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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 13, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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this morning, deadly wildfires are raging across california. in the northern part of the state, the death toll from the campfire has now risen to 42, the worst in california's history. also new reporting that president trump is getting ready to remove homeland security secretary kirstjen nielson. new overnight, democrats turn another red seat blue. kyrsten sinema is the apparent winner in arizona, the first democrat in 30 years. ♪
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it's tuesday, november 13th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. we begin in california, where more residents are being allowed back to their neighborhoods this morning to see if their homes were spared by the deadly wildfires raging across the staid. for others, sadly, there is nothing to come home to. the camp fire in northern california is the deadliest wildfire to ever hit that state. it comes after ten more bodies were found in homes and cars in the town of paradise. in southern california, mandatory evacuation orders were lifted overnight for parts of the west hills of los angeles and the west lake area of thousand oaks. that's where crews have been battling the woolsey fire.
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>> reporter: this is one of the first areas attacked by those flames. you can see the devastation left behind here. while they are making progress fighting these flames, thr soere some worried that perhaps we haven't seen the worst of these wildfires. as the california wildfires continue to burn out of control, fire teams battled the flames around the clock, pushed to their limits by the intense conditions, including gusting santa ana winds. >> the winds picked up around 50 to 60 and all of a sudden it looked like it was snowing. it was actually embers fires. >> reporter: sparking new fires including the rocky peak blaze monday that raced across simi
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valley before it was contained. while the area being chewed up by the three major wildfires, the camp blaze to the north, the woolsey fire in the shadow of venice beach. unrelenting, a firestorm swallowing entire neighborhoods. >> it was a tornado. it was swirling. >> reporter: extreme conditions expected to continue for at least another full day here. and then containing, eventually extinguishing those flames, of course, is going the take much longer. then the defect recovery gets underway here. last night the president tweeted that he has approve ed expedited major disaster
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declaration for california. the "washington post" is recording that president trump has decided to remove homeland security secretary kirstjen nielson after 11 months on the job. the report claims trump cancelled a planned trip with nielson later this week. the announcement could come as soon as this week, according to the post. trump has changed his mind on key personnel decisions before and chief of staff john kelly is attempting to postpone the dismissal. the president has grumbled for months on what he calls her lackluster immigration performance. >> so the rules of engagement or
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what? >> the rules of engagement for us are the same as they've always been. for d.o.d. we're still in discussions and we're working them out. >> is there any snare know under which people could be shot at? >> we do not have any intention right now to shoot at people. they will be apprehended, ho however. >> we see people from the middle east, from southeast asia, from other parts of the world. these are not just from central america. we don't always know exactly who they are. what i can tell you is we stopped 3,000 people last year at the southwest border who had patterns of travel similar to a terrorist. >> there is speculation that kansas secretary of state could be nominated as nielson's replacement. for the first time in 30 years arizona has elected a democrat to the united states
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senate. kirst kyrsten sinema beats martha mcsally. mcsally appeared alongside her dog in a video posted on social media where she thanked her supporters. >> i just called kyrsten sinema and congratulated he ed her on becoming arizona's first female senator. >> senator elect sinema reflected on arizona's late republican senator john mccain. >> senator john mccain stood for everything we stand for arizona arizonans. he taught us to always assume the best in others, to seem compromise instead of sowing
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division. and to always put country ahead of party. senator mccain said, but we have always had so much more in common with each other than in disagreement. if only we remember that and give each over the benefit of the presumption that we will get through these challenging times. rick scott leads senator bill nelson by about 1200 votes. scott continues to allege voter fraud. senator nelson is firing back, accusing scott of trying to suppress votes. >> bill nelson is clearly a sore loser. he can't stand the fact that he's not going to be elected for the first time in decades and he's just here to steal this election. his lawyer came down here and
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said, i'm here to win the election. i'm not here to get a free and fair election. no. he wants to win the election. >> one fact is that rick scott isn't interested in making sure every lawful vote is counted. the second is that he's using his power as governor to try and undermine the voting process. he's thrown around words like voter fraud without any proof. he should remove himself from any role in the recount process so the people can have the confidence in the integrity of the election. >> president trump tweeted out yesterday morning that both the senate and the governor races should be called in favor of republicans. quote, an honest vote count is no longer possible. ballots massively infected. later a chief judge weighed in on this, saying he's seen no evidence in wrongdoing of the vote count out of broward so
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far. the judge had this to say. >> i'm urging because of the highly public nature of this case to ramp down the rhetoric. we need to be careful what we say. these words mean things these days, as everybody in the room knows. i'm urging everybody to wait until these counts are over and there's going to be plenty of time to litigate whatever anyone wants to litigate. lawyers for democratic and republican parties have agreed to add three more sheriff deputies to monitor the recount in florida. he said this would be a measure that could help reassure citizens that the integrity of the florida recount is being
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protected. president trump has been vocal about claims of voter fraud, which we hear a judge has struck down. are the president's comments affecting the integrity of the recount effort? >> i don't think that yet the comments by the president are affecting what's actually going on in terms of counting the votes there in florida, but that's partly because the legal system has held up to the challenges. the real question is probably going to be what happens when we reach the point that there are deadlines for ballots cob counted. and broward county probably and maybe some other jurisdictions may not be done in time. then you get this question of the real battle over whether or not to keep counting votes past deadlines that are going to arise. i think thursday afternoon is the deadline for the machine
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recount. and then some time over the weekend we're probably going to hit the deadline for a manual recount as well in florida. that's going to be really where we see how well the system holds up. >> so let's talk a little bit about arizona for a moment. democrat kirstyrsten sinema's historic win, ending a 30-year hold of republicans in that position. what does it say about that state heading into the 2020 presidential campaign? >> it certainly says that there's at least an opening for a democrat in that state in 2020, particularly because it seems like at least that martha mcsally, the republican congresswoman who conceded last night had sort of aligned herself closer with donald trump's positions than even she necessarily had when she was a member of the house from a sort of more moderate maybe
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congressional district. and i guess the question will be whether or not someone can find an opening. now, i don't know if that's a democrat or if, you know, this is where we get into the conversation about whether jeff flake, who is a republican senator from arizona and is retiring at the the end of the year, whether or not he sees this as an opening for himself for something else either. still ahead, michelle obama says she offered a helping hand to melania trump but got turned down. what the first lady's spokesperson is now saying about it. lady's spokesperson is now saying about it a migraine hope
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would be on the front row for a public hanging. six times yesterday republican senator cindy hyde-smith deflects questions at a news conference to discuss her endorsement from the national right to life committee. >> are you familiar with mississippi's history of lynchings? >> i put out a statement yesterday and that's all i'm going to say about it. >> you mentioned that it shouldn't be viewed with a negative connotation. >> i put out a statement yesterday and we stand by the statement and that's all i'm going to say about it. >> is that phrasing in your everyday vocabulary? >> i put out a statement yesterday. we stand by the statement. michelle obama discussed her new book on sunday and was asked about the tradition of former first ladies lending a helping hand to their successor. >> i know that laura bush reached out to you and said if you need any help, i'm a phone call away. >> yep.
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>> you talked about how you extended that same courtesy to melania trump. >> yes. >> has she reached out to you and asked for any help? >> no, she hasn't. >> nbc reached out to the office of the current first lady and her spokesperson issued this statement. when she needs advice, she seems it from her professional team within the white house. let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> rain up the east coast, snow in northern new england, potential for tornados in eastern north carolina. we've had one supercell thunderstorm that's been producing thunderstorms. if i hear anything, we'll keep you posted and give you
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information on that. the blue on the map is the snow, little bit here along the ohio river with the border of indiana and kentucky. the snow is falling and sticking in northern new england. from the binghamton area only about an inch or so on grassy surfaces. once you get into the adirondacks and the northern half of vermont and maine and new hampshire, that's where we're going to be plowing later. great for the ski areas. this is 8:00 a.m. this morning. philadelphia still in it. new york city right in the thick of it. a very slow morning commute. all of southern new england. boston the rain will be picking up during the rush hour. new york city, you are done by about mid-morning. philadelphia about 10:00 a.m. by the time we get to this evening, the storm is completely
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gone t gone. how about the chilly morning in areas of texas through south texas? 27 million people under freeze warnings and watches. it is cold. for this time of year this is almost unprecedented. the windchill is 19 in dallas. this is what you typically would get mid to late december. chicago only at 29 for a high today, not even breaking freezing for this time of year. this is just the beginning of a very busy week. by the end of the week, we're talking a nor'easter and the possibility of snow for many in the northeast on thursday night into friday. >> winter is here. >> a little early. we couldn't get rid of summer and now straight to winter. stan lee, the man behind many of the marvel comics superheroes such has passed awa
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the age of 95. >> stan lee was the man. he created or cocreated most of the roster of marvel comic's pantheon of superheroes. each a kind of outsider with a very believable inside. >> it niece fun reading about somebody who's perfect. you want to read about people that you can identify with because we've all got problems and we're all flawed. >> marvel comics started in the early '60s. lee and his collaborators were risk takers. the brand would go so attractive, disney purchased it in 2009 for $4 billion. and since then, marvel movies and franchises have dominated the superhero world. >> my son, it is your time.
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>> lee, like alfred hitchcock, put himself in many a film. and in the end, lee couldn't help but marvel at his success. >> i still sometimes have trouble believing it. all i was doing was just trying to make a living. so all i was doing was having fun. >> what an imagination. >> he has had such a profound impact on culture, on comic books, on the imagination of young boys and girls for generations. he'll be missed. still ahead one of the nba's hottest young stars suffers a horrendous injury. horrendous injury. (bright electronic music) - [announcer] powerful cleaning. that's what you expect from shark, and our newest robot vacuum is no exception. from floors to carpets, it tackles all kinds of debris, even pet hair, with ease. but what about cleaning above the floor?
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time now for sports. as the nfl wraps week ten with the 49ers hosting the giants on monday night football, to san francisco where the 49ers have struggled after losing starting quarterback jimmy garoppolo to a season-ending injury. new york quarterback eli manning showed some spark, throwing three touchdowns in the contest, including a three-yard pass to sterling shepherd.
2:25 am
the giants starting signal caller for at least one more week with a final score in this one 27-23. the nets leading scorer suffered what appears to be a significant injury, coming down hard on his right leg at the end of the first half. he needed to be stretched off the court and was taken into an ambulance to a nearby hospital. t finally, a congratulatory moment here in the major heeg baseball's rookie of the year award. ohtani wins.
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cancel anytime and your books are yours to keep forever. audible. the most inspiring minds. the most compelling stories. text "listen5" to 500500 to start your free trial today. good to be back with you. it's the bottom of the hour. these are the morning's top stories. an associate of roger stone says he expects special counsel
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robert mueller to indict him as part of the ongoing russia probe. jerome corsi says mueller's team told him of the plans to charge him with perjury. sources close to mueller's investigation tell nbc that corsi is one of the nearly dozen associates of stone's who have been summoned to appear before a grand jury. mueller's team acquired communications suggesting that corsi new in advance that e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign chairman had been hacked and given to wikileaks. corsi, a conservative author, who is considered to be the founder of the birther movement denies ever meeting with wikileaks founder julian assange. he says, they, referring to mueller's team, have all your e-mails and phone records. they're very good at the perjury trap. corsi tells nbc that he figured out the pending release of podesta's e-mails after reading
2:31 am
the dump of democratic national committee e-mails by wikileaks. a source says cohen took a train from new york to washington, d.c. to meet with robert mueller and his team. he declined to answer any questions about why he was in town. cohen has participated in multiple sitdown interviews with mueller's team. he is expected to be charged with tax evasion and campaign contribution violations. house democrats say they will begin their majority with a bill on government reform.
2:32 am
s the first actions will focus on democracy. the bill would establish automatic voter registration, put redistricting under independent commissions instead of state legislators, undo the supreme court citizen's united ruling by demanding more disclosure of outside money while establishing a public financing match for small donor contributions. it would expand ethics laws to hold presidents accountable on conflicts of interest while expanding the anti-bribery law and requiring presidential candidates to make their tax rush ru returns public. meanwhile the georgia governor's race is still being disputed nearly a week after voting ended. last night a federal judge in atlanta ordered a delay in the certification of results citing concerns about the state's voter registration system and the handling of absentee ballots.
2:33 am
democrat stacey abrams is within 21,000 votes of forcing a runoff with republican brian kemp, who has declared victory. georgia's secretary of state told officials to count absentee ballots even if they lack a voter's date of birth as long as voter's identity can be verified. let's talk about florida for a moment. florida has become critical in so many of our national elections. the senate race there looks to be heading toward a manual recount. what can we expect? >> if this manual recount does take off, what they're basically going to need to do is go through any ballot that had an under vote or an over vote, particularly in the senate race. that's any case where the
2:34 am
machine that was scanning ballot didn't read the senate race or they may have bubbled in two different candidates or something like that. what we're really looking for is whether or not a batch of under voted ballots, particularly in broward county -- here we go again with broward county -- whether or not these people were confused and didn't vote at all in the senate race or whether or not there was something else going on with the machines. we're really not going to know that until they start actually inspecting these ballots by hand. >> the other big headline of the day is the california grappling with one of the deadliest fires in modern history. you have the president who just last night tweeted out that he is approving the expedited disaster declaration. but also previously he said he's focused on cutting the state's federal funding. how is that being received on
2:35 am
capitol hill? twonch >> my colleague jennifer shut was talking yet with pat leahy, the democrat from vermont who is the top democrat on the appropriations committee in the senate. he said they're looking like something like $720 million in emergency aid for the wivf wild and some other natural disasters. probab with kevin mcar mcthy i think california is probably going to be getting the aid that it needs. >> and some support as well. while the nation took time to celebrate veterans and their
2:36 am
sacrifices yesterday, president trump was inside the white house. his staff announced the so-called travel lid at 10:00 a.m. monday morning, meaning he was not expected to hold any public events for the entire day. trump was also absent for the tradition of commander in chief attending a wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. other senior members of trump's campaign including john kelly went in his stead. the president used the holiday to fire off nine tweets. he weighed in on the florida recount, claiming that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere. many of the ballots he referenced are in fact from american troops serving overseas. still ahead this morning amazon reportedly picks two cities for its new east coast headquarters. plus, the market struggles continue as the dow sheds 600
2:37 am
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are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. welcome back. stocks look like they're set to regain some ground after massive losses yesterday, the dow sliding more than 600 points. the markets were dragged down in part by apple. what more can you tell us about the outlook for the rest of the week and what does all this news around apple mean for tech stocks? >> i don't think we' . >> we've got so much volatility in 2018 was the fed is withdrawing stimulus. investors have been closely
2:41 am
eyeing the earnings. also the destruction of some of that market sentiment. i want to take you to the jagged lined in the dow yesterday, the fall really exacerbating some of the volatility for investors. the other big feature has been technology. we saw a very down beat move for the sector overall, down about 3.5%. the nasdaq again back in correction territory. one of the big concerns was app apple. >> the "wall street journal" is also reporting that amazon selected new york city and northern virginia as its second and third headquarters spots. what does it mean for those places? >> this has been more than a year-long process with
2:42 am
applications taken from so many different cities, 238 applications, i believe, from different cities to host amazon, the second headquarters away from seattle. it was meant to bring about 50,000 jobs and also investment of about $5 billion. all we've learned is that amazon apparently is not very good with choice. it has split the decision between new york city and northern virginia area of crystal city. this is going to create a little bit of angst after all the work that's gone into securing this business. the question is how that money will be split and the impact on local infrastructure and property values. let's get a quick check on your weather with bill karins. >> a lot of activity out there. we still have the chance of severe weather and even a possible tornado in eastern north carolina. we'll give you updates on that. also dealing with torrential
2:43 am
rain up through southern new england. it's going to pour through new york city and philadelphia. it's snowing in northern new england. yesterday we had high winds in areas of southern california, but we didn't have any new fires that formed. once again today it's going to be very windy, es specialpecial outside of san diego. there's no fires burning in this region, so let's keep it that way and let's hope no new fires form. today's forecast, rain in the northeast. look how cold it is in minneapolis to chicago. it's like we just jumped right in the middle of winter. highs behlow freezing all day long. the next storm is going to be coming through the rockies as we go throughout the day today. it's going to begin to pull up moisture. in the southeast you're going to start rainy today. it's going to continue with tropical moisture streaming over
2:44 am
head. it's going to be cold enough as we go through tomorrow night for snow even in areas like memphis. that's a big deal when it snows in the middle of winter. november is extremely rare. we get a quick thumping of snow. it may snow briefly in philadelphia and new york city. then t it's going to stay cold enough for western new york, central new york, northern new england, it will stay all snow. you'll wake up friday morning and there's going to be some shoveling and plowing needing to be done here. a very busy week. the cold, the storminess, it feels like mid december or late december. >> the kids are going to get excited about possible snow days. still ahead, new details on
2:45 am
the high level talks to ease trade tensions as president trump and china's xi jinping prepare to meet. >> donald trump continues to tout his progress with north korea, new satellite images suggest pyongyang is still not on board with dismantling its weapons program. on board with dismantling its weapons program. it's loud, stressful and draining. and we love it. i refuse to let migraine keep me from saying... "i am here." aimovig, a preventive treatment for migraine in adults, reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. the most common side effects are pain, redness or swelling at the injection site and constipation. talk to your doctor about aimovig. and be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig. ♪ applebee's bigger bolder grill combos are back. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood.
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2:47 am're about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. welcome back. turning now overseas, u.s. officials briefed on a recent intelligence confirmed to nbc news that north korea continues to work on its ballistic missile
2:48 am
program. that backs up a private report released yesterday showing that researchers have identified 13 of an estimated 20 secret north korean missile bases. that report includes a detailed analysis of the layout of one of those facilities which is located less than 100 miles from seoul and includes deep underground tunnels designed to house missiles and other equipment. >> nbc news has been provided an analysis which describes one of the dprk's most important facilities, a secret active military base which may house long range ballistic missiles capable of reaching the continental united states. officials tell nbc news that while north korea has offered to publicly dismantle a missile test site, it has been doing improvement work at another site. top officials including john bolton and mike pompeo have previously stated that kim's regime continues to produce nuclear fuel at secret sites and
2:49 am
is actively trying to deceive the international community. nikki haley confirmed president trump will meet with kim jong-un sometime in 2019. american farmers have almost no place to sell a key crop due to president trump's trade and tariff war with china. soybean farmers have started stashing away their crop in hopes that there will be a trade break through before the soybeans spoil. china is by far the biggest market for the soybean industry. china's imports of the crop have plunged almost 90% compared to last year and prices have all but collapsed. meanwhile steve mnuchin has resumed talks with china in hopes of easing trade tensions ahead of a meeting between president trump and president xi. things may be already at another impasse. briefed on a recent conversation between mnuchin and his chinese
2:50 am
counterpart, tells the "wall street journal" that china is insisting on holding talks before making a formal negotiations can actually begin. turning now to the latest into the investigation into the murder of wars mall khashoggi, turkish leader erdogan says anchora has turned over recordings to germany, france, and britain. france's foreign minister said on monday that he was not aware of his country being in possession of the recordings and justin trudeau has given his officials the recordings, as well, and officials have listened to to them. trudeau add he has not personally listened to them. president trump last month cast doubt on the existence of those tapes. >> this comes as the "new york times" reports that shortly
2:51 am
after khashoggi was murdered, a member of the purported 15-person kill team told a superior to , quote, tell your body that's the, quote, deed was done. officials reportedly believe the boss is minute salaman. meanwhile, the trump administration announced last late week that the united states is no longer providing fueling for the saudi jets in yemen. in the middle eat, a cross violence attack is occurring between israel and gaza. seven palestinians were killed on monday. the israeli military some 400 rockets and mortars have been
2:52 am
launch launched from gaza into israel on monday. international mediateers are calling for a restrain in hopes of areverting another war. still to come, a look at this morning's one big thing. and coming up on "morning joe," another trump administration shake-up is on the way. president trump is set to remere kirstjen nielsenen as homeland security secretary. plus, a week after the midterm elections, democrat kyrsten sinema comes out on top. her colleagues will weigh in on their party, flipping yet another republican seat. "morning joe," everyone, just moments away. "morning joe," everyone, just moments away that i suit up, there is a chance that's the last time.
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time for a look now at axios a.m. joining us from washington, jim van dethei.
2:56 am
tell us about this morning's one big thing. >> post election, the president is in rel ofly about condition heading into 2020. he kept the senate. he continues to turn out rural voters. what we're looking at is there's no way that you can look the at the facts on the ground and say that's the case. i would say people around donald trump and donald trump himself very spooked. three things, one, those results were not good for him. you have states like texas, arizona, georgia, states that used to be dominated by republicans now essentially tossups. you have midwest states like wisconsin, minnesota, michigan, mayss he did well kind of reverting to form when you take hillary clinton off the top of the ticket. that's one. two is he's got investigations coming at him from three directions. the state of new york, robert mueller, and congress. and all of them are going to get
2:57 am
exponentially worse. you only know a tiny bit of what you're about to over the next couple of months. third, he's benefited from the economy, but we're already into economic growth period that is way longer than you typically have in america and most economists think you're probably going to hit a recession before the next election. so for those three factors, this is a lot of republicans who look at the future for their party and they're really, really worried because they've been so defined as a mostly white, mostly male party and it's been solidified under donald trump. it's very, very hard in this country for that to be a winning strategy unless you thread a needle. >> which one of those factors do you think poses the biggest threat to trump? >> we don't know anything about
2:58 am
what robert mueller has. one of the reasons the president has been in such a grumpy mood since the election is there's a lot of activity now with mueller. you saw michael cohen in town yesterday. you see james corte saying publicly he thinks it's going to be indicted for perjury soon. those investigations coming a the him from different directions clearly go to the biggest threat. if it goes to impeachment, there is no way that's a net positive for him. i know the president said in the past that will be a good us versus them fight. >> so here we have a week after the election. when it comes to turnout, we know the female vote was up there, the youth vote, but you have some new stats on voter turnout from that. what did you find?
2:59 am
>> they say, look, donald trump is really, really good at turning out conservatives in rural areas. that is true. but the problem is, unless he's running against someone that is strongly, strongly, profoundly disliked by the center and even some democrats, which was the case for hillary clinton, the map looks really difficult for him. the president won my home state of wisconsin, but he did it by winning fewer votes than previously. incumbent presidents are are hard to beat, but in some ways, we've lost our senses that we're not looking at on the ground.
3:00 am
>> jim, i know you're sticking around. you'll be on "morning joe" in just a little by. we'll be reading axios a.m., as well. >> that does it for us this morning. "morning joe" starts right now. and nobody wants me to talk about your other senator who is weak on borders, weak on kicrim so i won't talk about him. nobody wants me to talk about him. no one knows who the hell he is. >> president trump wanted jeff flake out of office in arizona. >> he is. >> now he's got a democrat there, instead. good morning. welcome to "morning joe." it's tuesday, november 13th. along with joe, willie and me, we have mike barnacle, eugene


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