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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 12, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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stephanie will be back tomorrow. >> he died an honorable death but it will be difficult for his family. they all remember that's the coast of our freedom. >> especially today. >> thank you very much. it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in florida whether two statewide recounts are officially under way. 20 years after florida's famous brush with hanging chads and butterfly ballots, the sunshine state is at the center of an election controversy. officials have until thursday to recount ballots in the senate and gubernatorial races. both of those contests led by the republican candidates are extremely close. rick scott leads bill nelson by
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just under 13,000 votes. in the race for governor, ron desantis is ahead of andrew gillum by 33,000 votes. as the recount continues so have the republicans claims that the democrats are trying to steal the election. this morning president trump claimed any outcome on the recount would be tainted. an honest vote count is no longer possible. ballots massively infected. must go with election night. we should note that florida officials have found no evidence of fraud and in this country, a democratic country, we count every eligible vote. that's the way it works. governor rick scott shows that but this morning he did echo the president. >> bill nelson is a sore loser. he can't stand the fact he's not going be elected for the first time in decades. he's here to steal this election. >> last hour rick scott's request for an injunction to impound and secure broward's
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voting machines was turned down by a county judge. the judge did okay more sheriff deputies and security guards to oversee the recount. andrew gillum's attorney appeared on msnbc and said his client is seriously considering a lawsuit of his own. >> in the case of mayor gillum he's been reluctant to become involved in litigation but we are receiving an increasing amount of evidence that florida's effort to make the statutes more efficient have been done at the right to vote. he's reviewing options now. >> the question is can voters be confident in the outcome of an election when the president is claiming, however falsel lly there's fraud. we have a team to break it down.
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what's been happening in florida and where do we stand today, monday afternoon? >> reporter: two things to mention aside from that emergency injunction that you mentioned in broward county which was denied. rick scott is saying he's still going to washington for new member orientation. that's notable even though he's not the senator-elect. now, the legal thing that i want to draw your attention to is the new suit filed here in northern district federal court here in tallahassee. that's by vote vets and democratic organizations which focus on early mail ballots. the piece here that is interesting is you want to look at, what they are arguing is votes should be considered based on the day they were postmarked, not by the day they were received. several counties we have spoken
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to mention they received some 266 ballots. one of the things list in the suit and that facility and the impact it might have. the argument the democrats will make in court is they want ballots postmarked before the election night deadline, 7:00 p.m. is when they have to be received by counties. they will say look at the postmark, not the received date. we want to make sure votes that were postmarked before then are counted. i imagine and i'm reading tea leaves but i imagine the scott legal team will say this is another example of ballots being added in after the fact. we haven't quite heard from the scott team on that. >> gosh. you're just covering the big story of the election season. good job down there. we also want to bring in kerry
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sanders at the broward county election headquarters. kerry, there's some problems we're hearing with palm beach county. bring us up to speed with what's going on there and what you're seeing. >> reporter: what you're talk about is the problems in the urban areas. the larger communities here in broward county which is ft. lauderdale, palm beach county. jacksonville, duval counties. in those urban areas where they are having problems. what you see are the vote counting machines. what they are doing is they are not actually counting the votes yet. they are counting the votes in three races in florida but two we'll talk most about are the races for u.s. senate and the race for governorship in florida. they had a five-page ballot in this county. they don't need to count all five pages. as i step out of way, what you see them doing here right now is they are separating that page
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that has the governor's race and the u.s. senate race so that after they separate those pages out, then they can begin the recounting process of the votes that were cast on voting day. the votes that were cast early, those have already been separated. florida has 67 counties. there is a deadline here. they must have all the votes counted by thursday at 3:00 p.m. initially there was some concern in both broward and in palm beach counties it was a dead li line they would not be able to meet. now the supervie vsors are sayi they think they can make the deadline. >> we have been working 24/7. we're pretty sure we will make the deadline. we have run all of our early voting ballots through. we have run all of our vote by mail absentee ballots. we're working on election day. that's the bulk of our ballots.
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it's been going exceedingly well. we have a team of people during the daytime and a team of people overnight thanks to palm beach county iss department. they have been working really hard. we are fairly confident we will make the machine recount by thursday. >> reporter: of course, it's that thursday deadline that will give the vote recount. all the numbers go to the secretary of state in tallahassee. it will be determined who the winner is unless, the difference is a quarter of a percent. if the difference between number up with and number two is a quarter percent then they go into the next stage which is a hand recount. it will not be every vote. we have 8.2 million votes that would have to be hand recount. the machines over my shoulders will be spitting out, they are running about 150 pages a minute. they spit out the ones that have no vote at all in maybe the senate race, the governor race. those will be set to the side and what is known as the
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canvassing board in each county will hold them up and go looks like this voter did vote. they did a check mark. they didn't fill the dot out. the bubble should have been dark. the three canvassing members will look at it and watching closely are lawyers for the republican party and the democratic party challenging every decision that's made. depending on that last percentage, this could go on for a while or maybe thursday afternoon. >> i have this seered into my memory. in 2000 i was still in high school but i do have it in my memory these election -- i know you were here. you were there. if election officials holding up ballots to the sun with their big thick glasses or using magnifying glasses to figure out what a certain ballot, what a person who they were voting for. this has got to feel like deja
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vu to you. >> reporter: i can't believe it's been 18 years. it feels very similar. the only difference is we won't have a hanging chad here. for people that don't know what that is, a little lesson in history. you used to take a little pointer and push through a computer card and the peets of pap -- piece of paper would come out. sometimes it was a dimple. it was a pregnant chad or a hanging chad. we won't have chads here. we see them passing it back and forth and especially if the voter missed that circle. what was the voter intent. that becomes a very contentious debate. i can't believe we're here again going through this. >> thank you.
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steve kornacki, on friday you and i were talking about butterfly ballots and talking about 2000 but also about these ballots right now and why they seem to potentially funky. >> this manual recount starts, that's probably the biggest outstanding piece of real estate in terms of this senate race and the math involved here. we'll see where that stands after the machine recount. assuming it's under the thresholds, it could be a lot simpler than this question of trying to discern voter intent. there will tens of thousands of ballots that have been marked and just missed by the machine.
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the machines missed it. if you go to manual recount that will be the deal. those votes would be counted. it's a wind fall for nelson. the other possibility that looms over this is we said this the other day, the design of ballot. this instructions here in the left hand column, the senate race appearing directly underneath them. the u.s. election assistance commission provides advice to localities doing elections around the country. they specifically urged election officials to never do this. they said in their own test when you had a vertical column with lengthy instructions, the race
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that appear immediately underneath it in test studies were missed by voters. did about 3% of the voters in broward county. >> thank you very mump. we had gotten involved. he says question that broward county supervisor of elections brenda snipes fail to comply on multiple counts.
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supervisor snipes should be removed. on friday we talked to mark caputo and he said that there's been a lot of questions about snipes and the job she's doing but that governor scott had the power to remove her before this election and did not do so. bring us up to speed on what's going on with the republican concerns and why the injunction that he asked for was not accepted and not ruled okay by a federal judge. >> well, what's really struck me here is the difference between them.
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that's why the judge deciding not to give the scott campaign the injunction they wanted. they wanted to impound machines. all parties and the judge will order the three additional sheriff deputies be dispatched to the broward counting room. that's to add another level of certainty to reassure people. outside that room and on social media you have people saying not only there's evidence of fraud but they are stating as fact there's fraud up to and including the president of the united states who tweeted seven or eight times about broward county alone. it's all related to election administration issues. i haven't seen any evidence she's manufactured ballots or fabricated ballots.
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>> they were saying there's been mismanagement down there. still, even though the lawyers are not offering evidence and you would imagine if there was evidence, the lawyers would present it in order to win their case. still adam, rick scott is claiming 93,000 new ballots showed up after election day. what's he talking about and isn't that also the way elections work absentee ballots get mailed in from places where people have moved out of state and working somewhere else for a bit, moved out and might be working somewhere else or soldiers serving overseas might be mailing in ballots, et cetera. >> yeah. that's just absolutely false.
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there are votes trickling in from overseas. that's nonsense. both sides couldn't get palm beach or broward about how many votes remain to be counted. >> with these allegations of frauds and no evidence to back it up and with this tough talk from the president, from the governor, from republicans claiming there's shady business going on, are voters confident in the system? >> if you're a florida voter and around in 2000, i'm not sure you are yet confident in the system any way.
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you have doubts about the mail ballot and your signature changes, it might not be counted. that all raises doubts. >> we're going to keep an eye on this. it's going to come down to the wire, i imagine. thursday is a big day, right? >> thursday is the big day but it gets to be bigger with manual recounts. we'll be watching. thank you very much. toin ari melber takes the beat on the road. later this hour we'll check in on arizona and georgia. two other states where key
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midterm races are up in the air. a mississippi senator is standing by a joke she made about attending a public hanging. she says it's ridiculous for anyone to take issue with her choice of words. remember this is mississippi. right after this break, the relentless fight out west to contain three massive wildfires and who the president thinks is at fault. e president thinks is at fault and like any baby, it's loud, stressful and draining. and we love it. i refuse to let migraine keep me from saying... "i am here." aimovig, a preventive treatment for migraine in adults, reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. the most common side effects are pain, redness or swelling at the injection site and constipation. talk to your doctor about aimovig. and be there more.
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three dead lie wildfires continue to rage in california. authorities have counted 31 lives lost and that number is expected to rise. while hundreds of thousands of others across the state have been forced to evacuate. >> paradise is gone. it's like a war zone. >> we're not going to catch on fire okay. we're going to stay away from it. we'll be just fine. okay? >> okay. >> we're doing all right. >> heavenly father, please help us. >> the cars were bubbling. the paint was melting off on the vehicle in front of me. they were melting. i called my husband and i'm crying. i said, nick, i'm going to die. >> i was just coming up the street to see my neighbors and i didn't realize my house was gone too. >> all three of the fires are devastating but only one as of
11:23 am
now is historic. campfire burning in northern california is being called the deadliest on record since los angeles's 1933 griffith park disaster. 29 of 31 people who lost their lives in the wildfires have died up there. over 200 other people remain unaccounted for in the area. camp fire is the most destructive in the state's history. it's burned an estimated 113,000 acres and nearly 7,000 structures. at this hour it's only 25% contained. as california was in the midst of the worst wildfire it's seen in over eight decades, as first responders were putting their lives on the line to fight that fire, as residents were literally running for their live, the president was blaming the state of california. he said falsely these fires were a result of poor forest management and threatened to pull federal aid from the state.
11:24 am
joining me is the director of cal fire and a professor of geography who has studied climate change and wildfires for decades, glen mcdonald. he was forced from his home but is now back and safe. thank you so much. ken, i grew up in kcalifornia. i grew up with the brush fires. i know a bit about them. can you distinguish for viewers between a forest fire and a brush fire and what's happening right now in northern california and down south. >> absolutely. california is made up of all kinds of different vegetation types. the traditional forest community is trees, oaks, pine trees. those things that you have forest to cover. other areas of the state are ch chapperal. it's the flashable brush
11:25 am
species. small grass and oak. it's a very fuel type. it burns differently but in all cases can burn hot and rapidly. they all are treated differently. one size doesn't fit all. there's variety of techniques and measures that are used. >> these are considered more urban area fires, correct? >> the fire burning in woolsey is a wild land interstate. the camp fire in paradise is also an urban interface fire but that's built within surrounding forested landscape. actual conifer trees. >> glen, what started these two fires? what's contributed to it?
11:26 am
>> well, i mean these are natural part of california viert in so-- environment in some way. one thing they have in common is they adapted to fire. this would be happening whether we were here or not. humans are major ignition source and the way that we have our communities up against or with the wild land. it makes a vulnerability to these events to these natural events. >> talk to me about the drought down there in california. the humidity, the winds. all of those factors that are contributing. if you can and if it's appropriate bring in climate change. >> i think that's a good question. these winds are common part of our climatology.
11:27 am
they will drive fires. our fuel is very dry because we have a seasonal precipitation regime. we haven't had any precipitation since the winter and we had very high temperatures in the summer. this is all the natural ingredients. i'll tell you what's not natural. we had 15 of our largest record breaking fires since 2000. we had record breaking temperatures over that period. we're getting an earlier fire season. we're getting a hotter drier and the fire season is persisting longer into the winter. it's no coincidence that that increase in temperature which is driven by greenhouse gases is driving these fires. we're facing a new fire regime in the 21st century. >> ken, when the president complains about poor forestry management out there in california, what's he com complaining about and does it have merit? >> it's very complex.
11:28 am
when we talk about engaging the no, sir, it forest, it's increasing use. now we have 40 million people living if california. we obviously have to suppress fires to protect infrastructure, people, property and protect lives. that comes at a consequence. we have a unnatural build up of vegetation in our forested areas. that means we have to use other means to counter act that impact. that means thinning. it means removing trees. in some cases that's commercially viable so we can provide a product. in other cases it means thinning the smaller trees to produce energy from that. other cases it means putting a fire on the landscape under a prescription that we can control at the right time of the year. those same principles are different in a brush covered
11:29 am
community. that's not forest. we're not going to be managementing that from a thinning trees perspective. we'll be focusing on protecting the urban interface. building resilient landscapes. >> that's a difference here. he's come plplaining about fore fires but these are urban interfaces. they are treated differently. one final question to you, glen, if you don't address climate change, if you just pretend like it doesn't exist, can you ever address what's going on in california? >> well, we're always going to have fires here. in a sense we're not going to want to exclude them because that will alter the ecosystem. it helps build up some of the fuels we have in our forest. we're always going to have them here. hopefully we will get through the climate change period but we're still going to have firefighters. we're talking about smarter building in terms of materials. we're talking about smarter
11:30 am
planning. we do manage a bit down here by having zones, protection zones around structures. that's the sort of thing we have to look at. each fire we learn lessons. we're never going to get away from fire here. we'll have to look at how we build our houses. >> have to be waaware of the circumstances around us. gentlemen, thank you very much. good luck out there. this weekend the president took his america first message to paris, but how did that kind of nationalism translate abroad especially in europe? nbc news has learned that comic book legend stan lee has died. he promoted a slew of i cconic marvel comics. today's fans made lee best for
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president trump brought his america first nationalism to paris over the weekend and it did not go over well. the weekend event was meant the honor those back in world war i. the president didn't even show up to some of the events. on saturday the president cancelled an appearance at a u.s. cemetery. the administration said it was too rainy for marine one. his chief of staff john kelly and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff made it. german chancellor angela merkle and french president emmanuel macron were able to attend events of their own. they drove. 2,000 americans are buried at the cemetery he neglected to visit. he's cast himself as strongest supporter of the military. on sunday he was absent as world leaders marched. he showed up separately at the
11:36 am
end of the march in time to hear president macron sharply rebuke his presidency. >> patriotism is the opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying us first. we cares about the others. we erase what a nation holds dearest. what gives it grace. an event was held because that at the base of it is where the tomb of the unknown soldier is. marine one couldn't fly. it was too rainy to get here. i'm sure circumstances like this
11:37 am
have popped up in the past. what's usually the plan b? >> that's the issue. it doesn't appear to be plan b. the military makes the call to marine one. they are legitimate reasons not to take a helicopter up. i was on the president's trip to asia last year. we were supposed to have a surprise helicopter visit, we had to turn around because of the fog. the president was on board urging them to go and they said no. they could have taken the long motorcade up to the cemetery which would have been an hour plus. when the president travels overseas, the motorcade would be very long. the secret service hasn't secured the routes. maybe understandable. what's not understandable is there wasn't an option closer by where president trump could have still paid tribute to veterans and paid tribute to that memorial. it could have been a short drive
11:38 am
away from downtown paris. there should have been an option they could have pulled off. >> you would imagine you look at the weather forecast and had an idea rain might be coming. how did the president's appearance go over in paris from the not showing up to the event to his brand of nationalism, to the walk that he was not a part of. give us an overview. >> reporter: well, you know i think you have to realize that trump didn't want to be here in the first place. what he wanted was to have great big military parade. all of his own in washington, d.c. that's what was supposed to happen on veterans day or armistice day n. that was his vision. it was so wildly expensive and an idea that the military in america was not very happy with, that it was finally cancelled and he announced in august that he would come here instead. i remember talking to diplomats
11:39 am
and they said he's not going to like it. there's no big parade. it's not going to be about him. there's going to be more than 60 other world leaders. they will be doing a lot of things and macron will talk about nationalism and issues like that that will make his uncomfortable. all that turned tout eed out t. he had this petulence all day. it didn't sit well with anybody. >> trump goes to europe after he's declared himself a nationalist. europe is commemorating world war i, the first time nationalism tour the country apart. here is what daniel fried, former secretary for europe said the danger to the world is not that trump will lead the nationalists sweeping them to remake the world in an ugly, pre-1914 image, siding with the
11:40 am
facists. trump may take the u.s. out of game. long enough for one of the serious nationalists, putin or xi to do major damage. what's your take, evelyn? >> i agree 100%. what the president doesn't understand is this is not about personalities. it's about geopolitics and for 73 years, since the end of world war ii, we've had relative peace globally. why? because we set up the international institutions. these institutions that he doesn't like. the united nations, nato, the world trade organization. we set up all these things in order to regulate affairs between states so we can increase trusts. so we can have electicollective security, collective prosperity. all of that is in jeopardy if
11:41 am
the yiet puunited statess pulls. there are countries like russia and china that are interested in grabbing more and going back to balance of power politics where you have fear and ultimately you have war. >> what is the goal of the president when it comes to relationships overseas? >> all too often it is that personal repoir. he's far less interested in these alliances. some that have lasted decade. it's in america's immediate interest. he has time and time again prioritized these economic well being of the country over principal. we have seen him ignore human rights violations. it's never repri -- reprimanded
11:42 am
putin. >> if all hell broke out in europe, would america get involved? are our allies confident that we would get involved? >> no, they're not. they are not confident that if trump is president, the yiunite states will come to their support. everybody knows there's a threat by rush that. russia expanding toward the west into countries that used to be part of the soviet empire and soviet bloc. the three baltic nations. they are always worried they are under threat. will trump come to their defense? he was reported confused the baltics with the balkans and
11:43 am
told them it was too bad about the war. they don't have a lot of confidence in president trump. they don't think he will come to their defense. i think that has weakened the entire nato alliance which is a huge prize for president putin. >> such an eye opening weekend over there in paris. thank you, everyone. cindy hide smith is one of two senators representing mississippi. she's set to face mike espy in a run off. he was the first black mississippian elected to congress. right now smith is the favorite to win the run off for senate. over the weekend a video of a comment she made at an event on november 2nd had surfaced. in it she is heard praising a supporter in let's call it curious terms.
11:44 am
a public hanging. in mississippi that's usually called a lynching. regardless of her intentions it's impossible to view those comments outside the context of a brutal history of racial terror. we should note the senator stands by her comments and she denies any racist implications. the senator's comments aren't the only example of a republican candidate blowing the dog whistle in this election cycle. remember this. >> he is an articulate spokesman for those far left views. the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda. >> monkey this up. that was florida's next governor, potentially their next governor. after he learned his opponent would be andrew gillum, a black man. he warned floridans to not monkey this up. that's not a real phrase.
11:45 am
the president had his own choice words earlier this month calling the mayor of tallahassee a thief. how about last week when he called journalist april ryan nasty and a loser. don't forget when he called omarosa a low life and a dog. he called maxine waters a low iq person or referred to haiti and a number of african nations as s hole countries. he didn't say the world s hole. he said the full word. this is to say nothing of the president's introduction to the political stage. birtherism. the racist conspiracy theory that barack obama was a con man lying about being born in the united states. the president fancies himself a fighter. he loves insulting his enemies real and perceived. it's impossible to deny he saved some of the truly nasty stuff for his african-american critics. when that is the example set at the top it's not difficult to
11:46 am
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two other races are still in the spotlight today. in arizona democrat kristin sinema has widened her lead by more than 30,000 votes. there's still about 200,000 votes that still need to be
11:50 am
counted. in georgia's gubernatorial race, stacy abrams has not yet conceded to brian kemp. they asked for rejected absentee ballots and ballots to be counted. brian kemp has called her refusal to concede a disgrace to democracy. joining me now, the executive director of the new georgia project, a group started by stacey abrams. thank you so much for joining us. when the campaign calls for these rejected campaign ballots and provisional ballots to be counted, what's their reasoning? are they wanting a look at them to make sure they're valid, that they're legal? >> the civil rights organizations and ordinary citizens across the great state of georgia are all demanding that every vote be counted. the demand is very simple, that we don't do coronations, we don't crown kings except for
11:51 am
homecomings, and that in the case of the governors' race, but also races all the way down the ticket that every vote has not been counted, and so counties and the new secretary of state should not certify georgia's elections until we can be reasonably sure. >> i understand, but when she said these were rejected absentee ballots and provisional ballots should be counted, why were they rejected? has she been able to see the ballots to make sure they were valid ballots? about 50%, usually, of georgia ballots do get certified. that's the normal process that's happened in past elections. not all the provisional ballots that get mailed in end up being certified. >> overuse of provisional ballots is a concern. the rejection of provisional ballots because there are concerns about signatures not matching should be a concern.
11:52 am
the rejection of absentee ballots and provisional ballots, because of immaterial information that is missing the oath of office. we've seen, again, the overuse of provisional ballots as well as an extraordinarily high number of provisional ballot and abse absentee ballot rejections. in southwest georgia, voters were devastated by the impact of hurricane michael and the counties were not able to respond and get absentee ballots out to georgians who requested it, active duty military. these are all credible problems that have been lifted up and raised by georgia's citizens who want to have their voice -- their votes counted and their voices heard in this election. and again, it's not just about the gubernatorial election. there are state house races where there is a margin of less than 300 votes that are constitutional amendments on the ballot.
11:53 am
we want a georgia where every vote counts. >> lawsuits have been filed. where do they stand? >> there's several lawsuits that have been filed. so the new georgia project, asia americans advancing justice have filed a lawsuit with the lawyers committee for civil rights over the 53,000 georgians who were kept on the pending list and kept off the voter rolls even though they are eligible to vote, they have registered to vote. there is a lawsuit demanding that absentee ballots that are still coming in from, again, active duty military personnel be counted. there are counties where, you know, georgians had to wait three and four hours in line just to vote, and they ran out of vote cards, so they were given provisional ballots, they were given paper ballots, so we're imploring each of georgia's 159 counties to make sure that the sacred fundamental right to vote is protected and is honored and that every vote
11:54 am
is counted before we certify any elections. >> and the certifying process or the deadline for it is supposed to be tomorrow, tuesday. we'll see if that is the end of the line or whether this goes on any further. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. a glitch in the va has caused some veterans to be evicted. we have one more thing for you after the break. r the break. due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem.. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? reeling in a nice one. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily
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one more thing before we go on this veterans day.
11:58 am
outdated software and new legislation has left tens of thousands of veterans out in the cold. for months they've been waiting on college and housing benefits they earned for serving, but by 2008, millions were still waiting. the legislation greatly expanded benefits for veterans and their families, but it did not upgrade the va's technical capabilities to process the expansion of benefits. the law also overhauled the zipcoding process used to determine benefits. so due to the increase in applications and the antiquated systems used to process them, at least 239,000 claims are in limbo. victims have been kicked out of their homes and school because of nonpayment and there is no quick fix in sight. the va says modifications are
11:59 am
being made. the chairman of the house committee on veteran affairs calls the gi bill rollout a, quote, train wreck. he said the va had a year to figure this out. he's investigating and is calling on va contractors to testify on the hill this wednesday. we, of course, will be watching. huh. it's a good thing expanding benefits, ali, but if you're going to do that, you have to make sure people can gets benefits. to be evicted from your home or college is a big deal. and we talked about the colleague attending a public hanging. there was a press conference with her and the governor, phil bryant, of mississippi, and she was asked by every reporter in that room, what do you mean by that? do you understand why it's offensive? is that in your everyday
12:00 pm
language, and r sievery single answer was, i put out a statement yesterday. >> we talk and say things we don't know are offensive to people. i gave her the benefit of the doubt when she first said it about being in the front row for a hanging. i can understand maybe it's implicit, maybe it's explicit, maybe she didn't mean it. the statement that said, anyone who thought that was offensive is being ridiculous. >> i think you're giving her more credit. i think when you're talking about a public hanging and you're talking about it in mississippi, i just can't -- >> i was giving her more credit. >> when you talk about a public hanging in this country, let alone mississippi, i think of nothing else other than lynching. i just don't. a public hanging does not -- >> i would give her a minute to say it differently and she didn't. she was given a minute to clarify it. >> there are so many political officials defaulting to something racist. >>


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