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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 10, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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and no matter what had happened, what was said, what's been said, what's been drug up, she loves them, and she wants them to be successful and have good lives. >> no, she did not deserve the way her life ended on that cold december morning in deer park, washington. good morning. i'm dara brown at msnbc head quarters. it's 7:00 out east, 4:00 oeft west. here's what's happening. what to expect as outstanding votes get counted in razor-tight races. >> when you're in the white house, this is a very sacred place to be. this is a very special place to be. you have to treat the white house with rocky mountains. you have to treat the presidency with respect. >> the president lashing out at the media before facing a new skirmish in europe. plus reaction to the suggestion that the president
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played an essential role in the payoff to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. president trump is meeting with president macron. vladimir putin is also in paris. the question, will he and president trump speak for the first time since their formal summit in july. still races are too close to call in arizona, florida, and georgia. today's a crucial day for the sunshine state as it heads into an electoral deja vu. the first counts are due by noon. a recount of the machine is expected to be triggered. plus a legal ballet. governor rick scott is leading bill nelson by less than half a percentage point. >> we believe when every legal ballot is counted, we'll win this election. >> i will not sit idly by while
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unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people of florida. a razor-thin margin is also in the lead of governor. the lead with ron desantis is narrowing. gillum conceded the race, but now soug not so fast. gillum is expected to speed to the media today. >> whether it's an absentee vote, you voted on election day, it's a provisional ballot, we want every vote counted. president trump amped up his claims of voter fraud in florida. >> all of a sudden they're finding votes out of nowhere. i don't know. you tell me. it's always the democrats. it's always gps vision. it's always crooked stuff. >> meanwhile the trump loyali i
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overseeing the justice department is facing recusrecus. he's distancing himself from matt witz kerr. >> i didn't speak to matt whitaker. i know matt whitaker. he has a great reputation. that's what i wanted. >> kristen welker is there. kristen, already some drama in the president's trip. >> there is some drama. good morning to you. president trump as you said is here to mark the 100th anniversary to the end of world war i to celebrate peace among allies. and yet at the moment he was touching down here in paris, he sparked essentially a verbal batter with the host leader, president emmanuel macron who is also one of his close friends personally when it comes to dealing with other world leaders. here's where it all began, when macron suggested that europe should build its own military. he said to protect outside
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forces including the united states. president trump fired off this tweeted among landing, dara. i'll read it to you. it says president macron of france has just suggested that europe build its own military in order fro tegtd itself from u.s., china, and russia. very insulting. but perhaps europe should first pay its fair share of nato when the u.s. subsidizes greatly. now, this was at the backdrop today when the two leaders met. they are current lu holding an expanded bilateral meeting. of course, it was at the forefront of their minds. macron's officials said, look, president trump misunder what he was saying. today macron really doubled down and tried to clarify, essentially saying this should not be a surprise. of course, europe wants to have a strong and robust military that is capable of performing on its own. president trump was asked about his tweet. take a listen to how he
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responded. >> we're getting along from the standpoint of fairness, and we want it to be fair. we want to help europe, but it has to be fair. right now the burden sharing has been largely on the president, and he understands that. he understands that the united states can only do so much in fairness to the united states. we want to absolutely be there. we want to help. we want to be a part of it. but different countries have to also help. that's only fair. and i think the president -- we've already discussed this. the president and i very much agree on that. >> so, dara, just to analyze what you heard there from president trump for a moment, he was essentially trying to tamp down the idea there were tensions heading into this weekend saying, look, this is about fairness, let's focus on that. let's focus on burden-sharing. 's something we've heard repeatedly from president trump. the optics today, both leaders really striking a unified note.
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at one point president macron reaching over and touching president trump's leg. these two, they were once so close it was describe as a bromance. now that appears to be fizzling because, frankly, they have clashed on different issues everything from trade to iran to climate. and those are some of the issues they'll be addressing today. we'll continue to watch their language and verbal language very closely. the other thing we're watching for is what if any type of interaction president trump has with vladimir putin. this, as you say, will be their first interaction since holding that controversial summit in helsinki when president trump was criticized for, frankly, seeming to criticize comments that he walked back. this weekend they won't have any official meeting. instead they'll be meeting at a
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dinner tonight with a number of other leaders who will be there tomorrow. again, dara, we'll be watching to see if they have a more robust conversation on the sidelines. a lot at stake as this weekend gets under way to mark the 100th anniversary of the owned world war i. >> thank you, kristen. keviner cyrilly is with us. president had this to say after the midterm about the possibility of facing investigations from democratic house members. let's listen. >> if that happens, we're going the same thing and government comes to a halt, and i would blame them. if they do that, then all it is
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is a war-like posture. >> kevin, you ranked the california i californiaing senator maxine waters. how soon can we expect them to use their powers against president trump and his circle? >> i think they've got to wait until january for the new congress. look. the bottom line is he said essentially don't investigate, legislate. we did see some words coming from democrats, including the likely new speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, saying there might be areas of common ground that democrats and republicans can work together on. i interviewed maxine waters earlier this week. she says she has every intention to look after president trump's financial dealings with deutsche
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bank, for example. i interviewed a democrat from california. he said the infrastructure committee is going to look into the trump hotel. so they're going the use their power of the subpoena. they're going use their power of the gavel to investigate this despite the president's warnings. and i would just very quickly note, dara, president trump fighting or ousting, calling it what you want, no more jeff sessions, is a clear signal that whoever he chooses to replace and even if he relies on act attorney general whittaker, he's going to push back with this investigation with gg investigations of his own. >> no surprise there. we're following that. and we're following another story. president trump is following a conspiracy with regard to voting. let's listen. >> i will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal
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this election from the great people of florida. no ragtag group of liberal activists or lawyers from d.c. will be allowed to steal this election from voters of this great state. >> how much can this be attributed to the rhetoric from president trump. >> you can see him mirroring president trump's rhetoric. he used false words, kwtd fake," "false," "stealing the election" here. certainly there are problems with florida and the recount that's going on right now, but because of the language we're seeing from president trump and governor scott, you're going the see there's a large share of the country who doesn't take the results as authentic. >> in arizona, they also have a race for the senate that's too close to call. kyrsten sinema has taken the lead by one percentage vote. president trump on twitter
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suggested calling for a new election and claimed without evidence, there's been election corruption. kevin, i just heard you about that. how much of this could tilt to the left? >> it's a statistical tie. i mean every vote counts. look no further than arizona. i would go a step further with conversations in the beltway, dare ram you know, i think there's a lot to be said how americans cast their ballots and the different early voting and rulings in every state. it ooh like a patchwork quilt. look. at the end of the day, every vote should clearly count. when you look at states like arizona and florida and all the different rules that are not
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universal in terms of voting, i think there's important conversations that have to be had around that. >> erin, i want to turn to you. tuesday was the election. we're still talking about it now. are we possibly having a blue wave here? >> i think the election results are still coming in and this is something everybody is grappling with and working with. the blue wave is something everyone saw coming maybe two months before the kavanaugh hearing. i think more than a blue wave, it's a tsunami. when you talk about some of the gains democrats made on tuesday, they're gaining more seats that look more representative of america and reflect the way the country will look in the future, and that's a big deal. there's a study that shows when women come into office, they work more, they get bills through, and they show they
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bring more money back to their home states and districts. there's a real chance for change in washington. >> kevin, i want to turn to you. erin, you're talking about the future of the country here, and we now have this new matt whitaker who has taken over for jeff sessions. kevin, how is this going to play out? >> he had been in lockstep with the president in terms of criticizing bob mueller's investigation team. i know he has not been senate-confirmed. that's raised considerable criticism not just from democrats but certain conservative legal scholars who argue that a position of this magnitude ought to be senate confirmed. and then just more broadly speaking, i think in the context of the firing or ousting, i guess, is the more precise word of the attorney general jeff session on the day after the
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midterm elections, look, it sends a message, but it's coming at a time in which you saw many of the suburbs go left, and that's really interesting, especially if you look at suburban philadelphia, if you look at michigan, look at v87, v826. these are considerate moderate republicans and flipping them left. the issue of temperament concerns the issue of policy. >> kevin cyrilly, thank you for being here and erin dellmore. and more on stormy daniels and carve mcdougasusan mcdougal. s. . (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that?
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. raging deadly flames in less
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than two days. this raging wildfire in northern california is the most destructive in history. so far it's killed nine people and destroyed 6,700 structures, mostly homes. kathy park has more. kathy, what is it like? >> residents are waking up and choking to this thick smoke. the fire is still burning very actively at this hour. right now there's no containment. 35,000 acres charred so far, and this fire broke out on thursday, kwukly fanned by a strong wind as well as dry conditions in the state of california. as you can imagine, tens of thousands of people heeded the warnings, the evacuation warnings and left the area. that clogged some of the major arteries here in southern california, creating some major
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gridlock. meantime i was also in northern california several hours ago in the community of paradise, which is an hour and a half north of sacramento, and that community of a pretty rural town has been obliterated. we were told that not much has been left because of the fire that moved so quickly. i was talking to a lot of folks in that area. they were saying some of them had to abandon their cars because the fire came on that fachlt at one point the skyline turned day into night. that's how dramatic some of these images were. at last check we heard from the local utility company, pg&e, and they mentioned there was a transmission outage that happened shortly after their -- happened shortly before the fire broke out. right now the cause of the fire is still unknown, but that is some new piece of information. meantime back here in southern california, the wildfire is
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still very active. we're coming to monitor the situation here. there are several roadblocks in this community, and potentially there are more mandatory evacuations in the hours ahead. back to you. >> kathy park live from west hills, california. thank you for that report. up next, a bombshell report on how president trump allegedly got to keep stormy daniels and karen mcdougal quiet. stormy dand karen mcdougal quiet -[ slurping ] ♪ -act your age. get your own insurance. [ child babbling ] -aah! -oh! -act your age. get your own insurance. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar...
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a new report from "the wall street journal" suggests candidate donald trump played a central role in arranging hush money payments to two women. in the past the president has denied knowing anything about the payments to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal until afterward. "the wall street journal" says it reignites the possibility that the president violated campaign finance laws. joining me now is legal analyst
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danny cevallos. >> he pleaded guilty to violations of campaign finance law and additionally said he did so at the direction of a federal candidate for office, which could only be donald trump. so back then it struck many as this is it. that is -- those are the facts that the government might need to make a case. now here we are several months later. if there are corroborating witnesses, we already know the government will take campaign finance law seriously because they convicted cohen of it. and secondly, if there are enough corroborating witnesses, i don't see a way around the government just ignoring this as a prosecutable offense. >> danny, can the president be indicted or is he above the law
4:25 am
here? snow that's the question. doj policy says the president cannot be charged with a crime. academics are of two minds about it. on the one hand, if you arrest the president, he would be the only one of the entire branch of the government. there's an argument he should not be prosecuted. on the other hand, people argue there's no bar to prosecuting a sitting president. so it's an open question. remains to be seen. >> with reports that the special counsel is in the process of writing their special report, how do the details pivot the situation and is it more damaging of what may come out of the probe? >> dees details may be new to you and i, but there's a strong gum the mueller team already knows all of this information because they have powers that the regular folks like you and i don't have. they have the power of subpoena, investigative power normal people don't have. so there's a strong possibility they already know these allegations. >> and, danny, how do you think
4:26 am
this is going to play out? >> ultimately, what will happen. we'll wait to see the mueller report. don't forget also in the southern district of new york, that district attorney's office prosecutes cohen independently. they may take on a very significant role following the "wall street journal" report because remember cohen's case ca was in that district. that was done to insulate it of any firings that may happen of the special counsel or rod rosenstein or the entire mueller probe. danny, real quick, how is the mueller investigation going to end on your term? what do you think? >> the government moves at the government's speed. >> okay. >> they may feel the urgency to get it done soon. >> danny cevallos, great to have
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