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tv   The Vote Americas Future  MSNBC  November 6, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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did -- there was one outstanding precinct from cobb county. you can see handel picked up votes. i'm doing the quick math in my head. about 1588 votes, i think, separating them. i believe that is within a point there, so that still looks like recount territory in the sixth district of georgia. >> thank you, steve. that's very rare when a call like that has to be changed. having transparency that it was a data entry error helps happen. >> we don't know what happened on the ground, was there a c concession, did everyone report this this way? >> it's always troubling when it happens that way. there's a -- there's hundreds of races tonight and that will happen at some point. >> i see steve has refreshed his board to show the senate races. >> question showed you earlier jon tester continues to lead. it's tight. a 3,000-vote edge for tester.
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two things are happening. there are -- there is such a thing in montana as a core democratic area. one glacier county yet to be reported there. we're waiting on that one. we also have cascade, this is just sort of the early vote that's tallied here. a lot more to come. tester should pick up some. also here, no vote here. tester has three counties. the thing we are seeing, and the reason it's tight, and i think this gets into a national trend we've been saying is, these rural areas. we saw this in the south and i think we're seeing this a bit in montana as well, these rural areas that swung so hard to trump. tester is doing better than hillary clinton did in them. but he is not doing as well as he did when he won re-election in 2012. so, that's why he's getting -- he's sort of exceeding in the western part of the state, exceeding the numbers he had when he won re-election. some rural parts in the east, he's not matching those numbers. there's sort of that trade-off, that balancing act we're seeing for republicans. they're getting blown out in a
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lot of these subiurbs where donald trump didn't do well in 2016, but there's a lot of ex-urban areas, it's more proceed nou pronounced in the trump area. in arizona, martha mcsally has taken an 11,000-vote lead over cinema. more than 60% of the vote in the state is going to come out of maricopa county. sinema is still leading in maricopa county but it's shrunk. it was three points, the last flurry of votes that came in favored mcsally. still more vote to come there. that's primarily where the action is in arizona. so, obviously, this is a very important race for democrats now just in the sense they have lost so many other seats tonight. this would be a pick up if they are able to get it. >> much appreciated, steve,
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thank you. >> from california, devin nunes has won re-election. >> devin nunes has not won re-election as chairman of the house intelligence committee. he'll move off that committee or go back to being the ranking member. devin nunes was a target both for democrats and republicans nationwide. he received a tsunami of national republican money because of his role on the intelligence committee, using that committee to the benefit of president trump to -- and to such incredible conservative media acclaim. andrew janz gave him a race. devin nunes winning comfortably tonight at home in california 22. >> don't know about the roar ba rohrabacher race with any certainty. lawrence o'donnell is standing by. california never disappoints. >> yes, and california's job now is simply to say in the end, what is the ultimate margin the
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democrats will have in the house of representatives. they obviously have it and now that's -- it's just down to that. as rachel just mentioned, devin nunes will not be chairman of the house intelligence committee. that is among the many important developments tonight that changes with the house. donald trump's political life and his legal life changes utterly tonight. robert mueller cannot be fired. that threat is over. donald trump will try to fire him again. he will want to try to try to fire him again. but more than one voice in the white house will explain to him that if he does that, the house of representatives will begin an impeachment investigation that day. robert mueller is one of the big winners tonight in terms of the security of his position and his ability to go forward with his special prosecuting investigation. and that is a change for donald trump. the game he's been playing with the firing of jeff sessions, which has always been about the firing of robert mueller because
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you get -- or basically the removal of robert mueller's effectiveness by putting a new attorney general supervising robert mueller, that game ended tonight. that's a huge change for the future of the trump presidency and for the future of the way things are going to work in washington. >> lawrence, i've just been told the republicans have grabbed south dakota governor. noem is the victor after a long night. kristi noem from the house of representatives has beaten billie sutton. mr. kornacki has alerted us to a drama in wisconsin. we've been covering this on a slow-motion basis all night. >> feels like two years ago at this time we had drama in wisconsin. here we go again. scott walker trying to hang on, win a third term after surviving the recall. he trails tony evers by 6,000
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votes. there are a few pockets left where walker can still pick up some votes and eat into that margin. he could eliminate the margin in brown county where green bay is. still half the vote yet to come. a significant lead for walker. here is the suspense, here's the wild card and here is the drama. take a look at milwaukee county, obviously huge democratic area. we have just been told that the city of milwaukee has 45,000 uncounted absentee ballots that will be counted in the next hour. so, that is the biggest, single wild card we were not even aware of until a few minutes ago that has the potential to alter the math. we have some areas of brown county, some other areas in the state where scott walker can pick up a lot of vote. there is one giant one left there for democrats as well. again, with evers clinging to a 6,000-vote lead right now. >> wow. >> steve, in terms of the votes yet to be counted and the timing
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on those getting counted, what does that mean in terms of how you think this will play out ultimately? >> yeah. this was a complete surprise to me because i was doing the math just a minute ago. we were looking at it. we were saying it was all going to come down to brown county right here. again, you can see the 11,000-vote advantage that scott walker has right there. you would look at this, you'd look at -- this is a two to one margin. it's been steady all night. we're talking about a core democratic area. i think you look at that and you say the expectation is, you just do the math, if you extrapolate that. i'm not saying it's going to end up this way, but that's about 30,000 to 15,000 if it breaks that way. that would be a 15,000-vote right there. if it just broke the way it is in milwaukee county right now, and a little more vote that just came in as i went to the screen. we're at about 6,218 votes right now.
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if you added 15,000 to that, then green bay with half -- that could bring it back down just under 10,000. there are some other areas for walker, too. very, very tight. that's what it looks like. >> the reason i asked you to clarify is i was trying to do athat math as you were explaining it. for me it looked like it added up for evers and then back down to zero. votes are votes. we'll see how it comes in. this may be an absolute squeaker in wisconsin. again, if scott walker survives for a fourth straight governor's race in wisconsin, he should get something other than just being governor. >> a trophy. >> a belt, a cake. >> belt buckle. >> gigantic wisconsin belt buckle, maybe cheese. i don't know. >> look at that board. can we go back to the steady cam shot of the governors. important -- it's been such a long night. some reminders there. florida, ohio, these are big states and big republican
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victories tonight, especially for desantis. >> the kansas governorship. michigan governor going to the democrats after the long rein of rick schneider, bill shooty trying to win there. the fact we still have georgia outstanding, wisconsin still outstanding, montana and arizona senate outstanding, plus all of those california house races outstanding. we knew it was going to be a late night. i diplomat think we would have a lot of top of the ticket races. >> you tried to warn me. >> i know. >> florida has been -- has had republican governors for more than 20 years. these are pretty red states. the bigger story might have been that democrats came so close in all three of them. >> yeah. that is true. >> i do think that one of the things as we're approaching 1:00 a.m., a little after 1:00 a.m., when we look at the totals coming in, democrats are going
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to win by 9% the popular vote for these house races. and in an economy with an unemployment rate of 3.7%, this is a massive repudiation of the governing party. you have to handicap this by the redistricting and gerrymandering. we live in a country substantially where the politicians pick their voters. when you look at the numbers in an economy like this, this is a very big night it's for the democratic party. the republican party has gotten smaller tonight and it will be crazier tomorrow morning. you will see the house freedom caucus grow from 30 members to 45. you're likely to see leadership fights inside the republican party. and the republicans will not look at the popular vote loss and come to the conclusion that they've been repudiated. they'll look at races like florida and texas and say, hey, we won, even though the democrats were knocking on the
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window in republican states. and the lesson that they'll learn from it is the wrong lesson. that trump's incitement politics works. the freedom caucus, which imposed on the republican conference the removal of the pre-existing conditions protection, all these republicans were wiped out because of it, and the result of it will be a larger freedom caucus. this is the death spiral the california republican party that nicole and i are familiar with has been in for 20 years. >> i'm told james has rejoined us. it leaves on the ear the argument about elections in a good economy. this reverses 50 years of political bromides. >> first of all, it's going to get 46%. they got 46% of the president. it's getting 46% of the congressional vote.
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the truth of matter is trump didn't run on the economy. he was running on the caravan, running on immigration. the republicans have a lot of power and consecutive years -- consecutive elections where they've gotten 46%. it's an interesting point and will carry forward. i think the real question on my phone ringing tonight, people are saying, what does this mean for 2020? the wonderful thing about political people is, when one election is over, they start looking toward the next one. and i think that's going to be an interesting question that people are going to be asking. it's weird we're sitting here with all these undecided races and my phone is saying, what does this mean for 2020? i'm not real sure but i'll be thinking about it a lot and talking about it tomorrow, i'm sure. >> i would love you to answer that question. because of this mixed result tonight, who is the star that emerges? you know, people -- when the sun comes up tomorrow, we'll be talking beto o'rourke. >> it was amazing, but, you
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know, you want to win. and the problem is the way that the house is, it's very difficult to win. but i think the -- a big issue for democrats is going to be winnability. i think if you went to a democrat and says, i have a candidate you agree with 50% of the time and 90% chance to win or a candidate you agree with 80% of the time and can win 60%. you say, give me the 60%, i'm sick of losing. i think when they come up to 2020, that will make a decision in who they pick. they won't be interested in picking the purist person but picking the person who follows the party's principle. i think that's a big issue in my political party. >> do you think the guy who votes or woman who votes in iowa, in the caucuses, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, do they know what a winner in november looks like?
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>> you know, some -- you'd be surprised. people know what talent is. people knew what bill clinton looked like. to some extent they learned what barack obama looked like. if you can move an audience, like beto/cruz. it's skill versus matter. beto had enormous skill. he carried two house seats with him. a dallas seat and that houston seat is very much owed to beto o'rourke and what he accomplished. so, i think -- i do think it does, but i think people are looking for somebody talented, somebody that can arctticulate what the party stands for. they can go out and take the message. not just in democratic areas but cut some margins. when i looked at some of these results in the red counties in georgia, florida, places like that, they were huge. the margins were huge. we've got to be able to cut into these margins in places like that, in these red counties if we're going to really win elections.
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and i think nine points -- i don't know where it ends up, but that's about where the polling was. there will be talking about polling this, polling that. i think the public average was 8 1/2. i expected maybe worse because of the increase the turnout, buttal pollsters had a pretty good night tonight. >> you're not worried about the party following its passions rather than its brains. i'm thinking bill clinton got a great harkin ran in iowa. he came in eight points behind but he won a moral victory in new hampshire. he could run on winnability. >> i think those iowa caucus -- i think the iowa democrats, i think they thought they were going to win the governorship. that was a tough loss. and i -- you know, they are -- they're astute people. i mean, they have passions more liberal than the country as a whole and maybe even more liberal than iowa, but they're
10:16 pm
going to be interested in winning as much as anything else. you have to be a democrat and you obviously have to believe climate change is real, that social security and medicare are the foundation of retirement in the united states, health insurance can be expanded. but beyond that, i think they -- new hampshire for sure, i think they'll look at somebody who cannot just take it to the republicans but to the american people and articulate what they think and what they stand for. >> james carville, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> great to be able to toss questions to you about the democratic party going forward. i'm told there is some news out of the state of florida. steve kornacki, it can't be that it's further tightened. >> well, let's show you the bottom line in the race for u.s. senate. you see rick scott continuing to lead here. the margin about 56,000 votes. also the margin when you just look at the decimal points here.
10:17 pm
50.3/49.7. 0.6 of one point. we said this earlier, but to remind everybody, one of the reasons you do not see a check mark next to rick scott's name is, there are still potentially some outstanding precincts here. even a slight, and i mean very slight, like one-tenth of a point improvement for nelson in that margin would bring that down to 0.5 of a point, and that would trigger an automatic recount. if you're at half a percent or less, automatic recount. nelson on the cusp of that. not all precincts in. we're still trying to make sense of that completely. it's still the possibility there this could fall within half a percent and go to a recount. hence, there is no call. >> thank you. we're going to delve into an update on the georgia governor's race on the other side of this break.
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sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. we are back. 1:22 eastern time. trust me that 30 rock during election time, the red, white and blue up the side of the building is so iconic, visible
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throughout new york city. a beautiful sight to behold. we promised you an update on the georgia's governor's race. note the words in the box -- too early to call. we are lucky to have katy tur covering this race. she's in atlanta for us. what do you have? >> reporter: i'm at abrams' headquarters. earlier tonight, which feels like a lifetime ago, when that poll worker told us it was wild today. well, it is still wild right now. notably it is almost 1:00 a.m., or past 1:00 a.m. and neither campaign is declaring victory and neither campaign is conceding at this hour. stacey abrams is going to take the stage regardless in about ten minutes. she's expected to update supporters here to tell them she's not going to make an announcement tonight. what they're looking at right
10:23 pm
now is still some open votes in dekalb county. they haven't counted all those yet. they're also focusing on absentee ballots and provisional ballots. some counties say those will be counted in a couple hours tonight. others say they won't be counted until tomorrow morning. 25,000 absentee in gwinnett county, 26,000 in cobb county and that doesn't even count provisional ballots. this race is too tight to call right now. it could go one way or the other. it's going to come down to race and turnouts, who has a bigger, obviously, turnout than the other. it might not be clear until tomorrow morning. there do be a runoff. if there is a runoff, if neither candidate gets 50 plus one, then we won't see a result here in this state until december 4th. hang tight. georgia is still on everyone's
10:24 pm
mind. will be tomorrow morning as well. that's all the jokes i have for this evening. >> watching katy report on that, steve kornacki report on that, i've been watching the atlanta constitutional update their blogs. it's just -- who knows when we'll get the final result there. it's turning out to be interesting in all sorts of ways we didn't expect. i want to give you an update in terms of ballot races. we talked before we got the first results out of florida that the amendment 4 in florida passed. that means more than a people disenfranchised in florida will have voting rights restored. that's a huge deal. >> isn't that weird that passed and the races are so tight? >> yeah, i mean -- yeah. i think democrats were pursuing that because they liked it as a policy and they also thought it would be a good vector for turnout.
10:25 pm
maybe it got those races closer than they otherwise would have been. >> a lot of republicans voted for it. you can tell. >> a lot of republicans thought it was a good idea. they must have. >> in arkansas and missouri, both states have decided to race their minimum wage. arkansas increases it to $11 an hour. missouri races the minimum to 12 bucks an hour phased in over five years. that missouri minimum wage is a rerun the first time claire mccaskill got elected to the senate and a lot of people think the minimum wage extra turnout helped mccaskill. not enough tonight but missouriens working for minimum wage will get a raise. there's a lot of redistricting measures on the board. in colorado, michigan and utah they were voting on whether or not the state should be ungerrymandered.
10:26 pm
colorado, michigan, in utah, it looks like it's passed or leading. we've been talking about the structural advantage that republicans have in terms of gerrymandered congressional districts. colorado, michigan, and maybe in utah, the redistricting will be done in a nonpartisan way. >> imagine that? how will we survive? >> good government in real life. one last one to tell you about, which is about medicaid expansion. we've been talking all evening about the fact the single most important issue for voters tonight was health care. medicaid expansion means thousands, tens of thousands, in some cases hundreds of thousands more people have health insurance in specific states that wouldn't otherwise have it. tonight medicaid expansion has been on the ballot in idaho, in nebraska and utah. in all three of those red states, medicaid expansion is leading. so, americans may be willing to vote for republicans who are against medicaid expansion, but
10:27 pm
when they get to vote on medicaid expajs dirensioexpansi for it, even in the reddest states in the country. >> let's head to a red state, way up north, the state of montana. steve kornacki has that concerned look on his face. jon tester is a few things in senate, maybe the first flat-top, the only senator without a complete set of digits and a working farmer. but will he return to the u.s. senate? >> he's very endangereendangere. we were looking at key counties and saying tester was looking good compared to how he fared in 2012. those rural areas that went hard for trump surged even harder towards trump, tester not reaching his 2012 levels there. you can see now he's fallen 3,000 votes behind statewide. that said, there are some places left here. glacier, no votes out of there yet. that will be -- we assume, a
10:28 pm
democratic area where tester can get results. roosevelt, native american. bowsm bozeman, also blaine right here, this should be democratic. these are four counties where the expectation is -- you can see it's 3600 votes. the expectation is tester will be able to make up a lot of that. still the vote coming in for the rural areas, heavily from roosevelt, tester is in trouble right now. the other one quickly to update you, because we've been saying all night what's going on in the wisconsin governor's race. tony evers leads by 1,800 votes. we said wait until brown county, green bay reports all of its votes. it has. it brought walker that much closer. this is as of about five minutes ago. it may be dated. i updated the outstanding
10:29 pm
precincts that are left. there were 89 outstanding precincts in counties where walker is now leading. there are 62 outstanding precincts in counties where evers is now leading. maybe it's a republican precinct in a democratic county, but give you a sense of the distribution of that vote. of course, the big wild card we're waiting for in all of this, we were told, and we're waiting to see about what happens here, 45,000 uncounted absentee ballots from milwaukee county due to be counted. waiting for more clarification. right now 2,000-vote lead for evers. walker would need to make up a lot of it in those outlying precincts i was talking about if what we're hearing from milwaukee. >> that sounds like a lot of votes, if there are that many votes in milwaukee remain to be counted and now is the time to start, how long will it take?
10:30 pm
>> we were told within -- this is sort of a vague guidance. i'm imagining a scene of some confusion and chaos, but we were told an hour. they could begin counting and get through them very quickly. that may be a general guide. i remember being here in march for a special election and told we'll get those counted by 11:30 and i was still here at 5:00 in the morning. >> promises, promises. >> a quick break. we're back with more returns just on the other side. opportunlike here.rywhere. and here. see? opportunity. ev-er-y-where. about to be parents. meeting the parents. and this driver, logging out to watch his kid hit one out of the...
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free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving. no i'm serious, i live here now. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. we're back in new york. let's put up on the side of the building one of the races we're following. scott walker versus tony evers. look at that, a difference of 1800 voters. that makes us think of charlie sykes. charlie, i know we're talking about your home state. what is taking so long out there? >> well, it is an extraordinary finish. in the next few minutes we should be finding out what the results are from 47,000 votes from the city of milwaukee. they just had so many of these early votes, these mail-in votes, that they're not able to process pem. so right now within the last
10:35 pm
three or four minutes, the city election commissioner walked the flash drive, you know, up to load them. we'll find out what happens. rough estimate is this could add 15,000 votes, net votes to tony evers' margin. this race has been so close all night. and within the next few minutes we'll get pretty dramatic development. >> how do you assessment walker campaign's confidence? if anybody knows how to run for governor in wisconsin, it's scott walker, including his campaign team. do they think they're going to win? >> well, i would say this. that throughout the night they thought they might have a path to victory and then, of course, this bombshell was dropped about the 47,000 votes in heavily democratic city of milwaukee. so, i'm not sure how confident they are because, you know, earlier in the night there was a lot of talk about an automatic recount. i don't know how you make up 10,
10:36 pm
15, 20,000 votes in a recount. so, we'll just wait for that bomb to drop. it will be a rather dramatic end to what's been a back-and-forth race all night. >> in terms of the counting time we're anticipating, you were describing what's happening in terms of getting the flash drive and having those ballots uploaded and downloaded. do you expect that to be a snappy process? >> yeah, i think we'll find out in the next few minutes. it's going to be -- i mean, almost any moment now. >> it's just a matter of time. local news is actually tracking the election officials walking the flash drive into the office where they're going to upload it to the milwaukee county database. >> wow. >> i love this part. this is great. >> it may be too much excitement than they banked on, especially coming off a terrible loss for the packers. sorry about that, charlie. >> well, it -- >> it was still sad. angus king in the great state of
10:37 pm
maine, the independent who caucuses with the democrats is going back to the senate. maine is an interesting situation. you've got king and a senator who went through the ringer on kavanaugh. susan collins really -- it was an interesting journey for fans of susan collins. >> we haven't talked about kavanaugh that much tonight, the kavanaugh effect. >> it was a big deal where people were casting their votes, i think. >> we also have -- oh, stacey abrams. >> stacey abrams in atlanta. >> thank you so much. love you, too. when you chose me as your democratic dom knee, i made you a vow. in our georgia no one would be unseen, no one is unheard and no one is uninspired.
10:38 pm
[ applause ] we know a vow takes effort, it takes commitment. reaching out, reaching across is hard work. as i told you then, hard work is in our bones. and we have broken this every single day, georgia, with doors knocked, with calls made, with miles traveled, with prayers prayed to the highest heavens. and tonight we have closed the gap between yesterday and tomorrow. [ applause ] but we still have a few more miles to go. hear me clearly, that, too, is an opportunity to show the world who we are because in georgia
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civil rights has always been an act of will and our battle for our souls. and because we have been fighting this fight since our beginnings, we have learned a fundamental truth. democracy only works when we work for it. when we fight for it. when we demand it. and apparently today when we stand in lines for hours to mete it at the ballot box. that's when democracy works. but i'm here tonight to tell you votes remain to be counted. there are voices waiting to be heard. across our state folks are opening up the dreams of voters in absentee ballots and we believe our chance for a stronger georgia is just within reach. but we cannot seize it until all voices are heard. and i promise you tonight we're going to make sure that every vote is counted.
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every single vote. every vote is getting counted. because i'll tell you this, in a civilized nation, the machinery of democracy should work for everyone everywhere, not just in certain places and not just on a certain day. but what lies on the other side of our efforts, our best lives are within reach. fully funded public education in the state of georgia. medicaid expansion. and raising family incomes without raising taxes. every georgian we have touched along the way understands the power of the vote. and i will tell you, this election has tested our faith. i'm not going to name names, but some have worked hard to take our voices away, to scare us
10:41 pm
away, to distract us. but our vision is clear and we see the finish line. you have inspired me every single day of this campaign. i know what you sacrificed to make your way to the polls, to volunteer after work or on lurnlunch breaks. and i know you put your faith in me and you'll do it again. georgia, you put your faith in me but i want you to know tonight, the feeling is mutual. i want you to look around, tonight should be all the proof you need, that when we put our faith in the great state, there is nothing we can't accomplish together.
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this, this fundamental truth is why we fight on. because georgia still has a decision to make. a decision between division and tricke trickery. or a leadership that defends your rights, your kids, your career, your community and your right to vote in america! that's what's on the ballot! now, to all of georgia's voters, including the 1.2 million who haven't shown up before, welcome aboard. but i want to say this, if i wasn't your first choice or if you made no choice at all, you're going to have a chance to have a do-over. i need you to know that it is my mission to serve you, to serve georgia, to make you proud. and for those that didn't pick me the first time, to change
10:43 pm
your mind about me and what we can accomplish together. you see, i learned a long time, we don't need to agree on everything. but i will always respect you and i will do everything i can to keep you safe and help you live your best lives. because that's what leadership requires at this moment. and it is how we breathe life back into our republic when it seems to be shallow of breath. and to everyone who has already poured your precious time and energy and hard-earned dollars and your love into this campaign, i say thank you. i urge you to stay with us. because georgia -- friends, friends, we are still on the verge of history. and the best is yet to come.
10:44 pm
because this is not about me. it's about us. it's about our voices. say our voices. it's about our votes. say, our votes. it's about our time, say our time. our voices. our votes. our time! because we are georgia. say it with me. we are georgia! we are georgia! say it with me. say, we are georgia. we are georgia. we are georgia. so, let's get it done. thank you so much. >> neither victory nor concession speech. >> definitely not a concession speech. >> it was rousing. >> stacey abrams, forgive me, is a damn good candidate. what's going to happen in georgia seems at this point -- i
10:45 pm
mean, the numbers say what they say. you have to clear 50% in order to avoid a runoff. we've got votes yet to be counted. the "atlanta journal-constitution" is stalking about votes from gwyneth county begin gwinnett county needing to be counted. >> pointed attack on those people deprived of the right to vote. she doesn't mince words. there was a last-minute attempt by her opponent to smear her and accuse her -- the ally, the democrats in the state of hacking the election. >> because other people alerted his office to the fact there were problems in the voter registration. >> that he's in charge of. >> that he's in charge of. >> when she was talking about a do-over, i assume she's talking about a run-off, getting to a run-off. and indicating she seems to think there are enough of her votes out there that could send is it to a run-off.
10:46 pm
>> we just saw a graphic from montana where there is some news. number one, montana, while a large place and the president remarked recently at how big the sky is, has one congressional district. here is the race that we have been concentrating on. jon tester. mr. kornacki, mr. tester just got a little more air in his lungs. >> this has been the most fascinating to watch, right up there with wisconsin. i'm not sure which is of more suspenseful. tester cut rosendale's lead in half. he cut it in half because we finally got vote in in glacier county. half of it in there. this is why i was circling it earlier. we were expecting a giant tester win there. still half to come so tester can get more margin out of glacier county to cut into that rosendale statewide lead which
10:47 pm
stands at 1800 lead. in the bozeman area, tester expected to get more vote out of there. great falls area, tester expected to get more vote out there. blaine as well. those are the places left on the map where tester can still make up gains. if you just put all of those together, that would certainly put him ahead of rosendale. of course, the question is, right here in particular, get that to -- try to get that to work. oh, my goodness, it won't work. come on. maybe if i do it 20 more times it will work. no, it won't work. there are two more counties we expect rosendale to win by significant margins and a couple rural ones, too, where he'll get a margin much a couple hundred votes. wow, we'll know when they're all in. but tester is down 1800 right now. he certainly has places on this map where he can win this race. >> steve, going back to your original board tonight, you were
10:48 pm
talking about the targeted races. it looks like the peeriodic tabe of elements. we were waiting for a long line of california congressional districts to come in. can you show us how the board shaped up? >> this is how the board shaped up. it's frozen in place. it wants -- it's like that ouji board. it wants us to see montana. >> so, even without the board, can i ask you about nevada? >> absolutely. now, we took hours after poll closing in nevada to start to get the results. the initial results coming into nevada, the early vote, the mail-in vote. reno, second largest county in the state, this is what saved dean heller when he was initially elected in 2012. he initial will he was elected state wide because he won double digits. the early mail-in vote is now reported a double-digit lead for
10:49 pm
jacky rosen, the democrat. i'd try to show you, no vote out of the las vegas area get. obviously expected to go rosen's way down there. that is probably a good early sign for the democrats in nevada. that state would be a pick up for them on the senate side if rosen pulls it off. >> are we allowed to ask you about arizona senate or no? >> yes. the last -- >> he can't touch it. >> one hail mary pass and falls incomplete in the end zone. in arizona what we had the last time we checked in was mcsally opened up a lead statewide of 3500 votes. the story seemed to be about maricopa county. two-thirds of all the vote coming in statewide. where exactly in maricopa that outstanding vote is from, i'm not sure. but if that is more mcsally or more cinema, i thisi sinema, th difference out there. >> chris matthews, earlier tonight you were talking about the democrats may be stitching a new area of the country
10:50 pm
together. you were talking about how it comes through your home state of pennsylvania. explain. >> well, the country is becoming in our lifetime much more balance k balkinized. they bunch much more than the east -- than the west coast behaves and people become more like people around them. we like -- we're inner directed. we're not. we're social beings. you're very comfortable because people talk like you, have the same values, pro-choice, secular. you go to church and they have a different cull culture. i just think the country is getting more and more like that. and i look at the suburbs of philly, which i grew up around that area, they're all pretty much going back to where they used to be, voting democrat. it's a big swing. but i think we're going to have a harder time because we're not going to have people within our
10:51 pm
little culture we can negotiate with. you have to cross the boundaries to go find somebody to negotiate with. you have to get somebody from utah to talk to somebody from philly. >> that's harder. >> it gets harder because we don't speak the same language. fewer moderates in both parties, of course. very few moderates left anymore. so, i think it's going to be balkinized and difficult for leaders, but still great leaders can come -- i think pelosi is one of them. i think she has the backroom skills. not just to raise money but to sit around a table with people like trump and say, all right, buster, you want to get this monkey off your back called pre-existing conditions? you want this monkey off your back? we can talk. i also want to get this immigration thing off our backs. i'm tired of listening to this stuff. so, let's fix some things. talking turkey might work. it might work. >> one thing i wonder about this election, i wonder if a few years from now we won't look back and see this as an election where the democratic party
10:52 pm
competed in, seriously, in places where it was not before competitive. it competed seriously in texas. competed seriously in georgia. a democrat is apparently about to win the first district of south carolina along the coast, mark sanford's district. solid republican district. looks like a democrat -- >> and that south dakota governor's race. >> and, you know, there was time years ago when we were surprised to see republicans competing in a place like michigan, for example. a republican presidential candidate wins michigan. you know, a union state. that seemed weird and it seemed like the party was ascended in places where we didn't expect. you know, beto o'rourke diplomat get over the hump. stacey abrams may get to a run-off, may not. but i think those races are going to look really different
10:53 pm
in retrospect and they're going to look like the start of something rather than the end of something. >> what do you think we witnessed tonight? >> you know, i think that we saw sort of the first step toward really taking on trumpism. i think trump wasn't on the ballot, but he made trumpism the centerpiece of this election. and i think we also saw the democrats not blinking. they settled on health care and articulating a message about something that affects everyone. and republicans tried to get there by lying about their positions, by and large. i think we saw the democrats take some solid steps toward righting the ship that, you know, kind of tipped over and got washed over and swamped and depressed two years ago. but i think that to the degree to which democrats think they have to choose between holding this white house to account, investigating the corruption and following through on their legislative agenda would with be a mistake. the democrats have to prove they
10:54 pm
can govern and hold this white house to account. >> we've been into wednesday for several hours. let's go into where it's still election day in los angeles, california. lawrence o'donnell, how about, would you like the last word for this hour? >> just to pick up on the discussion of what the democrats will be able to do at the house of representatives. the number one thing they will be able to do is stop the madness. they will not be in a position to legislate. there's no conceivable immigration deal that nancy pelosi could come to an agreement with with mitch mcconnell and donald trump. does anyone want to write the speech where trump did the after an immigration deal with nancy pelosi goes out to a rally and tries to rally his followers about what a great thing they did for the dreamers? that's impossible. it can't happen. for most legislators, the no vote that they cast is as important as the yes vote they cast. the press likes to call it gridlock, but stopping bad things from happening
10:55 pm
legislatively is a very important function. that's what the house is going to do now. >> lawrence, thank you. steve core knanak kornacki is g permanent back trouble for the hunching over that computer he's done tonight. steve, what -- >> yeah. the board update, no update on the board. it's still frozen. there are reports we are trying to track down about those absentee votes in milwaukee county. remember, wisconsin pretty much coming down to that. the last time we were checking there, it was a very, very slight lead for tony evers. there are reports out there that those ballots have been counted, tabulated and reported by others as a massive, massive victory for evers. we're trying to confirm that. as soon as i can, i will. >> i've been following politics for 60 years. personally, following election results. i've never seen anything like steve kornacki. i have never -- >> i haven't either. >> won't get any objection here. >> it's like the $64,000
10:56 pm
question. the guy does 50 aspects to every question. >> the best thing is when you can see him thinking it out. when he goes to see how a race is going and he immediately pops it out to the counties and starts doing the math about it before you ask him the question. >> he'll tell you about what happened last time and next time. >> anyone who tries to say he's nothing without his technology has been proven wrong tonight. he's got no technology. he's just steve kornacki. he's brilliant in any form. >> i'm never right about the things that come next. >> our hats off to you, pal. thank you for the huge role you play. thanks, everybody, for the role -- we've been at this a long time. >> democrats took the house. looks like they're closing in on a 30-seat gain, which would mutt this as an historic night for the democrats. >> 35, come on. >> 35. >> they may get up to 35. it's been huge. >> live coverage continues right after this.
10:57 pm
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the first polls have closed moments ago. >> i just got the eye from steve kornacki. >> some things will start happening fast here. >> we have our first flip of the night. >> there are 25 total clinton held republican seats. >> sherrod brown is projected to hold on to his seat in ohio. >> we carry a state that donald trump won by almost double digits. >> marsha blackbur


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