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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  November 20, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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conversation at the y. remember, follow the show online, on facebook, on twitter, @andreamitchell reports. >> andrea, thank you. good morning, everyone. i'm ali velshi. stephanie's off. it's tuesday november 20th. let's get smarter. as of now if you invested any of your money, that money is gone. >> we know that's the reality of it. and you've got roughly a month left so we'll see how the year ends. >> first daughter has some explaining to do after reportedly sending hundreds of e-mails about government business using a personal e-mail account. here's a question for the president. if hillary clinton's use of a
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private account was a jailable offense, does your daughter deserve a similar punishment? >> it looks bad, for sure. >> you feel like she broke the law? >> that will be a question for us after we know more about the facts and the evidence. >> what's becoming a theme for president trump as of late, losses. here's the latest, federal judge temporarily blocking his order curtailing assignment applicati applications. >> the troops went to the border at a cost expected to top $220 million to prepare for the migrant caravan. now they're expected to start heading home. >> there's thousands of guys and gals just standing around, wondering why they're there. >> the pentagon is trying to figure out what trump wants. >> two shops in missouri start selling marijuana today, the
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first legal recreational pot available in mississippi. >> i've been waiting for this a long time. >> i probably dreamed about it in high school this day would happen. it's amazing. >> we get to the weed later. breaking news. the continuing sell-off on wall street after yesterday's steep losses. the dow is down 445 points. it was down nearly 600 points this morning. the s&p 500 briefly touched correction territory. it was down 10% from its most recent record high, which was september. the dow and the s&p are now negative for the year, meaning all gains for the year have been wiped out. believe it or not, the nasdaq is up 1%. joining me is cnbc's
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contributor, my old friend. >> might want to wait on the weed, by the way -- >> that's right. ron, what's going on here? we've got interest rates going up. we've got a trade war continuing. >> what's really happening is we may have seen cuts. that's likely, unlikely to be duplicated next year. there's a global economic slow down exacerbated. emerging markets have sold off. we have something worldwide going on here. anticipating possibly a slowdown around the world. >> with the trade war, there's been some sense if the president pulling out of it, the market
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goes up. the problem here is we're into this expansion. economists of every political stripe think at some point there might be a reception. >> right, unless there's some enormous mystery -- >> is there a point with the trade war continuing, that could be the thing that get us to the point of reception? >> larry and i have argued these points. we're very close friends with this particular issue. we're starting to see yellow warning signs of an impending slowdown. slowdown's fair. maybe back to the 1%, 2%. those will pass very quickly. they didn't stimulate spending. >> many have not anticipated? >> right, it's not real likely
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to happen. i'm not blaming any normal economic cycles. he had said if you cut these taxes, we're going to see larger than normal economic growth. >> about $1 trillion worth. we saw two pops in gdp. and the sustainability of this economic cycle is not just dependent on a one time shot in the arm. we have more jobs than we have workers. that's slowing down economic growth. i think you have, you know, a garden variety, what may be a correction of bear market in stocks and maybe a garden variety recession. we're starting to see the forecast for gdp, 2.5%. and we're seeing the stock market reflect that. we've also had some very huge
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run-ups, stocks in apple and amazon. >> that's why today is relevant. gains for the year gone today. but that's important. i'd have gotten more money by putting my investments into a bank. >> if you started the year clean. it's all about -- >> invested in 2009 when the market was at its bottom. this has not been a good year. >> no, it's not. flat is for now the new up. what i'm concerned about is we might see the presidential cycle in reverse. normally when new presidents come in, they take their economic pain up front and then stimulate the economy as you move towards recession. instead, the president may have front loaded this and we'll seed
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if there's a piper to pay on the backhand. we are seeing the markets begin to sniff out a slowdown in corporate profits and certainly on the growth. >> ron, good to see you always always. all right, we're following breaking news from the white house. . president said the united states is, quote, standing with saudi arabia after the killing of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. the cia reportedly concluded saudi's crown prince salman ordered the murder. president trump's statement said they vigorously deny any planning of the execution, of the murder of mr. khashoggi. our intelligence agencies continue to trust all
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information but it could very well be the king had knowledge of this event. maybe he did, maybe he didn't. that's in a statement from the white house. the administration has barred 21 saudis. joining me live is yamiche elcindor. this statement is weird. it sounds like a gathering of tweets more than a white house statement. what do you make of it? >> it sounds like it's something the president either personally dictated or wrote himself. you look at not only the long-windedness of the statement. the idea there's exclamation points. that's something you can easily
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see president trump tweeting. it starts with this long kind of history of what saudi arabia is doing to help. but in reality wants to know is whether or not he's going to stand by a government that may have murdered a journalist. then he says basically this could have been something the crown prince did, but we have so much interest in saudi arabia and yemen that we're going to stick by these people. it's one i think that does sound for -- it sounds like something the president is experienceally involved in. >> he made a reference. he said some people suggest that khashoggi may have been involved in the muslim brotherhood and extremist groups. he sort of slips in this victim blaming and moves away from it. >> there are people who have called khashoggi as an enemy of
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the state. so it is a troubling -- it is a troubling insert there where he's saying just in case on the side this person almost could have been a part of a terrorist group. be annously the fact he's included this is the statement itself. they're going to be a lot of people who see this as attacking this journalist after he's been murdered. >> that turns to journalists and others who say things, but maybe more importantly than the ten e tenure. >> the president says we don't know all the information and we may never know. what we do know is intelligence
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agencies have concluded that the prince has been involved in this and it's obvious that the leadership of saudi arabia was involved. this of course remains a lot of people of the president for a long time was not accepting for the fact that russia was interfering with our politics. >> good to talk to you, appreciate it. hillary clinton probably lost the election over her private e-mail scandal. now president trumps own senior adviser and daughter. first, wall street pulling its 2000 donation to gop
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new e-mail is reopening their investigation into hillary clinton. we could speak about hillary clinton's many crimes against this country. and her efforts to conceal those crimes by destroying 33,000 e-mails. >> lock her up! >> how about if she's running our country? she can't even run e-mail. just look at how she botched up e-mails. >> well, well, well, what goes around comes around. after that hammering you just heard of hillary clinton for using a private e-mail server to conduct government business. what you heard was just from the final ten days of the presidential campaign. now president trump's own daughter ivanka is under fire for her use of private e-mail to
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send official government e-mails. in this headline, this isn't actually today's. this headline is from more than a week ago. "the washington post" revealing that ms. trump used a private e-mail address last year. after a watchdog group sent a freedom of information request. but ivanka is not the only trump administration official to use a private e-mail address. at least five others, including ivanka's husband jared kushner, former strategist steve bannon. even the current aid and immigration hawk steven miller all have used private e-mail to conduct official business. you might think isn't a big problem except they ran an entire campaign about not doing
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that. despite warnings, the president refuses to give up his personal eye phones. joining me now, richard painter. this is kind of remarkable. i would be quite surprised if the president asks the fbi to investigate ivanka trump and what repercussions. >> it's hypocrisy. they figured out very early that nothing was compromised -- >> the president is just talking right now, let's listen in and we'll talk on the other side. >> i wanted to wish all americans a very, very happy
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thanksgiving. at this time of the year, we reflect on all of the many blessings in our lives. we're also very glad to be joined by the chairman of the national turkey federation, jeff suvon, along with his wife, his father, his sons, andrew, peter and samuel, and their very beautiful families. thank you very much for being here. thank you, thank you. jeff, thank you. thanksgiving is a time of great american traditions. and today we continue a very special one when a lucky turkey gets a presidential pardon. that turkey is so lucky. i've never seen such a beautiful turkey. it's been stated president abraham lincoln, honest abe, was the first to do this pardon
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after he befriended a turkey and implored his father, please save it. i am pleased to announce that today's lucky bird and guest of honor is named peas, along with his alternate named carrots. the children will understand that. the winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election conducted on the white house website. this was a fair election. unfortunately, carrots refused to concede. we're still fighting with carrots. we've come to a conclusion. carrots, the result did not change. it's too bad for carrots. peas and carrots are the very first national thanksgiving turkeys from the very great state of south dakota.
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love south dakota. for this occasion, we are excited to be joined by kristi con gat lations. congratulations. she just ran a very, very great race against a very capable opponent. that was really something special. congratulations. we're also happy to have wyoming congresswoman, friend of mine, liz cheney. she just had a big victory also. thank you. that was a great victory. they know what they're doing in congress. peas and carrots were raised by a wonderful farmer from hudderside. and this is something that he's very proud of. rubin, i want to just thank
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ruirui rubin for having done a great job. good lucking turkey, great job. peas and carrots were two out of a group of 50 exceptional turkeys raised for this event. together, they are known as the presidential flock. after their good fortune today, peas and carrots will both live out the rest of their days at gobbler's rest on the campus of virginia tech, good place, where they will enjoy a beautiful private enclosure under the care of poultry science students. they're going to be well taken care of. however, it won't be entirely a rest. even though peas and carrots have received a presidential pardon, i have warned them that house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas.
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in the spirit of thanksgiving, i will be issuing both peas and carrots a presidential pardon. unfortunately, i can't guarantee that your pardons won't be enjoined by the 9th circuit, always happens. all joking aside, this is a time for americans to u neat togetni. understanding unity and joy as one very proud american family. our nation is doing well. we are now at the beginning of a national period of thanksgiving. as we pause to give thanks for all of the blessings we've been bistroed, it really has been blessings. we're very thankful. we pray for those in need, especially our fellow citizens
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impacted by the devastating wildfires in california. all american hearts are joined with theirs. we give thanks to the family, friends, neighbors and loved ones who enrich our lives and fill our days with join. and we give thanks to god who continues to shed his almighty grace uponnificent land we love. we're blessed to be americans. this is an incredible time for our country. prosperity is across our land. we are thankful for the money and women who protect our families and who protect our flag. as we gather together this week with those we love, we share our gratitude toward all of those who spend this holiday very,
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very far from home, serving in our military overseas. we sent our internal gratitude. and we ask god to always watch over these incredible brave americans as they faithfully defend our nation and our home. now it's time to grab the peas and karens the pardon they've been waiting for. they're extremely lucky birds. thank you, everyone. glad bless you all and god bless america. thank you very much. thank you. >> the president is going to pardon peas and carrots.
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i couldn't resist making a joke about democrats in congress. but this is a tradition. these peas and carrots, these turkeys will go to a turkey rest home in virginia. >> pardoned. >> good job. >> thank you. >> i don't know whether that one's peas or carrots. as you none, the other one also gets partoned. the dow, industrial the president is speaking, is dropping further. not at such lotions. it was down more than 600 points. richard painter, bring were talking about ivanka and her house of government e-mail for private business. five others,en cluding jarrett
10:27 am
kushner, have done the same thing. i could buy the argument maybe they weren't sure of that, but how can anybody who participated in campaigning not understand what a serious problem this would be. using private e-mails for government business? >> it's hypocrisy. maybe she can get a presidential pardon. president trump has pardoned several turkeys in the past two years. i guess he just pardoned two more. but, you know, this is a lot more serious situation than the bogus investigation of hillary clinton. because we knew there was very little classified information on that clinton e-mail server and clinton were not compromised. the trump family is compromised by russia and may also have a russia with saudi arabia that's
10:28 am
suspicious. that includes also jared kushner, perhaps ivanka. in this situation, it's critically important that the fbi, robert mueller or somebody else needs to go through on that e-mail server. everything on there, everything being delayed. and find out what is going on here, what communications ivanka trump has had. she choose to use her personal e-mail for government service. that should try the entireserve investigation. i would do the same with jared as well. when president become was throwing the house. we need to find out what jared and eivanka.
10:29 am
>> sean spicer told fox business news that as long as ivanka trump forwarded her e-mails to her government account, that's all good. that can't possibly be the solution. >> no, that's not the rule. i explained this to the bush white house staff when i was there. use the government e-mail servers for your e-mail. we had several people who chose to do otherwise. nobody's sicked the fbi on them and it's not appropriate to start screaming "lock her up" as if you're in some meeting in germany in 1933. with ivanka and her situation and the closeness of this family to the russians, it is very important to find out what else is on there.
10:30 am
>> what do you advise them to do? once you a solution to this? >> my solution would be for bob mueller, the fbi, someone, to impound all that e-mail. i want to know what else is on there. there's a lot of stuff in there. second this administration is completely hypocritical when it comes to complying with personal e-mail, political e-mail, complying with the hash back, the original business. and then of course for the constitution. the only solution is for trump to be advised. >> next, an nbc news executive
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the department of homeland security is gathering intelligence from paid undercover informants inside the migrant caravan that's reaching the border. you might remember the president frequently called this, quote, an invasion, before the midterm elections. thousands of u.s. troops are still on the border waiting for those migrants. that deployment could come at a healthy cost for american taxpayers. $220 million by the end of the year. still to find somebody who says we needed this to happen. joining me, julia ainsley, and kevin baron. julia, let's talk about the survivance. the reporting on the idea there are actually, what are these,
10:36 am
undercover people inside the caravan? are they people there who are being paid? >> we understand there are people already there being paid to give information to dhs. from what i understand, it's not that they're cia or anyone from our intelligence community who has gone undercover as a migrant. these are migrants who are now being paid to get that information. the other thing is they're able to get into the what's app groups. this is how a lot of my grants were able to organize and say el salvador or honduras before they left. that's how they were able to predict weeks ago they were going up to the california border where they are now. it is a little funny when you think about the allocation of resources. i spoke to some former intelligence officials who said it's not that this is illegal. these aren't u.s. citizens so
10:37 am
you can monitor their allocations. when you think about the major threats, why would they spend the aloe case to identify people coming to the border and turning themselves in? >> we know why they're coming. we know they are poor migrants but good reporting. kevin, the caravan was something the president talked about. the idea that he's sending troops down there. american active duty troops. now being withdrawn as early as this week. >> i think it's laying bear because the critics are right. this was some sort of stunt tied to the election. as soon as we get past the election, here come the truths coming home. or the alternative theory is this general beuchananbuchanan,
10:38 am
these are groups that have already done their job. and that they're all going to come home by december 15th is what he had said. quickly, within the day, we've reported -- or msnbc's reported the pentagon is trying to walk that back. >> all right. at some point this is a president who claims to be a big friend of the military. with the operations with south korea, that they cost too much. these are much more money than we spend on those things. at what point is there a way to analyze this? that this was a complete waste of time and money? >> sure, i asked the chairman, was at a public appearance in canada, and he laid out the legal case. he said there's nothing illegal in sending u.s. troops as a
10:39 am
backup, which is what they're doing. making the same caveats we've been hearing. the military is not going to be involved in any way of interacting with them. they're not involved in detaining them. they're only there to help dhs, period. the problem is the critics say the legality argument isn't enough. it is a massive relocation to a threat that many think just not is a threat. you can't compare to syria where there's a global war on terrorism helping. this is still what it is. the caravan coming through mexico slowly but surely. already you heard, again, from the commander himself, they're on their way home and there's no way to keep them there.
10:40 am
>> thought we saw it all but i guess this one's new the executive editor of defense one. next, russia is about to lead interpol. we're breaking down what interpol is and why putin should absolutely not control it. today is the annual transgender day of remembrance. it's a worldwide problem. in the united states, just in 2018, 22 transgendered people have been murdered. these are the faces of transgender people who have been killed since the last day of remembrance. now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm regret that.
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new aveeno® maxglow™ infusion drops with kiwi to lock moisture. and soy to even skin tone. unleash dewy, glowing skin from within. new aveeno® maxglow™. this is a serious story. warnings are mounting that putin could soon exert control of interpol. and understanding what interpol is and its role in global law enforcement is important. it's the international criminal police organization. now, two of interpol's main functions are centralized criminal databases. each member country has a national central bureau.
10:45 am
with it, police cap run fingerprints, even dna, through the resources of all member countries. interpol notices are a way for the central command to coordinate efforts, ranging from legalo, which indicate a missing person, green, which is warnings, orange, which indicates a potential threat, and the interpol red notice, international wanted criminal, asking for help from all agencies and essentially an arrest warrant. it's the red that they are accused of using against opponents. the president had been this person until he was arrested on cone tested allegations of cooperation.
10:46 am
international senior vice president, kim john yang. and one of the generals who also has alleged ties to putin. vladimir, i mean, this guy is a vice president of the organize already. what's the concern about a russian heading interpol? >> the concern is a political goon. it is an insult to the concept of international justice or law enforcement. to have the main enforcement foreign body in the world, that serves as the kind of mutual assistant body around the world
10:47 am
to be headed by the representative of the regime, that subverted these concepts. telling the justice and law enforcement system into political oppression against kremlin opponents. it is mind-boggling that we are even discussing this. >> right. and you wrote a piece in "the washington post" today, talking about politically motivated desserts. one was arrested, he was released a couple hours later. when russia puts one of these things out, it might be politically motivated. >> interpol constitution has a ban in an organization engaging
10:48 am
over political, religious, racial nature. yet putin's kremlin has abused the procedures of interpol to issue either red notices, which is kind of an international arrest warrant. against people who are obviously his political opponent. the vice president of yukos which was destroyed in a criminal lykremlin campaign. he's of course the leader of an international campaign for targeted western sanctions against corruption in the central government and there was both russia and foreign politicians who have been thorns in their side. well, now, if this vote goes
10:49 am
ahead tomorrow, as everybody thinks it will. it will just be able to place the organize at its feet, at its service. this is only one of the practical issues. let's think what the kremlin, what the current regime of vladimir putin could do wednesday it gets access to sensitive police databased. again, it is absolutely mi mind-boggling that we are discussing it. it is the largest in the world being placed at the hands of vladimir putin. >> the vice chairman of open russia. now gun violence in america.
10:50 am
there is there been more than 300 mass shootings, nearly one mass shooting every from gun-related violence in the united states in 2018. firearms are the second leading cause of death for american children and teens. now, one company familiar with philanthropy is taking a stand. toms is donating $5 million toward ending gun violence, the largest corporate gift of its kind ever in the united states. toms' founder and ceo says he was emotionally motivated and moved following the deadly shooting in thousand oaks, california, near his home. joining me now, toms founder and ceo. good to see both of you. >> thank you for having us. >> winter, this is a big deal for movements like yours because what you have needed to do is take the power of those students around you who are frustrated and scared and get the support of mainstream america.
10:51 am
what was your message? >> well, the first thing, especially with this campaign with toms, is this idea that gun violence and bullets don't discriminate. it's something we can all rally behind to really, really create a change. so me as a 17-year-old, to be sitting next to blake and coming together to really put our minds and efforts to creating a safer world is really what it's all about. >> and blake, i guess you heard winter talk or saw her. >> yes, about a year ago. she led the student walkout. we were so impressed. we wanted to support her. that's how we started first looking at this issue. >> winter, what's your experience with gun violence? >> as a young person in america and with the mass shootings that have been happening but also gun violence that is apparent in america in other forms, it's something that has touched me and touched my peers. we all want to be safe, so we have all decided that this is something we want to rally behind. >> and one of the things -- the focus of your company is going to be to push for universal background checks for all gun
10:52 am
purchases. this is not a particularly controversial thing in america. most people want it. it's weird it's such a difficult thing to get done. >> exactly. 90% of americans are for universal background checks. when we decided to take this on as a company, toms said, we're going to focus 100% of our efforts on that. so we created technology that's on you can go on there in less than 30 seconds and send a physical postcard to your representative saying, i am for universal background checks, like 90% of americans. and that's where we're putting all our efforts right now. we completely changed all of our plans for the holidays. on, it's our complete focus today. >> you have a history at toms of philanthropy. you always have. people know toms associate it with that. when dick's took a stand after the parkland shooting, we were all curious as to whether you'd get any negative pushback. i would assume very little. i'm sure there are people trolling you on social media, but generally speaking, how have your customers responded? >> today's been amazing.
10:53 am
since we announced this on jimmy fallon last night, we've had over 58,000 people go to the website and actually do a postcard. these are postcards that toms is paying for the printing and postage. they're on their way to representatives right now. and we've only been doing this for 12 hours. >> wow, 58,000. >> 58,000 postcards are on their way. and this is just the start. we believe if you can har minus t -- harness the energy of your customers because they already support you because you stand for something -- toms stands for tomorrow and the idea we can create a better tomorrow. so this is our way of really kind of standing for why we started the company in the first place 12 years ago. >> winter, i was sitting in this seat when we first learned of the parkland shooting. i have been covering too many mass shootings. with deals like this, with the support of people like mark kelly of giffords and others, this feels like a movement that didn't extinguish. it felt like it kept on going.
10:54 am
and people your age, whether they have direct experience with a school shooting or not, have seemed to have found a cause they can press forward it. >> definitely. everyone wants to feel safe in this country. it's not a matter of democrat or republican. every american should be able to rally behind it. we have seen that. also, to have the support of an organization like toms and the $5 million going to the grassroots organization is going to be so monumental in making sure that work can be expanded. >> what's the best thing that you can do when you get money? is it voter registration? is it -- what does success look like? >> it all varies by community. there's not one specific answer for everything. with toms, we are focusing on pushing for universal background checks. also, these organizations have been leading the work in their communities, whether it's with suicide prevention, whether it's with research, whether it's with dealing with things in urban communities. >> thank you for pointing out suicide prevention as well. that's such a big deal.
10:55 am
>> did you know you are 5,000% greater to have suicide in a house where there's a gun? 5,000%. >> because your attempted suicide is much, much more likely to be successful as a result of a gun. thank you, both, for the work you're doing. blake, thanks for your continued work in supporting social justice along with selling a product and being successful at it. a business guy like me likes when things like that happen. >> thank you. all right. we're continuing to watch those markets. let's look at what's happened. they're staying relatively stable. the dow is off 2%, 496 points. we've seen dramatic drops this week in tech companies. a lot of concerns about them. we'll continue to cover this through the course of the day. you're watching msnbc. you're wchating msnbc. this is not a bed.
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10:59 am
sectarian militias abusing civilian populations, or to destabilize the region. second, you've seen that interpol is electing a new president. it's an important organization. we strongly endorse kim jong yang, who is serving as its acting president. we encourage all nations and organizations that are part of interpol and that respect the rule of law to choose a leader with integrity. we believe mr. kim will be just that. third, our special representative for afghanistan reconciliation just got back from his trip to afghanistan, the uae, and qatar. his first and last stop was kabul, where he met with president ghani, the chief executive, and or stakeholders to facilitate a peace process between the government of afghanistan and the taliban. during this visit to kabul, the ambassador met with men and women active in peace efforts,
11:00 am
members of the media, and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations. in every one of his meetings, the ambassador stressed all afghans must have a say in creating a sustainable peace for afghanistan. we'll continue to work with all interested parts to facilitate an inclusive peace process. fourth, our special rec representative for north korea in his meeting today with his counterpart to further strengthen our close coordination on efforts to achieve our shared goal for denuclearization. these are important discussions today with the republic of korea. they're discussing ongoing diplomatic efforts, our sustained implementation of u.n. sanctions, and the inter-korean cooperation. and finally, i just left a meeting with turkish foreign minister. i welcome the positive momentum in our relationship following the


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