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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  December 21, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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to the american people in a way that the stock market yesterday is showing has not been as much. >> eugene scott, great to see you both. that you thi thank you. enjoy your holidays. >> we are out of time for today's big picture. we're going to post it. check that out on my twitter page. i would see you next time from mar-a-lago or west bapalm beach but tbd where i'll see you next. >> good morning, i am kasie hunt in for craig melvin. we are live from capitol hill where it is high drama. the friday before the christmas holiday, a day when normally d.c. is a ghost town. instead right now at the white house, the president and republican senators are meeting behind closed doors on the agenda, the looming government shutdown, just 13 hours away. and the president's $5 billion demand for his border wall. the house passed a plan
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including that money last night. the president this morning urging the senate majority leader to go nuclear. here on the hill, the waiting game. everyone not at the white house just has to wait and see what's going to happen inside that meeting. and so do we. we're going to keep you posted as soon as that wraps up. we also expect to hear from the president at a separate event this hour. he is reportedly in a tail spin facing the shutdown. an erratic stock market, backlash from his own party about his decision to pull troops out of syria and secretary of defense jim mattis resigning in a stinging rebuke of the president's policies. we are following all the breaking news at this hour. geoff bennett is at the white house, garrett haake here on capitol hill, also with us amy stod dard and ken vogel, political reporter at "new york times." geoff, what do we know about this last minute meeting with republicans? >> i think it's safe to assume
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president trump and this group of republicans are having a conversation about how best to walk back from this cliff, how to escape from this corner. insert your metaphor. what we know is that the president already claimed ownership of the shutdown even though he's preemptively trying to pin the blame on the other party. mitch mcconnell imploring him to use the nuclear option to get this budget deal passed, that is a nonstarter. here's the state of play. the house as you mentioned passed this amended spending bill last night, which includes the money donald trump says he wants for his border wall. that is a non-starter in the senate. absent some movement, absent a deal, the government goes dark midnight tonight. here's sarah sanders, she echoing the president trying to pin the blame on democrats for an impending shutdown. take a look. >> the fact that senate democrats would put that on the line for political purposes, that's a sad, sad moment. i think it's a sad day in america. >> but here's the thing, kasie. democrats have been consistent all along that they want no
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parts of a donald trump border wall. they see it as a political issue for donald trump, not a viable policy issue. so we'll have to see how this shakes out, how this meeting goes that's happening now before this tentative senate vote scheduled for noon eastern. >> geoff, is there any indication that the president might be open to some sort of bill that's different from what the house passed last night, a lesser amount of money, a different kind of situation or is that off the table at this point? >> reporter: there are moderate voices within his administration who say that could be the case, but look, the president needs to be able to at least rhetorically claim victory. he has to find some acceptable offramp that will be acceptable to his base. we saw this past week he tried to fudge the difference between a cement border wall stretching from sea to shining sea to something of a wall with metal slats. the right wing media went nuts and they wouldn't accept it. that's partly the reason we find ourselves in this position today. again, if the president is open to accepting something different than the flat $5 billion he says
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he wants for a concrete wall, well, then we'll have to see how that takes shape. >> garrett haake, you tried to catch up with mitch mcconnell as he was leaving capitol hill a few minutes ago heading to the white house. sounds like he didn't say very much, but walk us through what we know about the thinking behind the scenes here in the senate because as we know there simply isn't the support to follow what the president tweeted this morning suggesting the nuclear option blowing up the filibuster and passing this with only republican votes. where does that leave us? >> reporter: yeah, the twitter discussion is largely divorced from the legislative reality on capitol hill. as you say, there are just not the votes for this nuclear option that the president has talked about. there never was the votes. there won't be the votes. mcconnell doesn't like it. republicans don't like it. it's our understanding it's also based on the fact this is a budget bill. there are points of order that would prevent it, even if everybody was in favor of it. i think we need to set that idea
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aside entirely. the second confusing thing about all of this is why the president is meeting with republican senators at all right now because it's democrats who he needs at this point. republicans at this point will support the president largely on the border wall. if we're going it get our way out of this, he needs to figure out a compromise that democrats can support. our colleague leanne caldwell caught up with senator schumer this morning, and it doesn't sound like he's optimistic about anything coming out of this meeting becoming a compromise. here's what he told leanne. >> are you hopeful about this white house meeting, sir, with the republicans? >> any meeting with the republicans and the president things have gotten worse. >> republicans are calling to negotiate. >> we have three offers on the table. one came from mcconnell, two came from pelosi. take one. >> reporter: the first part of that is a little tough to hear. but senator schumer says every meeting with republicans things have gotten worse. that's not optimistic. he talks about the offers that were on the table before remain on the table now, largely
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funding the government without the border wall money, either in one cr for a short-term for everything or longer funding bills for the six other agencies and a short-term cr for this department of homeland security bill. the president rejected or ignored those offers earlier in the week. it's tough to see how had gets a yes on them now. it's hard to see this as a negotiation. it's more of a standoff right now. >> garrett, while we were talking to each other, our colleague frank thorpe sent down an official statement from mitch mcconnell. the majority leader making sure there is no doubt saying the leader has said for years the votes are not there in the conference to use the nuclear option. several senators confirming there is not a majority in the conference to go down that road. clearly that's out. garrett, i also wanted to ask you, the third thing that senator schumer said there kind of caught my ear. he said there's two offers from
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schumer and pelosi, and one from mcconnell, and that trump ought to take one of them. do we think that means senate democrats might be open to that mcconnell pitch that included an extra billion dollars for border security? >> i don't know. that caught my eye, too. i don't know if that's actually in reference to the clean cr that they passed the other night, that mcconnell brought to the floor and it passed be i a voice vote. it's possible that's what he's referring to. again, that's not the president's border wall money. it still brings us back to square one. we're not speaking the same language at this point, a wall, a fence, border security money. the parties are speaking in euphemisms that don't match up anymore. i think we're really in a bad spot in terms of these discussions. >> amy stoddard i want to bring you into this conversation. how is he going to get himself out of this? clearly all of the conservative media claiming he looked weak turning on him essentially really got to him to the point where the white house got in touch with rush limbaugh saying
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he wasn't going to do this. how does he get out of this jam in a way that doesn't shutdown the government? >> that was really amazing. to garrett's point, it's the senate democrats trump needs to be negotiating with. he's talking about senate republicans. they're obviously talking about a face saving out. he's going to start the meeting talk about the nuclear option. he's going to get slapped down about it. mcconnell has shut it down, and they're going to talk about how he needs to find his way out of a jam. yesterday he occupied some of the meeting with house leaders talking about steel slats. he likes to go into a salesmanship pitch about how there's a way to rebrand it. that might be part of the meeting. in the end it's going to come down to whether mcconnell says you know what? i'm just going to put a clean cr on and send it back to the house and dare a veto. unless there is -- and some people have speculated there could be -- any room for a compromise that provided some border security money in exchange for productitecting bo mueller, i can't see the
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democrats getting off of their stool on this. >> i can't see the president signing something that protects bob mueller. >> exactly. >> they have a commercial in that meeting that trump had with pelosi. he's calling it the democratic shutdown. he's blamed casting, it has to be mitch mcconnell's fault, it has to be the democrats' fault because they won't vote for what the house voted for last night. basically he, mcconnell is -- like i said, they're going to be left with this choice where they either provoke a veto or provide him with a face-saving option. i can't see them getting around to the fact that they've said we're going to let this be fill bu bustered. >> ken foe gel what is the way out of this? mitch mcconnell clearly thinks that's going to be terrible. he keeps saying you never learn anything from the second kick of a mule. >> the politics are terrible for trump. polls show that a majority of voters would blame him and not
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democrats for the shutdown despite his efforts to shift the blame. additionally, you see a disconnect between the majority of voters and his base. the majority of voters, 60% in that poll said that even though they may support some enhanced border protection, they would not support shutting down the government in order to get that. that is almost flipped with his base, the majority of his base wants to see him shut down the government in order to get some progress towards this core campaign promise of building a wall on the southern border. so you see the bind that president trump is in. he doesn't have a whole lot of leverage. democrats hold the cards. he needs them, they don't need him, and further they know that he could potentially come out of this politically scarred. >> garrett, let me ask you too, one of the other interesting story lines is of course jim mattis, and we're going to talk more about that later on in the hour. how do you think that firing,
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protest resignation, and the letter, how is that going to impact the shutdown negotiations? is it really going to put separate, like drive a wedge between senate republicans and the president? >> reporter: wedge may not be the right word. it's certainly demoralizing. other than mitch mcconnell who's married to a secretary cabinet, every republican, every democratic senator's favorite cabinet secretary. it was one person who was uniformly trusted and respected here across the board and his loss coming into this sort of stumble here at the end of the week as some republican senators are going home, it just feels like another kind of defeat for senate republicans to not have this guy around anymore. i think it makes some of these senate republicans feel a little bit less enthusiastic potentially about going binto battle for the president. i don't want to link these things too closely together, but it's just another sign of the gulf between this president and the traditional elements of his own party. he needs his party locked
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together on all of this if they're going to be able to win this fight either substantively with legislation or politically with arguing even in a defeat that, you know, that they fought as well as they could. the party right now is just a little bit fractured and demoralized about this loss. >> garrett haake, geoff bennett thank you both very much. please feel free to come back. holler if you guys find any news. amy stodda ard, ken fogel, than you as well. the anxiety that seems to be gripping many lawmakers and u.s. allies with the news of general matt mattis's departure. plus, will the senate follow the blueprint laid out by their colleagues and avoid a shutdown? i'm going to answer that right now, nope, we're going to find out very soon for sure. ready to report, a new exclusive report from nbc news shows the special counsel, robert mueller, may have some
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a piece saying the one thing that donald trump got right that barack obama got wrong was actually making sure that america did not go derelict in its responsibilities and deployments in such a vital zone as syria, and i think right now you had a lot of people on the right, you have a lot of people on the left. you have people that understand
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the consequences to the united states inside syria taking skin out of the game and going from having, you know, marginal influence in the region to having absolutely none in an area that produces real tangible national security threats and terrorism that can endanger the united states. so i think in this case i think the right was completely caught offguard. our allies were caught off guard, generals were caught off guard, and the president as he said is trying to deliver on a promise of withdrawing and making america an isolationist power, essentially, but i think this is not what the right on conservative talk shows thought they were getting with donald trump. >> and corey, if the president does follow through on this initial reporting we've heard that he's about to pull us out of afghanistan completely, what are the global security implications of that? >> well, it will -- first it
8:23 am
will demonstrate that the president's national security strategy in no way correspondence to the president's choices. so you can't believe anything in the strategy. second, it will frighten america's allies in iraq and afghanistan and beyond that america's commitments that the president's so erratic that no commitment can be relied on by the united states because he's frivolous in his decisions and doesn't care about the consequences for others. third, it will lead to a resurgence of terrorist activity inside afghanistan, instead other ungoverned territories because the president clearly doesn't believe that strengthening governance and the capacity to control territory actually matters. so i think it's worrisome in very many regards. >> corey shocky, steve clemons
8:24 am
thank you both for your sharp insights. coming up, we're watching the white house very closely. right now a group of republican senators is meeting with the president to talk about tonight's looming shutdown. we're waiting to hear whether they're going to strike a deal when our live coverage continues from capitol hill. es from capitol hill. the hard work you put into lowering your very high triglycerides with diet and exercise deserves the hard work that went into the science behind vascepa. prescription vascepa. vascepa, along with diet and exercise, has proven results in multiple clinical trials. vascepa looks different because it is different. over a decade of extensive research and development achieved proven results. that's the prescription power of vascepa. vascepa is not right for everyone. do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa. tell your doctor if you are allergic to fish,
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fast moving developments in the effort to avert a government shutdown. the senate republican leaders are at the white house right now, reaction coming in from both sides of the aisle. democratic congressman eric swalwell slamming the president in this tweet. you're a child, this isn't hot potato. this is people's lives. their small business loan, their first home loan, they paycheck and dignity at christmas. you're given options to secure the border and prevent a shutdown. eric swalwell was in iowa yesterday. capitol hill correspondent garrett haake has been following every development. anything new in the last couple of minutes since we last spoke? >> reporter: we're still waiting on word out of that meeting primarily. swalwell's tweet is putting into words what a lot of folks up here are thinking. they see this almost as a free pass to take a shot at president
8:29 am
trump on this issue because of the way he presented it during that oval office meeting from last week saying he would own it, saying he would be proud of it, makes this a little bit of a cleaner shot politically on a president who they have always disliked and now have one more reason to. swalwell you mentioned of course, has been spending a lot of time in iowa suggesting this is also part of kind of a democratic pitch on more broadly to see how this kind of thing plays out across the country. we're still waiting on word from that meeting. we're still talking a little bit about this possibility of the nuclear option that was floated by the president. we've been trying to shoot it down. i want to read mitch mcconnell's statement on this or mitch mcconnell's spokesperson's statement on this. the statement from mcconnell's spokesperson said the leader has said for years the votes are not there in the conference to use the nuclear option. just this morning several senators put out statements confirming their opposition, and confirming that there is not a majority in the conference to go down this road. two of those senators, the only
8:30 am
two affirmative statements have been from orrin hatch and lamar alexander. what those two men have in common other than long time shfs in t service in the senate is they're leaving. lamar alexander announced this week he's hanging it up in 2020. that's a christmas gift to mitch mcconnell. that makes this meeting a little bit easier for mitch mcconnell. he doesn't have to go into the white house and say i don't want to do this, or i don't have the votes to do it without having this backup. he's got two other republican senators who are immune from the blowback they would get otherwise from president trump and his supporters saying this can't be done. >> that's a great point, thank you very much. i'm sure we will probably see you later on in this hour as they head back from the white house. >> reporter: i won't go far. with me now are congressman anthony brown, democrat from maryland and outgoing republican congressman ryan costello from pennsylvania. thank you both for being here. you had a busy night last night. congressman costello, it seems here that the president is stuck
8:31 am
between his base and a hard place? >> well, he's stuck having to eat his own words. he negotiated against himself in the white house saying that he would own the shutdown. if he had a problem with the clean cr he should have told the senate before they took the bill up. the senate passes a clean cr without any objections from the president and now he wants to upend a senate tradition on the filibuster that's been around for i don't know how many decades. this is chaos. it was totally avoidable, and now we were being asked -- and i voted for it -- to vote for a $5 billion plus up for the wall and disaster relief, which is funded, in order to get a bill out of the house. no one really knows what the next step is at the moment. >> are you frustrated at all with your leaders for not standing up to the president, if the not just sending him a clean cr? >> well, i would have tested that, but i also think, listen, i was in conference yesterday morning when it was very clear that the votes to pass this were
8:32 am
not there, and the thought from leader mccarthy was if you put a clean cr up now and it fails how do you put -- how do you put humpty dumpty back together again. i think the theory here is if we vote for the 5 billion and the disaster relief we send it on its way, the senate sends it back, strips out the 5 billion, then the house will be in a position where we could vote for a clean cr because some members will then be able to say i voted for the wall. it failed, and now i'm voting to keep the government open. >> congressman brown, is there any indication that nancy pelosi may move as they try to negotiate things here in the senate? i mean, republicans did prove last night that they do have the votes for the president's border wall. so if they go back to say 1.6 billion and that's what comes out of the senate, do you think nancy pelosi would just have to swallow that? >> first of all, i mean, as ryan mention skpd ed and we all know there was unanimous support in
8:33 am
the senate, republicans and democrats to keep the government open, to avoid a shutdown without border wall funding. it was a last minute midnight decision, conversation perhaps between president trump and speaker ryan, and all of a sudden you see the emergence, the appearance of another border wall, an effort to fund the border wall. there aren't the votes in the senate. we shouldn't be including that in the effort to keep government open. we can debate and discuss a border wall at a later time. let's keep government open. let's continue to serve the american people. >> there's no chance the border wall will ever pass the democratic house. >> i'll tell you that's right, but the conversation ought to be in the context of broader comprehensive immigration reform because one wall doesn't make for an immigration policy. a wall the length that the president is proposing will be breached. more immigrants are in this country illegally who come through our airports and seaports and not across the southwest border.
8:34 am
more drugs are smuggled through legitimate ports of entry than over walls. so the border wall, most experts that study migration will tell you it's a waste of money. >> congressman, who's going to -- what's going to happen to the republican party if we shut down over christmas? mitch mcconnell says you don't learn anything from the second kick of a mule. the president says bring it at me. what are the consequences? >> well, i think the consequences are going to be an indication that we couldn't govern in the waning days of our majority. that's number one. number two, i think frankly, it empowers democrats in the next congress to come to the table, negotiate some deal, and be able to demonstrate they can do something we weren't able to do, which is why i think there really is a political imperative to get the deal done now. and number three, i think that if the president is unwilling to get a deal done right now based on what the senate previously
8:35 am
passed, he will be admitting that he was fine with it until rush limbaugh and sean hannity and a few other people started hammering him on talk radio and he doesn't like them hammering him on talk radio so now he's going to backtrack. >> is he scared? >> and force chaos within the house and the senate. if he's not scared, then i don't know what it is. if he had a problem with this deal on monday, he should have said it. he could call up mitch. he calls up mitch all the time. he could have said don't pass a clean cr. put the wall funding in there. he didn't do that, and he knew that's what they were doing. >> and mitch mcconnell seemed to think clearly they were in fact going forward. while you guys are here, i'd like to get you to weigh in on the other huge story today, which is jim mattis. i know you do a lot of work with veterans, the national security arena. what impact does not just the fact of his stepping down but how he did it and what he said, what does it mean? >> certainly this was not a retirement letter. this was a resignation, and a statement of no confidence by
8:36 am
secretary mattis in our commander in chief, president trump. president trump, his vision for u.s. role around the world is not only out of line with secretary mattis's but out of line with mainstream both conservative and progressives who consider national security and foreign policy issues. >> how is this going to be viewed by troops in the field? >> troops don't wake up every day asking who the secretary of defense is, but certainly they are much more informed today than ever before, men and women who serve in uniform, and it does question the stability of leadership. but rest assured, troops are going to do their job today, tomorrow, and every day regardless of who the secretary of defense is. i think the more important question going forward is who will succeed secretary mattis. we want someone who continues to value alliances, someone who not only recognizes -- >> but has all those qualities that mattis said he has, but the
8:37 am
president doesn't possess. >> when he first came into office he surrounded himself with people that had principles and values, most if not all of them are gone. so we certainly want to see the return to that office, secretary of defense someone who is stable. who's got principles, who's experienced. >> congressman costello, is this going to be a major turning point for the republican party? i mean, i was struck by mitch mcconnell's statement on this. it seemed to me to be the strongest statement he's ever put out pushing back against this president. is this a point where -- do republicans now feel like the wheels are coming off the bus? >> here's why i think it's important. and by the way, i think we can agree this is a bigger issue than the shutdown. this is much broader and i think goes much deeper in terms of america's foreign policy and are we viewed as a leader, a reliable leader around the globe. when whomever he nominates to be the next secretary of defense, issues on why this policy, you know, this struck me as very haphazard and very impulsive,
8:38 am
and you know, the fabric of -- >> you're talking about pulling out of syria? >> yes. >> and the potential withdrawal of troops in afghanistan. >> there's a lot to this that we're only just starting to learn and analyze, and i think the more that we do that, the more concerns there are surrounding it. and so when someone new is nominated, questions about moving forward should we have left, under what circumstances should we stay? what's going to be the role of america in afghanistan? how does all of this impact israel? what are we going to do in yemen? this uncouples that a lot. >> let's be clear, too, while secretary mattis's departure is troubling, what's more troubling is that there doesn't seem to be a disciplined national security decision-making process. >> or really any process. >> where the president gets options. he understands the ramifications and he makes disciplined decisions. >> or they're even consulted. >> or even asked. >> thank you both for being here
8:39 am
today. really appreciate your insights on these topics. right now we are keeping a close eye on the white house. a group of senate republicans has been there in a meeting with the president for more than an hour at this point. they are talking shutdown. it's just over 12 hours away, and we are waiting to hear whether they have a deal. they're also going to have to ask chuck schumer. special counsel robert mueller may submit a report to the attorney general as soon as february. s february you're gonna love if ythe best of geico.ercials, it's geico's all-time greatest hits back on tv for a limited time. and if you love the best of geico, you're gonna really love voting online for your favorite. you can even enter for a chance to appear in an upcoming geico commercial. this fire's toasty, linda but the best of geico collection sounds even hotter. to vote for your favorite geico ad and enter to win, visit that's
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turning now to the russia investigation, nbc news has new reporting that special counsel robert mueller is nearing the end of his probe, and may submit a confidential report to the attorney general as soon as mid-february. joining me now nbc intelligence and national security reporter ken dilanian and ben wittes, the editor and chief of law fair and an msnbc legal analyst. ken, this is reporting that's coming from our nbc news team, you and our pete williams. can you explain kind of what you've learned that sets up this idea that we could be getting this report in february? >> reporter: sure, kasie. we set out to do sort of a long look at the mueller investigation, a take stock story. in the course of that talking to people, what we learned is that government officials are being told to get ready for the mueller report as early as february, and you know, people can be forgiven for wondering,
8:44 am
noticing that trump's lawyers have been saying that this thing is about to end any day now for the last year, and they can be assured that we are not basing this story on the assurances of trump's lawyers or other lawyers with defendants in the case, although all of them seem to agree that from their perspective, they believe this thing is wrapping up by february. this is from government officials who, you know, the government needs to be ready for the mueller report. when mueller sends it to the justice department, it's going to be in confidential form, and then the justice department has to decide how to make it public, what to do with it, does it go to congress? does it get redacted, is there classified information. there has to be some planning involved. there's a lot of caveats here. one of them is it's not clear what mueller's approach is going to be to getting answers from the president. if he decides he needs to subpoena the president, that could result in a months long court battle. >> i definitely want to pick that up in a second.
8:45 am
ben wittes, i want to ask you about something else ken referenced. we learned yesterday that whitaker, the acting attorney general is not recused, despite the advice of ethics experts and the department, and they have formally notified congress of this decision. as ken pointso out, there is going to be some discretion in term terms of how this report is disseminated. is there any way to guarantee that at least congress gets to take a look at it or not? >> well, i think congress has its own tools to make sure that it gets to see what the special counsel writes, but you know, the administration gets to decide how energetically to fight that. congress can subpoena it. i suppose it could call bob mueller as a witness. it could demand the disclosure of the report and i suppose
8:46 am
theoretically hold up budgetary allegations to the department over it. so congress has tools. really the question is how much does the administration want a fight over it, and i think we will learn a great deal about matt whitaker if he's still in office at the time and bill barr if he's confirmed at the time by how they decide to react to what will surely be congressional demands to see the report. >> and ken dilanian, what do you think the political ramifications would be of trying to keep this report secret if that's the path the administration tried to take? >> kasie, i don't think anyone in washington believes that you can keep this report secret in the main, and i don't think matt whitaker believes that either. there are going to be issues about grand jury secrecy and classified information. from our reporting everyone understands that the public will demand answers after waiting for a year and a half about what robert mueller found. as we're reporting, we don't
8:47 am
know and nobody seems to know whether he's got evidence speaking to the fundamental question he set out to answer, which is did donald trump and the people around him conspire with the russians in that 2016 election interference effort or is he going to accuse donald trump of wrongdoing regarding obstruction of justice. the other possibility is indictments. there could be more indictments. that is one of the ways that the special counsel can speak in addition to writing a report to the justice department. >> we haven't even gotten a chance to talk about roger stone. ken dilanian, ben wittes, thank you both very much. appreciate it. all eyes on the white house, key republican senators showed up for a meeting with the president more than an hour and 15 minutes ago. no word yet on any deal to keep the government running. we will keep you posted on what we hear when this meeting wraps up. i knew about the tremors.
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so whether you want to go out, stay in, or be in the middle of it all... add the perfect hotel when you're ready, and save. add on advantage. only with expedia. we are still waiting for that meeting to wrap up at the white house, and meantime, we heard from one white house official in the last few moments, deputy press secretary hogan giddily, and geoff bennett is joining me as well as amy stoddard and what did he have to say? >> we are in a wait and see mode. the collection of journalists here are waiting to go into the bill signing that the president is to sign the criminal justice ree form bill that the president was supposed to sign, but between that and this meeting with the republicans, they are still in that meeting with the
8:52 am
the republican senators, and while that is happening here, you have the white house staff doing a series of interviews with the local affiliates and in that time, our kristen welker caught up with hogan gid lley t find out how the president can blame the impending shutdown on the democrats when he has already claimed responsibility for it. here is the response. >> the house literally passed a bill with the security measure that he wanted in it, and the democrats wanted as well. it is going to go to the senate, but the question is nine democrats will withing to hold up the entire process and close down the government. >> and this is the thing, dispassionate voices in all of this have said it is the president who injected chaos into this whole process for being for a spending bill before he was against it. so now we have a position where the president is in an impasse
8:53 am
against congress for this border wall that all along he has been saying that mexico is going to be paying for. so we will have to see what happens with these senators around and the senators are set to potentially vote in less than an hour on this spending bill. >> that is an extraordinary point, and everything was fine until yesterday the president changed his mind, because he clearly had some type of deal with mitch mcconnell or mitch mcconnell thought they had a deal when tuesday he was convinced they would not get this far. amy, how is this blame game going to shake out, and to set it up, let's look to last week when president trump met in the oval office with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and said this. >> if we don't get what we want, one way or another whether it is through you or the military or anything that you want to call, i will shut the government down. >> fair enough, we disagree. >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security.
8:54 am
i will take the mantle. i will be the one to do that and i won't blame you for it. >> and so the president is claiming that he won't blame the democrats for the shutdown, but it seems that hogan gidley is trying to do the opposite and reverse it, because that sound bite is not going away and it is in the archives forever. >> and trump has been tweeting repe repeatedly today about how the democrats are going to shut down the government and he has been repeating that. and the commercial that i was talking about last time are the words that he said, i will not blame you. i will proudly own it. it is going to be on repeat the entire time that he and the senators convinced him, and senator cornyn and the republican whip has also h tweeted that the democrats will own the shutdown and it is a schumer shutdown he has tried to label it, but that oval office meeting that he invited the cameras in for, where he took that mantle is something that he
8:55 am
is is going to regret. >> geoff bennett, do we have any sense of whether there is potentially some wiggle room from the president to accept something other than this $5 billion proposal that the house had sent back? is there a feeling that when you are talking to aides that there still could be a way out of this if the senate passed something that wasn't a clean cr, but not what the house passed? >> well, certainly, the folks in his legislative affairs office, i think, would try to get to that po point off of the cliff to find a way to come to the resolution that issing agreeabl some side if not all sides, and we heard the president say that a concrete wall is the same as a metal fence and the right wing media would not have it. and they recapitulated. so whatever is to come before we hit this shutdown leadline has to being something to allow him to save face with the core
8:56 am
supporters, kasie. >> geoff bennett, and a.b. stoddard, thank you, as we are standing by for news. we will be right back. the meeting of the executive finance committee is now in session. and... adjourned. business loans for eligible card members up to fifty thousand dollars, decided in as little as 60 seconds. the powerful backing of american express. don't do business without it. you're in the business of helping people. we're in the business of helping you. business loans for eligible card members
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that wraps up this special hour of "msnbc live" from capitol hill, and "andrea mitchell reports" begins right now. andrea? >> thank you, kasie.
9:00 am
a looming government shutdown in just 12 hours. the president wants the republicans to ram through his vote with just 50 votes and not 60. and now, the firstt in american history shattering confidence in who is in charge of the world's most powerful military as james mattis is to leave. and mueller is saying that they are tying up more loose ends and is there going to be more movement today? >> on a breaking newsday, i'm andrea mitchell in washington n. is what is happening at this hour. republican senators have been at the white house now since 10:30 this morning trying to avoid a midnight government shutdown trying to talk the president into backing down on his $5 billion demand of a border wall. and when they went in he was demanding a nuclear option to


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