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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 12, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PST

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you want to shut it down. you keep talking about it. >> for the last time, chuck. you shut it down. >> i wonder if i sit real still if people will even notice i'm here. i'm a manila envelope taped to a beige wall. no one can see me. >> you said it. >> president pence, the pence administration. the michael pence presidential lib library and can casino.
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chuck and nancy verses the president and maybe mike pence. the big question will we see a trump shut down. >> plus big legal developments. mike flynn says don't lock him up and mueller gets more time 250 explain what he calls manafort's crimes and lies. ♪ good morning everyone. it's wednesday, december 12th. well, president trump invited news cameras into a meeting with democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, escalating government funding and boarder security right into a threat of a government shut down. and schumer openly mocked the president. >> if i needed the votes for the wall in the house, i would have
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them in one session. it would be done. we need 10 democrats. >> put it on a -- >> it doesn't help for me to take a vote in the house where i will win easily with with the republicans. >> you will not win. the fact is you do not have the votes in the house. >> nancy, i do. nancy. and it's very important. >> we came at a place to say how do we say to the american people, who have needs. people are losing their jobs, the markets in a move. our members -- >> we vethe lowest unemployment that we've had in 50 years. >> 50 people of the republican party are losing their offices because of the transition. people are not -- >> nancy, we've gained in thesont. did we win the senate? >> when the president brags that he won north dakota and indiana he's in real trouble.
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20 times you will call for i will shut down the government if i don't get my wall. you've said it. >> i'll take it. you know what i'll say. yes if we dont get what we want through anything you want to call, i will shut down the government. and i am proud to shut down the government for boarder security, chuck. because the people of this country don't want criminals and people that have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country. so i will take the mantle. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. >> okay. on capitol hill they reacted with with hope that a deal can be reached in time. >> well, i hope that's not where we end up. i understand it was a rather spirited meeting. we all watched.
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but i would still like to see a smooth ending here and i haven't given up hope that's what we'll have. no matter who persipitates the government shut down, the american people don't like it. >> i wish it had gone better but this is round one of negotiations both public and private will be going on. >> i don't believe the man's bluff. if i were playing poker with him right now and i didn't have the cards, i'd fold those rascals i'd believe he's prepared to do what he says he's prepared to do. >> according to a new poll the numbers from npr pbs news hour show 6 in 10 americans, 57% believe the president should strike a deal to prevent grid lock and 36% believe he should
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not compromise. 31% of democrats and 63% of independents say trump should strike a deal. meanwhile the same poll shows only 28% of adults in this country feel building the boarder wall is an immediate priority. while 19% say it's not an immediate priority but 50% say it's not a priority at all. and in his bid to need a boarder wall. >> people are pouring into our country, including terrorists. we caught 10 terrorists over the last very short period of time. these are very serious people. >> the claims have largely proven not to be true. sources tell msnbc news there's no public evidence they have stopped 10 terrorists recently.
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department of homeland security did not respond, didn't offer any information about what 10 terrorists were caught to back the president's claim. it did say they prevent an a average of 10 suspected terriristses identified on the watch list from entering into the u.s. eefrp day. joining us from the yaus paults but not from washington. i'm sure you, like the rers of us watched that spectacle with our popcorn. obviously gained a lot of traction. a lot of viewers probably watched it. what are your biggest take aways? do you think this was a lot of political p political postering. >> whether or not president will be able to listen to his advisors and understand putting americans in a position where their government is shut down is
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not in his best interest politically or the best interest of law makers and his policy remains to be determined. what is also clear to me it's effectively trump's loss in the midterm elections. the president does not seem 250 understand this top priority is not a priority lat all for a large percentage of americans and a hope of gaining favorability for himself and his party. >> let's talk about nancy pelosi here. we're also hearing reports they had a follow-up phone call last night. did you har thear this? >> we did. maybe reaching a middle ground. that decision wasn't final but perhaps moving forward to see what can be done to make both
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sides more please would the outcome. i think it's important to remember much of what trump put forward, he did in part because cameras were there and something that pelosi, an experienced policy maker made clear she did not want to happen. >> thanks, eugene. erse the accused russian agent that built ties with the national rifle association and republicans has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors. she will plead guilty of one count of conspiracy for working with as a foreign agent in the u.s. she'll admit to acting at the direction of a russian official to establish unofficial lines with with americans having power and influence over the benefit of the russian federation. law enforcement officials have identified the unnamed american
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as butina's boyfriend and long-time activist. and kremlin-linked torgz and russian president vladimir putin back in 2016. here's what putin had to say about the charges yesterday. >> as part of her plea deal she will work with state, federal authorities in exchange for what could be a shorter prison sentence. lawyers for paul manafort say they need more time to evaluate allegations that he
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lied to the special counsel and breached his plea deal. they had just learned new details earlier in the day and more information can could be on the way. his legal team said it needed to decide which if any issues to contest. they originally disputed the claims but did not repeat the assertion to the judge yesterday. meaning they may drop their challenge to mueller's claim. we expect to learn more in a court filing due january 7th. frrls the n next hearing is tentatively set for january if i everth. and he's asking for probation with minimal supervision and 2 hrn hours of community service. it highlights his highly decorated intelligence officer who has savered countless
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american lives and revealed the extent to which flynn cooperated extensively in several investigations. for deucing electronics devices and sitting for more than 62 hours of meetings. it does not say why flynn lie said but his lawyers did offer other points. they clab. he was not parns that's laying to the fbi is a crime and former fbi director andrew mccabe have since been investigated for misconduct. just days after a 36-year-old aid to the vice president turned down to be white house chief of stat, president trump seems to have more than he ecan handle. "i have 10, 12 people that want it badly. a lot of people wants it.
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who doesn't want to be one of the top few people in washington d.c.? he said. i mean you three guys would take it. he goes on. i have so many people i cannot interview them all. turning to bill shine, trump asked is that a correct statement? shine agreed. the kurcht chief of staff will remain in the job through january 2nd. >> i think a lot of people want that job. still ahead donald trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, will find out if it was wurlgt it. and president trump gets another chance to side with with u.s. intelligence over the saudi crown prince. we're going to tell you where he landed on that one.
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prince mohammed bin salman who the cia has assessed with with high confidence was responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi. he shrug off saying well, i don't want to get into that and some people say no and the fact is he vehementally denies it, as you skboe. and he said does standing with the kingdom mean standing with the crown prince? at this moment, it certainly does. he's the leader of saudi arabia. people shouldn't -- the president drastically inflated the amount of arm sales going to saudi arabia. and haskell said to brief after
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she did last weak. for a slew of transzregzs including khashoggi's murder. they tell the washington post the disconnect between erussia and intelligence kmunss and for example the president's daily brief a document drawn up for the kmantder and hooand the president. until earlier this year was involved in drafting those documents. quote there is extraordinary frustration kwatding that there is a feeling of time, energy and resources. being used has been rendered kweet a waste bp frars putin helmet in helsinki. one said there was this gap, you
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literally had people watching it in panic mode just in shock. jeff sessions is speaking out about life after the trumpation. he even quoted none other than kanye west by name. >> so personally i'm attempting to chill out a bit and you can be sure i don't follow the tweets as closely as i used to. i got to say i'm proud of president trump's policy agenda and to have had a part tin. she is driven to suck sed. and what he believes ought to be achieved as kanye west said he has dragon energy. i think trarlhat's a good
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description. >> jeff sessions is quoting kanye west. >> time to chill out. bill karins with a check on your wither who has dragon energy himmism is. >> the earthquake that effected areas of msnbc. the reason it's relevant is many people in a people in atlanta said they felt it. not expecting any damages, fatalities. they're probably talking about it early this morning. there's not a lot of huge krn concerns for travel. a weak storm is going to bring us slick roads and sidewalks. about 5 million in winter advisory. it will melt on the pavement anyway. the next big storm move under to the northwest.
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eventually this storm tomorrow will make its way dune and redevelop near houston and scleefb. as we go through thursday, afternoon iechk, heavier rains by st. louis. 8:00 a.m. friday morning. all the way up through areas of georgia and mississippi and the soaking rain back through little ralk. frrg frp and cold, chilly rain for you. then as we gethrough saturday morning, still rainy pretty good. showers throughout areas of the south. and we just had that big storm in areas of north hornau and virginia. that's going to cause flooding concerns. at least we're not talking about
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any big snow or ice storm >> thanks, bill. still ahead the ceo of google heads to capitol hill and gets grilled on everything to freefbose, the iphone. >> right now if you googled the word idiot under images a pick sc ture of donald trump comes up. grrs how would that happen? how ?
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neutrogena® welcome back. time now for sports and the big upset on the court in philadelphia were 17th ranked villanueva falls toing ranked penn for the first time in 16 years. missing a game tieing attempt at the buzzer. the big five rivals comes to an end 78-75. what an upset there. out of the mlb off season the oshials may have narrowed down a search. and their nexed manager and michael deny thing claims, calling the reports premature. andrew mccutchen has signed a
2:25 am
three-year $50 million deal to flay the fellees. thy released troy and making him a free agent. not so much over the next two seasons. and astros infielder was enjoying his off season. sitting courticize until he's down. tucker barrelled into the first row. as the for the game the rockets beat the trail blazers 111-104. i know-nothing about that, neither do you. the the dangers of sitting on a court -- up in the nose pleads. >> that's exactly it. still ahead pritish frim and
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here and. >> nancy pelosi reertsliacy her.
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audible. the most inspiring minds. the most compelling stories. text "listen5" to 500500 to start your free trial today. ♪ welcome back everybody. alo along president trump threatening a government shut down in a meeting with with top
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dc democrats yesterday as nancy pelosi suggest they continue away from cameras >> the point is, is that there are equities to be weighd and we're here to have a conversation -- so i don't think we should have a debate in front of the press. >> nancy's onposition where it's not easy for her to talk right now and i understand that. we're going to have a good discussion and see what happens. >> mr. president, please don't characterize the strength i bring as leader of the house dc democrats who just 1 with won a victory. ted cruz tweeting gosh, why do you think nance a wanted the press out of the room?
2:31 am
and pelosi explained she was trying to spare the president from embarrassment. >> i hear some of the reporters saying -- well wifox reporters why don't we want transparency? he had numbers that had no basis in fact. i didn't want to say in front of them you don't know what you're talking about. >> she said his manhood got in the waw of their discussion of funding the government. as if manhood could ever be associated with with him. this wall thing. i was trying to be the mom. i can't explain it to you. it just goes to to show you you get into a tinkle contest with a skunk you get tinkle all over you.
2:32 am
>> good morning. >> pelosi told reporters she a constructive phone call with the president. >> and president trump stated the construction of the boarder wall was already underway. >> tremendous amounts of wall have already been built squf a lot of wall when you include the renovation of existing fences and walls, renovated a tremendous amount and we've done a lot of work and san diego we're building new walls. and we've completed a major skz of wall and it's really worked well. >> now the president repeated the claim that the wall was already under construction eight times yesterday. the problem is that's not true. while the government is currently replacing old sections, construction of a new section has not yet begun and not expected to this year. ahead of his meeting with the
2:33 am
democratic leaders, the president tweeted in part that if they don't give this votes to secure our country the military will rebuild remaining sections of the wall. but tain statement the pentagon says to date there's no plans to build sections of the wall michael cohen will be esentenced. he's pleaded guilty. five related to tax evasion and one for making false statements to a bank and one for an illegal campaign contribution and for making an excessive contribution to cover up the alleged affair with stormy daniels. they're requesting a little less than three e 1/2 years, including his cooperation. the counsel skoinsal's thaufs on
2:34 am
a single count of lying to congress. no additional jail time in the new york case. president trump is also talking about a new interview with with roiter was. the president said quote michael cohen is a lawyer. i assume he would know what he's doing. adding number one it wasn't a campaign contribution. and even if it's only civil, there's no violation based on what we did. louisiana republican senator weighed in on the pressing legal issues. heeshz rr what senator cassidy says concerned about. >> of course. the question is whether or not this so-called hush money is a crime. john edwards obviously was prosecuted for the same thing and justice department failed.
2:35 am
this is not tatie say it's right, to condone it kbut it does not seem something the justice department is going to win. i don't think anyone condoned the activity itself. people tend to try and hide that which they are embases that's. >> senate majority leader plans to bring a reform bill to the vote. he plans to reintroduced the revised bill as early as the end of this week. and thins president trump took office. msnbc news reports the sect lil has co sponsors skin the senate and overwhelmingly passed in the south. frors because if passed it would
2:36 am
implement had most sweeping set of reforms since the 1990s and mcconnell didn't want the republicans to look week on crime before the session. so they can focus on pass thing government funding package before its december 21st deadline. >> a reporter, eugene scott. why the sudden rush by senate majority leader to vote on this criminal justice bill? >> it apoors he's alone in believing there's no time vote for this bill. the are quite a few viorts they need to take up. but the reality is this is within of the few areas where there's supported. we have conservative white evangelicals and we both believe
2:37 am
crimpinal justice reform and you have kushner advocating for this. so he was the only one dragging his feet. >> let me ask you about the big news today. more important lae what are sister doing? to michael cohen once that happens. >> he certainly will. absolutely. and we with should not expect him to walk back some thoch criticism. it i till for because of what cohen has shared publicly with the investigators, cl the investigators have said it's not as much as iden the floor.
2:38 am
and what you can expilt is repoetedly hate and squoefben thoughtime rr pecked up. is a precedent going to be set? so if he gets the three ask a half years or so, which is the hartd harshest time so far, will there be ilgtother people who a then going to say i need cooperate? but he didn't cooperate to the fullest extent. >> they're looking at manafort, and cohen. and rir rr signing ha different people took different sfrat aenls. and there are a lot of things happening that trump and his team are not aware of and that they need to make decisions
2:39 am
based on what would be in the best inters of them and their families. and deshoeping news, teresa may will face noen quan fest. they triggered a vote to continue whether she will continue to lead them. if may twur lose the vote, the conservative party will choose a new leader within weeks. frr if she win withes, she cannot be challenged for another year. still ahead members of the hn noortdsed teeding to kebd keptd, the steps in one sate ofielgss are taking. he's going to have another check on the forecast including another winlt wither storm making its way. daddy diaper duty...
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>> welcome back. reported lay making the way for an early 2020 primary endorsement. an effort from shielding the president from a costly primary. this would essentially upend remaining neutral in the primary. to the distain of some rrns like ohio john kasich. they're also looking to install one of their own. with with l of this in mind, the state's republican party could throw the complete backing behind trump and any gop rival. >> bill, what you got for us. >> even damage or someone. this area between gauknoxville this is a fault line.
2:44 am
where one normally doesn't occur. not shallow but that indeep and as strong enough to be filt in areas of halt flant law. but ivent seen any reports of any damage or anything else. watching areas of wisconsin, there's lathe sfoelts friek fang toet -- from the squad siltacy. then the story at the end of this week we have another big storm but this is all rain. temperatures are warm enough that we're not worried about snow. through friday watching rain on i 10. and a big rain shield on the northern side of the storm from southern ohio rally through the midatlantic.
2:45 am
the richmond shouldn't be fun. friday night the rain through d.c. and this will remain showery and kind of a mild right back to the west. rainfall total could see as much as little rock and we get that snow melt t will be a problem. google's ceo becomes the latest tech 90 to take the hot seat on capitol hill. >> based on a number of hot button issues cull musnating a tough greer sillicon traly in kwaugs. this isn't just any moving day.
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i have a 7-year-old granddaughter who picked up her phone before the election and she's playing a little game, kind of a game a can kid would play and up there pop as picture of her grandfather and i'm not going to say what kind of language was used around the picture of her grandfather but how does that show up on a 7-year-old's iphone playing a kids' game? >> iphone is made by a different company. >> that was one of the many questions google's ceo faced on capitol hill yesterday. they tried to question him and
2:49 am
skirted around issues of data privacy, disinformation and its work with foreign governments. here live from london with more. a lot of interesting moments. congress obviously not known for their saviness when it comes to technology. >> definite laeone way to put it. i have to say not a huge number of surprises in the hearing in terms of content what congressman were foksed on. the big topics were around data and privacy as well as alleged political bias and google's project in china. not a lot of surprises in terms of the tombics. topics. some of the answers were vague. one area he was clear was he admitted google can do more to address the threat of conspiracy theories on youtube.
2:50 am
one of the issues they've come under fire around in reece rnt months. in that it shows the gap in understanding by some law makers about what these tech companies are actually doing and take awa would flag is this view from the republican party that there is growing distrust between the tech giants and the american people. so these topics are ones that will not go our way in 2019, but we have yet to really see how they will be addressed moving forward. >> all right. juliana, thanks so much. i want to turn now to the president's trade war with china. the president has made the claim that beijing has started buying more american agricultural goods several times, always without evidence. it's something trump did again yesterday saying china is, quote, back in the market. i just heard today that they're
2:51 am
buying tremendous amounts of soybeans. they're just starting now. soybean traders tell reuters there is no evidence that china has resumed buying american soybeans and government data shows no sales to china since july. china is by far the largest purchaser of soybeans and the trade wars has decimated that industry in this country. you may recall that right after the latest trump/xi meeting, trump tweeted that he agreed to reduce auto imports to the united states. trump said now i think they're looking to do it quickly. >> coming up, a look at axios' one big thing. and more between president trump and democratic leaders as they clash over the president's demands for a border wall.
2:52 am
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welcome back, everyone. joining us now, co-founder of axios, mike allen. good to have you with us this morning. what is the one big thing for us? >> the axios one big thing, beto 2020. so the happiest loser in america, beto o'rourke, congressman from texas who, of course, lost that texas race the ted cruz but is the hottest topic as we talk to people about potential 2020 democratic candidates. there was a poll out yesterday that showed him at the top of the field from think progress. why is that? look at the fact that the last two presidents have been people who were insurgent candidates without a lot of political experience. president obama and president
2:56 am
trump. you look what beto o'rourke mastered in that texas candidacy where he raised $80 million, most of it online and he appealed to independents and he was able to talk to the left about issues like police brutality and racial justice. so that's looking like a very appealing formula as you look ahead to 2020 and he visited all 254 texas counties, so that makes 99 counties in iowa look like a breeze. >> so what's the likelihood the democratic party would put their full support behind beto? >> so we're barely -- we're not even out of 018, so hard to know. but the reason the democrats are excited about him is that he gives them that innovative edge that they had with barack obama and that president trump gave the democratic -- the republican party. so if you look at the effect on other democrats in the field, they're going to be want to go match him for his appeal to both
2:57 am
independents and the ability to drive out big turnout among their own people. and you add to that the fact that betos was able to generate excitement around his everyday actions. he was live streaming all day, very much the town hall sensibility that you get at new hampshire or iowa and he could get people to tune in for a live stream of him doing the laundry. >> doing the laundry. >> he topped the move poll. how about a biden take /beto tin 2020? >> it depends on who is on top. >> let me ask you about switching gears about how republicans are following president trump's lead when it comes to not talking about climate change. is climate change an issue for voters? what are you seeing on that front? >> well, this is an astonishing
2:58 am
stat. you look at how the two parties talk about the same topic and there's a joke about the u.s. and england are two countries separated by a common language. and i start to think that with our two political parties. so at the very time that there's more and more evidence about climate, the casm between how the two parties talk about it is widening. republicans less likely than ever, democrats talk about it more and more. and it's more ander more in the news and we seem to have some new disclosure every day. so republicans following the trump lead trying to avoid the topic at the same time that in the news and among democrats, it's going off the charts. >> but, mike, there has to come a point after what we've been seeing for the past couple of years that republicans can't deny what's going on or they
2:59 am
can't necessarily continue to ignore it. >> no. president trump has given them cover, for now. and because he is so dismissive about it, it's made it different for republicans. whenever a republican tries to pioneer the next format for the party, young republicans, i can tell you, they recognize that they're going to have to find a smart way to talk about this and the party has not found it. so right now, they're taking the ostrich approach and just not talking about it. >> and you have some democrats on the hill saying they want a select committee on climate change in the incoming house. let me ask you what you guys are looking forward to. we had yesterday's hearing with google's ceo. i know you guys are always tracking the tech industry. where do we go from here? >> yeah. so after the testimony by the google ceo and a couple of my ox yoes colleagues met with him right here on capitol hill, and he said that this scrutiny and skepticism of tech is, quote,
3:00 am
here to stay. so this is the new normalel for big tech just as in our interview with tim cook, the apple ceo, the google ceo says he recognizes more tech and privacy is inevitable. so this is a real change in how silicone valley engages with washington. before, they tried to not engage. now, not only do they recognize that they need to be a sustained direct personal presence here and that's why you have the google ceo whos has mostly been mind the scenes on capitol hill, but they recognize that they're not talking about whether to have new laws, but what they'll be. >> mike allen, what you said. thanks, mike. we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a little bit. >> that does it for us on this wednesday morning. "morning joe" starts right


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