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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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still underscoring all of this and this is really going to be an election cycle where we are going to see candidates who have never run before, people who looked up and said how did i get here, a country i'm living in? >> just looking at the polls, i'm going to see if they keep breaking the way they've been breaking the past 24 hours. but you don't know until they actually count the votes. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks, mika, thanks, joe. i'm stephanie ruhle with a lot to cover. early voting numbers are through the roof. that is a great stat. we've got our warriors out from coast to coast. >> recently, it's been the republican party that's delivering. >> just like when we put obama in office, the democrats supported, they know it's time again where we need democrats out here to vote.
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>> a november surprise. the first battle for georgia governor. the republican super vicing the same race he is running in now accusing democrats of election hacking without a single piece of evidence. his democratic rival, she's having none of it. >> instead of owning up to his responsibility and honoring his commitment, that he is once again misleading georgia. >> you heard just it, i'll say it again, a record number of women, that's right, women, running for congress for senate for governor. how these trail blazers could change politics in this country as we know it. do you hear that music? i hope we're excited. we begin with less than 24 hours until the polls open and with just one day left, nearly 35 million americans have already cast their ballots and that is
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according to the latest data from nbc analysis and candidates across the country are hitting the trail for last full day of campaigning. we have a great team here. our road warriors are in areas where the races are to watch. as we head into this midterm, i want to take a look at factors that could have a major impact. according to a new poll, the president's approval rating is at 46%. that is a sickle point increase since october. both parties are showing record enthusiasm in early turnout but when it comes to the generic congressional bat lot, democrats hold a seven point lead. it's not rhetoric, it's not hate. it's things that matter. health care. the economy. and so so many people simply want to unify this country. those are the issues topping the
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charts. i want to take you to the map. republican senator cruz is neck and neck with congressman beto o'rourke. garrett haake has been following the candidates. garrett what are they up to today? >> stephanie, good morning from houston, my hometown. both campaigns will start in houston. it is ground zero in this campaign. here's why. this falls into the everything is bigger in texas category. more voters will cast ballots in houston county than live in north dakota. it gives you an idea of the scope here. hillary clinton won harris county. o'rourke needs to win it bigger. he's having one final rally here in houston. we're at the house of blues. they're trying to turn the
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unnewsism that has swung around into actual votes. early numbers look promising. the democrats believe more people voted early in 2018 in texas than voted in the entire 2014 midterm race. they need to see lines around the block in harris county. that's why both campaigns will be here in houston to start the day, talking about a lot of those issues, talking about health care. the cruz campaign's been talking about immigration. talking a lot about the economy. now it's talking a lot about get out the vote. how do you turn them into voters? we'll find out who is most successful. >> let's take you to missouri where a brand-new nbc news poll has a senate race between mccaskill and her opponent, state attorney general republican josh hawley tightening by the minute. mccaskill has a 50% support.
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while hawley has 47%. that is clearly within the poll's margin of error. nbc's morgan radford joins me live from missouri. there is no early in person voting. tell us what you know about it. >> people are fired up. which is why we wanted to bring you to st. charles, missouri. about 30 minutes outside of st. louis. the second highest number of registered voters. this is exactly the type of area that mccaskill has to watch they they went for her in 2012 but then in 2016 they voted for trump by almost 26 points. this is considered one of the battleground areas. a lot of those voters, who are voting for mccaskill, say they want to hear her talk about health care. if you talk to voters in more rural areas, they say they care about immigration.
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something both voters say they don't want to hear any more of these ads. take a listen. >> seems so many are desensitized to what the real issues ought to be. >> did the ads change anything for you? >> they're not changing a thing. >> tired of the ads. too many ads. they're throwing stones and negative ads. >> have any of the ads been useful in anyway? >> none. >> so to give you a sense of just how tight this race is, the missouri senate race has spent the second most highest in ads and that's second only to florida. $94 million spent here in missouri. so this midterm cycle isn't so much about the red wave, not about the blue wave, it is about the green wave because this is the most expensive midterm cycle in history. >> you know what those voters
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need across the country, imagine, of all that money, the billions, imagine if that went to better schools, better infrastructure, faster wifi, actually making people's lives better. because i'm pretty sure that's what they're voting for. let's take you now to tennessee which is bracing for an historic election. a key group that could become a deciding factor. we don't know in which direction. chris jansing has been talking to suburban women. she joins me now from nashville, tennessee. chris, let's walk through this. the senate race between blackburn and ret has been a tossup. i'm confused which way they're going to be the difference. >> i'll tell you, just being here and talking to women. statistical
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statistically, the women is women are going to be the difference and i can tell you they're fired up and it's not because of the caffeine they're getting here at the cafe. look, it's important to set the scene. tennessee is one of the reddest states in the country. donald trump won here by 26 points. but when you look at that poll, he pulled one way. he's 26 points ahead in women, women like denise. thanks very much for being here. you're a lifelong republican. you told me you already voted a straight democratic ticket. >> absolutely. >> why? >> because i'm so disheartened with the republican party as it exists today. i don't feel like they're representing the interests that i want to be represented. i don't feel like they -- i don't feel like they're -- >> where did they lose you? >> they lost me in 2016. >> with donald trump? >> absolutely. i think our nation took such a strep backward in 2016. >> was there a moment or an issue or something he said that you said i can't anymore?
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>> everything he said. the way he talks about women. the way he talks about immigrati immigration. we're a nation that should be upholding others and raising the bar and i think the bar has lowered for the republican party in the last three years. it's so disheartening. >> the question is, while we see a number of women like you, as i've been traveling the country, saying to me what you're saying, as you talk to women in your neighborhood, people at work, is your sense that there is a change here or it's something incremental that maybe will have an effect in future elections? >> i'm not sure. i've been encouraged by the early voter turnout. it might be that he's gal vannized more people. i've been politically active justice because of the opposition to things he's
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representing. but i'm so disappointed -- i don't feel he's representing my interest. if they want my safety protected, how about working across the line to stop ar-15s? i mean, i just feel like it's all partisan. it's we, them. it's not us anymore. i think every time my tax dollars are used to fly trump to a rally so can incite divisiveness, it disheartens me further. >> speaking of donald trump, he was here last night. third trip here. this is not a state typically, stephanie, where you would think the republican president would have to come three times. >> i feel like i might vote for denise. let's head to florida. the governor's race is all the talk of gillum and mcsantess.
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ing maybe that's why obama spent so much time down there. all right, give us a lay of the land. we've got these two races. where do they stand? >> well, stephanie, florida does not disappoint when it comes to nail biters. there's going to be two of them on tuesday. the senate race and the race for governor here. both neck and neck. both of these campaigns spending millions of dollars getting lots of national attention. having all the heavy hitters come to town. essentially both going into tuesday, a total toss-up. the governor's race is what's getting the most attention. they are literally razor thin margin apart. a single point ahead of his competitor desantis. desantis is having a campaign event this morning. he has had several people on the trail with him in the past few
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days, including president trump. including rudy giuliani yesterday. today he is campaigning with senator marco rubio. we'll see desantis here at this event in orlando. trying to get those last-minute votes, if he can. but the margins here are so close. they are trying to get every last person they can to the polls here in florida. >> that's what we want, record turnout. that is america working. thank you. you know we cannot forget about this race down in the state of georgia where the two governor candidates are in a dead heat. the republican candidate, and this is important, republican candidate is also georgia's secretary of state. is without a single shred of evidence now calling for the fbi to investigate vote hacking. he is pointing the finger, guess who, at democrats. msnbc's katie tur is in atlanta.
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what is this about? when you've got the secretary of state saying we may have a hacking issue that doesn't just garner headlines. that causes a whole lot of taxpayer dollars to look into that. >> it was blasted all over local news. a hit about it every 30 minutes yesterday. while i was watching on sunday. it's still in the headlines this morning. kemp hasn't offered any evidence to back up this campaign. yesterday, he followed up by saying he was acting on information he got from his legal team. again, there's no evidence that this attempt, that this breach, this attempted breach, was done by democrats. there are a number of issues and a number of reasons why this is seen as potentially questionable by kemp. it's not just because he is the secretary of state.
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it's because as secretary of state, in 2016, he rebuffed dhs when they tried to help this state secure its elections system. he accused dhs, right after the 2016 election, of trying to breach georgia's fire wall. there are issues when it comes to that. there have been lawsuits against kemp and his office for not securing the election systems here, for having it be too week. one of the only states in the country that does not have a backup paper ballot. all these questions compounded when you look at the timing of this announcement, the timing of this investigation, announcing it on a sunday morning two day, before voters go out and make a decision on woz going to be the next governor and what is an extremely tight race. there's a decimal point difference between brian kemp and stacey abrams. if the third party candidate,
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the libertarian candidate, stays in this race, if he does even a little well, 2%, 3% well, he could force this into a runoff and that would mean the vote goes to december 4th. a lot of eyes on here. you're missing one of the most interesting and fashion nating races of 2018. >> georgia always on my mind. obviously this voter hacking issue makes a lot of headlines. at the end of the day, i think everyone out there wants to be physically safe. is that what they're voting on or voting on all this ancillary stuff? >> it depends on where you are. or if you're just talking to somebody at a diner. if you're going to a donald trump event, and i went to my first one in two years yesterday, people really care about immigration. framed as socialism versus
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freedom. trying to paint abrams as a socialist. trying to say she's really radical, worried she's going to turn this state into a sanctuary state. that's all rhetoric they're hearing from trump, from kemp, from republicans in this state. if you go to an obama rally, you hear a much different version of where this state is and what people are worried about. you hear people talking about health care. they want medicaid expansion. they want to make sure pre-existing conditions are covered and covered in a plan they can afford. they don't trust republicans to do that. after all, republicans have been trying to repeal obamacare. they also talk about, stephanie, what i found so interesting, is the division in this country. i talked to a couple of college students, 18-year-olds, who you wouldn't imagine would be worried about that sort of thing. but they've lived in the past
6:17 am
two years, donald trump as president, where they say he's only dividing the nation further. they're not stare eyed about it. they realize any politician you elect is not going to have the full support of everybody because politics are inherently tribal but they want somebody who can bring the state together. abrams for a lot of people is that person. not just because she's an african-american woman. she can empathize and relate to a broader section of this state than has been represented in the past. >> to every voter, don't get sucked into these messages of tribalism. ask those people for a plan. if they say a middle class tax cut, ask them how they're going to pay for it. ask that person running what is the plan. joining me now, a superb panel.
6:18 am
girl squad with me. stephanie is the president of emily's list, a group focused on getting pro-choice democratic women into congress. my friend noelel kimpor. ladies, i want everybody to weigh in on georgia. stephanie, to you first, what is your take on what's going on here? >> this is beginning to see like desperate actions fom s from a desperate man. i don't think it's going to work. we've seen already such extraordinary early vote turnout in georgia. stacey abrams, who emily's list has been working with, long before we were even pondering a governor's race, she has been committed to registering and turning out every voter available in the state. she believes in democracy. and the best democracy is when everybody votes. she has been part of a re-energizing of voters in that state for four or five years
6:19 am
now. and so i think what we're talking about here is an electorate that is going to be bigger than we've ever seen in the midterm in georgia. and they are looking for medicaid expansion. they're looking for health care. they're looking for common sense. in stacy abrams, you've got a legislative leader who is a progressive who wants to get things done and has made the tough decisions to keep things moving in the state, particularly when she's had to deal with the republican governor. she knows how to get things done. that's what people are looking for here. >> whoever wins, we want them to win fair and square. i don't want to see women getting interviewed saying, well, it's that funded caravan. when i look at what's happening in georgia, i think, should brian kemp have stepped away from his election duties as secretary of state if he's running for governor? if he is, let him win. clean. >> yes, i wish. i'm a republican strategist on
6:20 am
this panel. and i wish he would have stepped away from that. because the potential of having something go awry was always out there. and to be tied to it in any way, no matter which way it went, is just not smart. so i wish as a republican that he would have stepped away from those duties. >> so what are the republicans -- when you say that to decisionmakers, what's the answer? >> well, first of all, i'm not consulting on that race. i do national fund-raising. if i consulted on that raise, usually you have a team call every monday, every thursday, whatever, to kind of express your thoughts. i would have said hey, you guys, the optics on this isn't too good. i'll tell you another thing, they're crazy not to think that this is not nationally focused. that this is not a nationally focused race. this is a nationally zoned in, everybody's look at this thing.
6:21 am
from optics alone, steph. and focus on your gubernatorial run. >> christine do optics matter? we spent the last two years talking about some reprehensible behavior. at the end of the day, he tucks himself into bed at the white house and no one else does. >> i think optics seem, if you look at the past two years, not to matter, right? it's frustrating but this race and a lot of this year's races are telling us optics are coming back and do matter again. this is a dead heat race for the governor of georgia, right. that doesn't happen, right. the democrat's usually like, which democrat can we get to put their name on the ballot, poor thing, right? that's not happening. part of the reason why is because he wouldn't step away from his secretary of state duties which makes everybody, even if he's done nothing, look
6:22 am
terrible. i think the other reason is if you look at the two candidates and look at the -- right, the world is not uplifting at the moment, right. there's been so many negative terrible things. stacy abrams is a much more positive forward-looking galvanizing candidate. >> we have more to cover in this very important hour. 24 hours before voting day. coming up, we're talking fear factor. >> democrats want to abolish ice. to turn america into a giant sanctuary for criminal alien, drug dealers and ms-13 killers. >> that was the president of the united states on a national stage. lying to you. he's holding multiple rallies today. what impact will that message have?
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. you are watching msnbc and we're talking president trump. he is on a final push on the campaign trail today. why? he has less than 24 hours to get in front of people because that is when the polls open. heading to not two but three rallies in ohio, indiana and missouri. it is the president's last
6:27 am
chance to rally his base to protect a republican congress. joining me now, nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker. i often say on a national scale, the president should be talking about jobs. but local, the economy isn't doing as well as you would think. so what will the president's final message be to americans? >> steph, as you point out, the economy nationally has shown very strong numbers. the jobs report showing the unemployment report. president trump talking a little bit. i talked about it for a few minutes. there's not much more to say when he pivots to the topic he thinks is going to energize his base. that is immigration. that is his caravan, steph. the critics say he's sending thousands of u.s. troops to the southern border. this is a strategy that worked
6:28 am
for him in 2016. he's deploying it right now. how is he feeling about republican chances holding on to congress? yesterday, i had a chance to ask him about that. he stressed the fact that yes, he has put his focus largely on the senate but he did say he feels good about the house. his press secretary sander was asked if the white house is basically bracing to lose the house of representatives. take a listen to how she answered. >> look, i think we're going to see what happens tomorrow. we have a great story to tell the president making this case. you'll see him do it again today. if people are voting on policy and things like the economy, i think we're in a really great position moving forward. >> now, when you speak to officials, they acknowledge, look, their houses in the house are very tough. both sides looking at those early vote totals. the fact that nearly 34 million
6:29 am
people have voted early so far. blowing past the numbers of early voting back in 2014. what we can take from that is the electorate is energized. >> the best news we can have wednesday morning is a record number of americans voting. i like that number. we're going to take a quick break. coming up, we've been talking about it all morning. we've got a strong economy, excellent jobs report. this is a potentially winning midterm message for republicans. we're going to dig into why they're not focusing on it. ♪ ♪
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welcome back, i'm stephanie ruhle. you know i love talking about midterms and money. it is one of the top issues. it is why so many people voted for him to begin with. the wages are up. according to a gallup poll, 64% of voters have not seen an increase in their paycheck.
6:34 am
joining us now, ron insana and cnbc anchor brian sullivan. on markets, over the last few weeks, as the markets have gone volatile, when the markets go down, the presidents have vi ssd voters. then when the markets go back up, he said, it's all me baby. we got the great job numbers on friday. but where does that leave us? the truth is, the markets aren't that tied to the president. >> the fact that presidents throughout history of both parties have taken way too much credit for how the stock market is done. the stock market goes up over the year anyway. if we cook dinner, if you don't like it, it's your cooking, if you don't like it it's my cooking. the stock market has been volatile. suggesting they were getting
6:35 am
close to some kind of a trade deal with china. didn't last long. the pop didn't last long. i think the market is going to remain flat. the market didn't do anything for about 15 months. it literally vacillated in its own range. we're seeing maybe a mini version of that ahead of the midterms tomorrow. >> the president not talking about the economy has broadened his base and here's why. when trump was running initially, you didn't see the investor class, the ceo class, back him. but he has served them with the tax cut. who he hasn't served is the rest of the country. the same obama bifurcated a economy we had before. he can't possibly talk about jobs and wages because those people are still hurting. he goes to them and talks immigration. then quietly he's broadened his base with investors who are look at their portfolios.
6:36 am
while they're not going to put a trump sign in the front lawn, i think they'll vote for him. >> i disagree insofar if you have a 3.7% unemployment rate, wages are beginning to rise. >> then why isn't he talking about it? >> i have no idea. as you said, he likes to rile his base. he doesn't like to broaden it. there's a different approach to politics this president has undertaken. he likes that visceral response. like immigration, like the caravan. they could be putting up commercials about -- and the president likes to say this, the strongest economy in history. it's not, but it's still very, very good. when it comes to economic activity. i don't know why he doesn't sell this. i would be selling this all day long. >> to that exact point, if you'd be selling this economy all day long, why is the president pushing narratives that aren't true? in the last week, he talked
6:37 am
about the middle class tax cut. first of all, that's impossible because congress isn't in session. it's most likely not possible after because neither the president, nor a single republican, has shown a plan to pay for said tax cut. on friday, suddenly floated out, oh, there's negotiations on a trade deal. we knew this was a fabrication. while the president could run on these strong economic numbers, he's out there pushing lies. >> i think it's whatever he wants it. he believes he can get these things done. perhaps it's down the road or in a couple of months. i have no idea. i do know this. you know as well. i know you've broken stories from this administration. there are people who have very different opinions and maybe very different things that they thought they heard. i mean, maybe you can get a story here. so i think the leakers might have different takes on different things. i think going back to the economy, we've got to realize, the economy is very good, but to
6:38 am
ron's point, it's not very good everywhere. if you watch the political ads in central new jersey, i don't know the last time i saw a political ad in new jersey was. they talk about how independent they are, they talk about they're going to stand up to trump. they talk about the economy from the senate side. so there are races that do it. i think it all just depends on your audience and the president. whatever you think of him, he's a master at telling them what they want to hear. >> what i would say, there is one point where there is bifuryk cati bifurcation. the ap says americans have not felt the impact of the tax cut. that's because they're financing it. this is not comprehensive tax reform. corporate profits doubled as a consequence of the tax cut. but we've seen the share of corporate revenues go down to historic lows. >> stock prices go up because of
6:39 am
it. >> this was already discounted at the end of 2017 and january. we have moved sideways ever since. what wall street's worried about is peak growth and peak profits. main street won't feel that for a while. so the president should sell it while he can because several months from now, he might not be able to. >> coming up, it's one of the most intense battles for congress in our country. a republican house seat for nearly half a century could possibly flip blue. we'll break down the potential national impact. when i was shopping fothe choice was easy. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. excuse me... winner! that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. hi! geico has licensed agents who i can reach 24/7. great savings and round the clock service? now that's a win-win. winner. winner. yay me!
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what's in your wallet? welcome back. i'm stephany ruehl. if there is a blue wave tomorrow, you're going to see evidence of it in places like virginia's seventh district. it's been in the hands of republicans for nearly 50 years but it could be on the verge of flipping. my friend heidi prisbela went there and joins me now. today that race is in a dead heat. walk us through why. >> this should not be a competitive race but it is a great early indicator because east coast time, polls close at 7:00 p.m. it's a dead heat. three factors at play. first, super sized energy among
6:44 am
democratic women who began organizing literally two days after the 2016 presidential election. second is the unique profile of david bratt. he is a tea party republican in the image of trump. one of only a handful of republicans who's taken money from an anti-immigration pac. and thirdly is the democrat candidate who was seen by many gop candidates as the moderate in this race. she is a former cia undercover agent. former law enforcement official. and, steph, you and i can appreciate that. now girl scout troop leader. here, take a look at the interview. >> do you feel some pressure given that there are so many eyes on this district? >> well, i work well under pressure. i love the challenge. this is exactly what politics are supposed to be. it's about the push and pull.
6:45 am
everybody has different opinions. >> it was a long interview, prescription drugs, infrastructure. one thing i didn't hear was trump. the reason why, she is really going for those gop moderates. the question here and the gauge really of suburban revolt really may be how many of these gop moderates exist. down the street it wasn't hard to find die-hard bratt supporters. people who believe there really is a caravan coming. it is kind of a class divide. you see in the richer neighborhoods, the signs all over the place. but it may be, you know, that may be essentially hurting. the bratt vote as well. that so many of these moderates are shifting. >> i just want people to win fair and square. when you hear engaged voters sit there and talk to you that
6:46 am
they're panicked about the caravan and panicked because george sorros is paying for it, that makes me sad. people are believing lies. and it's impacting how they vote. you actually spoke to a panel of lifelong republican voters. >> right now, there's no choice. the republican party is the trump party now. that's it. there's really not much else. he's kind of sucked up the oxygen there. there's really not much left there. there's no discussion to be had. the only option you got is a moderate democrat. >> there's not reason republican and it just disgusts me. >> i would feel a greater sense of loyalty to the republican party if anyone would break ranks and have the strength of carat to say i really well not be able to tolerate this in our country. >> trump can energize his base like no one i've ever seen at
6:47 am
these rallies. >> at the beginning, i had them all raise their hands and these are recent converts who had voted recently for bratt in the last election. so the anecdotal evidence is yes. bratt will get a lot of counties that don't stuff richmond but in these, you know, counties that are right around -- these bedroom communities around richmond. these highly educated traditionally conservative districts, i think they will be voting. they are really turned off by these cultural currents in our country that many believe are being fanned by trump. >> remember what happened in virginia just last year, charlottesville. where those awful, awful riots, demonstrations took place. that certainly affected people from that state. heidi, thank you. it is the year of the woman. to under stand what's happening
6:48 am
in 2018, you have to look back in history. female candidate ran in previously unseen numbers. when the dust settled, 2 dozen women added to the house and the number of female senators jumped from 2 to 6. fast forward a generation and a new wave. 260 women running for congressional seats. 23 in a senate. another 16 are up for governor. all of those numbers had broken records already. there could be more records to come. i want to bring back my panel. christine, why do you think so many women are running? >> because they're fed up. with nothing happening in government. fed up with all the rhetoric that is fear-based, not to the points of their lives or other people's lives. now, look, we know that it is tougher to get women to run for office than it is men. they have to be asked two or three times more before they say
6:49 am
yes. what i think is happening here is a version of that. they asked themselves the question probably a number of times before 2016 and now they've asked the question and they've already answer it. because they just can't take what's happening and what that will mean for their communities, their partners, their children. >> if you go outside females running for office, go to activists. is that translating to the polls? has that activism made its way to today? >> the answer's absolutely yes. just watching the earlier segment, i mean, perfect example of someone who -- she never thought about running for office. never her designed plan in her life. she just felt called to do it for her community. just this weekend, saturday morning, there were 200 volunteers to canvass at one tight in that district. this is a republican district.
6:50 am
you mentioned virginia a year ago. virginia exactly a year ago, when the assembly in virginia picked up 15 democratic seats. we picked up 15. 11 more we picked up 15. eleven were women. those women have been organizing, registering people to vote. i'm seeing it everywhere. it's not just the historic number of women running for office. there's truly a historic number of women underneath these races, having the women backed and the good men too. i've never seen anything like it, and emily's list has been doing it for over three decades. we have never seen anything like that. >> democratic female candidates are outnumbering republican female candidates three to one. why do you think that is? >> i don't know why that is. that's interesting to take a look at that. one of the things that i would like to see more of, we were talking earlier, i'm a national fundraiser. i deal with bundlers, i deal with 99% men.
6:51 am
where are the ladies, i would like to see more ladies getting involved with pocketbooks. they'll go and by an $18,000 berken bag. what about putting that $18,000 to work. >> i'm telling you, they will not think anything about going to bergdorfs or sacs 5th avenue. i would like to see it in the donor class. >> i want to say on the democratic side, it is happening at the donor level. not only has emily's list, which is solely, i mean, we are solely committed to electing democratic women. we just raised $110 million in this election cycle, way beyond anything we have ever done before. we have had congressional candidates, first time candidates running for office, women like katie hill out in california who raised $3.8 million in one quarter.
6:52 am
i remember when that was an entire congressional campaign. i remember when that was three congressional campaigns and where is that coming from, hundred dollar contributions from women. they are coming. they are coming. grass roots money. >> i would like to see that money going to actually help people. i don't want it to go to campaign ads anymore. >> you have to have good people in the government. >> i want to talk about races you're watching, for you, a senate race in arizona, you're going to have a woman either way. >> which is awesome, first woman to hold the seat. >> this is a very interesting race, and it's a negative race. they have done a lot of back biting, which as a woman i don't like seeing that. i wish they would have stayed above board, but once it starts, once the mud slinging starts, people feel like they have to take up for their side and for their platform and go back and forth. this is going to be so interesting because if you guys have looked at this race, it's gone mcsally up, it's gone
6:53 am
mcsally down. it has changed in the course of she sang the national anthem and now she's up 2 points. this is basically a dead heat. this is a nail biter. this is one of the biggest nail biters for me. >> she sang the anthem, sinema flipped the coin. i wonder in terms of health care, mcsally has not been honest about what her health care is, how she voted before. that's disappointing. i want to talk about your race, christine, my home stage of new jersey, and pennsylvania, what matters to you. >> the 11th district in new jersey, mike lesharo, running against jay weber, an open seat, northern new jersey, more affluent, mike was a navy helicopter pilot. she's worked on numerous different military plans with different parts of the government. she was also a former prosecutor. >> and she's a four of four -- she's a mother of four.
6:54 am
>> and any of that, democrats aren't tough on crime, i think mik irks -- mikie has that taken care of. that's a seat for me that shows the difference redistricting makes. in the old district the democrats had won at points by only 2%. this district last time, hillary won by 23%. redistricting is part of the holy grail of elections and that race shows it. we have almost no time left, what's your number one race to watch? >> that's so hard. gretchen whitmer, nest governor of michigan. she has done an extraordinary job. this state went for trump last time. it was a surprise when that happened. she jumped into that race right away. she scared off a bunch of democratic men who wanted to run against her. she's put together a great, great organization.
6:55 am
she's talking about health care, and she's talking about, if i may, fix the damn roads, and that's what that race is about. >> we're going to take a quick break. coming up, we're going to the battleground of ohio. that is where president trump will be stumping for republicans today, and it's also where my friend hallie jackson will be live all hour hosting her show from cleveland. and it is not just a record number of women running for office. listen to this. more than 450 candidates with backgrounds in science, technology and engineering and math, i love this stat, are running for state and federal offices. president the brains in power.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
california values senator dianne feinstein you know how we like to end this show. no matter what, there's good news somewhere, and we think good news rules. this one so good, i had to stand up for it. when the seal beach, california, community learned the owner of the local doughnut shop suffered an aneurysm, they came together to give the family what they wanted most. time. customers of the doughnut shop, stella and john chen, they are buying doughnuts by the dozen, first thing in the morning so john can close the store early and spend more time with his recovering wife. patrons even offered to start a go fund me page for the couple but the owner said the extra time spent together was all that they needed. john says he is grateful beyond words. those are some great americans in a beautiful community. and it's definitely good news.
7:00 am
that's wraps up this very important hour. i'm stephanie ruhle, i will see you again with my partner, ali velshi at 1:00 p.m. and all day long on twitter. and now hallie jackson, in cleveland, ohio. good morning. >> reporter: on the road where we belong. we are live from cleveland, ohio, inside the final 24 hours until polls open. it's where president trump is starting his last day on the trail, hitting three states today. in an election day that's become in a lot of ways a referendum on him because that's how he wants it. we have new polling on the state of the play. the question is the trump touch enough for republicans or will a late push by democrats make more of a difference. they are led by barack obama taking on his successor like never before. we have an inside look of strategies both party hope will tilt e elector -- tilt elections coast to


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