45 am
today, all americans with a cell phone will get a new alert directly from president trump. it's a test of the new system meant to warn people of national emergencies and similar to those issued for amber alerts. however the american public is not allowed to opt out of the new alert. it's to be used only in real aemra emergencies and remember in hawaii warning of a missile attack caused widespread panic. >> what are the odds nothing goes wrong with that alert? a political message accidently gets tweeted out. let's get a quick check on our weather. >> that has a "saturday night live" skit written all over it.
2:46 am
we have two weather storsies today. one is the clean up from yesterday's storms. we know for a fact we had one tornado in pennsylvania that took the roof off this nursing home. very active yesterday. at one point we had four or five tornado warnings in northwestern portions of pennsylvania. now we're focusing in further to the north and the northern plains. much of the state of wisconsin, severe storms, damaging winds and we didn't have a chance of a strong tornado. we were talking about that chance for a significant flooding and no fatalities, not a lot of property damage. but the flood risk does continue through the afternoon. and heading just south of the flag staff area. this has been the story of september to october is how warm it is. heat index will feel like 97. tomorrow it will still feel like 93.
2:47 am
d.c. will feel like 92 degrees. and new york city's near 80 on sunday. it's -- tuzant feel like it for this time of we're. >> does not feel like fall. >> not at all and into the weekend too. still ahead the bankruptcy process for toys r us fuels speculation of a revival. and amazon is firing back at its critics boosting minimum wage. and the other stories driving your business day. e other stori your business day. like here. and here. see? opportunity. hi! cinturones por favor. gracias. ev-er-y-where. about to be parents. it's doing a lot of kicking down there. meeting the parents. it's gonna be fine. and this driver, logging out to watch his kid hit one out of the... go dani, go! opportunity is everywhere.
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welcome back. amazon is raising its baseball to $15 an hour on november. an r interestingly, bernie sanders
2:51 am
came out praising amazon for the move. they turned up at the site unexpectedly looking for documents around its practices of selling products to teenagers. the food and drug administration is highly disturbed around the rates of e-cigarette usage among high school students, so jewel now has 60 days to come back and prove to the fda that they will limit access to their product to teenagers. >> there's a lot of nostalgia and a lot of disappointment when toys r us announced they were going out of business. but now, could this turn around that thehi retailer canceled it upcoming bankruptcy option? >> i certainly miss going to
2:52 am
toys r us myself and coming up with a holiday list in the store. so we might have some good news to people like me. according to documents found and researchednd by "the wall stree journal," toys r us has canceleder their bankruptcy option.up instead, they may be looking into opening stores under the toys r us and babies r us name. >> i think a lot of people would share your sympathies. >>ar do you know what that mean if geoffry, the giraffe, comes back? we'll see. >> i don't know if you guys saw the announcement at amazon where they told employees they were goingd to get a raise and they were jumping. congrats to amazon for making that decision. so coming up, we have a look at this morning's one big thing. and coming up on "morning joe," the fbi looks to wrap up its probe into brett kavanaugh. we'll have the latest on when the investigation will conclude.
2:53 am
the senate judiciary committee member dick durbin will discuss whether democrats canwi do anything to stop brett kavanaugh from becoming a supreme court justice. plus, mayor andrew gillum joins the conversation as new polling shows he is in a dead heat race to become florida's next governor. d heat race to become florida's next governor (burke) that's what we call a huge drag. seriously, that's what we call it. officially. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair
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on this wednesday morning, joining us from washington with a look at axios and the co-founder of mike allen. what have you got for the one big thing this morning? >> good morning on the first day of hockey season as stanley cup champion washington capitals. i'm very excited about that. >> i'm a red wing, fan. you have some serious words there. >> that's tonight. it's on. the axios one big thing, trump's 2020 dream. so this lead to axios came together very late last night. i was watching the president's rally in mississippi, sad as
2:57 am
that is, and the realized the president in these rallieser for midterm candidates seems to be as excited about talking about his own re-election in 2020 as he does about these races that are 34 days away. and what really perked up my ears is the president said last night talking about his 2020 election, not the midterm elections, he said we'll do a landslide. this is a president who barely won last time electorally, lost big by the popular vote last time, out there promising a landslide. he goes into his riff about joe biden and about what a lightweight the former vice president would be, how he would look forward to running against him and the president finished up by saying who the hell is going to beat us. >> this is also the president who said with he had the largest inauguration crowd in the history of the united states. let me ask you this, though. is trump worried about any democratic candidate in particular? he always play these approach of
2:58 am
please let biden run, please let elizabeth warren run. but is there somebody that he does or does not mention that he is worried about? >> the candidate that the president mentions most often is senator elizabeth warren. sources tell us that he reportedly thinks she'll be the nominee. the president himself doesn't seem to be worried about anyone in particular. his staff is most worried about biden. he says he would love to run dreams of running against biden. they think that the vice president would cut into some of the appeal with his working class voters, particularly in pennsylvania. the trump stayed that he won last time that will be hardest for him to win this time. >> how about on the other side, who are you watching as far as a possible republican challenger for trump? >> you can imagine ohio governor
2:59 am
john kasich running, challenging him and possibly running as an independent. i'm looking at you, ben sass. i'm looking at you, to the tom cotton, i'm looking at you marco rubio again, ted cruz again. they will not challenge him. republicans know history shows very little chance against an incumbent president. but someone who maybe wants to run from the outside, i can see doing it to the boost their name recognition. it would be a start to something else. >> mike allen on this first day of hockey season, we thank you for spending your morning with us here. we will be reading axios am. >> so that does it for us on this wednesday morning. "morning joe," everyone, starts right now. >> sure, i'd like to thank you. my wife thinks i'm one of the greatest investors in the world. and two years ago, she thought i
3:00 am
was a total loser. we need the truth. you how dare you treat a woman like that. we need more time. for the fbi. the fbi has to do a more thorough search. abide, i hear biden would like to take me to the back of the barn. he would be in trouble. i would have been president 15 years ago if i had his accent. >> president trump did plenty of impressions last night, including repeatedly mocking the memory of dr. christine blasey ford who has accused supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her as a student. one thing he did not bring up was that sweeping expose. the headline is


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