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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 14, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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space of the conversations we have in our national life now, it is so driven by the short 140 character debates. we don't get the space for that conversation. >> and now we're up to 270 characters, so let's leave some space for decency and civility. tim, amazing work. thank you so much. please read that piece, it is so important, it is time to come together. and it is time for me to hand off to my friend hallie jackson. >> thank you much. i'm hallie jackson in washington where today the president is poed, his first lady is fired up and his staffers are ready to dance to the west wing reporting. new reporting on the shakeups with we may see soon. and jockeying, behind the scenes on capitol hill, what senate races are happening right now. and new questions when the speaker ship and new reporting just in on what is going on behind closed doors. plus what we know about expected indictments in the
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russia investigation. when the president might respond to robert mueller and new reporting over the controversy of the acting a.g. who is speaking live in iowa. and two florida men arrive on capitol hill, a photo-op with the high potential to get real awkward real quick. we'll fill you in on how that deadline is looking. but we start with breaking news from the justice department. pete williams is in our washington bureau with the latest. >> the justice department just disclosed that it gave the white house legal advice before matt whitaker was appointed by the white house that the president could choose such a person to take over as acting attorney general. the appointment has been criticized on a number of grounds. there is a legal challenge in the state of maryland saying it violates the federal law and the constitution because whitaker was not in a senate confirmed position and the constitution requires that for senior officials. but in a 20 page written legal
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opinion that is just out from the justice department and dated today, the head of the justice department's office of legal counsel which provides formal legal advice for the government says that the appointment was entirely legal, that it is consistent with past practice, that over 160 times throughout history presidents have appointed people who were not in a senate confirmed position to senior jobs in the government including cabinet level positions. they note that president trump george w. bush and barack obama did it, and they say that the was told before hand -- that basicalliiey the white house as what are the president's office and the office gave the advice that the president could designate a senior official such as mr. whitaker as acting attorney general. so the government is saying here that of -- the justice department is saying that this is entirely legal and entirely
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constitutional, it is consistent with past practice, and that the white house was told this in advance. >> and this is coming as we understand that whitaker is also talking with folks at the justice department about the possibility of recusal and the options there, correct? >> what the justice department said is that he will seek the advice of the justice department's ethics offices about whether he has any conflicts or recusal obligations. they didn't explicitly say involving the mueller investigation, but you can be sure that will be a big one. >> pete williams, thank you very much. we'll be talking more about matt whitaker later on in the show along with other you new developments on the russia investigation and more on that reporting pete just shared. but we also want to get to the white house and that east wing/be west wing power play. the president fuming creating let's call it a colorful montage of what is going on behind closed doors. one former trump aide described it as an episode of maury and the only thing that is missing
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is a paternity test. melania's office calling for the tiring of a top national security official after our reporting on tension between the first lady's office and the president's chief of staff with an insider saying donald trump's message to john kelly was clear, i don't need this blank. and then there is the view from 30,000 feet. five days of fury inside trump's paris temper, election woes and satisfy upheaval with those election losses weighing on potus. and this report from pliolitico today which is that the president may be getting in the middle of the leadership battle. right now senators are choosing their leadership for the next congress, so that is all the backdrop as we head over to the north lawn to find chris it enwee -- kristen welker. and you with he-- you are heari new information. rsht th rs >> reporter: is that stunning statement calling for mira
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ricardel's ouster. according to lindsay walters, she is still in her job. the question is, how long will l. she be in her job based on my conversations broadly, there is a sense that that might not be for very long. what is going to happen to her, will she depart outright, will she go to a different agency, i think those are among the questions that are being asked right now. as it relates to the first lady, i think that there were tensions over that recent trip that she took to africa. but if you talk to a number of officials here within the west wing, there were frustrations in terms of dealing with her. but look, this comes amid the broader potential staff shakeup upheaval here within the administration, the first lady's office clashing with john kelly over isstravel you issue, staff issues. and of course kelly clashing with john bolton, the national security adviser on a range of different issues. so how long will he be here at the white house. that is also an open question
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here. as is the dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen. those are among the top officials who we are watching today. but what you are really seeing is this intensifying power struggle frankly between the east and west wings here within the administration. and it does come as president trump is growing increasingly frustrated in the wake of those midterms and that rocky trip that he had to paris over the weekend. >> that is for sure. the spokesperson now for the french government saying common decency would have been appreciated after the president had some harsh tweets for the french. the president we understand has a prison reform sentencing reform event later in the afternoon, so we'll be covering that. thanks. let me bring in now chris whipple, author of the gate keepers. and tamara and also our expert on all things capitol hill with me here. so plenty to discuss with both
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of you. chris, let me begin with you because there is some discussion now, what happens to kelly, does he stay, does he go. forgive us for feel like it is deja vu because we've had this conversation before, but it feels different this time. >> yeah, it does. and you've heard me say before that i think that john kelly suffers from what i call don regan regan's syndrome. he was arrogant and politically clueless. john kelly is all of those things. but now you can add to that he has a habit of picking fights with the first lady. and that is usually a fatal mistake. don regan learned that the hard way when he hung you up the phone on nancy reagan and he was gone about ten days later. so i think that it is fair to say that john kelly's days may be numbered too. >> it is an interesting point that you make there because when it comes to john kelly, the president has been very expli t
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explicit, he said not i don't need in blank, but he also said deal with it. no person wants to deal with and an angry spouse. >> that is absolutely true. and the white house chief of staff has to understand that as reagan's last chief likes to say, that the white house chief is a statistic inside cot staco city city of 1 1/2. you have to communicate with her and respect her wishes because otherwise you will wind up as don regan did out on the street. >> the "washington post" reporting that on the president's trip back to washington from paris, aides lobbied him against picking the controversial figure saying if you pick him, morale will drop. but it is my understanding that
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jared kushner and ivanka do support nick ayers. >> and nick ayers has worked if he could differencely with vice president pence. he was involved in sort of crafting pence's midterm campaigning schedule. you know, you ask people in the white house what is going on and i know you and i were both doing that yesterday, and we got a whole bunch of what i would call like shrug emoji. >> an eyeball eknmoji maybe we n add. >> yeah, you talk to people and they say it isn't happening and then other people say it is happening. it is one of those things where i guess we just have to wait for the tweets. >> here is the deal. people who watch this show and follow our coverage here, here is the bottom line on this. up the national security adviser who may have his number two
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fired while he is overseas with the vice president whose right hand man is among the people that will replace the people's chief of staff, john kelly. that is a tangled web. i know we have a graphic to show you there. >> and i will say in previous white houses, the chief of staff has been someone who looms large, who imposes structure, who people look to in a major way in terms of how the place runs. with president trump, it tends not to work that way. president trump just has a very different way of operating. he functions in a way as his own chief of staff, his own communications director, his own policy adviser all rolled into one. the bigger question to me, does matt whitaker stick around, the dhs secretary, if she is let go,
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these are positions that execute laws and a lot of you power there that is somewhat independent from the president. i think these positions will be more important. >> and you know that there have been -- >> yeah, look, i think that this is -- i disagree, i think this is a watershed moment for the trump presidency. he does not have much time to get this right. with kelly possibly on the way out, now is the chance where i think trump desperately needs to find his own equivalent to the james a. baker iii or leon panetta. no disrespect to nick ayers, but he has to find somebody with gravitas and experience and tell trump what he does not want to hear. trump has yet to learn that there is a difference between campaigning and governing, with dividing and demonizing and building coalitions and getting things done. he needs a strong chief of staff to help him do that. >> and yet that seems to be
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something he doesn't want. >> a lot going on here. we want to talk about what is also happening not just at the white house with the president frustrated with his chief of staff and how the weekend went, but on capitol hill facing a new political reality essentially with a lot going on behind closed doors. kasie hunt is on pennsylvania avenue. and leadership discussions going down, drama on the democratic side, the house. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, all of this is under way as we speak. these leadership elections being held, we just heard from frank thorp that chuck schumer has been reelected minority leader on the democratic side in the senate. that of course was widely expected. you you also have republicans holding leadership elections, there is only one contested post there, kind of down in the ranks, a battle between deb fisher of nebraska and joni ernst of eye way. we're thinking that ernst likely
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has the inside track. and republican have struggled a bit to put women in positions of power. something that mitch mcconnell says is a priority for him. mitch mcconnell himself held a photo-op with the new freshman class of senator, it included rick scott who is positioning himself as a senate elect from florida even as that recount is still ongoing. take a look at what mcconnell said this morning. >> good morning, everyone. i've been through a few of these others years. it is a lot better to have a big freshman class than not and so we're here to welcome our six new republican senators, it allowed us to continue our majority. and we'll be heading across the way here shortly to elect the leadership team for the next two years. all right a
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>> reporter: you always saw there governor mitt romney. rick scott was asked about miss presencemiss -- his presence and refused to say anything to reporterses. so the house side, that is where the glau will play out. it will be a little while before democrats have to select in their conference their choice for speaker. of course nancy pelosi, the person who is most likely at this point to become the next speaker, there she is in video just from this morning with jerry nadler behind her. he will chair the judiciary committee. but that won't really play out until after thanksgiving. they delayed their leadership elections on the house democratic side. republicans however are going through the process today. there is a bit of drama there between kevin mccarthy and jim jordan. jim jordan is a leading voice in the freedom caucus, known as somebody who is sharply ideological, he has angered a lot of colleagues because he has
7:15 am
demanded ideological purity. the president saying he wants jordan potentially to be the ranking member on the judiciary committee again related to the potential impeachment proceedings. so we'll be watching that through the afternoon. >> casey hunt, thank you. we'll talk more about the florida recount later on. but up next, new developments in the russia investigation. a source telling us written responses to bob mueller from president trump might come as early as this week. what we know about what those answers might revolve around and how much they matter or maybe not to the special counsel, that is next.
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so let's touch base, the justice department saying the appointment of matt whitaker is saying it is totally legal, totally consistent with past practice. the doj also says it gave the white house that guidance before president trump appointed whitaker to that position. right now he is speaking live in iowa. we're listening to see whether he talks about his appointment. critics of course say that whitaker is just too partisan to be able to oversee the work of the special counsel. it comes as we've learned that as soon as this week we might see some movement in that special counsel investigation and it is something that we have been looking at for nearly a year and a half. president trump answering robert mueller's questions -- sort of. probably written answers. and according to the reporting
7:20 am
i've done with colleague, the answers will pertain to only matters relating to the russian interference in the 2016 election, not obstruction of justice. joining me now, joyce vance. glad to have you because i want you to break down what this doj legal opinion means. department of justice says they told the president prior to the appointment of whitaker is that his appointment is valid. is that your perspective? >> i don't think it is all that surprising that the white house would get doj to bless this in advance. whether or not it is constitutional is a question ultimately that will probably be does ied in the courts. there are constitutional scholars on both sides of that issue. the long term understanding at least inside of the department has always been that the vacancies reform act permits this sort of a temporary replacement, it is good for 210
7:21 am
days. if trump were to appoint a permanent attorney general nominee, then that clock would restart. so whitaker could be around for quite some time and because this is unprecedented in the tattorny general's position, there is a lot of vitality to this controversy on both sides of the argument. >> any chance this news we're talking about makes a difference to people who have opposed whitaker's appointment? >> no. i don't think so. that the trump justice department would give the stamp of approval on something that the president wants is -- although the justice department is supposed to be independent, it is not knowsly snecessarily surprising. >> who might argue this is just legal cover essentially. >> yes, argue that he has done flikt done -- conflicts of interests and other problems. >> and you know that there is a lot of concern among people
7:22 am
about whitaker overseeing the special counsel investigation. senators jeff flake and coons talked about that. watch. >> frankly the very day that president trump forced the resignation of jeff sessions as attorney general, he also again denounced mueller's investigation as a hoax. and tweeted that he could fire mueller at anytime. why that is not enough of a warning for the majority leader for our colleagues, i don't know. >> we have the votes to do it. i think every democrat will vote for it and a lot of republicans as well. so we just need to bring to the floor. we can bring it today. we can bring it again and again. and i think that we plan to do so. >> so first thing i want to know to joyce's point, the legal dispute is over the fact that this is a principal officer position, not an inferior officer. no one really disputed that a deputy can be temporarily put in that position, but the fact that this is a principal officer, that could be questionable
7:23 am
without senate confirmation. as to whitaker, we have seen some movement among republicans in favor of protect going the special counsel investigation. seu susan collins has come out for that bill. and chuck schumer the democratic leader has demanded wlit kerr e recusal from the russia investigation and threatened to demand a provision on december 7 when the deadline comes up. so we could be looking at another shutdown showdown if there is not a resolution that the republicans can facilitate with the white house. >> and let me ask you about the idea that the president according to a source could submit written questions potentially or at least finish up writing those answers to raul castro -- robert mueller as e
7:24 am
early as this week. and what does that tell you about the investigation? >> it still boggles the mind that who is the subject of a criminal investigation has the ability to tell prosecutors i don't want to talk to you, i'll submit my answers in writing. i don't think that that would work for any other defendant across america. so we have to i think live with this notion that this is a president who believed that he is above the law and who is telling us that every day with his actions and we should be on guard against that. perhaps the written questions are useful as some sort of a baseline. they certainly serve to keep the lines of communications open. i can't believe that mueller is ultimately satisfied with written answers to questions because they are his lawyers answers. they may lack nuance or detail that mueller wantsd. at the end of the day, he may need actual answer from the president. >> joyce vance, appreciate you
7:25 am
coming on. thank you. we have news for you just in. mitch mcconnell has been reelected majority leader by his republican colleagues. no surprise there. but now it is confirmed from our hill team which means for at least the next couple year, mitch mcconnell is the one leading the gop. chuck schumer will be leading the democrats in the senate. so status quo there for now. any minute we're expecting a court ruling in georgia that will either give a little bit of resolution to that heated governor's race or keep the count going. we'll give you the latest on that and also what is happening in florida with new reports of malfunctioning machines involved in the recount. and out west the number of fires burning in california, going up. and the number of people they have killed, growing higher. at least 50 people are dead as officials find more bodies in burned out homes. in southern california, the new sierra fire broke out overnight. and the progress is looking slow
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developments on two key races that are still too close to call. in georgia, stacey abrams is trying to hold on in the race for governor. any minute a federal judge is set to rule on whether to accept certain provisional ballots in that race. and abrams' team is hoping that will help narrow brian kemp's lead and force a mandatory runoff. and we're also watching what is up down in florida with the battle for a senate seat and this one today is getting a little bit awkward. that is because both candidates are in d.c. trying to take the same seat. in the last hour or so, we saw rick scott take the freshman photo with other new republican senators. we're still waiting for our first glimpse of bill nelson after he spoke with the democratic leader yesterday. so that is where things stand here in d.c. let's go down to florida where the count is actually going down. kerry sanders is there. and new complications too. >> reporter: and some new problems, so let's take a look first of all at that moment
7:31 am
there in washington with the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. and there is rick scott. standing there are the freshman class of other senators even though officially he has not won the election and that is why the recount is under way. as you can well understand, reporters wanted to ask him questions about his presence there. not really an answer, but let's listen to what he had to say. >> governor scott, do you still contend that there is fraud going on in florida? >> everyone, thank you very much. thank you. >> reporter: so there you go. things are progressing in washington while the real decision needs to be made here in florida. let me step out of the way -- the real question is that dated photograph. because it will be decided in rooms like this where they are counting the ballots.
7:32 am
we just got an update that they are about 55%, maybe 60% done on where they need to be. so making the deadline on thursday at 3:00, they are very confident. but take a look at this other location here. this is up in riviera beach. and as we take a look at what is going on there, the machines there are some what antiquated. and unfortunately, one of them broke down. now, the equipment itself isn't even made by the company anymore because the company went out of business. so they had to find mechanics who could fix them, but they lost about 175,000 votes that they had recounted, so they had to start over again. so trying to get these numbers together, remember 8.2 million people voted in the state, trying to get this all done by thursday is going to be a challenge. and while there will be a lot of lawyers involved in this, the law says that if the counties do not get them all counted by thursday at 3:00 p.m., then they
7:33 am
go with the original numbers. of course we know that that probably won't stand, but that is how the law reads. >> kerry sanders, i'm pretty sure you probably set up a tent to camp out at that site. thank you. this morning we have more clarity even with some races still in limbo. steve kornacki, a new house and senate is starting to take shape. and you are breaking that down. >> let's take a big picture look. we were looking at this incrementally election night. this is the big picture for the house right now. you see this is sort of the target list for democrats. all the republican held seats that they were trying to flip. and right now, we have the testimonies with a gain of 31 seats. but as you say, there is still more to come. we have ten uncalled races right here in six of these uncalled races, the democrats now have the lead. there are a couple more where they may overtake the republicans. so when all of the counting is done, that democratic gain is
7:34 am
probably going to sit in the high 30s, and it could actually hit 40 seats. remember what they needed is to win 23. where did it come from? where did this democratic surge come from? here is a very interesting way of looking at it. what you see on this list, these were all going into the election. these were all the republican held seats that had already voted for hillary clinton back in 2016. in other words, they didn't like donald trump in 2016, they still sent a republican back to washington. a lot of these were suburban sdwriblgt districts. and two years later, look how many of these districts flip blue. like colorado's 6th district, this is a republican incumbent, and these are the suburbs, white collar professionals, hirehire
7:35 am
higher income, a double digit loss. and kansas city sub lushurbsubu could actually press the button, look at that, suburbs outside new york city. again, they were willing to reelect republicans in 2016, but they didn't like donald trump two years later, and the message from these suburbs is it is not just trump, it is anybody with trump's party lafbl. th -- label. obviously a troubling sign if you are a republican going forward. and the other thing i think that is interesting is if you start to look at the national map that came into focus here, national congressional map, the gain that the democrats made were also in some unlikely suburbs. if you go to the south, the 6th district of georgia, this is a suburban district outside of atlanta, but it still voted for trump in 2016. and remember there was that special election in early 2017
7:36 am
where democrats spent $30 million and they tried to flip it. and they tried again and this time they won. in the suburbs outside atlanta, they have been trending a little bit toward the democrats. and trending even more now. that is the other story to emerge. democratic gains in suburb in the sun belt, not just the suburbs. >> steve kornacki at the big board, thank you much. this morning we've been talking about the power of the first laid he first ladies. and one just sat down with jenna bush hager. what she's saying about the challenges of living in the white house, raising kids as first lady and what is next to her. kids as first lady and what is next to her. you do. let's clear a path. let's put down roots. let's build something. let's do the thing that you do. let's do the thing that changes the shape of everything...
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because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. we've seen three first ladies all making headlines. melania trump call youing fing h level staffer to be fired. and then there is hillary clinton again facing her h husband's affair with monica lewinsky. and michelle obama talking with jenna bush hager about her new memoir. >> i think that the political discourse the way that it is shown in the media is it is all the nasty parts of it. we're all americans. we all care about our family and our kids and we're trying to get ahead.
7:41 am
we have different ideas about what is the best way to get there. i think in america's heart that is where we want to be. and i think that our relationship reminds us that we can get there. >> joining us now is former policy director for michelle obama. and great to have you on again. so let me ask you this, you know this woman. you know michelle boobama. i think what we're seeing is a different michelle obama, a different side of her. >> it is the most authentnd you ver version that we've seen. in terms of the demand for hearing her voice, it is that voice of reason, that voice of authenticity in a very divisive climate, i think it is why people are so excited about "becoming." >> and melania trump is coming out of her office now real
7:42 am
flexing her muscle saying of mira ricardel that she should no longer deserve the honor of serving inside the trump administration. you were inside the first lady's office. this is an extraordinary moment for any first lady. >> yeah. melania trump has said to us that she is fiercely independent and a great example of that is calling for the public firing of her less than an hour after she was standing by her husband's side. and you know, this is not unusual in the sense that abigail adams expressed her opinion, nancy reagan, hillary clinton had issues with some white house officials. but that has historically been part of the white house, you know, palace intrigue and part of private conversations between the west wing and the east wing. so to me, that i think perhaps is a reflection that there were private conversations that happened before that enough wasn't done necessarily. there are some press reports about how she spoke as to john
7:43 am
kelly about this. and that she was upset enough to escalate into releasing what i believe is probably the first white house press release issuance calling for a resignation or -- >> and now her husband is in this position of either validating her or frankly embarrassing her by not doing anything about ricardmira ricar. >> this sets somebody up to look weak which is not what you want. >> so melania trump, michelle ballistic missile and then there is hillary clinton. so she is not directly in the news, but monica lewinsky is.mi is hillary clinton. so she is not directly in the news, but monica lewinsky is. the new docu-series has a look at the clinton affair. here is what she had to say about being questioned about what happened with bill clinton. watch. >> i would be hysterically crying and then i'd just shut down. and in the shutdown period, i remember looking out the window and thinking that the only way to fix this was to kill myself,
7:44 am
was to jump out the win do doww. i felt terrible. i was scared and i just -- i was more fil mority filed and afraid of what this was going to do to my family. and you know, i still was in love with bill at the time. so i felt really responsible. >> are the clintons ever going to be able to escape this. >> politicbill clinton was ill impeached because of this, so no. >> and lewinsky said if she spoke to hrillary clinton, she would tell her about how sorry she is. >> and power dynamic in the
7:45 am
workplace has changed so much that now everybody is looking at it in a new light and it feels like monica lewinsky feels more empowered to speak to this. >> and in the next hour, jen in bush craiger will have more of her conversation with michelle obama and himsemhimse and also n him. and nancy pelosi turning on the charm offensive, how she is trying to woo new and wavering democrats to get back in the speaker's office. fancy dinners, night thes on the town, deployment of party big wigs. that is next. xt
7:46 am
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you are looking live at all the new members of the house of representatives posing for their freshman class photo. this is live on the steps of the capitol showing members by the way from both parties. plenty of traf of photographers for s that shot. right now nancy pelosi is about the art of the woo to reclaimler old post as speaker of the house. politico reports that that is in fill force. private meetings, deployment of
7:50 am
big wigs, lavish dinners. so far 12 incoming house democrats by our nbc news count have promised to vote against pelosi though. she has 50 days until the house votes its next speaker. just yesterday a protest gathered inside pelosi's office including alexandria ocasio-cortez from new york. joining me now is democratic new york congresswoman nita lowey. a lot of those freshman members filed right past you. thank you for being here with us as they went to take that picture. 12 of your incoming democratic colleagues say they are not going to vote for nancy pelosi. what is she doing to win them over, and is she taking any challenge to her leadership seriously in your view? >> i want to make it very clear, nancy pelosi has been a strong, has been an effective leader. she will be the speaker of the house. and if there are new people coming in and have different
7:51 am
voices whispering in their ears, there are many of us working together to ensure that nancy pelosi will be the speaker. >> okay. so you think -- you say she's going to be the speaker, but that still leaves the question, is she doing anything to win over those incoming freshman who oppose her, or is it opposition be damned? >> i want to make it clear, as an elected official, we never take anything for granted, and i am confident that the speaker is reaching out to people. i'm talking to people. we're all talking to each other. this is an exciting time. we will be the leaders of the house, and the nancy pelosi will be the speaker because she's worked for it. she deserves it. she's competent. she's smart. she's political, and she will be the best speaker we have had. >> she also has a pretty big challenge, congresswoman, if she does end up being speaker. that is trying to bring some of these new progressive voices as you just talked about into the fold. what will she do to try to unite
7:52 am
the caucus, to try to speak to some of those members? >> look, the democratic caucus has always been a big tent. we have people from the right, from the center, from the left, and that's what makes legislating so exciting. we take everyone's point of view. we all represent our constituent, and when we get together we have good debates and then we come out with success on appropriations of which i hope i'll be the chair, we have many members with differing points of view, different parts of the country, but we come up with a great bill that serves the united states of america. >> there's been talk about this transition period. what specifically, what concrete steps are being taken now in this transition that is inclusive of those members who don't see eye to eye with nancy pelosi? get specific. >> i'll be very specific. i have the privilege o'f meetin with each and every new member. i want to hear what's on their
7:53 am
mind, i want to hear what they need for the district, so when we begin the appropriations process, i can be responsive to their needs because they were elected to serve their district, and of course the united states of america. so specifically i'm meeting with every member, hearing their concerns, and i know we're going to work together to have have a great appropriations process. >> let me ask you again, leader pelosi, is she taking any potential challenge to her leadership seriously? and i know you're saying hey, she thinks she's going to win. she feels confident, you feel confident, but is there any concern that this caucus of incoming freshman could end up being problematic down the road for democrats? >> i want to make very clear, as an elected official, as an elected member of congress, we run every two years. i never take anything for granted. leader pelosi doesn't take anything for granted. she's meeting with every new member. she's talking to the members who have been here, so i feel confident that nancy pelosi will be the speaker, and it's going
7:54 am
to take a lot of discussions together to put together our agenda, but there is no one who is more capable than nancy pelosi. >> thank you very much for joining us. i appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be right back with what our sources are saying in today's big picture. ♪ ♪ i'm all for my neighborhood. i'm all for backing the community that's made me who i am. i'm all for my theatre, my barbershop and my friends. because the community doesn't just have small businesses, it is small businesses.
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time for our sources say. tamara sahil here. what are you working on? >> my democratic sources are saying that the lesson they've
7:58 am
decided they learned from 2016 and 2018 is to not fight the battles president trump wants to fight. don't take the bait. they were happy to engage on things like immigration and the muslim ban. that did not work for them. in 2018 they fought economic battles like health care and taxes and won those arguments. they believe that economic argument on things like health care and taxes is going to be the key to winning the upper midwest they lost in '16. >> vice president pence is in asia. he met with the leader of myanmar and pressed her to release those reuters journalists who have been held there. an administration official came back, talked to the press pool, said that the vice president pushed again and again on this about american values, about defending the freedom of the press and how that is an important democratic value, which is an interesting contrast given that the white house is going to be in court today over taking away access to the white house from cnn. >> fox reportedly filing a
7:59 am
friend of the court brief in support. that is a critical story. thank you both by the way. you're setting us up well for the big picture. we're also following vice president pence's trip overseas. a refugee girl with tears streaming down her face. she's one of the 700,000 rohingyas forced to flee because of ethnic cleansing. vice president pence delivered a fierce warning to the leader of myanmar saying her country's violence against that group is without excuse, pressing her to hold those responsible accountable. pence now becomes i think the senior most u.s. official to deliver that warning in person to myanmar's leader, critical stuff and a story we will continue to follow. the photographer here for afp via getty images. that does it for us for this hour of msnbc live. craig melvin takes the helm. >> i want to come back to you on your exclusive reporting. craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york city.
8:00 am
under pressure, multiple reports now that president trump is angry, furious even over those midterm losses and criticism of his weekend trip to paris. that anger could mean pink slips at the white house. will chief of staff john kelly be next to go? what about the staffer, the first lady says should go. former trump insider omarosa manigault newman is here. she'll join me in a few moments. congress back in session. some dems aren't sure she should be the next speaker. reports that democrats have the votes to unseat ms. pelosi. who would take her place? and bush and obama, jenna bush hager and michelle obama sit down for an intimate conversation. we'll start at the white house, the white house having a far more difficult time. on capitol hill today we've seen


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