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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 17, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> i know 60% of americans that feel that way, not the 40% that are excited by the government. >> my thanks to you, eddie. and mark, your new book. what is it? >> it's the number two "new york times" best selling book ins sports category. but if i leave out sports, i just say number two but have i to be accurate. >> "mpt daily" starts right now. >> just ask liebovitz who does number two work for. thank you, nicolle. if it's wednesday, midterm meets the road. good day, everybody. i'm chuck todd at the arcade here in phoenix, arizona.
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coming to you live from one of the hottest midterm battlegrounds in america on an unbelievably beautiful day here in phoenix. my god, chamber of commerce-type weather. welcome to "mpd daily" and we're out west this week, then we head south, florida and texas, talking to pretty much everyone we can as we count you down to what is turning into an historic midterm election. for democrats, the road for them to take back the senate goes right through here in arizona. this is basically a must-flip state for the democrats. if you can tell which side of the aisle showed up here today, if they want to pull off the stunner and take back control of both houses of congress. republicans seem to have the momentum in a number of senate races now and is a very real question of whether or not the senate is still in play. here in arizona, the republicans think they got momentum back,
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the democrats don't think it's over. everyone says this is a nail biter. don't tell the democratic candidate in texas, beto o'rourke, who is trailing ted cruz, that that case is over. it's now a case of no more mr. nice guy. look at last night's debate with ted cruz. >> senator cruz is not going to be honest with you. he's dishonest. it's why the president called him lying ted and the nickname stuck. >> beto o'rourke's pollsters have told him to come out on the attack. john adams famously said "facts are stubborn things." >> o'rourke's campaign is out with a new trio of negative adds. in tennessee, don't tell the democratic nominee his race is over either. earlier today he sat down with my colleague lee ann caldwell. take a listen to what he said about his race. >> i drew an opponent who was
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way, way over there in terms of she saw her job basically as implementing whatever donald trump wanted to do. i'm hoping obviously that the state in the end will come to its certain moderate roots that it's played for so long. if that happens, i'll be the next senator. >> folks, this is a map that does not favor the democrats, as we've been telling you. it's geographically a lot different than where the house democrats are. they're going to need to pick off a tennessee or a texas, especially if they lose north korea. that's if you assume they hold nine of the ten seats in states where the president won, which is no easy task. democrats have been forced to divert resources to shore up a deep blue state in, ready for this, new jersey. they've still got a comfortable lead but those are precious dollars they can't spend
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elsewhere. and in this senate map, there are a lot of elsewheres and we're in one now. >> and graham, you have a a fan club here. maria moderated the one and only debate of the senate race. and in washington, my good friends howard fineman and dani, you guys get to be the cat callers. i'm going to start local and then go to you guys for national. graham, i want to play for you some chats i had with vote bers about this case. it does seem that arizona is shell shocked. take a listen. >> is the senate race in the state, do you think this is emblem at uk atic of what it's o
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be in the state for the next four years? >> i hope not. >> it's been a rough race. >> it was very rough. >> have you tuned it out? >> it's just a bunch of twitter and just garbage. >> this is pushing you away? >> yes. >> i would say and i have three or four voters who said similar things to me. they're just burned out on the negativity. >> arizona now knows how cleveland feels every two to four years. we're seeing record spending, not just in the senate race but ballot initiatives, congressional races, the governor's race. $100 million, which blows away any kind of spending we've seen before. the negative ads on the mcsally side. here's some cinema in the senate race, some cinema with positive ads up in april. this has been going on a long time and right now it is really, really intense. >> maria, you moderated the one
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and only debate. we were hoping it would be more than that. we were hoping to get our hand on at least a debate here. the amazing report from our reporter in the field was the two candidates sat there five minutes before the debate started and didn't even acknowledge each other. it's personal for these two, is it not? >> it certainly is. both of them have criticized but they're still on the airwaves of course. it was not very warm between them before the debate. it wasn't anything nasty but the photographers and videographers in there were trying to get them to engage. they just were not playing ball. >> one thing that has also come through, even ones who decided who they're going to vote for, they doesnn't feel they into th running mate.
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this is kyrsten sinema. you saw this debate where people saw a very controlled, measured sinema. to those of us who have known her for many years, as i have, it's not the kyrsten we've known. and her opponent is brand new and at least until now hasn't done much to introduce herself to the state as a whole. >> some people say she's attached herself more to president trump than they ever thought she would. >> absolutely. earlier on, 2016 was not a big vocal trump supporter. during her primary, which was of course against kelly ward and the famous, infamous former sheriff joe arpaio, we saw her
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move to a hard right there, becoming more pro trump, more vocal about that. now the question is is that a good thing or bad thing? she's sort of defending on both sides. for those who want to see her move closer to trump, she's playing that up. for moderates, where maybe that's a turnoff, she's trying to say she's been consistent the whole time. >> let's pull the lens pack. howard, a quick montage. beto o'rourke decided to go negative. let me play a matchup of these hits on cruz that they've unveiled today. >> ted cruz has voted to take away health care for millions of american families. he's tried repeatedly to roll back frokprotections for preexig conditio conditions. ted cruz wants to take our public tax dollars out of the
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classrooms and put them into vouchers. he's vowed to deport every dreamer. >> howard, i was checking the calendar one more time. it's october 17th. boy, that seems awfully late to decide to go contrast now. >> yeah, i think so. i think beto o'rourke may be excited by his own charisma there and the response to his anti-political campaign. decided a little late to do this. listen, in the big picture here, the democrats got to pick up one of these places. mish mcconne mitch mcconnell sees arizona as key. he's focused his money and attention in arizona almost more than any other state. dani, i have to play for you another piece. phil breddeson said he would have voted yes on kavanaugh. take a listen to what he thinks has impacted him in this senate
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race, dani. >> i think what's happening is the way in which the kavanaugh hearings proceeded and how much and how partisan they became and how bitter at the end, it tends to bring people back to their party. i remember i'm a republican, i remember i'm a democrat. i think that's happened all over the country and it certainly has happened here in tennessee. >> dani, he's basically hinting that him publicly saying yes and we heard some reports that some volunteers quit over that, that even though he's from a red state, it might have cost him more votes on the left than in the middle. >> honestly i can't say pup know, what we talked about in the wake of kavanaugh was everybody kind of returning home. and i think that for a lot of republicans who didn't like donald trump and were offended by donald trump, they were even more offended by the kavanaugh hearings. the same is probably true on the left for the democrats and that's what bredeson is going to
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pay the price for. it is not the time to triangulate. unfortunately elections aren't about nuance and, frankly, they aren't about how you're going to act in washington. they're about playing to your home team and playing to your base and he didn't do that. >> speaking of the base, howard fineman, would you rather be ted cruz or bob menendez on election day? >> i'm going to say ted cruz for now. i think menendez was a distant star on the screen a few weeks ago, but people in the know in new jersey were telling me that that was going to be a tough race. and it is about the people, it is about the individual and who best represents and can excite the base. bob menendez i think is going to have trouble exciting the base in new jersey. new jersey likes moderate republicans opinion he's up against somebody who can at least style himself as a moderate republican. i think he's in real trouble.
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>> and dani pletka, we heard the president say if republicans lose control of the house, it's not on him. is it, number one -- or is he right that his presence is rescuing some candidates? martha mcsally, if she wins, is probably going to owe it to trump. >> i'm always wondering how donald trump earned that middle name, mr. helpful. it's such an incredible statement for the president to make. it suggests that he believes that the outcome -- that his party is going to lose the house of representatives. but i agree with you. i think that actually he's been pretty helpful to people like mcsally and to others where he's gone out, he's rallied the base, he's rallied the crowds. there's a reason why people like her are in fact standing, despite the fact that nationally he's just not that popular. >> let me bring it back to arizona. first of all, you just gave me a
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stunning stat here that may give heartburn to everybody here. how many races is the state of arizona going to be home to in the next six years? >> including this year, we have eight senate races through 2024. >> eight u.s. senate races. tv stations, congratulations, you're going to make a boat load of money. you have the mccain seat twice, '20 and '22. >> and are you a swing state? >> i think we will be. this year i'm not so sure. i think demographics will take hold at some point. >> does the state political class accept i think we're becoming florida and ohio. >> in terms of the demographics shift or -- >> i would say in tone. you know, that they're in the national stage now. >> i think they are. i know we were chatting a little
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bit earlier, these political attack ads are just ubiquitous right now and we've heard a lot of complaints about people. as a reporter, when i talk to people, that's what they remember best. even if they outrage them, they know they're part of the game. they're paying attention to what they say. after the debate there were a lot of requests for fact checks. they're paying attention. >> i was talking about how kavanaugh in tennessee that, may have back fired on bredeson. was kavanaugh a red/blue divide here and you couldn't cross the swords? >> here's something very interesting that came out in the debate the other night. sinema issued a statement saying she would have voted no for kavanaugh to be on the bench but she does not want to say that on
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tv. remember that? >> yes, we pushed her multiple times to get her to say yes or no. >> i interviewed her not long after he was elevated. would not say no. >> she's also focused when she sort of defends that on him, her impression that he lied under oath and less about the sexual assault allegations. >> i'll tell you this, we think arizona's a swing state but the two candidates are acting like it's a light red state. that's the message i've received from you. thanks for coming on. i know these campaigns are making it hard. howard and dani, you're sticking around. coming up, we're going to have much more ahead live from phoenix, arizona on the way to tacoma, philadelphia and l.a. first, can congress force the president to hold saudi arabia accountable for the presumed murder of journalist jamal khashoggi? we'll talk to a senator on the
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foreign relations committee straight ahead. head ♪ how many people are in the car? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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if the winning candidate takes -- if you could hand the message to the winning candidate that goes to the senate on behalf of arizona or the house, whoever you're voting for, if you could send them to a message, what would that message be? >> listen to your consistents a -- constituents and don't be afraid to cross the aisle. >> we're on the road to arizona talking to voters. we're coming to you live from right here in phoenix, terrific host here. tomorrow i'm going to be a broadcasting from las vegas. we invite you to come watch the show from the beer park on the strip. i got some that are going to tailgate from here all the way to the strip, trust me. we're back with more "meet the press daily "in 60 seconds. s das
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i just can't tell you, it has been unbelievable weather out here. once again president trump is defending an authoritarian leader and president trump is not standing up for what we thought were american values. once again it's put him at odds with members of his own party. in july mr. trump seem to accept putin's denial that russia interfered in the 2016 election. now president trump seems to even coach the saudis on their denials that the crown prince was involved in the alleged murder of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. president trump said "here we go again with, you know, you're guilty until proven innocent."
2:21 pm
turkey may have recordings that provide evidence that khashoggi was killed inside. president trump said he has requested the tape from turkey, quote, if it exists. i'm joined by jeff merkley, a member of the foreign relations committee. i know the committee chairman, bob corker. i'm curious of your reaction of the last 24 hours, secretary of state, photo-op with the crown prince, president of the united states, to some looking like helping the saudis come up with their story on this. the reaction of the foreign relations committee. >> i think it was very disturbing to see the secretary of state say i'm not interested in the facts, i don't want to talk about them and neither do they, meaning the saudis. if not to discuss the facts, for
2:22 pm
example, is he alive? is he dead? where is he? how did he die? if not to get the facts, what was the purpose of the trip? if just to set up space in order for the saudis to set up a cover story in order to protect an arms deal or relationship that's increasingly on the rocks with the war in yemen, i think it's deeply disturbing. >> i think a lot of americans are realists. we know that there are some allies of the united states that we wouldn't endorse their values but the enemy of our enemy is our allies sometimes. give me the line for you on the saudis. obviously in the middle east sometimes you got to choose between a bad actor and a less bad actor, but what is your line on the saudis? >> well, certainly we should never work with them to inflict human rights violations. that's exactly what we're doing with the saudis' attack on yemen. in this situation we're actually
2:23 pm
refueling the saudi planes as they go to bomb and they're bombing civilian targets time and time again and setting the stage for massive starvation. that is horrendous. now we have a columnist for "the washington post" who was operating in support of the american press and this president is not taking serious he appears to be killed by the saudis. this should be the strongest level of protest. we may not know all the facts yet, but we should be saying if you did this, there will be significant consequences. we're just not hearing that out of the state department or out of the president. >> okay. let me hear it out of you. what should that statement be? >> well, at a minimum we should be saying you will be subject to global magnitsky act, which is where we essentially say we are
2:24 pm
freezing the assets in the united states, freezing travel to the united states, that that at a minimum is something we can apply to a situation where there's been a degrees violation of human rights. and certainly those who conspired, if this in fact happened, if they conspired to kill a journalist working for an american newspaper in the turkish embassy, then we certainly have that as a minimum. >> what would it take for you to credibly accept the story that the crown prince, that it was rogue agents, that it was a rendition gone bad? >> well, our president, president trump, said that was his kind of summary of his impressions of the conversation that he had can king salman. and i find it extraordinarily unlikely when you realize how an embassy works, you certainly don't have a plan where
2:25 pm
specialists come in and proceed to carry out a very detailed operation, to lure somebody to come to turkey, to come to the saudi embassy and then kill and dismember them, if this is what happened. that does not happen through some rogue agent. this would very likely come from the highest level, especially because this columnist had been quite critical of the crown prince. it certainly has the sense of the crown prince exercising a message to all of those who criticize him don't you dare do this or i will take you out. i would be very suspicious of any rogue agent scenario. >> what -- you talked about the magnitsky act, which was named after and had to do with russia and the russian government essentially assassinating a political dissident.
2:26 pm
what is the most realistic, appropriate sanction that the senate will come up with? >> well, if we get in terms of realistic, it's going to be a dialogue with the president's team because he has to sign whatever bill we pass. but i think the global magnitsky act is certainly a very feasible -- >> but you could force this. i don't mean to interrupt, senator, but you could put this to a spending bill. could you connect th you could connect this as you guys did with the russian sanctions, you could corner the president to sign something tougher than he'd want. >> yes. we've had to push him very hard to apply sanctions to russia. this may be a parallel situation. i think we do have a sense right now that this is not partisan, this is democrats and republicans standing up together for human rights, and i think
2:27 pm
there's a very good chance that we will have enough support to proceed. we have to have enough support of course to overdescribride a . -- veto. if we had a solid line, this isn't acceptable, we need to send a message not just to saudi arabia but to the rest of the world. >> what me ask about the saudis this way. what makes them an ally in your opinion? what are the best assets saudi arabia brings to the relationship? >> from my perspective, saudi arabia has not helped news international security. certainly the president would say they help us with isis and so forth but they have also been exporting terrorism across the world for decades. we've been very critical of iran for producing terrorist acts but
2:28 pm
we've chosen to ignore the saudi acts of funding of terrorism they do around the world. that's unacceptable. do they buy a lot of our stuff? yes, they do. have they helped us would isis? >> yes, they have. but if we don't look at the rest of the equation, the fact they have promoted terrorism around the world, then we not looking at the whole picture. >> senator, i thank you for coming on and sharing your views. >> thank you, chuck. >> up ahead, if hai and california had a swing state baby, would it be named arizona? i've been using that all day. you guys can grown all you want. coming right back. >> if you could send a message with your vote to washington, what would the message be to whoever wins the senate race? >> i think the important thing for us obviously just being a
2:29 pm
mom is about education is an important thing for us now to focus on. and i think arizona is tough because everything is underfunded in arizona. it's obviously become a hot topic lately. ght? ght? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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democrats' unrequited love, their elusive blond girl at the end of "graffiti." right now, right here, i'm talking about you, arizona. arizona is the one who always saves the last dance for someone else. and that someone else has been the republican party. starting in 1952 arizona has only gone democratic once at the presidential level, in 1996 when bill clinton somehow won the state's heart. how about that. before and since then whenever democrats offered a kiss, arizona offered a cheek, not necessarily the right cheek. every year democrats hoped this year would be different, this would be the year they would win and find love at the end of the movie and never more so than this year. democrats are angry about trump, they said. it's the year of the woman. it's the year they were finally going to turn arizona into a swing state they said. republican governor doug doocy is looking to be reelected.
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if democrats can't find a happy ending to this movie, maybe arizona isn't a swing state after all? we'll find out on election day. much more ahead on "mtp daily." t" ] this... [woman 2] ..this... [man 1] ...this is my body of proof. [man 2] proof of less joint pain... [woman 3] ...and clearer skin. [man 3] proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... [woman 4] ...with humira. [woman 5] humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. [avo] humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal
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welcome back. well, the senate race here in arizona is getting a lot of attention. there's also a governor's race going on right now. you talk to people and say what's the number one issue, they all say education. that's because what's going on in the governor's race. doug doocy is facing david garcia. he has no previous elected political experience. garc garcia's been endorsed by
2:38 pm
president obama and bernie sanders. he has not been endorsed by the democratic congresswoman for the senate, tykyrsten sinema. let me ask you about that. it just seems odd that we're 20 days before the election. have you endorsed kyrsten? >> no. and she hasn't endorsed anyone, to my knowledge. one of the things that democrats has done is we're each running our own race. i believe that what i bring out in terms of turnout, what sinema brings out with respect to turnout is a net positive for everyone else on the ticket. >> it's just unusual. you look if he florida tickets
2:39 pm
and republicans and democrats are hand in hand. looking at the republican side in this state, it seems like there's at least some coordination here. doesn't this hurt you more than it helps you, the lack of coordination? >> it's not just sinema and myself. in arizona we have people running for races all the wave down the bottom of the ticket. in my neighborhood, we had four people running for justice of the peace. when that energy is happening, i believe it's going to be a net positive for everybody else on the ticket. >> as i indicated, you ask any voter and it has been any age group, what's the number one issue? frankly, i've been coming to arizona professionally covering politics here a good 15 years. the issue of public education is very similar to where i grew up in florida. the population is growing faster than the resources you have and then it becomes a fight over resources. you guys are having this debate.
2:40 pm
what do you think is the biggest issue in public education for the state right now? >> the reason it's an issue this time around is because of our teachers. arizona is one of the red-for-red states where teachers took it upon themselves -- [ applause ] >> i'll be honest, a lot of places were surprised out east when they saw teachers protest and governors respond. >> and you're looking at consistency. these are all states that have taken very deep cuts in public education. the number one issue was funding. >> some would say everybody's for increased funding, just not as much as others would say. but one person's smaller increase is another person's cut. >> i'm trying to put my head around the math here. you sound like you work at our legislature. >> i'm aware everybody -- who will increase 10%, who will increase 5%? >> you're right about funny math
2:41 pm
on this stuff and budget math. but what is that big issue? >> the big issue is funding. our funding is that low in arizona. we have teachers working two, three jobs in order to stay in the classroom. and as long as our teachers have to work two or three jobs to stay in the classroom, it isn't a profession. they also said it's about improving schools, not just teacher pay but everyone who makes school work. the first person my daughter sees in the morning, miss melanie, our bus driver, she's got an important job there as well. education is the issue that is on everybody's mind every time we go to the door out there. >> these days in politics you get pegged for who you associate yourself with. sometimes that's good, sometimes it's bad. bernie sanders is coming to campaign for you. does that make you a bernie sanders democrat? >> it's going to make as you
2:42 pm
turnout machine come next week. it is unbelievable the amount of energy. it is unbelievable the amount of energy bernie sanders has. >>what bernie brings is medicare for all and the talk of democratic socialism. where do you fall in that. >> i will tell you what we need first and foremost and that is turnout. when our demographic -- when the voting population looks like a demographic population, we'll have an idea of what the two university campuses and bringing a phenomenal job bringing young people out to vet. >> are you concerned that he brings out that independent voter, who says i'm not a fan of president trump, too far left for me. what do you say to that voter? >> that voter will look at what we stand for with a set of values. and what the more people with
2:43 pm
can get to the polls, the better off arizona is going to be. >> let's talk about latino turnout. nationally latino engagement this cycle has lagged behind where they were for the democrats in 2006, the last time democrats had a big midterm wave. there's a lot of theories going around as to why latino engagement has been less so this cycle and a lot of people thought. i think a lot of people thought there would be a surn. >> i'm from arizona born and raised. latinos have been asked to play defense over and over again, including coming out and asking to vote for trump. the latino community has been asked to play defense. vote against this, vote against that. what we haven't had in a very long time is something to vote for. i believe that's what our
2:44 pm
campaign represents. now, i understand what's going on out there, there's still a lot of negativity. and what negatives does is it suppresses the vote. it gets people to turn around from the electoral process. we need enthusiasm and to give our latino community something positive they can vote for. it's been a long time. >> i talked a few latino arizonans around here who feared raising their head up. >> sure. that's negative. >> i was taken aback by it. >> we are a state that's had a very negative approach with respect to negotiations and. >> who knows, maybe it's a drone for all we know. thank you for coming on and sharing your views. be safe on the trail. >> up ahead, vote for homey. if we can only figure out who
2:45 pm
homey is. much more to come live from phoenix, arizona. phoenix, arizona (music throughout) ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining
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and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? well, in tonight's meet the midterms, we found another person running for the senate. meet homie.
2:47 pm
these campaign signs were everywhere. vote for homie, who is promising significant change. but who is homie? we called the number on the sign and got this recording. >> homie is arizona's most aggressive fiscal conservative candidate and we're working hard for your vote. our plan can seed arizona more than $1 billion, far more than anybody proposed by our two opponents. >> sort of convincing, right? homie is not even a real person. it's a utah-based home buying company. this is all part of some knockoff guerrilla marketing campaign that, yes, we got suckered in to do. you caught our attention. if you're an arizona voter, watching the mud slinging between the senate candidates, wondering if homie is your guy,
2:48 pm
sadly i have news for you. >> homie don't play that. >> i beat the punch line. we're back with more after the break. eak. i saw my leg did not look right. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared. i had a dvt blood clot. having one really puts you in danger of having another. my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®. to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner that's... proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. in clinical studies, almost 98% of patients on xarelto® did not experience another dvt or pe. xarelto® works differently. warfarin interferes with at least 6 of your body's natural blood-clotting factors. xarelto® is selective, targeting just one critical factor. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase risk of blood clots.
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2:51 pm
it's all going to run tomorrow in a special opinions piece there. but, dani, let me just unleash you. where are you on this? >> this is a real problem for the united states. i've said this a few times over the last couple of days. saudi arabia wants to lie to us, and we want to be lied to. you know, in economics, we have the concept of too big to fail, and unfortunately in foreign policy, i think saudi arabia occupies that space. saudi arabia is integral to u.s. plans in the middle east. saudi arabia is integral to u.s. plans vis-á-vis iran. saudi arabia has positioned itself as the sunni leader in the region in the absence of any other leader. we could walk away from saudi arabia. what's happened to khashoggi if the stories are accurate and they certainly seem accurate, what has happened to him is an outrage, appalling, an unbelievable abuse.
2:52 pm
but the president reflects what i think a lot of the foreign policy of the united states is orientated towards, which is a saudi arabia that is, despite all of its bad actions, a partner in the region. >> let me ask you this, dani. you said saudi arabia is too big to fail. is mbs too big to fail, though? >> i keep hearing this from people. you know, lindsey graham said this. he said, you know, as long as mbs is in charge of saudi arabia, they're dead to us. i wish that that were even a possibility. mbs, mohammed bin salman, is the crown prince. he is the son of the king. he is 32, 33 years old. he's not going anywhere in my opinion. saudi arabia has rallied behind him. there are a lot of stories inside the kingdom about how -- the stories about khashoggi have been manipulated by the muslim
2:53 pm
brotherhood, by qatar and by others. i don't see him at risk in the kingdom, and i don't think any amount of national opprobrium puts him at real risk. >> you know, howard, ten years ago i would have said, boy, the saudis can get away with anything with the united states pretty much. but, you know, it seems when you look at the fact that most of the hijackers were saudis and somehow saudi arabia was not at all really held accountable at all on any of those actions, and we could parse that all you want on that front, but i'm not so sure today. it does seem as if the politics of saudi arabia, at least domestically in washington, may shift a little bit in this. >> well, partly that's because the crown prince has advertised himself as a modern man, as a guy who's interested at least in symbolic acts of human rights liberalization. and i think ironically enough, donald trump, if he were to want
2:54 pm
to take it -- and i don't know that he will -- as a fellow strongman in the world, needs to talk to the crown prince and say, look, if you're going to be our pillar here and continue to be our pillar, if we're going to fight this battle, strategic battle to contain iran and so forth, you can't act like this. i have a very good friend and source who spends a lot of time in saudi arabia and told me that -- and he knows the crown prince -- says that the crown prince is great one day. he's full of all kinds of great id ideas, but you never know when he's going to go off the rails. this person said this to me a few weeks ago before this happened, this alleged atrocity happened in istanbul. if anything, saudi arabia is more important now, but only if somebody -- and i think trump is the guy to do it, if he has the guts and the imagination to do it -- to tell him, look, this kind of autocratic blood-thirsty
2:55 pm
craziness has to end. it just has to. and i think the crown prince is young enough, and maybe the good side strong enough that it's not totally naive to suggest that some personal -- person-to-person pressure could really have an effect here. and if trump doesn't do it, then we know he is as we've assumed thus far. >> dani, you can't help but look at the picture of vladimir putin. i take his word for it. kim jong-un, i take his word for it. and the king of saudi arabia, i take his word for it. what message is that sending around the world? >> we know what message donald trump sends to autocrats. donald trump sees them as beleaguered leaders like himself who have a good story to tell that the people don't understand. you know, i've long believed that donald trump has a psychological approach to leaders like putin, which is, i'm going to be nice to him for as long as i need to.
2:56 pm
in the case of saudi arabia, that's going too far. >> yeah. all right. danielle, howard, thank you both. much appreciates. we'll be back with more "mtp daily" live from phoenix right after this. is it possible to save someone's life... from thousands of miles away? yes. thanks to the dedicated technicians at the american red cross... who worked with vmware... to develop technologies to help redirect the flow of blood
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>> many thanks to our hosts. what a terrific live audience. hey, west virginia 3, there's a guy in an ojeda shirt out here. tomorrow, meet the midterms road trip takes us to vegas, baby. we'll see you live from beer park on the strip tomorrow, 2:00 p.m. local, 5:00 p.m. in the east. if you're in vegas and want to join us live, please do. come early. first 50 people in the door get the sweet swag that the first 50 people here got, and it's really good. you can drink a beer out of it. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." "the bea "the beat with ari melber" starts now. >> it looks like fun. we like your odds. hello to everybody out there. there are a lot of fast-moving stories tonight. donald trump signaling his own midterm jitters, aungs noing if republicans lose the house, it's not his fault. we have an


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