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tv   MSNBC Live With Richard Lui  MSNBC  December 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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close the border with mexico until he gets that wall. plus the blame game. lawmakers from both sides refusing to budge on a compromise to get the government back up and running. and the mueller probe mystery. we'll talk about the unknown company challenging robert mueller's investigation and why it's got the supreme court involved. also the president's personal attorney on why robert mueller shouldn't expect more written answers from the president. first we begin this afternoon with president trump blaming the deaths of two children in the u.s. border custody on democrats. now just over an hour ago president trump took to twitter tweeting in part "any deaths of children or others at the border are strictly the fault of the democrats and their pathetic immigration policies that allow people to make the long trek thinking they can enter our country illegally. they can't. if we had a wall, they wouldn't even try." this tweet is the president's first acknowledgement of those children's death and comes as the government shutdown over
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that border wall enters now its eighth day. meanwhile, a new poll shows 47% of americans hold president trump responsible for the government shutdown and 38% blame democrats. hundreds of thousands of government workers are furloughed or they're working without pay and are going to begin the new year under a cloud of uncertainty for those workers. joining me to break it all down is nbc congressional correspondent mike vicara. where do things stand this afternoon? >> this is the first tweet, as you point out, first reaction at all since the death of those two young children who were trying to make it into this country. every time he does that, it's going to harden the resolve of democrats, there's no question about it. right now until the politics change, democrats feel as though they don't have to give an inch on this. remember that december 11th photo-op in the oval office with
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nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and the president said he would take the mantle, he would take the blame. that is the status quo and democrats are counting on people remembering that. there has been zero movement over the course of the last week, really for exactly seven days. it was a week ago today when vice president pence made his dramatic appearance in the capital, past reporters on his way to chuck schumer's office. we know he's made a deal some 2.5 million less -- billion less than the 5 billion. it's usually one side trying to portray the other as being inflexible. we're pointing to thursday, january 3rd. that's when the new congress convenes and democrats take over the house led by nancy pelosi. she said she's going to put one of three options of spending bills to reopen the government.
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there won't be any major new policy in there, largely just funding at existing levels. that she can do. she has the numbers the way the house is structured. she can send that through in a matter of hours. then comes action in the senate. it takes 60 votes to do anything. it's unclear where those 60 votes would come from. even if by some improbable miracle it were to pass the senate, then it comes would the president sign it? it seems unlikely given the stance of inflexibleinflexiblit. >> thanks for joining us live on capitol hill. i want to bring in congressman gerry connolly. i want to get your reaction to this tweet from the president blaming democrats for the deaths of the two children in the custody of homeland security. what did you think when you saw that tweet? >> i was disgusted.
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the first reaction to the news of the death of a child in our custody ought to be empathy for the family and, frankly, enormous distraess that that happened at all. it's now the second such death. and instead, our president, who apparently lacks any capacity for human empathy decides to use the death of two children as a political tool, something he can hit his opponents with. i think it's yet another new low in a president filled with new low. >> you described this as a new low but initially the president did take ownership of the shutdown. we all saw that infamous clip from the oval office. but then in a more recent tweet, he said he's waiting for democrats. so what is the democrats' plan for reopening the government? what do you all expect to see done? >> i kind of reject that question because the democrats had a plan, along with republicans. it was called a clean funding bill.
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it passed the senate unanimously. president trump's white house said that he would sign it. at the last minute because of the intervention by some right-wing talking heads and fox and friends, which he watches religiously, he changed his mind, abruabruptly turned about said he would veto the bill. >> that was then, this is now. what do you do now with the situation we're in? >> we're going to have to wait until the democratic party takes charge because the republican party that is in charge hasn't even called us back. we will pass a bill and send it to the senate and send it to the president for a signature to reopen the government. >> the incoming chair of the democratic caucus weighed in on these negotiations. let's take a listen. >> sure. >> we put forth at least three
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different offers to extend funding into the new year. they've gotten themselves in a difficult situation and they're looking for us, democrats, to give them a lifeline. we are not going to allow the american people to be held hostage tore a $5 billion or somewhere south of that ransom note in order to build a ridiculous border wall that's not going to make anyone safe. >> we've heard 5 billion, we've heard $1.6, is there any situation, congressman, in which the democrats will in fact be more willing to give money to this wall? >> i don't think democrats are in the mood to give money to a wall we don't support and that mexico was supposed to pay for. we're not on the hook for a wall. i think the president is getting desperate as time goes on and the federal government remains shut and the consequences start to sink in. we were willing before he decided to change his mind to talk about more funding for border security and other
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measures to secure the border in a more technologically advanced way than a wall. we have in the past supported more border agents patrolling the border. the use of advanced technology, listening device, even drones. all of that could be on the table if the president stops playing politics and calls somebody. >> you mentioned earlier when we were talking new lows and now you're saying playing politics. but you also said the president lives in a delusional world when it comes to his threats to close that southern border why do you say that and what would be the economic impact of that move? who would pay figuratively and in terms of real dollars? >> that's a really good question. mexico is our second largest trading partner. you close the border entirely and you are cutting off hundreds of billions of dollars of two-way trade and economic activity, to say nothing of
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hundreds of billions of dollars both ways in terms of direct investment. it would be catastrophic for our economy. his words have already affected wall street significantly. if he wants to really cause another downturn on wall street, shutter the border. if he wants to trigger a recession, shutter the border. >> congressman, i want to thank you for being with us this afternoon. it's been our pleasure speaking with you. >> my pleasure. >> let's bring in charlie savidge, as well as jay newton small and attorney and msnbc news contributor. the president tweeted that the children who died in u.s.
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custody were, quote, very sick before they arrived in u.s. custody and the father of the little girl said it was not the fault of the border patrol that she died because he hadn't given the girl water for days. now lawyers for her father disagree and say the girl was given food and water on her journey and wasn't seen being given anything by the border officials. what do you make of the president saying this is really just the democrats' fault and her father shouldn't have brought her in the first place? >> it's absolutely astonishing. and it's very sad that the president would view the death of two children in this manner. the fact is neither of these children chose to come here. it was a decision their parents made in likely in an attempt to save their lives to make the trek north and come to the border. right now there's still a lot we don't know about all the specific circumstances of this case. but what we do know is the established protocols were not
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followed in terms of internal regulations and existing laws and guidelines in terms of these children should have been given medical attention, a thorough screening, hot meal and water as soon as they were in government custody. that the president would try to place this on democrats makes no sense. number one, his party has control of the white house and both houses of congress for two years. if they wanted to enact immigration policies of their own, they could have done so. what the president so often dismisses and refers to as loopholes, those are our asylum laws, again crafted by congress and not to mention our international treaties and agreements that we are signatories to. >> i want to interrupt you for just a minute. i want to go to charlie now because charlie, democrats have said they will not accept any deal that trump does not put himself out there for publicly. when we were talking earlier today, people said they don't like the shroud of secrecy on which these deals were made.
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do you think there's any chance, what is the likelihood that we see president trump come out and publicly endorse something that he clearly supports on the record? >> it's a tough situation. these kinds of deals actually have to be kind of hammered out behind closed doors so people can put out feelers and see what some will accept. when you do it in public, it's a performance, it's not a real negotiation. that's just how human beings interact. this has been pretty much a performance from president trump ever since he decided to take this absolutist stance and not compromise on what he said he had signed before. it's very much caught up in symbolish and what the sort of talking heads who control his bait are and they're selling no compromise, absolutism. if he's waiting for something
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that will let them absolve him, it's hard to see how we get there any time soon. >> you mentioned the base's reaction. jay, president trump tweeted yesterday that the united states loses so much money on trade with mexico under nafta. so how much of this whole wall argument that he's positioning is really about naftand, frankly, the trade issues the president has had with mexico? >> morgan, i think all of this is about reelection, frankly. a lot of this is ginning up the base to get them excited, to get them empowered and make them feel passionate about defending the president. the two biggest issues for them have always been the wall and trade. so tying those two issues together is in a which is part of the reason i think finding a solution to end the government shutdown is going to be hard.
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trump gets to say i'm going to stand up for the wall and fix nafta and fix trade with mexico and give you any sort of rainbow and kisses and puppy you've ever wanted. this is all about politics and not about policy. the wall in terms of policy has never been one that made a lot of sense. >> when you say this is something is going to go on, this is an issue that he has said is the issue for 200. charlie, i want to give you the closing thought. who's going to win this cat-and-mouse game? is the president really going to get his wall and what will the democrats accept as a victory? >> i think the democrats would love to just get out of this with paying maybe a little bit more than what's on the table but not much more for fencing rather than a concrete monolith that would become a monument to trump and trumpism. i don't see any plan to
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compromise at all. at the same time, trump has got to get out of this in a face-saving way from his perspective, which means he's got to get out in a way that allows ann coulter and rush limbaugh and "fox & friends" to say he's still our guy, he didn't sell us out. so they're the people they need to be negotiating with. how much money has to be spent on border security and they'll be satisfied and say, okay, let's take this partial victory and go into the 2020 elections and take our chances. i think this is going to go on for a long time. >> thank you all so much for being with us this afternoon. >> well, coming up, we still have to talk about those surprises in the mueller probe. new action and a challenge from an unknown company from an unknown country has made its way all the way to the supreme
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. am i asking the right questions here? is that accurate? is that weird? what does that mean? sounds a little nuts, right? is that fair to say? >> why is that? why is that? why is that? so just three days before the deadline, the federal government files a sealed response to the supreme court over a case that may be linked to special counsel robert mueller. this all comes after the nation's highest court placed a temporary hold on a contempt citation and that was against an
12:19 pm
unnamed foreign company for refusing to comply with a mysterious grand jury subpoena. we should know the details of this filing, they're hidden from the public. it doesn't mention mueller's office but the timing and secrecy of this case is what's raising speculation of the special counsel's involvement. with me to discussion this is joyce vance, former u.s. attorney and msnbc contributor, ned price, spokesman for prom and chief washington correspondent, kevin, for bloomberg news. are we any closer to finding out the details of this mystery case? if so, why is it so important? >> it's so important because until we get the conclusions of bob mueller's investigations, these types of stories are going to continue. at the end of the day, whether we're talking about potential impeachment proceedings or censure proceedings and the new forecast with the new congress set to take over on january 3rd with democrats in control, all of that becomes premature until we have the results of bob
12:20 pm
mueller's investigation. >> so i want to switch gears just a minute. joyce, let's go to this "time" magazine exclusive report. it links trump's former campaign manager paul manafort to russia. a russian oligarch said he was not only approached by muanafor but pressured to pay back debts to an oligarch. how much of this is true? >> there's a lot that talks about paul manafort's indebtedness to russian oligarchs and his efforts to pay them back perhaps through briefings he offered to give during the campaign, though at least one of those has denied he received those briefings or the message. the box manafort will find
12:21 pm
himself is that at some point president trump will be faced with the fact that manafort was a creature of the russians. that means trump will have to distance himself from manafort. so if what manafort is looking for is a pardon, those charges look increasingly dim. >> you all know that i have to ask about this nude selfie. on thursday concord management, which is one of those indicted russian companies refer to an unknown nude selfie obtained by mueller. the attorneys ask could the manner in which mueller collected a nude selfie really threaten the national security of the united states? so what, if anything, ned, can we learn from that filing? >> well, this appears to be nothing more than a fishing expedition, morgan, on the part of concord management, the litigant in this case. they are most likely correct that the selfie in this case is probably not sensitive, it
12:22 pm
probably doesn't pertain to our national security. the exposure of it may not affect our national security, but what they are trying to get at here, what concord management is both trying to obtain for itself and for its owners, including a high-ranking russian official, alleged live responsib -- allegedly responsible for the effort to it attack our election in 2016 is the manner of collection. that can be sensitive. sources and methods are among the most closely guarded secrets in our government. the sources and methods are often classified, they can be highly sophisticated. bob mueller and his team have been able to leverage of the full set of tools of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies and it seems to be this russian company is trying to get a more granular picture of what those capabilities and techniques are, which could have dire implications for our
12:23 pm
security. >> it's interesting because you mentioned the manner of collection. but beyond just the selfies, there were also these text messages. president trump tweeted today about the next messages between former fbi official lisa page and her lover, agent peter s. opinion what what is mueller doing here? what's the legal strategy when it comes to the end game now? >> it's much less legal strategy and much more p.r. strategy to convince the public that mueller can't be trusted. but unfortunately the facts here weigh in in mueller's favor.
12:24 pm
>> there's nothing intentional here, nothing to indicate mueller had anything to hide. this is nothing more than the president of the united states doing a disservice to the blackby puttiblacpublic by putting out fact, he knows are not true. >> is this a disservice to the public? are we expecting anything new in the investigation? >> i think it's a great point, that bob mule aeller and his investigation team have made sure to stick to the facts and continue onward with the investigation without any outside distractions. that said, the president clearly also with rudy giuliani making a political calculation that has still resonated not just with the base of the republican party but also with republicans as a whole. as of now, if you carefully watch his support in the house of representatives amongst republicans as well as republicans in the senate, we have not seen any republicans
12:25 pm
desert him in large numbers. that matters when mueller does wrap his investigation. folks are going to have to in the halls of congress make decisions. >> closing thoughts when it comes to these investigations, ned, if you were there working with democrats in congress, what are some of the areas you would most want to see investigated? >> what the public hasn't quite seen yet is what sources of financial leverage, not only the russians but also other foreign governments and foreign entities may have over president trump, over the trump organization and over president trump's family members, including his son-in-law jared kushner. what we will see at the end of the day is this was a multi-pronged influence operation that leveraged different forms of financial pressure that derive from trump's business interests and those of his corporation and those are his family in ways that we don't yet know given the
12:26 pm
opacity and the manner in which president trump has sealed his own finances. the democrats in early january will be in a position for the first time during this presidency, to actually teep manned answers. >> answers we hope we get at the beginning of january. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. >> and coming up next, who is going to pay, president trump keeping the government shut down? it's going after funding for his border wall is still in question. but who will foot the bill, the american taxpayer or the federal government? stay with us. federal government stay with us alexander's mom calls him "the most perfect boy in the world". she's right. i love your confidence.
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it's day eight of the government shutdown that centers on the issue of president trump's border wall. the president asking for billions of american taxpayer dollars to pay for the wall, which is a far cry from how he said the wall would be paid for during the 2016 campaign. nbc news political recorder ali vitale takes a look. >> are you big border people? >> reporter: few things are more trump than this. >> everybody wants the wall.
12:31 pm
who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> not even a doubt. >> reporter: it propelled him to the top of the party is now why the president is insisting the government stay closed, at least until he gets what he wants. >> steel slats. we don't use the word wall necessarily. steel slats. >> reporter: that sounds a lot different than the pitch he made over and over again to his base. >> i'm going to build a wall that's going to really a wall. it's not going to a little wall, a big, beautiful wall. not a toy wall like we have now. it's not a wall, it's a fence. i'm talking about a wall. see that ceiling up there in higher. that ceiling is peanuts, folks. there's no ladder going over that. if they ever get up they're saying, oh, man, how do i get down from this wall. >> reporter: and who is going to pay for it. >> it's going to be paid for by mexico, believe me 100%, 100%.
12:32 pm
we're not paying for it. mexico's paying for it. >> reporter: that payment has since become indirect, trump saying mexico will pay through the not-yet ratified trade deal between the u.s., mexico and canada, but the president has struggled to explain how it works. >> as the president said, the wall will be paid for on the savings on trade alone. >> the trade benefits, if there are any don't go to the treasury. >> he's assayisaying the money would be saved we could pay for the wall four times over and by doing that new trade deal we have the opportunity to pay for the wall. >> reporter: have you done the math on that? >> some americans doesn't want to wait any longer. >> everybody said we should pay for the wall, we should all give $20. >> crowd sourcing? >> that's right.
12:33 pm
>> reporter: that idea manifested to the tune of $1 billion, all while trump argues with congress for billions more in tax mayor money to pay for the construction. an ever shifting target from a president eager to notch a win and deal with the details later. >> the wall just got ten feet higher. we love it. >> amid finger pointing as to who is to blame for this government shutdown, some say president trump's firm stance to funding the wall as a rallying cry for his base in 2020. a staunch supporter of the president believe it's actually democrats who may be politically playing into the president's hands. >> to them this is all about politics, gee, if we can just keep a wall from being built, then trump loses the next election. well, he may not if he stands firm and it's clear they're the ones that are not protecting america. >> but what's also clear is that new polling shows 47% of
12:34 pm
americans blame the president for this shutdown. the president, however, is sticking to his strategy tweeting this week that, quote, this is only about the dems not letting donald trump and the republicans have a win. they may have the ten senate votes but we have the issue, border security 2020. so to talk about the issue for 2020, we have chris lew, former assistant to president obama, rick tyler, political analyst and who is responsible for ending this shutdown? >> both side are responsible. the challenge is both sides have dug in their heels right now. that's driven not only by the policy here but by the politics of this. the challenge for the president is he's not going to get his wall funding. he has been boxed in on this issue. the longer the shut down goes
12:35 pm
on, this is going to be a drip, drip, drip that is going to continue to erode the support for him. doesn't forget, these 800,000 workers are in all 50 states and all congressional districts. >> it's interesting you say he's being boxed in. rick, president trump says the republicans had the issue when it cops to border security. is he really playing the long game for 2020 by standing firm on this? will this allow him to get out of that box? >> one thing people don't talk about in this poll is the blame on republicans is at 7%. so it's almost none because they were given a choice between blaming donald trump, the republicans or democrats and most of them chose donald trump. this is his issue, this is his shutdown. the issue is the wall. the wall that he lied about and continued to lie about and went from 25 billion down to 5 billion and now we're probably at 1.3 billion and in all likelihood i think chris is right, he'll probably end up getting nothing. >> chris, though, mentioned the workers.
12:36 pm
what about humanizing this issue? do the recent deaths of children at the border make this harder for trump politically? do you think -- they are behind him this idea of the wall. however, his base is not a majority of this country. when you look at the polling around the idea of a wall, it's a very easy concept, support for the wall has never really risen above 40%, whereas the opposition to the wall has gone as high as 57%. so most of the country doesn't want it. the fact that this is such app easy-to-understand issue i think bodes very ill for the president. >> this is also a very nuanced issue for democrats, chris. politico and the aclu have sent a letter to democratic leaders saying any resolution that
12:37 pm
includes $1.3 billion for border/barrier construction simply must be con connected jekd. >> the key for democrats, schumer, pelosi and their caucuses is to frame this not as a border wall but for border security. constructing a -- let's be generous, a 17th century wall makes no sense at this point. we have 21st century technology. as well as democrats stand firm that we're willing to give you money but not for a wall, i think they win this issue. >> if the president doesn't get funding for his border wall, does he shift blame from democrats to republican lawmakers? >> he'll try, but i think his base -- i don't know if his base will hold him responsible. i know talk radio will hold him responsible. that's sort of why rear in the
12:38 pm
m -- we're in this situation. and now the president is blaming the death of two children in bored are custody control, his hotels are under investigation for hiring and providing documents to illegal workers. so he's saying that the democrat policies are luring migrants here, which caused the death of these children when in fact it's his businesses that are under investigation and other businesses who hire illegal immigrants and provide them illegal documents. aren't they luring people across the border? >> when it comes to crossing the border, we still have this question about funding. just to finish this off, raul, what to you think about democrats? do they have more than $1.3 billion to pay and is any dollar amount going towards this war. >> for the democrats? >> for the democrats. >> i'm not sure any money would be considered a tricktoryit's
12:39 pm
not about policy, it's about the president and his image and his obsession of how he looks in the highs of the american people. it's not policy based. i think democrats are now standing back and leaving the blame on president trump. >> and waiting to see what happens. >> thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. >> coming up, two children have died while in the protection of custody and border attempts. we will continue to that you can about that more after the break. n about that more after the break.
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right now homeland security secretariers y ers iker kirstjet the border. you're looking at 8-year-old felipe alonzo-gomez who died in u.s. border department custody. >> reporter: four days after felipe alonzo-gomez died while in border custody, tests show the boy tested positive for the flu with medical investigators still working to determine an official cause of death. he's now the second child this month to die in u.s. custody. today homeland security
12:44 pm
secretary nielsen making a personal visit to the border. back in this one-room home in guatema guatemala, felipe alonzo-gomez's mother said he was healthy last time she talked to him, just before he crossed the border with his father. i once again ask, beg parents to not put their children at risk by taking a dangerous journey north. meanwhile, felipe alonzo-gomez's family asking foreclosure, his mother saying the only thing i want is his body back so i can bury him. an attempt to escape poverty now overshadowed by pain. >> we'll have more on that ahead. that was nbc's kathy park. >> and coming up, a new year and what feels like in some case as practically new administration as the revolving door at the white house leaves a lot of jobs open for grabs.
12:45 pm
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do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa. tell your doctor if you are allergic to fish, have liver problems or other medical conditions and about any medications you take, especially those that may affect blood clotting. 2.3% of patients reported joint pain. ask your doctor about what the science behind prescription vascepa can mean to you. amarin thanks the clinicians and patients who participated in the vascepa clinical trials. welcome back, i'm morgan radford. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. first up, here's a look at the white house. this is where president trump is
12:49 pm
there focusing on that funding crisis and he has more than the funding crisis to deal with. members of his cabinet have been leaving left and right and just within the past month, the white house has announced the resignation of naikki haley, jon kelly and defense secretary james mattis. we have chris lu back with us, republican strategist rick tyler and jay newton small. this list of acting staff, we have acting chaff chaff, acting attorney general, acting epa administrat administrator, this is quite a few temporary positions. does it hurt getting things
12:50 pm
passed with so much instability? >> when you don't have continuity, it's hard to get your policies done as you've got the chiefs of all of those departments coming and going and coming and going. all of these are senate confirmable positions. to allocate the floor time, it takes a long time to vet and hold hearings for a cabinet level secretary and hold debates on the floor and get them through. the senate isn't busy with a lot of other things anyway these day, frankly, but it will become the vast majority of their schedule looking forward to next year, all these confirmations. >> it's also about who is taking these roles. chris, the white house was so proud of how many generals they had at the administration but one by one they've been fired or resigned, flynn, mack macmaster
12:51 pm
mattis, kelly. >> there's no discernible policy process that one can think of and any policy that's made can be changed at the whim of the president when he's watching his morning tv. at a broader level, if you're considering one of these high level positions, even leaving aside potential congressional oversight, everyone who leaves these positions, probably with the exception of nikki haley, leaves with their reputation tarnished. you run the risk that you're going to be smeared by the president. if it can happen to jim mattis, if it could happen to rex tillerson, it can happen to anyplace. >> what about mick mulvaney, rick, can he be acting chief of staff and still be director of the office of management and budget? >> i guess he'll have to. he wanted to get into the eyesight of the president, and
12:52 pm
he made him into chief of staff. all these people are on probation, essentially. he names them as acting, and they'll have to perform somehow. the problem is, you really can't initiate an agenda. and donald trump has had a systemic problem that's now manifest into really a substandard group of professionals who are trying to -- supposed to be running this government, and that is, you don't know when he's going to cut your legs out from under you. what you do is, you hire very competent people, knowing that the president has your back, right? and you may make some mistakes and if you make a terrible mistake you'll probably have to pay for it, but in all likelihood, you go out there and the president will have your back. well, the president doesn't. he changes policies on a whim. he contradicts himself. he contradicts the staff members at a high level. and who needs it? >> that was an interesting point that chris was making, you fear your reputation cab smeared.
12:53 pm
but jay, we also have an open cabinet position with no acting secretary. as we know, the interior secretary is leaving at the beginning of the year and there is no one right now lined up to take his place. why do you think that is, jay? >> i think interior is one of those departments where there's just not a lot of people who potentially want that job. i mean, that's been a real problem for recruitment of them across the board, right? you've gone through six communications directors in the white house, three chiefs of staff. it's been overall 37% turnover, nine secretaries, which is more than the first four years of any other president in recent history. and we're only, what, two years in now. there's a hesitancy, as chris was saying, for people who might be qualified for those jobs to take those jobs. you leave with your reputation so tarnished, they're not raising their hand, even for acting, to say, hey, i'll take the reins while somebody comes in. >> earlier we talked about the
12:54 pm
generals, but what about this surprise visit the president took to iraq when he visited the troops for the first time? it's been criticized for a trip that politicized the military. what do you think, chris? >> i'm glad he went, it was long overdue. but take one of these trips to visit the troops is about the easiest thing you can do. you go up there, read remarks honoring troops for their service, take some photos and fly out. the fact that they couldn't execute this simple process i think is troubling on so many levels. on a broader issue, this constant politicization of the military, which has continued from day one of this administration, is troubling. the military is there to serve the commander in chief. they're there to serve the american people. they're not there to participate in a campaign rally. they're not there to be part of a speech denigrating democrats on capitol hill. >> rick, what about you? do you think the criticism is overblown? is the president right to feel like he was under attack? >> look, 90% of life is showing up.
12:55 pm
he showed up. so i give him 90%. but chris is right. look, to get the political benefit of being commander in chief, all you have to do is show up in a foreign combat zone, talk to the troops, and you get all the political benefits of being commander in chief without politicizing it. you don't have to criticize anybody, just be president and you'll win. and he just can't seem to do it. >> chris lu, rick tyler, jay new ton small, thank you all so much for joining us. >> thank you. coming up next hour, more on the shutdown and the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who are impacted. plus who the president is now blaming for the death of the second migrant child to die in border patrol custody. stay with us.
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that wraps it up for us this hour at msnbc. i'm morgan radford. now i turn it over to my colleague, richard lui. >> morgan, so good to have you today. >> i love being here. >> thank you so much. hello to you on this saturday, i'm richard lui at nbc headquarters in new york city. thanks for being with us. shutdown showdown. we're looking at day eight of the shutdown today and president trump is making new threats about the border. will he or won't he? president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani with some mixed messages in regard to special counsel robert mueller's investigation. we're looking into that. then, 2020 preview. we're just days away from 2019. you might have heard about that.
1:00 pm
but a deluge of democrats are already lining up to take on the job of president in 2020. we'll start this hour, though, with the political battle that will dominate the start of 2019, the president continuing to air defiance in his public tweets, claiming no deal unless his border wall is funded, while privately his team has already cut the amount of money it's asking for in half. this has all eyes on nancy pelosi and what she'll do when the new congress convenes on january 3rd. there are three broad options democrats appear to be considering for thursday. we shall see. option one, just pass what the senate had already agreed to, that's funding of all the departments and agencies that are shut at current levels and doing that through february 8th. option two, fund those agencies at current levels through the end of the fiscal year, which is september 30th. and then option number three, that involves passing all appropriations bills except for the department of homeland security, instead financing that department with a sepe


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