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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 20, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> the hbo documentary from "we are not done yet" is currently available from hbo and on demand. that does it for us this morning. >> hi there, everyone, i'm stephanie ruhle with a lot to cover, starting with another scandal. a new report about first daughter trump used an account to send hundreds of e-mails to government officials, very reminiscent of what president trump attacked hillary clinton repeatedly doing during the 2016 campaign. >> yes, look, it did appear to be critical, it looks bad for sure. >> thousands of u.s. troops are set to leave the southwest border despite president trump's assertions they're needed there to prevent migrants from entering the country.
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from big boom to maybe a bear. stocks show the strain and concerns of privacy lapses, slowing growth and the possibility of new regulation. >> tech and our whole industry is in a crisis. it's addictive. it's not good for you. >> ivanka trump. her lawyer now admitting she used her private personal e-mail to communicate with white house officials. here's a question for the president. if hillary clinton using a private account was a jailable offense, doesn't your daughter deserve the right punishment? i want to tell you exactly what's going on. a spokesperson for ivanka trump's attorney is now admitting she, quote, occasionally used her private e-mail to communicate with cabinet officials last year. according to "the washington
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post," that could be a violation of federal records rules. ivanka was reportedly using a private server, even after she became a presidential adviser in the spring of last year. her attorney says she stopped using it once she was aware of the potential violation. after she was given an account but until the white house provided her the same guidance they gave others, ms. trump sometimes used her personal account. there's a striking similarity to the same bad practices president trump slammed hillary clinton for during the 2016 campaign. >> i guarantee you one thing, we're going to be talking about those e-mails every moment of every day. >> crooked hillary's e-mails. how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her e-mails?
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this is the biggest scandal since watergate. how about if she's running the country? she can't even run an e-mail. she should be in prison. >> in both cases, these women used private e-mail accounts to communicate with government officials. both women used private attorneys to determine which e-mails should be reviewed. there's important differences as well. it appears to cover seven months from february 2017 to last fall. hillary clinton used it for all four years she served. according to people familiar with an internal review that began last year, trump's attorney found more than 1,000 e-mails that discussed her schedule. by comparison, clinton was
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determined that about 40,000 of clinton e-mails addressed official business and had to be turned over to the state department. another 31,000 e-mails after clinton determined they were pe pe personal. trump's attorney insists none of her e-mails contain classified information. on the other hand, the department concluded in some cases they were marked top secret. i want to bring in nbc's kristen welker at the white house. i'm going to start with this -- what? >> i think that's what a lot of democrats and republicans are asking, steph. bottom line, you have this group saying we need to know if there was classified information that
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was transmitted. they say that's the baseline. the height of this they say is this is typical. because of all the sound bites, trump lashing out at hillary clinton for using her personal e-mail. so what happened next? well, i can tell you that democrats are signaling they're going to investigate. they of course are about to have control of the house of representatives and that's going to make all of the difference in this. elijah cummings who was expected to become the chair has said he's going to investigate. another spokesperson says it's fair to expect they will investigate. it's not just ivanka, it's also her husband jared. last year there were some saying
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he used his personal e-mail for business. of course this white house already bracing for a number of investigations and subpoenas. and it looks like they now have one more to add, steph. >> the drama never ends. i want to bring in the executive director of the liberal ethics watchdog group american oversight. austin, you're the one who requested all this. tell us how you found out. >> we started from the predicate that it was odd for the president's daughter to be working in the white house at all. we wanted to get a glimpse of what her government business was look like. so we went out to the federal agencies and asked for her e-mails with cabinet officials and other appointees. what we got back was both government business proving she was an employee and we saw on her personal e-mail. a lot of people shrugged, okay,
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she uses it occasionally. now we know, thanks to "the washington post," that her use was extensive and the only reason she stopped was american oversight went to court to demand those records. i'm not sure there's anyone in the country, let alone the trump family who can claim they don't know the rules. so we're seeing somebody who thinks she's above the law. >> one of the complaints about hillary clinton e-mail was they contained sensitive information. know ivanka's attorney's spokesperson said it was all logistics, travel. is that the case? >> we're taking the word of someone who does not work for the american people. he works for ivanka trump. he has a duty of loyalty to e ivanka trump. we don't yet know what review
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was done. if you go back to march 10th, 2015, hillary clinton said none of my e-mails weren't marked classified. what we found, doesn't mean national security professionals agree with her. he talked about logistics. what could be more security sensitive than the location of the first daughter? we still don't know what wasn't turned over. they haven't articulated the standard her lawyers used. if she's e-mailing folks about her personal opinions on foreign leaders, that's probably a government record. and her opinions as a government official is probably classified. >> you made an important point. this is a government attorney. this isn't someone who represents the american people. it's ivanka's own private
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attorney. would it be normal practice for someone in the white house who -- would they be working with a private attorney or white house attorney? >> so in the normal course, you have the opportunity to get it into the official record system on your own. you don't need to get ethics officials to help. just follow the rules. here, you've got a large extent of e-mail from ivanka trump. she brought in a criminal defense lawyer to help her go through it. i think we're at a moment right now where we need congress to step in and i would point out that trey gowdy is still the chairman of the oversight committee. there is a standard of investigation already established. ivanka can go and ask questions privately, publicly. clinton did it for is 11 hours.
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the groups like american oversight are going to doggedly push it from the outside and hope hopelyfully the white house will answer questions. >> let's goes to my panel. evan siegfried, a pretty sunny republican strategist. clinton said the use of her private e-mail server was a mistake, asking the american people for the benefit of the doubt. >> first of all, it may have cost her the election. >> right. >> but it's -- how do you do the same thing after you saw that act be one of the key things that took hillary clinton down? it's just mystifying. we haven't heard from ivanka. all we've heard from is her lawyer. that was an excellent point, her
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lawyer, not the people's lawyer. >> not the white house lawyer. >> another thing that was really interesting is i'm assuming that they're putting her e-mails through the same process as they did hillary clinton's to decide what is sensitive. they're putting it through the law firm's process which may have no relationship to what the government's process is. >> evan, it is mystifying. but here's what i want to know, does it matter? does it matter in a post-truth world. when he's saying, trump talked all about it on the campaign trail. i heard "lock her up" chants two weeks ago. what will this mean to the narrative about "lock her up" you deceitful liar when ivanka trump did the same thing? how can you possibly continue to do this while standing by your
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father as you attacked over and over hillary clinton? >> -- the temerity for going after ivanka trump. the lawyer who happens -- if they're taking abby lowell's word. asked and answered, move on. do as i say, not as i do moment. also highlight the problem of nepotism in the white house. >> we're familiar with nepotism. when does this become a real issue? we learned just last month ivanka trump got more trademarks from china while we're in the middle of a trade war? remember, ivanka said she was going to spend more time at the white house and the next thing you know she's getting this deal in china. >> look, the question of what is
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government, what is business and what is family is a very hard question to answer. it all seems to be at the end of the day about family and what they can get about anything. it's a question about who she e-mails and how she expresses her opinion about international issues is critical. we've seen her benefit financially. we know jared is setting himself to benefit in any way when and if he leaves the white house. i think the whole sense of her continuing to be involved in business, which she is, 1,000%. >> they're making more money being in washington, capitalizing, then they did in new york city selling shoes. i want to talk about a great american. we're seeing the white house, a lot of the gop, doubling down on
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the criticism of retired at michel william. lots of those in government coming to the defense. >> it's not about republicans and democrats. admiral is the reason. and president obama approved it. >> the attack on bill, he's a natural hero who's given his life to this country. it was just another indicator that makes me wonder how sincere he is about supporting the military. >> i just think that trump is envious of the great respect people have for admiral mccraven. >> he was not on hillary clinton's short list to be vp.
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he was actually on a short list for a position in the trump administration. why would president trump pick this fight? and why does the gop back him up? >> trump has gotten into fights and insulted the military since day one. he liked people who aren't fractured. he attacked the father of a -- or a gold star father. with david johnson, when he was killed last year in the niger operation, his phone call to comfort the widow make things worse. he didn't go last monday to arlington because he was making phone calls. >> why? ways the strategy? >> well, i think you can't really always use the word -- rarely can you use the word strategy and donald trump together. >> he does have a strategy. he lives inside of the white
6:16 am
house and we don't. >> often what takes over potential strategy is his own emotions and his own temper. the admiral in his opinion grossly criticized him, right, or whatever word he used. he stood up for the first amendment, a life he's put his life on the line for for 37 years. the president has no ability to control his emotion in the moment. he gets asked, he responds. >> you explain the gop. i'm going to read the tweet that was sent out from the rnc. here we go. worth noting, after recent comments, retired at michelle william mccraven was on hillary clinton's short list. no, he wasn't. he's been critical of trump even dating back to the '16 campaign.
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>> jennifer lawrence is on my list of the next girl to ask out but that doesn't mean she'll go. it's so ridiculous. >> and why would mcdaniel do such a thing? i don't understand what motivates her. i understand what motivates a thin skinned president. but the rnc and all of the people out there who supported them for years. >> worshipping at the altar of trump. and right now, we have a president who's going and attacking the military, disgusting. but is too afraid to visit troops overseas? give me a break. he's coward in chief, disgusting. >> the gop has lost its sole. >> time to get it on back. there's always a new day tomorrow.
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get better. coming up, a federal judge takes action against the president's ban on migrants who are crossing the border to seek asylum. plus, the president rushed troops to the border before the midterms. he said they were needed to protect americans from what he called an invasion. then he stopped talking about it and now there's reports those troops were seen coming home. i'm thrilled they're coming home. i really want to understand what's the strategy, president trump? by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ - [narrator] for powerful suction, you need a shark. with two swappable batteries,
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the 5,800 troops rushed to the southwest border at a cost expected to top $220 million to prepare for the migrant caravan, now they're expected to start heading home. these troops are being pulled back and expected to make it home for christmas holidays. this, just as the first migrant caravan is just reaching the border. a federal judge temporarily blocked the administration. i want to bring in bill henigan. i urge you to pick up the latest issue which focuses on the question who gets to be an american. that is an important question.
6:23 am
i got a feeling people will talk about it. you spent time with these troops sent to the border. tell me what they're doing. >> a lot of them are burning time. i mean, there's just too many of them and not much to do. there are engineering companies down by the border that are welding razor wire to the border there. but for the most part, i mean, there's thousands of guys just -- and gals just standing around. >> i want to stay on that. what are they telling you? i know you spoke to an army captain who was responsible for this deployment. so when you talk to him, when you sit down with others, do they call it invasion? how do they feel about immigration? >> well, stephanie, you got with a lot of army guys and gals.
6:24 am
i mean, they see it as a mission. they know they need to carry it out. but they only had a week, four or five days to prepare. usually you get four months to set your deployment up. they didn't know what equipment to bring so they brought a lot of heavy equipment, graders and these sorts of things, only to arrive at the border and find out this is not the material they needed. they needed welders. they needed people to know how to put up brackets and these things. this is completely out of their wheel house. >> do they consider it a crisis situation? before the midterms, we saw that. we saw the president and others talk about this invasion. when we talk to those around the country, they are very scared, when you were there, the military people were there, do they consider this situation a dire one, an urgent one? >> i would not say that.
6:25 am
but to that point, i don't think i've ever come across somebody serving in the military to really believe the threat they're facing is something they couldn't overcome. there was, you know, there are officers there that understand the need for national security along the border and they felt like what they were doing was something they could handle. but it was certainly not something they felt like they were going to be overmatched by. >> they could handle it, but i could ask why are they handling it? you said three days of shivering with military units in arizona shows the country not defined by its border but deeply divided. we remain uncertain about the place of immigrants in our communities. i think defining our values is
6:26 am
probably the important thing. you also talk chuck hagel. a vet nam war veteran. he says trump is using the military as a political pawn. we just spend time with those troops. do they feel like pawns? >> you know, troops are going to serve the mission that they're called upon. i do think they look around and, you know, they're on a so-called deployment and they feel like, you know, look, right over the corner, i could see a chili's and a burger king. there's cities they built out of nothing in the middle of the desert with 170 tents -- >> for what purpose? >> well, you know, if you talk to a guy like chuck hagel, he'll
6:27 am
tell you about complete political gain, a stunt to rally up the base. then you'll hear others on the other side will say, well, this is a -- our border's being overrun and we need to do something. the question is whether or not it's the u.s. military's job to do these missions. what i witnessed there was them figuring out on the fly how to make these orders work in order to accomplish the president's goal. it's not something they're, you know, that they knew how to do before they got there. >> well, this was an amazing piece, amazing issue. who gets to be an american. i just keep thinking about the number, $220 million spent to send them down there. i want a lot of money to go to those men and women who are waiting for their payments. remember that gi glitch. call your local congressman.
6:28 am
have the vets be paid the money they're owed. it's important. thanks again, bill. coming up, some important tech stocks take a beating. the opening bell moments away. in baltimore, a community sees new life rise from ruin. in southern california, a small family business becomes a beacon of hope. in seattle, people with disabilities create success and shatter barriers. day in, day out, people prove that when we work as one, we have the power to create better futures for us all.
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it is time for money, power, politics. the stock market is showing signs of a slowdown. we're one minute into the trading day and market's down 400. this could be a toughy. yesterday, the popular tech stocks including facebook, amazon, alphabet, closed down at least 20% from their one-year highs. two of my favors, dominic chu and politico's chief economic correspondent and cnbc contributor, ben white. dom, i got to start with you, down 400, what is going on? >> you hit the nail on the head. the idea that there's leadership in the marketplace and it's because of technology and communication services. you mentioned all those
6:33 am
fang-type stocks, facebook, amazon, and google's parent company alphabet. they're down 20% or more from their recent record highs. at this stage, through yesterday's close, those five stocks alone have shaved off close to is trillion worth of market value lost. so this is a real change in sentiment. it's going to be an issue of something bigger and broader. right now, just saying maybe more to come here. >> walk me through exactly why, ben, yes, we know facebook, to say they're under pressure is an understatement. a bit of a disastrous situation in terms of headlines. but their user base is growing. is it actually a big deal?
6:34 am
>> it's a big deal. facebook faces regulatory problems. there's risks now that they're under scrutiny on many different levels. then you look at the economy we have and going into next year, chances of a slowdown in the economy. then the threat a trade war. these are companies, global technology companies, that have global supply chains. particularly importing from china. if that costs more, that means the stock isn't worth as much. >> we saw tim cook say he thinks regulation is a good idea, but changing privacy laws is not going to impact apple. why is apple getting hit? is it all about the trade war? >> the trade war certainly factors into this because apple gets a large chunk of business from that region. the issue for apple is whether or not there's a possible slowdown in demand for its top
6:35 am
selling iphone models. it released a new slate of ipho iphones. people are paying more than $1,000 for a smart phone. some reports hinting at the possibility that consumers are not paying as much for these smart phones. that particular cause for concern is what's driving some of these apple stocks lower because it's seen as the biggest factor for apple, that is the iphone. >> i mean, 1,000 bucks for a phone? that's a lot. about the trade war with china, the president floated out, getting close to penning a deal. we knew this was nonsense because by 10 clock that evening, larry kudlow and others were saying don't know about any
6:36 am
deal. >> with respect to the podcast, i had kudlow talking about this very thing, there is no china deal about to be signed. the big deal is trump going to the g-20. he's going to sit down with ping from china. they set up further talks to get to a deal. the biggest threat facing this economy in 2019 is a trade war with china going out of control. trump has got to start the process of getting to a deal with jinping. this is the whole ring about the policy. it's all about personal relationships. if they don't go well, trade deals don't get made. >> i'm watching the g-20. i'm looking every day for the trade deal the president talked
6:37 am
about and i'll be asking the white house about the middle class tax cut. midterms have passed, so i can't wait to see it. we'll leave it there. ahead of thanksgiving, i want to talk about sacrifice, service. my next guest, he lost his daughter, his 15-year-old jamie, in the parkland shooting, but he has moved his loss to help others, to help our children. he is expecting nothing in return. this man's tireless fight, an important lesson we can all learn from this thanksgiving. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. authorities say a police officer and a doctor were killed at a local hospital yesterday afternoon in what appears to be a result of a domestic dispute. just a couple days away from thanksgiving, at a time like this, i can only think about the families who are preparing for holidays and will no longer have the warm embrace of their loved ones. some families are dealing with these tragedies. for my guest, who lost his daughter jamie in the parkland
6:42 am
shooting, and his work has included becoming an advocate for gun reform in america. it's extraordinary. fred, welcome. we got to talk about gun violence. because despite all that you're doing, according to trace, there have been more than 50,000 shootings this year alone. the midterms are just the start of your fight for gun reform. what message do you want lawmakers to remember over the holidays? >> that it could be them next if they don't act. it could be someone they love next if they don't act. it could happen while they're walking to a restaurant if they don't act. this doesn't just happen in school. it happens in the hospital. my sister works in a hospital. it could have been her yesterday. if we don't take seriously the
6:43 am
threat of gun violence to our safety and our rights to life, then shame on us. the good news is, this election, the voters did speak. legislators, and we hired legislators that are committed to it. >> let's talk about this. at least 17 leaning left democrats. and more than 2,000 gun rights proponents, they lost their feet. what is it going to mean now that those people are in office? >> so as far as i'm concerned and as i travel the country, i made it clear this needs to be a mandate issue, a top priority. which means in january i expect them to start acting on it. i expect hearings. i expect an effort out of the
6:44 am
house to pass gun control safety. i was hoping we would actually fire mitch mcconnell from leadership because he made it clear where he stands just to do nothing. we'll get our chance at that in two years. right now, we need to force action through the house. i do believe that's going to happen immediately when they all return in january. >> what about in your home state of florida? we're seeing nra-backed candidates win. this is your back yard. >> but here's the thing. the most important position in the state of florida when it comes to guns was actually the commissioner of agriculture. they oversee the process on the issue of licenses and permits. democratic candidate, she won. florida did speak about gun safety and they elected the candidate who is going to
6:45 am
actually reverse course and kick the nra out of the process of issuing licenses in the state. yes, we have governor desantis. i hope i get a chance to meet with him. he has said some things in the past around the law that concern me. i'm going to go forward assuming we can actually, you know, make that the reality. nicky freed won in florida. she has more of a direct role with guns than any other official in the state. >> thank you for your work. thank you for caring about this effort for my kids. this is the first thanksgiving where you're not going to have jamie. walk us through, what's the next few days like? also, this has been a long nine months. in the last week, a whole new set of parents in thousand oaks, california. families yesterday in chicago.
6:46 am
lost people. what do you say to them? because i promise we're thinking about you on thanksgiving. >> well, i'm not going to say thoughts and prayers but i am going to say i am here for you. i've been through this. i will hold your hand and walk you through what to expect. you will get through it. there is a path forward. but it's not going to be easy. and the hardest thing for me this year, and you brought up thanksgiving, it's every day is the new first reminder of what we miss. for my family, we're not doing thanksgiving this year. i can't have a feast -- well, my wife and i and my son will take the two dogs and we're going to go visit jamie in the cemetery in the morning. we'll be together as a family on thanksgiving. beyond that, i'm sorry, beyond
6:47 am
that, we'll take ourselves out to eat. we just -- it's just, it's not, you know, it's our first thanksgiving and i don't know another way to do it, you know, but we will definitely go spend time with jamie. >> before we go, i'm amazed at how you find the light every day. you have chosen to work on gun reform every day. people in your position could hide under the covers and be angry at the world but instead you've taken the opposite approach. how difficult is it? i'm amazed. >> you know what, stephanie, every second, as i'm speaking to you today, i have the image of my daughter in my head running down the hallway with an active shooter at her back. because i can't, it's sort of forcing me to do something.
6:48 am
because i just know as a country we can do better. i just know as a country it's my effort leads at some point to reductions in gun violence and the saving of lives, then i will have found a purpose. but jamie's in my head every second, every day. knowing the fear and anxiety she suffered. i'll never have that kind of fear and anxiety. i do it for jamie. i don't know what else to do. i can't stop. i can't go backwards. i can't hug her. i can't say "i love you" anymore. but i can fight for her. and all the other grown-ups. because these kids need parents. so this is my mission. i don't know a way back. >> i'm speaking for me and my kids, i thank you so, so much,
6:49 am
fred. every time i think about the division in the country and the loss of civility and the loss of decent i, i remember you and your daughter. i wish you a happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, you, too. >> we'll be right back. back what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand-new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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today in the state of massachusetts is making history as the first recreational marijuana shop on the east coast officially opens for big. they voted to legalize pot in 2016, but it took until now to work out the details. the business is expected to bring in additional revenue, with sales expected to be in the bill i don't think. stephanie gosk is on the scene in north hampton, mass. i'm guessing the news has to be positive. are they bringing pot instead of pumpkin pie this year for thanksgiving? >> reporter: maybe, or maybe they're just adding it to pie. new englanders are pretty hardy, but this weather is brutal, it is cold, sleeting, but still they have come here. this is one of only two shops
6:54 am
opening today to sell pot recreational. they expect more to open in the coming weeks. we've been chatting with a lot of people here, who tell us it was important to be here to mark history this is what a veteran from vietnam had to say. how has marijuana specifically helped? >> i have ptsd, okay? it puts my mind in neutral. ptsd is like running a tape over in your head, over and over. this stops that for a while. >> reporter: there are now ten states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. that number is likely to grow. it is still against the law, cord to the federal government, but, steph, 63% of americans say they want it legalized nationwide. >> well, it's a big, big business. stephanie, thank you so much. go inside.
6:55 am
nothing is worth being out in the rain like that, certainly not waiting in line for weed. coming up, the mid terms are not over yesterday. democrats hope to pick up a senate seat in the deep red state of mississippi. the next runoff, the election is even getting tighter as a controversial what she calls them jokes about attending a public hanging and voter suppression. oddly i'm just not laughing. suppression. oddly i'm just not laughing. hey dad. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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you know one thing about me, i always end the show the same way. no matter what, there's always good news, and good news rules. thanksgiving is a time not just to have turkey and football, but to reflect on what you're grateful for. this year i'm grateful for those in my community working to make it a better place for all. mice good friend christine quinn comes here all the time because she's an amazing person. talk about the nonprofit you work for, what do you with women and children in need, and the fact today this morning you're packing up hundreds of turkeys to give people a better holiday. >> women in need, we are the largest provider of shelter and permanent support of housing for new york families. >> this isn't just a hot meal and a cot. >> full holistic services record
7:00 am
highs are families with children. this morning with feeding nyc, they'll all get turkeys, fixings, and have dinner in their home shelter. it's winnyc. >> please, give if you can. coming up, more nwith someo i am luthankful for every damn day. >> you too. the dow is down. what is behind this? and when the bleeding may stop. also this morning it's all about her e-mails. no, not hers, hers, ivanka's, how ironic, using her


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