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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 2, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> what a terrible horror of what the city is dealing with. may their memory be a blessing. thank you for being here with us and have a good weekend and good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. happy to have you with us, there is a lot to get to tonight. because it is friday and all the other things it is. it is friday, as we have learned in this era, anything can happen on a friday night at any moment. plus, it is good that you are here. no matter how the elections go on tuesday night, there are a few things we know to expect pretty much as soon as the elections are over. electoral politics, for example, one of the things happening very soon after the elections next week is democrats who are considering running for president in 2020, democrats
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will start to declaring their intentions to do so. we have a pretty good idea of a pretty long list of democrats who are thinking of running. all of them have more or less have been holding back to focus on these important elections next week. once those elections are over, we should expect to see that damn break. after the elections, we expect the republican party in congress whether they are able to hold onto the house or not, we expect the republican party to move fairly quickly to pick their leadership. paul ryan, speaker of the house, leader of the republican in congress, he's out. he's not running for reelection this year. the republicans will need to speak for a new speaker and leadership once those elections happen next week, we'll get the new republican shift in congress as well. two days after the election, we are expecting to see some public
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signs of what robert mueller is doing with the special counsel's office. literally two days after the election on tuesday next week, on thursday next week we expect to see a senior prosecutor who works for robert mueller of a sort of feared and revered justice department expert, next thursday we expect to see him arguing an important constitutional case related to the constitutional office defending the existence of robert mueller's appointment and the special counsel investigation as a whole against a particular witness who has been subpoenaed by the special counsel but who has been refusing to show up and testify in spresponse to that subpoena. we are expecting that big court fight next week. we are expecting shortly after the elections, we are expecting
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that president trump national security adviser, mike flynn will learn how much time he's going to get in prison in any. sort of amazing of the big picture. we are headed into the election after president trump was elected and at the time of the first midterm elections, it is less than two years since he was elected. his campaign chair is convicted of multiple felonies and his campaign chair pled guilty. his personal lawyer has pled guilty and awaiting sentences and his national security adviser has pled guilty and waiting for sentencing. >> michael cohen will learn shortly after the election what their sentences are going to be. so all of that stuff we have known to sort of had on the calendar and know all that stuff are on tap once the elections happen for a while now. there is another thing that we are pretty sure is going to happen as soon as the election
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takes place next week. and it is something that we got some important news about tonight. the president himself and even some senate republicans used to warn him and used to tell the president that he definitely should not do this. some senate republicans and the white house all now seemed to be in agreement and on the same page and no longer fighting about the fact. that once next week's elections are over, president trump is going to fire the attorney general. he's going to fire jeff sessions or he'll resign. and as you know there is so much to say about sessions. just focusing on one particular consequence of the prospect of him getting fired or leaving office as soon as the elections wrapped up next week which seems to be a possibility. you may recall that around the time he became trump's nominee for attorney general, jeff sessions lied both to the senate and the public about his own contacts with russian government
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officials during the trump campaign when he was a top official in the trump campaign. when those lies were revealed by the washington post, by then jeff sessions had to announce that he'll be recused to any matter related to the 2016 campaign. because of that recusal. it is the deputy attorney
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general. it goes down to rosenstein, he had been doing it. if they fire him or make him resign after the election too,
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technically control of the mueller investigation goes to the number three official in the justice department. for months now there is been nobody in the number three job of the justice department. if rosenstein goes and control of the investigation does have to get kicked down to the hierarchy. the place that lands and the person who gets the gig would be defined as the solicitor general of the united states. okay. before tonight, before this new news that just broken this eveni evening, it has been assumed or at least seem like if this happens, if rose sign goes, the so solicitor general would be in line after sessions. he too would have to be recused from the mueller investigation. he has a very specific con flick.
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-- conflict. before becoming the co-- he was apart of the secret elite all-male dinner club with brett kavanaugh. boys only. nobody was able to ask coukavanh of his confirmation hearing but it was an elite, all-male dinner club. there is nothing scandalous of jones day. francisco wants to take over the mueller investigation, he really cannot because jones day
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represents the trump campaign in the mueller investigation. they represent the most important client in that investigation. they represent the most important client in that fight. how could a guy who still has an ungoing financial relationship with that law firm, how could he see the big criminal intelligence investigation and prosecution when the central subject of the investigation is a client of his law firm. you can't do that. it is a clean, pure conflict of interest. that brings us to tonight's news. the big watchdog group in d.c. tonight. they have obtained this. it is a short document, it looks like a permission slip than a government form. what crew just obtained is this short document shows in spring of this year, the trump white
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house issued a secret permission slip to francisco which excuses him from the ethic rules that would block him from being involved in any legal matter involving the law firm which he was a partner at jones day. a waiver for mr. francisco. it appears to be signed by don mcgahn. trust me, that's his signature signed on april 24th this year. now why does he get permission to do that and excuse from the ethic rules for good reasons? does not say. there is this pronouncement that he's excused. this document is a secret which
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itself is a story, the white house is supposed to maintain an online list where they're making a public notice of things like this. the one they did for francisco was not put on the list. these are all the things they posted online. you should see francisco should be right there between dennis a and haggerty lisa but he's not there. as of tonight we can tell and see for the first time that the trump white house has been maneuvering so if rosenstein is fired or quit, the guy that's representing the trump campaign and the russia investigation will be allowed to over sea and take over the whole russia investigation. now, we have posted that document online if you want to see it at our website at
9:12 pm it is worth knowing about, right? it is worth knowing about it in its own right. i think it is a good reminder at this point in the news cycle and this moment in history, just in general, keep your head lights on. right now keep your head lights on for this next week and after the election, even just this story here of the solicitor general. and with this one, honestly, i don't know how this gets resolved. i mean i have a feeling i know why they kept it a secret all these months. >> i don't know how this gets fixed. particularly if they are trying to spring this sort of thing on us. nobody knows until it happens that the general is going to be allowed to do this once they
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fired rosenstein. this ismaddow's show is involved in a big scandal and there is going to be a big investigation and i go and get a waiver so i am allowed to oversee this big scandal at the rachel machaddow show. why, i got a waiver. why would i not be able to investigate this fully. >> that's what they're trying to do to put this mueller's investigation under control in a short matter. we are four days out from the election. it feels like a presidential election this year everyon thou
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there is no presidential this year. last night on the show we highlighted two big stand out voting right cases. voting rights crisis, really, where a federal judges decided at the last minute they would not weigh into help. both in majority hispanic dodge city, kansas. no voting place in all of dodge city for its 13,000 registered voters, not a single polling place in the whole town. both there and north dakota where a newly implemented law, blocking thousands of native american voters from casting a vote in this election. in both of these cases that we have been following closely, they each voice serious concerns. it seems rather horrify by the actions of -- what the effects
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turning out to be and voting rights in these communities. these judges both said last night basically sorry, it is too late. even though these are the situation. they got a good case to make. even if they express concerns, they are bound by the president to not intervene to fix the problems because oh, it is too late. it is too close to the election. that's an accomplishestablished when it comes to voter's suppression and legal disputes. it is particularly easy to see and well-defined when it comes to the right to vote except based on supreme court president when it gets to be a few days before the election, the courts are willing to turn out the
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lights now. we were warned at the out set by all these experts and election law that the closer we got to electio election day, the harder it would be. we are seeing that discouraging power all over the country when it comes to voter's suppression and people getting help from the court to protect their rights. the courthouse's door is essentially when it gets close to the election, the doors are closed. too close to the election, close the doors, we are not doing it. because that is the general pattern and we see it all over the place, it makes it all the more interesting, makes it stand out all the more when the pattern breaks. when a judge breaks with that pattern and decides, even if it is late, what i am seeing here is bad enough and i am going to stop in and i am going to step
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in and stop hiit here. it is rare for a judge to do that and say you no what i understand the president here, this time i got to get in here and fix it. that happens today in the great state of georgia. in georgia as you know they are having a rock and sock 'em robot. top of the ticket, brian kemp and stacey abrams who was the democratic leader in the state legislatures. the last few georgia races have been close and heading into this election though, brian kemp has taken a mean ax to the voter roles in georgia trying to disqualify as many voters as possible. the last were decided around 200,000 vote. last year alone, brian kemp took 670,000 people off the voting
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rolls. with him and his office, still administering this election even though he's running in it. we learned that his office had taken more than 50,000 new applications for voter registrations and putting them on pending status. more than 50,000 register tra50. brian kemp should step down so he's not competing in this at the same time. kemp of course refused to step down. he is still in that duo role in the state. but the courthouse's doors are still opened and the courts still have the lights on in georgia. a subset of those 50,000 plus voter registration applications that his office had put on ice of 3,000 voters who are
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naturalized u.s. citizens. a court in georgia ruled those thousands of residents must be allowed to vote even though kemp's office had been blocking them from doing so up until now. >> judges don't weigh into fix really bad voting rights abomination even if it is too close to the election. what kemp is trying to do here was bad enough to over power that controlling precedent. it was remarkable of what they're trying to get away with. kemp's office had taken these 3,000 plus voters who had cast ballots and they had all been flagged and set aside. flagged as potential non self-defen citizens. these people have then shown up with their citizen paper work. this proves that i am a citizen.
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no, no, we still choose to believe that you are not a citizen despite you prove to the contrary because we have you flag that way. that's what they're trying to get away with. until as of today, this court in georgia ruled that can't stand and those people must be allowed to vote. that happens th that happened this afternoon and tonight it happened again. just as we were getting on the air tonight, this is a new one tonight blocking brian kemp's office from rejecting voters because of a supposed mismatch signature on the file. give the voters a chance to contest their ballots being turned out by proving their own nam name, which means yeah, it has to be really, really bad but sometimes judges don't close the
9:21 pm
courthouse doors and turn out the lights just because it is time to use our rights or just talking about them in the abstracts. >> friday night as we head towards tuesday's elections. today was the last day of early voting in georgia. for the last day of early voting, people were lined up before dawn, lined up in the dark to cast their ballots. that enthusiasm we have been seeing across georgia. last time we had an election, ahmad te a midterm election was four years ago. at this point and the 2014 election, this is the number of people who had voted and now in this year's election with us four days out. it is apple to apple comparisons between elections, that's how many people voted nationwide.
9:22 pm
nearly double. truly stunning. nbc broke out these key break states, arizona, florida, georgia, indiana, montana, and nevada, tennessee and texas. in every single one of them where the total of early vote at this point in the race in 2014 is just dwarfed by the number of people who have turned up this year, four days out from the election. here is one really interesting thing that we have noticed in the voting patterns this year so far. we notice this in part because we have been so interested watching what's going on in georgia. and georgia like all these other states, georgia has seen a huge increase of the number of people voting early ahead of election day. they have way more than doubled their early vote this year compares to this time four years ago. i mean with this kind of advantage of the early vote, it is not in conceivable that georgia is going to end up totally doubling the number of votes that i had in the last
9:23 pm
election of 2014. but, when you look at who's turning out in georgia, who is turning out to vote. what we found is that as far as we can tell, georgia voters show the biggest gender gap that we have seen anywhere else in the country. every state we looked at, more women are voting than men. in georgia, the biggest gap. 56% turned out to vote in georgia and 44% are men. that's a 12-point gender gap. it is bigger than anything we saw in any state that we looked out from 2014. i don't know if it is a similar to symptom of that or a cause of that when stacey abrams held a block buster event with oprah winfr winfrey. that might have helped create one. but, that was yesterday in georgia and tonight it was
9:24 pm
congressman john lewis and eric holder and barack obama at an event again for stacey abrams in georgia. brian kemp is doing events with vice president mike pence a couple of days ago. he'll be with the president later on this weekend. i know technically there is not a presidential race on the ballot on tuesday night. people are so psyched for these elections this yearment . it feels like presidential. if the voting numbers stay as high through tuesday, it is starting to look like everyone t even the number is a presidential race. for everything that we have been through since our last election which was presidential, this one feels that the consequences may be just as big. in my case, final sprint, everybody go, got a lot to get to tonight, stay with us.
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best in the game today, best ever, best of who ever played the game. don't let me get in the middle. duke it out among yourself. espn tried the break down the reason why lebron james is so dominant in the nba. obviously his size does not hurt
9:29 pm
but his height and strength does not hurt. his work ethic does not hurt. espn is sort of pitching as lebron james' real street weapon is his mind. not like a generic. he's a real smart cookie kind of sense. the case for lebron james is the greatest ever is that he has something called eidetic memory. the medical term for crazy, crazy freakish recall, what's called photo graphic memory. the mental prep that he has, is pricele priceless. by august of this year, mr. james was facing a new public attack from the president of the
9:30 pm
united states. he made an appearance on cnn, afterwards the president tweeted, cnn's don lemon "ma ma lebron look smart. don lemon is the dumbest mind on television. he's quote, "dumb," lebron james, the greatest basketball player of all time is just not smart and everybody knows it and the president is happy to say it. the president has also frequently targeted his rallies, a specific member of congress who he always, always brands as quote, "low iq or
9:31 pm
extraordinarily low iq." congressman, maxine waters, of california. four days out of the election, two of the mostly hot contested governor in georgia and florida. the president is hurling his specific targeted brand of insults. at the democratic candidates in those two races ochlt . in florida, trump showing no evidence calls andrew gillum a thief and in georgia, trump offering no evidence calls stacey abrams unqualified. he said that about her yesterday, he actually said that at the white house. how is she unqualified? >> yale-trained attorney and successful in business and public life and leader -- you line them all up and the in suggests and the insultees.
9:32 pm
the way the president likes to insult people in politics. re he says they are dumb and have a low iq and unintelligent and unqualified. >> tonight there is new reporting based on allegations of the president's long time attorney, michael cohen, who is an interesting source here. he pled guilty to eight federal charges long ago. he has spent dozens of hours with robert mueller's team and other federal and state prosecutors, mr. cohen is due to be sentenced next month. tonight michael cohen tells emily james fox at "vanity fair"
9:33 pm
in experience working with the trump -- he witnessed many times president trump using racist peop remarks -- one example from emily jane fox's reporting. this was after a campaign rally. cohen offered his observation to his boss. i told trump the rally looked vanilla and trump responded quote, "because black people are too stupid to vote for me." the white house did not respond. that sentiment, too stupid comment, that echoes of the things he say in public.
9:34 pm
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connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ in late august, the president's long time trump's executive, michael cohen, he pled guilty to felony charges. since then we know that cohen has spent more than 50 hours with robert mueller's team and prosecutors. less than six weeks, michael cohen is likely to be sentenced.
9:38 pm
now tonight, why now? michael cohen has something else he wants you to know. with four days to go before the midterm elections, that'll absolutely determine what happens in the trump administration for the next two years. michael cohen is making new allegations working elbow to elbow with donald trump. this is provacative stuff. he told emily jane fox at "van p ty fair" that donald trump has been using racial slurs for years. trup trump said to me, name one country that's not run that's not s-hole. >> we were going from the airport to the hotel and drove through a rougher neighborhood, trump made a comment to me that only the blacks can live like
9:39 pm
this. provacative stuff, very provacative timing and a provacative source. joining us now is emily jane fox of "vanity fair" who reported this. this is an uncomfortable story. hearing them, these are incredibly charged and loaded and frankly terrible things to hear someone alleging that our president have said in the past. >> i don't know why i should believe cohen's assertions to these things. he has previously insisted in public that donald trump is not a racist and he backed him up on racism issues. since his life had been turned upside down and said openly he wants the world to basically think the worse of donald trump and he wants people to vote against him and he wants to do as much as he can to cast as
9:40 pm
negative way as possible. >> sure, as you play leading into this. this is the kind of language that the president has used about black people and people in general. the s-hole line is something that we had heard reported that the president had said earlier this year in tand the white hou denied it this year. these are tones that the president has struck before. i will say since i publish a piece this afternoon, i gotten calls from two people who work with the president formally and they said to me this is close of the language and scenarios that they had said to him in private conversations as well. >> so since this piece of "vanity fair" went up today, since you published? receive calls about trump who hears the same language? >> similar language. this is something that other people who have worked with him
9:41 pm
have heard from the president before. >> they're not willing to put their names and not going on the repo record about it. > >> no. cohen has said relatively nothing since the fbi executed warrants of his home and office and he had gone on the record once. that was this summer to just say my loyalty is not with the president and it is for my family. he's koclose to his sentencing. anything he says could put him in a danger zone. the fact that he would now put himself on the record and come out with these allegations, to me was striking when i asked him, why go on the record with this now, why do you say these things now. he's very clear to me that look, he could have slammed the president two months ago. these are all allegations of
9:42 pm
things that cohen said the president said a long time ago. the explanation that i got, he like the rest of us have watched the president ratcheted up his language particularly surrounding race and nationalism and dog whistling and there is an important election on the line that he feels passionate about and this was something he did not want to hold any longer ahead of the election. >> did you go to the white house for comments on this? >> i went to the white house many people asking for comment and i received no response. >> i know it is not fair to characterize the type of no comment that you get, i know no comment is a no comment, are they upset of this reporting? >> i got no response from them. >> emily jane fox with this. this is distressing and difficult material again of its source and substance. thank you for helping us.
9:43 pm
much more to come this friday night, stay with us. vo: you're feeling the squeeze. costs are rising. it's hard to keep up. in washington, one party is calling the shots and the middle class isn't being heard. we need a new congress that will cut taxes for the middle class, ensure coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, and protect social security and medicare. vote for a democratic congress; for an economy that works for everyone. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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my view is a federal minimum wage is a terrible idea, terrible idea. >> minimum wage? what a terrible idea. that's larry kudlow talking about how minimum wage should be abolished. a terrible idea, a terrible idea. >> that may not be exactly what you want to say as the president's top economic adviser. just a few days out from a hugely important election. whether you are a republican or a democrat or no party at all. people like the minimum wage, it is better than the alternative. if you ask people whether the minimum wage is higher, people not only always say yes, they tend to flock to the polls to say yes. this year raising the minimum
9:47 pm
wage is going to be on the ballot in arkansas and missouri. in arkansas, the minimum wage of this thing passes is $8.50 by 2021. in missouri, voters will decide whether the minimum wage is $7.75 to $12 an hour by 2023. in missouri, there is a close senate race in the ballot, mccaskill and josh holly is against it. beyond this as a policy matter itself, history has shown that voters really liked the minimum wage that sometimes make them turn out to vote. this is the kind of thing that could have real i am plmplicati
9:48 pm
the voting booth. here is steve cornacki who has stop sleeping. thank you for being here. >> thanks rachel. the minimum wage across the board are always popular. the question is, does it rub off on candidates for other offices. let me give you some examples the history you are talking about here. let's go back to 2006. that's the last time democrats flip the senate from republican control to the democratic control to 2006. this idea in missouri which is a battleground where mckaskill is running against conrad berns. look at that, 3-1. the idea is would that get extra voter to the polls or low income voter less likely to vote. if they vote democratic, well, in the senate race, mccaskill was elected and the margin was very small. that was a about a 50,000 vote
9:49 pm
for mccaskill and democrats tried the same thing in montana, passed 3-1. close senate race in montana this year. remember this one, john tester got elected, defeating conrad berns. hey, this works. you can get in road in red states by doing this. they tried in 2014, arkansas, defended the seat and put it on the ballot and passed overwhelmingly and did not work. you saw 2014, alaska, put it on the ballot, passed, did not work. it is 2018, missouri, we are back to where we started, mckaskill in that very close race, what can we read into this history? it is not as game changer, putting it on the ballot douse n does not win the election. does it have a marginal impact? if the races really close, could
9:50 pm
that get you a little bit of an extra edge. this is an interesting test this year. missouri is one of the closest senate race there is on the board this year. so this is on the ballot, we may get a read on election day to see if it could get 10,000 or 20,000 extra votes of the democrats. this is the kind of race that could make a difference. even with mccaskill running essentially democrats and she's highlighting that right now in that tight race. because there is the clear split between her and holly on this. he definitely against it and even though he's running a as -- that turn out or boost may attach that to her. >> the other interesting thing of missouri, republicans are aware of what you are saying. there was a move this year that put right to work on the ballot of missouri that was unpopular. the republicans made it sure to get on the primary ballot this
9:51 pm
year where it went down. on the general election ballot because it may have the effect that you are describing. steve cornacki, thank you, i look forward to spending the next few days with you. >> i am looking forward to it, too. >> we have an alert, coming up just ahead, stay with us. sexy. or delicious. or fun. but since you need both car and home insurance, why not bundle them with esurance and save up to 10%? which you can spend on things you really want to buy, like... well, i don't know what you'd wanna buy because i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless.
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twitter has just announced this evening they deleted more than 10,000 twitter accounts. these are accounts sent out ahead of the elections to discourage americans from voting. the messages were made to appear falsely that they were from democrats and they were definitely targeting democrats. we can show you what some of these messages looked like. we got it from austin, texas, a firm called new knowledge. they have been tracking this campaign since roughly mid august. the effort has been targeting democratic men, trying to get democratic men not to vote. democrats win when only women vote. this one where men say we are making a woman's vote worth more by staying home. the idea of being that if you are a man who supports democrats and support democratic women, the best way you can help is not to vote and be gullible enough
9:56 pm
to fall for this self-evidence, nonsense. this company that tracks these fake democratic messages, they tell me this effort is not effective but sblinterestingly everyone though these things are off or wrong, this campaign does not appear to have originated in the united states, specifically appears to have grown up from the right wing corners of the u.s. protrump where people think it is fun to pretend their foreign government trolls while doing their best to mess with the election for real. this stuff is out there. they are trying. it is quite obviously absolute.
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have to be here with me. my weekend plans now includes spending sunday night here live at 9:00 p.m. we'll have the whole gang here covering the latest >> so that means i'm here tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m.? i am working saturday night in the rachel maddow time slot? >> yep. >> can you leave a little wardrobe behind for me? because it's a 9:00 p.m. look. it's a totally different thing.


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