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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 16, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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mple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. and now that is it for our hour on msnbc, and "andrea mitchell are re poreports " sta now. and now, the president is seizing on his feud with elizabeth warren while the democrats are wondering why the massachusetts senator chose such a critical time to soft launch a 2020 campaign? >> i am not enrolled in a tribe, and only tribes determine tribal citizenship and i understand and respect that distinction but my family history is my family
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history. the search for the truth, and the secretary of state in riyadh meeting with the powerful crown prince about the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi, and meanwhile, an ally is accusing him of murder. and on defense, perhaps the most critical member of the cabinet and the targeted recent white house criticisms respond ing to questions about his loyalty. >> you think that he is sort of oa democrat if you want to the know the truth. but he is a good guy. >> i have never registered for any political party. a lot to cover. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where escalating battle between donald trump and
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fire brand elizabeth warren is threatening to overshadow the coverage of the democrats before the midterms. and there is an 84% chance of retaking the house by picking up the necessary 23 seat, because 20% chance of gaining the two set needs they need to take control of the upper chamber, and breaking down the problem area for each party. the republicans are rating it 29 seats up for tossups, but much different in the senate as they are clinging to five seat s s t the republican's four, and all of that action is plague out across the country and taking a back seat to senator warren's very public power play to responding to the the president's criticism and releasing the results of a dna test showing that she does have american heritage, but very,
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very long ago the president pouncing on her rebuke from the cherokee nation. and then attaching a string of tweets today calling her a complete and total fraud and owes the american public an ap poll e ji, and here to sort it out is kristen welker, and former national republican committee chairman michael steele, and jim massena, the manager of president obama's successor campaign in 2012 and to all of you, kristen, you have been drilling down on that the elizabeth warren controversy, and where does it stand today? >> well, effective, you have a back and forthping , and as you elizabeth warren released dna results and she has indian heritage going back five to six generations which is consistent
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with the story that her family has told and this is under scrutiny or for the bulk of her political career, and k controversy for her with the president calling her poke h-- pocahontas, and so he said that he would donate $1 million if she came forward and she said, time to put up, mr. president, and we asked him about it, and he said that senator warren owes him an apology, and she responded that it is an indication that president trump is scare canned of her, and bottom the line, andrea, this is the clearest signal to date that she is serious about a potential 2020 bid, and she is a progressive and represents that
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branch of the democratic party, and she wants this issue that has been dogging her off of the table. she wants to move beyond it, and also making the point, andrea, she is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with president trump. i asked the president if he sees this as effectively elizabeth warren all but announcing that she is running in 2020 and the president surprisingly said game-on, and i hope she runs saying that he thinks that he would be able to beat her, but bottom line, andrea, this is one step closer to what we might see in 2020. >> and multiply that times perhaps 20 democrats all lining up, and it is going to be looking like the republican field in 2016 initially until donald trump sort of drove everyone else out. and speaking of that, jim massena, you tweeted yesterday that arguing the substance all you want, but why 22 days before a crucial election where we need to save the house to save
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america, and why did she have to do that before, and why can't the dems stay focused and why can't they? >> well, look, we are sitting here three weeks before the election and the dems are on the offensive and you talked about the numbers are looking good and every single day we are nare fig with donald trump, we are losing. so if i were running the campaign, and i would do this, because she wants it taken off of the table, but i would not do it now, not 21 days before the election, and now, you could lay it out perfectly what was going to the happen and she could do that and the president going to pick a fight with her and we all in the media are going to be spending time talking about it, but it will will take us off of the message and what we need to do is to win the house and the senate. and for her due, she is raising money all over the place, and traveling for the democrats to be helpful in the midterms, but i would have waited 22 days to get in this fight with the president. >> and the president meanwhile, talk about staying focused, he
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had a tweet against stormy daniels with the defamation case aside from all of the other stuff, and he called her a horse face, and how much more does the president have to do to alienate suburban women voters or in this cakes it does not rise to the that level? >> well, it does. and this is the what the president does, and at least you can say, honestly, it is the horseface that he is familiar with. and so we will leave it at that. and so this is what the president does. this is what he does particularly with women. he calls them out with these pejorative terms whether they are pigs or the horsefaces or things like that. >> and go after a man and he did ted cruz and marco rubio in the primary. >> and little marco is not the same as calling a woman horseface, and lying ted is not the same as calling ted a pig,
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and the particular ly the way h has spoken about black women and demeaning the intelligence and that they are less intelligence and like maxine waters. >> and polka han tas, polka ha cahan tas, and what is the message, kristen, because they keep saying that the economy and other item, and the president does have something to say about the stock market and not looking at the wage growth, and how have
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the democrats framed the message at three weeks out? >> well, the democrats are trying to frame the message around health care, and also, when you are talking about some of the critical house races, andrea, they are trying to make the case to voters that there is not enough oversight of this president, and more broadly, and so i think that they are making the case of that, but in the wake of judge kavanaugh, becoming justice kavanaugh, they are trying to seize on that opening, and energize those s r suburban women voters and the types oftweets that we are talking about today help them to make that case. >> and looking at the landscape here, you have two republican races where you have two incumbent republican congress members in safe seats who are both under federal indictments, and of course chris collins in buffalo, and doug hunter in san diego, and how does that play? michael and jim? >> well, yeah. the dynamics on the ground are
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very interest interesting in this campaign, and even with the senate. you have a ebb and flow, and you can see the numbers off a 5/4 seat change possibility there, and the tightness and the closeness of the race, and both parties are at this point are looking at discipline and staying in their particular lanes and looking at some of the races such as a duncan hunter and others to hold that space given the difficulties with the candidates. >> and this is the problem with trump's tweet, because swing women are the big swing, and you talk about these areas, and you not alienate women the way that he is, and not think it is a complete disaster, and if michael had the old job as rnc chairman he would be throwing things across the room.
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>> oh, trust me. >> and the same in the senate room, and you have democratic incumbent senators opening, and every time the trump opens his mouth, it is a problem. >> and so now, hoping that a little bit of the tough debate. >> in 2003 while she was on the radio, you said it was okay for americans to join the taliban to fight us. and i want to ask right now if you are going to the apologize and me for saying it is okay to -- >> ladies -- >> marna has chosen to run a campaign like this one where she is engaging in ridiculous attacks and smear my campaign and trying to cut, cut, cut and not share the full picture. >> this is arizona of course, and, you know, john mccain's seat, and martha mcsally, first
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air force pilot, woman, and kristen sinema and tough. >> and this is the future of it not just two white women, but two women running head-to-head in a competitive race. >> by the way i misspoke, because it is jeff flake's spot. >> yes. and you will be seeing more and more of this, and the problem with the republicans is how do you stand in that space where the leadership behind you is all white male, and so that is going to be the translation problem going forward and that race there is a bell weather for the future races to come across the country, and when we see the beginning of it this fall. >> and the same in the state, and the arizona race is the most important bell wwether race, an arizona is the next state that everybody is talking about in the presidential election and almost come up on the map three
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cycles in a row, and if the dems can win it, it is going to herald in a new place for the presidential race, and everybody is dumping everything but the kit chen sink in that race. >> and the president is into to contest and he is so loving the campaign rallies, and it does not matter what the fact-checks say or the exaggerations, he is connecting with the base on the road. >> and he is connecting with the base, andrea, and i have traveled with him to some of the stops, and according to our conversations with top officials he is going to be making four or the five trips every week right until the election day. he is heading out west at the end of this week, and i will tell you that his crowds are fired up, and the stadiums are packed, and they are energized and he is throwing out a lot of red meat to the base, and some of the favorite talking point, and to your earlier point, he is taking a victory lap on a number of issues, whether it is the
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economy or the fact that he did get justice kavanaugh confirmed and one more point, andrea, he is not only out on the campaign trail, but he is talking to the reporters every chance, and he does not have public events on the schedule, but every time there is a camera that is on, he seems to find it and get in front of it and have something to say and he believes it is effective, andrea. >> thank you, kristen welker and michael steele and jim messena, and now, races looming large in critical spaces. >> and up next, secretary pompeo in saudi arabia meeting with the saudi crown are prince asking what happened to journalist jamal khashoggi. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" right here on msnbc. ts" right here on msnbc. here we go.
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mike pompeo is meet iing toy in riyadh with the effective ruler of saudi arabia the powerful crown prince, and the talks are described as candid which is diplomatic language as tough as the u.s. is demanding an explanation of owhat happened to jamal khashoggi a outspoken critic of the crown prince. they say that the saudi government is discussing a plan to admit that he was kill canned after entering the turkey consulate, and they say that it was a rogue interrogation gone
9:19 am
wrong, and today, they have spent nine hours inside of the consulate removing evidence from where he was last seen two weeks ago, but before they got inside 13 days after the disappearance, and a saudi cleaning crew arrive and they could have eliminated any evidence of murder. and joining us is a national security analyst. there is so much going down here, and i am so happy that you are here to drill down on what happened. let's go to riyadh, and now, as mike pompeo is meeting with the crown prince, the heir apparent of the weakened king, and at the same time jumped over two the of his rivals in the royal family to be the crown prince, he is running the show and embracing the white house with a pomp and circumstance of the u.s. tour last year, and all of this isp happening, and lindsey graham goes on fox this morning and a closer ally of the president in the senate, i don't know it right now, and this is what he
9:20 am
had to say about the man known as mbs. >> this guy is a wrecking ball. he had this guy murdered in a consulate in turkey and to expect me to ignore it, i feel use and abuse and i was on the floor defending saudi arabia, because they are a good ally, and there a difference of a good country and a toxic leader, and he cannot be a leader on the world stage. >> and he is calling him a murderer and there has to be a waut of this mess for the president to make, and there a face-saving way for the saudis and the u.s. that does not completely ignore the human rights as the presidents want to do and too save the relationship that they believe is critical regarding iran, middle east, oil, jobs. >> and first, andrea, if there is any benefit to the clout in riyadh, it is is that we hope
9:21 am
that secretary pompeo comes back with answers. we read from the readout that the conversation was tough and candid and direct, and i hope that the secretary of state said to de facto king in saudi arabia, hey, we know that your father, the royal highness spoke to the president yesterday, but we need more information and we need to the know exactly what happened in istanbul. is there a way out? the saudis will find a fall guy, and yes, muhammad bin sal isman knew they we-- bin salmanb knew they were going there to interrogate khashoggi and that the killing was accidental or somebody using excessive force. i think they may arrest or execute somebody, but they will have a fall e guy, and the concept is that there is going to be reseem change in saudi arabia is folly. the big picture, the same way after tiananmen square in china
9:22 am
where china essentially mowed down hundreds and thousands of student protesters and overtime, the relationship with china got back on an even keel, and you will see that here, too. >> and can the saw disclaim that they -- they can't claim that he didn't know that 15 guys were on private planes from riyadh arriving and then leaving hours after can khashoggi leave, and they can't claim that they didn't know about the operation. john brennan, the former fbi director said that it is inconceivable that they didn't know what was going on. >> no, they can claim that somebody used excessive force and try to find the fall guy, but what happened here is over time, saudi arabia and the u.s. will see they need each other, and the saudis are in for a bumpy ride in congress, and lindsey graham is going to show
9:23 am
you the bipartisan rage, and there is going to be congressional action and sanction, and the administration is going to have to have an evaluation of how much to rely on saudi arabia and the region. but over the immediate term, we need saudi arabia for many strategic things in the middle east including a counterweight to iran and it is not the economic picture and not so much about the oil, but we want saudi arabia and other gulf arab countries to be a counter weight against the sunni and shia extremists in teheran. >> and no other president has gone to saudi arabia first, and the theory of the case that we know from the reporting is that the saudi arabia was going to the help us to make peace in the m midel east with israel, and be a counterweight against iran, and we make the region also to help with us the jobs and the business deals and the weapons deals, and president keeps
9:24 am
claiming that $110 billion was achieved, and it is not true. in fact, it is the letters of intent to buy the wep porngs and he is casting it as jobs, but bottom line is that there is no middle east peace deal, and those weapons and arms deals don't exist, and it is a mistake to count on riyadh. >> it is a mistake for the president to describe the relationship in the middle east with saudi arabia to focus on the economic benefits of the relationship and the deals so to speak, a tnd the reason to have relationships with saudi arabia is the strategic interest s ts the united states faces in the region, and whether or not we get some sales or create jobs, that should not be the main argument that the president advance, because it sounds craven given this context. >> jeremy bash, it is so great to see you. >> thank you, andrea. and coming up, secretary on defense. and james mattis is responding to the boss' claim that he is
9:25 am
sort of a democrat. andrea mitchell reports. t he i sort of a democrat. andrea mitchell reports.
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is it true general mattis said to you that the reason for all of the alliances is to p prevent world war iii? >> that is not true. frankly, i like general mattis, and i think that i know more
9:29 am
about it than he does, and i know more about it from the standpoint of fairness and that i can tell you. >> and is he going to leave? >> well, i doibt no, but he has not told me that. i think that he is sort of a democrat if you want to know the truth, but general mat tis is a good guy. we get along very well. he may leave at some point. and despite the broad hints from the president the defense secretary could be on the way out after the midterms, but the president said he is not going anywhere any time soon. >> we have never talked about him leaviabout me leaving. >> did you watch the interview?
9:30 am
>> no, i have not. frankly, i didn't watch the interview. e didn't see it. when i was 18 i joined the military and i have never registered as any political party the. >> and joining us is the moderator the of "washington week" on pbs, and also carol lee, and also jason lee. bob costa, what is your reading of the tea leaves of jim mat tis, because a lot of people in the national security world and americans could be very concern concerned if he were not in the cabinet. >> private simmering becomes public information and for many months it is clear talking to the top sources inside of the white house that secretary mattis is going to to be leaving after the elections in november, but he is not dying to leave. he is not asking to resign in any way so you have a tense moment, and not as much as you v have with the attorney general and the president. but you have this gap, that didn't exist a year ago when the president was close nor the
9:31 am
secretary the. >> and carol lee, you have covered the president for so long, and the importance of jim mat tis, and why he might be suspect inside and with john bolten replacing mcmaster who is the subordinate in terms of the four star, and so a respectful in fellow marine, and now you john boltten in there who has a lot of different perspective of the global policies. >> yes, that is the difference of the oval office who has the president's ear regularly, and the secretary of defense does not have that proximity, and we have seen the tension between the president and secretary mattis over a course of months and almost going back a year
9:32 am
over the various policy issues whether it is iran or the transgendered people serving in the military, and the space force that the president wants, and we have been told that president comes to feel that james mattis is looking down on him and he is thinking that he needs to be controlled or treated childishly and also that it is hard to get rid of james mattis unless you fire him, and unless you want the fire him, because he is not inclined to e resign as bob alluded to, and there is also increased tensions after the bob woodward book in which mattis is attributed to having said thingses to the president being child-like. >> and that is to the whole question of the anonymous leaks, and suspicions cast on mattis fairly or unfairly that he was contributing to that or the subordinates were contributing? >> well, calling him a democrat
9:33 am
was not a compliment, and not meant to be one, and there is policy differences on them, on iran, and afghanistan, and multiple things, and so those types of tensions are also present between the president and his secretary of odefense, and for bolten, as to what carol was saying, i did a article with a kocouple of reuter writers an early after bolten came, he was sitting in the room, and i believe the situation room, and presiding and mattis who is accustomed to being able to say his opinion and go on for length did so, and bolten turns to him and says, are you done, and then proceeds to take it down point by point. and so we are told that they get along just fine, but there is clear a shift of bolten coming into the white house. >> and another piece is bolten's deputy who was an antagonist, and really between the
9:34 am
transiti transition, and she was wanting a job and vetoing other jobs at the pentagon, and now she is a powerful deputy to bolten against mattis who did not want her the pentagon. >> and let me ask you about iran. because iran, and the policy toward iran and the war in syria is front and center in the new reporting with our colleague courtney cubii. >> yes, we have been reporting on the president's new serious strategy which has been draft and circulating and getting finalized and supposed to be finalized in the coming week, and the take away is three core focuses of it, getting rid of the rest of isis, and coming up with the political solution in syria that does not demand that assad step aside and the most significant one is to go after iran, and they don't mean it militarily now for legal reasons, but more so in sanctions and financially and, you know, withholding the
9:35 am
reconstruction aid in areas where iran has presence, and the concern of people who are critical of the president and the approach to iran is that this is the first step towards trying to provoke iran into some military engagement which the administration says is not the case. >> and robert costa, when we see a new strategy going against iran on november 4th with the new sanction, and the europeans are angry and wanting to work around it, because they are not agreeing with getting out of the iran nuclear deal and this is pitting the u.s. against the closest allies in putting the pressure against iran. >> yes, it is, and it is complicated by the jamal khashoggi situation, because you have so many u.s. allies and just players in the middle east who are concerned about the balance of power and should the u.s. not only go after iran with sanctions, but tougher against the saudi arabian kingdom, could iran have a empowered position
9:36 am
in the middle east, and thinking through iran, and this is great reporting by nbc, it is affected by what is happening with saudi arabia as the u.s. is looking at that chess board in terms of diplomacy and policy. >> bob costa, thank you so much. and of course, we will be watch watching you on "washington week" friday night, and for jason lee and another big exclusive with you and courtney. thank you. thank you.
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flawed is system that has a disproportionate effect of people of color, but it also has the ability to e erode trust in our system. i know that secretary kemp is well aware of this, and it is part of the pattern of behavior where he tries to tilt the playing field in his favor or in the favor of his party. >> that is a smoke screen trying to hide her radical views. those who are on the pending list have to go to the polls and show their voter i.d. and vote. again, this is a distraction from her view of her group filing a lawsuit to get noncitizens to vote in the state of georgia. >> a showdown in the georgia
9:41 am
governor race could determine the outcome of the race. georgia is embroiled in a voter suppression, and the same fight is happening in is south dakota where many native african-americans are to show identity with a street address which is restricting the rights of people on native american reservations, and they don't have addresses, but post office boxes, and that is presenting another challenge for heidi heitkamp whose narrow victory depend depended on native american vote. and joining me today is ja nay nelson who is a counsel for or the naacp, and so let's talk about in particular in georgia,
9:42 am
you have this fight, and ms. kemp was saying that she is trying to create a blue wave and he is creating a red wall around them, and a lot of oissues around the african-american votes and the people's rights to vote in particular counties and in texas, a historic case going back to 1972 where the supreme court has consistently upheld the right for citizens to vote where they go to school, and at prairie view college, it led to quite a contest with a candidate in texas, and it his field commander or the field officer being arrested for just firing a letter with the registrar of voting, and what is going on there? >> what we are seeing is the result of a terrible decision that the supreme court issued in 2013 that unleashed a tidal wave of voter suppression tactics, and everything that you mention
9:43 am
and all of these suppression tactics that we are seeing leading up to the upcoming midterms shows that elected officials across the country are trying to recreate the electorate, and hand pick those who are entitled to exercise the fundamental right to vote, and the people target and exclued with surgical precision through myriad of devices are african-americans and latinos and native americans and asians, and we are trying to white out the electorate in a way that is extraordinarily disturbing. we have challenged it in georgia and in texas, and in the texas photo i.d. challenge where we represented a student from prairie view a&m, and we pointed out that the racially discriminatory impact of this voter i.d. law, and we continue the monitor the situation in prairie view a&m where the students are targeted again. this county has been the subject of many contests around elections and discrimination
9:44 am
gai against african-americans there in particular, and this hbc can u, and t -- h bshbcu, and the same in georgia with an attempt to restrict early voting and attempt to close polls in certain areas where the african-americans are most likely to vote, and there is a large fight brought by some of the civil rights colleagues to get the deadlines extended in counties that are delayed because of the hurricane recent ly, and every bit of this has been a fight to ensure fairness and equality in the upcoming election, and brian kemp has no business to continuing to oversee the election process in which he is a candidate. it is like watching the umpire make calls on the game where he is the lead contender. it is absolutely absurd, and anyone who is look aing at this situation understands that there
9:45 am
is a conflict of interests, and that there is a clear opportunity for self-dealing and brian kemp is using it to his advantage, and he is being brazen in the abuse of power as secretary of state. >> this is all as you point out before 2013 in the supreme court decision in the voting rights act, states like texas had to the affirmatively prove that they were not discriminating and suppressing the vote. >> and georgia. >> and so, sebrina with north dakota this heidi heitkamp won in a razor thin margin and now with the vote against kavanaugh, she is under water and the native americans were told that they could vote in the primary in june with the post office addresses, because the lawsuit was wind iing through the supre court, and then temporary injunction and nothing was changed and now with 21 days
9:46 am
left, they are told that they have to have completely new i.d.s and the native americans, and the tribes have to get together and somehow be re-registering everybody. >> and as you are pointing out, heidi heitkamp did win by a razor thin margin and she was bolstered by the native american vote. this is going to be coming down to a couple of thousand votes. and so as you note for the native american residents to have exact street addresses is something they don't have, because they typically have post office boxes. and as one of the justices kagan in fact put out a dissent that they could use the voter i.d.s in june, and so there is going to be widespread confusion that they can't use the same identification to vote in the
9:47 am
general election and certainly an effort to decline those voters in support of heitkamp, and when you are looking at the younger voters, they are key coalitions for democrats. >> thank you so much for being with us. with three weeks to go, and the question is will people be intimidated or frustrated or stay home? to be continued. we will stay on this. and thank you both for being with us today. and coming up. throwing shade. a former photographer is now in front of the camera speaking out in front of the current administration. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" "andrea mitchell reports the awe-inspiring. the heart racing. the heart breaking. that's what life is all about... showing up. unless migraine steals your chance to say "i am here." that's why, we created aimovig.. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults.
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as chief white house photographer for two presidents famously republican ronald reagan and then democrat barack obama, pete sussa has captured a rarely seen intimate moments that define a presidency. sussa, who has spent his entire career behind the scene, was recently propelled to social media stardom. he began posting nostalgic photos of his time with president obama and with commentary aimed at the trump administration. known as throwing shade.
9:52 am
pete sussa joins me now. his new book is called "shade, a tale of two presidents." we've known each other more than 40 years but who's counting. of course i remember your iconic reagan pictures. now of course your famous book on obama. what propelled you to take a real political stand here? i've never known you to be political. >> well, i mean, i thought both president reagan and both president obama respected the office of the presidency and it's something we're not seeing today. from mr. trump. and, you know, i couldn't live with myself if i didn't do my civic duty and speak out. >> and you speak out through pictures of course. only today the president made these comments, calling stormy daniels "horse face." understandably, he's been in an adversarial relationship, a legal controversy with her, but horse face? and you tweeted, it's only okay
9:53 am
to call a horse a horse face. and there of course is obama on a horse. >> it's a humorous way to counteract what he does on twitter, which is bullying people, lying about people. it's just unbecoming of a president. >> we've chosen a couple of pictures here. let me share them with our viewers from your new book shade. one is president obama with robert mueller. it's a reminder that robert mueller, long before he was the special counsel investigating, he was, as fbi director, meet being with the legal office often with president obama. >> yes, i wanted people to see who robert mueller was, see him in action as the fbi director. one of the greatest public servants of our generation is robert mueller. >> then you somewhat wittely
9:54 am
have a picture with a very famous singer elton john in the oval office and your caption is "there's only one rocket man." >> this was after president trump had made reference to little rocket man, kim jong-un, so that was my response. >> and recently, we understand that at the summit, he actually said something about rocket man to kim jong-un and there was a whole exchange about that. we had to get a full readout on that i think. president obama with james comey famously of course james comey fired by this president. >> well, this was in reaction to him saying comey said in his book that trump had asked him for a loyalty pledge. and so this was my snarky retort. >> have you heard anything from president obama about your new
9:55 am
book? >> no, i actually didn't tell him i was doing this book until a couple weeks ago when it was done and printed. and i gave him a heads up that i was doing this book. that's really the only communication i've had with him about the book. >> we also have a picture with vladimir putin in china. which sort of captures the obama/putin standoff. >> this was in response to, you know, one of his many tweets about obama not doing enough to tell putin about election meddling and so on. >> your pictures have captured worldwide attention, you know, for decades now. famously, your book on the obama white house of course. how does it feel to have entered this new space? >> well, i mean, it's not the
9:56 am
most comfortable thing for me to do, to be sitting in this chair talking to you, but i think it's necessary at this point in time in our country. i do have a voice and i feel i should use it to speak out and to call this president out on the way he's disrespecting the office of the presidency. >> pete souza, fascinating stuff, of course beautiful pictures, no matter what the politics are. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. >> congratulations on your new book, "shade." ok, "shade."mm. yeah, and when you move in, geico could help you save on renters' insurance! man 1: (behind wall) yep, geico helped me with renters insurance, too! um... the walls seem a bit thin... man 2: (behind wall) they are! and craig practices the accordion every night! says the guy who sings karaoke by himself. i'm a very shy singer. you're tone deaf! ehh... should we move on to the next one? it's a great building! you'll love it here! we have mixers every thursday. geico®. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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join me @mitchellreports. that's it for today. here's ali velshi. >> that was a great conversation with pete souza, took us down memory lane. good afternoon, i'm ali velshi. let's get smarter. >> searching for the truth. turkey police combing the consulate in istanbul and in the saudi capital, questions for the king from secretary of state pompeo. pompeo also seeking answers from king salman's powerful son. >> there are reports that the saudis might say that khashoggi was killed during the unauthorized interrogation. does that sound -- >> i just saw that. i just don't know. i'm going to have to see what they say. we're working very closely. with saudi arabia and with turkey.


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