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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 5, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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a new memo filed by robert mueller's office claims former security advisor, michael flynn has provided substantial assistance. and renewed fears about e economic growth. and today america bids farewell to former president george h.w. bush. the gathering will include all living presidents as well as world leaders. ♪
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good morning aesh within. it is wednesday, december fifth. we begin with the new court filings from the special counsel concerning former national security advisor, michael flynn. mueller's team says flynn has are provided substantial assistance with with several ongoing investigations and advising he receive little or no prison time. flynn has provided interactions between the transition team and government officials. flynn has met with the special counsel's team 19 times and provided them with documents and commune kaez. >> the memo said flynn began providing information to investigators not long after the government first sought his coopries. "his early cooperation was particularly valuable because he was one of the few people with
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long-term insight." it also extends to a criminal investigation, separate from mueller probe but the next 22 lines in the document have been completely redacted. president trump's legal team is weighing in on the new court filing. national political reporter. good to see you. >> and welcome back. >> thank you. nbc news spoke to president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani and he's not concerned the flynn shaerd anything with the special counsel. if he had information to share that would 30 president, you'd know it by now." and they're completely unable to come up with a single piece of
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evidence that links them. maybe this will convince allf oamerica there was no collusion. >> one of the biggest take aways with regards to this is the fact that flynn seems to have provided a lot of inform for this investigation. >> when you look through athe documents. 19 different sessions, 50 different pieces of redakzs. there's a lot of information that was provided. we have to remember the timeline. this is someone who lied to the fbi. this is someone who sally yates said was compromised and needed to get out of the white house. also big news is there is -- we've confirmed a separate criminal investigation that he has supposedly provided a lot of information about. >> much of which was redacted.
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>> but there's a lot here that we don't know, primarily when the president told the nation that he didn't know that flynn was discussing sanctions with kislyak, was that true? what has flynn told the special counsel? and does it line up with what the president told the nation? >> we just heard rudy giuliani's perspective. as expected -- but the adam schiff "the recommendation of no jail time for flynn, apart from the obvious irony off the man who led chants off lock her up, reflects both the timelyness off significance of his help, that says he's gibben more than the president may know." >> it's clear from this document that schiff is correct that he's
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provided a lot of information. and this is a person key eto the obstruction case. he was theroughout the transition, and the campaign. here's the question. is that true or was flynn a sacrificial lamb at the time and has can kept to himself everything he knew during that whole period about the interactions with the russians and just how much did the rest of the trump team know going up to the president and importantly, were the sanctions some kind off a quid pro quo for what was done during the campaign by the russians in order to help? >> you think about the timeline and how close flynn was to the presidency and to the president in the run up to him winning the election. you can't help but think he's got a lot of information.
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let's talk about the special counsel's decision regarding michael flynn. what does this tell you about the current investigation? >> that the investigation is probably going to go on longer than people expect. i've been cautioning everyone don't think the special counsel is about to wrap up just because new filings come about. this filing yesterday indicates with all the redakzs that the special counsel is in no rush to wrap things up. this level of cooperation -- remember this was some time ago, tells us he's been helping the special counsel's office for some time and many tenderals off the investigation. it's leakly to go on for some period longer. >> seems like he's been meeting with him monthly after the course of of the last year. one of the elements suggests
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there's another special counsel investigation that we don't know about. that michael flynn is helping on three separate investigations. is there any information we've learned about what that second investigation might be e? could that be an obstruction of justice investigation? >> it's too hard to say at this poent. we just don't can know exactly what that other tenderal of the investigation is. at the same time it's not surprising someone has proviewed information that as they're fond of saying, the evidence talks them where it takes them and the mandate is to investigate russian interference in the election. but if they come across evidence of a new crime they can and apparently will, pursue it. >> you say this is likely to go on a long time but when you look
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at mueller has conducted with with previous investigations the first wave of charges was over obstruction of justice. >> first, i think the use of obstruction charges is help fool federal prosecutors to induce witnesses to cooperate. fr. ask them questions, but if they lie, charge them with section 1001 false statements and induce their cooperation. that starts the investigation off on the right path and you corroborate witnesses up the plan. mueller's mandate is too investigate whether there was criminal interference in the election and if he concludes his investigation without getting trump in his innercircle, that is a possibility.
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>> did flynn know when he was giving information to the special counsel that jail time would not be recommended? at what point did that reveal itself to flynn? >> the first document filed yesterday indicates the sentencing guideline range was already the lowest possible change you can get. zero to 6 months. it is always an open question whether or not the government is going to agree to a sentence as low as no incarceration. it's rare but it really demonstrates that even within the zero to six-month range that general flynn really impressed the special counsel's office such that they were eve willing to suggest a no incarceration sentence was a reasonable one. >> we're going to talk to you in just a bit.
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>> markets oeverseas are fallin after yesterday's massbive sell off over fears of an economic slow down. all three marjor indexes plunge nearly 3%. concerns over what bond yields may be signaling about economic growth. experts say similar signals happened right before the last recession. and questions over whether a permanent deal between u.s. and china on trade. conflicting messages from the trumped trump administration have lead to confusion. and told the ceasefire would begin january the 1st. and the white house correcting the statement saying it started december 1st. president trump took time yesterday to tweet about his economic flausy.
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philosophy. saying quote whether a real deal with china is actually possible. if it is we will get it done. china is supposed to start buying agriculture product and president xi and i want this to happen and it probably will but remember i am a tear man. when people come to raid the great wealth of oour nation, we are right now taking in billions in tariffs. make america rich again. while tariffs are designed to make foreign-made goods more expensive, that's usually passed down to consumers. and every other can country has imposed retaliatory tariffs. from's tarifff-ban tweet was
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part of a longer thread. negotiations have already started and ends by saying let the negotiations begin. "we're going to have a real deal with china or not at all." ultimately i believe we'll be making a deal either now or in to the future. ". okay. switching gears to a moment after a lifetime of public service. today is george herbert walker's last day in the washington capitol. his son, george w. bush will deliver one of the four yul aenls. melania trump went to greet the bush family. laura bush returned to the white house to visit with staff. meanwhile cia directors past and
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present all pay tribute to their own in the capitol rotunda and in a stoic display of the dignity and perseverance embodied by members of what tom brokaw calls the greatest generation, bob dole stood up from his wheelchair and saluted the cackt. c ashes casket. >> it's been a very emotional couple of days in washington. >> very important to see all of these figures come together to pay respect. and cia director on the killing of washington post columnist, jamal khashoggi and
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now both sides off the aisle expressing anger. ♪ the united states postal service makes more holiday deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ with one notable exception. ♪
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stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. welcome back. after three weeks of nation-wide protests, the french government announced it will suspend the fuel tax increase for six months. it's slated to take effect in january was designed to help curb climate change and wean ku consumers off gasoline and diesel fuel. however, it sparked protests from the yellow vests. yesterday's announcement was a surprising back pedal by macron who was criticized for previous pushes to make france more economically competitive. over 400 arrested and dozens
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of cars were torched in one of france's worst urban riots in years. president trump weighed in as a justification for his own decision to withdraw from the paris climate accord, even though french president msis a supporter. "i'm glad that my friend and the protesters off paris have greed with the conclugds i reached years ago. i want clean air and clean water and have been maybing great strides in improving america's environment but american taxpayers and workers shouldn't pay to clean up other country's pollution. after two terms, rudy giuliani, trump even named him as an informal advisor on cyber
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security. and you may have seen this commercial on cable tv. >> with 16 years in cyber security i can tell you criminals are scouring the dark web trying to steal your oidentity and your personal information. >> he was a bit perplexed after an antimueller tweet he posted suddenly linkeds to a trump message. and quick-thinking. trump critic stole the domain and giuliani posted this. twitter allowed someone to invade my text. the same thing, period, no space occurred later and it didn't happen. presumably referencing twitter, but again he accidentally
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tweeted a vacant domain. with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> i'm just a witness to all othis. and now this is the storm system that will eventually go coast to coast. we're still waiting for it and it's going to take a while. today and tomorrow some will shift down to san diego. possibility up to an inch 1/2. at least a minor risk of flooding. for you in texas, your rain event starts thursday night into friday morning. we're not talking snow. but during the day we're going to see the snow and ice breaking up. i was looking that forecast for oklahoma city. we're still so far out are anywhere between zero and over a foot.
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there's still a lot of varyability on whether it's geteeg going to be rain or snow. this paints a picture off a snow storm. western half off virginia. and it wouldn't be until thursday that we get a little closer to that. as far as the snowfall odds, we're looking at the greatest risk to the northern edge of the precipitation. d.c. is right on the line between a snow storm or maybe just a minor event. new york city, we're still looking dry. close call sunday into monday. still ahead one of kaunl football's win withingest coaches suddenly aunse noed his retirement. oh milk. am i willing to pay the price for loving you? you'll make my morning, but ruin my day.
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>> nearly has -- three to shoot. taylor. base jump no good and michigan survives. >> michigan survives. the wildcats three-point attempt at the buzzer is no good. 62-f 60. and on the ncaa, scandal-plagued season will now end with a new head coach as urban meyer has announced he'll retire with with a team following the six-ranked buckeyes on new year's day. ryan day who led the team in the first three games of the season will be named ohio's next coach. it just got a little bit bigger. awarding the city of seattle an expansion franchise that will
2:26 am
begin play in october of 2021. and nhl's 32nd franchise will be part of the pacific division. an arrangement that will move the arizona coyotes. but there are a lot of things throughout about the new name of that team, whether they're called the emeralds, there's a lot of names out there. i think there are 13 of them actually. >> exciting stuff. seattle sea lions. good. we'll wait and see. long-time trump ally pleads the fifth in the senate's russia probe. we're going to talk about what that means in thesent investigation. >> and what senators on both sides oof the aisle are saying about the killing of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi.
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♪ welcome back everybody. along side amen. let's start with the morning's top stories. senators had a close-doored briefing regarding the murder of jamal khashoggi. the cia has given a high confidence assessment that crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered his murder. sthin the trump and his
2:31 am
administration continue to dismiss. law makers left irate that haskell was not included, which senator suggested because the white house blocked her partis pays. bob corker said the difference between last week's administration briefing and the haskell briefing was it difference between quote darkness and sunshine. >> i have zero question in my mind that crown prince ordered the killing, monitored the killing, planned it in advance. if he was in front oa jury, he would be convicted in 30 minutes guilty. there's no way anybody with a straight face can say there's any question about what has happened. there's not a smoking gun, there's a smoking saw. you have to be willfully blind not to come to the conclusion this was orchestrated and
2:32 am
organized by people under the command of mbs and he was intricately involved in the demise of jamal khashoggi. there is zero chance, zero chance this happened in such an org oinized way without the crown prince. >> and chuck schumer is calling for a full senate briefing from the cia director. yemen and saudi arabia, similar to the briefing last week. haskell is not scheduled to attend. surveilled for months by what is believed to be a foreign agent due to the nature of the attack. the hack was first detkted in april and no donor information was compromised. thousands of sensitive emails
2:33 am
are said to be exposed as they said an out vendor told the committee can which then alerted the fbi. senior house republicans including speaker paul ryan, kevin mccarthy and majority whip were not informed of the hack until they contacted them with with questions. nor were rank and file members told. they were intent on conducting their own investigation and feared that revealing the hack would compromise the effort. the attorneys general of maryland in d.c. have issued subpoenas related to trump's washington hotel. they claim the profit made from hosting foreign dig nuitaries -- the subpoenas focus on answering three questions. which foreign governments are paying for the hotel? where it's going?
2:34 am
and how it's effecting the hospitality industry. they want information from clients and government agencies like the treasury department where from has promised to dona donate profits from foreign government. the doj has declined to comment on the subpoenas. in a snub to the ranking democrat, long-time trump ally roger stone nhas invoked the fifth amendment. on russia's interference. >> in a letter to senator dianne feinstein a letter said he was
2:35 am
refusing to comply with the senator's request. and then asked when stone plans to quote produce the documents and when he would be able to appear for an interview. in the later dated monday, it said his invocation must be understood by all to be the assertion offf a right by a citizen who des secrecy and found the requests were far too over reaching, wide ranging. stone has faced increasing scrutiny over allegations he ehad advanced knowledge of of the october release of clinton emails. stone has denied any advanced knowledge. despite a series of tweets, which he says were the results of direct information.
2:36 am
meanwhile he told politico he does not have a deal to share defense strategies, unlike campaign chairman paul manafort. >> you've got to lub educated guesses there in regards to his defense. >> there's also a history of wikileaks working with other news oorganizations. so if you look that history in terms of what they've done with other big troves of information, it's not far fetched to think they would reach out to a rival. so it's interesting to hear people like roger stone say they want to exercise their fifth amendment rights on documents. >> coordination would not lat be out of the question. the question is who's the coordinator? and this is where we don't have good answers. i happen to speak to a gentleman who was chronicling roger stone for a separate documentary and
2:37 am
he thought there was an element of stone trying oo to be bragadocious and remain relevant to the campaign. wikileaks was not controversial. even if stone wasn't the middle man, he knew a lot. remember roger stone is the man who brought paul manafort into the campaign. he has a long history with donald trump on business affairs that long predated the campaign. and so he know as lot. his lawyer does make a valid point that any defendant in his position is more than entitled to e exercise this right. >> that doesn't mean case closed for roger stone. >> not at all. he will continue to be very relevant and sought after with with the special counsel and still does have lot of inform asian.
2:38 am
because too many coincidences. how did he know that it was podesta's quote time in the barrel? he not only knew about the release but who had been hacked, who specifically had been hacked. >> for you to zero in on john podesta and his emails, that's too much coincidence to be an educated guess. still ahead global markets suffered losses this morning as yesterday's steep drop on wall street spilled overseas. year going to have more on the slow down concerns rattling investors. and bringing a ix ammed bag of winter weather. he'll tell us about that next.
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the united states postal service ask your dermatologist makes more holiday deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ with one notable exception. ♪ welcome back. global stocks are in the red
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following massive sell off yesterday. they worry about the state of the u.s./china trade war. live from london with more. signals of affpossible econom slow down are weighing in on stocks. >> good morning. we are waking up in the back off a very rough day. all three major embassies closing down more than 3%. and this is driven not only by fears of aa broad slow down. the reality is sinking in. investors are closely watch thing bond market. typically signals an economic slow down. so now they're weighing whether a recession is on the horizon. we're seeing more weakness with with the stocks the main equity
2:43 am
index trading lower. every sector was down with the trade macrosector suffering the worse. >> as you mention a lot of indicators like we saw in 2007. how concerned should investors be about all these market swings? >> well, a lot off the analysts we've spoken to over the last 24 hours do believe this reaction is over done. and jim kram has pointed to the role of algorithms in the latest sell off. so if this was a machine driven sell off we may be poised for a rebound. we will have to wait and see how the u.s. markets react on their open. but there is potential this was an overreaction. the picture is far less grim than the market would suggest.
2:44 am
>> live from london. thanks so much. you had a lot of people nervous yesterday -- >> but a lot of it had to do with the uncertainty in the president's tweets and mixed messaging out of the white house. and the message out of g 20 was they reaped a deal. >> and then maybe we do, maybe we don't have to deal. so try and be steady, even though washington may not be steady. let's go check on our weather with our steady bill karins. >> when it's sunny. >> flaphilosophy of life. >> i like when it's warm and sunny. >> which is like two days a year. the wind chilled, aeeveryon
2:45 am
is all together. wind chills in houston is at 37. even trying to get to tallahassee this morning. denver at 12. and for today there's not many travel concerns, a couple of batches heading from sent a lewis to kentucky. not going to cause a lot of travel concerns. temperatures will be slow to rebound today. we'll call it 50ss in the south. out west is where we veour storm system that's going to eventually go coast to coast. in san francisco you should be drying out. this is our european computer model. this is going to be saturday morning. this will be sunday morning, monday morping. how far north or south the storm track jumps will depend on where
2:46 am
the snow band sets up. we're looking at saturday and significance still possible towards oklahoma, maybe oklahoma city. then through sunday morning, an area through south of indiana and by the time we get to sunday into monday morning, a possibility off a significant snow event up to the south carolina, virginia, possibly up to d.c. notice from new york city to boston, not in the snow picture now. especially for our friends in the carolinas in virginia this could be one of your bigger ones you've seen a while. >> thank you very much. still ahead can contenders are weighing in on their prospects off running. and holding a high-powered meeting over the possible white house run.
2:47 am
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and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. welcome back. after toying with the idea of running for president 2020, bowing out. he released this statement after consulting with family. he admits the choice did not come lightly.
2:50 am
chances against from. his statement reads in part quote we with will not prewithout a fighter. as for other presidential contenders, former vice president joe biden thinks he's quote the most qualified person. he made the comments on monday. the former vice president went on to bs plain the decision trulyrists with his family to quote decide as a unit whether we're ready. over in colorado another democrat is eyeing the white house. public radio reports that senator michael bennet is considering a run. he could compete against close friend and form boss. political reports that daval patrick is telling staffers he will not run for commander and chief. the close president.
2:51 am
>> at some president obama -- >> and who in the democratic party is not running? one of the names one of the names floating around, beto o'rourke. he recently met with president barack obama as he weighs whether he will run for president in 2020. "the washington post" reporting the meeting was held on november 16th at obama's office in washington, d.c. during the midterms, obama offered several times to help o'rourke's campaign, including coming to texas to rally or to make robo calls offering his endorsement. the former president even recorded a individual crow that o'rourke's campaign never actually used. it remained the subject of internal debate. a spokesperson for obama and o'rourke both declined to comment to the post about the meeting. >> the midterms are just over
2:52 am
and we're already talking about the presidential elections not too far away. knew overnight, the associated press declared republican george raff knowledgesperger in georgia. john barrow is not ready to concede, however. right now, it appears the number of absentee ballots that have not been counted is greater than the margin of difference. in order to make sure every voice is heard, it was tweeted they need to make sure every vote is counted. coming up, axios's jim vandehei has a look at this morning's one big thing. coming up on "morning joe," more on the new court filing over michael flynn. >> what is reveal about flynn's
2:53 am
cooperation with the russia probe and the interactions between the trump team and the russian government. senator chris murphy joins the conversation to discuss what he calls the white house's outrageous effort to cover up for saudi arabia. m i willing toy the price for loving you? you'll make my morning, but ruin my day. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good.
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welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m., co-founder and ceo of axo, jim vandehei. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> talk to us about axios' one big thick today. >> it should be michael flynn, except we would have to redact the whole he segment so we'll talk about what you were just talking about which what about one of the wildest turns we've noi now seen in a presidential campaign. it now looks like there's 20 to 30 democrats considering getting into this had race.
2:57 am
it's creating a hell of a lot of confusion. donors don't know where to go. candidates don't know where to go. so i think we're in for a long, long democratic primary with lots and lots of people running. and by the way, they're probably going to be running while impeaching the guy that they're running against. and so in this trump era, everything is wild. this is really wild. >> so in 2016, the republican field was between president trump, ted cruz, the name calling and a lot of that was because of president trump personally. but are we likely to see the same divisions on the democratic side? is there a polarizing figure that would have come in there and could have been as nasty among other candidates? >> there's nobody in the
2:58 am
currencurrent crop to go after it. how much does the democratic party want to go? do you want to go near a biden, near a bloomberg? a hard fight to have when you have 20 or 30 people running. there is nobody you would say is an obvious front-runner. obviously, joe biden does the best in polls because of name recognition and sanders also because he ran before. but you have beto t top of mind for so many democrats and his claim to fame is lose ago senate race. so i think it shows how wide open this race will be. >> is there any thought on the democratic sides that they need to get someone to run who is going to get down in the trenches with trump to fight trump in a way? >> kind of like avenatti. >> i don't think. how can you out-trump trump?
2:59 am
he's going to do the pocahontus stuff or he's going to come into a nickname for you. i doubt that will be the approach that they take. that said, politics, these are humans that run and when someone is calling you names every day, you, too, kind of want to punch them in the throat. >> let's switch gears. the flynn sentencing memo, how significant of a development and was it in all the information we learned last night? >> i wouldn't want to be someone who is a target of that redacted material. it's clearly, obviously, we don't know much from it. all the speculation you hear is probably not worth much other than there's three investigations that they're looking at that flynn cooperated with. now we know, 119, he testified 19 times.
3:00 am
michael cohenen spent 70 hours and don mcgahn spent 30 hours. that's 119 hours of pain for the trump orbit. >> jim vandehei for us, we will see you again on "morning joe" and axios a.m. in just a little bit. sign up for the newsletter, sign up. >> that does it for us. "morning joe," everyone, starts right now. >> lock her up, that's right. yes, that's right. lock her up. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. >> when you have your staff taking the fifth amendment, taking the fifth so they're not prosecut prosecuted, it's disgrac


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