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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  October 22, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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colorado and waved around a rainbow flag. >> yeah. >> i will be the best to the lgbt community. >> it was part of a continuation of comments he made about the african-american community. >> i think it was an effort to give people a bit of cover when people claimed that donald trump was not for lgbtq people. >> right. >> people would say, oh no, but i saw him wave a rainbow flag at a rally. >> as you know, that actually works for donald trump in a lot of cases. >> but it works for people who want to vote for him but who don't want to be accused of the hateful things that people believe donald trump is doing. >> two weeks. have a good one, katie. thank you. are you back at 5:00? >> i am. it's monday. >> just swapping off. have a good one. big night in texas. president trump at his rally tonight for ted cruz, a man he
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previously anymo lly named lyin. today's campaign in texas, wednesday will be wisconsin, friday he'll be in north carolina, saturday he'll be in illinois northwest of where the president will rally tonight, his predecessor former president barack obama is kicking off his own campaign in nevada as democrats try to pick up a senate seat in the state. early voting kicks off in eight states today. so far by nbc news's count, the votes are coming in. as of october 22nd, over 5 million votes have been cast early or absentee. let's start out with the late fres the white house. joining me is hans nichols. >> reporter: i'm going to talk over the helicopter taking off right now. it's no longer lyin' ted cruz. president trump has a new nickname for the senator from texas. it is now texas ted or beautiful
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ted. you can take your choice. sounds like he spoke almost 10 or 15 minutes on a range of topics including the kashoggi case and saudi arabia. he repeated again that he didn't want to lose billions of dollars in deals. he said about a million jobs were at stake. last week he said half a million. it may be an indication that he's willing to give the saudi crown prince a pass. a lot of other topics were broached. this is a president who clearly didn't have an opportunity to talk to the press today. he had his opportunity. just spoke to reporters now. we'll get a fuller readout. but he's up and away off to texas. >> you are a numbers guy and a guy who follows the military closely. the president said 500,000 jobs tied to this $110 billion armings dearms deal. do we know how he gets to these numbers? >> reporter: it's impossible to get to the actual numbers because we don't know what deals he's actually talking about because they're aspirational.
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we don't have a final number of how they get to $110 billion. that's what the president said they'd get to. when you back it all out, actually assigning each individual job to whatever sort of defense contractor that belonged to, it's very difficult to do that on any sort of lod longitudinal way. yes, they have this number. a few weeks ago, as i mentioned it was a half a million, today it was a million. i do think it's important to call out the president if he's coming up with numbers on his own. but i do think it gives us an invitation of how he wants to wind this conflict down. he's been all over the place. initially he didn't think the explanation was believable, now he says it is and it's all about the deals. this hour, former president barack obama is in nevada to drum up support for democratic congresswoman candidate jackie rosen. it's going to be a tight race.
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the state went to hillary clinton in 2016 by a smidge. but it's now rated a toss-up according to cook political report. latest polling showing rosen trailing dean heller by two percentage points. it's no wonder that president obama and former vice president biden are making an all-out push in the state. joining me now is steve patterson at the university of nevada las vegas where president obama's rally kicks off this hour. steve? >> reporter: you can see sort of the lines starting to move. we've been watching this line all morning long, the enthusiasm growing every minute. this line used to be a small pocket of people. now it's snaking literally through campus. we were talking about those former staffers now running for local, state, national elections, some seizing on
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obama's message, others sort of more worried about the issues like the affordable care act, a huge issue at multiple races here. others, though, dismayed by the election of donald trump, wanted to do something about it. heard one speech from their former boss and then took action. listen to this. in his farewell address, outgoing president barack obama gave this challenge to his supporters. >> if you're disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures and run for office yourself. >> fast forward to 2018, they're doing just that. former obama white house staffers running in state, local and national elections coast to coast. >> this is a district that's going to vote for haley stevens. >> she served as chief of staff on obama's task force during the 2008 bailout. >> i served during a time of
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crisis. >> she's touting her experience in manufacturing, pledging to bring jobs home to michigan. >> i've taken on those big challenges and i'm ready to hit the ground running on day one. >> andy kim worked at the national security council focusing on iraq. >> now more than every we know what's at stake. >> he's trying to unseat south jersey congressman tom mcarthur. kim calls the decision to run personal. after his newborn son struggled the health issues, he watched as his opponent worked to repeal obamacare. >> these were the type of actions that led me to stand up and say this is someone who's not representing me, my family, this community and i want to do better. >> i don't know how you felt when trump became president, but i slept like a baby. no, i did, i did. i woke up every two hours, i
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cried. >> he worked in the labor department. the palestinian mexican american is running against incumbent duncan hunter. >> i wanted to get off the sidelines and get on the front lines. president obama in his farewell address said go out there and do something about it. >> across the country, this november proud prodigies of the obama white house accepting the challenge from their old boss. the question remains can they win? so we have a big thank you to these folks who stepped out of line here, all unlv students. thank you. we'll let you get back in line in just a second. as young voters, what inspires you about president obama and his message? >> well, the fact that his message for one is inclusive. barack obama is an inclusive speaker and his foundation is
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basically -- i'm very nervous. >> reporter: tell me about young voters, though. your guys are typically looked upon as a key demographic. sometimes you don't come out to vote. what's different about this time? >> i think everyone should come out to vote because progress is only through change. obama's message is hope and change, not division. that's why i'm here. >> he's a very positive speaker. he has a very positive message. he's very well-spoken as well. we need to work together and positivity, vote. that's the key message. >> reporter: thank you so much for hanging out with us. we'll let you get back in line. as you mentioned, former vice president joe biden was here, michelle obama here last week. a big target here in nevada. back to you. >> thanks very much.
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president trump was speaking to reporters before his helicopter took off from the white house. let's listen to what he said. [ no a. >> they have reported. they have a lot of everybody in that group. it's a horrible thing. it's a lot bigger than 5,000 people. we've got to stop at them at the border. the countries have not done their job, unfortunately. they have not done their job. guatemala, honduras, el salvador, they're paid a lot of
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money every year. we give them foreign aid. they did nothing for us, nothing. they did nothing for us. so we give them tremendous amounts of money. you know what it is? you cover it all the time, hundreds of millions of dollars. they, like a lot of others, do nothing for our country. i spoke to the crown prince. we have people over in saudi arabia now. we have top intelligence people in turkey. we're going to see what we have. i'll know a lot tomorrow. they'll be coming back either tonight or tomorrow morning, but we have people in saudi arabia and people in turkey. [ inaudible question ] >> i think that's a long time. you said they want a month? that's a long time. there's no reason for that. be faster. [ inaudible question ] >> well, looking at it, we have a lot of different concepts right now. they have a lot of different
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things happening with respect to transgender right now. you know that as well as i do. we're looking at it very seriously. >> what about the promise to protect the lgbt community? >> i'm protecting everybody. you know what i'm doing? i'm protecting everybody. i want to protect our country. [ inaudible question ] >> i think he has. i think it's going to be. i think they wanted to see that i'm on his side and i am 100%. i mean, you people have been reporting over 100,000 people lined up two days ago. it's very exciting. >> they're there to see you. why does ted cruz need your help? >> i think ted is going to be a big factor tonight. he's going to get up. he's going to make a great speech. i'm going to make a great speech. i can't believe you're not going to be there tonight. that's terrible. >> you called him lyin' ted. >> i think beto o'rourke is highly overrated.
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i think he must be something a little special, from what i heard. he's not. i thought he got beaten badly in the debates. i think he's a highly overrated guy. [ inaudible question ] >> say it. >> have you buried the hatchett with senator cruz? >> i have, yeah. ted and i got along very well late into the campaign. i then it became very nasty and then it was over. when it was over, we've gotten along great. i like ted. if you remember, he was the last one that we really had -- i mean, i went very late into the campaign. we actually held a rally together late into the campaign. i said it will end and it did and then it got back. no. we're very close. we've done great on tax cuts. we've done great on regulation cuts. he's been really terrific. if you look at what's happening in germany with respect to the pipeline, they want to now start buying our natural gas. it just came out. so take a look at that.
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yeah. [ inaudible question ] to me he's not lyin' ted anymore. he's beautiful ted. i call him texas ted. no. ted cruz and i had a very, very nasty and tough campaign. it was a very tough campaign. once it ended and we got together -- by the way, very late into the campaign we lasted. people were shocked. ultimately what happened, we fought it out. the outcome was obvious and we have worked together very closely. i like him a lot. i actually like him a lot. he's a very smart guy. he loves the people of texas, which i do. they said it's like a big tailga tailgate. it goes on for miles. it's over 100,000 people. [ inaudible question ] >> i think nelly orr is a
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disgrace and her husband is not much better. i think he's worse. i think nellie orr is a disgrace, talking marital protection so she doesn't have to talk about corruption. i think she's a disgrace. [ inaudible question ] >> i can't tell you. i can only tell you this. we give them hundreds of millions of dollars. they don't do anything for us. [ inaudible question ] >> maybe it will and maybe it won't. they can do a lot better job. you look at the three countries in particular. i don't know what's going on with mexico. i guess it looks like the people are walking right through the middle of mexico. so i'm not exactly thrilled there either. >> do you believe what the saudis have said about kashoggi? are they telling the truth? >> i'm going to know very shortly. i have a great group of people in turkey right now and a great group of people in saudi arabia. we will know very soon.
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we have tremendously talented people that do this stuff very well. they're coming back tonight and tomorrow. i will know very soon. i am not satisfied with what i've heard. [ inaudible question ] >> rand has his ideas. i agree with rand on a lot of things. i don't want to lose all of that investment that's being made in our country. i don't want to lose a million jobs. i don't want to lose $110 billion in terms of investment, but it's really 450 billion if you include other than military. so that's very important. but we're going to get to the bottom of it. yeah? [ inaudible question ] >> i'm really looking to make america great again. that's what i do. i'm making america great again. we have been giving so much money to so many different countries for so long and it's not fair and it's not good. then when we asked them to keep
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their people in their country, they're unable to do it. well, make america great again. [ inaudible question ] >> no. we're putting in a resolution some time in the next week and a half to two weeks. we're going to put in -- we're giving a middle income tax reduction of about 10%. we're doing it now for middle income people. this is not for business. this is for middle. that's on top of the tax decrease that we've already given them. >> are you signing an executive order for that? >> no, no. i'm going through congress. we'll do the vote after the election. [ inaudible question ] >> what's your level of confidence about holding onto the house? >> i think there's tremendous spirit, maybe like i've never seen other than in 2016. you don't remember 2016. you're too young.
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i have never seen spirit like the spirit that we have right now except the week before the race, the presidential race two years ago. i think the republicans are going to do very nicely. we're doing very well with the senate. he was just asking about the race. other than two years ago, the presidential race, i have never seen spirit like i see right now. i think the republicans are going to do very well. people are tired of high taxes. we gave the tax cuts. we've done so much. and they want a strong military, they want protection, they want safety, they want security. we give that. the democrats do not give that. the democrats don't know what they're doing. they don't know what they're giving. i think we're going to do very, very well in the race. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't regret anything, honestly. it all worked out very nicely. >> do you think california --
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>> take a look. they want to get out of sanctuary cities. many places in california want to get out of sanctuary cities. [ inaudible question ] >> who's an activist? >> kashoggi. [ inaudible ] >> we're going to find out a lot. we're going to know a lot over the next two days about the saudi situation. it's a very sad thing. >> do you have evidence there are terrorists in the caravan? >> go into the middle of the caravan, take your cameras and search. no, no. john, take your camera, go into the middle and search. you're going to find ms-13, you're going to find middle eastern, you're going to find everything. guess what? we're not allowing them in our
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country. we want safety. we want safety. >> i have never seen the spirit that we have right now. i think the republicans are going to do very well. i have never seen spirit like we have now, whether it's kavanaugh, whether it's tax cuts, whether it's common sense. i've never seen it. i'll tell you what's happening on the border was caused by the democrats, because they won't let anybody change immigration laws that are horrible, the worst anywhere in the world. [ inaudible question ] >> no, they didn't. not at all. [ inaudible question ] >> we're going to see what
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happens, but i'm going to know a lot in two days. i'll see you in texas. see you in texas. >> until people come to their senses, we will build it up. until people come to their senses. russia has not adhered to the agreement. it should have been done years ago. we have more money than anybody else by far. we'll build it up until they come to their senses. when they do, we'll all be smart and we'll all stop. not only stop, we'll reduce, which i would love to do. but right now they have not adhered to the agreement. it's a threat to whoever you want and it includes china and it includes russia and it includes anybody else that wants to play that game. you can't do that. you can't play that game on me. until people get smart.
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until they get smart. they have not adhered to the spirit of that agreement or to the agreement itself, russia. china's not included in the agreement. they should be included in the agreement. until they get smart, there will be nobody that's going to be even close to us. >> have you talked to -- >> no, i have not. i don't have to speak to them. i don't have to speak. i'm terminating the agreement because they violated the agreement. i'm terminating the agreement. okay. thank you, everybody. >> all right. after threatening to leave several times, the president did get on his helicopter and leave. jeff bennett was with the president during those comments. jeff, so much that the president said. i'm going to deal with the international stuff with fred kemp in just a minute. who was nellie orr who he was talking about? >> he was talking about bruce and nellie orr. bruce orr works for the justice
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department. the president had talked about scrapping his security clearances. that was what the president was talking about. i couldn't quite hear the question there. the reason why president trump keeps having these sort of spontaneous instances where he talks to the press, this is part of his flood the zone tragic. just 15 days ahead of the midterms, he wants to get his message out to as many mainstream outlets as possible. part of that is because fox news has stopped carrying his rallies in realtime. the president is trying to make an end run around that, talking to reporters about any and everything. you saw him talk about this tax cut. >> congress isn't in session. it's a lie. congress has to pass the tax cuts. the idea of a middle class tax cut before the election, it's an absolute lie zblrvelg. >> reporter: the president is trying to get the message of a trump tax cut out there ahead of the midterms, so you have establishment republicans who are more inclined to vote for
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something like that over the fear mongering he's trying to do with this migrant caravan. also talking about scrapping this long-standing nuclear treaty with russia. you heard our colleague hallie jackson ask him if the u.s. was going to build up its arsenal. he said yes, until people come to their senses. he said that was a clear threat thrown against china and russia. >> a 1987 treaty. boy, you are too young to remember that, jeff. for those of us who are old enough to remember it, that was a very, very big deal. there are a lot of mixed minds as to whether or not -- there's no disagreement that russia has been violating the agreement. the obama administration figured that out in 2011. but a lot of people are worried about actually pulling out of that agreement. in just a few hours the president of turkey says he's going to reveal to the world what really happened to jamal kashoggi, this as the investigation continues into the 59-year-old's death, including a
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car that belongs to the saudi consulate in istanbul. after 20 saudi arabia admitted that the "washington post" cal lwashing" murdered inside the consulate. they said it started with a fistfight he started with 15 or 18 men, one of whom coincidentally had a bone saw. so where's kashoggi's body? president trump told the "washington post," quote, obviously there's been deception and there's been lies. then he quickly defended saudi arabia and the crown prince saying, quote, no one has told me he's responsible. no one has told me he's not responsible. i would love it if he wasn't responsible. bet you would. i'm joined by fred kemp. he spent more than 15 years working for the "wall street journal." he is one of the smartest guys i
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know about this. fred, earlier i spoke to jane harmon. she said when dealing with countries like saudi arabia, the united states has always got to balance its interests and its values. the president keeps coming up with these numbers of jobs connected to a notional arms deal that he calls the biggest in history, $110 billion. he's now said it's worth a million american jobs. we can't prove or disprove that because they've given us no stats. we know what the interests are with saudi arabia. how do we deal with the values? >> i just came pack from istanbul. the one thing that cannot be missed in this story is the central role of president erdogan of turkey. he's the one who apparently has the tapes. that's a real piece of leverage in his hands. there may even be videotapes i've heard from turkish officials. there certainly are audiotapes, they say. president erdogan himself said
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he's going to reveal the naked truth and say everything they know that's gone on. to the question of values, it's not just the question of $110 billion of arms sales or the jobs in the united states. it's a question about the future of global islam. what mohammed bin salman, the crown prince told us -- i met with him three times -- is he saw that saudi arabia took a wrong turn in 1979. a lot of the extremist islam, a lot of the terrorism that followed was because of that and there was also a wrong turn in iran. you had shia and sunni going extremist. he said i'm going to modernize saudi arabia. whether or not he's culpable of this grisly murder, you really have to not lose sight of america's real stakes here, which is that this modernization
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plan goes forward with or without mohammed bin salsalman. to me, that's where our values really lie. ultimately there's a much longer term goal regarding saudi arabia and that is the course of global islam and regional security. >> let's talk about turkey. turkey is a muslim country that happens to be a nato member, that happens to have the largest land army other than the united states in nato, that. has to host an air base that american and nato planes use when they are dealing with the middle east. what's turkey's interest in this whole thing. why is erdogan throwing saudi arabia under the bus? what's the motivation? what does turkey get out of this? >> first of all, istanbul is a place where so much great fiction has taken place. so many great novels have taken place there. what's going on right now is you
12:28 pm
have a murder mystery, but on top of that you also have a geopolitical thriller. turkey, which is repairing its relations with the united states at a time when its economy was terribly hurt. it's just released pastor brunson, which was a big problem in our bilateral relationship. wants to get a better relationship with the u.s. it wants to weaken the u.s.-saudi relationship, which it sees as a competing relationship. and it wants to be a place that shapes the future of islam more in its direction than the saudi direction. >> thank you, sir. fred kempe the president and ceo of the atlantic council. ted cruz is now renamed beautiful ted cruz. he'll have the president by his side in houston tonight. people waiting in line overnight to see those two. what are those voters waiting to
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♪ ♪ salt n peppers here a little salt and peppa warming up the crowd in front of ted cruz. i'm kidding. that is not the ted cruz/donald trump rally. that is las vegas, nevada, where former president obama is going to be speaking at the top of the hour. the crowd just warming up to salt n peppa. young voters make up the majority of eligible voting adults in the united states. ima while there's been a surge in young voters registering this time around, there's an even bigger push to get them to actually turn up at the polls. what is it going to take? with me now, vice president of the university of nevada reno,
12:34 pm
young democrats john solomon on the left of your screen. and president of the university of nevada reno college republicans mike brooks. good to see both of you. thank you for joining us. let me talk to you, john, of the young democrats. what's it looking like in terms of enthusiasm, student who registering and students who are likely to go out and vote? how are you feeling about that? >> i enjoy the obama enthusiasm we're having. it's a totally different enthusiasm for the polls. enthusiasm for the political parties is very little to be honest. >> mike, why is that? do you share that view? >> i definitely would say people are not inclined to support a lot of things because they are understanding that they have been lied to a lot. democrats are very big on social capitalism, weaponizing the struggles of marginalized groups and not following through with anything.
12:35 pm
right now it's starting to be shown with so many groups being marginalized, so many groups wanting change and not being able to get that because right now the priority mission is to stop anything that president trump tries to pass. and the priority mission is trying to elect candidates that they feel, like jackie rosen who was hand picked by the democratic party to succeed because hillary clinton won this state. >> the issues that young people are concerned about, climate change, bipartisanship, health care. what do you have to say about young people think they've been lied to by politicians? >> i would agree that we feel a little -- we don't have complete control over the system in our age group at all. it feels like the political system itself is catering to an older generation than we are used to.
12:36 pm
we're not even millennials. both of us are gen zers. it's really hard for us not to interact. it's not just the democrats. both parties have had issues with connecting with young people. th >> we're looking at a poll here that says 31% of millennials say they'll vote, 24% say they'll probably vote. 25 say they're uncertain. 11 say they won't vote. 8% definitely won't vote. you guys are young, as you pointed out. you may not remember the fact that people who supported barack obama when he was president for eight years have the same criticism. they say republicans stood in the way of barack obama doing anything and by definition that was all they were intended to do. do you have that sort of sense of history when you're talking about what's frustrating you about democrats right now?
12:37 pm
>> i would say that you bring up a very valid point. one thing that was going on throughout obama's two terms was the democratic party saying we are better than this, we are better than this, we wouldn't ever do something like this and we are the party of change, we are the party of championing people. so far all we've seen in the two years that has been now since president trump has been elected is the complete opposite of that. so i would say that what is the truth? are you better than that, or are you going to go ahead and do exactly -- >> there's nothing i enjoy more than talking to students, because in theory you shouldn't be as jaded as the rest of us are. john, what can you say to mike and young republicans or young people in general whether they identify with being republicans or democrats about the fact that you're both saying the same thing, that the system a little bit of b.s. when it comes to young people. what can you say to mike right now to say, why don't we change this?
12:38 pm
>> well, i'd like to say to mike and to every young person out there that this is something i feel that every single generation feels a bit. every single generation feels that the system isn't for them. it's partly because the political system is going through a massive change. we are entering the age of technology, the age where everything is seen, everything is heard. politicians don't get to have back room and talk to each other anymore because everything is visible. to us, we didn't see a system before this. we were d this is all we know. so for the young people out there, i'd just like to say that as we get older and as our generation and the millennials take more control of the system because as we age and become a bigger voting bloc, the system will start to adapt to us because they'll have to. >> mike, can you and john sort of say that regardless -- that's a beautiful thing.
12:39 pm
you have different ideologies and that's the beautiful thing about america. can we start to make young people appreciate that's beautiful and okay and they can disagree but they do need to get out and vote? >> absolutely. i would say one of the big misconceptions is that the republican party is full of a bunch of old white men. that is clearly not the case. i would say do research. if you look and see, there's a coalition, a group inside of the republican party for anybody, anybody spanning from more liberal beliefs but economic conservative base to anybody who's very conservative on all fronts. i would say that the republican party has done a phenomenal job at this point reaching out to college students, going up to different parts of the state. barack obama and joe biden have only visited las vegas, although there is a city like the university of nevada reno. look at what you are actually seeing, people who care about
12:40 pm
the entire state versus appealing to the largest democratic bloc in the state because they're content with just securing las vegas. >> i'm going to stop you before it becomes a political ad but i do appreciate you guys coming out and talking. >> thank you. during the presidential campaign, there was no love lost between donald trump and ted cruz, but today the two are now friends, according to the president, who said his new nickname for cruz is beautiful ted. he also stated he has no regrets about attacking ted in particular, the time he implied that ted cruz's father was involved in the death of jfk. the president is trying to help secure a victory for cruz, who does have a lead over his democratic opponent beto o'rourke. there's certainly excitement for the president's visit. some people showed up last night to wait in line to see him.
12:41 pm
were you camping out? >> reporter: i let other people camp out, but we decided to join up a little bit later this morning. >> what's going on there? what's it looking like? >> reporter: so we're downtown houston here. you've got the helicopter over head, the horse mounted police officers. a lot of the streets here are closed presently. 18,000 people are going to be filling up the toyota center down the road. president trump said they were going to fill up the largest venue they could in the state of texas. that's not going to happen, but it's still 18,000 people here. i can't help but recall i was with ted cruz almost every step of the way during that campaign. it was interesting back when he appeared at that republican convention and he was booed from the stage. that morning after he had a breakfast with texas voters in cleveland, and those voters were
12:42 pm
even upset with him. i want to bring in aerica and billy. are you here for donald trump or ted cruz? >> both, but mainly donald trump. >> both. but we're glad that donald trump is supporting ted cruz. >> reporter: he called him a sniveling coward, he called him amoral. yet we're here today. >> here we are. i think politics is a dirty game. >> it's a game. they hate each other then they love each other, much like bernie and hillary. they hated each other, then bernie threw his support behind hillary. >> reporter: you believe ted cruz should have taken that route in ultimately backing the president? >> absolutely. >> should have, could have, would have. >> reporter: for the purpose of winning this senate seat? >> it would have saved him some face here now. >> reporter: do you think ted cruz needs donald trump?
12:43 pm
>> not in texas, absolutely not. >> reporter: you're not concerned about beto o'rourke taking this? >> not even close. the guy's trailing ten points at least. i think it's good for the city of houston. as you could see, it's a great turnout, but i don't think that cruz needs trump. >> reporter: this is the evolution of the republican party. i want to bring up one other night. it was february 3rd, 2016 in new hampshire. sarah palin had just endorsed donald trump. and ted cruz, the way that he pushed back on that, said that if you spend enough time with donald trump, he said strange things begin to happen to you. two years later, we're here with ted cruz and donald trump in houston, texas. massive group of migrants from central america on the move right now in southern mexico. the goal of the estimated 7,000 men, women and children is to make it to the united states. but president trump is promising
12:44 pm
to use the military to seal the border. he tweeted today, criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixed in. i've alerted border patrol and military that this is a national emergency. he added this just moments ago. >> take your camera, go into the middle and search. you're going to find ms-13, you're going to find middle eastern, you're going to find everything. guess what? we're not allowing them in our country. >> nbc news has reviewed multiple internal u.s. documents showing multiple people from around the world have attempted to cross the u.s. border for years now, but those numbers are small compared to central americans coming to claim asylum from bad economic conditions, gangs and violence. when donald trump says take your cameras and tell us what's going on, he says you'll find ms-13 and middle earnstern ers.
12:45 pm
have you found any of that? >> reporter: we've been marching with this caravan for over a day now. i also covered the prior caravan in april and may of this year. i have not seen anyone of middle eastern descent within the caravan. this is a caravan 7,000 strong, according to local estimates, comprised of men, women and children. i have asked the men especially are there criminal elements within this caravan. they will say they cannot vouch for everyone in the caravan, but for them marching with 7,000 people is about safety in numbers, especially the women and the children. if they would embark on this journey alone, it is much easier for them to be preyed upon by gangs and cartels along the way. if you just see the extenuating journey these people are undertaking, it's just grueling.
12:46 pm
we've been walking with them today for three hours. they're walking along this highway, making their way from the biggest city in the southern tip of mexico, moving northwest. just today it's an eight-hour walk. yesterday they did 20 miles. along the way, we see kids that are barely able to keep up. we saw one of the caravan organizers faint before our very eyes. you know, we called 911. she was whisked away in a car and was unresponsive. it's over 90 degrees here. people are trying to hop on these trucks to give them a lift and help them out in any way they can. caravan organizers tell us they're running out of food, they're running out of diapers and supplies for the kids. it is a journey that's still only just beginning. between here and tijuana we're talking about 2500 miles and that's if they make it all the way there. it still remains to be seen just how many of the 7,000 migrants
12:47 pm
have a desire to go to the u.s. and will even make it to the u.s. border, but they say they're not deterred by donald trump's rhetoric or the threats of militarizing the border. up next, the white house is considering redefining gender and drastically rolling back civil rights protections for transgender people. after the break, the disturbing details of a potential policy. the meeting of the executive finance committee is now in session. and... adjourned. business loans for eligible card members up to fifty thousand dollars, decided in as little as 60 seconds. the powerful backing of american express. don't do business without it.
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all right, breaking right now. hundreds of u.s. troops are on the ground in syria as an allied effort to defeat isis. many of them are based at the al tanf garrison in a sparsely populated area. courtney, good to see you. tell us more about this garrison and its role in the fight against isis and iranian influence in syria. >> ali, you mentioned it. it's this base that sits in a strategic area. it's in a remote desert near the border with jordan. what makes it so critical is just north of it, north of the area where these u.s. and syrian partner forces are living and working every single day, there is a transit road where isis has -- smugglers have been bringing illicit goods back and
12:52 pm
forth between damascus and baghdad and to tehran. the strategic importance of this base is they're deterring isis from coming into this area and transing along there but also there as a road block to the iranian hope to build some sort of shia crescent in that region. a u.s. military base right in the middle of that, ali. >> that's a tricky dual set of goals because the assad regime is also fighting isis but backed by the iranians so it becomes trickier, is the enemy of your enemy your friend? you spoke with the direct of central command there. what did he say? >> i asked him exactly this. as you said, there's been this transition in the -- not the u.s. military mission but in the overall hope for what is going to happen in syria. the trump administration has been talking a lot more openly lately about the desire to push iran out of the country. the u.s. military leaders we've spent several days with in the
12:53 pm
region and they continue to say their goal and their mission is to defeat isis and prevent it from recurring. when i spoke to the general, i asked, is a base like al tanf garrison the type of place that may be the tip of the sphere in the fight against iran? >> what we've been able to do is ensure that that area, the deconfliction zone we have around al tanf does not support freedom of movement for isis. they're not safe here. they can't operate here. undoubtedly, some elements try to pass through here and we've been very successful at interdicting them. >> and on that road that the general and i were walking, that is that transit road. that line of communication is what the military calls it. and they have built al tanf garrison which is not only u.s. military but it's the syrian partner forces who are there. they've built it across that road. it's literally physically blocking smugglers and isis
12:54 pm
fighters from going through that area. they now have to go way north around this deconfliction area that the u.s. and the syrians are now patrolling and keeping safe. >> courtney, thanks for your reporting. courtney kube is in amman jordan. president trump made this promise when he accepted the republican nomination for president in 2016. >> as your president, i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. believe me. >> all right. if any of you were holding your breath to see how that worked out once he took office. the federal government is poised to take what may be its strongest stand yet. hundreds of people demonstrated outside the white house today after "the new york times" reported that the administration plans to change the legal definition of sex to essentially eliminate federal recognition of
12:55 pm
transgender people. the transgender community is mobilizing to try to stop the move creating #won't be eerated to bring attention to the issue. let's look at how we got to this point. the obama administration loosened the legal concept of gender including education and health care. this is a technical matter so people can get benefits. it recognized gender as an individual's choice not something determined by the sex designated at birth. the administration directed federally funded schools to allow transgender students to use glaths robathrooms and othe facilities to match their gender identity rather than sex. barring students from doing so amounted to discrimination under federal law known as title 9. the trump administration revoked that after taking office in 2017 and now the government is proposing to define sex as either male or female, unchangeable and determined by the genitals a person is born
12:56 pm
with and any disputes would be clarified by genetic testing. this could have a huge impact on the 1.4 million americans who recognize themselves as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. the justice department gave them a statement pointing to the federal court decision. the statement says the court found that the obama administration regulation was overbroad and inconsistent with the text of the 1972 title ix law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. joining us to take a closer look at this is mara, the director for the center of transgender equality. mara, thank you for joining us. i sort of tried to make this clear but it's a complicated issue. what's the implication of what the trump administration is trying to do. >> this is simply the trump administration saying they will not enforce federal civil rights laws. they already are not enforcing them for transgender people and
12:57 pm
for lots of other groups. but this is them trying to sort of reverse engineer justification for doing that. >> hallie jackson, our colleague asked president trump about this as he left the white house, as he got on his helicopter. here's what he had to say. >> we're looking at it. we have a lot of different concepts right now. they have a lot of different things happening with respect to transgender. right now you know that as well as i do. and we're looking at it very seriously. >> what about your promise to protect the lgbt -- >> i'm protecting everybody. i'm protecting everybody. >> what's that code for, i'm protecting everybody, if he's clearly not going to protect transgenders from the issues that we're discussing. who is he protecting? >> well, that's really hard to see. he's certainly not protecting immigrants. he's not protecting muslims. he's not protecting women. he's not protecting people with pre-existing conditions and he's not protecting transgender people.
12:58 pm
that was just word salad. >> so the health and human services when asked about this said everyone deserves to be treated with respect and hhs' office for civil rights will continue to vigorously enforce all laws written and passed by congress. prohibitting discrimination on the base ifs race, krm, religion, national origin, and sex. do you feel legally that you have standing to be able to say if that's what hhs is saying then transgend are people are protected. >> no both. they believe they are saying we are not protected, but we know what the law says. we know what the courts have said about the law and we know we're protected. they are not vigorously enforcing this civil rights law or any civil rights law as far as i know. and this is one of their justifications for it. but transgender people are absolutely protected on the basis of sex in discrimination laws. you can't discriminate against a
12:59 pm
transgender person in employment or housing or education or health care unless it is about our sex. unless it is because you don't think i'm a woman or too much of a man or too little of a woman or the wrong kind of man or wrong kind of woman. it's about man and woman stuff, and they want to define sex as just men and women and that's why we're being discriminated against. it's nonsense. it doesn't have anything to do with science. it doesn't have anything with common sense. it is just a cruel political step to justify what they're already -- the laws that congress has passed that they're already refusing to enforce. >> mara, we've got a lot more to talk about but the show has come to an end. i invite you back to get a deeper understanding about what can be done at the state level with this. mara is the executive director of the national center for transgender equality. and that brings this hour to a close. i'm going to see you back here
1:00 pm
tomorrow at 1:00 p. mm. and a at:00 p.m. deadline white house starts right now. >> hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. as donald trump rolls out a plethora of shiny distractions, there is now even more evidence that in 15 days, voters will once again go to the polls with donald trump under the cloud of an investigation into his campaign's ties to russia. a new report in "the washington post" confirms that special counsel robert mueller is focused on trump associate roger stone. as he continues his investigation into whether donald trump's 2016 campaign and its associates conspired with russians to influence the 2016 election. "the washington post" reports, quote, in recent weeks, a grand jury in washington has listened to more than a dozen hours of testimony and fbi technicians have pored over


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