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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  October 24, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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family had fallen on hard times and had recently become homeless. so after the father took this young bully shopping, he bought his son and the bully new clothe clothes and even started a gofundme page for his family and now the boys have become friends. so what he did right there he was faced with conflict and what did he do? he embraced it with love and helped both his son and this other young man and his family. that's what you do in this face of conflict. because we said it before. as a nation, as good people, we are more similar than we are different. we sumplly have to open our hearts, open our minds and love a little more. that wraps up this hour. >> we are in washington. and start with breaking news in d.c. and in new york. multiple senior law enforcement officials confirming overnight a suspicious package was addressed to former president clinton,
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hillary clinton in new york, and to president obama was intercepted by secret service here in washington. my colleague is at the white house monitoring this. what do woe we know? >> president trump has been informed of this situation. the white house is taking it very seriously us. my colleague just getting that information. i'm going to read you this statement. lathe on october 23rd shs the secret service recovered a single package addressed to former first lady hillary clinton in new york earlier this morning. a second package addressed to former president obama was intercepted by secret service in washington, d.c. the packages were immediately identified during routine mail screening procedures as potential explosive devices and were appropriately handled as such. the protect tees, the two presidents and former first
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lady, did not receive the packages or in any risk of receiving them. when we take a broader look at this just last week, we had a pipe bomb that was delivered to the open society foundation. he's become a target for right wing groups. heading up towards the border down there with mexico. so i think we need to find out more information whether the two packages were related and what the actual explosive device was. because in i don't believe this was september through the mail. it was delivered. so ma may be why it could have gotten closer. >> the former presidents are protect tees and so is hillary clinton. so they screen things. >> they get a higher level of
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scrutiny. you see this through all protectees as they are screening any us threats in person, in the mail. they take this very seriously. they have a big budget and they discharge their duties with professionals. we saw something similar where the screening system worked last month at the pentagon. suspicious packages were sent to secretary mattis and the chief of naval operations. that turned out not to be ricin, but they did intersuspect a lot of the packages ahead of time. but that's only to protectees. >> president trump has been told about this. >> he's been. briefed and informed and they are taking this very seriously.
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so it's been a busy morning here at the white house. we'll try to figure out what the nexus is and the content of these packages. >> standby for a second. i want to bring in jim kavanaugh, now an msnbc contributor. your initial reaction to what you're hearing developing this morning? >> there's a bomb r loose and use iing the postal system to deliver the devices. . . don't assume these are the only three. these could have been all mailed right when the first one hit the house. he doesn't have the protection of scrubbing all the mail, x-raying the mail, using various it c techniques. so everyone needs to be on alert. there could be other bombs currently in the mail stream that could hit later today or
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tomorrow. the postal inspection service, the fbi, atf and secret service will be all over this to troy to locate the bomber. but in the meantime, everybody needs to be very alert. >> can you, plain wh explain wh process would have been as the secret service would be screening anything come iing in the homes of the protectees? >> the secret service is running a tight ship on mail and packages and bombs can be left. they can be placed as well. many places where they are placed in vehicles, placed on property. they can be disguised as any kind of device, radio, lamp, box. it you're a pesh in the public sphere, don't ever accept packages that you don't know where they are tr. don't pick things up on your property. so secret service has it pretty tight who are a little on the
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edge of politics or congressmen that don't have that level of protection every moment. ask their families. bombers often wind up hurting families because that's who winds up opening or picking up the bomb. >> standby for a second. let's get to pete williams who is covering this. our colleague has new reporting saying the fbi says they think the package sent was a real device. the clinton and obama mailings are en route to the same fbi lab in virginia. that package was sent to and no return address on these packages. what else can you tell us? >> that's the same thing i have heard. we know what the name is on the return address, but we're not going to report that because it's obviously false. i think a couple things to emphasize here just to be 100% clea clear. in the case of the clintons ask
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obamas, these packages never got anywhere near their houses. there was confusion about that this morning. both were intercepted by the secret service. the devices, we're told, all appear to be the same, all appear to be similar to the one that was sent to george soros and the supposition is that was a fully functioning device and precisely how it worked, we're not sure about. we heard conflicting details about it. but the responsible thing to do right now is not to go into great detail about how the device was constructed because they want to make sure that the signature of these devices remains the same so nobody else does a copy cat thing. so i us would say us that at least the one addressed to george did contain, we are told, a small amount of explosive powder. whether they are, in fact, fully
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functioning, whether they were is is still something that the fbi will determine by analyzing them all at facility at the fbi lab here in washington. the one delivered to soros was through the mail. all the mail sent to any person who receives secret service protection doesn't go to them directly. that's true of former presidents, former vice presidents and others. it goes to an off site facility where it's screened for precisely this sort of thing. it's not possible to send something hazardous to a former official. the same the place where you work at the white house or members of congress. all of it goes through off site screening facilities so the good news here in the case of hillary clinton and the package addre addressed to president obama is that they were found during routine mail screening and you
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may remember we went through something like this a couple weeks ago when someone was sending caster beans to the secretary of defense and one o the white house, one to the fbi director and so forth. all of that kind of thing is found at off site facilities. i think that's the good news and something to stress here. the secret service says they were never in danger. these folks were never in danger of receive issing these packages. the hazard is the people who handled them. the postal workers. >> two questions, number one. is it the expectation now that the secret service would step up the level of protection for the former president bill clinton and barack obama? and is there any indication that there are more devices that may be floating around in the mail system now? >> don't know. so we just have to wait and see. i can tell you that because of
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this, they will be looking extra hard at the mail. >> and as far as level of protection, does that change? >> if it did, they would never say us so. >> got it. let me bring in jonathan dietz, who is also reporting on this story, was the one for this network is take iing the lead o this. jonathan, you are on the ground. what are you seeing there? what's the level of activity? >> we're just pulling up. it really seems to be the media start iing to converge on the clinton home and there's always that street they live on, the police protection so really our chopper will have a better view of what's going on. but picking up on what pete is talking about in terms of the screening and the security measures and precautions, there's going to be a lot of calls about suspicious packages now coming through to various law enforcement. the new york city police department is advising us there's now a call at the time warner building where cnn
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offices there's a report of a package there they are concerned about. so they are going to go there and check it out. so we're going to be seeing in addition to protectees some additional responses to other public whether it be media companies or other offices today as a precaution given the fact that somebody has sent three packages the mail with explosive devices so far. >> jonathan, stand butpopped inh sanders about what we're talking about now. let me bring in hans nichols. they are con sedemning the attempted violent attacks made against bill clinton, hillary clinton and barack obama. walk us through this. >> it's a strong statement. it's indication of just how seriously they are taking it
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here at the white house that we could have actual political violence with bombs detonating, potentially at homes of political leaders. it's an indication here they want to get ahead of the stour and might not want to be in any way tied to it. and i raise that point because you have had conservative lawmakers push some conspiracy theories that say george soros is behind funding that caravan. you have seen some things debunked, issues that are not factual. republican congress people down there in florida talking about how george soros is funding that caravan. we're seeing from that statement the white house want os to get in front of the story and want to clearly condemn it and let everyone know they are taking this very seriously. >> sanders says we condemn the violent attacks recently made against president obama, hillary clinton and other public figures. the white house says these terr
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terrorizing acts are despicable and we'll take all appropriate actions to protect anyone threatened by these cowards. that's, again, from sarah sanders on behalf of the white house. let me bring in our folks here with me onset. we are just getting in from a clinton spokesperson. bill clinton was at home in new york when this happened. hillary clinton is actually down in florida. apparently us this package was screened in westchester county. the mail doesn't get to the house of secret service protectees here. >> so in some ways it's a good story that former president clinton and hillary clinton are safe. unfortunately george soros house there was an employee that opened it. there are people that unlucky that were in danger and as pete said there's a postal service worker. the white house has been so
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quick to put out this statement. this is a white house that sometimes bungles communications and slow to react. this is a statement that's very clear. they are saying we don't back this. we don't like this. we have to remind people that president trump is talking about george soros saying he's funding this caravan and paying for protesters. every single rally they are chanting lock her up. even though hillary clinton was defeated two years ago. she's still seen as someone. there are people still angry. president trump has not called for violent against these people. the white house is really smart to get ahead on this. >> we have seen the president calling democrats evil. we have even seen people in his base see people who view the world differently as the enemy. so him saying, no, this is not what we want. this is not how we should behave in this democracy. it's quite a pivot from what we have seen at some of these
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rallies. people respond differently. we don't know who sent these packages and can't assume they are supporters of trump. we know they are not supporters of clinton and obama and that's not the message that a will the of people want to be focusing object as we head to midterms. >> still more that we are working on. all of our team members working on more reporting related to the devices intercepted before they reached the homes of the clintons in new york, the obamas here in washington. a lot of questions that we still don't know like what else could be out there and who is really behind this. we are going to stay on top of this story and take a quick break. we'll fill you in about the president heading to the midwest for another rally. we're inside two weeks for election day. how the president is hoping to tear down the blue wall. that's next. ♪ ♪
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we are back. we are continuing to follow that developing news relate d to suspicious devices in d.c.en isn't to the home of barack obama. in new york it was sent to the home of bill and hillary clinton. the new york police department has been called to the home of cnn to investigate a suspicious package there. now it is too soon to say based on our reporters who are working on this story whether this is a real device, whether this is connected to the packages sent to the clinton home last week, but we want to make sure we're
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staying on top of the story. let me bring in jim kavanaugh. what happens next. where does the investigation go. how did police figure out who is behind this and if there are more packages out there? >> right, well the united states postal inspection service is key in these devices that are sent through the mail. we work closely with them as fbi and atf. they will be trying to decide that. there's the comprehensive investigation into the already recovered devices. the two that the secret service intercepted for the clintons and obamas are intact packages. that's a boon to investigators. it's tiny fragments. when you get a bomb that's not exploded, you can check that. even a fake address. and you get a postal stamp.
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what post office was mailed at. sometimes with a camera. the inspection service can go back and see who mailed the package. sometimes you can wrap those up pretty quick. others they are dropped at a rural spot without a camera. the bomber might have gone to great pains to cover his tracks. i have had both of those. i have had bombs detonate in the mail stream and ups and fedex. bombs can come from any carrier. whether this turns out to be real or not, everybody needs to pay attention. >> when you talk about this, we are also learning from cnn employees who are twooeting about this that the new york offices of cnn and the time warner center have been evacuated. when a situation like this comes up, the police bomb squad is in the building. our reporting is that that's been going on for the last 10
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minutes or so. go on with your thought there, but us it does seem like everybody involved is trying to take every precaution they can. >> they are. i think everybody is doing the right things. but sometimes a bomber is saying one can slip through and get to a family member and explode at a postal worker. look at the person at george soros' house. a lot of times the bombs are set to detonate. a senator, a media personality, regardless of the network, you need to make sure that your family, if i was a congressman, i would be calling my family and saying don't open any packages. don't pick them up. just leave them on the porch until i get home and i'll examine them. i have put a lot of bombers in jail. i haven't opened a package at my house in 35 years. my kids don't. my wife doesn't.
7:23 am
i go to great pains about that. we never pick up anything or open anything unless i ordered it. now you got to be careful because even if the return address is someone you know, bombers have used that trick often. so you have to make sure. i wasn't expecting this. i do know this guy. i'm going to call them up. you call the guy up and say did you send me anything. no, i didn't send you anything. that's a suspicious package. this is a day to really be smart and do the right thing. and i would urge people in the media as well. you're going to be safe in your building. thr going to find it. but the danger is one of the devices goes to the home. and so you need to make sure your family understands you don't open anything. so maybe these are the only three. hopefully the cnn one is not one, but it may be.
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if it is, it goes right to the same level of talk that a bomber would pick up. cnn is under constant attack. mr. soros, constant attack. that plays into the mind of someone who might see them as viable targets to hurt or kill. and even a small device. these are going to be pretty small devices, as my experience goes. but a small device, when you open it next to your chest, it doesn't have to be that big to kill you. so don't et kwthink it can't ki you. >> let's bring in another source. this is. developing not just here in washington, but specifically in manhattan where you are with the time warner center now in the focus of police here. what do you know?
7:25 am
>> so it's very preliminary. units have been on scene for about 15 minutes. the bomb squad and nypd have responded to the time warner center for suspicious packages. that's the new york headquarters for the cable network cnn. it is too soon to say whether or not whatever they have found there that has raised their suspicions is connected to or is on the same level as what we have seen that was isn't to the clinton, obama and george soros. all media news organizations screen mail. this organization has dealt with this in the past with anthrax in 2001. there are a number of skruecuri procedures in place. that's what we have seen happen with hillary clinton, former president obama. packages were intercepted. we don't know what is going on
7:26 am
at cnn or what is happening here in new york is connected specifically to the other three incidents that we know about. we do know that there was some commonality in the components found with respect to what was found at the clinton package as well as the package that was found at george soros' home. that gave officials early heads up that they were look iing at similar type devices and an early heads up that there was commonality and that raised the hairs on everybody's neck. that's what we know so far. just to re. ka what's going on here in new york city, the time warner center, which is the new york home of cnn, nypd is there to investigate a suspicious package. we don't know whether there's any sort of connection at all to the other packages that we have been talking about here this morning. this remains a very active local and federal law enforcement
7:27 am
investigation and obviously as we hear more, we'll get it to you. >> let me bring in our chief investigations reporter. jonathan, you have made your way outside as we take a live look now from one of the choppers that we have. what are you seeing? has anything changed? have you learned anything new? >> i can tell you to pick up where tom left off. speaking with a senior official here in new york, there's belief that the package sent to cnn is similar to the packages sent to george soro, president obama and hillary clinton. so they are treating it as connected at this time. they are taking all safety precautions and investigative steps to treat the package that was sent to cnn as similar to the one sent to the political figures that we have been mentioning. as we're here, the press has
7:28 am
descended on old house lane here where the clintons have is their residence. as pete williams has been explaining, the package was intercepted last night at an off site location so the clintons were never in any danger. same thing with former president obama in washington. the package there was inter. septembered at an off site location. the george soros package was found by a caretaker on the property who left the envelope on the woods on the compound when they realized that it was suspicious and that worker called police. the device was rendered safe. and the fbi sent those remnants to the fbi lab in washington. that's where all the other bombs and envelopes will be sent to the lab in virginia for kmgs
7:29 am
examination to see if they can come up where the components were purchased, any sort of dna left on them that could help lead them to a suspect who was sending these explosive devices through the mail. >> we are looking live in manhattan outside the time warner center as the cnn new york offices have been evacuated. we are thinking of our colleagues over at that network. we are hoping if r their safety. as it looks like they have left and are leeing the building. a little bit of a sense of what happened at cnn when this was developing, watch. >> we're standing outside headquarters here. there's a new york bomb squad here. also members of the strategic response group. the new york police department has a very fast acting quick response group to respond exactly to incidents like this one, including incidents that are suspected of involving terrorism. >> that was the cnn anchor of their broadcast on the phone
7:30 am
after both jim sciutto and poppy harlow had to leave the building as they were on the air. you can see a group of people there in new york as our camera crews are on the scene as well. we know from our colleague tom winter, our investigations reporter who has been digging into this, that the bomb squad has been on the scene for roughly 15 or 20 minutes or so at this point. as investigators were responding not to just what's happening in a package sent to the obamas here in d.c. and our report iing there is so kind of similarity or linkage between those three packages and one sent to george soros last week in california.
7:31 am
>> how long is it going to take investigators to pin down whoever this is? you have a lot of resources being funneled to this investigation right now. >> this is going to be like an investigation where as long as the device should it be explosive, as long as it didn't detonate, there's a potential for a lot of forensic evidence. they will try to link them back to the individual who mailed them and usually they don't just come out of the blue. it's somebody who would have written negative letters, communications, letters to the editor so there's going to be a lot of potential suspects that secret service, fbi, nypd are going to be looking at another
7:32 am
thing we have to consider or other packages still in the mail. they will try to trace any other packages that's in the mail. i have this app on my phone. i get to see the mail before it come s s to my house. that's just for a private individual. so i'm sure anything that has been suspect to these individuals or anyone else is going to be scrutinized as well as the path that it takes. to try to find out who sent these and trace these back to the obvious person that sent them. >> i want to explain the live pictures. we have live images from new york city ouz the time warner center. other offices have been evacuated. we also have pictures outside new york where the clintons
7:33 am
live. as well as live images from here in washington, d.c. as close as we can get to the obamas home here with a package sent to them. and let's remind you how this went down. in the last hour, hour and a half or so, we learned about the suspicious packages sent to the homes of the clintons and the obamas. never arrived at the homes. also in the last 20 minutes another suspicious package based on our reporting link ed to the other two was sent to the time warner center at cnn now evacuating. this follows a similar package sent to george soros in california. the white house, the president has been briefed on this and is aware. a statement from sarah sanders blasting the cowards who sent these packages. we don't know who is behind this. it's our understanding there were return addresses, not
7:34 am
legitimate or accurate. let me go to you on that. because when investigators are trying to figure out who is behind this, talk through the steps that they are going to be taking. they are going to try to look at op-eds. social media posts, past language or history from anybody who may have an ax to grind here. how do they narrow it down? >> these are things that we refer to as psychological leakage. if someone builds to the point of assemblying and mailing devices like this, there's going to be a lot of preincident caters in their behavior, writings, conversations with other. i agree the likelihood of anyone using the real address is slim to none. but there may be some relationship to that address still to the offender, to the person who did this. now whether this is an act of domestic terrorism, international terrorism or just someone who was just too dumb to
7:35 am
realize what a terrible thing he's done is still going to be a challenge putting this together. >> i believe we have malcolm nance joining us on the phone. clint, you have not just politicians, people involved in the political sphere, but now to members of the media too, to cnn, our colleagues over there. we repeat we hope they are safe. we are thinking of them of what has to be a scary moment for those folks. >> by the selection of targets, it may tell you the personal political leanings of the individual who might have done this. but again, msnbc has discussed this for weeks and months of how polarized we have become and how individuals -- we have lost the ability to discuss in this country. you're either with me or against me. for some people, if you're against me, that gives me the right to take up arms or in this
7:36 am
case perhaps bombs against you. we have lost the ability to just have a normal conversation. that's okay for law enforcement. we have to find out who did this. we have to get them in quickly. we have to make sure there are no other packages in the mail. and we want to send a message to all americans. this is not the way you resolve any personal political differences. we have a midterm coming up. if you have a problem, go vote with your hand. put an x on the box. don't send the bomb through the mail. >> let me go to ron allen, who has just made it on the ground outside the clinton's home. bring us up to speed on what you're seeing and hearing. >> we are right out in front of the clinton estate. it's behind that white fence over there that you can kind of see. and right next to that there's a
7:37 am
secret service post that's been here. clintons have been out here since not long after bill clinton left office. this is a heavily guarded area. there are police here, as you can see. and the area is a lot of media out here trying to figure out what happened. now what we have been hearing from the secret service as you probably have is that they are emphasizing this device never got near the clinton's home or obama home or office. very much unlike the situation with george soros yesterday. his home is about ten miles from here in new york where people come to get away from all the craziness. but the bottom line in that case, there was a mailbox alongside a highway roadway. and it appears that device was a
7:38 am
real bomb. it was hand placed into one of those big mailboxes. this is a very different situation it would appear at this point. the secret service emphasizing that the devices never got anywhere near the clintons or obama and i have not heard anything about the situation at time warner center. as you might imagine, everybody out here is very concerned and quite disturbed about all this. particular lir because it seems to be a politically motivated thing. i don't think people are so much afraid of bombs everywhere as they are of just how this has become a targeted situation apparently targeting people because of their political views. that's worrying. the situation there in midtown at columbus circle takes us to a whole different level when you're talking about evacuating an entire office complex like that. but here again, we're trying to find answers.
7:39 am
the secret service is here, they are always here and again, we think that mrs. clinton is in florida at this point doing some fundraising activity. yesterday we were told that george soros was not at home either. we don't know where he was at the time. we don't know where former president clip tnton is at this time. >> thank you much. about 45 minutes south of where ron is now is the time warner center in midtown manhattan. the offices have been evacuated. cnn was on the air when this happened. watch. >> excuse me, that sounds like a fire alarm here. we'll keep you posted. >> we're going to jump in. there's a fire alarm here. we're going to find out what the latest is. we'll be right back. >> so cnn went to break and then evacuated the offices to be safe
7:40 am
in order to make sure that everybody who worked there is okay. it's our understanding that evacuation procedure is being followed with the new york police department. let me bring in joyce vance, former u.s. attorney and msnbc legal analyst, somebody who prosecuted crimes involving bombs. joyce, can you talk a little bit about where this goes from here and your understanding of the process when it comes to a situation like this one? >> sure, the good news here, the obvious good news is that none of these bombs have exploded. they were intercepted and no one has hurt. it's important to remember that there could still be other bombs in the mail straem or other explosive devices and it's important to be vigilant, but these unexploded bombs will lead investigators with a lot of evidence to work forward on. we have heard some reporting
7:41 am
that people believe that the bombs are related. at this early stage it's probably because of commonality in packages. they may have been wrapped in a similar way or had the same return address like on the outside. and so that let's investigators know that they are probably looking for an individual rather than an individual plus a copy cat or a number of people. but what they will do next is take a good look at the bombs to see whether there's a signature that let's them determine who the bomb maker is. there's a lot of institutional knowledge at the fbi on these issues. those will all work together along with other agencies like the secret service, probably local law enforcement and they will be working with prosecutors to both preserve evidence and as soon as they apprehend him an individual responsible to commence prosecution.
7:42 am
>> and joyce, far too early to speculate about the motivation here of whoever did this. the person or people who did this, what we know is the end result, which is four packages at least being sent in the mail around the country to various pl political individuals and obviously the case of the time warner center to a news organization that has covered politics. is there any sense how investigators try to pg out how the packages. how do they figure that out? >> the postal workers will be on high alert. they will circulate packages to make sure that mail carriers everywhere are aware of the risk and report any suspicious packages. also united states marshal service, which ha some protectees will swing into action and one hopes that on capitol hill all of the offices are being alerted about risk.
7:43 am
one of the things that we know about bombers, part of their psychological profile is they like to inspire fear in people. and when there's a bomber, it's important for people to be calm, for people to be vigilant, for people to look for suspicious packages and rather than try to figure out if they are suspicious on their own to call a law enforcement agency. law enforcement would always rather have people ere on the side of caution in these situations. >> and one of these packages was sent -- it's now been several days since we learned about the ones sent to george soros. so they have had more time to look into that one. does that give a head start when it comes to other cases in your view? >> it will give them a measuring stick. they will be able to use what they know about the bomb at the residence to determine whether there was one bomb maker. that will be one of the first things that they will do.
7:44 am
the bomb will also have some evidentiary value in helping them identify two who the likely suspect is. so the labs would have swung into action on this one. they are very good at assessing bomb components and making these sort of investigative leads as a result of what they see inside of the bombs. hopefully, they will be very close to a suspect at this point in time. there will be a lot of people proceeding with caution. >> we are getting new reporting from jonathan dietz. let me bring in jim kavr naught who is with me regarding this device. we are not going to describe the device. but the bomb squad is is responding and upon initial inspection according to sources,
7:45 am
the device looks similar to what was found at the home of the clintons. that's where we are now when it comes to what is unfolding live at these pictures of new york city. you're looking live at manhat n manhattan. the building has been evacuated. people have proceeded based on the reporting that we are getting from folks over at cnn in an orderly fashion to get out of the building at this point. i believe you're with me. jump in here as to what you're hearing from voice and as this investigation unfolds. >> so far, what we have heard is the device described as a pipe bomb. as you suggest, we're not going to give the dimensions that someone else can do it. but what's interesting is that the device, let's call it a pipe bomb that was delivered to the residence that was found by a housekeeper and a mailbox, that did not come through the mail systems. so someone had to physically put
7:46 am
that device in that mailbox. so again, sur is surveillance cameras at george soros' residence up and down private residences, this could be a wealth of information that could very easily lead to the identification of the vehicle or the person that placed that device there. in the meantime, fbi, atf and others will be working these other three sites to include this one to see if all of the devices are similar or if they were constructed in the same manner looking for the physical evidence that could be obtained as you and i discussed looking at social media to see if anybody threatened this or talked about doing something like this. this is an investigation when it first breaks like it has for msnbc. you need all of the men and women investigators you can get because there's a lot of different ways this can go. >> we have a note now coming in from cnn.
7:47 am
the head of the network. we are going to bring that to you. he's telling all new york-based employees that the time warner center has been evacuated out of an abundance of caution. it he says a suspicious package has been received in the mail room. so this package got into the facility and that's what triggered this evacuation. cnn, the time warner center is working with authorities to determine the severity of the situation. they are checking on all bureaus around the world out of an abe . bun dance of caution. we ask that you remain calm and patient adding your safety is our top priority. so unsurprising to you that this package made its way to the mail room? obviously, unlike the clintons and obamas, there's not a secret service screen site this mail stops at. >> yeah, this is unfortunate that it could get all the way into a mail room. what we're going to see is
7:48 am
obviously any mail that was delivered today and the next couple days, the atf, bomb squads will put out a bulletin of the size of the package, perhaps a return address, how much postage is on it so every mail room in the city or any politician who might receive something like this they are going to have to be on the lookout. it was not that many years ago unfortunately that the uni bo bomber was delivering packages right to homes and businesses. so people needs to have heads up. any strange package that could be from this same individual. >> let me pause you there. tom winter is joining us now. we understand you have new information for us. >> the new information that we have is this. the devices that have been sent to the clintons, soros and obama addresses all bare nearly
7:49 am
identical characteristics as far as the idea of explosive powder. so at this point, there's a high commonality between the devices. similarly, the reporting from jonathan dietz and i that the device found at cnn is very similar in signature and law enforcement terms, which means that the characteristics of that device are very similar to what's been found at the clinton, obama and soros addresses. so at this point, there's a belief that or it's being treated by the bomb squad and nypd special operations command. they are treating this as a similar device and is a likely explosive device. we can tell you a couple details we're withholding some details at this time out of respect for the investigation, but. i can tell you that the envelope is a manila color that the devices have been arriving in. there are stamps on those
7:50 am
devices. at this point, there's some other evidence that's been gathered that leads to commonality between the various packages. so law enforcement at this point is going to know when one of these packages hits, exactly what it is that they're looking for that will immediately clue them in. for media organizations as well as with respect to the secret service and other places that may receive these packages. right now, hallie, it appears to be a somewhat serious situation in that somebody is sending devices that are designed to work. none have obviously gone off that we're aware of at this point, but somebody is definitely getting these around and getting them into at least the mail receiving places for some pretty high profile locations and people. >> yeah, condemned by the white house as attempted violent attacks. let me bring in retired nypd
7:51 am
lieutenant, lieutenant porcher, there are two sort of dual investigations and procedures that police will be moving forward with, right? explain that. >> absolutely. just one of the first things, the nypd's bomb squad is going to be working in unison with the atf and the fbi in connection with these two bomb squad investigations. the nypd's bomb squad is no stranger to this. when we go back to what happened right after 9/11, we had a large number of packages that were being shipped out to different addresses containing white powder. this is something they do quite frequently. the two investigations are going to move forward as follows, the first thing you've already identified the signature. there's been a consistent signature with this explosive ordinance with soros, clinton, and obama, the same holds true here at cnn. they're going to look to -- how they're going to determine that signature is they're going to explode this ordinance.
7:52 am
whenever it's exploded it doesn't disintegrate. what they'll do is they'll put this back together again, and that's how they'll determine what signature's been used. and then they're going to go into a computer system and see who's used a signature like this in the past. we've got to keep in mind with the advent of video technology in today's society, we have -- i want to say in a place like new york city, the average citizen is videotaped or photographed 100 to 200 times a day, so that's going to be germane information or resources to be used by the the police department. and a teachable moment that can be attached is when we look back at what happened in austin, texas, a couple of months ago, that's how the bomb maker was quote, unquote caught. this is something that it's just going to be a matter of time, and the assailant will be caught, but we have to take into consideration safety is of optimum importance. and what's interesting to me about the cnn incident, i
7:53 am
couldn't understand why there wasn't an offsite clearinghouse for mail coming in considering that this was a media operation, but moving forward, i think that it's just a matter of time before the assailant is caught because it's clear that there's a consistent signature with the bomb maker. >> thank you very much for that. let me go back to jim kavanaugh who is still with us. the new reporting from our team confirming from their sourcing that these packages do appear to have a commonality, do appear to have a signature link as tom winter put it? >> that's right. they all look like they're similar right now. what's unclear, hallie, is the report from ron allen where they said the device was hand-placed in the mailbox at soros's house. okay, was it hand placed by the bomber or hand placed by the letter carrier? that's unclear to me. in other words, did the bomb at the soros house go through the mail system. i haven't been able to determine that from the reporting.
7:54 am
maybe we'll see that. the other thing is the caretaker at the soros house, he opened the package, and most of these packages and bombs that i've worked scores of them, and i was the agent in charge in birmingham when eric rudolph killed the officer. i worked on unabomb when he sent a bomb to vanderbilt and his secretary opened it up and was severely injured. i've worked all these bombers. when that man opened a package, most bombs like this would be set to detonate upon opening the package. bombs in the mail stream like this normally aren't set on a timer, they're not a lit fuse. they're set with some type of booby trap, either to detonate when you open the package or somehow manipulate what's inside. so it's possible that the the bomb bomb at the soros property malfunctioned or it's possible that the person who opened it
7:55 am
just didn't do the mechanism or whatever he was supposed to move or touch to get the thing to detonate. the other two bombs to the clintons and the obamas, which were taken by the secret service, they never had a chance to detonate because they were x-rayed, discovered, and rendered safe by the bomb squad. so there's lots of evidence here that can be tracked back. cnn's got one. you know, that whole building, these are small bombs in an envelope. the first one was described as small. this is going to be the damage, you know, in the desk and the immediate area there. it's not going to be the building falling down or all the windows in the building coming down, you know, so those buildings are big structures. this is -- they blow a hole in your desk, might blow a hole in you. certainly could injure people in the immediate vicinity. so anybody who could be in the public eye, all of our media friends certainly at cnn,
7:56 am
everybody, if you're an anchor on the news, any channel, you know, call home and tell your family not to open anything. that'd be the smartest thing you can do. political leaders across the spectrum do that as well. >> well, and let me just talk about -- let me just interrupt you here. washington, d.c. is pretty empty at the moment with congress on recess in this lead up to the midterms. senator orrin hatch, republican from utah is here and being asked about this by reporters calling people sending these packages, wacky people in addition to the protesters. he added civility will be restored once the good people in politics speak up. your point about the onus on political leaders here. let me go over to clint vanzant. clint, as we look now at these live pictures, midtown manhattan, time warner center has been evacuated. you can see that police line there. you can see officers on scene. we understand the bomb squad is on scene. there is another -- two other scenes happening this morning, one here in washington outside the home of the obamas in
7:57 am
northwest d.c., another in chappaqua, new york, outside the home of bill and hillary clinton. that suspicious package sent there believed to be an explosive device addressed to hillary clinton. clint, your thoughts? >> yeah, let me start with george soros device first. if you've seen the front of his house, it's just a rural mailbox like any of us could have where you can drive up, put a package in there, supposedly the caretaker took the package out, looked at it, dropped it in the grass and then went on in the house and notified, so he or she picked up that there was a potential problem. it was not that long ago in march of this year that we were covering mark anthony conditt. he was the 23-year-old individual in austin, texas, who assembled at least five different devices that exploded. we know there were three dead and six injured in that. i will defer to the construction
7:58 am
devices to my good friend jim kavanaugh, but these are not necessarily hard to put together, and the source of detonation can be anywhere from, you know, something as simple as a mousetrap type of device that would go off when you open a package to it could be something more sophisticated or it could be command detonated from a garage door opener type of device. so law enforcement will be looking for hard trying to find a signature of this, how complicated would it be to assemble these devices. who might have got this information, and again, this will be an investigation that will be -- not only will they be able to link these devices together, but they'll come up with a good look of suspects to take a hard look at the next couple of days. >> the packages clearly designed to instill fear in people? >> yeah, very much so. that's part of it, and again, as jim says, there's two parts to this.
7:59 am
number one, could the bomber in his or her furthest part of their mind hope that the person they sent it to would actually open the device, most of us would say no, but again, to instill fear, that's what terrorism is. terrorism is theater. terrorism is to instill fear in all americans. with our midterms coming up, this is not the time we want to be afraid. we want everyone american to get out and cast their vote the way they believe. >> clint vanzant, thank you for that. i want to thank jim kavanaugh, tom winter, john thnathan dietz. an incredibly scary situation at cnn and others find themselves in this morning, but our colleagues today not competitors but colleagues, have been doing an admirable job as they are now the subject of the story they're reporting on.
8:00 am
craig melvin is in new york now. i'll hand it over to you. good morning to you. craig melvin from msnbc headquarters in new york city. we continue to follow this breaking news. potential explosive devices mailed to president obama and hillary clinton. as you see there, cnn reporters and others have been evacuated from their headquarters here in new york city. this is a live look outside the time warner center here in new york city. the secret service confirming a criminal investigation into the explosive devices mailed to the two democrats a short time ago, they follow a similar discovery of a device found, a very similar device that was found monday in the mailbox of billionaire philanthropist george soros. let's start with our nbc reporter tom winter, nbc investigative reporter ron allen has made his way to chappaqua. this is a suburb of new york city. this is where president clinton and hillary clinton live. hans nichols is at the white house. tom, let me start with you here in the studio. i understand that you have some new reporting


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