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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  December 4, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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see you tomorrow morning. andrea mitchell reports starts right now. >> the big reveal. and starting today, robert mueller unveiling that former national security a adviser michael flynn's evidence in the probe. and what we can expectt for the next few weeks. >> we don't know what robert mueller has, because he has been talking to mike flynn for a year. does he implicate donald trump in wrongdoing? >> under fire, the cia director is on capitol hill this hour briefing is senators for the jamal khashoggi murderer after failing to show up last week over a hearing of the crown prince. >> she should have been here. it is fundamentally wrong. >> and the first families, and the president and the first lady will pay their respects to the
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bush family today as thousands of americans say farewell to the 41st president at the capital, including the operation desert storm commanders and cia leaders past and present, and former bush of the cia director as well as an appearance of the service dog sully. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where the president and the legal team are bracing for a court filing from the special counsel today. a memo detailing information to support the sentencing of former national security adviser michael flynn who is accused of lie foing vest gatying to inves events in 2016. we expect a similar document from the mueller team from former trump campaign manager
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paul manafort and explaining why the plea agreement was withdrawn. join g ing us now is white hous correspondent kristen welker, and our panel to discuss this. welcome, all. kristen, first to you. how much of the white house are they bracing for the series of disclosures and is this partly according to sources why the president has been on twitter so agitated against mueller in recent days? >> there is no doubt about it, andrea. we have seen president trump m ramp up the attacks against the special counsel in recent days, because of the sort of the daily developments that we have seen in the mueller probe, and of course, the developments are focused on the sentencing filings, and we expect to get the first one on michael flynn today and the question on everyone's mind is will these court documents in any way
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implicate the president. and michael flynn served as the national security adviser for 24 days. he was fired because he lied to vice president mike pence about his conversations with the russian ambassador and initially casting them as nothing more than pleasantries, but ultimately the revelations that he did in fact discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador, and former president obama warned the incoming president-elect trump not the bring michael flynn on board because he had served under the oobama administration as well. and the president commenting said that he saw that as a former president obama and he didn't get along and were obviously on opposite sides of the political spectrum, and so he did not heed that advice, but the question is how much will he reveal about how much president trump knew, and andrea, another part of it is that he was a key
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figure in the transition as well, and out there on the campaign trail saying "locker up" pabt hiabout hillary clinto all eyes will be on the document as we expect to hear more about the former campaign chair paul manafort. >> what can we expect, ken delainian, as we know that some of it will be sealed, but how much can we learn about what mike flynn has been saying is or charged with? >> well, that remains a big question, andrea, but one thing is clear that the documents are designed to communicate to the judge about the level of cooperation that these witnesses mike flynn and later in the week michael cohen have given to the prosecutors, and so mueller does have to spell out in some detail the extent of the cooperation and how far he goes is an open question. the three documents could be a de facto mueller report if they decide to go full bore and include many, many details of what they are telling him. this is a strange situation, because normally the co-oprators
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are sentenced after an investigation is complete so they don't reveal information on a target, but in this case, it is still continuing, and rick gates is continuing to cooperate and his sentencinging is put off to january and beyond. so it is an open question. we will see some information, and i would not be surprised if it is less than we expect and not surprised if it is more than we expect, but kristen laid out the key questions as well. does mike flynn implicate donald trump? and another big question is did donald trump instruct mike flynn to lie no the fbi? will he testify about that or talk about that or other bad acts that he is alleged to have committed including the $15 million deal with turkey as alleged to extradite the cleric gulan and to find hillary clinton's missing e-mails and what will we hear from that? >> so many threads.
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and barbara mcquaid, it seems that robert mueller is dropping the crumbs along the way. we saw the intriguing lines in the sen confession of michael cohen last week and what he has said about the trump family, and things that are intriguing and setting off different lines of inquiry, and what might we also learn here about mike flynn and about some of the things that are regarding possible obstruction of justice? michael issakof has been reporting that mueller has said that he is tying up some loose ends on the investigation, and we don't know what aspects of the investigation, and also he has told the congressional investigators it is okay to subpoena the witness, because it would not interfere with his obstruction of justice charges
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which could be involved in the de-escalation proceed inings ate hill or he is not going to proceed with the obstruction issue -- any way to the know? >> well, it is hard to know what to know what is sgis going on, t some things that we can infer. as ken pointed out the flynn sentencing is going forward and the gates' sentencing is not. that tells us that robert mueller feels he is done with mike flynn. so whatever information they need, they would have delayed the sentence after he has co completed the cooperation so that the person can earn credit and the pros ecutor has leverag over that person until they have completely completed the testimony, and it sound like he is done with mike flynn with
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national security adviser and russian and the sanctions, and that is one thing. the other is tying up loose ends and maybe and no doubt some things are coming to the close. we can get a hint of that by the fact that some of mueller's prosecutors have left the team and gone back to the day jobs and not replaced. but some things have to continue to play out. for one, we saw the release of jerome corsi of a proposed plea offer for him, and the fact that a plea offer was made means that robert mueller is going to be likely following through with charges against jerome corsi and if the goal is to flip him and get the cooperation, it could take months to play out if the ultimate target is roger stone, it could take months for that piece to continue, and the threads are narrow, but some still need to play out. >> and sam, what about the pr predicate of the obstruction of justice, and in plain sight, the president praising roger stone for quote having the guts not the cooperate or for whatever, and criticizing and slamming michael cohen. >> yeah, well, andrea, that is
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bread and butter obstruction of justice in a normal case, and we have reached the point that it is clear witness tampering and talking to people about what their sentences might b and even if you are the individual who does not wield the power, but if president does wield the pardon conduct and any prosecutor would treat this as obstruction of justice and worse that the president holds the pardon power and the ability to take away punishment. at this point, it seems that the president has decided that he is just not worried about obstruction of justice, but he is obviously banking on the fact that, as long as he holds the office, he is not going to be indicted and that mueller is going to be following the j justice department policy on that and he is in a political fight and this is about impeach ment in the end, and all this is about for him in the end and he does not see the downside in going to war with the prosecutors in the way that the target of the criminal investigation would ordinarily not do and make it almost
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impossible for the lawyer to continue to represent him. and the attorneys must have made peace with this as well. it is quite extraordinary. >> and barbara, what might we learn from the manafort filings from mueller? do we think that on friday, we will find out exactly what he did to blow up that plea agreement? >> well, it is sounding like we are, and on the one hand, the plea agreement itself says that bree breach will be determined on the sole discretion of the government so they don't need a judge to determine if he has breach breached the plea agreement, but robert mueller has promised to file a detailed briefing about paul manafort's lies and crims.s so i imagine that we will get a detailed expla nation, and some explanation of why the lies are significant and i suspect they are about serious matters. sometimes the witnesses who are cooperating they might lie and
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minimize their own role, and maybe they will have to share it with the defense and expose the co-op ray or the for cooperation on that, but for small matters, they feel to overcome it, but to blow up the plea deal to say that the person cannot be a witness, they are not just lies, but significant lies. so we will find out what they are hopefully on friday. >> and so, i wanted to ask you about george conway, kristen, and arguably, you don't get into what is going on between the spouses and people with different careers in the town. but in this case, conway is being so aggressive and eric trump going against george conway kellyanne's husband tweet ing about witness tampering because of what the president has been tweeting. how much is the white house concerned about this if at all? >> it is remarkable, andrea, in the terms of the white house being concerned about it, lar
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largely, they see it as a side show, but it is not helpful and it is certainly going to put kellyanne conway one of the top advisers in a awkward position. and when asked questions about that, she says off limits, because they are related to her personal life and marriage, but george conway continues to insert himself, and again as you point out on twitter yesterday suggesting that president trump may have committed witness tampering, and eric trump then went online and slammed george conway saying that it is incredibly disrespectful to his wife, and remember president trump has weighed in calling george conway calling him mrs. kellyanne conway and this is something that the white house gets uncomfortable questions about, and they try to brusht it to the side and focus on the
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much of the regular business on capitol hill this week is postponed as the nation honors president bush, including that funding fight that could trigger a partial government shutdown and amid a looming friday deadline the congressional leaders are agreeing to keep the government open for two weeks to
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give them more time to try to break the stalemate over president trump's demands over more border wall funding. k kasie hunt is joining me with all that is happening on capitol hill and nobody knows it more than you. and so ju tyou have the looming shutdown, and deja vu, and i am told that they always avoid it for the christmas holiday. >> yes, sadly for some of us. and they do believe they can get some kind of deal and the republicans and the democrats can come to some accommodation, and many of the senators are saying why do we need two weeks and why are we pushing it to christmas, and one week, and what is the wild card is the president of the united states donald trump. >> shocking. >> shocking, i know that you will be so surprised to learn, but he is facing a democratic congress next year that is really, you know, never going to give him this wall funding, and so he is really the one who has
9:18 am
to decide whether or not he is going to push them so far as to have this partial government shutdown. now the calculation is that, you know, the side that seems to be really gunning for that shutdown usually takes the blame for it, and it is hard to see that how at crihristmas time is worth shutting down the department of homeland security and thinking of people using airplanes and the tsa and the interior department, and the commerce department and things that you would see coming up against as a citizen would shutdown perhaps the national parks and the interior department for example. so it is not clear -- and we are waiting for chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to have that meeting at the white house which is supposed to be today, tuesday, and is that today or yesterday? >> it is today. >> yes. >> you work so is hard that is the problem. >> and it is supposed to be today and postponed until at least next week. >> but is there agreement
9:19 am
between chuck and nancy as the president would rep fer to th-- referer to them, because nancy pelosi does not want to further divide the caucus before she is elected as the speaker, and she got 203 votes from the democrats which is a a very good turnout, but before the january floor vote, does not want to start alienating the progressives by going along with a compromise that ticks them off. >> yes, the saving grace there might be that in theory the republicans can do this only with republican votes, and she can potentially put it on them, and paul ryan always has a problem with the right flank, but the bigger problem and part of how we got this far is that nancy pelosi is always a key player in the debates and frankly distracted and worried about her own political future and making sure that she has the speakership nailed down for next year, and she is somebody who is very good at playing this chess,
9:20 am
and having her not on the field has hurt democrats. >> let me say here, and i want to put this on the table. as rachel maddow report ed ted other night when "the new york times" reported that she had won the caucus vote 203 votes, she had won it with a bigger number of supporters than john boehner did when he was running for speaker, and yet the headlines were completely, you know, she struggles against the defections and where he was overwhelming support, and there is a difference of the way that men and women are treated in the headlines, and "times" rewrote the headline somewhat, but i am saying it is everybody who is talking about how she is fig fighting with the defek shurngs but she is the general. and she is doing better than anybody thought that she could do. >> she is in fact, and you right about the headlines when you put them next to each other, it is a stunning comparison. and people who have worked with nan su pe l-- nancy pelosi know
9:21 am
that she is not going to cryis exism, because it will hurt her more than help her. she was not on the cover of "time" magazine until this year, andrea. >> to be continued. >> for sure. >> kasie hunt, thank you so much, and coming up, paying are respects. president trump meeting with the bush family todayt the blair house ahead of the memorial service in washington, and remembering the 41st president n next right here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. here we go.
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hi, i'm joan lunden.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. and you are looking at live pictures and members of the public now saying good-bye to president george herbert walker bush. his body is lying in state at the capitol rotunda and the f m former president resting in the building where he served four years as a member of congress and many, many days over eight years as president of the senate when he was ronald reagan's vice president, and he was an active
9:26 am
president of the senate, and indeed negotiating all kinds of agreements. today, the current head of the cia gina has pel was joined by john brennan and george tenet and others who once led their agency and for whom their headquarters is named. colin powell, the former chief of staffs in the bush administration and general barry mckcaffery and other desert stom commanders coming to honor their former commander in chief, as is the homeland security secretary, the first homeland security tom ridge and who also usheredameri act. and also, his service dog sully coming this afternoon as are dignitaries coming to the white
9:27 am
house. and we are joined by the biographer of laura bush, and retired four-star army general barry mckcaffery and also msnbc military analyst happily, and thank you, all. susan, you wrote so movingly of the last interview with bush 41 when you were writing the book on barbara bush. his reflections and your own having covered him of course for many decades. >> you know, he was, and it is the last interview that he would do with a journalist and he agreed to do it because it was about barbara, and i asked him if he remembered the first time that he had ever seen barbara pierce, and he said, yes, it was at you well know at the greenwich country club for a high school dance and he went up to a friend asking who is that girl. i asked if he remembered what
9:28 am
caught his eye and he said she was so beautiful. >> we all know that the plane he flew had her name on it, and he enlisted gaiagainst his family' wishes and barry mccaffery, he enlisted in world war ii as the youngest world aviator and parachuting out to save his crew members who were lost in the rescue operation, and it is incredible that we have footage of him being rescued from the pacific. >> yes, and that submarine was not waiting for him to come down into the water. carrier aviation was new in world war ii and that is the war in the pacific for casualties, and so just typical of a teenaged boy, bush, to join the br branch of the armed forces that was most on the cutting edge of combat with japanese. remarkable man. >> and when you were at the pentagon working for colin
9:29 am
powell and the joint chief, and you were his liaison with the white house with bush as commander in chief, but before that, you were in kuwait, and you were in kuwait in the run-up to desert storm, and with the infantry when barbara bush and george bush came on that thanksgiving. tell us about that. >> yes, i have a wonderful picture with barbara bush. and the soldiers were all crowded around the president, and he was there with brent scowcroft, the senior leadership of congress and thanksgiving day, and he was really there to reassure us. the attack was pending, and we knew that. he stood up there and i have told the story several times that he said to the several thousand soldiers assembled, in world war ii on thanksgiving day, i was flying a combat ground mission for your division fighting in the philippines. >> wow. that is -- that's one of the reasons, and one of the things that bound him to the military and also to the intelligence
9:30 am
community. he said that his favorite job was cia director, and he was only there for to a yea year, b role he played post watergate from your perspective as a veteran of the agency, and you met him there and you knew the impors and the of with what he brought to the agency at the time. >> i was a brand-new officer then, and normally, a brand-new officer would not have much contact with the director of the cia, but he was omnipresent. he was in the hallways. he'd pull you into his office. he would bring you up for coffee on the saturday morning and bunch of new officer, but it was a tough time for the cia and the cia has been through a lot of controversies, but this is the low point in the history as a result of the congressional investigations before there was any oversight that brought to the light things that people found objectionable. it was not a popular job. in fact, someone gave me last night a letter he had written to a friend characterizing his
9:31 am
thoughts as he took this job. i want to read one sentence from it. >> please, do. >> he said to the friend, i honestly feel that my political future is behind me. but hell, i'm 51. >> he had felt sidelined. >> and this new job gives me a chance to really contribute. now, that is a statement about public service, and not about him, but it is about the chance to contribute. so he came there, and he restored the relationship with congress and he did 50 congressional brief iing in one year, and that is still a record. brought people into, and took people to the white house the brief the president and basically, i think that he lifted the agency's morale and the stand inings with the congr and the american public. >> as we sit here today, the cia director gina haspal is briefing a select group, the gang of eight or the expanded group of senators having rebuffed their demands that she show up for all
9:32 am
100 senator, and great anger at this from the left and the right. and you have lindsey graham saying that i'm pissed off, and more information in "the new york times" and the "wall street journal," and about a lot of other things, so that the cia has been really damaged, and it was really georgeh -- george bush to restore it at a critical time. >> yes, he is revered at the cia. i mentioned last night that i had been out there yesterday on unrelated matter, and they had moved his photograph that he has signed and all presidents do, and they had moved his photograph out into the center of the steps as you come in across the seal next to a bust of him and people are putting n flowers there. so, he had only one year there, but, he bonded with the place in his are remarks in 1999 when the compound was named after him. >> we see a picture of it right
9:33 am
now. >> and he said, part of my heartbeat is here which was a moving thing for him to say to that group of people. >> and barry mccaffery, his role as commander in chief, and the decision not to go to baghdad, to step back after that one week incredible operation in desert storm, and how important was that? >> well, at the time, we were pr pretty aggressive and i had all of the equipment, and i told schwarzkopf that we have to get a head and saddam is going to run for it. fortunately colin powell and the president and others had wiser heads and they did not get us embroil embroiled in that country. so i think that, you know, again, this is a payoff of the experience and his judgment as a public servant. >> and susan, your thoughts about the man that you covered and how would you summarize him? >> well, i would say two times that he took jobs that he thought that it would end his
9:34 am
political career. the cia job, and taken over the command of president nixon's request where at the time that he did not want to be the president, and barbara told him not to do, and he did it anyway because the president asked him to do it. >> and you could argue a third time, china, taking him completely out of the political consideration. >> and thank you all. and of course, the race for 2020, and politics and joe biden making the most telling statement yet. we will be right back. that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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former vice president joe biden now fueling more speculation about a potential 2020 run on a book tour stop in montana. biden saying that he is quote the most qualified person in the country to be president, and he is going to be deciding about a run in the next few months, and biden acknowledging that he has some liables in what is to be a crowded field of the younger candidates, but he says that his drawbacks are nothing compared to president trump. he says i may be a gaffe machine, but my god, what a wonderful thing compared to a guy who may not be able to tell the truth. just quoting joe biden. joining us is phil rucker, the washington post white house bureau chief, and also p phil from reuters. phil, what do you make of what
9:39 am
biden said after he told our colleague craig melvin about a run, but he is leaning far forward for a run. >> yes, he is leaning far forward for months now, and more likely to be pursuing the presidency, which he has done before, and remember, and it sounds like he is going to be making a decision in the next month or two with his family and trying to decide if this is something that he wants the do, and if he were to run to the extent that the democrats have a frontrunner, it would probably be him, but it is still going to be a very competitive field and the nomination is certainly not assured for joe biden. >> and jeff, we have john kerry at harvard last week i guess talking about joe biden, and his former colleague, and sometime rival, but also raising the whole subject of mike bloomberg and let's play part of that. >> i don't know if joe is going to run. i love joe biden and he is a great pal of mine and i have known him for 40 years, and he
9:40 am
is clearly qualify and great and understands the issues, and we will see what he decides to do. i will shock everybody and i will say that i also like the guy who was originally a democrat and then a republican and back and i like him very much, terrific on the guns and climate change, and terrific on the inclusivity and other h issues is mike bloomberg and he has built a hell of a business, a and he is an interesting person. >> that is a big tell. >> yeah, it s. >> by all accounts, both men mike bloomberg and clearly vice president biden are thinking seriously about this. and both have for specifically, bloomberg has decided before not the run, because the polling and his data suggested that he could not win, but it is a different time, and somebody is in the white house who lots of people didn't think that could win in 2016, and so it is going to be a crowded field. >> they both have a potential age problem, but again, phil ru rucker, mike bloomberg spent a whole lot of money to helping to
9:41 am
elect the democratic members of congress and he has paid forward if you will with potential support from the members from whom he helped to elect? >> that is right, andrea. on the gun violence an gun control, that is a key issue for the progressive base of the democratic party and important issue in the last few years, and especially mike bloomberg has been in the forefront on that issue, and expect that he is going to be using that to his advantage if he wants to run, but there are some doubts as to whether he is too cozy with the industry or whether he was a little bit too business-friendly and moderate as the mayor, and whether he can appeal to the middle of the country, but he'd be a formidable candidate if he jumps into the race. >> and now we hear that a number of former president obama's aides are taking a close look at beto o'rourke that he is actually inching towards running for president potentially even though he did not win his texas race, and this is what president obama a had to say to david
9:42 am
axelrod and the "ax file." >> impressive young man who ran a terrific race in texas. what i liked most about his race is that it didn't feel constantly poll tested. it felt as if -- >> he didn't poll in fact. >> it felt as if he'd based his statements and his positions is on what with he believed. that you'd like to think is normally how things work. sadly, it's not. >> jeff, this is a big stretch for someone who was a member of congress and now doesn't have a job arguably, and how do you launch a presidential campaign from that? we should point out that
9:43 am
president obama did not endorse him in that race. >> right. and if you are beto o'rourke and hearing the words out of president obama's mouth, and you weren't consider iing not runni for president before, it is hard to imagine that you would not consider it now, because those are remarks that are supportive and if aides to obama are in fact advising him or encourage hg imto r -- encouraging him to, and he would no doubt take that seriously. and there are clearly some difference, but he is somebody who caught fire in the senate race even though he did not win with, he got a massive amount of support financially around the kun trishgs and he could use the base and the big e-mail list that he has apparently to help to launch a national race. >> he's proved to be a really good fund-raiser, and nothing is ruled out ever anymore. >> that is exactly right. >> thank you and phil rucker and jeff mason. and the markets are down sharply and we should point it out, 542, and 544 now, and arguably according to the investors they
9:44 am
are beginning to worry about the next recession even though the e economy are doing well, and things are happening in the bond market that are starting to spook the stock market, and the negative news on home market, and the claim that a cease-fire on the trade wars with china may be a lot of hype, because we have not seen any confirmation from beijing on that, and some confusing statements from larry kudlow and the choice of a real hardliner in those negotiations to beijing not helping. so we will have more on this as we watch the markets and down 523 and a 20-point recovery, so a lot of volatility in the markets. stay with us. we will be back. we have the power to make sure everyone has clean water. to provide access to education for all. -to rid the world of aids, -once and for all. we have the power. to choose to include. to create clean energy. to raise capital. and be fearless entrepreneurs. to understand different perspectives.
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but he has plans today.ain. hey dad. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now.
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only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. cia director gina haspel has just finished briefing a small numb number of senators about the assessment that the crown prince mohammad bin salman did order the death of jamal khashoggi. both parties were furious when the cia director refused to brief them on the murder. and instead, some deny that there is any proof to link the
9:49 am
crown prince to the gruesome killing a. ing killing. a misleading by both according to experts. and with us is bob menendez who just came out of the briefing. senator, i know that you cant not discuss intelligence, so i won't ask you that, but are you now more persuaded now before going in that steps have to be taken against the saudis? >> andrea, before this briefing, i was convinced that we had to take steps on the war in yemen, and i believe that we had to take steps on the saudis, and i am only solidified in that view after this briefing, and it is my hope that the senate will act and send a strong and u unequivocal message that actions in both cases are not stand, and i hope that my legislation with senator graham, and i believe it is the appropriate response.
9:50 am
the saudi arabia accountability and yemen act that would create a mandatory global magnitsky for human rights and sanctions for those who are continuing to tho hutis. those are some examples of a really strong response i think undoubtedly need to take place. >> let me ask you about some things that both secretary pompeo and mattis said last week when they came out of the briefing to all the senators. senator, secretary pompeo said that there was no direct connection, no evidence linking them, paraphrasing now. secretary mattis said there was no smoking gun. seemed to indicate they were trying to dissuade the public from believing that the cia assessment was as has been reported. it seemed to be an artful kind of spin because the cia never has a smoking gun or direct
9:51 am
evidence. that's not what they do. do i have that right? >> well, let me just say that what both secretary pompeo and mattis did was i think a disservice to the senate. i understand what they're driving at. they're trying to preserve a relationship with saudi arabia. a relationship that i think will be preserved regardless. because there's critical needs of saudi arabia as it relates to u.s. defense of the kingdom and in our mutual interest in the region. so that should not have us ultimately not act decisively and forcefully, particularly in the death of jamal khashoggi, a united states permanent resident. not only will it send the wrong message to the crown prince, but it will also send a global message that you can act with impute and ultimately have no consequence. that is a dangerous message for
9:52 am
the united states to send. >> there are reports senator corker said there's no question whatsoever that he, the crown prince, murdered him, khashoggi. is that your takeaway also? >> well, that was my view before this briefing and it is certainly my view now. >> and there's also a quote from lindsey graham. i went into the briefing believing it was next to impossible that this was carried without the crown prince's knowledge and i left with the same opinion. you agree? >> i do. >> are you satisfied with the cia's efforts in all of this? there are reports there were intercepts implicating the crown prince in advance knowledge of
9:53 am
and direction to his close aide. >> i can't speak to that, i'll just simply say i believe the briefing of the chairs and ranking members of the national security committee got should be a briefing every senator should get. i argued for that before this. i still believe every senator should get it. i think it will be crystal clear in their mind about what happened here. as it relates to the cia's role, both before and after, that's something we'll tip to look at. >> is the cia doing a good job on this? >> let me just say as it relates to the briefing, i was satisfied with the briefing. i thought it was an honest briefing. as it relates to your broader question, that's still an open question for me. >> coming up man's best friend. a closer look at president george h.w. bush's loyal service dog sully.
9:54 am
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sully, president bush's service dog, was brought to the capitol rotunda today. he was just a signed to mr. bush back in the month after barbara bush's death but quickly became a part of the family. as he was there at the ro tupd da early today. he had been first assigned to the bush family, to president
9:58 am
bush, about six months ago, after barbara bush's death. the children thought it would be a way of trying to comfort president bush in those sad months. and he quickly became a part of the family. he also became a signature -- part of the signature socks that president bush was known to wear. as you can see, they were sully socks as well on the former president. this was all part of a very emotional return to washington as president h.w. bush came back to the nation's capitol for the last time yedz wisterday is sul the plane with him and then of course lying in state at the rotunda and all the public visitation today. we will of course continue to have continuing coverage of a nation's farewell to the former president, president bush 41, as we continue on msnbc and on nbc
9:59 am
news and all of our coverage. the funeral service will be at the cathedral at 11:00 tomorrow morning. coverage will start earlier than that on all of our networks. we will have brian williams and all my ns nbc colleagues on the air all day tomorrow as well. that does it for this edition of andrea mitchell reports. remember, follow the show online, on facebook and on twitter. here is stephanie ruhle. >> thanks so much, andrea. good afternoon. i'm stephanie ruhle. my partner ali velshi on assignment. it is tuesday, november 4th, let's get smarter. the potential triple threat facing the president and his inner circle. new documents which may reveal more than what we've seen so far about robert mueller's investigation and specifically what he learned from three key figures. former national security adviser flynn, former campaign manager manafort and michael cohen.
10:00 am
>> the biggest thing is does mike flynn implicate trump? >> select grooup of senators at this hour. h haspell was under fire for failing to join a briefing last thursday. and the saudi government's role in the killing of khashoggi. >> this is the very definition of the deep state. the deep state is that the intelligence agencies do things, conclude things, but then the elected officials are prevented from knowing about this. >> i'm going to ask you about north carolina because there could actually be election fraud in that state. the ninth district has not yet been certified. >> "the washington post" and other reporting that senators around an operative who actually had an entire operation gathering people's absentee ballots and either discarding them or altering them to potentially benefit the


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