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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  November 24, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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times just over 11% of his eight years in office. that is our broadcast for this evening. we hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving holiday. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. good evening, and welcome to a special edition of the beat tonight. we begin with this historic blue wave that has taken washington and trump by storm. investigative powers that come of course with this house take over. the new year we will be bringing more than holiday cheer to washington. the average age of members of congress drops a full decade.
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also shattering diversity records. now we didn't know what the results would be, before the election we devoted a special panel of first time women candidates to come on "the beat." >> there has never been a native-american woman in congress. if you have been represented in this country, you don't know what it is like to not ever see yourself in any body of government. >> i am a working single mom of three young children. >> i was told you will never be seen as viable because you can't raise the money. in both the primary and the general, i have raised more than any candidate on either side. >> now what are the democrats are going to do with the power? their first priority is
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strengthening the way democracy works in this country. dealing with influence of political money. and then reports of 85 potentially different investigations to deal with this very unusual trump administration. leaders in congress are making it clear we can report to you tonight, these investigations they see as a crucial step going forward. >> let's face tit, the investigations are sexy, interesting. we are going to ruthlessly prioritize. >> this is the president trying to abuse his power to prevent not investigations, but prevent congress from doing its constitutional duty of being a check and a balance on the administration. >> i am not going to be handing out subpoenas like somebody handing out candy on halloween, i take subpoenas seriously. >> with me now is nick ackerman,
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christina greer. thanks to all of you for being here. kristina, what do you think it means to have a different congress? >> i think it is a great opportunity for democrats. once they figure out who their leader is going to be, they will figure out whether it is a progressive agenda. obviously you know, there are certain democrats who want that. the new composition wants to put forward an agenda of what will democrats doing to combat. substantive policy beyond fighting trump. >> there is an old saying liz, you know, this isn't your daddy's movie, or this isn't your daddy's mug or whatever.
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people used to say this isn't your daddy's congress, for many years, it was. overwhelming white male and quite frankly elderly. and it is not that any of those things are good, bad or in between, but in a democracy, they don't look like the rest of the nation. as a young person, about the fact that this new wave of freshman has lowered the age by a decade. >> i love older white men. we talk about the blue wave, but there is always a brown wave. so many particularly women of color really having these incredible wins and getting amazing support and getting new people to the party. 37% of the new house members are women of color. that is their proportion in our society. that should be at the momentnor.
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and this is the new normal. always been the backbone of the party and now have been able to grow the party. >> one of those fascinating statistics that didn't break through on election night. the last time voter turn out was this high, was that women didn't have the right to vote. >> that is incredible. they were seeing the voter turn out there, 500% increase in texas particularly where we were. this is incredible and this is going to get bigger and better in 2020. >> nick ackerman, let's get constitutional. the congress is not just the policy body. the founders gave it and the courts understood it to have a robust subpoena power. newt gingrich was out right away. fake advice to democrats.
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he said be careful how tough you are. take a look. >> if all you do is end up in investigations which unfortunately we did, it hurts you. the country wants to see things work. they don't want to see the house democrats spend every day in investigations and open warfare against the president. >> the big investigation is the mueller investigation and i think congress has to learn the same lesson and look at what has happened in the past with watergate for example. they should just leave that investigation alone and give what they got to the mueller people and let them have all the transcripts and all of the interviews. if they start talking to people, start investigating, they are going to step on the prosecution. >> i talk to people who watch the show and they are eager to see this investigation. you, nick akerman.
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>> now on the other hand, there are legitimate areas that congress ought to be looking at. and one is this issue of the emolument clause. the president is not supposed to be getting benefits from foreign governments like he is doing with his hotel. this is a legitimate function of congress to look at his tax returns and businesses to find out where this money is coming from. and they have that duty under the emolument clause. >> republicans in terms of being nonpartisan or dependents didn't seem to care about it. cristina, i would like to ask you a stupid question. >> there are no stupid question. >> do you think if barack obama kept open a privately held
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company that took money from assorted foreign companies. and i don't care where they are. including the fact pattern of middle easteren companies. >> we did it a drinking game. >> so we have to stop. that you know, the problem is this is what george washington warned us about. he said we could never have a president who is possibly under the influence of a foreign government. and the democrats have to put forward a vision of the party and also i do think have to raise serious questions as to where these taxes or where his
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business interest lies. we know that there is problematic behaviors going on. so i think those are worth while questions. we just can't make that the only agenda of the democratic party. >> the benefits are like tilting american foreign policy. >> they should be investigating the issues that the democrats ran on it. how is it that the trump administration is trying to dismantle obama or health insurance. environmental protections that impact everybody going forward. these are the kind of issues that they ought to be focused on. at the same time they may get into other areas. >> they can investigate without bragging about it. they can talk to voters and tell
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them what they care about as we have seen in the midterm, health care and economy and jobs and their day-to-day. to your point, do their job, investigate. federal lands being used for fracking and for environmental destruction. the new changes that the lack of protection for children who are transgender in school. there is so much for them to do. and they can do so much at the same time. >> they can raise serious questions as to where these miraculous tax cuts are going to come from. i don't think that anyone who has taken ninth grade math can see where any of us are going to benefit from it. if the democrats keep pushing that, not just the economy, but what is lost by giving all of these tax breaks. >> which brings us full circle. and that would be a question for
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this outgoing republican congress, if you hated the obama deficit that was shrinking why did you grow it. >> later, i sit down with one of my faves and how he knew he said michael cohen would flip. and for a special fall back. this is new edition. you are watching a special edition "the beat." he'd be proud of us. a family business should stay in the family. see how lincoln's insurance solutions can help protect your family, your business and everyone who counts on you, at
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few people in american life or media know exactly what it means to straddle this intersection we are living in right now. one person you know is joy behar. now we turn to my discussion with joy behar. let's take a look. >> okay. >> we are back with senator john mccain. you stood up to that -- why so different than anybody else? you know a lot about politics,
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you know about law. but do you know about pop culture. >> i don't know. >> we need you guys to keep it going. >> i don't know why that is today in the republican party so i am not comfortable being part of it. >> which part bothers you? >> not just the administration, but also the news media. >> 95% of what he says is a lie. you should have said this, or say it now. say it. >> so we got you something that you can wear this from now on. >> you get to see a lot more of these people up close than most americans. what are you seeing our politics up close. >> everybody is on their best behavior at the view and they are scared of us. >> you don't seem scarey. >> i am not scared. oh you mean scarey?
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>> joe biden told me he would much rather going on meet the press than the view. the view -- >> i want to show some of your times with donald trump on the view. >> i know him. i went to his second wedding. there wasn't a wet eye in the room. >> but you also at times got along with him. >> who knew he was such a psycho. i like the guy in a way. a new york character. >> character, yeah. >> i grew up on the west coast. but you spent time in new york and you see some of these people up close and it is different than the rest of the country might see them. >> new york as you know probably did not vote for him. >> i heard that. >> we knew. >> i didn't know you were
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bringing news updates tonight. >> sometimes i have to do that. we know the beast. we get him. the new york is hip to it. the rest of the country didn't know him the way we did. >> let's look at you and him over the years. >> so i believe him, because i believe donald, he is an upstanding american. but america doesn't believe him. so it is true. it is real. >> you are known as a patsy, if you are known as somebody that takes it, i think it is terrible. >> but the add h hominem attack those aren't effective.
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>> a creative con type of salesman. fake news was a term that was used to describe the right wing article that helped him. now everybody thinks it is his term. >> and also lock her up and build a wall. he picks up as you say. >> did he change? >> obviously, i never thought he would be this bad. never. even before he won, i said, if he wins, god forbid, he couldn't be such a maniac. >> you think he is worse. >> i think he is worse. he is an anarchist as far as i
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am concerned. >> what grade do you give chuck schumer and nancy pelosi? >> nancy has been effective over the years. she has been very good and i like her. it is time to move on a little bit. people do get older. >> what would you give it first? >> last time he was on the view, he came alive. it was like wow. hello, chuck, if you are reading, yes. but if you are reading a prompter, take them off. >> when you see, oh, i made a deal with mitch mcconnell and those judges. >> they don't play with the same set of marbles. the republicans are vicious. mitch mcconnell, i chose him for your throwback person.
9:21 pm
>> fallback. >> that's it. i chose him. because to me, he is a comic. he makes it up as he goes along. today i will change this rule, and change that law and everybody goes okay. we know they have no power right now. turn the lights on with some power, you know. but he is a heckler. >> can i show you doing you on snl. >> someday i wish a woman would do it. >> you know what i always say? who cares. [ laughter ] have a glass of pinot grigio.
9:22 pm
so what. >> and not care. i care a lot. >> you care a lot, but you care in a nice authentic way? you don't demean. >> other people, i try not to. it is hard not to with president pinocchio in the white house. >> you know what you are being right now? a ad hominem. >> i am done. >> you know what, who cares. we are done. thank you for coming by. >> you have been begging me to come on. was it good for you? >> it is great. you are letting the audience in.
9:23 pm
they call me in. and they say come wish joy a happy birthday. >> joy behar. >> new edition taking back our falld fall day friday. now we have a special take over edition of fallback friday.
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i am joined by the r & b super group. you may know them as new edition. you know their mega hits. they formed bell biv devoe. and you know bobby brown. they are here because they are back on tour this fall. selling out stadiums around america. let me introduce all four members. ronny, bobby, ricky and mike thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> we love what you do. ronny, who needs to fall back? >> as a mad real estate professional with a company in georgia, california has four of the top ten cities for purchasing a home the most
9:25 pm
expensive places to live. share that wealth. real estate is generational. >> what about you bobby? >> i hear there is this alligator running around trying to snatch puppy and little children. i have a barbecue line of barbecue sauce and seasoning. if you find him, bring him to the cookout. i will make you alligator steaks. fried all gaiter tips. yeah, yeah. when people say you are invited to the cookout, it is a good thing. but a bad thing for the alligator. >> oh yeah. bad thing for the alligator. >> he is getting cooked. >> he is going to get cooked. >> what about you, ricky? >> i am going to say little ben.
9:26 pm
i heard he is saying he ate too many hot cheetos and had to be taken to the hospital and if little zan is short for what i think it is. >> little xan. >> we don't respect him or his music. we wish him well. i wonder how you feel when you have worked so hard for so long to establish yourself and i have read about some of the troubles you had initially with the music contracts and some of these young artists are overnight. >> we wish everyone who has a
9:27 pm
desire and a dream to do well. because it is such a hard business to make it in. and it is such a great feeling and accomplishment when you do finally make it. when when it comes to skill and working hard on your craft and what it takes for us. presenting it live is such a process to watch somebody, you watch them perform. do they actually have to rehearse to do this show or they just walked out on stage. so a little bit of envy there. >> do you have any tips or ideas for people out there who are old friends or get into beefs or falling outs. >> we have seen the effect how
9:28 pm
we walk with each other and treat each other. that's what makes us feel good. believe it or not, some of the groups that were separated, come and do shows with us. we just smile and say you know what, glad to see you back there. >> see what y'all doing. >> what advice would you give your younger self about how to stay with people longer. >> do what we do. form separate entities come back together, miss each other, love each other, but stay together and stick with each other. >> and don't steal each other's girlfriend. >> well-spoken advice. >> when the group was going through more challenges was it about that? would you say it was about women or money or fame? >> everything under the sun. we fought about women, money,
9:29 pm
about what to wear on stage. we had play fights that turned into real fights. when you spend this much time with your brothers or with anyone, you are going to bump heads. we would have to stay in one room together. three of us in one room and two of us in another one. >> you are on tour and selling out tours and the record label wouldn't give you multiple rooms. >> not at all. >> i would fight with anyone if you put me three people in a room. >> that was making us confused. it was a good game plan, you know. >> a lot of people have overnight success. you know, they hit the jackpot but when you fast forward their careers, they are nowhere to be found. like for new edition and bell
9:30 pm
biv devoe bobby brown, a consta constant easy steady ride. we wouldn't trade that for anything. >> 40 years is a long time to be doing any one job. so we tend to make it a lot of fun for ourselves. and it has been fun >> for each of you going down the line, what is the song from your history that when you hear it. and you go wow, i am lucky. when we hear poison, songs were such classics. >> for me, i would have to say probably candy girl. i think it just, it was a monster. still the only record that jumped over michael jackson and the thriller run. >> for me, it would be poison.
9:31 pm
just the longevity of the song and it feels like every time it comes on, people react to it a certain way. and i mean, it can be played at a club or at a wedding or at the barbecue and it has the same effect. no matter where you are, if i am in the building or one of us is in the building, and that song comes out, people look at you like you are going to perform or whatever. sometimes actually, when i have gone to weddings, i tell the dj don't play this song until i leave. >> mine would be prerogative. i mean, it has been 30 years since that album, don't be cruel and it has been not, it is not a nuisance when i go to clubs and they play it. it is more so like rick was saying, come on, don't do that to me because it makes me feel strange. especially if i am dancing to
9:32 pm
something else and me and my wife are dancing and prerogative comes on. and we go sit down. >> how do you feel when it comes on? >> i feel like i got to perform and i can't hum along to it. i don't want to hum along and everybody looking at me. you don't do that. there are some things you don't do as an artist in a club or at a party, period. >> i mean, damn, y'all didn't leave anything left. telephone man is one of my favorite sing-alongs. but ain't nothing like the fingers on if it isn't love, boy. whoo that choreography is amazing >> the final question i have to ask if it isn't love, why does it hurt so bad? >> that's a good question. >> throughout our 40 year
9:33 pm
history, it has been a challenge of trying to maintain a friendship, and a professional relationship especially when, i mean we're family. our families know each other. we live close to each other. and spend so much time together and at the end of the day, the best things in life that come to you are through turmoil and pain and fight and the blood, sweat, and tears. >> we wouldn't change it for anything. >> thank you for coming on "the beat." >> akarbrm. >> 50 cent dropping by to share what is behind his most favorite lyrics. alice walker and why she believes he has an inferiority
9:34 pm
complex when it compaes to envyg barack obama. -here comes the rain.
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here is one thing we do know about donald trump's closest advisor. one of the things we think around here, you can't necessarily grasp everything about this criminal era without understanding some of those forces. grammy award winner 50 cent, curtis jackson. let's talk trump, michael cohen and more. you know politics, you know power. and you know donald trump a little bit. you had him on your radio show in 2005. >> 50, we got donald trump here. >> how are you doing? >> oh, man, i am fine. >> i have kids and myself included. i have kids and they think you
9:38 pm
are the best. that is pretty cool. my little dollar ivanka, and my son eric. they love your music. >> and i am going to keep making it. >> you better keep making it. >> a lot of laughs back then. what changed? >> a lot has changed. i did learn, from his behavior that he personalized things. >> i am thinking about that book i mentioned by robert green. and he described you, 50 cent lack of fear displayed by his attitude and action. he wrote that you would walk away and not care. and i want to ask but that. because that really overlaps with some of your analysis about
9:39 pm
donald trump being an accidental president take a look. >> his presidency is an accident. if you were a president by accident, you might do some of the things that donald trump is doing. i think he was doing that to build his profile for a bigger deal on television and everything else. >> how did you come to that view because a lot of people agree with that. and that is scarey if that is the reason he became president. >> i think it was a surprise to him when he won. he said things that were really graphic in the campaign. people were into the idea of someone who was a nonpolitician. >> now people know you for your art and for your business. but like the rest of us, you have been following the news and the trump era. i want to show something that you posted. when the news broke michael cohen's office was raided.
9:40 pm
you had no idea what was going to happen. >> michael liked trump. >> he did flip and why is it that you were sure that he would flip. >> michael is still straight laced guy. still an attorney. and can't bear that kind of pressure. >> you mentioned the federal guidelines. a lot of people may not know this. so i am going to quote 50 if that is okay. you said when the feds come into the game, loyalty is limited. and this is from the federal guidelines themselves that you are quoting. all federal prisoners must spend a minimum of their sentence behind their bars before
9:41 pm
release. >> it doesn't sound like i am telling the truth because i am using the slang. but it is a fact. has to make some adjustments, definitely not over. >> i want to ask but guns because this is very controversial. from high all the time which is an interesting time, you say look, you don't want me to be your kid's role models. in power of a dollar, you say look, parents warn their kids about people like me. and you have that persona. but anyone watching this now seeing you here as a very professional successful business man at this point in your life, but you still post online a lot. talking about these guns, do you ever worry that the kids look up to you so much might get the
9:42 pm
wrong impression supporting gun use. >> i think kids are smart enough to understand the things say versus the things you do as two different things. you wouldn't be able to be as successful to this point if i was living exactly the way the lyrics. >> when you say this get the strap, you mean go get a gun and kill someone. >> when i started using the shot gun, i would say get the strap. in the environment that i grew up in, there are points that are nothing left to do but get the strap. >> you say here is the jewel, love your enemies and hate your friends. enemies remain the same and friends change. what does that mean?
9:43 pm
>> when a person becomes your enemy, someone that you have differences with, they stay the same. the friends, the people you allow closer to you, they have the ability to have the seeds that don't require water to grow, of entitlement. >> another lyric from another softer songs, 21 questions which is a great karaoke song. >> what does that mean? >> would you disappear if i fell off, would you disappear like some of my friends. >> if you stay on top, how do you know who those people are? >> time will tell you. >> you know i am a big fan.
9:44 pm
>> every time you start talking, i flip through the news and stuff, we stop immediately. >> thank very much. that means a lot. up ahead, al li-- alice walker joins us. stay with us. er event is back and you won't want to stop for anything else. [ barks ] ho! lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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how do you have catharsis or progress versus the search for justice or what could be getting even? we are also having the
9:50 pm
conversation with what people are getting away with right now in america. >> yes. and also part of what happened if you try to get away with something that is terrible is that you cannot and this time about the pleegs, what i am saying is that the white cops who kill our children, they can only expect to be healed by sitting with the mothers of the children they have killed. and this could be a beginning of their healing and the healing of our society. >> i know we have it right there if you would read it to us. >> and this is about the people who own the police, not directly the police. and also they are not aware that they are owned by something of themselves. >> they are experiencing a sensation they almost enjoy. they get to witness by twisted enchantment dozens of strong black mothers weeping.
9:51 pm
they plan and nurture your hatred and fear and focus the kill shot. >> who do you hope reads that? >> well, i hope whoever is interested in freeing their own heart and spirit. i am not interested in writing exactly political things exactly. but i want to change people the way they interact with each other and the way they see reality and the way they see our history. >> you have a pulitzer price. first rapper to win a pulitzer price. and i want to play for you his song in the video that echoes your work ♪ >> have you heard him quote you before?
9:52 pm
>> no. >> you have never seen that? >> no. >> he is big. he is not alice walker big. >> i am happy for him. >> what do you think about him using your work? >> we have had to fight all of our lives and it is a good thing we can talk to each other across generations. >> there are people who criticize a nobody nobel pulitzer for handing them out to musicians. do you think it should go out to musicians as well. >> i am not crazy about prizes. >> we talk about the color purple. to think that there are two talented people who happen to be black people and never casted in
9:53 pm
a film. >> the joy comes from doing the work. >> that is something that is inpyring abo inspiring. it is obvious to observe. but that is something that you and the president do not have in common. he tends to brag a lot. but he does claim to be smart and educated. i will play you one clip of president trump. >> i went to an ivy league school. i am very highly educated. i know words. i have the best words. >> what does it tell you that it is important for him to be perceived as smart. >> it tells me that he knows he probably is not and he has an inferiority complex and that is sad. but even sadder that we elected him to lead. we definitely need a different kind of leader and in fact we
9:54 pm
need to lead ourselves. and until we do, we probably won't get very far. >> the feeling of inferiority in your view make people more dangerous when they come into contact with power or money? >> yes. because there is always envy. a feeling of needing to measure up. you can see that between him and barack obama. the envy is blatant. >> that donald trump envied barack obama even though he started out with more than barack obama. >> oh yes. it is very hard to take. the answer is not to make us all suffer, it is to go and improve yourself. >> alice walker, for me, it is an honor to have you hear. i appreciate having you come by. the book is "taking an arrow out
9:55 pm
of the heart." and when we come back we will show you one more thing. ♪
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